California Governor: President Trump is the “Enemy of the People” Because Climate Change

California Governor Jerry Brown and President Donald Trump

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

California Governor Jerry Brown has declared President Trump is the enemy of the people, because of President Trump’s insistence that people be allowed to choose affordable energy over green energy – though some greens have criticised Brown for not doing enough.

Jerry Brown Is the Face of America’s Climate-Change Resistance

By Emily Chasan and Mark Chediak
11 September 2018, 21:00 GMT+10

U.S. President Donald Trump is the “enemy of the people” for hampering efforts to reverse potentially catastrophic increases in carbon emissions, California Governor Jerry Brown said Monday, blasting White House environmental policy after signing a bill that will move the state toward 100 percent clean energy use by 2045.

Trump is not just AWOL on climate change, he has designated himself saboteur-in-charge,” Brown said in a telephone interview, citing the administration’s actions against California’s emissions standards, electric-car mandates and clean-power rules. “He has designated himself basically enemy of the people. I’m calling him out because climate change is a real threat of death, destruction and ultimate extinction.”

While Brown will surely leave a climate-change fighting legacy, he has been criticized for what critics view as an uneven record. They complain that he failed to push for bans on fracking and on the permitting of new oil and gas wells in the state. Activists are planning protests during the summit.

“This is a place where he could be on the absolute cutting edge in the next climate fight,” said Bill McKibben, an author and co-founder of the anti-carbon group “He has been completely unwilling.

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Jerry Brown’s policies in my opinion have contributed to the ongoing Californian cost of living crisis, which charities blame for a surge of homelessness in California’s cities. While rent charges are undoubtably the biggest factor in this crisis, Jerry Brown’s expensive green energy is likely contributing to the pain.

Former President Obama explaining how green energy policies make electricity prices skyrocket

153 thoughts on “California Governor: President Trump is the “Enemy of the People” Because Climate Change

  1. Most retarded phrase evah!… “America’s Climate-Change Resistance”…

    What’s next? America’s Plate Tectonics Resistance… America’s Entropy Resistance… America’s Laws of Thermodynamics Resistance… Good fracking grief!

    • If the scientific truth is accepted, it will poison the entire political left, which is one of the main reasons it’s been so hard to get lefties like Schmidt, Mann and others to support their position with more than just rhetoric and citing the abnormally normal trends they try to cast as unprecedented.

      Schmidt is technically a high level administration official and is only 2 reports away from Trump, which means, among other things, Trump could compel him to apply the known laws of physics to provide robust and testable support for the high ECS claimed by the IPCC and which is used to justify all things CAGW. Not as an employment test, but as a sanity test of the current GISS charter and agenda. There can be no doubt Schmidt would fail at this task and if he’s half the scientist he claims to be, he knows so, and would likely resign rather than comply.

    • Unfortunately the climate nonsense has become a kind of religion, and religious adherents prefer to ignore things that don’t fit in with their faith. Creationists are a good example of such.

      You can show a creationist as many fossils as you like, and all s/he will do is to cook-up some crazy ‘explanation’ as to how they got there WITHOUT being a couple of million years old.

      All the main datasets show that temperatures have fallen since 2016. Try telling that to a climate activist, and they will flatly deny it!

      • I think it’s more a case of far left progressive politics becoming a religion. That it broke climate science by replacing the scientific method with conformance to a political narrative was just collateral damage.

      • Yeah, something like: “hmm.. looks like millions of dead things buried in mud layers rapidly laid down all over the earth.” Which is a whole lot more plausible than “something died and laid for millions of years on this spot unmolested until it was eventually covered up by dirt that we don’t really know how it got there.”

        Or how marine fossils are found on top of the world’s tallest mountains…
        Or how mammoths are found buried in-situ with undigested food in their bellies…

        Evolutionists have their own crazy explanations.

      • Dinosaur fossils with traces of soft tissue exist. Objects of obvious human artifice have been found in coal deposits ever since we started mining them. Every coal deposit ever tested has contained measurable amounts of C-14, when the supposed age of the strata and the half-life of the isotope would necessitate an amount so small as to be immeasurable. Observers during the Mt. St. Helens eruption saw lava flows laying down multiple layers of strata in a matter of hours instead of eons.

        Smoking gun evidence for a young(er) earth? Not necessarily. But enough to create reasonable doubt about the orthodox neo-Darwinist timeline. Evolution adherents, of course, prefer to ignore such things that don’t fit in with their orthodoxy.

      • You can show a vaxxer that nobody here is exposed to polio, that the polio vaccine doesn’t prevent someone contaminated elsewhere (where people are exposed to polio) to bring polio, and he will still pretend the vaccine protects those who aren’t going to be exposed.

        You can show that vaxxers cannot answer the simplest questions about vaccines and they are still considered “experts”.

        So it’s a lot worst than climate science (except in the few cases of super-extreme ignorance à la Cook, Lew, Oreskes) but so-called conservatives don’t care and only Tucker Carlson even dares to submit that asking questions isn’t a crime.

        It isn’t rare for vaxxers to say stuff like:
        – “where did I use the word zero” after saying “there is no change in rate of MS”
        – a study doesn’t have to observe either more or less cases of MS

        Donald Trump should try to drain that swamp as he suggested he would. The flaccid Congress won’t help, they haven’t even been able to do something as obvious as impeachment of top members of the FBI.

  2. “They complain that he [Govenor Brown] failed to push for bans on fracking and on the permitting of new oil and gas wells in the state”
    “… The oil and gas industry also makes significant fiscal contributions to California’s state and local governments, including more than $26.4 billion in state and local tax revenues and $28.5 billion in sales and excise taxes …”.
    As an Australian federal politician once said (paraphrasing): ‘never stand between a state governor and a bucket of money’.

  3. Ever notice that the catch-cry “climate change” comes out when the left is rabbiting on about some BS. It is the all-purpose whipping boy. Eventually, political enemies (climate skeptics and other conservative free-thinkers) will be blamed for the “climate change” and be subjected to whatever the left likes dishing up. This is usually most unpalatable.

    • this is sadly the normal order of things, as feelings have as much validity and weight as knowledge – those that dare challenge this will be over run by the mass of innumerate, thinking-challenged people who will do as they wish (before they begin turning on themselves as they always do)

      • Add in the dispicable manipulation of tragedies, as may occur with Hurricane Florence, the loss of life, property, the overwhelming “saturation” tv coverage of peoples pain, hurt, & misery, these are always good propaganda tools that will be used!

  4. “I’m calling him out because climate change is a real threat of death, destruction and ultimate extinction.”

    Wait…assuming he’s talking about humans, I thought that’s what they’ve wanted all along. Damn them and their constantly changing goalposts…

    • Exactly. Seems to me that Jerry and the Resisters should be THRILLED at the prospect of us human parasites getting thinned-out by mother Gaia

    • It’s like Antifa calling themselves anti-fascist when everything they actually do and say is actually everything fascist.

      Similarly, Claiming to be “for action on climate change” is exactly the same, doing it accomplishes exactly what you say you are against.

      The Democrats are either fiendishly evil or they are the dumbest animals on Earth ever to walk on two legs. I favor the latter explanation. It requires the fewest assumptions.

      • joelo
        Some turkeys [Thanksgiving nosh] are pretty dumb.
        Won’t climb out of a flooding barrel, and that.
        And they have two legs.

        In light of that,
        “The Democrats are either fiendishly evil or they are the dumbest animals on Earth ever to walk on two legs. I favor the latter explanation. It requires the fewest assumptions.” – does set the bar pretty high.

        Somewhere in the thermosphere, maybe?


  5. Jerry Brown has been an existential threat to my family during his latest rein as Gov. Not President Donald J. Trump. He is pricing my family out of this State, and the very moment that the economy starts moving toward the next downturn … my property values will plummet when everyone is simultaneously escaping Gulag California.

      • Were I in the situation, my only problem would be that I couldn’t in good faith let somebody buy my house when I know it’s value is going to nosedive in the near future. 🙁

        Unless said somebody was a self-righteous Green. Then I could sell with a clear conscience. 🙂

    • Pack up the family and head on over to the other LA (Lower Alabama). Low cost of living, nice beaches, no CARB restrictions on autos, and only seasonal traffic problems (and that is being fixed).

      • I was there for two weeks, 40 years ago.

        I remember the nice warm water for skiing. Nice people. Lots of cockroaches.

  6. Al Gore under influence of scientist from NASA fool himself and billions of his supporters, that greenhouse gasses are responsible for climate change. As he was a Democrat – all Democrats repeat after him stupid reasons for climate change.
    Republicans, when realized how important ideas for climate for their propaganda machine used their wrong science of climate change.
    To save the USA citizens from huge problems in nearest future WE MUST REEVALUATE DEADLY WRONG SCIENCES OF CLIMATE CHANGE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  7. If Jerry is so concerned about the adverse effects hydrocarbons pose to California why not just outlaw the consumption of all fossil fuels in California. Surely most of his socialist comrades would readily agree. Make solar mandatory and fill the Pacific with windmills.

      • Simple

        I envision huge parking lots next to every road just outside CA for all vehicles and then another gravel parking lot in CA for all the horse and wagons 🙂

    • Soy Boy Brown (SSB) is only interested in the dollars he is not receiving under the current WH (white hat/White House) occupant that he did receive under the bath house barry regime. CONsider the trillions spent in eight years. Just where did it vanishingly go? Feeding climate hysteria for one. How to buy a politician…that’s especially easy with SSB… a no brainer…in the literal sense. CA falling into the Pacific is the least of their future problem. As someone posted here: leave!

  8. An enemy of what people? Socialists love to throw around vague and ambiguous words like “the people” or “the public good.” Yet “people” are comprised of individuals like myself. Trump is not my enemy, and Brown doesn’t speak for me. The arroagance of these idiots who claim to speak for “the people” is sickening. Brown must have a lot to lose in this climate change scam, except for his mind – he lost that a long time ago.

  9. Once again, a liberal demonstrates that you either agree with them, or they destroy you.

    Several Republican candidates were physically attacked in the past week. This is what the lunacy of the left is leading us to. A world in which political assassination is not only justified, it is encouraged.

    • Catastrophism is a moral slippery slope.

      No crime is unthinkable to people who believe the world is on the brink of destruction, they believe their mission to save the planet supersedes all other considerations.

      • And after the trial and conviction, there’ll be paid rioters in the streets. Oh heck, they won’t even wait for the trial.

  10. Whatever California chooses to do, it will have approximately zero effect on atmospheric CO2. The only way to affect atmospheric CO2 (maybe because there’s some doubt that it’s due to people anyway) is to compel the biggest emitters to drop their CO2 emissions to zero. That means China.

    If President Trump wished to really control atmospheric CO2, the only sane thing he could do would be to declare war on China and compel it to quit emitting.

    If you follow Governor Brown’s logic, the only way President Trump can avoid being an enemy of the people is to bring about the destruction of all life on the planet.

    Is that really what you want Governor Brown?

    I’m assuming he isn’t that insane and he just hasn’t thought the problem through properly.

    • commieBob

      I don’t know what you call not questioning the underlying premise of climate change, that CO2 causes the planet to warm. Insane and thoughtless are two possibilities, but criminally negligent springs immediately to my mind.

      This is a supposedly educated and intelligent man, responsible for millions of people, so how come he can’t establish what a thicko like me can, that no one has proven, by empirical, real world science, that CO2 warms the planet. Not one study trying to prove it has succeeded.

      Why does Brown not know this?

      • And why does not POTUS DJ Trump not act on it – in any serious fashion?

        Actually act – tho’ pointing out that the Paris shindig was signed by – now – private citizen HBO – is something, calling CO2 (a magic gas) is still, I understand, a ‘Pollutant’ . . .

  11. Being a state Governor isn’t good enough for his legacy. He wants to be remembered internationally. Brown and Gore will end up in a pissing contest for being the climate change messiah. Even when it doesn’t materialize.

  12. The fallacy of renewables is revealed with simple arithmetic.

    5 mW wind turbine, avg output 1/3 nameplate, 20 yr life, electricity @ wholesale 3 cents per kwh produces $8.8E6.

    Installed cost @ $1.7E6/mW = $8.5E6.

    Add the cost of energy storage facility and energy loss during storage/retrieval, or standby CCGT for low wind periods. Add the cost of land lease, maintenance, administration.

    Solar voltaic and solar thermal are even worse with special concern for disposal and/or recycling at end-of-life (about 15 yr for PV).

    The dollar relation is a proxy for energy relation. Bottom line, the energy consumed to design, manufacture, install, maintain and administer renewables exceeds the energy they produce in their lifetime.

    Without the energy provided by other sources renewables could not exist.

    • You are missing a BIG side effect cost – the cost of maintaining backup capacity that costs a lot even when not being used. Only some (not all) of the fuel costs are being saved when renewable power is being generated. This is the cost of duplicative energy capacity, something you will NEVER hear from the renewable folks. They folishly believe that having the ability to store someof renewable’s power suddenly transforms an unreliable energy source to a reliable energy source. It does – for a few hours.

    • Leftists don’t worry about reality. Stalin pushed his 5 year plan and the expansion of the Gulag to meet its goals. Stalin loved slave labor because it was “free.” The result was massive economic inefficiency, poverty, and death on a massive scale. Stalin managed to convert Russia from a grain exporter to famine in just a few years, for example.
      Why mention Stalin. Where does the phase “enemy of the people” come from?
      Oh, for any leftists reading this. What do you think happened after the 5 year plan failed?
      Who do you think was punished? (Hint: Read about the Great Terror)

  13. What is most sad is that their propaganda campaign is working. Most people are stupid and easily duped, but even intelligent people are susceptible to the logical fallacies that the climate change agenda is based on. Confirmation bias, recency bias, availability bias, and noble cause corruption have already done their damage, and will be very hard to reverse.

  14. The skeptics must realise that the problem is that the warmers simple answers on all issues lke weather is very good properganda, backed by the money interests who like what this belief system brings to them it can only be combatted by equelly simple answers repeated again and again.

    Such as CO2 is a good and essential gas, all life depends on it. Repeated again and again.

    Instead we see the long winded scientifical correct explanationms which most people dont understand.

    Such as “Ging Green is to go back to the 1800 times, lfe was short and brutal for most people”
    Repeated again and again.


  15. This said by the governor who couldn’t be bothered to repair Oroville dam when civil servants told him it needed it, and instead thought a high-speed rail that goes from Fresno to Sacramento and costs tens of billions of dollars was a good way to spend money.

    Hundreds of thousands of Californians were nearly killed because of that political short-sightedness, but Trump is evil… right.

  16. It is almost unbelievable that a scam based CO2, lied about as a driver of climate, is an excuse for Draconianly stupid renewable energy policies that simple cannot work. The larger their renewable energy base, the larger the standard energy sources as back up. So, you build a 100% renewable energy supply and have to have a 100% second system to handle when renewable energy fails. Not to mention the horrible damage and unstable grip suffered on a constant basis. It’s tearing up Germany’s grid as I write. Unfortunately, Moonbeam is either horrendously stupid and gullible or he has a huge stake in this agenda; more likely the latter.

    • So true and well documented. No shortage of corrupt politicians, rent seekers and willfully uninformed voters in both Germany and California. $trillions wasted.

    • Because he will certainly be dead in 28 years and won’t suffer the inevitable consequences. He’s old like dirt.

      And he failed to call for banning hurricanes, too. What a disappointment to the Left.

  17. First let’s clearly note:
    Rent prices for apartments and homes and the cost of Single Family Homes are tightly linked throughout the US. Supply and demand and their response to market conditions dictate this linkage.
    With Cal’s urban area home prices sky high, landlords and rental companies for rental properties are going to price their rental to the market accordingly. They are not in the rental business for charity.

    Next: As far as Jerry Brown and his band of Democrat thieves go, they are hopeless … utterly irredeemable.

    The public unions and the Green hedgefund billionaires like Steyer and Soros own them. They pay for their campaigns, they pay for their dirty trick machines. They own Democrats lock, stock, and barrel. Expecting them to reform themselves, or educate themselves for a correction is like expecting the scorpion not to sting the frog. Stealing your money and laughing as they take away your liberties is what Democrats do to pay back their puppetmasters. Your paycheck and savings are their money to take as they please from Democrat’s viewpoint.

    The only solution… the only solution… is to vote Democrats out of office.
    Every. Single. One.

  18. From the UK view President Trump has made some really good changes including EPA draconian rules [Obama]
    Fracking, oil recovery, coal and despite his ill advised outbursts he has done far better as POTUS than the 4 previous incumbents and please ensure neither Clinton or Gore get elected for anything!

    • Brian Johnson

      I largely agree with you but what most people overlook is that Trump’s not gone to war. Mag’s accidentally established that as a credible popularity booster with the Falklands war. Sadly, many since have deployed the same tactic in the hope their popularity rises.

      Of course, the cry from the left is that he’s dangerous, a maverick and bound to start a war but, not so far. Yet this single notable success goes utterly unacknowledged.

      • Mm Mayday wants Trump to go to war in Syria over a staged chemical weapon white-helmet Olive-branch facebook video. Chatham House hates Trump for breaking Mackinder’s 200 year geopolitical noose around US Presidents necks. RIIA will test him to the limit, a nuclear confrontation with Russia notwithstanding. Macron , Haley and Bolton already gungho.
        Has anybody an idea of CO2 behavior at 100 million degrees?

        • bonbon

          “Has anybody an idea of CO2 behavior at 100 million degrees?”

          Alarmists would have you believe that the initial 100 million degrees doesn’t matter, it’s the 0.00000000001˚C, CO2 contributes that kills you.

  19. This may be off topic, maybe not. With all the problems with most “green” tech, why is it that something that looks like it would be of utility gets so much resistance.
    Electric scooters,,, activated by your phone. Not for me, but for many they could be better then a car.
    Cities in California are trying to block the introduction of them. Guess not invented here.

    it is a laugh anyway


  20. The thing you have to do is consider how effective the plan is. Sometimes its easier to see the craziness if you use an analogy.

    They are seriously proposing Paris as a solution to a crisis which is caused by human CO2 emissions. So you would expect that if its the solution, it would reduce those emissions.

    Instead the plan is to reduce the West’s emission, and to increase the developing world’s emissions by almost the same amount. So total emissions don’t fall at all.

    Now, if this were a case of sharing out the goodness fairly, this would make more sense. If there were a limited amount of steel for construction, lets say, and the Chinese were living in bamboo huts, fine, we could argue its only fair they should get more. The rest of us being reasonably better housed.

    But this is not the argument. The argument is that we are collectively destroying human civilization with our emissions, so the argument that ‘its only fair’ cannot possibly have any traction. How can we be arguing that ‘its only fair’ that the Chinese principally and the developing world behind them should destroy civilization?

    The problem is that the remedies proposed, if the account of the problem is correct, do nothing to remedy it.

    This is why I keep pinching myself and asking whether anyone really believes this stuff. Or have they just never been thought to think connectedly?

    And when we see California announcing that it is going to fight climate change by reducing its own emissions, have none of them asked how big an effect on climate those reductions would have? How effective would these reductions be under the IPCC account?

    Presumably no-one has, because the answer would be tiny and vanishing. California, were it really bothered about global warming, would do better to fund research into proper alternative energy sources, probably fusion or other nuclear. There it has competitive advantage, there it might make a real difference. Just closing down power stations and erecting wind farms, its doing nothing for anyone, including them.

  21. If Brown thinks California’s climate is going to change because of the actions he’s taking, he’s totally deluded. It’s not going to change a thing.

  22. Pres Trump is the “enemy of the people”? How about Gov. Brown is “an enemy of people”. He has ‘previous’ in terms of supporting death cults. Look up Jim Jones of the People’s Temple infamy. Brown was a fan.

  23. I thought Obama would be one of America’s best presidents. That was until he converted to the climatology religion.

    • I thought Obama would be one of America’s best presidents

      You obviously were not paying attention when he was running for office or else were extremely naively optimistic

    • I knew he would be a disaster since before the first primaries.
      Every speech he gave indicated that he was nothing more than a far left rabble rouser.

      He was always talking in an us vs them mentality and how other people owed him stuff.

      • For me, it was his complete lack of background. He was a nobody who came from nothing.

        His speaches were either all scripted from two teleprompters, or if he tried to speak without a teleprompter he was hopeless and confused. When he got interviewed his only message was Hope and Change, but never did anyone ask him what was hoped for, or what would change.

        He was groomed into the position, that much is obvious. He had no skill and and no experience, how could he be good?

        • What got me was how the media made a big deal over Palin’s lack of experience but was silent about Barry’s. Palin was running for the VP slot and had more executive government experience than Barry who was running for the top spot.

  24. There is only one policy that the Greenies could follow: Renounce the use of all fossil-fuel based products…

  25. Although the governor – to be , Gavin Newsom , is perhaps more business friendly than Brown he is cut from the same progressive- liberal cloth , so Brown’s initiatives re Climate and renewables will not change.
    However Californians need not lose any sleep over this because, as “Chris” so repeatedly and correctly reminds us, California is the richest area in the USA , and possibly the world, in terms of personnel, material, financial and industrial resources. There may be hiccups on the road to 100% clean energy but nothing that cannot be easily overcome and almost certainly in less than 27 years , maybe 5 at the most .
    No, what worries me is the probability that the California project will be exported to countries like the UK which has fewer material , financial and land resources .
    Currently the UK is governed by an unholy triple alliance of false news media , greedy Green entrepreneurs and financiers and politicians so dim witted you wonder whether they need the help of family or carers to get themselves washed and dressed each morning. The California initiative would destroy UK’s already fragile prosperity.

  26. Brown’s talk borders on treason. The Democraps in this country have gone full-on cuckoo, into dangerously so.

  27. You know, for all the effort the climate science establishment puts into “communicating science”, you’d think they’d put some effort into communicating to alarmist politicians. As overblown and one-sided as the impact studies are, saying that “climate change is a real threat … of ultimate extinction” is going *way* beyond them. And you’d think that Jerry Brown, who obviously hasn’t bothered to read anything from AR5 himself, would take their word for it.

    While they are at it, maybe they could tell McKibben that cheap natural gas from fracking is the main reason the US *decreased* CO2 emissions, unlike most of the rest of the world. I’m not “anti-carbon”, but people who actually are should pay attention to things that actually work.

    • Dale, the goal of the “anti-Carbon” crowd is not, and never has been, reducing CO2 emissions (if it was, they’d go nuclear & they’d embrace nat. gas from fracking). Reducing CO2 emissions is just the tool they use to get to their real goal – Wealth and power redistribution in the name of “social justice” and socialism.

    • In Wyoming, kids are taught about climate change so they can hate Daddy for working on oil rigs and paying for their iPhones and having a house to live in. Stupidity is everywhere.

  28. Pat Brown is reduced to name calling. Ho about that tax you levied on vaping (electronic cigarettes) making them as expensive as cigarettes? I charge you with being an accessory to thousands of deaths from lung cancer. Pat Brown is even worse than the worst of the tobacco companies. He is pure, unadulterated (and stupid) evil. Par Brown, rhymes with clown.

  29. “Enemy of the people”

    The favorite tactic of demagogues. Trying to make your point more legitimate by saying everyone is apparently supporting you or something. And if you dare disagree, you are an “enemy of the people”. But which people exactly? Trump won because millions voted for him. Are they not part of the “people”?

    To be fair Trump used this fallacy too. Someday I meet a politician who doesn’t resort to BS in order to advance his/her goals.

  30. Guys, this is serious. These D’s have gone full Bolshevik. “Enemy of the People.”
    This man has helped ruin his state, and blames the effects of his incompetence on climate change caused by Trump. So, Trump is a “wrecker” now too, I suppose.
    Really. This is not funny. These people are serious and dangerous.

  31. Well I guess we know of which People Trump is an enemy: He’s an enemy of The People who openly or secretly hate the US, and despise the Constituition, who openly or secretly love Socialism/Communism, who pretend to love science but who totally misunderstand and abuse it for their own twisted goals, who pretend to be “concerned for the environment” as a front for their twisted agenda, and who believe that the ends justify the means in their pursuit of said twisted agenda. Those People.

    • What Brown really means is Trump is the enemy of people like Brown (ie left-wing socialist green blob types)

  32. Hmmm. It terms of actual effect, the ‘enemy of the people’ is really the other way around.
    Yet another, in a seemingly endless number of examples of how progressives invariably accuse their opponents of what they actually are.

    It’s their ‘tell’.

  33. But the reality is that the climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rationale to support the idea that the climate sensitivity of CO2 is zero. It is all a matter of science. So if current climate change is bad then the one to blame is Mother Nature. Hence it is really “Mother Nature” that is really the enemy of the people. Lots of luck in trying to fight and defeat Mother Nature.

  34. Brown is incompetent and looks to blame others to deflect attention from the fiscal train wreck he leaves California in .
    Just like Vancouver’s “Vision ” party that had it’s own mimi moon beam jumped out with a parachute just as his party crashes broke after destroying livability in Vancouver and a activist traffic plan designed to screw things up . How many cities created job titles like Climate Protection Manager ? (Since abandoned )
    Alberta is going to run the NDP (left wing socialist party ) off the political landscape like Ontario and soon to follow the embarrassing Canadian federal party under Mr. Dress Up .

    You have to work extremely hard to tank California The real Moon beam legacy .

  35. From the article: “California Governor Jerry Brown has declared President Trump is the enemy of the people,”

    Trump is not the enemy of the people, he is the enemy of the Radical Left. The Radical Left arrogantly and ignorantly assume they speak for the People, but they do not, as evidenced by the election of President Trump.

    When you hear socialists claiming that Trump is destroying the nation or some such warning, what they are really saying is Trump is destroying the socialist dream of fundamentally changing the United States into Venezuela. It’s real serious to the socialists, but sane Americans benefit when socialists lose.

  36. As the zealots are SO worried about the current 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, what is their view of the 40,000ppm they breath out? I suggest a gween collective holding of breath day. How about a gween breath holding Goreathon with the commander in chief and his hapless sidekick mann holding their breath live on tv. I would certainly tune in to watch that.

  37. If they are so right why do the science denying zealots resort to extreme language at the least provocation? Not only is it unacceptable but speaks volumes regarding the level of intellect on display. A dangerous moron by any other measure

  38. If Brown – the idiot, would cleanup SF streets, he could justify his own existence. But since he won’t, he can’t. So he will continue to chase the insane climate change rainbow.

  39. Jerry Brown is full of sound and fury, but it’s all predicated on one simple supposition: that carbon dioxide causes global warming. I’ve done the unthinkable and unspeakable, and conducted research that clearly shows that carbon dioxide not only doesn’t cause global warming, but in fact, that it can’t. Results of this heresy are currently available in my various books on amazon. but my results have recently been accepted by an international peer-reviewed journal, and should appear shortly.

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