Climate protests this weekend expected to bring “hundreds of thousands”

Just like models overestimate future climate, I’m betting they are overestimating the crowds. Oh, and for the entertainment factor, more civil disobedience! From the Guardian:

Hundreds of thousands expected to join global climate marches this weekend

Protests against politicians’ failure to tackle the environmental crisis will take place in more than 90 countries

Hundreds of thousand of people in more than 90 countries are expected to take part in demonstrations this weekend to protest about the failure of politicians to tackle the global environmental crisis.

Organisers say more than 800 events – from marches to street theatre, acts of civil disobedience to mini festivals – will take place in towns and cities amid growing frustration at the lack of meaningful political action over the emerging climate breakdown.

Nick Bryer from campaign group which is organising the event said: “Politicians are failing. They are still protecting the interests of the fossil fuel companies over the interests of people, despite mounting evidence of the devastation these companies and this system is causing the planet.”

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    • acts of civil disobedience…. campaign group which is organising the event

      Democrats….vote for us or we will hunt you down and hurt you real bad

    • I like how the “please pay first” is framed under his sign so neatly. That should be a credo of the left.
      Do you think Bill frowns that well in his family vacation pictures, too?

      • Perhaps what is needed would be to have strategically located protesters holding truthful signs indicating the reality of the changing climate following along with the crowd and following their chanting

  1. I notice Bill, with his sign, has a MLB team hat on. I guess that the entertainment industry, including sports, movies, music, etc., all jetting around the world daily, are not included in who is supposed to cut down on their fossil fuel use. HYPOCRITE.

    • That’s why “This Rump Temporarily Closed” because he is an a**hat. >rimshot<
      Honestly, why is is 'temporarily' closed. If Bill were committed he would stand there until global temperatures came down, at least. Something tells me 'temporarily' meant as long as it took to take the picture.


        1) Does anyone really think that pencil-necked geek would physically try to prevent someone from filling up their tank?

        2) How did he get to the gas station? On foot? Bicycle?

        3) What, exactly, did ExxonMobil know?

        Among the many #Exxon Knew documents was this gem…

        Well, being a scientist, a sedimentary geologist to be more specific, I was curious. So I looked up Möller (1963) and found the abstract to this seminal publication…

        On the influence of changes in the CO2 concentration in air on the radiation balance of the Earth’s surface and on the climate

        F. Möller


        The numerical value of a temperature change under the influence of a CO2 change as calculated by Plass is valid only for a dry atmosphere. Overlapping of the absorption bands of CO2 and H2O in the range around 15 μ essentially diminishes the temperature changes. New calculations give ΔT = + 1.5° when the CO2 content increases from 300 to 600 ppm. Cloudiness diminishes the radiation effects but not the temperature changes because under cloudy skies larger temperature changes are needed in order to compensate for an equal change in the downward long-wave radiation. The increase in the water vapor content of the atmosphere with rising temperature causes a self-amplification effect which results in almost arbitrary temperature changes, e.g. for constant relative humidity ΔT = +10° in the above mentioned case. It is shown, however, that the changed radiation conditions are not necessarily compensated for by a temperature change. The effect of an increase in CO2 from 300 to 330 ppm can be compensated for completely by a change in the water vapor content of 3 per cent or by a change in the cloudiness of 1 per cent of its value without the occurrence of temperature changes at all. Thus the theory that climatic variations are effected by variations in the CO2 content becomes very questionable.

        Journal of Geophysical Research

        This was priceless!!! So I spent $6 to rent the paper for 48 hours. Here are some highlights:

        In this case, we must distinguish between the assumptions that the water vapor content (in cm l.e.) remains unchanged in spite of heating (cooling) of the atmosphere and that it increases (decreases). Constant absolute humidity means that the relative humidity (f) decreases from 75 to 70.34 per cent with a 1° or lowered by 4.66 per cent per deg. According to the above-mentioned calculations, an increase in CO2 from 300 to 600 ppm gives us a temperature change ΔT = +1.5° for Δf = -4.66 per cent per deg, and a temperature change ΔT = +9.6° for Δf = 0.


        We recognize that for Δf = 0.8 per cent per deg the temperature change becomes infinite. Very small variations effect a reversal of sign or huge amplifications.

        It is not too difficult to infer from these numbers that the variation in the radiation budget from a changed CO2 concentration can be compensated for completely without any variation in the surface temperature when the cloudiness is increased by +0.006 or the water vapor content is decreased by -0.07 cm l.e.


        These are variations in the cloudiness by 1 per cent of its value or in the water vapor content by 3 per cent of its value. No meteorologist or climatologist would dare to determine the mean cloudiness or mean water content of the atmosphere with such accuracy; much less can a change of this order of magnitude be proved or its existence denied. Because of these values the entire theory of climatic changes by CO2 variations is becoming questionable.

        So, way back in 1963, ExxonMobil knew exactly what we know today:

        The entire theory of climatic changes by CO2 variations is questionable.

        • I was around enough government, industry, the legal profession and academia in Louisiana during that period to know what was going on. I also had friends, relatives and students who spent a lifetime working in the petroleum industry. Roughly by decade in the 60s the environmental problem was fouling oyster reefs and shrimp nets. In the 70s it was tell me what is going on. In the 80s it was all the problems moving offshore like avoiding archaeological sites, and so on. If Exxon (I still have ESSO maps) knew, it was the best kept secret, because nobody else did and if they knew anything it was wrong.

          Thanks for the homework, apparently a lost art, always needed to be drilled into the interior of skulls.

        • So wait a minute … are you saying that Exxon knew there was a paper published in the Journal of Geophysical Research in 1963 but didn’t tell anyone? Those bastards!

        • A key point missed by the CAGW team is in the abstract: “Overlapping of the absorption bands of CO2 and H2O in the range around 15 μ essentially diminishes the temperature changes.”

          To this, I would add that the concentration of H2O in the atmosphere is much higher than the concentration of CO2, therefore the effect of IR absorption by H2O overwhelms that of CO2.

        • Dave,

          That is a priceless gem. Well, a $6 priceless gem. I guess Bill McK missed it. Thanks, you made my day.

      • Something tells me ‘temporarily’ meant as long as it took to take the picture.

        Worse than that, I suspect that the pump was entirely open for business the entire time and if a car had happen to pull while he was standing there, he would have had to move out of the way either voluntarily or by a gentle nudge from the station attendant.

    • It’s not just the baseball cap. He seems to be wearing a gold ring on his right hand. Unless the gold and alloys for that ring were panned from a running stream, then smelted over an open wood fire and formed using simple hand tools (sharpened rocks and sticks), it’s another case of do as I say not as I do.

  2. I swear …. when I first read the sign … I thought it said .. “This Rump Closed …” …. I was like, was does your rump have to do with #Exxonknew??? … and just what did #ExxonKnew know about your rump??

    ….. Ahhh … but then I reread it and noticed it said “pump”. :-p

    • Wasn’t just me then. I saw “this rump” and stopped right there to try to figure out if they meant “rump” or if I’d somehow missed the “T” and it was supposed to say “Trump” before I finally figured out that the word was “pump”. Whoever made that sign didn’t do a very good job.

    • He’s probably just not very good at planning ahead. After he wrote the “P” he probably realized that he was running out of space and decided to crowd the “P” with the “U.” More evidence of the high quality work of alarmists!

    • If I needed fuel and he tried to stop me with that sign ….. well his rump would be opened as I repositioned his sign.

    • I read “Rump”, at first, too in that sign. Then my mind went to “Trump”. I was actually unclear, until I read this part of the WUWT commentary.

      The guy made his “P” too big, saw how little space he had remaining, and so he had to cram the “P” into the other letters to keep all the letters around the same size.

      Duh, I got to keep al mi leddurs thu same siZe, so peeple kan reed mI sine

      … forgetting, of course, that readability requires SEPARATION, as well as size. He should have started the sign over to get it right.

      Is it asking too much for a protestor or a panhandler to use good graphic design principles in their signs? Really, it takes a focused effort to get a readable sign from twenty or more feet away.

      I would consider giving a panhandler some money, just because he might use graphic design to enable people to actually read his/her damn sign. I never trust any of them, anyway, but I might consider rewarding a competent sign.

  3. The affluent, having read and taken to heart Paul Erhlich’s “Population Bomb,” want to save fossil fuel reserves for themselves and their descendants in order to fuel their multiple homes, high end automobiles, boats and planes, by putting the overwhelming majority of the worlds population on energy starved renewables. They anticipate reducing the worlds population by at least 1/3 to 1/2 over the course of this century. They have promised Hansen/Mann Inc. Country Club Memberships for their Climate Hoax. They have sold out cheap.

    • I think you are on to a key conscious or unconscious theme underlying much of the Club of Rome thinking. There is the romanticization of belief in the end of time as we know it combined with a conviction that those who proclaim both the doom and the ultimate solution are to be among the survivors of whatever antihumanistic annihilation they put in motion. Post-apocalyptic visions of the future are not popular because people envision themselves wiped out in whatever carnage precedes the new reality, but because they inevitably see themselves as the lucky survivors in a world cleared of competing interests. People foolishly and selfishly fantisize a world full of resources and unspoiled nature in which they and a few chosen friends have free range while all the annoying troublsome bulk of humanity has cleared the stage to allow a frivolous romp in the new Eden (with or without clothes). I suspect people disappointed or unsuccessful in life in the real world governed by unchanging physical laws are those most drawn to this infantile fanatasy.

    • Oh, the epoxyclypse again? Those who will survive will not be those snooty, self-absorbed, eogcentric elites.
      Do you know?
      They can’t build a shelter.
      They can’t do their own laundry.
      They can’t grow a garden or preserve the produce.
      They can’t repair anything. They just dump it and buy the next model.
      They make their own clothing, never mind sew on a missing button.
      They can’t produce wine, whiskey or beer, never mind clean water to make it fit to drink.
      They can’t do their own medical care.
      They can’t cook.

      Those are things which will restart civilization.

      I also cook.

        • Quite true. French and Belgian farmers used home brewed beer to hydrate their workers since drinking the water made them sick.

      • There was a TV show illustrating this “Last Man on Earth”. Most of the population died but all the infrastructure remained. These were not elites, but rather mostly city people who couldn’t do anything but use up the resources in one area and then move on.

      • Douglas Adams cleverly assigned the individuals you describe to the first ship leaving Earth in search of a new home planet due to a very vague and poorly documented eminent threat in his Htchiker’s Guide series. Perhaps what we are seeing is a real world rush to be on the first escape pod from planet Earth. Many very vocal adherents have established their qualifications and we even have a very acceptable Noah to build the ark in the always entertaining Elon Musk. I think this is a project I can support, and no hard feelings on my part if I am not qualified for early departure. Let the phone sanitizers and climate bedwetters break trail for all of us.

  4. Hundreds of thousands as a worldwide number that is pathetic, you can get at least 1000 in any large town in Australia by putting on a free BBQ or school fete. They really need to recruit some of the organizing committee people from around the place.

    • dont give em any ideas!
      that said the barbie idea might hit a snag
      if the bunnings debacle with vegan snags was anything to go by;-)
      cos they have to be soyburgers or snags to be eco friendly like..
      and the bbq will have to be with scavenged sticks not gas n beads

  5. Well I’m sure the good old BBC/Lame-stream meedja will promote the numbers as much as possible, with minimal long shots but lots of close-ups to expand the mob numbers, focussing on the emotive melo-dramatic banners & signs! I expect lots of chilfren to be dragged along too, the Left love manipulating children, & they in turn usually love the lime-lightthese days, it’s their 15 minutes of fame! Lenin loved using the yoof of Russia, as did Hitler in Germany, they are so easily roused into a blood baying rabble! As someone once said, todays revolutionary is tomorrow’s establishment figure!

  6. When I first read the sign, I wondered what Exxon and the climate had to do with his rump. Either I need to read more carefully or perhaps Bill could put a little more effort into his artistic endeavors.

    • That is not all they want, they want the climate change that has already happened to be reversed. “We want a return to 1700 (climate, standard of living and population).”

  7. Why do they go to places where they already have control of the message? Why not go protest somewhere that the population is mostly skeptical? Go protest where there are minds to change instead preaching to the choir

    • It’s like the women’s march here in the states. Why are you protesting in a country where you already have all the rights? why aren’t you protesting in certain middle eastern or African nations where women have no rights?

      • Risk-averse slacktivism is the big trend these days. Putting yourself at real personal risk to protest an injustice is like, sooo 20th century.

      • Reminds me of a joke from the Soviet era.
        A Russian tells an American tourists that Russians have the same rights as Americans.
        You have the right to stand in front of the White House and call the American president an idiot.
        Likewise, I can stand in front of the Kremlin and call the American president an idiot.

      • That’s easy, all bullies love easy targets, they never tackle tough targets, tough targets might just fight back, & they wouldn’t want to get hurt!

  8. Wonder what the carbon footprint will be with all those cars, buses, aeroplanes etc. dashing about and mobile phones cluttering up the airwaves. And there are all those half eaten hamburgers and crisp packets which will need picking up .

    • “all those half eaten hamburgers and crisp packets which will need picking up .”

      The real environment is not their concern. Usually after left-wing and enviro’s rallies there are tons of trash, because clean up is considered the govenment’s responsibility. After right-wing events there is considerably less trash, because clean up is considered an individual responsibility.

    • It’s like Jihad – if you’re participating in the mission, you get to have all the vices you want.

  9. Why doesnt the government offer to pay for air travel to China and have these people demonstrate in front of the Forbidden city or Tiananmen Square? Since China is putting out 31% of the CO2 in the world , I am sure that the president of China would welcome the demonstrators with open arms so as to have the demonstrators apprise him of China’s evil ways. Of course those open arms would be backed up by truncheons , nightsticks , tear gas , machine guns and tanks And Of course our state departments and foreign affairs departments would warn the demonstrators beforehand DONT EXPECT ANY HELP FROM US AFTER YOU ARE ARRESTED. I wonder how many demonstrators would take up the offer?

    • I an quite certain that the President of China would find suitable accommodation for all the protesters. However it wouldn’t be on any of the Zhivago websites list of accommodation.

    • That’s for any protestor who actually made it in. If such a protest was actually planned China would ask social media companies for profiles of those trying to enter the country around the time of such planned event. They would then scan profiles and plain old deny entry to those they believe were entering to join the protest.

      • Or perhaps the Chinese government might need bodies to help rebuild the Great Wall … on minimal sustenance …

        • Or more diggers for the rare earth mineral mines. It’d give them an up close and personal look at where their solar panels and smartphone batteries come from.

  10. Emotionalism is all they’ve got, especially now that they’re losing. They need to keep the brainless, drooling climate troops fired up, shouting slogans, singing songs, marching, and otherwise making complete asses of themselves. They know that the young, especially are down for that kind of thing, because they get to virtue signal to their heart’s content, feel all good about themselves and how they are “saving the planet”, and be part of the herd dynamic.

    • In today’s society, how you feel about an issue is more important than what you know about it, as long as you repeat what the news media has meted out to you as a peon.

  11. I dunno about overestimates. If we divide 100,000 people by 800 events that gives us 125 people per event. You can probably rustle up that many sheeple for just about anything on a given weekend. Of course most are coming out to watch the circus, but not all of them are clowns.

    • 100,000 people – assuming 1.5 people per vehicle x 10-50 miles per trip (to and from each vehicle), means how much CO2 is releasing protesting the use of fossil fuels to feed, clothe, and shelter 7 billion people each year with cleaner water, sewage treatment and safer food preparation?

    • If you pick the right spots you can find half of them just happening to be there. Hand them a sign and say, “could you please hold this for me a second while I take a picture”?

  12. Remind them that their biggest contribution would be for them to desist spewing evil CO2 from their noses. OK, I’m waiting for you all to put your money where your mouth is.

    • Remind them that their biggest contribution would be for them to desist spewing evil CO2 from their noses and mouths

      Fixed that for you. Don’t want to leave them any loopholes 😉

        • Hell, why stop there? We should have protests to stop heart attacks, cancer, headaches, bad moods, flat-tires, hangovers – I mean we’re talking for the potential for real change here!

          • And finally a protest to stop protests, because irony is a completely lost concept on your average virtue-signaling slacktivist.

        • I’d love to see a sign at a bad weather protest that had the following quote from TheGuradian regarding climate gate:

          “We should have been warned by the CFC/ozone affair because the corruption of science in that was so bad that something like 80% of the measurements being made during that time were either faked, or incompetently done.”

          – Scientist James Lovelock

          (This would also make a nice billboard message….)

  13. According to’s map there is a rally at 4 PM tomorrow at Bayfront Park in Miami. I will check the news reports to see how many people show up and report back. Other WUWT readers should do the same for their areas.

    • It’s 350 org, Mumbles. But it ought to be about 403 org now.

      I believe the goal of their organization was to prevent CO2 levels from exceeding 350ppm, thus the name of the website, but it looks to me like they need to go to a little higher number since CO2 is now at 403ppm.

      I kind of like it here at 403ppm (real nice weather), so that might be a good new goal for 350 org to set themselves. Then they can be current and not look like losers.

    • Found the website for the Miami rally:
      Jesus, their logo couldn’t BE more ‘Social Realist’ if they had a prole wearing dungarees and carry a sheaf of wheat! And somehow Climate had gotten entangled with Jobs and Justice. There is even a speaker listed as “Climate Justice Program Manager”. In case you were wondering where the Climate would look to for justice. No doubt this crowd will break into a few choruses of “The Internationale” after the Indigenous Water Ceremony. My mind boggles.

      • The trouble is their “justice” is merely their opinion of what “justice” should be, essentially grant me all the power I want & do what Itell you to do, give me your money!

    • I checked the local media, and while there were some mentions of the rally in events calendars I did not see any news reports on TV or newspapers about the actual rally. It was raining in Miami at 4PM, so I was disinclined to personally check out the event at Biscayne Park to see the turnout, but Media-wise it was a bust.

  14. 100’s of thousands across 90 countries…. let’s do the math. That would be thousands per country. So, I think they are vastly underestimating the number of people with their heads up their ass in 30 or 40 of those countries… at least.

    • They can probably get at least a few hundred from Tuvalu alone; climate change extortion is their single greatest domestic product.

  15. Lets be generous and say 900,000 souls turn up for the demonstration (the word ‘million’ wasn’t used). With a world population approaching 7,500,000,000, the demonstrators represent 0.000012% of all humans. Wow!

  16. What a fruitcake !

    It boggles the mind that Middlebury, an otherwise well-regarded college, employs a complete charlatan like McKibben.

    • Sounds like something Twain would have said.However, the closest I could find wasn’t from Twain:

      Why is it there are so many more horses’ asses than there are horses?
      – G. Gordon Liddy

      • I had always thought Liddy had cribbed that from Twain – but after searching, it appears you are correct.

  17. Hundreds of thousands! You can get millions in the streets in Muslim countries by making an anti-Mohammed statement. Can someone tell me the difference between prairie preachers’ fire and brimstone sermons if sinners did not repent immediately and AGW proponents prophesying imminent doom if we don’t change our ways.

  18. Lengthy sign in photo: “To change everything, it takes everyone”.

    Yep, it sure does. It takes Marxism or Marxist Socialism if you will.

    I find it rather amusing that the Marxists and Socialists have infiltrated the climate alarmist and environmentalist movements and have blended together far left ideology with climate alarmism and environmentalism. I guess that’s how the idea of climate justice came into being. The idea there (if I understand it right) is that the poor and poor countries are hit the hardest by “climate change,” so we need wealth redistribution to deal with it. Hence the Green Climate Fund.

    I suppose the collapse of the USSR and its East European communist satellites made this inevitable. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. We apparently need a Global Proletarian Socialist Workers’ Revolutionary Climate Action to deal with the “climate crisis” and environmental issues in the minds of some if not all of the marchers tomorrow. Whenever I read’s Twitter page (out of curiosity), the Marxist/Socialist ideological mindset is not hard for me to see just below the surface of the climate and environmentalist tweets. Never mind that Marxism doesn’t seem to have much of a history of being kind to the climate and environment.

    McKibben sounds really, really excited about tomorrow’s worldwide marches and other events. If nothing else, he appears to be a good organizer of such things, if indeed he is one of the major organizers. Tomorrow’s events are the greatest thing since sliced bread judging from his tweets. Hope he has fun tomorrow.

    I’m left wondering though where Bill McKibben and his ilk are going to be 10 years from now when the world is likely to still be heavily dependent on fossil fuel energy. Difficult to say where so-called “renewables” like wind and solar will be in terms of how much energy they provide to the world. At any rate, is there a state of depression in McKibben’s future? Hard to say. But if he does become a patient for a psychologist someday, he will have nobody but himself to blame for it.

    That is what happens when you agitate to do things bass ackwards. Demanding a end to fossil fuels when the technological replacements for them (save for nuclear) are not yet there. I tell myself I should feel pity for Bill and his acolytes, but somehow I can’t seem to generate much of it for them.

    • I have no doubt that Bill McKibben is being extremely well paid for his work. So when even the most stupid person realises what a lie it all was he will be able to console himself with his standard of living.

  19. Man, just when I thought it couldn’t get any sillier, you have to go and post a photo that made me laugh so hard I startled the cat out of a perfectly good nap!

    More important than the protest, If the media perples have more important things to do, liek trash Trump, where do you think they’ll be?

  20. I wonder how much paper and ink all those signs will require. How much trash will this generate? How might it affect the demand for garbage clean up after all the protesting is done?

    I wonder how many food and beverage vendors will parasitize the sales opportunity. All those people have to eat.

    What will be the “carbon footprint” of these protests, compared to the “carbon footprint” of NOT holding these protests?

    See where I’m going? Yep, you got it — hypocrisy, contradiction, absurdity.

    • I remember a Conservative Republican march at the capitol 6 or 8 years ago and when it was over there was no litter laying around. It was the nicest and most impressive thing I have ever seen. The protesters left and, I’m not kidding, there was almost zero garbage on the ground. I hate littering and I must admit that this incident still leaves a warm spot in my heart.

  21. These activists should be 100% behind nuclear power. The fact that they aren’t means they’re not genuine about cutting emissions. They should be behind developing fusion power, but aren’t. That means they’re ignorant of how much energy is required to run a global 24/7 economy, let alone the increase in energy needed as the 7+ billion humans on this planet grow to more than 9+ billion in total.

  22. “To change everything…”

    But anybody who dares to suggest that the true goal is a radical reorganization of society into a socialist utopia is a nut job, right?

  23. So Bill McKibben never flies, walks or bike everywhere, lives in a home heated by only non-fossil fuels, uses electricity only from wind or solar, etc. No? Then I do not care at all what the guy says. I only care what he does and that is apparently make money by lying.

  24. Probably more participants at their marches are media, security, and the curious like myself who want to see if I know anyone crazy enough to join the march.

  25. Why do these idiots need the politicians to bring those nasty fossil fuel companies to heel? The public, who presumably are on mass totally on message, just have to stop buying oil based products, it really is that simple. Even if the public are not as enthusiastic as these protesters would prefer them to be, at least the protesters themselves should do so. I honestly can’t imagine why they don’t. Oh wait I’ve got it, they would be dead from starvation or exposure within two weeks that will be it.

  26. Let’s see there are 7+ billion people and 195 countries in the world and they are predicting only few hundred thousand in 90 countries. You want to bet that most of those countries are western democracies and not places like China, Russia, Vietnam, etc. I also will bet that many of those that do show up will not know why they are there and even the ones that are would have a very difficult time articulating the AGW side of the issue and how to fix it.

    I also wonder how many of those showing up actually vote. I remember being asked to explain to a very worried politician up for re-election how the environmental organization that had targeted him for defeat had fewer than a hundred members in his district and most of those were too young to vote.

  27. What’s with the tubas, and I believe there’s a french horn there too? They couldn’t muster together a marching band? Pathetic idiots.

  28. ‘To Change Everything it takes Everyone’
    What? Change everything to what?
    Actually, everything did change with the scientific and industrial revolution beginning with Copernicus. Then it’s only about 100 or so key people that have actually changed everything which has subsequently allowed growing generations of people to enjoy longer and more prosperous lives that in the past would only have been possible of you were in the ruling classes.

  29. When I was burning my draft card
    in protest of the Vietnam War,
    in the early 1970s, willing to go
    to prison before participating
    in that war, that we were losing
    and eventually lost, at least back then
    I was protesting to save American
    lives being wasted by our foolish leaders.

    Now the protests are over nothing !

    We have the best climate for humans and animals
    ever on this planet, and the climate has been
    getting better since the very cold period
    in the late 1600’s during the Maunder Minimum.

    The current climate should be celebrated —
    — there is nothing climate related to protest
    … except for an imaginary CO2 crisis !

    But in reality, more CO2 is beneficial
    — gradually greening the planet —
    not harmful in any way !

    Is this current stupidity the result of decades of
    pubic school edumacation ?
    Or drugs?
    The internet?
    Cell phones?

    How did today’s young people get so dumb
    that they trust everything their favorite politicians
    tell them. Not Trump, of course — just every
    Dumbocrat — they can claim anything and
    be believed by their flock of parrots.

    Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky,
    turning 65 soon and starting Medicare
    in a few weeks (I used to be young
    and cranky) … but so many young people
    today seem to have no ability to think
    for themselves! Whatever happened to
    “don’t trust anyone over 30” ?
    Excuse me — I have to chase some kids off my lawn.

    My climate change blog:

    • I never looked into that saying of Jack Weinberg’s until just now. Apparently, he said it in a fit of pique during an interview in response to a question implying that his group, the Free Speech Movement was supported and directed by Communists. He responded that they had a saying in the movement that they didn’t trust anybody over 30, as a way to get the guy off his back. The meaning of the flippant phrase then got blown way out of proportion.

  30. “To Change Everything it takes Everyone’”

    People always talk about changing things but don’t consider that the change they are asking for might just not be for the better. “Change” isn’t always positive, it can be negative. Contracting a deadly disease is a change, but not one anyone would want to happen to them.

  31. “Hundreds of Thousands” out of billions. Big whoop.
    I’m sure that hundreds (maybe even thousands) that show up will be loud and the MSM will provide them a megaphone so they seem even louder, but most of the billions will turn a deaf ear to their protest.
    We’ll have more important matters that need our attention.
    (I really should mow my lawn. I look for excuses to put it off. Listening to the protesters won’t be one of them.)

  32. well i watch SA and Vic news in Aus and havent sen OR heard a thing even via Auntyabc warmist central
    how nice;-)

  33. There’s some weird sheet going on here? I’ve heard nothing about this in my city and I listen to a talk radio station everyday at work. They have every phoney baloney activist organization with a sciencie/government name spewing made up data, about pipelines, plastics…ALL plastics! Insane crap about climate change with experts from (add NGO), homes and naloxone for homeless addicts so they can OD from fentanyl in comfort and live, removing historical statues from city hall without telling anyone because if they told us we might be mad, fish farms/lack on wild fish, a bridge took …..8 years to build….the most expensive bridge ever built at 148 ft., sewage plant that pumps it’s by-product umpteen kilometers for billions of dollars, tent city’s that cant be removed because they have lawyers, a ban on ocean going vessels noise and so much more, everyday, same phoney callers phoning in total agreeing it’s bad.
    And not a peep about this rally all week till yesterday(Friday) ….. and then theres a HUGE protest over the “climate emergency” and a happy dance about killing the pipeline.
    That’s pretty coinky dinky if you ask me? Was it preplanned before the pipeline ruling a few days ago? I mean if this is such a big deal wouldn’t there be a build up a week before so the pubic would know?
    The most alarmist station on the radio around here gives a 24 hr notice?
    I’m going to take few videos tomorrow .

    Oh and a link to the Joe Rogan Experience interview/smokes bud with Elon Musk….. A genus who doesn’t know the differents between a element and a molecule as he explains climate change and his scifi ideas, he’s full of crap.

  34. Their last global protest marches, as I recall, were parades of communist and socialist organizations, with glancing references to “climate”.

    Even then, their numbers were not anywhere near predicted attendees or followup press release claims with inflated counts.

    In all cases, attendees were obvious and copious users of fossil fuels.

  35. In Brussels one of those idiots cried: “This year we had a hot summer. This cannot be a coincidence.”
    Does that guy think we never had hot summers in the past?

  36. According to the UN and Population Reference Bureau the estimate for global population 2000 years ago was ~300 million.

    Given that not all of them were farming folk, I’m greatly impressed by their huge, enormous carbon footprints. All they had was a few hundred million and some animals, we’ve got 6 billion people, amazing technologies and some very dodgy climate scientists.

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