Friday Funny – the real fossil fuel “divestment” problem

Bill McKibben and his eco-worriers over at have been big on getting Universities and other organizations to “divest” from fossil-fuel based investments. They’ve even gone so far as to claim: Irish parliament makes history with vote to divest country fully from fossil fuels.

Good luck with that, Ireland. But that gesture really only goes so far. Josh suggests these folks at should lead by example, and is calling on all environmentalists to give up everything to do with fossil fuels. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Lets hope the loincloth is made of cotton, eh?

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94 thoughts on “Friday Funny – the real fossil fuel “divestment” problem

  1. When McKibben and similar ilk come up with such horse manure I wonder what world they actually live in, whether they are dumber than posts or they believe they are just so much smarter than everyone else. That they don’t understand that the modern technology they use to broadcast their propaganda is fossil fuel based is remarkable.

    • McKibben at least has an excuse for not understanding technology. He made his name as the society gossip columnist at The New Yorker magazine. Believe it. His science background is less than zilch.

    • Well I could come up with a few examples, starting from investing on criminal but profitable businesses.

      • You could have a point if there was anything criminal in High Density Carbon based Fuel sources…
        But there isn’t!!!!
        The only criminal activity associated with the Fossil Fuel Industry are the Eco-Terrorists that try to shut things down through violent acts of sabotage.

          • I gave you a +1 for that “updang,” hil R.

            We’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes Miriam-Webster to catch up with cutting edge English.

          • @H.R.
            We run a carbon neutral cleaning service for this type of ‘incident’, it only costs £150 per keyboard (plus shipping and taxes) .. Of course we only work with wooden keyboards because of the plastic ‘thing’, you know.

    • Investing in CO2-free enterprises worked well for Al Gore. link That’s why he pumps up the alarmism.

      I suspect that it’s a bit like a pyramid scheme. Gore got rich but those who follow him might not do so well.

      • Nor can the poorer people that can ill afford the subsidies paid for renewable electricity

  2. I have had this argument with one of my believer friends, his point was that it needs to be a “global” solution, individual sacrifices don’t have enough impact *facepalm*. And then he joked about being “selfish” with a laugh. I am not making this up.

    • “I’ll start sacrificing when everyone else does.” Now take that attitude and multiply it by all the people in the “First World”. The flaw in the reasoning won’t be hard to find.

    • Your friend is absolutely correct. Individual sacrifice does not have enough impact. To really get an impact, you have to sacrifice whole countries. Venezuela is a good example. Due to their cancellation of their oil production industry, they are also leaders in the “Leave It In The Ground” movement. Other countries that come to mind are Cuba, Haiti, and North Korea.
      There is a bit of unrecognized genius in these solutions as well. When the populace does not own any consumer goods which require electricity, then there is no need to provide electricity. So the savings is twofold. In addition, the populace saves a lot of money that they would otherwise spend on consumer goods.

  3. ““divest” from fossil-fuel based investments.”

    so I take it they are all for Trump’s tariffs on China

  4. Not only that the loin-cloth is made from cotton, but that the cotton (a plant from a hot country) arrived by wooden, wind-assisted or rowed boats. Oh, and not only plucked by hand, but treated, spun and woven by hand, too. Might make it a bit expensive, though…

    • And no hydrocarbon-based fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides used in its cultivation! And don’t let me catch the farmworkers with any rubber or fiberglass handled tools! And the blacksmith making them better not be burning coal in that forge!

    • We’re gonna jump down turn around
      pick a bale of cotton,
      jump down turn around pick a bale a day.
      Jump down turn around
      pick a bale of cotton,
      jump down turn around pick a bale a day.

    • Sounds like we’ll have to rebuild all the canal systems in the US with animals to pull the canal boats to deliver the cotton.
      (That or replace all the railroads’ engines with 0-4-4 wood-burners.)

    • There was a way around paying a lot for all that hand labor, but the method escapes me at the moment.

  5. Shouldn’t present much of a problem for Ireland, Most homes are within walking distance of the nearest Pub.
    Though they may need to moderate their consumption so they don’t get too drunk to walk

    • In 70s Texas we were paying outrageous prices for electricity while – because of interstate commerce laws- people in the NE were paying less for the surplus energy produced here.
      We had bumper stickers “leave your lights on and freeze a Yankee”

      • Beat me to it, approximately 75% nitrogen, 25% co2.
        Beer gas (what we call nitro in the States at least for home brew) is typically a solution of the two, but beer, once the yeast eats the sugars suspended in the wort, already released the bulk of the co2 byproduct during fermentation. Beer is undrinkable when finished fermenting as the co2 has been expelled, until co2 is reintroduced through forced carbonation or bottle conditioning. It’s even suggested when I make my washes for spirits to decarbonate any potential suspended co2. I don’t and it’s more delicious than any store bought… By miles.

        I crank my 5 gallon corny kegs up to 30 psi co2 for 36 hours then attach the beer gas nitro tank at 30 psi for serving. Regular co2 faucet has serving pressure around 8-12 psi depending on the style.
        I custom made a two faucet system so my ten gallon batches are served both standard co2 and nitro. I like options

  6. I’d rather send him some homemade shine than give anything to British currency. I didn’t see a way to donate in dollars. I’d actually gladly spend more money on shipping to deliver some of this fine, clean sippin’ than give that foul, anti-Western, anti-white nation any support in any manner.

    Josh, if you read this send me a message I’ll gladly send you something that has taken much effort and time, and is far more valuable than the ten bucks I was about to donate.
    I’d wager you never sipped something so fine and dandy

    • It’s only the elites and commies that are anti white and anti western,just like a lot of your Democrats.Most ordinary Brits don’t agree with them.

  7. Since the Haber-Bosch process feeds half the world by making synthetic fertilizer out of natural gas… half of all environmentalists would need to stop eating.

    • David: I remember reading online that guano (bird droppings) were mined from South Pacific islands (and probably elsewhere) back in the 19th century for agricultural fertilizer. You can look at these islands today on Google Earth and see the still-disturbed island surfaces from the 19th century mining. Jarvis Island is one of them.

      I imagine the guano mining industry died out sometime later when we figured out how to get agricultural fertilizers from natural gas. The anti-fossil fuel activists are free to go back to guano mining or using animal dung for their fertilizer if they feel natural gas and other fossil fuels are so horribly evil. They will have to mine the guano by hand of course.

      David, I always enjoy reading your posts here at WUWT. Keep up the great work.

      • Caribbean islands as well. The Bond novel Dr. No is set in Jamaica. The antagonist’s nefarious private island was ostensibly a guano mining operation. Use it.

  8. BUT it IS OK to use geologically stored solar energy (aka fossil fuels) as the “training wheels” of energy to get our economies going, help impoverished countries develop, and create the technologies needed to provide sustainable fuel for 1000 years!

  9. In latest news, restaurants and eateries all over Brooklyn and Washington are being taken by storm by the latest food craze. The New York Guardian correspondent briefly stopped wringing her hands in order to sample this new dietary delight, as endorsed by global celebrities such as film star & world-wide jet-setter ‘Lenrandio from Somewhere Crappio’

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  10. Every facet of first world life is enhanced by fossil fuels. In fact, the measure of life is time. And we have purchased time because fossil fuels have enriched and empowered us in ways too numerous to lay out in this short comment. Our life expectancies have over doubled because of fossil fuels. If you love life, you MUST love fossil fuels… until something better is available.

  11. Giving up medicine, heating, clothing, fertilisers, pest control and eating only natural foods has me feeling …green.

  12. The Synod of the Church of England has voted to divest from fossil fuel companies unless they conform to the Paris Agreement. Don’t care about poverty and lung disease- the stupid, ignorant, stupid, badly informed, stupid, unscientific, stupid prelates mired in their pointless virtue signaling.

    • I am not aware of anything in the Paris Agreement saying what oil companies should do, the actions are all on governments. So all oil companies are complying with the agreement no matter what they do.

    • Sadly, most of the mainline religious organizations have stopped caring about the Gospel and are more interested in spreading Marxism instead.

      • That’s because they rejected the Gospel to begin with. Many of them suspect that God had nothing to do with the Bible. Someone said once “if you don’t believe in God you will believe in anything.” That seems to describe the CAGW community.

  13. Done! (after looking up the pounds the dollars conversion so I knew how much I was actually donating.)

  14. According to Wiki 78% of the Irish (Republic) identify as Catholic (down from 84% in 2011), so I guess their government is simply following the dictates of Pope Francis.

  15. Loincloths made of cotton? Not likely, last I heard, without fossil fuel, cotton would have to be picked by slaves. Last time we tried that it didn’t work out so well!

    • No, cotton was picked by many different groups. My mother (who was white as they come) grew up picking cotton.

  16. So does this mean that fossil fuel companies cannot get wind and solar subsidies/tax breaks? After all, that’s supporting fossil fuels and they often use the money to further invest in their fossil fuel activities.

  17. Sometimes a company will buy its own stock.
    There are reasons for this; look them up.
    Via mutual funds, we own stock it many companies, including FF companies.
    Our funds benefit.
    Thanks to Weepy Bill.

  18. Since the list of so-called “subsidies” for fossil fuel companies included roads, I do hope these people will not be on the roads anymore.
    Or are they simply hypocrites?

  19. The point about my earlier post on the Synod of the Church of England’s disinvestment is that the stupid stupid stupid prelates seem not to realise it’s the same consumer that makes for global warming (if any) not the producer. Walk bare foot back to your palace, Bishop.

  20. Hi
    What a joke, the Irish State is a net borrower and similar in outlook and policy to the tax and spend Democrat Party in the US. More token gestures from politicians with very inflated egos. Reality however has a habit of busting in, just ask Malcolm Turnbull in Oz.Regards Peter

  21. Thanks for the many hilarious cartoons, Josh. PayPal assures me that you will see a slight improvement to the heft of your wallet.

    Naturally, I assume that no fossil fuels were disturbed anywhere in the chain of manmade products culminating in the sending of electrical signals from Near Chicago to the Sceptred Isles. :>)

    . . .

    Anthony. In the past I have happily flung funds to you, via PayPal. I very much enjoyed the wittiness of the understated request for donations:

    Shameless Plug
    Donations accepted: fling funds

    above the Donate button. Please, please restore this in place of the characterless”Support our work” over the “PayPal Donate Now” button. …I might even be moved to fling more funds. :>)

    And thanks again to you for this great site.

  22. I’ve always wondered what the point of divestment is. You sell your stake in whatever evil thing is currently fashionable. And this accomplishes what? Somebody else owning it doesn’t change anything. What am I missing?

    The only value I see is virtue signaling.

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