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Joe Bastardi writes on Twitter:

Interesting meeting tonight with We disagree on what drives the climate, but enjoyable exchanging ideas with someone who loves what he does as much as I love what I do.We live in same town so everyone can breathe easy now.Central Pa is still intact ha ha

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    • Mikey Mann tries to elevate himself with a butt thrust. Joe stays calm and centered.

      Bastardi scores take-down with flick of the wrist, as MMann is off-center. 2-zero Joe.

      • Mike is yelling ” I work for Penn State, where he was a champion wrestler!”
        (Is that a Mickey mouse watch?)

      • Michael Mann: Damn I need to prove this shrimp salad is getting warmer due to climate change, where did Thomas Karl go?

        • Perhaps the same way as his computer. Remember it self destructed before the data and algorithim could be used to replicate his results. We will never know just how he did it.

  1. If you check the piece of wood immediately under my elbow you will find that it supports not only my elbow but also my conclusions.

    • Interesting …

      What passes for wood these days is often is a picture of wood over a centre core of high density fibre board then coated with clear protective plastic. So, your tree rings can be made to order. Hmmm …

  2. Michael Mann plots a “random” distribution of shrimp that will mysteriously benefit him.

  3. For whatever reason Gilbert and Sullivan come to mind:



    Pirates of Penzance

    It is a mark of civilization that one can share a beer or three with folks with whom one disagrees. It’s a habit that we should relearn. link

    • Sure. Thump Mann about the head and shoulders with a blunt object, then we’ll take him for a beer. Sorry, that boy just gets my Irish up.

    • commieBob

      Happy to share a beer with an alarmist anytime. I suspect I would have few agree to join me.

    • When sung ‘A policeman’s lot is not a happy one,
      is sung as ‘A policeman’s lot is not an nappy one’
      To explain the double entendre, police don’t change nappies.
      G@ S was a satire.
      What they may discuss, though, is what each think the atmospheric sensitivity is to a doubling of CO2, and see if their confidence limits, error bars, overlap.

    • A meeting with MM requires you bring a standard (not new standard) primary/intermediate set of textbooks in case he needs to look something up.

      • That still won’t help against Joe’s weather history knowledge. Show him weather and he’ll show you when it has previously occurred (and what teams were playing during that weather).
        Joe should be the presidential advisor on climate, that egghead minus the goatee should be censured by honest science.

  4. I like it! I admire and respect Joe B., and I neither admire nor respect MM… though I only know his public persona. I expect if he were my neighbor, we could find some common ground… dunno.
    But anyone that will sit down and have a beer with someone, ex oficio, with whom they disagree is a good guy.

    • That looks like it might be an “American Express” card in front of Mann so I’d guess Soros. 😎

      • Gunga Din, no myself I don’t think it is a credit card. size is wrong, shadows under it -not there. More like a mini menu. Note the drink glasses.
        Behind Mann’s arm is a glass with possibly a micro brew. With the way he is out of the seat it is as if he is trying to block it from view. Tsk the reflection of the glass is quit clear.
        And yes I am probably reading to much in the picture, he can’t be that paranoid and deceitful


        • I’ll guess there were at least 2 others there.
          They got out of the way. Also took the photo.
          Note the glass of red wine.
          If Joe’s working on both of those: Way to go!

    • “Alarmist and skeptic forced to shelter from weather together; because climate change”.

  5. Nice to know they had a pleasant exchange.

    “What happened after Mann said to Joe, “Pull my finger.”

  6. I found this to be rather positive when it popped up on my Twitter feed. Two men from opposing sides meeting as though it were the most natural thing in the world to do. Respect both, I say. let’s hope it portends better, less divisive times

    • I have no problem with people having different opinions.
      It’s when they believe that their “opinion” gives them the right to run other people’s lives and take their stuff. Then I have a problem.

    • cannibal rights! parasitizing your own species is an just an alternative metaphysics.
      he just has a different opinion about what to do with MY stuff.
      re-enacting dan pearl’s last meal?

    • Anthony’s relationship with Bill McKibben comes to my mind, they can agree to disagree as many of my acquaintances and I do also.
      I cut them slack as they are personalities who seek indoctrination to maintain self-esteem. Offering an alternative to the popular truism tends to frighten them with cognitive dissonance, plus the prospect of taking an unpopular viewpoint in their social circles. They simply tune out any common sense approach.

  7. “Look, we’re so old we don’t need ‘safe spaces!'” “Our grandparent’s didn’t even know what ‘snowflakes’ were!”

  8. MM: How can this perma-bull-on-winter be correct on forecasts in our age of unprecedented AGW?!
    JB: Enjoy the food and company, it’s the only food and company you’ve got!

  9. Old Vulcan proverbs…

    Only Nixon could go to China.
    Only Trump could meet with the Nork Human Chia Pet.
    Only Anthony Watts could have lunch with Bill McKibben.
    And only Big Joe Bastardi could make Mann-made global warming smile.


  10. Mann: Lean in Joe, lean in!
    Bastardi: OK. (Aside: Why are we leaning in?)
    Mann: We’re trying to hide the recline!

  11. MM: I’m drinking you under the table you skeptic lightweight!

    JB: You got me Mike – you’re way ahead on top-of head albedo too!

    • Not in Philly.
      Try State College or one of the several nearby named places.
      Park Forest Village, Houserville, Boalsburg, Ramblewood, . . .

  12. Mann leaning in to adjust the height data, so that he looks taller than an Italian.

    SSG Guido Incognito, Jr.

  13. CAPTION: Wow! When did they get pole dancing in here?!

    Get it? “Pole” dancing? Did you get it?

    [Sorry. I’ll let myself out.]

  14. Mann and Bastardi at the opening of the world’s first CAGW Cafe. Mann is enjoying a self-carbonating soda, while Bastardi is looking forward to the cafe’s signature dish: shellless shrimps.

  15. “Hang on, let me adjust a little here … so’s … I can … let out another one of my brilliant scientific facts.”

  16. Mann’s about to do a runner and leave Joe with the cheque…….and the mutant alien spider crawling out the glass.

    No doubt there will be a story in the guardian next week about the proof of climate change being mutant alien spider invasions.

    • Ah! forgot the caption competition.

      guardian exclusive!:

      “Mutant Alien spider escapes. Leaves brother in glass!”

  17. A bottle of red. A bottle of white.
    We put the shrimp next to the one that’s right.
    There was a climate of detente,
    At our Italian Restaurant.

    (Thought Joe might like the musical reference.)

  18. Joe and mike finally see eye to eye.
    increased c02 leads to a greening planet and
    balding skull.

  19. “enjoyable exchanging ideas with someone who loves what he does as much as I love what I do.”

    There is no nice way to interpret that quote…

  20. Old Spanish Proverb: Quien con perros se echa, con pulgas se levanta.
    (If you lie down with dogs, you will rise up with fleas.)

  21. OK Joe, time to eat.

    Something from all the hot and cold courses I think, except the medieval cooling selection – not sure what all that is about.

  22. Caption this photo? I dare not!

    The words that keep leaping onto the page are:

    “Bastardi and Bastard”

    And proper etiquette keeps me trying to delete them.

    Out, damn’d spot! out, I say!

    To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
    And by opposing end them.

    • The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6

      • This would be somewhat of a paraphrase of the verse, “and the conservative shall eat with the socialist”

        • Good choice, one of my favorite passages. I was thinking of MM hoist on his own petard (French péter, to fart).

  23. What started as a friendly drink ended rapidly when a camera and potential audiences came in sight causing Michael’s internalized h̶o̶c̶k̶e̶y̶s̶t̶i̶c̶k̶ bottom sensor predicting another pending hot air release. General discomfort followed.

  24. Caption: Michael Mann asks: “Joe, you have this, right?”

    Another caption: Michael Mann, asks while puzzled: “What is this — we have to pay for this meal?”

  25. “Woah, that’s some good stuff. Coulda sworn for a minute I was sitting down to eat with some climate deenyah.”
    “Woah, that’s some good stuff. Could sworn for a minute Michael Mann was picking up my tab.”

  26. I’d love to see those two in one of those public library “READ” posters, with a copy of “Earth in the Balance” in front of Bastardi and “The Great Global Warming Swindle” in front of Mann, and them giving each other’s reading material disbelieving looks.

  27. Observe the rays of light radiating from between the two heads as they are forced to meet. This betrays the incipient energy release of a mutual annihilation event.

  28. … to the tune of that 60s rock song “Dragging’ the Line” with me dancing around out in the woods and then a singing pine tree comes in and in perfect harmony sings “hide the decline” (hide the decline). It’s hilarious. I love that video…

  29. I wonder if Dr Mann mentioned the comparative degrees of their educations and his view that Bastardi is not qualified to debate him.

    • Mann may have thought it but Joe said it was a pleasant exchange so I doubt he mentioned it.
      My guess is they talked about the “weather” and not so much about how Mann (et al) has changed the “climate”.

  30. Truth revealed! Mann CAN’T sit down for discussion with a skeptic as something is wrong with his arse! Has it been reamed? Wood splinters? Red? Covered? Internal investigation needed?

  31. Bastardi is a 6th floor kind of guy. Mike Mann is a 4th floor type. That speaks volumes to those of us who inhabited Walker Bldg.

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