I’ll be live on this radio program today – listen in

The topic is “Wildfires and Climate Change”, from 8AM to 10AM PST today

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Listen in free here (best choice is the HTML5 Browser player for most web browsers).


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UPDATE: Apparently the live stream was broken, perhaps due to WUWT driven traffic, but the show will re-air at 6PM PST on the live stream, and I’m told it will be fixed by then.

28 thoughts on “I’ll be live on this radio program today – listen in

  1. Good Luck, Andy…. and to themicroeffect.com, for they will soon find out the wrath of the left for even allowing Andy air time for this discussion. Will they have to apologize later after the brow beating that’s coming?

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll pass their link around. I will have to get it after the fact today, heading out to kayak and fish for last day on Cape. Good luck!

  3. Tried twice with Flash. It runs for about a minute, then hits “complete species shift to non…” and ceases. I guess the technology isn’t there, yet.

  4. I heard your opening comments Anthony but the streaming was not working: garbled, dropouts, disconnects and continued looping of same comments. I gave up after 30 minutes of trying.


  5. On IE, the stream keeps stopping and then going back to the same point.

    I switched to Chrome and it is doing the same thing.

    • I had the same experience with SeaMonkey. So I opened the link up with Microsoft Edge browser. When I play using the HTML5 player, there are two timelines — one showing how long it has been playing, and the other showing how long is left. So it looks like I am just listening to a prerecorded clip and not live.

  6. I switched to the Android app and it is doing the same thing.

    I got to hear Anthony’s comment on fire frequency and intensity, but the other guest’s follow up does not go beyond a few minutes before the app stops.


  7. Great…..then ask the question “since fires are the new normal for California”…..why are they not investing in the equipment…..water bomber planes for one….to put them out before they become catastrophic?

  8. Just hope someone records this and we get it on WUWT later. (I am incompetent in these matters here in the UK.) meanwhile all the best!! Regards A

  9. It’s 6:00 PM PST and am not getting this. Sales pitch for gold coin from some guy instead. Using Safari on iMac desktop. Great reception on gold coin sale, nothing else.

  10. Just finished listening. Anthony was great as expected, but the big surprise was the registered forester Denyelle Lindler (her name is most likely misspelled). She provided much useful information. Thank you, young lady.

    • The topic is “Wildfires and Climate Change” …

      By dint of his training and experience as a meteorologist, and having run this information clearing house for more than a decade, Anthony is one of the world’s leading experts on Climate Change and all its ramifications.

        • Anthony’s qualifications to talk about the climate, he’s formally trained and has decades of experience after all, are way better than physicist Dr. Michael Mann’s qualifications to talk about tree rings.

          • But according to wikipedia Anthony never received a formal degree. aren’t you also conflating meteorology with climate science? I thought that they were two related but distinct disciplines. Beyond hosting a website, I can’t see that he’s got any expertise whatsoever to be talking about these matters.

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