Honolulu Mayor Issues Directive to Prevent Sea Level Rise… Because Ignorance

Guest ridicule by David Middleton

From “The Stupid, It Burns” files…

Mayor issues directive on climate change

The Commission says the city should plan for 3-feet of sea level rise by the mid (mid-what?)

By: Nikki Schenfeld
Posted: Jul 16, 2018

HONOLULU (KHON2) – The City of Honolulu’s Climate Change Commission presented the “Sea Level Rise Guidance and Climate Change Brief” to Mayor Kirk Caldwell on July 16, prompting him to sign a directive requiring all departments and agencies under his jurisdiction, to take action to prevent sea level rise.

The Commission says the city should plan for 3-feet of sea level rise by the mid-century and if action isn’t taken now, nearly 4,000 structures on Oahu would be flooded, and nearly 18 miles of coastal roads would become impassable.

“The sea is rising, we see it all around our island, everyday everyone in this room, when you go to the beach everyone sees the erosion,” Mayor Caldwell said.

“If you take no action and we live with the consequences, then what happens to Waikiki?” he added. “Our largest industry $15 billion in revenue—what happens? If we don’t take action now we’ll have worse consequences later.”



“The Commission says the city should plan for 3-feet of sea level rise by the mid-century”… I guess, in all fairness, they didn’t say which century…


1.48 mm/yr = 0.058 in/yr —> 3 ft in 618 years.  2636 is mid-century-ish… Mid 27th century.



144 thoughts on “Honolulu Mayor Issues Directive to Prevent Sea Level Rise… Because Ignorance

    • Or very stupid: “The sea is rising, we see it all around our island, everyday everyone in this room, when you go to the beach everyone sees the erosion,” Mayor Caldwell said.
      I thought beach erosion was caused by tides and crashing waves. Beach erosion is going to happen even if sea levels recede.

  1. Yes – Skeptical Science repeatly warns of the 3 foot sea level rise by the end of the century – their projections should be taken seriously – since they only allow scientific studys which have been peer reviewed on their site.


  2. The mayor should petition the federal gov’t to provide 5gal Homer Buckets (from Home Depot) to the various agencies and the people of Honolulu to start bailing now and avoid the impending disaster.
    Alternatively, a far less expensive and time consuming effort would be the use of the data modifications the climate agencies have mastered to make the past cooler, and apply these methods to make the sea lower.

    • Perhaps they already have which is why temperatures are rising faster than evah and sea level rise is increasing faster than evah
      Same AlGorythm

    • I think the only way bucket bailing will work is if they are carried to the North end of the island before emptying back into the ocean.

      • Mike you are so wrong, everyone knows that water needs to be dumped into a different ocean…geez 🙂

      • “…if they are carried to the North end of the island” Uh, that’s just plain foolishness. It would only move the problem to the North end of the island, smh

        • If you apply the Leidenfrost effect to the projected rising sea levels, water will run uphill like it’s supposed to and that will solve the problem.

    • Well really, just get a big pump, pump the extra water into the volcano. Preso the heat will evaporate all that water and the problem is solved. Fortunately this is the one state other than Iceland that may have enough volcanoes.

      • The Hawaiian islands sit over a large magma plume in the mantle. As the Pacific plate drifts in a roughly west-northwest direction, eruptions from the plume form undersea volcanoes and ultimately volcanic islands. Eventually, Mauna Loa will go extinct as the Big Island moves off the magma plume, and a new Hawaiian island will start forming southeast of it.

        • But then we wont have daily reports of CO2 levels in the atmosphere. How will the alarmists keep up the meme without real data? Oh I forgot; they have computer climate models to spit out reanalysis computer CO2 levels.

      • rakman, you are right. Hawaii is NOT on the “ring of fire”. It’s on an isolated magma plume.


    • Great, now I’ve got Johnny Cash in my head.

      Well, on the plus side, at least these are rock islands instead of coral ones, so the fear is legitimate. The coral sand will keep the beaches filled, but the rest of the island will not keep up with the rising tides.

        • David Middleton

          I had a delicious Indian Curry tonight. Please don’t spoil it by reminding me of the resulting discomfort tomorrow.

          BTW. Table tennis (Ping Pong) was invented by British Army officers during the Raj, batting champagne corks across a dining table with the bottles the corks came from.

          I hope I have contributed just a small fraction of what I have learned from WUWT.


    • It just showed 2.7, which is about like a heavy truck going by your house.

      I think the real problem is identified by Dorian below.

    • They have been having 500-700 shakes a day, Mag 1.5 or greater for weeks now. I can’t imagine it is at all comfortable to have the ground constantly moving.

      • I was speaking of Hawaii in a general term which would have been better stated as “in the Hawaiian Islands, or better yet at the volcano. I have heard from islanders that the quakes are only felt within a close range to the volcano itself. Still a 9 on the shakemap is an attention getter.

    • The current eruption in Kilauea’s LERZ has destroyed over 700 homes a school, and over 23 square km of land. However, this is all over 200 miles from Honolulu, so not very relevant to his job.

    • But, but with all this lava spewing out from everywhere, doesn’t that mean the main island get bigger and higher?

      Anybody ever noticed the line of surface islands and subsurface sea mounts from just east of the Kamchatka peninsula all the way to the Hawaiian islands?

  3. There’s no stupid about it, it’s a money grab, plain and simple. Give us money so we can fight the chimera.

    The opportunism! It burns!

  4. I suppose this mayor will some time soon blame climate change for the perils of Fissure 8.

    One mayor, has already lost one of his homes to the lava flow; I think these mayors need to really focus on more immediate real threats like Fissure 8. As for Honolulu, if the Big Island gets washed out with lava, they will have a huge economic problem of relocating tens of thousands of people.

    There’s a bigger chance that Fissure 8, if it keeps pouring lava at its present rate, will blanket every square meter of land all the way up to Hilo, than the islands facing 3 ft of water rising. Notice how blockages are starting to develop in its channels and is changing course of the lava. One serious blockage on the main channel (if you look at the photos the channel walls are starting to get awfully thin in places) and that lava will head north, straight to Hilo.

    In fact, thanks to Fissure 8, it has made the island even bigger, there’s no sign there that the island looks anything like sinking! If anything, these islands are growing and raising out of the sea, not going under it.

    By mid-century (that is, 2050), my money is on Fissure 8 in re-educating Hawai’i’s politicians about the real causes of not just climate change, but also land-use change. Fissure 8 to do more damage to Hawai’i than any climate nonsense for years to come!

      • So, does that mean the land is building up faster than the sea is rising? If so … problem solved. yes/no

        • No, the the new land displaces the water. Maybe they can put a cap on the volcano or build a lava retaining wall to keep it from reaching the sea. LOL

          • old construction worker

            Well, there’s our answer then.

            Climate induced global sea level rise is now officially the fault of Hawaii’s Big Island and the Kilauea volcano.

            We’re all told that the occasional ice cube melting in the Antarctic is the problem, but no one mentions the water displacement of the magma the centre of the planet vomits, especially from the 130 or so suspected sites under the Antarctic.

            We’re sitting on a ball of molten rock, blasted from outer space by another molten rock, of course it’s CO2’s fault.

  5. I would suggest appeasing the volcano gods to make more lava in the fight against sea level rise.

    • They could throw a few politicians in the crater instead of Virgins…. might work (dont know until you try).

      • Maybe a few climate denier climate scientists who slavishly believe in their climate models could be thrown in. Maybe that would appease the volcano Gods.

      • saveenergy

        Of course throwing in politicians would work. They’re all as pure as driven snow…..aren’t they?

  6. In related news, the City of Honolulu’s Volcano Action Committee, has presented the, “Lava Rise and Volcano Action Directive” to Mayor Kirk Caldwell. Mayor Caldwell has ordered all city employees to take immediate steps to prevent volcanoes and the subsequent rise of molten lava. The Mayor said, “I don’t think many tourists will be on Waikiki Beach if Diamond Head is an active volcano and there are pools of magma all over the place. Everyone must do their best to prevent the loss of those tourist dollars.”

  7. The one thing for sure that is rising in Honolulu is home prices. Zillow predicts a 9.4% increase in the next 12 months. As always, the marketplace is a better indicator of the future than the baseless predictions of politicians.

  8. They can’t all go climate refugees.

    They should leave a receptionist to receive tourists.

    • Mayor Caldwell should have his throne relocated to the beach where he can command the tide to stop rising. He also realizes that his island will continue to erode and get smaller, just like the older islands to his Northwest. He should command that to stop so that his island will never change through all eternity.

    • Walter Sobchak

      Canute’s objective was to demonstrate man’s futility in the face of natural events. He didn’t try to hold back the tide, he was showing people that even the most powerful man (in their existence) couldn’t do it. A better scientist than green scientists with all their computers.

      Perhaps the Mayors first name is Cnut.

  9. “The sea is rising, we see it all around our island, everyday everyone in this room, when you go to the beach everyone sees the erosion,” Mayor Caldwell said.

    Even if he could stop sea level rise, that wouldn’t stop coastal erosion.
    This statement shows a complete absence of knowledge about how the world works.

    • I’m going to guess that the mayor is too fracking stupid to realize that his beaches are the product of erosion.

    • Contact the mayor:
      Office of the Mayor
      Kirk Caldwell
      530 South King Street, Room 300
      Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
      Phone: (808) 768-4141
      Fax: (808) 768-5552

    • I’ve been going to the beaches in Southern California since 1960. I haven’t noticed any overall rise in the sea level, other than that it goes up and down with tides every day. I haven’t noticed any decline in the prices of beachfront properties either.

      • Ralph Dave Westfall

        You obviously don’t have a computer with predictive capabilities when you go swimming.

        Tsk. How remiss.

  10. I’ll reconsider my travel plans there if they have such misplaced priorities and science understanding.

  11. Okay is this an invite for some great real estate opportunities or will the climate scare evangelist carpetbaggers get it first?

  12. Wups. Guam just had a 4.7 earthquake. Do you reckon this is the beginning of the sinking of the island into the Pacific? If so, how much of a difference in sea level do you reckon will result from the water displacement?

    • The Island is a drop in the ocean;-). Insignificant. Why would it sink, why not rise? Depends on how the sea floor it is sitting on moves, I would suggest. The tectonic plate will be going up and down 1 metre per day under diurnal gravitational tides (Yup, in the tectonic crust itself), BTW. Not a lot of people know that. I assume the sea moves in some harmony/synchronicity but don’t know.

  13. Looks like Hizzoner mistook 3″ for 3′. May be a personal problem.

    “…we see it, all around…” Except in the actual, you know, “data”.

  14. This must be one of the most powerful (or delusional) city councils on the planet. Perhaps they could also ban world conflict, hunger, cancer, infomercials, summer road work, robo-calls, diet fads, alcohol taxes, underwear that ride up, scalpers, reality TV, hummers, ex governors who drive hummers, climate models…. the list of what they could do to make the world a better place is endless.

    • We almost universally find that someone who is posturing about any or all of the above is studiously avoiding the local issues they actually have responsibilities for. (Edit>) C.F. San Francisco.

    • Have heart. He is simply trying to keep the city government busy (apparently they don’t have enough to do). He even goes beyond Reagan’s advice how to keep the government busy on economy: If it moves, tax it; if it still moves, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it.

      • Curious George

        “If it moves, tax it; if it still moves, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

        ROTFLMAO…….sorry for the ‘Facebook’ speak, but that comment seriously deserves an upvote, 100 if I could give them.

        I don’t know if it’s yours, nor do I care. That’s up there with Churchill’s best witticisms.

        It’s going into my little archive of funny but scary quotes.

        Brilliant, thank you George.

  15. They should mandate lift kits on all new vehicles. The standard should go up by 1″ per year. That way people have a chance to operate their vehicle for 10 or sop years and they don’t need to rebuild the roads.

  16. I imagine money is behind this, as the claims are so much science denial that anyone vaguely numerate can check, so the only way such a fraud can be perpetrated is to legalise it, as with renewable energy.

    The World will end, someday, so you must pay to save it. No, there is no proof of my claims, nothing will happen while anyone proposing this nonsense is in office or even still alive. and the facts say something else. But facts are wrong and mine are the only true prophets. Trust in me. What do the people think of this? Are they really SO stupid to believe it. I can’t think why such a denial of the very accessible facts to the general public facts can be credible at even the most basic level, unless the media temslves are incompetent in their reporting, and simply encourage the irresponsible sensationalism. Not only is the Sky not falling, the oceans are barely rising at all, and will fall 100 metres soonish.

  17. As a result of sitting on the ring of fire, I believe they are the only state in the Union that is growing in area.
    If they use Climate Science methodologies, they should be able to prove that they will soon (but not in our lifetime) become he largest continent on the planet.

  18. Well, so much for the line about real estate:
    “They are not making any more of it.”
    That part of the island is growing.
    Bob Hoye

    • “Hot Lava Estates, currently with a water view (when not obscured by steam.) “*

      *Federal Disaster Insurance Available

  19. If the islands are further under water, does that make them more stable? Maybe, make them less likely to tip over? Maybe sea level rise is a good thing? Will have to call Hank Johnson’s office and ask. /sarc

  20. I think they should ask everyone to send them the 500 million straws we are supposed to use everyday and re-purpose them into a seawall.

  21. Islands built by volcanoes are of a density greater than the surrounding crust material. That is, the Hawaiian Islands are sitting unstably upon less dense material, thus they are sinking very slowly.

    • IIRC, the islands are unstable lava rubble. Check out the underwater shots of the lava oozing into the water and breaking up into loose boulders.

      The islands will erode and sink as the source of their creation moves on.

  22. The volcanic activity to increase island elevation to combat sea level rise seems to be working.

  23. But sea level rose 400 feet during the melt of the last glacial period. How does the mayor think the beaches got there in the first place? Just call in the magic sky fairies to make more beaches, duh.

  24. A mayor is not a scientist. They rely on the experts. They are being led astray, you can hardly blame them. Now when he talks about erosion, he has a point. There is something they can do about that. We have seen some good articles on WUWT regarding erosion prevention in the past.

  25. Today, it is clear to all normal people that the climate is catastrophically changing and brutal action is needed, such as fusion and LENR developments acceleration and geoengineering. The Mayor Issues Directive on Climate Change demonstrates that there are still normal people and organizations.

  26. They just need to apply some good old Rep. Hank Johnson logic. More people need to just move to the Kahuku area, so that the island lists to the North. That way the sea shore in Honolulu rises and they don’t need to spend all of that money to move roads, raise buildings etc.

    Problem solved…

  27. Just by the by what is the Mayor’s forecast on the net effect of Volcanic activity seeing as land is being gained as we speak????

  28. “The City of Honolulu’s Climate Change Commission presented the “Sea Level Rise Guidance and Climate Change Brief” to Mayor Kirk Caldwell on July 16, prompting him to sign a directive requiring all departments and agencies under his jurisdiction, to take action to prevent sea level rise.”

    Why, whenever I read these sorts of news items, does my mind immediately think of King Canute? I really enjoyed 5th grade World History.

  29. Doesn’t matter. Took action.

    Hereinafter abbreviated DMTA. For use in labeling the virtue-signaling of politicians everywhere.

    • Such DMTA work abounds and also serves as a required step for those serving as officers in the governmental policy councils with assorted backslapping, award giving, and carbon-intensive travels.

  30. Erosion is what happens everywhere ask the New Jersey “Shore” Communities how they deal with the problem—–they reconstruct the beaches. IT IS CAUSE BY WAVE ACTION DUE TO WIND EFFECTS. And to think I actually wanted to retire there—-whew!!
    Mods why do I have to reenter by info again. Also getting the can’t find the page BS again.
    I guess Google found out I sent Anthony $100.

  31. From the KHON2 link:

    “There’s $12.9 billion of property at risk from the 3.2 foot of sea level rise,” said Josh Stanbro, Honolulu’s Chief Resilience Officer.

    I have never heard of a Chief Resilience Officer, especially one who can forecast 80 years out to the first decimal place.
    Should I be worried?

  32. Honolulu’s Climate Change Commission: Makena Coffman, PH.D., Charles (Chip) Fletcher, Ph.D.,Victoria Keener, Ph.D. and Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED AP O+M. Looks like they have a job for life. I want to know what happens if the sea doesn’t reach the 3 ft mark?

    • So… No one in this “esteemed” group of intellectuals was capable of basic arithmetic?

      Makena Coffman
      Department of Economics
      University of Hawaii
      Ph.D. in Economics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
      B.A in International Relations, minor in Economics, Stanford University

      Mapping The Future Of Pacific Island Shorelines

      Charles “Chip” Fletcher, Ph.D., is the associate dean for academic affairs and professor of geology and geophysics at the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa. Supported by the NOAA Sea Grant program through Hawaii Sea Grant, he conducts research on global climate change impacts among Pacific Island communities, natural history of reefs and beaches, coastal hazards, and vulnerability to sea-level rise. Fletcher is also the author of Living on the Shores of Hawaiʻi: Natural Hazards, the Environment, and our Communities published by University of Hawaii Press. In December 2010, he was honored with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Award for his climate adaptation work and his ability to communicate his findings to policy makers and the public.

      Dr. Victoria Keener is a Research Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawai`i, and the Lead Investigator of the NOAA sponsored Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (Pacific RISA) program. Dr. Keener received her PhD in Agricultural & Biological Engineering from the University of Florida, specializing in hydroclimatology and practical applications of climate science for regional decision makers.

      Bettina Mehnert
      FAIA, LEED AP O+M | President & CEO | Principal

      A respected visionary and leader, AHL’s president and chief executive officer, Bettina Mehnert, FAIA, LEED AP O+M, is an indomitable force in the evolution and innovation in Hawaii’s architectural sector. Her novel philosophy of practice blends IT solutions, firm culture, client cultivation, and community service as inseparable filaments of professional leadership, keeping her 70-year-old firm firmly faced towards the future.

      Taking community service beyond the annual donation and fundraiser template, Mehnert instituted a 1% pro bono program, by which the firm annually donates 1% of its billable hours to a worthy project.

  33. From post: “1.48 mm/yr = 0.058 in/yr —> 3 ft in 618 years. 2636 is mid-century-ish… Mid 27th century.”

    …and assumes the linear trend in the graph (er, the data) will continue, unabated. I don’t get that.

    • An assumption that a 120-year long trend continues is much more likely than assuming it wull suddenly go asymptotic.

      For Honolulu sea level to rise 3′ between now and mid-21st century (2150), it would have to rise at a rate of 29 mm/yr starting this year.

  34. To David Middleton, I like a graph that gives the confidence intervals for the slope (and intercept if that is relevant). Can you send this graph to his Highness, the Honorable mayor? He might actually look at it before throwing it out.

    • Ha ha ha, that is a good one. The “journalist” is essentially saying that if all the lower lying coastal communities are flooded by sea level rise, YOUR INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE WILL GET SUBMERGED! Right. So will your homes, your yards, your water mains, your water treatment plant, the lower sections of your condo high rises, your hotels and grocery stores, your gas stations, your parks, your mass transit, your subway, and all the cars whose owners were too stupid to drive them to higher ground, your roads, your parking lots, your airports, your sports stadiums, possibly your place of employment, your bridges, your sewers, your electricity lines and poles and even your beaches. BUT THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE IS YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Ha ha ha.

      And if all that happens (there is no evidence that it will, Antarctica would have to melt, and it just can’t while it’s sitting where it sits at the South Pole and all), a lot of people would still want to live next to the new beaches that form at the new waterline.

      • I forgot to mention your Bed, Bath and Beyond stores would get flooded, too, as would all your other lesser big box stores. h/t Trey Parker

      • And your feet might get wet, too, if you don’t get off your a** and get out of the way!

  35. “The sea is rising, we see it all around our island, everyday……. “

    Perhaps someone should explain to him about tides?

    • If he didn’t see the sea rising “all around our island, everyday,” he wouldn’t be on an island.

  36. Alternate theory:
    Sea Level is not rising; Land Level is falling. The immense weight of all the construction added in the last 50 years, and freshly-deposited lava, and millions upon millions of pounds of overweight residents (all that pork you know) is causing the base of the island to push further down into the seabed.

    Which in turn is squeezing more lava out of the volcanoes, removing supporting pressure from below like letting air our of an air mattress… creating a vicious cycle.z

    Yes, friends, Hawaii is sinking like an overfilled refugee boat.

    They need to lighten the above-sea-level mass of the island, then it can spring back up to its “normal” height. Starting with making that mayor swim to the mainland.

    As easily proved as their cockamamie “sea level rise” theory, and just as well supported by observable data.

  37. Thus spoke the stupid Mayor, Kirk Caldwell, . . .

    But I repeat myself.

    Be that as it may, the place will be better able to take a hit from storms or large waves.

  38. I’ m sure Hizonor knows that he is full of crap. This behavior is callled flaunting ones virtue and is indicative of an internet-centered, progressive lefty> I do not know Mr Mayors political bent but i’ll venture to say he belongs to the aforementioned ilk. Good luck to him.

  39. Of course the sea is eroding Hawaii. The Pacific tectonic plate has been sliding over that mantle hot spot for a long time, resulting in an island chain stretching thousands of miles to the northwest. Many of those individual seamounts now underwater were once islands and were eroded down by the ocean. Oahu will eventually go the same way.

  40. One can’t fault the mayor, or even the commission.

    They’ve been told incessantly by every single institutional scientific authority that AGW is real, and sea level rise will happen. The National Academy told them, and still does so. NASA and NOAA told them. The IPCC told them. The APS has told them. All the scientific societies have fallen in line. None of them have taken it back, or indicated a hint of doubt.

    It’s not burning stupid. It’s burning criminal negligence. This business shows the financial consequences of the criminal and spontaneously organized cabal of incompetents who have bet on the come of CO2 and climate.

    They have claimed to know what they manifestly cannot know. They have cynically misrepresented dissent as partisan politics or greed. They have been aided by a complicit MSM.

    One shouldn’t laugh at the mayor. He, after all, is behaving honorably in the social context of AGW. One should instead register a cold anger at the incompetent promoters of AGW who have so terribly degraded science.

  41. “If you take no action and we live with the consequences, then what happens to Waikiki?”

    You will get sand from offshore, LIKE YOU DO NOW. You’d think the dang mayor would know that.

  42. WELL……..obviously the bloody volcano is doing it’s best to raise the
    bloody Island as far above sea-level as it can !
    NO !!!!
    Bloody tourists ! Burnt a couple just the other day with a NEAR MISS !
    Anyway , that will deter them and STOP them WEARING DOWN THE ISLAND
    by walking around on it !!

  43. Religious fanatics can see evidence of God in a tortilla or screen on a door.
    Why are we surprised that a politician can see a cri$i$ in a oerfectly calm sea?

  44. Having had the good fortune of traveling to the Hawaiian Islands on multiple occasions I think the good mayor has an even bigger problem on his hands.

    On every island populated and accessible in the chain (well, I haven’t been to Lanai or Molokai, so they may be exceptions) you can find plaques detailing the history of the Hawaiian Island chain explaining how they came to be via volcanic activity. Those same plaques point out that Kauai, the northernmost major island and oldest of the large group, is sinking into the sea due to both plate tectonics and erosion (erosion greater than the formation of sand caused by other erosion). The youngest (and largest) of the Islands, Hawaii, as all are aware is growing and serious geologist know full well that there will be another Hawaiian Island in the distant future south of the Big Island. None of us will be around to see it, but Kauai will be smaller if it’s there at all by the time the new island breaks the ocean surface.

    I first visited Oahu in 1974 and most recently in 2010. The amount of beach space, anecdotally of course, on Waikiki was roughly the exact same over that time frame, subject of course to the tides. Oceanfront property on any of the Islands commands a premium. Yet we hear people on our visits talk about how the beach “seems” smaller (on any of the islands) simply because they are mimicking what they hear in the media. They never account for the tides and I would concur: at high tide the beach is smaller than it is at low tide (duh).

    Hawaii faces any number of serious issues, predominantly culturally. The mayor would be far better off spending his time and efforts on that.

    • To stop at Kauai misses the story. Midway is in the chain. The Hawaiian Islands extend past Midway, all the way to the Emperor Seamounts. A model at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, shows this.

      As does Google Earth.

      Visiting French Frigate Shoals is on my bucket list.

  45. Don’t know who is more ignorant in this gloom and doom episode, those advising the Mayor, the Mayor or the people that elected him and will probably re-elect him. Of course the Mayor is using this as a really big distraction; he must be up for re-election. If he can get his electorate worrying about catastrophic sea level rise then he hopes you want notice the day to day problems that are going unfixed. Having worked around local government it is not clear to me what exactly the cities agencies are suppose to do if catastrophic sea level rise was happening. I am betting the Mayor and friends are planning a really big tax hike.

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