Climate Communicator: Reimagining Disney Princesses as Climate Scientists

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Dr. Willie Soon – I’m not sure what to say to introduce this one…

If Disney Princesses Were Earth and Environmental Scientists…

Welcome to an alternate universe where happily ever after includes a dedication to the scientific method


Disney princesses are some of the most iconic figures in popular culture, and people love to reimagine them living in different worlds. There are zombie Disney princesses, the princesses as Game of Thrones characters, princesses reimagined as warriors, as hipsters…and even as cats.

But to science communicator and artist JoAnna Wendel, something was missing: science! In all their respective stories, these princesses prove themselves to be curious, resilient, adventurous, and determined: all good qualities in a scientist. So she drew them differently.

We picked up her drawings and fleshed out a bit of backstory behind each science-driven princess. In this alternate universe, Disney princesses do more than live luxurious royal lives. They use their talents to learn more about the natural world

Queen Elsa, Glaciologist

A deep interest in the cryosphere comes naturally to a lady who can control ice with her will. After she noticed that the ice castle she pulled and shaped from a glacier’s depths contained different ice phases and forms, she set out to parameterize the variables that govern the formation ofthe ice that she’s able to conjure. Her latest claim to scientific fame? She can recreate all 18 known solid crystalline phases of water in less than 5 minutes.

Read more:

JoAnna’s Queen Elsa tweet;

Who knows? Maybe this is the start of something bigger. Perhaps Disney are feverishly working on a script as we speak, and their next cartoon princess hero will save the Earth from climate change.


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I always disliked Disney.

John Harmsworth

Hah! I thought I was the only one!


John Harmsworth & Sheri ! Good for you !!
especially for the creation of all the ANIMAL RIGHTS organisations
and the “empathy” and “sympathy” created for said animals as
opposed to the “self-loathing-humans” who denigrate EVERYTHING
HUMAN ( and especially”our” human WESTERN CIVILISATION and
CULTURE ) . Animals = Good ! Humans = Bad !
Cartoons often depict despicable humans versus clever , cuddly animals
and inevitably the animals triumph over the evil humans despite their
technological advantages.
PETA and WWF , RSPCA etc etc are forever “carrying out the fight AGAINST
HUMANS” , particularly by LEGISLATION and ENFORCEMENT rather than
( what one would consider to be their strength and their expertise ) the
promotion and protection of ANIMALS by encouraging humans into
better behaviour and treatment , as ALL of them rely on DONATIONS
from these “reprehensible humans ” !!! Co-operation ! Nah ! THREATS !!
They now use GUILT…just as religions have done for centuries !
And the GLOBAL-WARMING-CULT is right up there with them !
Too many humans…..must LOWER their numbers etc etc .
Even David Attenborough , whom I have the highest regard for as a
naturalist , has bought into the BAD HUMAN narrative !
In almost every programme now he denigrates humans for their
“failure to protect the habitat” of some obscure insect or animal
including coral polyps lately on the Great Barrier Reef no less !
And of course , CAUSING Global Warming !!
Clearing “bush-land” and turning it into productive farm-land
is now “EVIL” …loss of habitat..nutrient run-off…desertification…
excess water use….almost anything BAD that can be thought of
is raised AGAINST food production FOR MANKIND !!
but INDOCTRINATION of “our children” . Talking animals ,
even snakes and crocodiles and sharks , distort reality in so many
ways . Sharks NOW have priority over HUMANS on our beaches !
NOW , if you get chewed up by a shark ” you shouldn’t be intruding in their
environment ” RATHER than the previous prevailing and sensible
attitude : Sharks are bloody dangerous ! Let’s catch and eat THEM instead !
Aaaaarrrggghh ! My days of watching Disney are forever ruined !!


Anthropomorphize them into cute Bambis while plowing under wetlands to create a theme park in the middle of a crocodile habitat …and then wonder how such a tragedy could occur as did.
…that sort of hypocrisy?


Disney’s universe is just so unrelentingly pure it makes me want to yak.

Bill Rudersdorf

I though that “math is hard” … or was that Barbie who said that?



John Harmsworth

I assume the climate scientist princess will be brown up to nearly her scalp. And maybe bald and miserable.


Naomi Oreskes in a ball gown.

For that mental image, you’re welcome.

M Courtney

In fairness hiring Mermaids as Oceanographers makes sense.

If they were real they would provide more detailed and responsive data than ARGO probes.

And if not they would provide the same data as the output of the climate models.

J Mac

Mermaids…. as Climate Models??! And Mermaid Climate Model ensembles, for all of the little girls that want to dress up their Mermaid Climate Model dolls! This sounds like a real marketing winner to me!

Its gotta be more interesting to the kids than the ‘torture the programming until you get the trend you want’ in the climate model ensembles being used now!

# Let it go, let it gooooo #

One more volcano erupts
Galapagos’ Sierra Negra volcano eruption

Duncan Smith

Ooooh…I would so love to see the Princess of the carbon cycle, remember grade 9 back in the day, so scienciey? She would break complex carbon chains into a colorless covalent bonded gas. By spray, vomit or flatulence she would apply this molecule on all over the biosphere bringing happiness where darkness, exclusion and intolerance once reined….Movie showings a 4:45, 4:50 & 4:55 (note: four minutes of commercials will be shown before each viewing).

Gunga Din

Who knows? Maybe this is the start of something bigger. Perhaps Disney are feverishly working on a script as we speak, and their next cartoon princess hero will save the Earth from climate change.

“Captain Planet” has already been done.
(It didn’t do well.)

Duncan Smith

I would also suggest, on top of general admission, we also add a movie tax that everyone pays. This money would be then sent to areas where there are no movie theaters so people in these places can watch movies too free of charge. /sarc


I blame the mullet. 😮

“she set out to parameterize the variables that govern the formation ofthe ice”
The variable that governs the formation of the ice is her own magical powers that can cause ice to form and to behave as she wishes. Duh!

Since CO2 is such a magical gas, I think it only fair that a climate princess should be associated with it. But it needs to be a really tiny princess, like Tinkerbell, since CO2 is such a small component of atmospheric gases. Mmmmm, even a microscopic fairy princess might be more appropriate, and when she gets really motivated, she can increase in size tremendously, … you know, like Ant Man. This would symbolize and fully capture the epic mountain-out-of-molehill mentality of climate alarmism — take a little thing and amplify it out of all proportions — Tinkerbell to Tinkerzilla — it’s a great idea !

Isn’t there already an ice princess ?

J Mac

But…But… I thought Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, AKA ‘Climate Barbie’, already owned the Disney Climate Princess title??!!

Hocus Locus

Don’t encourage them!
Best to not encourage me, either.


She can probably re-create a lot of ICE 9.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Beijing

Can she turn water into ice-wine? With that she could get quite a following.

Tom Halla

OMG! Disney discovers Feminist Glaciology! That thread was the biggest snarkfest on this site in my experience.


poor bloody kids
can’t even have some pretend without some jerk trying to propagandise their day
not that i think the present day marketing n screen abuse is any good either.

Andy Pattullo

Quite appropriate to take characters from a 100% fantasy world and depict them as “climate scientists” if, by “climate scientists” they are referring to shysters who peer into crystal balls, suck oodles of grant money out of taxpayers, fly around the world to exotic destinations collecting frequent flyer points while telling the rest of us to live in caves, and then predict the oncoming Armageddon that never arrives. This is the height of fantasy and exactly what we should expect from Gorebal Warming.

Greg in Houston

The marquee said Mickey Mouse science and hockey sticks; not Mickey Mouse, science, and hockey sticks. Those commas are important!


Disney, teacher of witchcraft to children.