Monday Mirthiness – climate cluelessness comes full circle @ClimateNexus

In the beginning, 30 years ago, in June 1988, it was “global warming has begun” as portrayed by Dr. James Hansen.

Then later, “climate change” became the universal buzzword to make it easier to blame anything and everything on “climate change” and not just the original global warming premise, which isn’t panning out.

Now, hilariously, it’s come full circle according to the alarmistas at Climate Nexus.

Yes, that’s right folks, climate change drives global warming!

The stupid, it burns.


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  1. That’s the real positive feedback loop. Global warming causes climate change, which in turn causes global warming which fuels more climate change, and so on.

    • I rather think that Climate is not a real thing at all, but an analytical construct used to group and characterize a multi-dimensional related set of measurable meteorological values.

      • Climate is more of a typical range of conditions for a specific location. Noting of course that values outside of the typical are possible, and will happen infrequently.

        Creating a single value, like temperature, for the whole planet that ranges from -98C to 50C is ridiculous in the extreme and tells you nothing about the climate or conditions at any location on the planet.

  2. One problem was not enough.

    The more problems the better, and so we have to have a word that can encompass as many problems as possible. “Global Warming”, then, logically (he he) has been too limiting.

    I think “climate change” is equally limiting. There certainly must be other phrases that allow for even MORE problems to be worried about caused by humans.

    Let’s see, what are some candidates:

    * Earth Change
    * World Change
    * Evolution (making a common word mean something alarming)
    * Transformation (same as above)

    Well, I haven’t really nailed it yet. Help me out here.

          • That’s pretty good too, because we could shorten it to PHG and get rid of all those cumbersome, extra letters. And people could just start using it, having forgotten what it really means, even when it insults them — that doesn’t matter — it’s three letters that could be deformed over time to mean whatever we wanted, … as long as it’s something bad that is the fault of human beings.

          • For PHG to be really effective, we need to determine how PHG should be pronounced. How about “pug”?

        • “Anthropogeddon” is probably a slightly better choice in the specific context, but “anthrogeddon” is one syllable shorter, which is more marketable to today’s general reader.

          I know where you were coming from, I think — from “anthropogenic global warming”, where the “anthropo” part seems well solidified in meaning to be associated with environmental change by humans, which might make it a bit too restrictive still. That’s why I chose the one-syllable-less version that has the more general association with ANYTHING human.

          It’s very important that we get the shortest possible word or phrase packed with the most general meaning. We’ve got to get that POW factor, and I think “anthrogeddon” has more POW. Forget linguistic accuracy or contextual relevance — it’s all about the mere suggestion of such things, overshadowed by a more mindless POW factor.

          This is a very important discussion. /sarc

          • Are WE the POW’s to which/whom you are referring? I realize many are ‘captivated’ by all this Climate Change talk.

      • I kind of like “control freaks’ heads exploding contribute largely to climate instability and meteorological volatility”.

        Or is that too long?

    • The answer is to put on a sweater. Or take it off. Or clip your Aussie Shepherd. Or drink more beer.

    • Pandemic Anthropophagia/Anthrophagia

      Because to rabid enviros, the planet has a disease, and it is us.

  3. How about “Global warming driven by chaotic climate change, in the future global cooling will be driven by chaotic climate change”?

  4. Climate Change also affects people’s morals. The proof is all around. Until we stop using fossil fuels our morals will continue to decline until we reach the pits of hell. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  5. Who are these people?

    With backgrounds spanning science, journalism, government, public affairs, corporate sustainability, consulting, policy and filmmaking, our team brings these diverse skills to partners in the science, business, public health, environmental and policy fields. link

    I went to their team page. There sure are a lot of them, too many to look at all their BIOs. I looked at the three top executives … no scientists there. I also checked the researchers … no science degrees there either.

    I have a clue for these folks. Just because you once worked in an organization that may also have employed scientists, that doesn’t mean that you can claim to understand science.

    I also have a clue for the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors … you’re wasting your money.

    • “Just because you once worked in an organization that may also have employed scientists, that doesn’t mean that you can claim to understand science.”

      This reminds me of a manager of Information Technologies I once worked for who was put in charge of the department because as a lawyer, he had once used a computer. Its amazing how much damage that sort of person can inflict on an institution in a very short time. I could only take 6 months of his “management”, then moved on to greener pastures.

    • skills in:
      science: Good what science? Not gender studies I hope.
      journalism: I see, not much skill there.
      government: How did this even get a mention?
      public affairs: Same, who cares? What skills do you have?
      corporate sustainability: I’ve met some of these people, they make it up as they go along.
      consulting: Um, this one is just so… wrong.
      policy: I could write policy, as could anybody. This says nothing.
      filmmaking: Useful for publicising, but not a good research background.

      My God, between the lot of them, they wouldn’t have a clue.

  6. . . . wait for the arrival of someone named Godot who never arrives . . .

    Waiting for global warming or climate change is about like Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot.
    I look out the window and see Ponderosa Pines on the hills. They were there last year, and the year before that. Some were there 100 years ago, also. The Palm tree I planted died.

  7. As I have said if a cooling trend starts which appears to be happening and continues going forward AGW theory will be destroyed. It is already having a hard time being accepted by many .

    If one has conviction that AGW theory is a scam and that solar is the climate driver then this is the time to call for the climate to transition.

    So many will not commit to a climate prediction they put if off or just approach the subject so gently. Maybe they have to much to loose if wrong, maybe that is the reason.

    I have been EXTREMELY bold. I guess I will be either swimming or sinking with my prediction.

    I have plainly said year 2018 is the transitional year for the climate and it cools going forward from here.

    The solar criteria is in and on top of that the geo magnetic field is enhancing the solar effects. If it does not happen now – next few years ,(global cooling to some degree) it is not going to happen any time soon in my opinion and AGW will live on forever.

    It is so apparent that just about all of the warming from 1850-2017 is natural in nature.

    This is as they say the climate test, and it really is this time.

    • I don’t want to piggy-back on your prediction, so I’ll take 2019.

      I don’t predict the extreme lows that we had 40 years ago … My grandkids will not be walking home from school on the creek or skating on the pond.

      But I will say that the an inflection point will show up through the next 5 years (unless a new form of measurement is established).

      • Don,
        Re “an inflection point will show up through the next 5 years (unless a new form of measurement is established)”… rather than a “new form of measurement” it’ll probably be yet another “adjustment” to the data.

    • It will never happen, because the warmists will always monkey with the data to make the past appear colder than it really was, and the the present to appear warmer than it really is. Then they can control the future, unless they are exposed and discredited.

    • Salvatore, you were predicting imminent global cooling back in 2010. I quote: “7. THIS WILL BE THE DECADE OF GLOBAL COOLING, THE DECADE OF INCREASE GEOLOGICAL ACTIVITY, THE DECADE OF WEATHER EXTERMES.

      8.Years 2011 and 2012 ,will have cooler temp. then 2010.”

      And: “Again ,I have my predictions, which I have made, as long as 2 years ago , which I once again put on my previous post.

      I would say up to this point, I have every reason to be very confident.”

      So in 2010 you said it would be the decade of global cooling. Now you’re saying “it really is this time” in 2018.

  8. The circular ‘path-o-logic’ is awesome! Correlation and causation, in one never ending ‘Do Loop’!

    A logical person would recognize the problem and hit ‘esc’, ‘ctrl-alt-delete’, or reboot….. before deleting that rubbish from the program.

  9. And here I thought that it was Global Warming that was supposed to be responsible for Climate Change, as in changing precipitation patterns, and the frequency and intensity of storms. Now we are being told that it is the other way around! I do wish that they would settle this science! How am I supposed to know Who is first and What is on second without a current scorecard?

    • The other way around is preferable as then the Warming World is due to the Changing Climate instead of CO2

  10. I lot of bad things emanate from NY. Take for example that busy weekend in 1948 of copying nuclear secrets to give to the Russians by Morton Sobell, Julius Rosenberg, and others.

  11. The semi-serious point, of course, is that this gives them an out when the cooling sets in. I can’t help wondering if this might not be the plan.

    Gotta keep them troughs filled somehow, people!

    • After investing $22,000,000.00…yes, billion…. last year in green infrastructure investments, Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change made this statement:
      “Acting now to deal with current and future climate change impacts will help protect Canadians from climate change risks and reduce their costs from climate-related damage and health issues. By developing made-in-Canada adaptation expertise and technology to deal with the effects of climate change, we will create good middle-class jobs and spur innovation. The work of the Expert Panel will help us to better understand how all levels of government are helping to protect communities across Canada from the effects of climate change.”

  12. In California it is a badge of honor and a smiled upon example of pious virtue signaling to pay 4 times more for electricity. The towering bird blenders in Coachella are the new church spires.

  13. It is amazing to be almost terminally passionate about global warming and when it doesn’t pan out, in mid breath seque into a commanding passion about something completely different going to happen. One can hardly change their socks that fast. All-this-CO2-must-cause-something-bad science and they think it’s a PR problem, a messaging problem that they haven’t been able to put it across the ordinary citizen, let alone scientifically literate sceptics. This is why the 3% sceptics are kicking A55 big time. And the global-governors-in-waiting say who cares, changing the world social-political-economic system to a marxbrothers tragi-comedy is what really matters – the clisci industry can’t even convince their masters. The climateers are all one-trick ponies – Mann’s career taping up his hockeystick, Trenberth off in the deep seas seeking out missing heat….After hearing Christiane Figueres of UNFCC telling us exactly what the CAGlobal Warming was really about:

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution. ”

    This and the Dreaded Pause led to fairly honest global warming science proponents coming down with career-ending Climate Blues. The less honest just switched horses to Climate Change.

  14. I don’t think any cooling trend that sets in thanks to the normal stochastic nature of Earth’s climate will help.

    The “spin” from the green blob will be that, finally, we are starting to see the benefits of aggressive action against climate change and that all that money, all those windmills, solar cells and electric cars are starting to have an effect. All that will be needed (according to them) is to make one more (sic) Herculean effort and throw even more money/funding at the problem. In other words, the nut-jobs will claim victory, even in defeat.

    I hate to be pessimistic but we need to recognise that these folks are masters at manipulating the data, the media and the discourse. When one considers the money involved, the political careers forged in the furnace of global warming and, of course, the tax opportunities that it continues to provide, governments will just keep on figuring more ways to extract money from their citizens to use for their own nefarious purposes, ideological or otherwise.

    • “The “spin” from the green blob will be that, finally, we are starting to see the benefits of aggressive action against climate change ”

      But their lamenting earlier (now) about how not enough was being spent and CO2 was relentlessly rising can be quoted back against them. Their spin won’t get much traction—it’d look like the special pleading it obviously would be.

      • If CO2 levels are still rising, it will hard to sell the notion that CO2 reductions are the cause of the cooling. Not that the MSM won’t try to help them with the sale.

  15. Say it often enough in a deep ominous voice , dress it up with graphs and pictures of the earth (red preferably) and smoke steaming cooling towers and there you have your new reality. Snowflakes will be spouting it as self evident truth within weeks.

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