Bizarre claim: “Climate Change Denial” is a racial attitude

From ScienceAlert and the “you knew it was just a matter of time before some misguided social justice warrior made the claim” department. h/t to WUWT reader “ozspeakup”

Racist Attitudes And Climate Denial Have a Disturbing Link We Never Knew About

Something is very wrong here.


The drivers behind climate change denial look to be even more complex than we thought, with new research finding evidence of a “racial spillover” – in which racist attitudes have become linked with skepticism over climate change.

A new study examining attitudes to climate change during the Obama presidency found white Americans became significantly less concerned about climate change during the presidency, and that white racist attitudes could be helping to fuel climate denial.

“I’m not trying to make a claim in the study that race is the single most important or necessarily a massive component of all environmental attitudes” the researcher behind the study, political scientist Salil Benegal from DePauw University, told Sierra.

“But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”

To examine the extent that racist attitudes might be associated with views on climate change, Benegal examined trends in public opinion during the course of the Obama presidency.

Not only was Obama America’s first black president, but over the course of his presidency he became a notable advocate of environmental causes, and Benegal wanted to examine the extent to which today’s fractured climate debate on climate might have been influenced by his time in office.

“There has been increasing polarisation on this issue,” Benegal told Think Progress, “and this is one thing my own research has been examining for a while  –  trying to figure out what are some of the root causes of this polarisation.”

Benegal analysed nationally representative surveys conducted by Pew between 2006 and 2014 in which respondents were asked, among other questions, to rate the seriousness of climate change.

After controlling for the expected effects of factors such as political partisanship, ideology, and education, the data showed that – compared to the views of respondents who identified as black Americans – white Americans became 18 percent less likely to see climate change as a very serious problem over the course of Obama’s presidency.

The findings are reported in Environmental Politics.

You can read the rest here


Words fail me.

196 thoughts on “Bizarre claim: “Climate Change Denial” is a racial attitude

    • … and ends up benefiting the welfare of neither – which is almost always the case when any issue is exploited for political gain.

    • They use the term and now they follow the same reteric as Adolph did. He blamed the future holocaust victims for everything and next they got yellow stars that were compulsory to wear in public.

      That will be the next suggestion it is following a frightening trend.

  1. Well, this is about as good as climate modeling and proxy selection itself. It conforms to the mainstream, award-winning nonsense.

      • Definition of a Racist: A person that, when is labeled as such, makes a liberal feels better about their own views, choices, and superiority.

  2. As noted by Judith Curry last week, one of the problems with mainstream science is that you often find what it is you’re looking for…that is, what you shine a light is what you see, but it’s not necessarily all there is to see. In the case of climate change, it’s the fingerprint of CO2 that has the light shining on it. I suppose the philosophical corollary, in this case, is racism. If you go looking for racism everywhere, then it’s not too terribly difficult to understand why you’ll find its fingerprint everywhere…whether it’s really there or not.


    • I had one young radical tell me that all whites are racist, the only difference is how well they hide it. She assured me that if you dig hard enough, you can always find proof.

      • She doesn’t realize that the near universal response of people who are told that is gonna be “well, if I gotta do the time, I might as well do the crime.”

        Or, to borrow a line from the original “Incredibles’ – ‘If Everyone is Racist – then No One is.”

        • Pinched from Gilbert and Sullivan if not earlier. “if everybody is somebody then no ones anybody”

      • How does she explain tens of millions of whites voting for Obama and for black, Asian and Latino governors and senators? Obama got 43% of the white vote in 2008. He obviously couldn’t have won without a large share of white voters.

        • Felix

          Inverted racism.

          You’re white, you vote for a black president because he represents non racist behaviour, therefore, you’re racist.


        • According to the left, you have to have power to be a racist and only whites have power.
          Apparently the daughter of a white unemployed coal miner has more power than the son of a multi-millionaire black lawyer.

        • Med Bennett

          It would be perfectly acceptable in the UK to call someone a white B’stard. But try calling someone another hue of B’stard and you’re up in front of the beak.

          • I and a colleague were witness to a robbery by an Asian gang. He was treated as more criminal than the gang and when I went to back him up so was I and made to give name address and place of birth which turned out to be only ten miles from the gang leader so they changed their tune totally.
            It left me with total contempt for the law and our police force.

        • Racism in America is relatively mild compared to great many countries on earth. America at least has laws against racism.

          In the end racism is more like tribalism. It isn’t about color it is about tribe. Two groups of people of the same color hate and fear each other for much the same reasons as people of different colors.

          When someone says you are a racist they are more likely saying you don’t belong to my tribe.

          • Good comments Ferd,

            I’ve done business on six continents and in many countries. In my experience, English-speaking whites are the least racist people on the planet, the most open to other societies and their views and values.

            Tribalism is rampant in the third world, and not uncommon in the second.

            Were the Hutu’s racist when they slaughtered about 1 million Tutsi’s in Rwanda* in 1994, or was it just tribal – or did it just feel like “the right thing to do”?

            Were the Muslims in Northern Sudan racist when they launched slave raids in the South, or was it just tribal – or was it “nothing personal, just business”?

            Regards, Allan


            The bloody history of Hutu and Tutsi conflict stained the 20th century, from the slaughter of 80,000 to 200,000 Hutus by the Tutsi army in Burundi in 1972, to the 1994 Rwanda genocide. In just 100 days during which Hutu militias targeted Tutsis, between 800,000 and 1 million people were killed.


            Slavery in Sudan began in ancient times, and recently had a resurgence during the 1983 to 2005 Second Sudanese Civil War. During the Trans-Saharan slave trade, many Nilotic peoples from the lower Nile Valley were purchased as slaves and brought to work elsewhere in North Africa and the Orient by Nubians, Egyptians, Berbers and Arabs.

            Starting in 1995, many human rights organizations have reported on contemporary practice, especially in the context of the Second Sudanese civil war. According to reports of Human Rights Watch and others, during the war the government of Sudan was involved in backing and arming numerous slave-taking militias in the country as part of its war against the SPLA.[1] It also found the government failed to enforce Sudanese laws against kidnapping, assault and forced labor, or to help victims’ families locate their children.[1])

            Another report (by the International Eminent Persons Group) found both the government-backed militias and the rebels (led by the SPLA) guilty of abducting civilians, though the abducting civilians by pro-government militias was “of particular concern” and “in a significant number of cases”, led to slavery “under the definition of slavery in the International Slavery Convention of 1926.[2][3] The Sudanese government maintained that the slavery is the product of inter-tribal warfare, over which it had no control.

          • AFAIK, Japan still denies full citizenship to people of Korean descent, even those whom were born in Japan, speak the language fluently, and are thoroughly assimilated into the culture.

          • ferd,

            I totally agree with your assessment re: tribalism. We (humanity) are at our best when we’re actively working against tribal instincts. Unfortunately, those instincts are pervasive, divisive, and…uh…durnnit, where’s Jackie Chiles when you need him?

            Seriously, though, we’re all guilty of it, especially here, when confronted by the alarmist who dares wander into our sanctum. 🙂

            But true racism? Well, I’ve seen it, but thankfully it’s rare. In general, I think we’re all more likely to err on the side of overt non-racism, due in no small part to the cancer inflicted upon us by King George.


        • DNA testing shows me to have black white and Asian so any dislike is based not on racism but on behaviour of that group. Many blacks are loud and aggressive or whining self pitying hard done by, bleating about slavery that ended a generation ago at least. Many Asians are narrow minded religious and or sexist bigots. Many whites are arrogant self righteous prats. Fortunately most of all these groups are not and it is the worst who are most noticeable.

          • Slavery ended over 150 years ago.
            Government endorsed racism against blacks was ended more than 40 years ago.

  3. He forgot to add “sexist, homophobic, and Islamophobic”. Anyone who disagrees with a leftie will get called the litany of disapproval.

      • When people repeat words and lables too much they lose all meaning. None of those terms mean anything. The people who use these just sound absurd. The more whingey and high-brow the posturing, the more fake and rediculous they seem. There was a common place saying when I was a boy, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” When people call someone a ‘racist’, it’s actually their own prejudice, dishonesty and inner projection that’s on display. Instant negative credibility.

        • You are wrong. Real racism hurts like hell and leaves you less of a person than you might have been. Using racism whenever you do not agree or when the real problem is the racial group was being antisocial trivialises a serious problem of true racism.

          • In the same vein, the Holocaust. In a Western culture gripped by moral relativity, it’s one of the few events still agreed to be unambiguously evil. Those who died in and those who survived that brutality deserve better than to be just another pile of mud to sling in Internet arguments.

        • Experiencing social rejection lights up the same parts of the brain associated with physical pain. I’d predict a strong correlation between high pain tolerance and resistance to social pressure.

      • Perhaps….BUT AT LEAST I DON’T TELL LIES !
        and I’ve still got my driver’s licence !!
        ps…..AND I’m possibly a Deplorable too !
        (see entry below ! )

    • True, but anybody who disagrees with ‘you’ appears to be called the litany by the friends here. Tribalism lives. Also certain misogyny, xenophobia, and fear / hate of gays is apparent. Not that all would, but some do show that and go unchallenged by the majority. Even I shut up, because I know tribalism is strong.

      • Agreed. There is absolutely no difference between a dispute based on religion or skin color.

        The conflict exists because the people are in different tribes. Tootsie vs Hutu. Protestants vs catholics. If I hate all white people does it make a difference if I am white. How can justice be blind if my color determines if my actions are legal.. Otherwise the law itself becomes racist.

    • And if a male can be born female, then why can a black not be born white? And thus the question of whether we are black or white is not based on our color but rather what we choose to be.

      • It’s amusing how the so-called progressives so often fail to notice the corners they paint themselves into. Especially when it comes to their favorite talking points about race, gender, and sexuality.

  4. My brain hurts after reading that. It will take me weeks to get that out of my braincase.

    Stuff like this is truly evil in a deep unspeakable way. It is almost as if one of Lovecraft’s old gods are manipulating these people.

    To quote Admiral Painter as played by Fred Thompson in ‘The Hunt for Red October’, “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it.”

  5. Interesting, because I too have done a study, on Climate Belief. I am not trying to make a claim in my study that congenital idiocy is the single most important or necessarily a massive component of all Climate Belief, but it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.

    • “But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.” [face palm]
      Why would a climate scientist need to be aware of racism? How does racism effect the weather or climate…it cannot.
      The fact that the authors though this important is more telling of the author’s bias than anyone else’s.

      • If one does not have an irrefutable argument, the only thing to fall back on are various and sundry ad hominem attacks. It beats admitting that they are wrong and losing face!

        • The disturbing thing is, they believe they’ve found something important. The ad homs are just their exasperation that everybody else is so evil.

          • Most of Sociology has become an exercise in choosing out the inference that suits the sociologist’s prejudice from very equivocal data.

          • As as engineer I had a low opinion of social science and took a degree in it to find out if it was as rubbish as it appeared. It was mostly not. It was merely selectively badly reported.
            I did the same for climate studies and found out in days when I put the through the QA assessment for the cheapest product I could find and found it failed it is the lowest category of do not use this supplier until approved by an external test house. Needless to say I never followed up the study of this subject.
            Even product costing a few dollars required standards of data to be from certified instruments and in controlled environments and certainly not derived data used for sub degree comparisons.

  6. When you disagree with someone’s viewpoint or opinion, call them a racist or a nazi.
    Chapter 1, paragraph 1, socialist domination handbook.

  7. Liberals = cognitive dissonance = never knowing when you’ve overplayed your hand

    “A new study examining attitudes to climate change during the Obama presidency found white Americans”….are sick and tired of this crap

    • Latitude

      Before we get carried away with this, remember there are people on this blog who are not white, and also sick and tired of this crap.

      I could be one of them for all you know.

      • I have always assumed that you were …. well you know … Ginger.

        But when I read your posts I always make an effort to imagine you are normal … to keep my (admitted) biases from getting the way of what your are really saying.


        • DonM

          Rest assured, I’m anything but ginger.

          However, I do occasionally wear the Kilt, and when asked what’s worn under it, my reply is always, there’s nothing worn under my Kilt, it’s all in perfect working order.


      • Latitude’s comment doesn’t necessarily imply he is white, HotScot. It implies he’s tired of the racist canards directed against white people, especially white men. It’s the new national pastime.

        Plenty of black people have expressed the same impatience Latitude expressed, such as Thomas Sowel, Larry Elder, Candace Owens, Tommy Sotomayor, and Jesse Petersen to name a few.

  8. Okay, at this point that completes the list of finger waving attack angles. From this point on the claims will have the prefix of neo- ‘fill-in-the-blank’

  9. Funny, I’d have thought the racists were environmentalists who want to stop 3rd world countries using cheap fossil fuel energy

  10. It makes sense. Attitudes about climate change are highly correlated with the party people support. link

    There are some folks on the far right who are indeed racist. They would probably rather vote Republican than Democrat. So, you have some folks who don’t believe in CAGW and are racist. Maybe even most racists don’t believe in CAGW. The loony left, who fervently believe in CAGW, try to tar all skeptics with the racist brush.

    Turn about is fair play:

    People who believe in climate change are a bunch of bearded bomb carrying social justice warrior terrorists.

    It makes just as much sense.

    • One of the best comments. But, ‘bearded bomb carriers’ is something that only a ra-cis-t may say. Thus, a Dim still sticks fingers to ears and say LA-LA-LA I don’t hear you, ra-cis-t!

      Disclosure. I have a multiracial family, with racially African-American like persons (lets call them ‘African’ yet that is not a full description), with transsexual and gay in-laws, and a bunch of feminists. I don’t want religion of peace to behead them, nor the KKK around. Thanks.

        • I don’t think many present day Dims are KKK members? Right? Not that I would know.

          Of course, KKK now and then are also different.

          • You’d be surprised. Most of those I’ve seen here in Indiana who fly the confederate flag (despite not having any ancestors from any further South then Kentucky) have been diehard Democrats. Even when Obama ran for President, they just didn’t vote for that election.


          • “Flying the Confederate flag doesn’t make one a racist.”

            It is according to leftists.

          • But I’m sure someone with a PhD in Sociology can, after careful research, find a correlation.

          • The late Senator Byrd wasn’t just a member of the KKK, he was a leader in his local chapter (a Grand Kleagle). and yet that racist, who opposed the Civil Rights legislation when it was voted on, not only was a lifelong Dem, he was celebrated as a leading member of the party during his long tenure as a Senate Dem. One whom Hillary called her mentor and friend.

          • KKK is not different – except maybe more inclusive, adding Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Italians to the mix. Maybe more. My Father-in-law used to tell me that I wasn’t really a conservative, because real conservatives hated all those listed above, plus, of course, blacks. He hated them. He was a conservative. He was a diehard Democrat.
            Somehow, he voted for Obama. Twice.
            In truth, he hated everyone. I’m pretty sure that included himself.
            Past tense, because he died last year.

          • I remember seeing this on T-shirts back in the 90s.
            “I’m not prejudiced. I hate everybody.”

      • I wish I could remember which left wing politician it was, but they were on a publicity tour somewhere in Africa, and during a speech the politician referred to the locals as African-Americans.

          • Have every word you say recorded for posterity, then mined for jewels, and see how smart you sound.

            BTW, Obama had many more such quips.

          • Have every word you say recorded for posterity, then mined for jewels, and see how smart you sound.

            That’s one reason I post anonymously.

    • Pretty much every liberal that I have met is a racist.
      They are convinced that minorities are incapable of helping themselves, and that only government, can improve their lot in life.

      • There’s a video on youtube in which white liberals explain why they think voter ID laws are racist, and then actual backs are interviewed about the frankly racist ideas those white liberals have about blacks vis-a-vis having/getting an ID.

    • commieBob

      Whoa!……..Stop right there.

      I’m as far right as one can get. But I’m not a tattoo canvas, waving a swastika, carrying a baseball bat and singing some Nazi marching tune. That’s a fascist.

      I’m a member of the UK Libertarian party which campaigns for a small government, low taxes and the rule of law. That’s right wing.

      I’m sick to death of being branded as an extremist when fascism emerged from the left, not the right. It even contaminates the language of the right, describing fascists as extreme right.

      They aren’t, they are extreme left!

      They even have a secondary fascist wing called antifa.

      The fekkers just make up political movements as they go along.

      • Some of them describe themselves as the alt-right. Antifa is a social justice warrior antifascist group.

        As for myself, I come down reliably somewhere between Tommy Douglas and Ron Paul on almost all issues.

          • One of the things I find funny is how Antifa folks and others who identify as Progressives are so clueless about the concept of “force” and that one of the greatest concerns of the framers of the Constitution was ensuring there would be no monopoly on the means of applying force.

            In other words, they don’t get that the deplorables they hold in such high contempt are also the folks most likely clinging to their guns and their religion.

  11. Interesting how most ‘skeptics’ seem to want to bring the huge benefits of cheap, reliable energy to the world’s poorest inhabitants, most of whom reside in Africa and Asia. Unless I’m mistaken, the vast majority of these people are not white. It is the eco jihadis who want to deny the world’s poor the opportunity to lead longer, healthier and happier lives by denying them access to the very means to improve their lives on a grand scale. I would suggest that the so called racists’ sit, very squarely, on the alarmist side of the fence.

  12. WEAK!! What a load of idiotic crap.

    And there is nothing political in any of this, right:? Okay, sure.

    • And it’s really marginalizing the issue – after thirty years of being compared to Nazis and Holocaust deniers, being called a ‘racist’ is pretty tepid.
      I’ll tell you this, though, I sure don’t give a tin-s*** what white progressives think anymore.

  13. Benegal has discovered something different than he thinks. Actually Climate Science has been a шнутемаиs thing up until climategate (approximately) after which шнутешомеи seemed suddenly to number greater proportions of young climate graduates. Judith Curry was a prominent exception but she was pushed out once she reacted to the horrors revealed in climategate and shifted over to a more sceptical viewpoint on the science. Other races weren’t that interested in climate science. Its difficult to write in a topic like this because stickhandling around the language seems necessary to make a decent point. Let’s put it that climate science is the only endeavor where diversity is penalized, diversity of thought particularly. I’d be interested to know if others have seen the white, masculine underbelly of climate science.

  14. Well, Obama pushed it – that kind of MADE it a race-issue because any position in opposition to Obama is, by definition, racist.

  15. After controlling for the expected effects of factors such as political partisanship, ideology, and education, the data showed that – compared to the views of respondents who identified as black Americans – white Americans became 18 percent less likely to see climate change as a very serious problem over the course of Obama’s presidency.

    Could it be that Climate Change Belief is simply far more partisan and that more Caucasian-Americans are conservative by nature leading to a false conclusion.

    More likely that More Democrats tend to be Climate Pessimists instead of Climate Optimists

    • Then there’s that pesky ‘Climategate’ scandal that broke at the beginning of Obama’s presidency.

    • “I’m not trying to make a claim in the study that race is the single most important or necessarily a massive component of all environmental attitudes” the researcher behind the study, political scientist Salil Benegal from DePauw University, told Sierra.

      “But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”


    • Progressivism, by definition, is the belief that some people are less capable of self-actualization than others. And therefore must be directed and assisted by the fortunate few. I don’t know that this carries with it any categorization, based on phenotype, but it certainly introduces the possibility.

    • Or that perhaps after hearing years of alarming claims about climate change and how it represented the gravest threat to our nation (claims made by both Obama and Kerry), people became either a) weary of the topic or b) skeptical when the claims failed to materialize.

      Or maybe they were smart enough to understand there are more important topics to focus on. Like jobs.

  16. Ah yes, the old leftist line: Anyone who disagrees with a liberal black is a racist.
    Of course disagreeing with a conservative black is not a problem because according to leftists conservative blacks aren’t real blacks.
    Just like conservative women aren’t real women.
    Soon to morph into the classic, those who disagree with us aren’t true humans, so they have no human rights.

  17. “white Americans became 18 percent less likely to see climate change as a very serious problem over the course of Obama’s presidency”

    The fact that the argument for global warming became steadily weaker during the Obama mal-administration as the pause grew progressively longer is ignored.
    No, the only possible explanation is that whites are racist.

    • “white Americans became 18 percent less likely”….

      I think they are making the argument that white Americans are smarter and better informed.

    • “…white Americans became 18 percent less likely to see climate change as a very serious problem over the course of Obama’s presidency…”. And what was the rate of decline among other racial identifications? ‘Nuff said. P.S. It may be in the full report, but I’m not going to give them any clicks.

  18. So this is just another example of the Left’s use of the Race Card.

    Obama was of course the first black US president, but many of his policies were out-right Socialism and he lost more Supreme Court cases than any modern President, so he was arguably operating outside the Constitution and/or the written law many times. And in doing so his Administration suffered 44 9-0 unanimous losses, far more than Bush or Clinton.

    The Left had only one option with this situation.
    If you objected to Obama’s purely on policy grounds they labeled you a racist by his supporters:
    1) to silence you,
    2) because many of his policies were indefensible if anyone dug below the surface spin of what they were doing.

    For reference see:

    • CO2isLife

      In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is allegedly chronically underfunded with a deficit of £2.6 Bn in 2016 (don’t quote me on the numbers, this is from memory).

      The country is due to spend some £300 Bn on climate change by 2050, so, roughly £10 Bn per year.

      Our domestic energy bills have risen some 20% in the last year or so because of the climate change act and the insane subsidies spunked on renewables. And it was announced this week taxes must rise to pay for the NHS.

      All in all, I figure the total household tax bill is heading towards 50% of income, much of it stealth taxes so we almost don’t notice. The Europeans are already punishing us financially for Brexit and our government seems hell bent on getting us the worst deal possible.

      Nor am I considered a minority. My family and I are moderately well off WASPS, but honestly, it’s getting more difficult to get by day to day.

      The climate change act is ruining the UK economy and I can’t see a politician in the least concerned!

      • Move to Canada – we’re already there on the tax front. The plus side is you can get legally stoned and not realize how much you’re paying in taxes. Plus Justin has awesome socks and is very handsome.

  19. “You can read the rest here.”

    Yes, I CAN, but I most certainly will NOT.

    I’ve always joked about this possibility. I guess I should not be surprised that the climate racist card has actually been played now.

  20. The racist is the one who notices the/any difference.

    Salil Benegal has hung himself with his own noose.

  21. Of course climate change denial is racist.


    Because by pushing back on climate change ‘solutions’, we are hence pushing back on global socialism.

  22. Racist Attitudes And Climate Change Denial Advocacy Have a Disturbing Link?
    Why sure they do! Consider these bigoted attitudes based on color:

    1) Black listing climate realists, from publishing papers, conferences, debates, university professors/teaching, journalism, etc.
    2) Yellow journalism, to suppress climate change realists contributions through ad hom attacks, ‘denier’ labeling, ‘big oil’ allegations, etc.
    3) Red socialist agenda, which the climate change fraud serves so well with wealth redistribution through pseudo-treaties like the Paris Climate Accord.
    4) White washing deliberate unethical changes to temperature data bases to ‘create’ warming where none exists.
    5) Green laundering, by stealing taxpayer monies for grants to outright environmental scams (Solyndra!) and then recycling funds back into ‘green’ political campaigns.

  23. “But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”

    “…for which we should be looking out.”

    There, fixed it for you, you (with all due respect) complete and utter moron.

    I know it was redundant, but sometimes one just isn’t enough.

    • “This is the kind of nonsense up with which I will not put!” – Winston Churchill

  24. “After controlling for the expected effects of factors such as political partisanship, ideology, and education…” In climate change research they have a similar approach, changing the recorded temperatures either upwards or downwards depending on the effect they are trying to achieve. Much the same as “controlling” variables such as ideology and education. The end product in both cases is fiction.

    It is amazing that people are actually paid to produce such unspeakable garbage.

        • Just needs a lot of preperation to get it to an edible state. A recipe I have for Tripes a la mode de Caen calls for a total of 12 hours cooking time at 250F. Definitely not a short-order dish.

  25. So, by extension, if you are a brother down with the struggle in the hood you need not deny the “truth” that the globe is warming and it is all down on “the man.” Easy peasy. That locks down 12.8% of the “consensus” vote.

      • joelobryan

        Careful, you’ll have the term “the brother” condemned as racist stereotyping.

      • As far as I’m concerned anyone who owned slaves should make reparation payments to anyone who was a slave.
        The tricky part is finding them.

        As to reparations, how much do blacks who moved to this country after slavery ended get?
        What if only some of your ancestors were here during the days of slavery, do you get a partial payment?
        What if you are black, and your ancestors owned slaves, do you pay yourself? (There were blacks who owned slaves.)

  26. It would be more true to say that the environmental movement has been hijacked by the promoters of this nonsense. The clever thing is that people think by supporting Greenpeace etc they are still saving whales and so on, as used to be the case in its heyday. If they understood where their money is NOW going… well, it makes the scandal of a few Oxfam staff visiting a brothel on company expenses look like nothing to worry about by comparison.

  27. The fist step in discussing how one thing might affect another is to make sure all parties are clear on the terminology being used.

    This fact is largely overlooked regarding the phrase “climate change”, as it is in the above article. If one cannot present a working definition of “climate change”, then how can one ever assert there are people that deny such a thing?

    Is “climate change” what has occurred to Earth’s biosphere over the last 200 years, or the last 2 billion years, or what will happen in the future 1,000 years? Is climate change something only caused by humans, or is it due—in whole or in large part—to natural processes? Is climate change alarming at any level, say Earth’s average temperature increasing by 0.1 C per century, or is there a certain quantifiable rate in any parameter “x” whereby “change” starts happening (e.g., >3 C warming per century, or >100 ppm CO2 increase per century)? What are the full and complete set of metrics that are to be monitored for defining “climate change”? And what is the ideal climate at which humans should be satisfied such that no further change, upward or downward, is acceptable: is that state in the past, now, or in the future? And is there a, ahem, consensus among Earth’s population—from Eskimos to Polynesians to Sahara desert nomads—that the “ideal-climate-that-should-nevermore-change” is agreed upon?

    “If you can’t define something you have no formal rational way of knowing that it exists. Neither can you really tell anyone else what it is. There is, in fact, no formal difference between inability to define and stupidity.” — Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  28. “The drivers behind climate change denial look to be even more complex than we thought…”

    He failed from the get-go. The only drivers of denial is the lack of evidence.

    He’s searched hard to find anything at all. And whatever he finds will be some sort of poor correlation, not causation.

    • This is just further confirmation of how thoroughly the Sierra Club has lost all ability to be relevant in today’s world.

      One clear, laughing-out-load example was when Senator Ted Cruz eviscerated Sierra Club President Aaron Mair back in 2015 with just a few simple questions about “climate change”:

  29. Hi Anthony. Any particular reason why my earlier comment in reply to this thread has been in ‘moderation purdah’ for several hours?

  30. I’ve never met a single person on any position of the AGW spectrum that claims that the climate isn’t changing. When they quit using euphemisms for what they are trying not to say out loud I might give their semi-random utterings a response

  31. Latest investment advice: Invest in boot companies. Steel heeled boots latest craze

    Eric Blair aka George Orwell in his Final Warning (only 2 minutes long) said that the world will need more boots so that they can crush the skulls of the nonbelievers.

    George Orwell has unwittingly written the climate alarmists manifesto. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. Orwell should have reversed those 2 sentences.

    The problem is that in his final warning Orwell does not explain how we can stop them. Where is Lord Monckton when we need him in the earth’s darkest hours?

    • Alan Tomalty

      To this day, I fail to understand why we read Orwell in English, at secondary school, in the mid 70’s. We were certainly never tested on it, that was reserved for Shakespeare.

      And although I hadn’t a clue the difference between left and right at the time, I suspected my English teacher was some sort of liberal reactionary. He also had us reading Catcher in the Rye which at that time resonated with communism, although I hadn’t a clue what a communist was either.

      Now, I’m not so sure and reckon our teacher might have been doing us all a favour.

      • The most chilling and prescient prediction that anyone has ever made. Even though it was done by an actor it would have been exactly the way Orwell would have said it. I am crying as I write this. Anybody that advocates to destroy capitalism is in fact a communist. The reason is that capitalism is the only system that works over any reasonable time frame except for monarchies and dictatorships and 1 party rule. 100 % socialism is impossible for reasons I have explained in many posts.

  32. Calling people racists or claiming they are less environmental because they are racists is not a new ploy among the environmental left. They have been using it for at least three decades now. Dig into “social justice” and you will find the left talking about how pollution and other environmental problems are all due to policies created by obviously evil white racists men. Some will even argue that it is to punish minorities. Detroit is a good example. The leftist politicians which have run the city for decades originally blamed the terrible decline in the city over the past two decades on white Republicans, that is until it was noted that Democrats had long been in charge and in the last decade African American Democrats. It was clear that “progressive policies” implemented by Democratic politicians had ruined the city, driven off business, collapsed housing prices and therefore the cities tax base. Sort of a Venezuela in microcosm.

    The left either doesn’t know how or cares to count votes. Obama didn’t get elected because all the minorities voted for him. Without an overwhelming, though not majority, white vote he would not have been elected twice. Yet the left calls all white people, including white Democrats racist. The trap many of those fail into that did vote for Obama was they wrongly believed that he would make race relations better.

    Obama didn’t become environmental because he cares about the environment and certainly not global warming. Just look at his family carbon footprint. He did so to feed the base. Just like calling those that are skeptical racist connects the environmentalists and the socio-economic segments of the base. Remember elections are all about enthusiasm (or anger) and turn out.

  33. One thing I love about this blog/site/whatever is that while you’re all such a load of right-wing a-holes, on the issue of CAGW you’re absolutely spot-on. That coming from a very left-wing anarchist. You all think the Democrats are the Left? You should get out more.

    • Most of my relatives & friends are far left progressives. When I try to tell them the facts about “global warming”, they close their ears, cover their ears with their hands and just “la la la la la la la…”

        • I thought it was poor, women and educated people, and Mexican illegals who voted for Obama. Now it turned out it is your friends.

          • How do you know his friends (bar the one who is Asian) aren’t “poor, women and educated people, and Mexican illegals”? (come to that, even the one who is Asian could well be a member of one or more of the above categories)

    • EastTexasRed, Since like you I live in a state that was run by Democrats from Reconstruction until sometime in the 1980s, I worked for, around, and against Democrats since 1960 the first election I worked. Democrats have been moving ever further left since Woodrow Wilson, then FDR, then LBJ, Jimmy Carter and the latest nail, Obama. I live in a town whose population is only a bit less leftist than Berkeley. I met with a powerful Democratic politician in the late 1990s. We had become friends over an issue close to each of our hearts. I was the first to be told he was retiring and leaving the Party. He was a social liberal, environmentalist and fiscal conservative. Why was he leaving? As he said, he could no longer trust his fellow Democrats because they were moving to the left faster than he ever imagined. What had been his party for his 50 years had lost its way. So today after Obama we have now a reinvigorated resurgence of the old evil demons of the 1920s-30s, socialists, anarchists, National Socialists, etc all connect directly or indirectly to the Democratic Party.

    • To the left, anyone who isn’t is an a-hole.
      Doesn’t matter that capitalism is the only system that has ever managed to eliminate poverty.
      Doesn’t matter that socialism plain and simple doesn’t work.
      You oppose socialism, and you’re an a-hole.

  34. It’s sad, really, the lack of comprehension that some most of these people exhibit. They look for causes of “denial” and can’t see what should be obvious if they would spend an hour on the internet: namely that we have looked at the evidence for cagw and found that it’s weak. Very weak. Ludicrously weak.

  35. OK, so I didn’t see this one coming… Now I am a Flat-Earth believing, Evolution Hating, Racist because I don’t agree with the extreme positions of Climate Alarmists. Never mind I am none of those things.

    I wish they would just give it up – the argument seems to be stalling, they have nothing new in 20 years and all their testable claims have been falsified. Shrewd people are on to the data tampering, the propaganda, and the wild claims that no one in their right mind believes.

    • Leftists believe their stereotypes more than they believe reality.

      They know, deep down in the core of their being, that all conservatives are religious nut jobs who are rabidly racist.
      What they know, they know, and they won’t let anything as trivial as reality interfere with what they know.

      • “Leftists believe their stereotypes more than they believe reality”

        And climate alarmist believe their models more than they believe reality. That lack of believing in reality is probably one of the reasons why there’s such a large overlap between leftist and climate alarmists

      • They are the Good Guys, the Enlightened, the Independant Critical Thinkers Who Seek Truth and Expose Lies. Their activist professors in prestigious universities told them so.

        Anyone on the other side, therefore, must be the Bad Guys, the Sheeple, the Thick-Skulled Troglodytes who must be shown the Shining Light of Reason and be shunned if they do not accept it. Anyone who tries to introduce some nuance to the matter is hand-in-glove with the Bad Guys and implicitly consenting to their evil. Their Enlightened peers in fancy coffee shops told them so.

        If they allowed nuance into their thinking, they’d be forced to entertain the possibility that the other side may not be the Bad Guys. Which would lead to the possibility that they themselves may not be the Good Guys. That would be unacceptable. They ARE the Good Guys! The virtue-signalling politicians they vote for told them so.

  36. “…respondents who identified as black…”

    Really, this racial fraud again. I didn’t know it was being worked in America as well. Certainly in Australia, you don’t need to be actually black to claim discrimination, or social benefits meant for black people. All you need to do is identify as black. We have some of the whitest blacks you have ever seen.

    • I believe in Australia, one sixteenth aboriginal blood makes you full aboriginal entitled to all benefits.

      It’s also true that things like University enrolments and the like, the forms have a little tick box “Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander”. They say it doesn’t affect your enrolment, but I know people who failed to enrol as white Australian, have resubmitted the form and ticked this box; Cha-Ching instant enrolment.

      • What, blood makes you entitled? That’s racial separation! Why not one seventeenth? Racism! They drew the fine line as if there was a difference between those. We are all humans, remember. For real.

    • “Really, this racial fraud again. I didn’t know it was being worked in America as well”

      well, America did give the world Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who identifies as black.

  37. “white Americans became 18 percent less likely to see climate change as a very serious problem over the course of Obama’s presidency”

    So 82% of white Americans’ minds were unchanged on the subject of climate change during his presidency!

    That doesn’t sound like white Americans as a whole were racially motivated to me.

    And how do the authors of this paper know that those whites who decided (during his presidency) that climate change was nothing to be concerned about did so due to racial motivation?

    I imagine that even had Al Gore become president, 18% or more of white Americans would still have decided against CACC (Catastrophic Anthopogenic Climate Change) being worthy of worry during his presidency. And in the case of an Al Gore Presidency, would those African Americans who did not fall for his GW propaganda have been called racist?

    Seems to me to be some conclusion jumping going on.


  38. Such generalization and stupidity. Sure, even though many of us are actual scientists and engineers, we are supposed to be “anti-science” and “ignorant”. Now we’re supposed to be “racists” too?

    Isn’t it amazing what one group of folks will believe about another if it weaves well with their misbegotten narrative? I’ve also heard we’re all “materialistic” and “evil” because we “don’t care about our children or grandchildren” to boot.

  39. Warmistas are the racists trying to prevent developing nations from having decent energy sources which would allow them to help the poorest from poverty. The pope is in this category.

  40. To make a statement one way or the other about “race” and use skin color to describe sides means you are by definition racist.

  41. Correlation is not causation.

    However there may be a casual relationship between the fact that the more I am accused of being a racist, the less I worry about whether I am one.

    Sort of like when I was a child attending a very strict church. Essentially, from the time I was 11, it was apparent that I was going to Hell and that there was nothing I could do about it, so I quit worrying about what I did.

  42. Invite Salil Benegal to post his thesis here, Anthony. Let’s find out how his ideas fare among the skeptics whose acumen he questions.

    He can test his idea that skeptics have racial attitudes below their skepticism, by whether skeptics here can make an analytical (rather than subjective) case.

    Of course, these days sociology denies the existence of objectivity in science. It’s all just hegemonic power-mongering. So he may not believe his lying eyes when his experience here refutes his thesis (as it most certainly will).

  43. What irony

    The author of the study fails to understand that assigning behavior based on skin color is racism. The author is engaged in racism.

    Analyzing and grouping behavior according to skin color IS RACISM because it assumes people act the way they do because of their skin color.

  44. Can we see a study of the correlation between the readership increases of WUWT, JONova, trf, not_alot_of_people_know, no_tricks_zone, and so on, and the skeptism of climate change as a serious problem.
    Learning a bit of science is a good thing.

  45. It’s garbage because you cannot control in any meaningful way for things like political views or ideology. Those are not things like smoking or age that can be pretty easily controlled for.

    Slightly change the way you control for stuff in this study and you can get the opposite result.

    Thus it is simply nonsense.

  46. The most important issue is that CO2 is a racist gas as it is incontrovertibly linked to the expansion of white colonialist industries, before which it was a largely minor trace gas minding its own business. Do I need need to add a sarc tag?

  47. ” … and this is one thing my own research has been examining for a while  –  trying to figure out what are some of the root causes of this polarisation. … ”

    Maybe it’s got something to do with CAGW being baseless hogwash. Don’t over ‘think’ it, you don’t have enough bandwidth.

    • I don’t think the makers of that “study” can “over think” something, as it’s clear they failed to think in the first place.

  48. Then how come it’s the leftist enviromentalists who want to stop Africans and Asians from using cheap fossil fuels? Many hard core enviromentalists probably want that millions of third world people would die off, but they can’t say that in public, because then they would be proving themselves hypocrites.

    Only way to stop racism is to stop talking about race this and race that. Funny how it’s the leftists who these days seem to be obsessed about race. Martin Luther King would have been ashamed.

  49. LOL… The Socialists creating enemies of the state so that they can attack them… The usual Socialist tactic. The National Socialists made J*ws enemies. The Soviet Socialists made land owners enemies…. The Democrat Socialists attempt to make skeptics enemies by fabricating a narrative that skeptics are racists.

  50. “The findings are reported in Environmental Politics.”

    Well. there you go.

    As people frequently point out, it is about politics (or religion), certainly not science. The journal title tells you everything you need to know, and if the authors didn’t assert something political then it wouldn’t be published in such a journal.

    Nowadays, the appearance of the R-word is more often than not when it is used in a manner of a child still learning socially acceptable and unacceptable words/actions: They have learned that certain words or actions will produce an immediate response from adults, so they employ it to get attention without really understanding its proper usage.

  51. I think the best quote I ever heard on race and racism was Morgan Freeman being interviewed on 60 Minutes by Mike Wallace (transcript follows):

    WALLACE: Black History Month, you find …
    FREEMAN: Ridiculous.
    WALLACE: Why?
    FREEMAN: You’re going to relegate my history to a month?
    WALLACE: Come on.
    FREEMAN: What do you do with yours? Which month is White History Month? Come on, tell me.
    WALLACE: I’m Jewish.
    FREEMAN: OK. Which month is Jewish History Month?
    WALLACE: There isn’t one.
    FREEMAN: Why not? Do you want one?
    WALLACE: No, no.
    FREEMAN: I don’t either. I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history.
    WALLACE: How are we going to get rid of racism until …?
    FREEMAN: Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You’re not going to say, “I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.” Hear what I’m saying?

    I think Morgan Freeman nailed it.

    • It’s like having a bad tooth. Stop wiggling it to see if it still hurts, and go get it pulled.

  52. The left will always invoke racism into everything. Basically, it’s the only thing they have left. And sadly, there are times when it works for them.

  53. “But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”

    Yeah, let’s keep racism alive anyway that we can because … ?

    • Because it’s in the Left’s political interest to keep minority groups a welfare-dependent underclass. Lay their grievances at the feet of Racism, promise to keep the handouts coming, receive votes.

  54. “I’m not trying to make a claim in the study that race is the single most important or necessarily a massive component of all environmental attitudes” the researcher behind the study, political scientist Salil Benegal from DePauw University, told Sierra.

    “But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”

  55. “I’m not trying to make a claim in the study that race is the single most important or necessarily a massive component of all environmental attitudes”
    ISN’T THAT RACIST ???????????????????????
    the researcher behind the study, political scientist Salil Benegal from DePauw University, told
    Sierra………“But it’s a significant thing that we should be looking out for.”
    AND that is known as TAUTOLOGY !!
    I mean to say………………UNLESS THE MOON IS BRIGHT………………………………………
    That is as PLAIN and obvious as NIGHT and DAY !!
    You are right ! Ye Gods ! WORDS FAIL ME !!!!!!!!!

    • That’s NOT racist……….IT’S SEXIST !
      and you probably suffer from hay-fever….so it’s understandable too !

    • Ever notice, in relation to a straw man, how appropriate are the ideas of being scared (i.e., as with a scarecrow) and in want of a brain (i.e., as in the movie, The Wizard of Oz) ?

      Straw men are made to scare, but they have no brains.

      … such a perfect description.

    • they’ve been there already, at least as long as they’ve been using the holocaust invoking term “denier”

  56. The climate crisis construct is wholly a шнутемаи’s creation and its control is the ratinale for a global neocolonial governance. They are buying the underdeveloped world with cash or they certainly would not get far with these folk. Ive mentioned this earlier on this thread but for some reason, even sceptics dont seem to go there. Missing this factor is what is really wrong with this study on racism and climate science.

  57. It is not climate change denial it is a sloppy work rejection stamp. If a supplier fails I cross it off my list. Global warming failed so climate change is a second product from a failed supplier to be ignored until externally certified as now reformed and demonstrably competent. End of story.

    It is really very depressing that no one is prepared to accept the criterion for accepting climate change is real, is to have it externally examined and verified with nothing but information input as the role of climate scientists. The judge and jury should be experts in fields that significantly overlap and in many cases have far more up to date skills than the climate scientists demonstrate in their released work.

    Data in one area where the quality control demonstrates clearly that climate scientists are academics with hopelessly inadequate practical skills in knowing the limitation of the data quality. Clearly they cannot see it is not good for anywhere near the sort of accuracy needed to make the pronouncements they have claimed to be beyond question. No engineer would expect to use data from uncertified instruments or data derived from inferred behaviour of other subjects as valid for sub degree accuracy measurement as climate scientists do.
    Secondly the use of world averages ceased to be valid the moment it was no longer claimed to be global warming and regional changes claimed as being man made acknowledged as existing.
    As for racism Obama is as great if not worse a racist pig as any White National front member I have come across but from the opposite perspective. He also has relatives with a chip on their shoulders that is more a log than a chip with their Kenyan rebellion connections, from some who knew the family at the time even if they are exaggerating considerably.
    I was part of a DNA study on hereditary diseases so there is no racial group I cannot insult with the accusation of racism being readily trashed. Guess the racists at school were more correct than they knew when they called me mongrel.

  58. Doesn’t this article present and detail a prime example of “backasswards reasoning?”

  59. The article is an interesting example of lack of appreciation of other, more plausible, hypotheses. Republicans changing views on health care reform as a result of President Obama introducing Obamacare (health care reform) and changing views on climate change after his talking about taking action on Climate Change in his State of the Union Address, are hypothesized as due to racism. Because a black President pursued the policies, people turned against it.
    There is an alternative, more banal, hypothesis. People think that free or subsidized healthcare is a good idea. But when many American’s saw the actual policies, and how it would impact on existing healthcare provision, they became opposed. Similarly, many people go along with the waffle of “taking action on climate change to save the planet for future generations”, but when that means closing a local coal mine, or power stations, or preventing economic regeneration through shale gas in declining industrial areas, then maybe it ain’t such a good idea.
    In a similar vein, Brexit is being driven through by a female Prime Minister, and the opposition to Brexit comes mostly from men both in Britain and the EU. Is denial of the referendum result being driven by closet misogynists?

  60. I can understand people voting for Obama in 2008. It’s the ones sporting the 2012 Obama bumper stickers who I don’t get. After 4 years it was obvious he was incapable of accomplishing anything. Which is being made painfully obvious to Democrats today, as Trump erases all of those so-called accomplishments, none of which was grounded in statue. Guess Obama failed to realize how that thing on the other end of a pencil works.

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