Our Man in Davos reports on '6 feet of global warming'

Report by David Archibald

The New York Times has reported on the great depth of snow blanketing Davos, Switzerland which is hosting the World Economic Forum. Of course the snow disrupted polemics on the dangers of global warming:

On the eve of the World Economic Forum, the Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland, is buried in snow. Credit Gian Ehrenzeller/European Pressphoto Agency

Linda P. Fried, the dean of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, allowed three hours at midday on Monday to travel from her hotel to the uncrowded registration center nearby and then a few blocks to the conference. But because of the gridlock, she was a half-hour late to give her speech. The topic had been the health risks that arise from climate change.

“I’ve been coming for eight years and this is the worst I’ve seen it,” she said. But she bristled when asked whether some — like perhaps President Trump — might question the incongruity of discussing global warming during a blizzard. “It isn’t accurate, people just don’t understand, that’s not the metric,” she said.

Our man in Davos has reported in:

This year we have had record amounts of snow in Switzerland. The railway line is closed to Davos.because of danger of avalanches. The road has only limited capacity.

Davos, normally 10.000 inhabitants, is guarded by 7000 – police and Swiss army and airforce.

Snipers hold their position on the roof of a hotel during the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in the Swiss Alps resort of Davos, Switzerland January 22, 2018. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

Because of all checkpoints and snow this year, it takes about three hours for the last 30 km from Lanquart to Davos. In the end of the week, warmer weather is expected, it has started to rain here at 600 m in {redacted}, it probably still snowing in Davos.

This means a risk of shutdown/meltdown in Davos if all the snow starts melting.

Only reasonable way to go to Davos for the elite is by helicopter. We hear them now over our house.

Interesting to see how Trump-force will travel. It is reported in Swiss TV that the US-government group is about 1500 people including Secret Service. There are about 200 private jets waiting for parking slot in Zürich, Friedrichshafen, Sion, Milan, Bergamo etc.

Will try to go to Davos on Thursday or Friday, if weather allows, and make a report.

David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare

235 thoughts on “Our Man in Davos reports on '6 feet of global warming'

  1. I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary? no one give me a satisfactory answer let me know what’s going on here.

      • How is it fake if there are photos of people shoveling snow?
        Do you think the snow is a styrofoam movie prop or something?
        Or is it ‘fake news’ because you have nothing else to say?

      • Sara, Look what I was replying to:why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary
        What is not fake about that?

    • Why are the Russians making, new, nuclear powered icebreakers that will break through 4.5m of ice?

      • data is all here
        For the scary part: that’s up to you to answer. As for myself, YOU are the scary one here. Women scared of mice are funny, you are not. You are creepy, creepy as a tin-fold wearer or famed (although fictitious) General Ripper (Dr Strangelove wasn’t the dangerous guy in the movie, you know? The natural purity obsessed was). Scared people are dangerous to others, and easily scared people are time-bombs that can blow and turn into the dangerous mode anytime.
        the way you were taught by you parents (mainly your scared and scary mother, I bet) and at school (by scared and scary teachers –mostly women, again– and administration) may be the answer as to why you are scared by such a ridiculous event as ice extent. Please, grow-up, ans start acting manly.
        For the “getting smaller and smaller”, science is clear: we don’t know, and not only we don’t know, but in this chaotic system is is just impossible to know.
        “I don’t know” is a valid scientific answer, you know, and so is “we cannot know”. “We know for sure” answer is for religion.
        What we DO know is, at polar latitude free water emits more energy to space than does ice, making the Earth cooler than it would be otherwise. One of the numerous negative feedback that allows the Earth to have a climate in the first place, instead of wildly and randomly varying weather.
        I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary? no one give me a satisfactory answer let me know what’s going on here.

      • Why? Because ours are better and they’re jealous, and they are running out of tires to burn for fueling their shipping.

      • More than once in Russia’s history they have invaded other countries to obtain warm(er) water ports. That is what Crimea was all about and why the jerk around the Baltic states. Before Russia was the USSR they ran the Baltic states and the Ukraine. Now that they are not the major military power they are trying to maintain upon ocean access. Whether the Arctic Ocean ice expands or contracts with the new more modern ice breakers they will be able to move their commerce and military to open ocean.

      • Re Russian icebreakers.
        “Why? Because ours are better and they’re jealous, and they are running out of tires to burn for fueling their shipping.”
        Sorry. This is one field where the Russians are miles ahead of the US. Not surprising given how little ice the US needs to break.

      • Putin simply misunderstood advice given him years ago by an advisor who told him that in social and/or political events, he needed to be better at breaking the ice with people. Ah well.

      • “I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary? no one give me a satisfactory answer let me know what’s going on here.”
        It is not. For ten years that is. The trend from 2007 on is flat. Wait until the AMO is negative for several years before thinking anything beyond business as usual for the last 100 years is going on.

    • Given that the ice used to cover my UK location and polar bears lived offshore, I’m not scared at all that the ice has got smaller and smaller. ‘Normal’ is a matter of when you start looking.

    • It is growing each year, as it always have done.
      It is melting each Year as it always have done.
      Less ice will make the water colder and more ice will protect it from cooling.
      So what is the problem?

      • I just want to know what’s going to happen to the arctic sea ice in the future, continue to be smaller, or grow, after all, the arctic sea ice has changed a little bit in the past 30 years, and the trend is quite obvious.

      • The problem is no-one told the Polar Bears and they are still doing swimming lessons and waiting for Griff to send his plastic pontoon (Like his Green Fund monies his stuff never arrives).

      • @CAOYUFEI
        You are seriously brainwashed, if you think this matters more than wanting to know if the Penguins team will beat the Seagulls in next year match, or if Brenda will finally tell Michael she loves him but their child is actually his brother’s (or the other way round; never mind).
        You should be interested in things that really matters to you, of which global climate is NOT, as humans and nature obviously survived when Greenland was actually green, when the Sahara was, too, and even before that, when Antarctica enjoyed a tropical forest, and also when climate changed back and forth glacial and interglacial mode (and, BTW, we are in a interglacial, and what we DO know of astronomy says that some glacial period WILL happen).
        Do you have a girlfriend, does she matters to you and do you matter to her?
        Will the government keep pumping your money (that you worked for) out of your pocket, into Elon Musk’s and friends’, to “save the planet”, save you from terrorists, save you from Chinese competitors or greedy wall street wolves, or whatever pretext you are gullible enough to believe?

      • Over the next few years see ice levels will both grow and shrink, depending on which natural cycle is predominant at that time.
        Even if sea ice were to disappear completely, that wouldn’t be scary, it just means better access to the arctic for shipping.

      • CAOYUFEI
        January 23, 2018 at 5:58 am

        I just want to know what’s going to happen to the arctic sea ice in the future, continue to be smaller, or grow, after all, the arctic sea ice has changed a little bit in the past 30 years, and the trend is quite obvious.

        A far better question to ponder is when was the last time that the Polar Ice Sheet was Stable?
        In short, that answer is … never.
        The polar ice caps have never been in a state of balance. (with the possible exception of the semi permanent Laurentide Ice Sheet of the last great glaciation, though even that had constantly changing margins)
        Glaciers have never been neither expanding nor contracting (unless they are non existant) their faces always relocate in one direction or the other.
        Ice boundaries grow and shrink with every season, decade, century, and millennium. The only time they are ever in an unchanging state is when they are nonexistant.
        If the summer ice vanishes, the Polar Bear and Seal populations will shrink but survive. Seals will be driven to land to birth and raise their pups and Polar Bears will go to land to hunt.
        The bear and seal populations had a much harder time when the Laurentide Ice Sheet was there and the Arctic never showed its ocean.

      No one gave you a satisfactory answer, because they are convinced that you neither want, nor would accept a truthful answer.

      • @CAOYUFEI
        To make thing “obvious” just need a proper zoom, little work on the scales of a graph, and media limelight.
        To me, the real question are:
        who benefit the zoom upon arctic sea ice changes, which absolutely doesn’t change your (nor anyone else, not even Inuits’) life in any way, instead of a zoom on so many things (your pick) that DO matter for you (and many other people, if you care) right now?
        Who benefit the zoom on a global threat that may change someone life in a century?
        Who benefit a solution to the said global threat that will (not may) change (*) everyone life right now (like: double electricity rate in Germany)?
        Well, what do YOU think?
        (*) change including:
        -> division by 4 of the power you use (for sure) and multiplication by 2 of the earning per power use (well, so goes the plan , although no one as any idea as to how this doubling could occur ), so you “only” divide by 2 your life standard, going back to your grandfather’s.
        -> turning from power when you want, to power when sun and wind allows. Actually, more like back to your great-great-great-grand father standard of living.
        -> transfer of the money into poor countries elites hands to use as they always do: for their people, not for themselves. Ye, you believe that second part, don’t you?
        -> transfer of all industry (they DO consume power) from your countries, all job included, into other countries. For instance EU PAID Mittal to close foundries in Europe, so that he opened others where he saw fit (like, in India, but they didn’t care actually, as long as those huge CO2 emitters disappeared)
        -> and, thanks to these efforts from you, the 2100 promised thermogeddon is postponed to 2101 (no kidding, no mistake, you read well: a full year postponing in a century)

      • CAOYUFEI, you need to get away from the anti-science propaganda. The Arctic sea ice has simply followed the AMO cycle like it always does. That is why there hasn’t been any changes for the past decade. You knew that, right? The 30 year trend is from the peak sea ice level down to what appears to be a minimum level. When the AMO switches back to negative mode you should the the ice return back to the peak levels.

      • “why are arctic sea ice changes so obvious?”
        Because it has dropped down from EXTREME HIGH levels.
        But its still higher than it has been for some 90-95% of the current interglacial.
        Educate yourself, so your bed remains dry.

      • CAOYUFEI, the seasonal changes here in the US central Appalachians are extraordinary! From a often snow-covered semi-arctic-looking mid-winter to a lush, super-green and almost tropical-looking mid-summer! Simply unbelievable…..

    • “CAOYUFEI January 23, 2018 at 3:39 am
      I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary”
      I can answer that:
      the Arctic ice cap has gotten smaller and smaller (and scary?) many times in the past. It simply is doing what it often does as it goes through normal cycles.
      Sometimes it gets bigger and bigger (and reassuring?).

    • CAOYUFEI, yes the ice has decreased from 30 years ago, which was the coldest time in the last 100 years.
      It hasn’t been decreasing for several years and will most likely start growing again as the earth starts to cool over the next decade or two.
      Again, nothing scary.

    • According to the UNCC First assessment report, the Arctic conditions for ice are not really all that different from the mid 1970’s.

    • Why do you think it’s scary? Without knowing the source of your delusion we can’t point you to the correct information to disabuse yourself of it.

    • I just want to know why the antarctic ice cap is getting bigger and bigger and scary? no one give me a satisfactory answer let me know what’s going on here…..(oh, please – as I am polite)

    • I suspect the Arctic ice cap is getting smaller because it is melting a bit. As it does every few hundred years.

    • “I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary?”
      What do you mean by the “Arctic ice cap”? The Arctic doesn’t have an ice cap. Surely you are aware of that? The Arctic does have floating sea ice. An “ice cap” to me means something on land like Antarctica. That’s an ice cap. Greenland has an ice cap. It is not getting ‘smaller and smaller’. It is about the same all the time, though I expect over the next few thousand years it will melt completely.
      If some land arises at the north pole and gets covered with ice we could discuss what happens to it. I guarantee that if it happened now, that ice cap would be permanent, and grow rapidly, because the ocean under it would not be there. Did you know that the Arctic sea ice is melted from below, not from above?
      Sometimes I wonder if people learn anything other than from a hopelessly biased media campaign.

    • Still well above the extent of the MWP, anomalously high compare to the rest of the Holocene.
      You don’t learn anything do you, Caoy
      You can get rid of your child-mined FEAR and bed-wetting PANIC by getting just a little bit of education.

    • Caoyufei: The Arctic sea ice extent minimum for 2017 was 4.64 million sq. km. This was the eighth lowest minimum since 1979. The lowest minimum was back in 2012. The 2017 minimum was also marginally above the average of the extent minimums over the past ten years. It is misleading to state that “the Arctic cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary.” Over the past ten years, the extent minimums have been roughly stable.

    • Even if all the Arctic ice melted the sea levels would not rise because the arctic ice is already sitting on water.

    • Not as scary as 1906 when Roald Amundsen made it through the NW Passage in a wooden hulled sailing ship. How did he do that I wonder? Perhaps there was less ice than now.
      “Climate variation in the European Arctic during the last 100 years” Hanssen-Bauer, Inger Organization: Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Co-Author Førland, Eirik J.
      “Analyses of climate series from the European Arctic show major inter-annual and inter-decadal variability, but no statistically significant long-term trend in annual mean temperature during the 20th century in this region. The temperature was generally increasing up to the 1930s, decreasing from the 1930s to the 1960s, and increasing from the 1960s to 2000. The temperature level in the 1990s was still lower than it was during the 1930s.”
      Now go away and do some reading.

      • dennisambler January 23, 2018 at 3:46 pm
        Not as scary as 1906 when Roald Amundsen made it through the NW Passage in a wooden hulled sailing ship. How did he do that I wonder? Perhaps there was less ice than now.

        Or perhaps he took three years?

    • “I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller”
      The Globalist Elites are moving their frozen assets from the Arctic to snow banks in Davos,Switzerland!**rimshot**

    • caoyufei wrote: “I just want to know why the arctic ice cap is getting smaller and smaller and scary? no one give me a satisfactory answer let me know what’s going on here.”
      because sattelite data started at the coldest moment of this last century and science is ignoring that the 1920’s till 1940’s have seen ways warmer peaks then today? want proof? check the temperature record…

    • Would you like someone to explain how our seasons work and how that ice is not on land and gets blown around quite a bit? There is a great deal of natural variability.

    • Washington State’s fearless moron, er, leader, Jay Inslee will be there, breathlessly flogging the global warming dead horse.

  2. Only reasonable way to go to Davos for the elite is by helicopter. We hear them now over our house.

    Queen, in a helicopter.
    -“Why the people are shouting?”
    -“They ran out of their carbon credit.”
    -“Why don’t they ride bicycles?”

  3. Davos has always been on odd destination for this meeting, it’s a pretty small town, the airport is at 1700m elevation, and something just short of 2000m length. Even some of the smaller jets are reaching their limits, I think the most popular charter is a Citation Mustang. I’m familiar with Swiss humor, my father was Swiss, and this has to be some kind of Zurich Banker joke on the rest of the world, kind of like sending everyone to camp and replacing their bug repellent with baby oil. Maybe this is the beginning of the end, I can hear someone in Zurich saying “we had a pretty good run, now what’s next.”

    • Just got an update from my cousin in Bern, she’s saying that St. Moritz airport to Davos, by car, is taking 2 hours or more, even though it’s only about 35 miles, (60K). I’ve driven that road in the summer, takes about 45-50 minutes at most. The other problem is that St. Moritz airport is limiting air traffic right now.

    • Davos used to be famous as a resort with fresh mountain air where you went to cure your TB.
      Nowadays it seems you go there to spread a disease called AGW.

      • Is there something scary about Artificial Insemination? I suppose if you’re a young cow and you see a veterinarian rolling his sleeve up purposefully, you may be a little scared. Everyone else ought to be terrified.

    • Hi Mark, Davos is my home town and there is no aiport in Davos. There is however a Helicopter landing spot but only on a temporary permit. After the WEF it has to go. regards to all, Freddie

      • I was thinking about the closest airport, in St. Moritz. I think of Davos and St.Moritz as being part of the same destination, kind of like thinking about skiing in Salt Lake City, only different. Actually I love the trains in and out of the mountain towns, and agree, the Heli-ports need to go.

    • It will certainly be hilarious watching his tweets if the other guys try to bring up the climate change topic 🙂

  4. 8 years of free travel, nice hotels and good food with perhaps some skiing on the side. You can certainly see why would not want to lose that.

  5. The Gore Effect once again. Got to love that. But as we have all now been told, blizzards and extraordinary cold just prove the earth is warming.

    • My front steps have a measurement of 2 full inches of snow that started this morning around 2AM. Cold front went through, turned rain to wet, cold snow, and I get to shovel it.

      • The forecast for Ulaanbaatar is “Clear and bitterly cold”. Huh. It will be -37 C tonight and -38 tomorrow night.
        I met a French guy in the elevator who said he was in Yakutsk last week and it was -68 C. That is -90 F. Even the locals closed the school.
        He asked the government to give him a certificate proving he was there and survived. That is 3 C off the all-time record low for the region. I may hop over the border just to experience it. Two nights ago it was -59 C here with the wind chill. “Bracing” wind, as they say. Hard on the nose and lips.

      • Crispin, I met a woman from Moosejaw Canada, while staying in a youth hostel in Safed, Israel, many years ago.
        She said she liked walking in the forest when it got to be -60 F there, because it was all so quiet and peaceful.
        Then she paused and said that you had to walk really slow, because if you panted at all, your lungs would freeze.
        Good luck in Yakutsk. 🙂

      • Crispin, you can protect your nose, face and lips with either petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or a good heavy (thick) skin moisturizer. Both reduce water evaporation through your pores, which contributes to feeling cold.

      • Pat – If she was really from “Moosejaw Canada” and told you that “she liked walking in the forest when it got to be -60 F there” I hope you didn’t believe anything else she told you. Doesn’t get that cold there – in southern Saskatchewan – and there are no forests unless you count patches of trees along the river.

  6. “Davos, normally 10.000 inhabitants, is guarded by 7000 – police and Swiss army and airforce.”
    What? No mention of the Swiss Coast Guard?

    • They don’t have a coast guard, but they have a very good navy. You can cross much of the country on ferries through the lakes, but don’t even think about invading the place.

      • I wouldn’t dare trying to invade. Every single person in Switzerland has access to guns, and they know how to use them. Funny even with all those guns the Swiss have some of the lowest crime statistics. Things that make you say MMMMM?

      • We have also quite low crime statistics, and 1,4 million privately owned guns (by only 5,3 mill. inhabitants). These are registered guns, but there are also a lot of unregistered (especially shotguns and WW2-era military rifles).

    • as a matter of fact they do have a coast guard of sorts. As part of their military they have 10 military patrol boats patrolling the international borders of their lakes. I would imagine they are on a higher alert because of Davos. Sort of ruins the joke though!

  7. With all those helicopters and private jets, they don’t seem to be alarmed by the global warming caused by CO2.

  8. Can anyone tell my why Cate Blanchett, Will.i.am and Elton John are attending.
    I didn’t know they were economics experts.

    • Cate Blanchett will get to play Galadriel again, and ask Trump to look into the mirror of Lothlorien and see the Shire burning up under future global warming from Mordor.

    • They are the bait to get people there. Seems all the elites love to have Hollywood celebrities hanging around.

    • They are there because of the 24th Annual Crystal Awards
      The 2018 Crystal Award honours exceptional artists whose important contributions are improving the state of the world and who best represent the “spirit of Davos”.

  9. It is idiotic to link single weather events to climate change and anyone with any knowledge about this subject knows it. Why does WUWT publish such nonsensical rubbish? When I get into discussions, I always here that this is a serious site with commentators who have in-depth knowledge of climate science etc. etc. And then I read c**p like this…

      • “It is idiotic to link single weather events to climate change…”
        I somewhat agree, but it is what the Alarmists do seriously and almost constantly, while we Skeptics do it mostly with a sense of ironic playfulness pointing out the (your word) “idiotic” manner of the Alarmists.

    • ivankinsman……………The thing is: we have all waiting for 30 years to see the Catastrophic Global Warming caused by humans. Sadly, we experience hot, normal summers and cold, snowy normal winters.
      It has been absolutely terrifying for these last 30 years – don’t you agree.

    • Were it summer and an especially hot day, you ideologists and propagandists would be shouting from the rooftops that it is solid evidence of global warming. Utter hypocrites you be with your nonsense pseudoscience.

      • Read the link I posted. It works for both hot and cold weather. No pseudoscience when it comes to AGW – just consensus amongst the mainstream scientific community. It is the sceptics whacky theories about sun spots, interglacial periods etc that are laughable.

      • Well well, Sun spots and interglacial periods are whacky and laughable.
        The AGW force is strong in this one.
        Solid Science is whacky and laughable.

      • Nobody is going to bother reading you anti-science propaganda links, ivan
        They can see you are an ignorant twit here, so why would they subject themselves to even more ignorance by following your links.
        Have you got “pay per visit” advertising or something ??

      • ivankinsman says interglacial periods etc that are laughable
        Oh right, interglacial periods just exist in the minds of sceptics(sic).

      • Read 1000 years of the Icelandic sagas and annals and see for your self Icecaps were smaller around 1300AD Glaciers have always been on the move. and remember they never used the Greenland and Iceland Ice drill cores that tells allt the weather stories for last thousands of years on our northern hemisphere N 60°

    • Here is what happened. For a long time, nobody in the skeptic camp really talked about a weather event proving or supporting anything. Neither did the warmers for a time, since they claimed that the signature for global warming, based on their computer models, would be a rise in evening temperatures in the higher latitudes (Canada). (Not kidding). When this didn’t happen, some of the more impatient proponents of AGW began to talking about climate change and “weather weirding” as evidence of the impact of CO2 on weather. Not long ago a snow drought one year in the Alps was widely claimed to be due to climate change. Not long ago Senator Leahy from VT filed a lawsuit against Exxon for a predicted lack of snow in VT and damage to the VT ski industry. Not long ago a typical drought in the NE USA was ascribed to climate change. A bad hurricane season (after years of mild seasons) was ascribed to climate change drive by CO2.
      And, in recent years, the proponents of AGW have attempted to hurt, professionally and financially, people who are skeptics. It is very nasty out there. They have been very successful.
      So, as a result, skeptics have taken to mocking the proponents. For example, the proponents love to make dire predictions to scare the public, and when those predictions don’t come true, those alarmist are a fair target for mockery.

      • Read 1000 years of the Icelandic sagas and annals and see for your self Icecaps were smaller around 1300AD Glaciers have always been on the move. and remember they never used the Greenland and Iceland Ice drill cores that tells allt the weather stories for last thousands of years on our northern hemisphere N 60°

    • Yes, Ivan, but plenty of people here have already said what you said. This is just a bit of news that relays the silliness of the climate claims.

      • Ivan, you seem to have made the same mistake you accuse us of making. One year of warm means CAGW is real, but a 2 month snow storm in Switzerland means nothing?
        The article you linked to states that 2017 was not the hottest year. If CAGW was real, virtually every year would be a new hottest year. But so far, we have just had the usual ups and downs. 2018 is starting out rather cool. What will that mean to your theories?

      • ivan, the claim that you look at the evidence is quite laughable.
        First off, the first 3 months of the year still had an el nino boost, so that’s lie number one.
        Second, we are still recovering from the little ice age, so the fact that’s warmed a tiny bit is not surprising. That’s lie number 2.
        Third, we’ve only had somewhat accurate numbers for temperature for the last 30 years, the late 70’s were the coldest time in the last 100 years, so warming up from that isn’t surprising. That’s lie number 3.
        The so called record was only set by a few thousandths of a degree. We only know the temperature to a little bit less than a tenth of a degree, so the claim that it’s warmest or almost warmest is a meaningless claim. that’s lie number 4.
        I’ll stop there so that you can have time to recover.

      • Jeff, like the rest of the acolytes, he’ll just go back to screaming that one or two years means nothing.

      • PS: I’ve noticed that Ivan has admitted that he uses warm spells as proof of global warming.

      • Ivan kinsman, if you are SO sure that warming is taking place, are you outside your cave wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flipflops and enjoying the heat? If not, why not?
        If not, does that mean that you never leave your cave, or that you never go outside unless you’re forced to for some unknown reason?
        Just askin’ because I’ve already shoveled two full inches of wet snow off my front steps and may have to shovel more by tomorrow morning. Not an issue for me. I have many, many decades of shoveling all kinds of stuff under my belt.

      • Sorry Ivan , but 2017 did have a significant remnant effect from the El Nino, so even the title of your link, which nobody will ever bother following is manifestly WRONG
        But that is just you, ivan
        Always manifestly wrong.

      • Ivan as usual blusters all over the place. Long ago I showed him the IPCC long failed PER DECADE warming predictions, he refuses to accept the evidence I presented which were from the IPCC website and Satellite data.
        He is isn’t here to debate.

    • The link you provided has a slight problem, it talks about the USA, it seems to have forgotten Europe, Russia, China, Japan Turkey, Greece
      Need I go on?
      It is not just “local weather”, this is both Northern & Southern Hemispheres.
      But it is still just weather – for now.

    • Don’t complain. It was Warmists like you who first started using spells of hot weather as evidence for AGW.

    • ivankinsman
      “It is idiotic to link single weather events to climate change and anyone with any knowledge about this subject knows it.”
      Explain that to the Guardian. And the New York Times. And CNN and the BBC. And Al Jazeera. And MSNBC. Every degree above average (however defined) is ‘global warming’ and every new cold record is ‘weather’.
      The sheer stupidity of claiming that every warm day is “proof of climate change (global warming)” caused by “Man” is hard to capture. What impossible thing will we hear tomorrow? That the earthquake off the coast of Alaska was “caused by man-made climate change”? Don’t be surprised when you hear it. They really are that stupid.

      • What you sceptics never refer to is where a the CO2 goes? All the smog in cities that is proven to be adverse to health just seems to mysteriously vanish into thin air. It’s all wonderfully soaked up or absorbed or dissipated and so no problems with producing unlimited pollution because it will all just magically disappear. How absurd is this thinking?

      • Once again, finding himself on the losing end of a debate, ivan determines that his only choice is to lamely attempt to change the subject.

      • Smog is NOT CO2 Ivan
        Why do you insist on parading you continued monumental ignorance.?
        It is truly embarrassing for you.
        But I guess it is all you have.

      • Smog is not CO2.
        For the most smart smog is dissipated and over time it is broken down.
        CO2 on the other hand is eventually taken up by plants and used to make the green stuff that us animals eat.

    • ivan,
      The difference is the Alarmists are seriously attempting propaganda on stupid people when they make weather as climate claims.
      Skeptics say it as a form of humor and derision at the Alarmist hypocrisy when the tables are turned.

    • If weather and climate are not related and one weather event does not count, then why are the “serious scientists” writing papers on how global warming made the cold colder, the hot hotter, the wildfires wilder, etc. Warmists USE weather as climate all the time. They only seem to object if others do it. A bit of the usual hypocrisy.
      If weather is not global warming, then what is? If global warming doesn’t change weather and make things warmer, what does it do? The theory says “more heat”. So more cold seems to be contraindicated in the formula. More heat=more cold? I can’t see how that works. In the real world, it looks like climate is doing what it always has and so has weather.

      • Nice cherry picking you got there. Did your Mom help you pick it?
        Yes, it has warmed up since the bottom of the Little Ice Age. Thank God for that.
        However most of that warming started long before CO2 started increasing. Funny that.
        Longer term, it’s been cooling down for the last 5000 years. Yet you want us to ignore all that and pretend that only the last 100 years matters.

      • No Ivan, long term trends put the planet very much at the cold end of the current interglacial.
        We are blessed to live in what could most aptly be called the Modern SLIGHTLY warm Period.
        More warming would be a blessing , especially with the current CO2 slightly enhanced atmosphere.

      • Ivankinsman: “A warming planet”. What does that mean? If more snow and more heat waves and more drought and more flooding are all part of it, what good is the theory? It can’t predict anything other than the anomaly from the global average temperature, gridded and infilled, is slowly going up. I can’t see how that can matter. We still just know things change. Nothing more.

    • Triggered snowflake much?
      It is delicious Monty-Python-hilarious irony to see climate alarmists struggling to make their CO2 AGW assertions when flying their CO2 spewing private jets into a resort where they are buried 10 feet deep in fresh and falling snow. Not laughing would be ‘idiotic’…. seriously!

      • It is a paradox but this also applies to the huge wealth gap, globalisation and a host of other issues. And what has ten feet of snow got to do with anything … It is mid-winter here in Europe and Davos is high up on the mountains. And we’ve already talked about weather and climate being different.

    • “And then I read c**p like this…”
      you say as you introduce your link.
      DOH !!
      We KNOW the links are to base-level crap, no need to tell us. !

  10. “allowed three hours at midday on Monday to travel from her hotel to the uncrowded registration center nearby and then a few blocks to the conference. But because of the gridlock, she was a half-hour late”: I’m astonished that a pedestrian got gridlock. Or was a keen Global Warmer really expecting to sit on her arse in motor transport to travel just a few blocks?

    • Al G is famous for using limos to drive a few blocks, then having the limo idle with the AC on while he gives his speech so that it will be cool for his return trip.

    • Ah! The limo arrival. Yes, you see, if you walk there, it means you aren’t important.
      It does mean you’re lazy, but if someone else is paying for it (desperate! please donate!) then it doesn’t matter as long as you look important.

    • About the pedestrian gridlock in Davos: I just read reports they have decided NOT to use salt to deice the pavements, due to environmental concerns…
      They normally use grit + salt, and because of too much snow the grit alone is pretty useless. Of course when using grit with salt the effect would be much better. And because of too much snow the shoveling of snow to the sides is less helpful.
      So the streets in Davos are treated (kind of cleared) but they are white, slippery from flattened snow and ice. With no salt sadly. http://photostock.newsmonkey.be/photo/02/13/73/41.jpeg
      It is not so bad in Davos really ( 😉 ) with just 1.6 meters of new snow over the last 6 days (plus 20 to 40 cm last night, so about 1.8m to 2 m in total), other places have even more snow and no place left dispose of the shoveled snow…
      Yesterday there was new heavy snow fall in middle/south Switzerland and western Austria, with alarming reports of several meters (2 to 3) fairly common. One report even claimed 7 meters (21+ feet) but that is probably just build up from earlier days. But several meters of snow so that you can’t look out of your windows is commonly reported.
      Avalanche danger is at 4 or 5 (max) in most places, resulting in closure of all the skislopes in several of those places yesterday (today many are open again after lots of hard work). But avalanche danger is still quite high (or max), not just off-piste but near many popular prepared slopes and roads. So some pistes will still be closed and several places and villages like Zermatt are still inaccessible.
      Others reports say that it now takes about 2 hours to get from 12 km away to Davos by car, due to snow buildup etc. So perhaps she didn’t start out from Davos itself? Starting from much farther away may take much longer than just two hours.
      Railway is open (AFAIK no longer closed) hence several dignitaries have taken the train, not car to arrive. Bigger helicopters are not allowed due to avalanche danger, just the smaller ones. Which may be an issue for the Trump entourage (as they are said to usually use the much bigger & louder types of helicopter).

  11. It isn’t accurate, people just don’t understand, that’s not the metric …

    That’s the mantra of Marxists everywhere. The proletariat is too stupid to understand theory. The only way forward is to lie to them and get them riled up.
    The test of someone who actually understands something is whether they can explain it to everyman. The Marxists admit they can’t do that. That means they either don’t understand their own theory or that the theory is BS the uneducated will easily see through.

      • ‘Educated’ isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Where you’d think that an education would train your critical thinking skills, it often does the opposite. The educated liberal elite have unwavering faith in others of their kind. In that light, they usually do not subject expert opinion to any kind of critical thinking at all. They are …

        … members of a well-educated elite that massages its own technocratic vanities while utterly missing the big question of the day. link

      • As a wise man once said, education can make an uneducated person educated, but not a stupid person smart.

      • “men are born ignorant, not stupid. It is the education that turn them
        Ascribed to G. Berkeley, B. Russel, M.Twain (and many other I guess)

  12. Hillary intended to install a War Room for Global Warming in the White House:
    I can just see all those real-time monitors on the wall now. Here’s what it will be like the first day of operation:
    Hillary: “I don’t get it, nothing seems to be changing on any of these screens!”
    Technician: “Um, madam president, climate change doesn’t happen instantly.”
    Hillary: “What are you talking about!? Al Gore and Bill McKibben both told me that that can see it happening right NOW!”
    Technician: “Er, madam president, the standard baseline for measuring climate is 30 years. Changes don’t happen instantly. Weather changes on the short term, not climate.”
    Hillary: ” Don’t give me that crap! The best scientific minds, Mike Mann and James Hansen, and Al Gore all told me I could see it happening! My friend, Senator Debbie Stabenow, says she can feel it when she’s flying! Your systems just aren’t working!”
    Technician: “Madam president, as you ordered, we have all the climate change metrics on display, GISS, HadCRUT, BEST, NOAA, NSIDC, we have all the IPCC models on display, including RCP 8.5, plus Al Gore’s TRIANA satellite, looking straight at Earth and giving a live feed.These all monitor the climate of Earth.”
    Hillary: “Well if your fancy named systems are so good, why can’t I see the climate changing NOW!? Gore told me I could watch it happening from space! All this money, and for what? I can’t see anything happening!”
    Technician: “Madam president, as I tried to explain earlier, climate change is slow, on periods of 30 years, and….”
    Hillary: “DON’T YOU LECTURE ME ABOUT WHAT I ALREADY KNOW!!!! Al Gore says I will be able to see it! Bill McKibben says I will be able to see it. Even that little weasel Joe Romm says I’ll be able to see it! Do you think you are smarter than these people!?”
    Technician: [long pause] “um, …”
    Hillary: “I’ve watched real time feeds all over the planet! I’ve watched people being taken out in hellholes you can’t even imagine! And you can’t do this simple thing?”
    Technician: [longer pause] “well, as I …”
    Hillary: “NEVER MIND! [dials cell phone] Podesta? I need my own server again! These idiots setup all these screens to show climate change and nothing is happening! What!? No I don’t care about timelines! Make it happen!!!!”
    Hillary: [mumbles to herself] “I’m surrounded by idiots…”

  13. …Hillary: “I don’t get it, nothing seems to be changing on any of these screens!”

    Technician:… If I phone up GISS I can get the climate to change in any direction at any speed. Which way would you like?

    • Dodgy
      That makes me think of the old “reliable auditor” joke:
      Hillary: “What temperature is it outside?”
      GISS: “What temperature do you want it to be? We have a team standing by.”
      Hillary: “How fast is the world warming?”
      GISS: “How fast do you want it to warm? We are here to help.”

  14. Or maybe the people of Davos are tired of AlGorical and his GloBull Warming telling their kids they won’t know what snow is. Wonder if the 6 feet of non-CAGW snow is delaying AlGorical’s arrival at the Davos Meeting. Who knows, that could be a blessing in disguise!

    What do you mean by “obvious”? There is evidence to suggest that the current reduction of Arctic ice was the same or greater in the 1930’s. The start of the satellite record seems to have coincided with a “local maximum” in ice coverage. What calamity do you foresee that causes you to worry so much about Arctic ice cover?

  16. This snowfall? This is nothing! the March 2015 Boston snowstorm had an accumulated total of 108.6 inches (9 feet to you math non-whizzes).
    Looks like the Davos snow will be great powder for skiers.

  17. “It isn’t accurate, people just don’t understand, that’s not the metric”.
    Word salad. When Warmunists go off-script, that is the result.

    • The selection of any metric requires a defined service standard. It also requires a defined precision and accuracy so as to constrain the result within the standard needed to provide that service.
      I am not convinced she understands what a metric selection entails, nor what the one provided to her implies.

    • You’d think that the Snow Queen would dump more on the conference center where they’ll all gather and snow them in. It would not bother me a bit f they were snowed in and had to go to the rooftops to escape, while the rest of the town of Davos hummed along meeting skiers and tourists who are there for the powder.

      • Dump snow then spray it down with water. Old Chicago trick for getting even with somebody that steals your parking space, which you spent an hour shoveling out: hose their car down and ice them in for the duration.

      • Oh, gee, I have NEVER heard of such a thing! How dreadful!! I always liked the notices posted to ‘get your car off the street because we’re plowing’ but no suggestion where to take the car. So many winters finding my car doors buried in snowplow slush… so glad I no longer live in that city.

  18. It is almost like we are living in “The Matrix ” and the program is changing the weather to make the Global Warmunists look as stupid as possible.
    OK, I know that weather is not climate, but the Warmunists are always the first to pounce on any extreme weather event and attribute it to microscopic Global Warming.

  19. Everyone knows that there is a causal relationship between the appearance of Al Gore and cold weather. When he shows up, it snows on global warming marches. When he shows up at beautifully staged anti-Trump rallies, the giant crowds of screaming lefties are pelted with freezing rain. When Al Gore arrives at YOUR political rally, you had best be prepared to deal with inclement weather. Climate scientists cannot exactly say why Al Gore has this effect on the weather. They only know he does. Some faith based groups believe it has something to do with an intelligent, omnipotent creator with a sense of humor gently trying to persuade Mr. Gore to exhibit a modicum of humility.

  20. One commenter complained about using this weather event to say global warming is not real. One weather event doesn’t disprove it, no. However, if these are the smarter people in the world, know everything about weather and climate, why do the fools have global warming meetings at a SKI RESORT???? I’m seeing “clueless” on all this and good reason to doubt the whole mess.

    • Davos meeting were meetingsy not about initiallym about climate. The locale offered skiing and good food, etc., in order to tempt bigshots to attend.

      • Perhaps they should have picked a more temperate location with great food and recreation where there would be no chance of snow (okay, this year that would tough), in case global warming comes up, which it always does.

  21. There was a big arctic melt in 1817 as reported by whalers returning from the hunt, not pseudo-scientists staring into computer screens and gorging on government grants. Explain please.

  22. What I want to know is…
    What happens to the Stevenson Screens when there’s more than 1.25 meters (or
    2 meters of snow fall) at the site of these screens?
    Do observers dig out the screen so it properly registers temperatures and dew
    Will we see a slew of “interpolated” data coming from Switzerland, Austria, Italy,
    Germany and France? What about the ones that have been buried by the
    white stuff in the US and Canada ?
    Does someone go out and clear the multiple inches of snow off the top of box
    after a major snowfall?
    The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) agreed standard for the height of the
    thermometers is between 1.25 m (4 ft 1 in) and 2 m (6 ft 7 in) above the ground.

    • At a manned weather station you just shovel that white stuff away. It is a real problem for robot stations that after a while start measuring the temperature down in the snow which is only good for long-term averages since snow is an excellent insulator.

  23. No mention of the skiing at Davos. How many lifts are operating? Probably none due to excessive snow caused by climate change. If I were at the conference, I would probably just ski and forget about the meetings.

  24. “Davos, normally 10.000 inhabitants, is guarded by 7000 – police and Swiss army and airforce.”
    What about the Navy? Are the sails and oars iced up?

  25. Al Gore must be lurking around there some where .
    Nice to see the kids will know what snow is for at least one more year .

  26. What we do understand is the science has never been evaluated by those not benefiting from the lavish grants the theory has generated for them. We also understand that so many of the areas covered by climate science have people far far more skilled than them in individual areas like the noise filtering of the data and the subsequent pattern analysis to get the pattern of normal climate. Most important of all we understand that the data does not have the proper calibration networks that check the temperatures surrounding a sample of the stations to ensure that the figure it produces is meaningful average within the accuracy claimed.
    in short we do understand that climate scientists are not very good at their job.

  27. snow is all about…
    VIDEOS: 22 Jan: InTheSnow: Patrick Thorne: Resorts in the Alps Head Towards Record Snowfall Stats
    Resorts reported up to 3.3m (11 feet) of snow in the 7 days to Sunday and the number of resorts passing the 4m snow depth total on upper slopes has continued to grow with Andermatt, Flaine, Laax, La Rosiere, Les Arcs, Murren, Saas Fee, St Anton and Verbier all now having more than 4 metres of snow on their upper runs.
    Engelberg now reports a 625cm (21 feet) base and Crans Montana a 6.5m (22 feet) base on their upper slopes, the deepest in the Alps for some years.
    Courchevel says it has had 549cm of snowfall this season so far, the most since the 1979-80 season…

  28. It is interesting that when Mammoth Mountain had nine meters of snow last January on the mountain, there was no hoohah, but six meters on the Swiss mountain tops and two meters at 1500m above sea level and a hoohah erupts.
    Noone at Ice Age Now suggested last year that Mammoth resort would be covered in ice in 20 years, but American bloggers say that European resorts are finished this January. Now I wonder why that would be? Americans wanting to buy up European Real Estate? They never want the whole world, do they? It is only Russians that want that…
    I wonder how much snow Mammoth has had this season so fat? Ooh, would that be under 100 inches, possibly heading for a record low?
    I wonder what happened in 1982/3 in Austria after the mega winter of 1981/2 (which was preceded by 30cm of snow in alpine valleys n July 15th, 1981)? Ooh, it was mild, almost no snow before Christmas, little snowfall after the first week in February in Salzburgerland.
    And has there been an Ice Age since?
    Of course not.
    But if Americans can lie again and again to try and buy up European Real Estate, who cares eh?
    The Europeans. They see it as unfriendly, a lack of leadership, a lack of respect.

  29. From the article:
    “Linda P. Fried, the dean of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health…to give her speech. The topic had been the health risks that arise from climate change.
    “I’ve been coming for eight years and this is the worst I’ve seen it,” she said. But she bristled when asked whether some — like perhaps President Trump — might question the incongruity of discussing global warming during a blizzard. “It isn’t accurate, people just don’t understand, that’s not the metric,” she said.
    Question for Linda Freid: What then is THE metric. Over the past decade-plus, everyone posting here has heard one professed expert after another say that dwindling snow cover is evidence of the claims they’ve made concerning AGW theory. We all know Alfonse Gore’s comments. (He will be there this year. Perhaps he can straighten her our on this, or her him?). So why now, after so many such comments from the activist and sci-activist experts specifically on this point should we take her word for this not being a significant metric? I realize I’m preaching to the converted, but if anyone knows Linda, please ask her this. Cheers.

  30. Study also the drill cores from Greenland and Iceland that tell the weather history last thousand years and Al Gore did not want publicized. We in the North of 60° are still waiting for some of that global warmth or if you will Climate change.

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