France24: US Climate Scientists Emigrating to France

President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron. Macron photo by, CC BY 4.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

French government broadcaster France24 claims President Macron’s offer of fifty grants is luring climate scientists away from the US to work in France.

US researchers flock to join Macron’s climate change project

Latest update : 2017-12-13

Eighteen climate scientists, 13 of them based in the United States, were on Monday named the first beneficiaries of the research grants linked to French President Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” project, which will see them relocate to France.

“The selected projects are of very high standards and deal with issues that are particularly important,” the jury said in a statement, noting its members had received a total of 1,822 applications, of which 1,123 came from the US. A second round of laureates will be announced “during the course of the spring of 2018”, it said.

In all, a total of 50 research grants will be handed out, lasting a minimum of three years and worth between €1 million and €1.5 million each.

Among Monday’s 18 laureates were senior researchers from prestigious US universities, including Venkatramani Balaji from Princeton, Nuria Teixido from Stanford University and Louis Derry from Cornell University. Although the vast majority of the laureates are currently based in the US, they also include researchers from Canada, India, Italy, Poland and Spain.

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I don’t believe most climate research and government sponsored energy projects yield sufficient benefit to justify public funding, but it is possible to oppose public funding, yet still feel sorry for people who are about to lose their jobs.

If France is happy to step into the breach, who are we to argue? The French people set their own priorities. I’m glad US climate scientists on the brink of losing their funding have other options.

US climate scientists worried about their financial future should accept the generous French offer before the offer is withdrawn, or the French grant quota is filled.


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Carl Friis-Hansen

Maybe not so bad, the US get less to deal with regarding political biased science and less expenses.
I would even think it would be great if Swedish and Danish likewise political biased scientists would go to France. In that way we collect them all in one country.


What happened to the old mantra, “France is for the French?” Are they trading ‘mantra’ for ‘dogma’, do you reckon?


Macron is a globalist. France is too small for him.

M Seward

Wasn’t Napoleon a ‘globalist’?

Harry Passfield

Would they all claim asylum, or would they be joining one?

D. J. Hawkins

All coming from one.

george e. smith

“””””….. yet still feel sorry for people who are about to lose their jobs. …..”””””
In order to lose your job, you have to have a job in the first place.

Digging holes in the road, then using the dirt to fill the hole in the road, does not qualify as a job.

Most people who do have jobs, create more wealth for everybody than they are paid for their work.

In the US, the Constitution (Article I section 8 list 17 things the Congress is authorized to do, and we don’t mind paying some taxes to have those services needed by all; such as defending the Country.

But we don’t need to be paying for the terminally unemployable who are perfectly capable of working at productive enterprises.




As I tell my kids, whatever you choose to do in life needs to add/provide value to others. The standard, albeit one dimensional, measure of value is (essentially) your paycheck. You want to be an artist (as an offhand example)? Fine. Just understand that your paycheck will reflect the value you are adding to people’s lives. My recommendation, seek to do something that you can quantitatively AND qualitatively ensure adds value. Your life will be fuller and richer when you maximize both of these.


Ill Tempered Klavier

Well, I made a pretty good living building and repairing roads. The year before I retired, I grossed $78,000 running a hot mix asphalt plant. The years I spent chasing artistic fulfillment, fame, and the wild dollar sign banging out beer joint boogie, not nearly so much. Doesn’t mean I put Barney, my faithful B-3, out to pasture. Still love to crank him up and wail. Just needed to find another way to buy my beans without going to work at the Chicken Ranch.


Good riddance to bad rubbish.


My thought exactly!


How can we miss them if they won’t go away?


Hooray for us !

Leonard Lane

Is there any way to have them live permanently in France? Would be a great service to the USA.

George Lawson

It will help to clean out the swamp and provide the opportunity to bring real science back to the USA

Paul Johnson

At last, some legitimate “climate refugees” fleeing the rising tide of climate skepticism in America.


1. How can we make sure all the global warmists leave?
2. How can we make sure they don’t come back?

Chris Riley

We could encourage them to leave by offering to buy back their citizenships. We could discourage them from returning by imposing severe penalties for returning to the U.S. for any reason.


Plus we can finance real scientific research without political bias.


The ULTIMATE corruption of science. !!

USA gains,

France loses.. yet again.

Andy Pattullo

I don’t recall, is climate science the oldest profession or is it something else? I know it had something to do with providing whatever outputs the payer desires.


“I don’t recall, is climate science the oldest profession or is it something else?”

Oldest profession indeed. Only, in older times, instead of calling it climate “science”, they called it entrail reading, climate prophecy, future divination. Same old thing, just new name.


I thought the oldest profession was prostitute, and the second-oldest, brewer. 😉


Well, the film indicated prostitution was the oldest profession.
But did hunting predate that?
Or butchery/cooking/gathering/even basic medicine?

Do we know the mechanics of early Pleistocene family groups well enough to say?
Or did they all co-evolve?


Timo Vähälä



Is there a GoFundMe page where I can contribute to the purchase price of their tickets???

No worries, the taxpayers of France have got it covered.


It is is beautiful. It’s like the Golgafrinchan B ark!

I suspect there will be a departure celebration with most of the US at the airport waving goodbye to these deluded, greedy sods.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to them after the 3 year term is over. Politicians don’t encourage immigrants, even highly educated ones, without a follow on plan for them.

Le (La?) McDonalds perhaps?


The socialists of France are betting on Trump only having 1 term. After that, they believe the migrant climate workers will return as heroes to the New Peoples Republic of America. I think they don’t understand the USA.

Taxi driving! Oh wait, it might be driverless taxis by then. In Paris? Could be interesting!


Now cancel there passports while they are away 🙂


Apart from sucking government teats, those climate scientologists are not even “fit to clean the toilets in the Barack Obama Presidential Library”., to reuse the USA Today lines.

Carbon BIgfoot



Or is it Mcdo?

Similar in France as their language absorbs more English [of whatever branch of the language]; I am sure that they will soon have ‘fudge’, ‘diversionary comments’ and – possibly ‘fr4uD’. Possibly.

Still, I welcome the relocation of these folk from US funding – let’s drain the swamp.
Now – on this side of the Ditch –
Pity no Government minister here seems to think we have a marshy area here – let alone a swamp needing draining.



The English language absorbs other languages. It’s powerful, yet flexible enough to do so.

The French, on the other hand, have, I believe, a language police, ensuring French language purity.

I’m grateful I’m an English speaker and that I accept the evolution of our language.

No wonder my English compatriots recall Agincourt, with the two fingered expression of defiance for the French practise of cutting off the index and forefingers of captured bowmen.

We beat the French in many battles over the years, and they were the sworn enemy of the English.

But come WW1 and WW2, we stood fast and fought with them against the Hun.

So now they betray the UK.

Treacherous little frogs.

michael hart

It’s always Christmas somewhere for climate scientists.
Having said that, it’s not impossible that the research they do might even be good and useful. We’d need to see the specifics of what exactly is being funded.


Congrats, Macron and Trump! This will increase the average intelligence in both countries. 🙂


Now that was funny!

Phillip Wayne Townsend

Yes funny, even if borrowed from Will Rogers. Originally about the Okies moving to California “increasing the intelligence of both places.” 🙂


I combined KM and Phillip Wayne Townsend’s posts:
comment image

Andrew Burnette

Funny! Win-win.


D’oh – I combined KM and Phillip Wayne Townsend’s and Gabro’s posts.

Gary Hagland

Am not so sure the average IQ of France will improve.


At long last, the predicted first climate change refugees!

Luke of the D

You are absolutely correct! The alarmists said there would be CC refugees… and they were actually right for once!


And score again! I didn’t know there were so many budding comedians on this site. Too funny! And yet absolutely true!


Our most skilled dead-pan satirist hasn’t even showed up yet.


What do you call 50 climate scientists moving to France? A good start.


Only 50? Pity.

Jeff Wilson

The God of Socialism is calling its people home. Amen comrade.


Something is wrong here though.

This Macron guy is going to create a worldwide “Climate scientist Gap”. Socialists are supposed to get rid of “Gaps” … achievement gaps … income gaps … gender gaps … science knowledge gaps. They usually can’t stand other peoples gaps (Its odd though, as they do seem to like their own personal gaps). But in this case, the spiteful Macron wants to expand a gap … he wants to stand over there in France and say “Look at your great big empty Gap, aren’t you jealous that I’ve filled my Gap to the point that it is overflowing?”

If he were a true and good global socialist he would acknowledge that the U.S.A. has a significant Political Policy GAP that is based on a Science Knowledge GAP, and he would be paying for & sending all climate experts to the U.S.A..

Mr. Macron is a bad socialist, and he is over-gapping his own country.


I am not sure M. Macron is a socialist.

He strikes me as being fairly similar to one Anthony Blair – late of this parish, but now, seemingly – at Drawing All Faiths Together – DAFT – a being of pure energy, albeit with some (considerable) physical property.
Interested in Power for himself – if not at all sure what to do with it.

Macron may seem to want to drag Socialist France back from the featherbedding of ‘workers’ -but mI am not sure that he has the backbone . . . . .



50 grants @ $2 million each…..that buys a lot of propaganda


Climate scientists, as practiced by the Greens, is the buggy whip industry of the 21st Century.

F. Leghorn

If gore-et al got their way the world would need buggy whips again.


Don’t speak of “climate scientists” in this regard.
I only see a bunch of money-grubbing clueless and lip-sync morons.


Well, they can’t say they don’t follow the money!


Dr. Seuss had an interesting poetic parable about such charlatans. It was titled “Star Bellied Sneetches”. A few stanzas hit the nail spot on:

“My friends”, he announced in a voice clear and clean,
“My name is Sylvester McMonkey McBean.
And I’ve heard of Your troubles. I’ve heard you’re unhappy.
But I can fix that, I’m the Fix-It-Up Chappie.

I’ve come here to help you.
I have what you need.
And my prices are low. And I work with great speed.
And my work is one hundred per cent guaranteed!”

Having got away with their appalling behaviour in the US, it may be a very big shock to find that others work in different ways. And given the speed at which they go to court, I would be very interested to know the difference between French and US libel laws.


What’s the tax rate on the grant awards or is that too much detail to ask?


Presumably, the grant money, minus any provable business expenses, is ordinary income.


Another win for Trump, let French taxpayers waste their money on fake science

Shawn Marshall

Wonder why France, with all its nukes, would want to inflate the price of electricity through carbon alarmism? Germany, the Frogs are putting you in a pot on slow simmer.

Mark from the Midwest

Interesting observation, you may be on to something.

Personally, I prefer my frog legs deep fried, Baton Rouge style, with a bit of hot sauce. The traditional French approach tastes too much like chicken with a lot of butter.


I believe that the French nuclear power plants are approaching their “use-by” dates and would have to be decommissioned anyway. The sin here is that France, having shown how to use nuclear to generate much of its power, is replacing the nuclear plants with undispatchable renewables.

Nigel S

This looks like an oportunity for the new Disney/Fox to shoot a witness protection/culture clash/conspiracy theory comedy. The Family/The Hundred-Foot Journey/Chocolat/Arlington Road/A Beautiful Mind. But who would play the ususal suspects?

Mark from the Midwest

Gil Bellows acting clueless, Terry O’Quinn as the lovable con-man, and Chris Heyrdahl doing his best “what! me? you’ve got to be kidding!”

Mark from the Midwest

Clarification!!! Gil Bellows, as an actor, acting clueless, which he pulls off very well. In real life he is anything but clueless.

Alan Watt, Climate Denialist Level 7

Attention Emigrating Climate Scientists: Unless you renounce US citizenship you are still required to file US Federal tax returns and pay taxes on your income, even if 100% is earned from activities outside the US.


However, one can deduct any taxes paid overseas, which might well be higher (personal experience). Maybe we should persuade the Congress to cut this “loophole” out in the tax-reform bill? Nah, it would hurt too many guiltless US ex-pats.

Apparently no one really believes the “Settled science” claim about global warming. Considering
the pathetic state of the science after the billions spent on research over the past 20 years,
Macron is making a political, not scientific, statement here. And a cheap one at that – a piddling $50 million over 3 years, $17 million per year. What a cheapskate. I predict wonderfully irrelevant results
from the politicized scientists who accept this offer.

Les francais are of course world leaders in cuisine.
However they have acknowledged their need of international help in learning to cook the climate, butter up the back-radiation, saute the sea level rise, parboil the parameters, frappe the feedback, dress the downwelling IR, macerate the measurements of temperature, …

Nigel S

One of the Americans is Camille Parmesan apparently, a superb case of nominative determinism (h/t Grounds Keeper Willie).

Camille Parmesan (climate poster-girl)
comment image

any connection with Camille Paglia? (feminist)
comment image?w=1200

Bryan A

When I read the first poster, i misread it as Camille Paramecium

Ill Tempered Klavier

Nah, she’s just cheesy, not a protozoan. 😉 😉


Plus lots.
A good guffaw!



Don’t let the door hit ya……


It is a clever ploy by the French!
They will cherry pick the best Climate scientist,(small,S).
The one most likely to attract the most funding,
Then claim to be the most progressive world saving country.


France is rapidly falling. France will soon become the case study of how to completely destroy a once great Nation by following sanctimonious liberal ideology. During the Dark Ages France had Charles Martel to save them. There are no more Charles Martels left in Europe.

Unsurprisingly, Macron’s scheme is not universally popular in France. says in part:

But while France’s national research agency, the CNRS (Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique), is patting itself on the back over the sheer number, as well as the high quality, of the applicants, some French researchers are critical of the project, describing it as nothing but a PR stunt pulled by the president to boost France’s image abroad. The expertise already exists but the funding for such research in France is scarce.

“We already have very gifted researchers in France, especially in the domain that deals with global warming. Some of them are members of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which proves we have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to our scientific performance,” Olivier Berné, an astrophysicist at CNRS, told FRANCE 24 in an interview. Instead, Berné said, the government should invest in “a fairer and more ambitious project when it comes to research and higher education in France”.

Berné also cast doubt on the government’s real motives behind the project. “These funds were already earmarked for future research programmes and so there was no particular effort on their part,” he said.

“We’re spending €60 million on a fairly non-pertinent project at a time when this money could have been better spent on, for example, universities,” he said. “For us, this is difficult to swallow, and it doesn’t correspond to the boost we were expecting [from the government]. If France is an attractive country with a high quality of scientific research, it’s because of the model we have – with permanent staff positions and which offers a certain quality of life. But this model is in danger today.”


“…with permanent staff positions and which offers a certain quality of life.”

Yes, a gilded life riding a socialist gravy train is great until OPM runs out.


RE: “the CNRS is patting itself on the back over the sheer number, as well as the high quality, of the applicants”
“High quality” eh? – the French are in for a surprise of the disappointing kind!

John G.

Sacre bleu! France will have their climate change stopped in its tracks while ours will go on and on forever. Pauvre, pauvre Amérique.

Jim Masterson

Adios! As opposed to au revoir (I don’t want to meet them again).



They’re actually following the money. 😀

Tom Halla

Pity Michael Mann was not among the researchers leaving.

Andrew Burnette

Mann probably applied, but was not selected. Too much bs in that resume.


He really should because he wanted trench warfare, we could have the Western Front again.

Tom Judd

One way airline tickets?

F. Leghorn

Is there such a thing as “half-way” airline tickets?

Is there a way to send the CAGW activists to France while we keep the climate scientists working on a better understanding of climate systems?


As a serious comment I haven’t seen many climate scientists who have the physics skill set to get a better understanding, you really need more hard science types. The consensus and political rubbish in the field is toxic and seems to be limiting hard science types entering the field.


France can waste money on whatever they want. C’est la vie.


Oh, and remember — climate science is strictly about the science and not at all influenced by money or politics.

Joe Crawford

More power to them. I just hope the proposals accepted by the French are in areas that really need studying, and that the academics involved are true scientists and not activists. There is still much of the Earth’s climate that is not yet, and may never be understood, but still worth studying.

Note that NONE of the very-scary predictions by the IPCC and its minions have ever proven correct. They have a perfectly NEGATIVE predictive track record, and thus NEGATIVE CREDIBILITY.

Write me a note when ONE of these fr@udsters makes ONE correct prediction about global warming, wilder weather, etc. I’ve been waiting for thirty years and they STILL have not got anything correct.

Quelle surprise!

Walter Sobchak

The article does not say that the “climate scientists” must move to France in order to collect their grants. Might they stay in the US, and still get their money? That would be terrible. For the US that is.


‘Eighteen climate scientists, 13 of them based in the United States, were on Monday named the first beneficiaries of the research grants linked to French President Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” project, which will see them relocate to France.’

So it’s true you’re getting rid of some CO2 exhalers and lowering your emissions and I can’t think of a better way of observing these international obligations can you?

Walter Sobchak

The lines you quoted did not say they were going to France. It said they are getting money from France. We can’t reduce our emissions of CO2 or bovine dejecta if they stay here.


English: Make Our Planet Great Again or MOPGA.

French: Rendre sa grandeur à notre planete, parfois abrégé or RSGANPPA



Don’t worry, the American tax system will know how to find you.


Do they need help packing?
And if it was a one-way journey how many do you think the get?


Maybe they will rever to the Réaumur scale to make it easier to fudge the data further.

Michael Jankowski

Ok, so the first – Venkatramani Balaji – is an “associate professor.” So maybe lack of tenure is an issue. Whatever.

The second – Nuria Teixido – has a page here where she states that she is “a research associate at Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples, Italy and a research visitor at Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University.” Disingenuous to refer to her as one of the “senior researchers from prestigious US universities” or “currently based in the US.”

The last – Louis Derry – did his post-doc in France. I don’t know if he has tenure yet, but he didn’t as of 2009, which was 13 yrs after joining the faculty at Cornell. Interestingly, he worked in the mining industry and also for Chevron, so he’s part eeeeeeeeevil.

Much ado about nothing. If they offered grant money for other fields, they’d have a good response.


Thanks for this info – I hadn’t recognized any of the names and was wondering where the truly great US climate scientists were.

David L. Hagen

France’s Climate Plan Making our planet great again
One highlight:

Climate change affects all French people. Actions to reduce emissions must be taken immediately. It is therefore important that everyone can immediately begin seeing the benefits for their quality of life that are associated with adapting our ways of life to our climate objectives.
Energy bills are the second largest regular expense in a household, and 1 in 5 households are experiencing energy poverty: we will make the thermal renovations of housing a national priority.
This is a virtuous source of energy saving that will improve our energy independence and reduce bills for French people, all while improving their quality of life and developing an efficient construction industry.


The Climate gangreen want to fight the heat of global warming by insulating homes to conserve…heat.
Scratch. Head.

David L. Hagen

Frederic Insulation is one of the most economic investments available. Economic optimum insulation is about double most recommendations. And with optimal insulation, the heat inside the building from lights and people provide most of the heat needed – so need to control ventilation rates. Note that with higher insulation, the outside balance temperature falls, reducing the conventional “heating degree days”.

Curious George

These grants will create a lot of jobs. The unemployment rate may even drop under 9% in a year or two. And France will be on a way to get a lot of Nobel Peace Prizes, Oscars, and many Palme d’Or.


Chances are a lot of these people will end up with a Palme d’Idiot once the EU funding runs out.


Hey! Are you in the Infinity War movie, or not?


Please, take our so-called climate scientists. Then don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Any one up for generating a list of candidates for the second round of Macron’s grand RSGANPPA? (See above at 2:44 PM for for translation.)


maybe a GoFundMe to raise money for their relocation?

Good news – don’t come back.

Bruce Cobb

This is just Macron’s way of helping Trump drain the swamp. How thoughtful!

Roger Knights

A funny PR move would be for Trump to donate some federal bucks (maybe Obama-legacy climate dollars) to Macron to expand his second round (for American designees).


Virtue signaling to the next level and good riddance.

David Ball

The steam generated by all of France;s nuclear power stations are going to scare the burning pants off those guys when they get there.


Doesn’t France already have a national hockey team?

Don K

France is probably a better choice for emigrant climate scientists than, say. Italy. The Italians have been known to indict and convict scientists who make inaccurate predictions. (Their manslaughter conviction was overturned on appeal).