BREAKING: Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat


This is encouraging news:

The Trump administration will reverse course from previous Obama administration policy, eliminating climate change from a list of national security threats. The National Security Strategy to be released on Monday will emphasize the importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection, according to a source who has seen the document and shared excerpts of a late draft.

“Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system,” a draft of the National Security Strategy slated to be released on Monday said. “U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

President Obama made climate change, and the burdensome regulations that accompany its focus, a primary focus of his administration, including in his National Security Strategy released in 2015. “[W]e are working toward an ambitious new global climate change agreement to shape standards for prevention, preparedness, and response over the next decade,” that report said.

“In some ways, [climate change] is akin to the problem of terrorism and ISIL,” Obama said at climate talks in Paris in 2015. During a weekly address, Obama said “Today, there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”

In September 2016, President Obama released a memorandum requiring federal agencies to consider the effects of climate change in the development of national security-related doctrine, policies, and plans. All of this alarmed critics concerned with more pressing security risks.


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UPDATE: This is what the National Security Strategy said in 2010, when “climate change” first appeared in it. It was mentioned 28 times in the document.



430 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump to remove ‘climate change’ as a national security threat

      • Yep! Good riddance to bad garbage. When first elected Trump declared that all agencies would have to eliminate two regulations for every new one put in place. An article a little while back said the actual count was running more like 16 eliminated for every one added – and this is a VERY good turn of events!!! That, and Congress and Trump have eliminated a bunch of other Obama regs that were pushed through last minute in Obama’s last year also. May this trend continue!!!

      • Thank God, we have the leader of the Free World(AMERICA) w/ common sense…Thank you very much, President are so on the right side!

      • “Climate Change”,animal rights,gay/lesbo/transvestite rights,wealthy, vs. middle income, vs. “poor” and every sub group and absurd cause are nothing more than vehicles for the Demo-marxist to use in attempts to divide the citizens against each other and subjugate the whole of the country.

      • USA already has an income tax law, which is not being followed.

        Look it up…
        “exempt income means any income” (use quotes)
        “income that is not considered tax exempt”
        ecfr g ov
        gpo g ov

      • That’s probably all it really is for you. The country could go to hell and you’d be happy because it undid something Obama did. I guess that’s why Republicans are known as fake patriots as well.

      • Michael, Republicans are known as “fake patriots” only to your own fetid self. Yes, it is gratifying to see President Trump (how I love the sound of that!) meticulously and methodically eliminating every trace of that despicable Marxist traitor’s so-called “legacy.” The Democrats might learn something by this; namely never to elect an anti-American, race-baiting ideologue to stick a finger in the eye of real Americans. But I doubt it. The Democrats are the modern face of communism. Bring back the HUAC!

    • “sanity prevails”

      And still the statists say President Trump is crazy.

      Had conversation with a psychologist friend of mine a few years ago.
      Asked him what effect it would have on the mind of children under the age
      of 18 if all their teachers told them the sky was green.
      Of course he had no answer. But he’s a statist.

      • The swamp (Repuubs/Dems) protects,promotes, encourages big government. The Northeast colleges have degrees for people, who have neither the creativity or adequate intelligence needed for the real world, to become denizens of the swamp.

      • WWS

        Sorry but I don’t determine a person’s sanity by what someone else says. I do it based on the personal observations I have made, not the observations that someone else has made.

      • When the economy soars and people in Detroit and Cleveland are going back to work, Trump and his party will easily be reelected. Hilary and Obama tried to kill the American economy with their anti business polices, never in history has the middle class had the degree of suffering. Trump may go down as loud and obnoxious but his policies are fantastic for the USA…Finally!

      • Biased, Politically motivated Liberal Scum who have no right to diagnose Trump have said that. The frauds should lose the licenses. But that is the evil of Liberalism.

    • Thank You President Trump! Now if you could do something about the Bird Killing Windmills that are as dumb as the electric wind-up golf cart cars. Or maybe just cut any government funding for them. Please do not spend my tax-dollars on that crap. If they are such a good idea let the liberals invest their own money on them.

      • Also the fact that each windmill can cost well over a million dollars and the ones near where I live cost $1.37 million each and require $20,000 plus in maintenance every 2 years! It takes them over 137 years to pay for themselves in terms of the electricity they generate. Only a lib would back such folly!

      • Big Amen!!! I hate those bird killing ugly windmills that can never justify a cost benefit. They are just corporate welfare for Obama cronies. Time for America and it’s citizens to grow up.

        • If renewable energy is such a silver bullet, let the market decide. Keep the tax payer’s taxes out of subsidies of nice sounding utopian ideas. Then, the concept will live or die on its own merits. Obama did the “investment” approach with Solyndra and numerous other renewable energy gambits, and everyone of them failed…government forced outcomes never work…costing the taxpayers billions. He advertised this as investing in renewable energy, but it was really a payback for several big donors (check the all the key names involved) to his campaigns. Renewable energy was only a vehicle not a solution to a problem.

      • Summer is stifling in the swamp, I suggest Trump write an executive order outlawing AC in All government buildings except the White House. It used to be that Washington nearly closed down in the summer months due to this blessing.

      • Pilot Dave
        Sadly it seems that at times many Conservatives act like liberals and comment without knowing the facts or accepting the facts from the fake news media. While not the most financially efficient way to generate electrical power, somewhat like solar power, the wind powered generators do have their place in the overall scope of providing electrical power. Some of our conservative friends however seem to have bought into the panic and fear mongering ‘facts’ and tactics and thus spew out statements that have no basis in real fact. Per the comic strip Pogo, “I has seed da enemy an day is us.”

      • Greg,

        You can over do the bird killing angle. The utility I work for owns the second largest amount of wind generation in the country. Avian fatalities average under 10 a year.

        If you want to argue about need for renewable or cost per kWh, find. Just be careful about false claims.

      • Thorium energy is the answer to most of our problems. I have been following YouTube on video’s on thorium this four minute video will get you started Thorium Energy in 4 Minutes ( They have hours of video’s that cover how it been pass over. It is political and corporations lining their pockets. The whole world would not need oil or coal for energy. I have to get off my soap box basically we are being scam by out leaders.

    • For eight years, a country wondering aimlessly in the wilderness, kneeling and kowtowing to the whims of petty dictators, Arab Kings and the Socialists of the world. Now we have an adult in charge. America first, everyone else second, a great country again…

      • Trump kneels to Putin far more than Obama knelt to any foreign leaders. The rest of the world is laughing at the US for our foolishness in electing him. Get a passport and go see for yourself.

        • Chris. You are delusional at best and a parrot of MSM hype. We’ve all seen where Obama bowed to other countries leaders as if he was not their equal and they were superior. We have Obama’s open mic comments where he said that after he was reelected they (he and Putin) would have more time to talk. We also have Secretary of State Clinton’s reset button kowtowing to Putin’s regime. Obama’s “Apologies Tour” made the USA the laughing stock and you cannot seriously think that gave us a great standing in the world. World leaders need to talk to eachother or at lease get along to some degrees on issues. With Candidate Trump saying Putin was a great leader is not saying they are “in bed together” as the leftist media painted that image. Trump was saying Putin was looking after Russian interests that is what all countries leaders should be doing…as Trump said during his campaign and as President. And I expect you to use your twisted logic to not understand this. That is how hatred blinds people from processing opposing information through irrationality. That applies to AGW and CC too.

      • ROFLMAO,

        You have a strange far-left imagination, Chris.

        Trump and Putin actually respect each other, and will be able to work well together to bring down the leftist globalist push. (try not to cry as the agenda is slowly destroyed, Chris)

        Obama was the one that Putin thought of as a weak insignificant little do-nothing loudmouth joke..

      • 8 years “in our face”, but decades in semi shadows before obama.

        That “Chris” fella—is the lack of reality that pours from our schools today. No offense Chris. We just went to different schools. One was freedom, the other one rules.

    • This is why the lies that promoted AGW matter. Obama et al were intending to ruin our economy based on what everyone knows is a lie.


        Bye bye Liberals…..suck up our dust! Merry Christmas to all Americans.

    • Liberalism, the DemocRAT party, and the media should be named national security threats along with communism, Islam, illegal immigration, MS-13 and Obamic terrorism.

      • Amen to that. It is all communist based and is the gravest threat to the US than has ever truly existed.

      • Named or not, a rapidly growing number of voting citizens are recognizing the toxicity of them.
        They are showing it every day now.

      • Soooo right my friend. And their socialist agenda. That is the biggest threat to the security of the U.S. and hence the world. Spend the country into oblivion and our country cannot help itself let alone any other country in the world. We will no longer be the world’s police force. The world devolves into chaos and war. Because stupid demon-crats and their dumb-o-crat followers.

    • All “global warming” (now “climate change”) is, is a sucker scam to eventually collect a worldwide carbon tax from everyone, effectively eliminating our right to decide anything about our lives. Things like air conditioning, the ability to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature, what cars we drive, and on and on will be gone. It is a globalist scheme to further take rights away from public citizens, and get rich in the meantime for those at the top of the globalist pyramid. People need to read more and not believe the swill that is now taught for truth in the schools and in the media.

    • Absolutely agree…..also, nice having a POTUS again that does not grovel at the feet of Middle East Royalty!

    • Finally bravo Mr. Trump! Too bad up here in Canada we are paying 5% for a carbon tax .. plus another 5% increase next year! LOL What a complete Joke… Climate Change??!!? Just another TAX … for the brain washed People LOL …

    • If anyone is interested in where obama got this insane notion about climate change and national threat it come from the fact that the continent of Africa suffers with the ever increasing lack of fresh clean drinking water, supposedly from climate change. But, instead of attacking the suffering head on this idiot attempted to change the course of an entire nation to combat the problem. Exactly the reason why the founding fathers prohibited a foreign national from becoming president.

  1. have any of you wondered want line of business some of these retired military officers get into? a few years ago I noticed that lots of gov’t money can be handed out to the companies these guys work for. most of the services would be in the nature of moving “aid” to areas through out the world which “may” be affected by some/any/kind-a-sort-a man made world event.

    • No, fight and reverse the EPA endangerment finding.
      That would drive the stake. Without reversal, it is too easy for a future president to so and revive the whole beast.

      This is what Sessions at Justice should be working on.

      • CO2 is not a pollutant. Reverse that unilateral EPA decision and they have no authority to regulate it in any way.

      • By all means, we should reverse the endangerment finding, for sure. But THEN also we need to withdraw the USA from the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC). That would also functionally withdraw the USA from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as well. That would do much more to drive some nails into the coffin of publicly funded indoctrination in CO2-based climate change hysteria. It might keep all teat-sucking, trough-slurping zombie vampires from rising from the grave, at least for a little while.

    • This announcement buys us 3-7 yrs to put a stake through it. Until we reduce the power and corruption of the federal beasts, CAGW authoritarianism is an election away…

    • I think the best thing they could do is also ask Gavin privately to predict what the global (UAH satellite) temperature anomaly will be 10 and 20 years after he retires. Then add the caveat that if his prediction is correct within a range of, say +/- 0.1 Celsius, his pension will be increased ten fold. If he is incorrect and misses the target badly (by, say, more than +/- 0.5 degrees on a running mean of ~5 years) then his pension will be halved, or worse.

      Other prominent climateers should also be made similar offers, with appropriate adjustments where necessary. The answers would probably cause many politicians eyes to widen.

      At the moment I see no real incentive for Gavin and Climate Inc. to be accurate and truthful, even with themselves. Nor is there any penalty for dishonesty or gross professional incompetence. The returns on such an investment could be of enormous benefit to the public purse and government policies. It could also go some way towards rescuing science in Universities and public institutions.

      • The real issue everyone is missing. We are always going to have Obamas and Clintons running for office. The problem are the outright fools that keep voting for them. After all PROOF that “man made” global warming/climate change is a hoax, there still millions of idiots who believe it. These people fall for every charlatan and scam that comes their way and “EVERYONE” of US has to pay the price for their gullibility and stupidity. It isn’t republicans VS democrats, it is the sane VS the insane. We must find a way to stop these idiot morons from wrecking our country. No one understands that if Trump had lost the election it would have meant the end of the USA as sovereign nation. The United States is overpopulated with domestic enemies hell bent on our destruction. They are the biggest threat to national security the US has, or will ever face.

      • Yeah, there are a lot of people in this country who are trying to undermine the U.S., for various reasons.

        The Radical Left won’t be happy until all vestiges of the old United States are gone. To the radical Left, the U.S. is the focus of evil in the world, and they feel no loyalty to it. Don’t ask me how they became so delusional. It would take a book’s worth of writing to explain.

      • Draugr,

        “The real issue everyone is missing. We are always going to have Obamas and Clintons running for office. The problem are the outright fools that keep voting for them.”

        Who can blame them, with so many ostensibly “sane” people constantly telling them that such con artists are “socialists” and the like, deeply dedicated to ideologies they really believe will make things better for the less well off?

        I say, stop helping them with their BS/propaganda, and call them out as self interested con artists merely posing as “socialists” because that form of well honed BS/propaganda appeals to many people who don’t know any better . . I mean, unless you actually believe they abhor wealth and power in the hands of a few elites who are above the law and such . . ; )

  2. It was always delusional to believe climate change would have any effect on national security. Hitler/atilla the hun, william the conquer, Mao, pol pot, ida amin, punic wars, the crusades –
    all caused by climate change?

    • Hmmm.
      Why were Attila the Hun and Winnie the Pooh related?

      Same middle name.

      Enjoy – or Sorry, of course.

    • The prolonged drought in Syria might have been an effect of climate change. If there is a scrum for resources because crops won’t grow you got a security threat. When Florida and Louisiana are under water from sea level rise you’ll have to worry about all those hungry and well armed hillbillies invading neighboring states.

      • Uff da. So a drought somewhere is the cause of the CO2 molecule and nothing else and if we would have just stopped using fossil fuels the drought would not have happened? Is that what I am reading from your, um…er…post?

      • Say, do you suppose maybe Turkey building that huge dam across one of Syria’s MAJOR water supplies could have played a role?

    • Draugr: Your proposal to educate people on the truth about climate change is sabotaged by the fact that the public schools teach it. Consequently, the sheeple graduating perpetuate the lie.

      • I never said anything about educating the truly stupid “liberals.” I have no plan to try and educate the mentally deficient. Yes, there is a plan but it is not trying to educate apes to recognize fact from fiction. That would be an insane act. You either have sufficient intelligence or you do not. Those who do not serve a purpose other than being a continuous drain upon society will not be tolerated.

      • “Draugr: Your proposal to educate people on the truth about climate change is sabotaged by the fact that the public schools teach it. Consequently, the sheeple graduating perpetuate the lie.”

        I’m sure you know this, but some things need repeating. The main issue is that the schools teach the bad side that is mostly lacking in facts and are made up gibberish. They do not teach the good things of climate changes or the gross benefits of increasing CO2 in the environment…because it is demonized under false assumptions of causing global warming and therefore climate changes. What we have today are the second and third generations of teachers that learned from their teachers, and with each new generation the lie has grown like gossip/rumor mongering does. The worse part of it all is that these schools will not allow opposing opinions by anybody to contradict what they teach.

        I’ve stated this before. But, we need a venue that gets the message out – like a TV station – that has shows presented by known scientists that will explain the opposition’s side. Radio just cannot present evidence that visuals can.

  3. Well done President Trump. His pragmatic Scottish blood prevails.

    Like everything else, US national security was hijacked by the green movement. Perhaps now the US armed forces and associated organisations can get back to doing what they should be doing, protecting the US from military threats like NK.

    • Projections of the timing of CAGW are far beyond military (or economic) planning horizons. Spending scarce resources on far-out “projections” is insanity. [I like far-out.]

      • The only thing the U.S. military has to pay attention to with regard to “Climate Change” is the sea levels rising at their military bases.

        Sea levels are not increasing as a result of humans burning CO2, but they are increasing naturally as a result of the world warming up from the last ice age, and the U.S. military does have some problems with encroaching water at some of their bases but the reasons for the encroachment is because the land is sinking, not that sea levels are going crazy.

        Any sea level rises at our military bases can be compensated for by reconfiguring the problem areas.

      • Cutting funds to the U.S. military like Obama and the Democrats and Republicans in Congress did was very destructive to U.S. readiness. A report just this week was questioning whether the U.S. military has the capability to meet all our defense requirements because of the drastic cuts the U.S. military has suffered over the years.

        Trump is trying to fix this by increasing the military budget to $700 billion, if he can get the Congress to agree to do away with the sequester rule. I wonder how the Democrats will vote on this issue this time.

  4. if that’s all trump ever does, it’s enough to canonize him.
    don’t expect he’ll receive any nobel peace prize.
    and so many parisites will have to sate their voracious appetites on each other.
    he just said no, hell no, nope and NO. period.

      • How refreshing it is to have a president who lives in the real world.

        Delusional presidents like Barrack Obama are detrimental to the future of the United States and the World. Trump is going to spend most of his first term cleaning up these delusional Obama mistakes. And is doing a pretty good job of it so far, I might add.

  5. The spin-off might be that other countries might say, well, erm, wot’s the threat to us!? Sea level rise? Wot are the facts!? Is it getting hotter- where is my padded jacket ? Even the British CCC can one hope?

    • CdL
      One can hope about Britain.
      I cross my fingers, too – and have little faith in the present population of professional political prostitutes – is that correct?; possibly previously-enjoyed pretenders?


      • Auto, perhaps this speech by Oliver Cromwell is in tune should be repeated in parliament today?

        It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.
        Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?
        Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.
        In the name of God, go!
        Oliver Cromwell – April 20, 1653

        Paul Watkinson.

        • Demography explains everything, Richard. As long as fuc*ing is more popular than dying, the “unwashed masses” will take over.

          Luckily, I made mine and ensured my children’s wellbeing. Future generations will have to deal with Third World politics and Sharia Law on their own. Not my problem.

  6. This is so very wrongheaded. You see, just the other day there was a cloud, now I don’t know whether it was a cumulus or a cirrus cloud, but there was a cloud outside with a suicide vest strapped on and attempting to blow up the municipal building. Think of that. And those clouds are all around us. Dark, dark, dark sinister clouds. Gosh, people are right about what an idiot Trump is not to recognize this threat the way Obama did.

  7. Immediately fire all political appointees not appointed by President Trump.

    Immediately transfer all Senior Executive Service people to positions where they can do no harm to President Trump. HR seems like the current dumping ground for Deep State operatives caught attempting to torpedo President Trump.

  8. “Climate policies will continue to shape the global energy system…”
    Daphuk does that even mean? There’s a “global energy system”? Is there a “global economics system” and a “global education system” as well? How about a “global food system”? “Climate policies” eh? Whatever those are, under Trump, they no longer apply, unless Drill Baby Drill qualifies.

  9. I am beginning to love this president. Now if he would tweet something about it so that the press will stampede after this story like cats to a laser pointer.

    • Ben Gunn
      December 15, 2017 at 11:36 am

      I am beginning to love this president. Now if he would tweet something about it so that the press will stampede after this story like cats to a laser pointer.

      Now THAT’S funny! ( cats to a laser pointer…) I’m going to use it! TY, Sir! 🙂

    • Hope they bring their accordions to the fight since their rifles have not seemed to do them much good since they helped us with our revolutionary war.

    • Simon, buying climate scientists (the irony burns) is cheap. It is the massive costs associated with fundamentally altering our society, economy and energy systems that hurt.

      Is there anyone on this Thread that believes those costs are justified by the IPCC climate models? Those models are the basis of all the ensuing clisci speculation nonsense.

    • Doesn’t that mean French climate scientists will experience foreigners usurping French funding? How do you thing these foreigners will handle the French sarcasm?

  10. The Great National Delusion is still being indoctrinated throughout the school system and widely disseminated by all forms of media.

  11. D was not my 1st 2nd or 3rd choice in the primary. I did vote for him in the general (with trepidation). BOY have I been pleasantly surprised.

  12. “National Security Threat”.
    Don’t those involve people?
    The closest “Climate Change” could have come to being a “National Security” threat would be the-yet-to-show-up “Climate Refuges”.
    Obama’s response?
    Don’t enforce the illegal immigration laws and weaken the ones in place.

    • I guess Obama only cared about Climate Refugees.

      Obama didn’t care at all when he allowed the Islamic Terror Army to rise up and gain power and proceed to kill and displace millions of innocent people in Iraq and Syria. In this case, Obama just sat back and watched this trajedy unfold and didn’t lift a finger to stop it.

      Perhaps if we could have managed to connect the Islamic Terror Army to the Earth’s climate, it might have been different and Obama would have had a different attitude. Don’t know which is more important to him, Islam or Climate refugees.

  13. “U.S. leadership is indispensable to countering an anti-growth, energy agenda that is detrimental to U.S. economic and energy security interests. Given future global energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels, as well as other forms of energy, to power their economies and lift their people out of poverty.”

    It would be so, so easy for people who want to live without fossil fuels, and the thousands of products derived from them, to just go live in places that don’t have these things. Just think: no em waves, organic food which is expensive and scarce, very few plastics or fibers for clothes, and no steel and cement. I would applaud the honesty of the purists who moved to underdeveloped nations to get away from the cultures that use applied science.

    In fact, it should tell us something that they never do immigrate to the poor podunk countries that they claim are so healthy and idyllic for humans to live in. And whatsmore, if you press them enough about why they don’t personally give up modern technologies, they say, “It doesn’t make any difference unless every one does it.” So the rank and file anti-energy environmentalists takes no action, cannot support himself or any one else with his theories, does not leave the country, and merely complains and regulates any one else using the applied sciences in every day life.

    • “Socialism is for the people…not the socialist.” Andrew Wilkow, S/XM 125 Patriot.

      From my point of view. The socialist are the elites that dictate what the people are to do, not themselves. This is seen in every country that has socialist as a ruling party. The socialist can “live like kings” as the people live in poverty “as serfs” and the classes should never mingle.

      Many of the environmentalists see themselves as superior to the masses and have the same complex as given above. “Do as I say, not as I do.” We see many like Al Gore types making giant “carbon footprints” even when they use the power saving and renewable energy and want you and I to live without what they have.

      The only real “Environmentalists” are those that live short lives out in nature like animals, without clothes and cannot eat anything from nature that would disturb it.

      Trump is doing his best to MAGA. He just did a photo-op that showed the results of 22 – 1 for every regulation made he has removed 22 in his 326 days in office. He only campaigned on a 2 for 1. If Congress got behind President Trump this would be even better if they actually made the tax cuts and cut more funding from the laviathon government we have. If Democrats had really belived in “equality” they would accept a Flat Tax or Consumption Tax. This Graduated Tax System is purely Socialism in action by taking more from the successful and distribution to those less successful, while not taking any from the least successful and giving them refunds more that they contributed. [End rant]

      National Security has nothing to do with Climate Change. Preparation for weather events in the areas they are sent is just good policy. It was Obama’s policies that had our military strangled by watching every drop of fuel as an economic factor in what he sent them to do. Mostly it is why the fight against ISIS/ISIL was ineffective. He (Obama) wanted the military to go “Green Energy” on renewable energy sources. That greatly hindered their movements and preparedness.

      Thank you President Trump.

      • The socialists use “national security” to give their climate change argument a grain of moral equivalence and to scare you. Their true intent in pushing the climate change agenda is to grow big government which multiplies their political power, and raises your taxes. They hate capitalism and dream of the pure socialist state where all your problems are solved by centralize government planners.

      • Trump unleashes the U.S. military and in a matter of months the Islamist Caliphate in Syria and Iraq is no more.

        Obama could have done the same thing, since it is the same military, but he chose not to. And as a result, millions of innocent people in Syria and Iraq were killed or displaced from their homes.

        This was a hugh mistake by Obama that has adversely affected millions of people from the Middle East to Europe.

        Obama left Trump a miriad of difficult, dangerous problems to solve.

        But if anyone can solve them, Trump is the one, imo.

      • jonchi says, “Trump is doing his best to MAGA. He just did a photo-op that showed the results of 22 – 1 for every regulation made he has removed 22 in his 326 days in office. He only campaigned on a 2 for 1. If Congress got behind President Trump this would be even better if they actually made the tax cuts and cut more funding from the laviathon government we have.”

        SNIP 😀 🙂

        Trump Cuts Red Tape On Regulation, dur 2:04

  14. Everyone complains about the weather but no one actually does anything about it. Man has been unable to change one weather event let alone change climate. The climate has been changing for eons and will continue to change whether mankind is here or not. The climate change we are experiencing today is caused by the sun and the oceans over which mankind has no control There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate and plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero. Even if we could stop the climate from changeing, extreme weather events and sea level rise are all part of the curent climate and would continue to take place. There is no optimum climate for everyone. During the Obama Administration, how effective was the military in compating climate change? We tax payers want to know what we got for our investment in our military in terms of controling climate change. As far as I can tell, our military was unable to stop any extreme weather events during the Obama Administration.

    • If only Obama would have waited till high tide to have the military bomb the waves!
      “He” might have won a third term!
      (Which might have been terminal for The Constitution and The Bill of Rights.)

    • But our military was able to hold off land-falling hurricanes throughout the Obama Administration. Job well done, climate warriors. I’m sure they will all get the coveted “Kicked Weather In The Ass” medal.

      President Trump takes over and we get a couple of hurricanes right off the bat. The U.S. military is falling apart without having the mission to fight the climate. Our military needs a new mission immediately!

      I suggest we attack France. It will be an easier foe to defeat.

  15. Todos tienen algo de razón, unos mas otros menos pero todos tienen algo de razón y esta poca o mucha razón esta en relación directa con el poco o mucho conocimiento que tienen del Calentamiento Global. El Presidente Trump y sus asesores también tienen un “poquito”de razón porque desconocen la verdadera causa del Calentamiento Global.Lo mejor,lo mas acertado,lo mas inteligente,lo mas interesante es cuando Trump dice “La Estrategia de Seguridad Nacional enfatizara la importancia de equilibrar la Seguridad Energética con el Desarrollo Económico y la Protección Ambiental”.
    Pero, se equivoca cuando dice que “Dado el futuro de la demanda mundial de ENERGÍA, gran parte del mundo en desarrollo requerirá COMBUSTIBLES FÓSILES”. Y esto lo dice porque “lo único que tenemos para reemplazar a los COMBUSTIBLES FÓSILES que generan ELECTRICIDAD son la Energía Solar y la Eólica y Trump “sabe” que con la ENERGÍA SOLAR Y EÓLICA NO SE LLEGA A NINGUNA PARTE y por eso “defiende”el uso de combustibles fósiles.
    El Presidente no sabe que el próximo año sera el “lanzamiento” a nivel mundial de un novedoso SISTEMA pera generar ELECTRICIDAD abundante y barata,no contamina,no produce gases de efecto invernadero,no le afecta la sequía,no le afecta las inundaciones,los huracanes,los terremotos.
    Este NOVEDOSO SISTEMA para generar ENERGÍA LIMPIA no afecta el bienestar de las personas.
    En el espacio que ocupa un estadio de fútbol se puede generar 5 GW de ELECTRICIDAD, instalar toda la estructura se demora máximo 2 años.
    Este novedoso sistema para generar electricidad es EXTRAORDINARIO, por eso decimos que el Presidente se equivoca porque considera que los COMBUSTIBLES FÓSILES seguirán “reinando”.
    Obama dijo “Hoy, no hay mayor amenaza para nuestro planeta que el Cambio Climático”.
    Y tenia razón, todo lo que le esta pasando al planeta es por el CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL;pero todo en la naturaleza es CÍCLICO,esto ha pasado siempre,el CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL se produce cada 100 años.Se INICIA siempre 15 a 20 años antes de fin de siglo y TERMINA en los primeros 15 a 20 años del nuevo siglo y lo CAUSA el asenso del magma en las ERUPCIONES VOLCÁNICAS TERRESTRES Y MARINAS que CALIENTA la corteza terrestre y se produce el deshielo de los glaciares y elevan la TEMPERATURA DEL MAR.
    Las GRANDES ERUPCIONES VOLCÁNICAS siempre se dan a fin de siglo y son la CAUSA principal del CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL
    Erupciones volcánicas…………..60%
    Erupciones volcánicas……………20%
    Obama tenia razón de preocuparse porque el CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL del 2000 fue un poco mas fuerte del CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL de 1900, pero MENOS CALIENTE que el del 2100 y el CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL del 220 sera mas fuerte que el del 2100 y así,sucesivamente.Que lo que paso en este CALENTAMIENTO GLOBAL sirva para prepararnos para el próximo a finales del siglo xxl para que no nos afecte mucho.
    Nadie es dueño de la “verdad absoluta”, TODOS hemos tenido aciertos y equivocaciones.


      • Throwing Milton Suarez’s text at Bing translator gives —

        Everyone has some reason, some but others less but all have some reason and this little or much reason is directly related to the little or much knowledge they have of global warming. President Trump and his advisors also have a “poquito”de reason because they don’t know the real cause of global warming. The best, the most accurate, the most intelligent, the most interesting is when Trump says “the National Security Strategy emphasized The importance of balancing energy security with economic development and environmental protection. ”
        But, he is mistaken when he says that “given the future of world energy demand, much of the developing world will require fossil fuels.” And this says because “the only thing we have to replace the fossil fuels that generate electricity are solar energy and wind and Trump” knows “that with solar and wind energy is not reached anywhere and therefore” defiende”el use of fossil fuels.
        The president does not know that next year will be the “launch” worldwide of a new system pear generate abundant electricity and cheap, does not pollute, does not produce greenhouse gases, does not affect the drought, does not affect the floods, hurricanes, Earthquakes.
        This novel system for generating clean energy does not affect people’s well-being.
        In the space that occupies a football stadium can generate 5 GW of electricity, install the entire structure is maximally delayed 2 years.
        This new system for generating electricity is extraordinary, so we say that the president is mistaken because he believes that fossil fuels will continue to “reign.”
        Obama said, “Today, there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”
        And he was right, everything that is happening to the planet is for global warming; but everything in nature is cyclical, this has always happened, global warming occurs every 100 years. It starts always 15 to 20 years before the end of the century and ends in the first 15 to 20 years of the new century and causes it the ascent of the magma in the terrestrial and marine volcanic eruptions that heats the Earth’s crust and produces the thawing of glaciers and elevates the TEM Temperature of the sea.
        Large volcanic eruptions always occur at the end of the century and are the main cause of global warming
        Volcanic eruptions………….. 60%
        Sun………………………… 30%
        Man………………………… 10%
        GLOBAL warming is over
        Sun……………………….. 60%
        Volcanic eruptions……………. 20%
        Man…………………………. 20%

        Obama was right to worry because the global warming of the 2000 was a little stronger global warming of 1900, but less hot than the 2100 and the global warming of 220 will be stronger than the 2100 and so on. That what happened in this global warming serves to prepare us for the next at the end of the 21st century so that it does not affect much.
        No one owns the “absolute truth”, we’ve all had successes and mistakes.
        Doing nothing would have been more reprehensible.

      • Other translation software may render it differently.
        Who cares, not the author or he would have taken time to accurately translate his ideas into English.

    • The Novedoso System. A salty battery.

      Perhaps you could provide a link to enlighten everybody !

      Next year? nope..

      Why bother, when the atmosphere need MORE CO2 , not less.

    • Huh? If you post to an English owned blog, hit the translation button so you can send it to the blog in English.

    • Everyone is right, some more but less but all have some reason and this little or a lot of reason is directly related to the little or much knowledge they have of Global Warming. President Trump and his advisors also have a “little bit” of reason because they do not know the true cause of Global Warming. The best, the most successful, the smartest, the most interesting is when Trump says “The National Security Strategy will emphasize the importance to balance Energy Security with Economic Development and Environmental Protection “.
      But, he is wrong when he says that “Given the future of global demand for ENERGY, much of the developing world will require FOSSIL FUELS.” And this he says because “the only thing we have to replace the FOSSIL COMBUSTIBLES that generate ELECTRICITY are Solar Energy and Wind and Trump” knows “that with SOLAR AND WIND ENERGY DOES NOT COME TO ANY PART and therefore” defends ” the use of fossil fuels.
      The President does not know that next year will be the “launch” worldwide of a new SYSTEM to generate abundant and cheap ELECTRICITY, does not pollute, does not produce greenhouse gases, does not affect the drought, does not affect floods, hurricanes, earthquakes.
      This NOVEDOSO SYSTEM to generate CLEAN ENERGY does not affect the welfare of people.
      In the space occupied by a football stadium, 5 GW of ELECTRICITY can be generated, installing the entire structure takes 2 years maximum.
      This new system to generate electricity is EXTRAORDINARY, that is why we say that the President is wrong because he considers that the FOSSIL FUELS will continue to “reign”.
      Obama said “Today, there is no greater threat to our planet than Climate Change”.
      And he was right, everything that is happening to the planet is by GLOBAL WARMING, but everything in nature is CYCLIC, this has always happened, the GLOBAL WARMING occurs every 100 years.It always starts 15 to 20 years before the end century and ends in the first 15 to 20 years of the new century and CAUSES the rise of magma in land and sea volcanic eruptions that warms the earth’s crust and produces the melting of glaciers and raise the TEMPERATURE OF THE SEA.
      GREAT VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS always occur at the end of the century and are the main CAUSE of GLOBAL WARMING
      Volcanic eruptions ………… ..60%
      Sun ……………………………………… 30%
      Man ……………………………… .10%
      Sun ……………………………………… 60%
      Volcanic eruptions …………… 20%
      Man ……………………………… ..20%
      Obama was right to worry because the GLOBAL WARMING of 2000 was a bit stronger than the GLOBAL WARMING of 1900, but LESS HOT that the 2100 and the GLOBAL WARMING of the 220 will be stronger than the 2100 and so, successively. step in this GLOBAL WARMING serve to prepare us for the next at the end of the XX century so that it does not affect us much.
      No one owns the “absolute truth”, EVERYONE has had successes and mistakes.

      • It’s a feather in Mankind’s hat that Mother Nature has adapted to their calendar and timed volcanic activity to occur at the end of each century.

      • Wow. How interesting. What a diatribe.

        The Watermelons have co-opted worthy environmental goals for decades, even as there has been no proof of causation, no known conspicuous climate precedent, and the “weather” has very often betrayed the watermelons’ doom and gloom.

        People blessed with common sense and rational thoughts are sick and tired of hearing the crap, sick and tired of the co-opting, sick and tired of the posers who relentlessly b*tch about “climate change”, yet take no personal action to conspicuously, effectively reduce their so-called “footprints”.

        Trump’s determination to call the bluffs, and focus our environmental efforts toward worthwhile goals, may be the best thing a President has done in decades.

  16. Hmm. The trouble is climate change could well be a security issue. Global cooling is very likely to result in failed crops and famine in various parts of the world, that will decrease stability and create many regional threats.

  17. Eliminating the Obama Vietcong from schools, Colleges and Universities will take time but the process has begun at the Federal and State government levels.

  18. When obama uses the words “climate change” in terms of being a threat to blah, blah, blah, insert the words “Central Bankers” instead because those are the REAL enemies to Humanity & Peace on earth.


    • We can’t even get an equal rights tax bill. How are we going to get rid of the Fed and Central Bank system to return to a Gold and Silver Standard…again? With the IRS as a branch of the Federal Reserve that prints our money and controls the economy by how much money is in circulation. Then getting rid of the system would cause mass unemployment of government employees. This is the Acumes Razor edge we live on. Collapse the economy to start over or fix what we have…that is the question. Even a greatly reduced Federal Government requires funding. The invention of computers reduced the number of government employees until more intergovernmental departments where created to shift them to and hire more. Our Federal Debt is no where near our National Debt of unfunded liabilities debt that is more than our GDP. And with a large part of those unfunded liabilities debt is pensions to past and present government employees including all branches od military, Social Security, wages and much more that is this Laviathon Government. Where everything is connected to something else. To cut off the one leg effects the rest of the table. So like Rome we are teetering on three legs that needs four. The Roman Empire fell from within. The USA was built upon the model of Rome and has the same corruption within it that destroyed the Roman Empire. “Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it” the problem is their are too many in our government that are trying to make it fail.

      • So true. In reality we could easily reduce the govt workforce by 50%, excluding military and law enforcement. The nation would be better off. It would only require HR policies equal to the private sector. Why is it that public officials are NEVER fired no matter how incompetent they are. As a former federal employee I can tell you 33% of employees are useless, in the way and cause more work than they complete, another 33% are as good or better than would be found in private sector and 33% are marginally useful but doubtful would ever hold down a job in the private sector. One out of 3 employees are outstanding and we’re all fortunate to have them. The rest…..well, not so much.


  20. What has been happening is that federal agencies, at all levels, have had to waste countless hours producing climate change planning documents. That is to say, not only planning for what the agency is supposed to be doing, but also planning for the 1) additional GHG emissions that might result from the action and 2) the effects of climate change on the action.

    For example, say I am in the dept. of transportation, and the government wishes to build a road. I have to plan – how much is the road going to increase the release of GHGs? There are the GHGs emitted from the machinery used to build it. The GHGs from the concrete, and from the factory, and from the trucks that hauled it to the sight. The road may cause people to drive more, increasing GHG emissions. Or it might shorten the commute time for the drivers, meaning they emit less. The road might cross a wetlands, but with climate change, might those wetlands have disappeared anyway? or perhaps expanded? What about the carbon absorption capacity of the prairie grass being covered? Perhaps the road will increase economic activity in some way, resulting in more GHGs?

    A big fat report filled with arm waving is produced, and we all get to take turns imagining new and ever more fantastic climate repercussions of our decision to build a road. then argue over who’s fantasy is most likely, and which arm waving estimate to use.

    And, at the end of the day, absolutely nothing ever changes, because, heck, we need a bloody road. So we toss the report in a bin and proceed.

    Think I’m joking?

    For climate change true believers, this is an absolute farce. It accomplishes nothing. It wastes money. I’ve often thought just get rid of this silly goat rope, and vow to spend $5 billion on solar panels, donated to charities, and we would be still several billion $ ahead of the game.

  21. Finally. Some sanity returns to our government and we can stop wasting time, money and resources on this “Global Warming” pseudoscience with cooked data by our “climate scientists”. If anything, the last couple solar cycles and the current quiescent Sun are suggestive of a return of a Maunder/Dalton type minimum and we should be preparing for that instead.

  22. Now wait a minute. I live in climate change central. Wallowa County was carved out by water. Union county is an old lake bed. Baker county is an old swamp and still has salt grasses to prove it. The climate will change. Our government needs to act accordingly. However I am a states rights advocate. If ocean states want to be absorbed by the ocean then so be it. If northern states sit idly by to be covered by ice sheets so be it. But don’t come crying to some federal government to bail you out of the stupidity of orange groves in Montana and beach front property in Texas.

    • Love pointing out to the loony left here in MA that climate change is a good thing.
      They easily forget this part of MA was under over a mile of ice during the last ice age.
      I just remind them.
      They usually go away muttering.

  23. Glad that it will be gone!

    Just another example of Barrack Hussein Obama’s deep hatred of Caucasians (his mother and American grandparents … who loved him), USA citizens and anyone not a Communist and anyone not a Socialist.

    In his drug-induced psychotic mind and sex-obsessed crazed mentality he would “deplete” i.e. “Castrate” the USA of money (sending $1 million from the Treasury Department to the UN Green Climate Fund) with fake Federal edicts (“Executive Orders”) and programs (EPA declares CO2 a pollutant) and proclamations in opposite of Ronald Reagan’s legal Federal directives and statute laws that defeated the Supreme Soviet of the Communists Union Republic, USSR.

    What a joy to watch globe trotting Barry Obama, befuddled as ever and more so at every million dollar venue, in his drunken quest to convince “National Leaders” and Citizens of other countries that he is more than just a piece of walking dead shit.

    Ha ha

    PS: Obama’s Vietcong are being “Kerosene Flamethrower burned” out of DC and State Governments and State Universities. Splendid! 🙂

  24. Thank goodness for clear thinking and sanity in the WH. This is a great example of how “elections have consequences.” Did the people who thought it would be so much fun to vote for “the first black president” give one second of thought to the kind of naif they were voting for, to his wrong-headed policies, or to his misguided, far-left agenda? Of course not. TG Trump is willing to reverse the damage.

  25. Wasn’t it the military itself which identified climate change as a national security concern? You know, you just can’t trust those bleeding heart generals. Thank the Lord that Trump is eliminating a national security threat with the stroke of his pen.

    • Groan LOL! Perhaps you’ve seen the collective eye-rolling among NASA employees when they hear the term “Muslim outreach”. Believe it or not, there were a few among each 100 or so who actually bought in to the BS.

  26. Making America Sane Again. I love it.

    Tax cuts and Climate Change cuts are great early Christmas presents.

    This is certainly the beginning of the end to one of the biggest and most expensive government sc@ms in human history.

    By early 2020, Climate Change hacks will have a very difficult time explaining why: global temps have fallen by over 1C since early 2016, there is a 3+ standard deviation of disparity between CAGW’s global temp projections vs. reality, Sea Level Rise stuck at 7”/century for past 220 years, a string of brutal winters, growing Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland Ice Extents/Ice Mass, etc.

    With this policy change, I expect there will be a growing number of whistle blowers exposing Climate Change data fiddling and corruption.

    • Dont hold your breath waiting for an apology from these leftists. One thing we can count on is any leftist ever admitting they made a mistake, they were wrong or they were sorry. There’s simply no humility or reasoning with buffoons or baboons.

      • Gary-san:

        You’re correct. Leftists won’t admit they were wrong. They’ll just say their timing was off…

        One scenario will be Leftists trying a redux of manmade global cooling like they did in the 70’s, or they’ll say solar cooling is only temporary, giving us more time to “fix” CO2 levels to avoid Warmageddon 200 years in the future…

        You’ll be amazed how many people will believe their next iteration of some absurd manmade catastrophe scam…

  27. Man-made so-called “global warming” or “climate change” is a hoax; and nothing more than a $34 trillion wealth transfer scheme.

    In another time, its proponents would have been members of the “Flat Earth Society” and claimed a consensus with respect to it as well.

    See “A $34 Trillion Swindle: The Shame Of Global Warming,” (see also the comments beneath the article)

  28. Been saying this for many years now that God-less scientists have made the environment their god and spread this notion of climate change to country governments and the weak minded world.

  29. The military is apolitical, and they determined “Climate Change” is a threat to our national security, then here comes Trump risking our national security by introducing politics into it

    • jcfractal December 15, 2017 at 8:00 pm
      The military is apolitical, and they determined “Climate Change” is a threat to our national security, then here comes Trump risking our national security by introducing politics into it

      The military chooses the Secretary of Defense? The Joint Chiefs of Staff? etc.?

      An excerpt from here

      The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) is a body of senior uniformed leaders in the United States Department of Defense who advise the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council on military matters. The composition of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is defined by statute and consists of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (VCJCS), the Military Service Chiefs from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force, and the Chief of the National Guard Bureau,[1] all appointed by the President following Senate confirmation.[2] Each of the individual Military Service Chiefs, outside their Joint Chiefs of Staff obligations, works directly for the Secretary of the Military Department concerned, i.e., Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy, and the Secretary of the Air Force.[3][4][5][6]

      The leadership of the US military is NOT apolitical.

      PS I seem to remember reading somewhere that the President is the military’s “Commander in Chief”.
      (Now where did that … hmmm …. maybe the US Constitution?)

    • If the U.S. military thought CAGW was a national security threat, they would tell that to Trump. I assure you.

      Can you imagine “Mad Dog” Mattis holding his tongue if he knew of a security threat to the U.S. that was being ignored? I can’t.

      I imagine a lot of U.S. marines could go by the nickname “Mad Dog” but it’s got to say something when that nickname is owned by the Marine Defense Secretary. I love this guy! 🙂

    • Oh, where, where to start, jcfractal?

      “The military is apolitical …” And its leaders are not political appointees? Could’a fooled me.

      “… they determined “Climate Change” is a threat to our national security …” And Obama’s directives to them had nothing to do with it? Could’a fooled me.

      “… Trump risking our national security by introducing politics into it [sic]” And politics does not permeate everything we do? Could’a fooled me.

      Are you that ignorant, jcfractal? Or just a political hack?

  30. Hot Damn! I Just Love that Donald J Trump! He LOVES America and Real Americans who want Their Country to be GREAT Love Him!

  31. What a perfect con. End of days. Oil and coal mining capitalists the main target. We’ll all die if we don’t shut them down. The rain forest and the ozone hole just never had as much sizzle. Hell, even the Pope bought into this one, big time. How can the globalist socialist movement progress without the climate change scare? How can the environment activists continue to thrive without the oil sands acting like a lightning rod for funding. It’s a real pickle. The best part is that all the funds they have expended to date have been spent in failure. The worst part is the waste.

      • Government subsidies ALWAYS increase consumer prices. A lot of people would not buy homes if the mortgage tax deduction didn’t make them affordable. Similarly, if people no longer get tax credits that help cut their out-of-pocket cost for solar panels, they will stop buying solar panels at the no-longer-subsidized higher prices, and will wait until the price drops to free-market levels without subsidies.

  32. Well, since “global warming” is not an actual national security threat, it kind of makes sense. I mean, there’s not really a more simple way to put it.

  33. I agree with President Trump that Climate Change is a Hoax! The Left have Climate Change “Scientists” who have been caught manipulating the data to try to prove Climate Change. They used to call it ” Global Warming before the Climate just kept cooling! Darn It! So they re-named it Climate Change, so they could be right if it went up or down! Real Climate Change can really only be measured in Decades and mostly Centuries. The problem is we didn’t have the technology to truly measure it going very far back. The Left , like Gore, has gotten rich off this BS, at the expense of the tax payers money! They even call people “Climate Deniers” as if the Left has a monopoly on determining what the Truth is! I don’t know about you, but the weather has been pretty much the same in my almost 70 years. It gets hot and it gets cold, year to year.
    What a Crock!!! Good for you, President Trump!!!

  34. Climate fraud is finally being exposed. Obamas green carpet baggers have saddled taxpayers with a tax burden that will create starvation for generations to come as revenues need to be diverted to pay for these windmill etc scams. Good riddance to Obama and God bless Trump.

  35. So refreshing to have a President that is correct on US priorities and policies. Kudos to the excellent economy he’s brought us with getting rid of needless, hurtful regulations, renegotiating treaties and trade deals and for pulling America out of the morass that Bush and Obama caused our great nation. MAGA

  36. Upon Obama’s orders, every Department of Defense Operations Plan had to have an annex that specifically dealt with Climate Change. Waste of paper and electrons.

  37. The only real national security threat here is liberal dementia. Their insanity is a clear and present danger.

  38. Climate Alarmists Caught FAKING Sea Level Rise…

    “The Global Warming crowd has been exposed to be perhaps the greatest scientific fraud of the century. If anyone in the financial industry did this, they would be sent to prison for 20 years or more. They outright deny the existence of any cyclical evidence and have basically pissed on the graves of everyone from Isaac Newton on.” – Martin Armstrong
    Armstrong Economics

    With now all the mountains of evidence and exposed (and admitted) fraud, warmists are the real deniers and the new useful idiots.

    The IPCC Exposed

  39. The only effect the weather should have on the Military is what uniforms to wear and pack for any particular mission. All the rest of the nonsense promulgated by the Obozo regime SHOULD be walked back. Thank you, President Trump.

  40. Taking plant food (CO2) off the national security threats list fixes one of Obama’s bigger stupidities in national policy making.

    Maybe President Trump will now also remove Obama’s priority assignment to NASA of trying to make muslim nations feel good about their historical contributions to math and science.

    Making NASA a public relations outreach agency to muslim nations was a ridiculous policy priority: Maybe now NASA can get back to its core competencies.

    “Barack Obama: NASA must try to make Muslims ‘feel good'” (1)


  41. The EPA should be required to immediately remove carbon dioxide from its list of “pollutants”. It is critically necessary for life on earth.

  42. President Obama was one of the worst to have been elected. This emphasis on grandiose plans like climate change underscore how out of touch he was and continues to be.

  43. I wonder if Trump will identify all our national security issues that must be corrected before we are destroyed?
    How many can you name?
    What about destroying the “NEW” Treason Party or more commonly known as the “deep state”?

    Famed terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal said: “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.” This is the “NEW Treason Party!
    Who is the Treason Party you ask!
    It is the entire Democrat Party, the Muslim Brotherhood’s own political party, the benign-sounding U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations and the RINO/GOP leadership/followers in the soon to be defunct Republican Party!

    Take time to read: TEAM JIHAD: How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate with Leftists to Destroy the United States
    The American Left has entered into an alliance of convenience with Islamic terrorists aimed at taking down their mutual enemy: The United States of America. Their primary tools are name-calling, intimidation, and the suppression of facts. Their wealthy foundations fund nonprofit groups focused on transforming our culture to make it Islam-friendly while weakening our resolve to fight Islamic supremacism and the terrorism it deploys against us.

    After 10 years studying Islam I thought I knew it, however, after reading this monograph it opened my eyes much wider!

    READ: “Team Jihad: How Sharia-Supremacists Collaborate With Leftists To Destroy The United States”.
    The unlikely alliance between Islam and the left isn’t on the media’s radar screen, yet the chaos on our streets and campuses is obvious and disturbing. The ever-more frequent jihad attacks, both at home and abroad, even more so. But the swirl of images flitting across our screens can be difficult to understand: protesters are carrying all kinds of signs, hurling abuse at our new president, and at those who would speak in defense of America and its free institutions… Black Lives Matter activists spew hatred for law enforcement but are funded by wealthy establishment leftists. Muslim terrorists screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ are murdering innocent, men, women and children—in the name of the ‘religion of peace.’ Too much of it doesn’t seem to make sense. How can the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter movement, and social Marxist anarchist leftists all be part of the same street scene?

  44. “Climate change” is a red herring. The elephant in the room is POLLUTION. Our mindset of ‘bigger better faster more cheaper’ is causing mindless destruction of our planet – our ocean is no longer a fit habitat for marine life and our food chain is a toxic for-profit mess. Calling our problems something nobody can do anything about, ‘climate change’, is just a way to paper over the problem and let the consumption party continue. Glad I don’t have kids. Go ahead – let’s remove all the impediments to run-away wanton “growth” – the faster we “grow” the sooner we’ll destroy the whole planet using nukes to fight over the last few resources.

    • Cheryl Anne, thank you for commenting here.

      That exhibition of your reasoning skills shows the rest of us how large a hurdle we have to surmount in countering the irrational beliefs of our contemporaries. It is “worse than we thought.”

  45. I love it. President Trump is using plain ole common sense to run our country. Over turning Obambi’s stupid policies is just the right thing to do.

  46. What does any of this even mean…really? if he is not addressing and stopping the geoengineering which is what’s causing “global warming” in the first place its all just political theater.
    Geoengineering our air column with toxic elements like Aluminum,Strontium and Barium,for 30+ years has already taken its toll. I will believe Trump when the military planes quit spraying their toxic crap on us.
    It’s like the Paris accord,not really having anything to do with reality,and not stopping spray stuff on us without our knowledge or permission.
    I live in Colorado and had my soil tested in Littleton and Penrose and they were BOTH 17,000-22,000 times too high in aluminum.
    Do your homework folks,nothing is really changing here,just look at the sky.
    Downtown Jodee Browne

  47. The greatest threat to national security during the Obama administration was Obama himself. By dividing the populace in every conceivable way, trading terrorists for a deserter, hating on law enforcement, torching race relations, funding terrorism by sending billions to Iran, and choking business with regulation, and on & on, he did irrevocable damage.

    • ” funding terrorism by sending billions to Iran”

      Yeah, and some of that money is probably going to North Korea to fund its missile and nuclear weapons development programs, since North Korea and the Mad Mullahs of Iran are cooperating in these developments and have been for years.

      Trump and the U.S. can try to cut off North Korea’s money with boycotts, but North Korea may be able to fall back on Obama/Iranian cash, at least in the shortterm, until North Korea can manage to mount a nuclear weapon on top of one of its missiles.

      Then Trump is going to have to take Kim Jung-un out. So we may have Barrack Obama to thank for speeding up that process. We certainly can’t thank him for doing anything to slow the North Koreans down from developing nuclear weapons. To be fair, we should include the Bill Clinton administration and the Bush 43 administration in with Obama as they all failed to reign in the mounting danger in North Korea.

      They had the luxury of kicking the can down the road and they did, but Trump and the rest of us no longer have that luxury. We are going to have to do something about it. Rhetoric and threats seem to be ineffective.

  48. Donald Trump is DESTROYING satanic marxism in America. The satanic marxist communists who infiltrated and took over our government in BOTH parties are getting very, very nervous right now. I say they should all be rounded up and put on trial for their obvious treason’s, fraud and corruption. Death penalty would be appropriate in most cases. Make examples of the dirt bags! Let’s clean HOUSE! Never again! May God Bless And Protect Donald Trump!

  49. Don’t forget the Dirty Hippie Rad Libs’ Offspring Subculture Goth Song:
    “You cannot go against Nature, because when you do, go against nature, it’s part of Nature too…”
    No New Tale To Tell. Love & Rockets

  50. Gen 8:22
    While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

  51. I’m not sure that I agree with President Trump. I think melty Snowflakes and Millennial’s tears may actually be a national security problem.

    • I think “Millennials” get a bum rap sometimes. Millennials, like the generations that came before them, are probably made up of about half Liberal and half Conservative.

      The Liberal Millennials deserve the ridicule they get, but keep in mind that they all don’t walk in lockstep.

  52. Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid and Schumer are the greatest threats to national security. They are followed closely by the top brass of the FBI and DOJ.

  53. 99% of the comments here make me sad for the future of America.

    It must be frightening to face the fact that the world is much larger and more complex than your little town and it’s church.

    • “99% of the comments here make me sad for the future of America.”

      You think we are the future? Good!! Maybe there is hope after all.

    • Just think, you’re not going to have to sleep on a rubber sheet any more!

      Aren’t you grateful to President Trump?

  54. Good riddens. The only effect I see with the environment. Is government agencies creating more wasteful jobs. More regulations. It needs to go. The waste I see is trash being thrown by people on the roads. Another waste is recycling. I pick up trash off our roads over 8 miles and 50 bags are the recycling. Plastic water bottles, card board. I could go on and on.

  55. I believe the fear mongering is all part of the “CLOWARD and PIVEN Strategy ( if not aware of this pls look it up ) promoted by enemies of the US to bankrupt the country – at $ 120 TRILLION Plus in unfunded liabilities we are already there. Be prepared for a major RE-SET coming soon and will no doubt all be blamed on Trump.

  56. Obama was an ass. For all his bombastic and over the top behavior, Trump’s policies are actually sane in comparison. People are so superficial that they think Obama was a good president and Trump is a buffoon. They only look at the surface, and never beyond it.

  57. Obama said white was a threat to America too. But who was it that weaponized the DOJ, IRS, EPA and FBI. Who was it, Mr I himself. We will soon learn the CIA is weaponized too. Wake the f up, America

  58. Ignorant Democrats and Enviro-luddites worship at the alter of AGW, but ignore the reality of “the little ice age” and “the medieval warm period”. Both occurred within the past 1,000 years which is less than the blink of an eye in planet history and both took place without the presence or intervention of modern industrialized civilization. Nevertheless they represented major variation in climate without human causation in the near past. Since climate is dynamic and subject to variability over time, and we do live in an interglacial period and our paleo-climate records indicate stark changes in climate during past interglacial periods, the attempt to attribute changes in climate as consequences of human action is either foolish or a cynical ploy to gain power.

  59. Does this mean the feds are going to stop poisoning the air, water supplies, and soil with the Harvard University geoengineering aerosol of heavy metals that started in the 1970’s?

  60. Finally! Forward! Moving on with change I can believe in!

    One contextual fraud down, 999,999 to go! MAGA!

  61. Oh dear, How are we ever going to save the whales, and save the snails, ave the trees, save the seas, save the worms, and save the germs for the greater glory of the goddess Gaia. We can no longer advocate carbon taxing all those greed capitalists into bankruptcy under one world government at the UN. Oh dear, we are all doomed!

  62. Trump haters have no idea how stupid they sound to an intelligent, informed, non brainwashed citizen. Every aspect of the country’s economy, freedom, constitutional rule and foreign affairs has improved immensely in the last year.

    • That simply is not true. Trump just removed Net Neutrality which means people, including schools and non-profits will lose access to the internet as corporations will pick and choose who can go online at what speed. Trump is cutting taxes for rich which means less investment in science, education and social services. There’s already been a dramatic increase in homelessness since January.

      • Ah, I see the Crazy Gang has arrived from Drudge link. We are all dead from the thermonuclear war with North Korea Trump caused so a bit of Net Neutrality, lower taxes and climate change don’t really matter much to the few of us left.

      • Whah! Oh my, the doom and gloom is upon us. What ever will we do. Net neutrality will destroy the world! The greedy corporations will kill the internet. Lower taxes means my family gets a raise. I get to decide where my money goes. Wow l, what a bummer!
        Get a clue Einstein. We all have investments and benefit from “corporations”. We all have internet access and nobody is losing it. If anything we’re giving it to the world. Trump is leading a revolution we have all wanted and will all benefit from!

      • That’s a load of garbage. The internet worked just fine before the government picked the big businesses over the little business by making it harder for them to compete. That is what all government regulations do. That is how Fascism works by making it easier for those they like that will comply and making it harder for those they don’t that can’t afford to comply to the standards they impose. That is how Mussolini and Hitler did it. Trump is removing and canceling those burdensome regulations to help the little guy’s compete with the big monopolies. The Federal Government should not be picking winners and losers. Which they have been doing for a century. Each state has control over what they regulate and federal regulations overrule them by imposing stricter regulations set by the unelected bureaucrats in those departments. They set these regulations to make themselves feel like they are doing something for their incomes to keep getting government funding increases. Without caring who it harms.

  63. Trump IS the biggest threat to the world today. Trump’s denial of Climate Change and his war on science is going to magnify and worsen the effects of the Climate Change on the world. Just after Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords two major hurricanes struck the U.S. TRILLIONS of gallons of water was dumped on Texas alone. Puerto Rico is trying to recover from Hurricane Irma. Wildfires continue to rage across the western U.S. All this happened just this year alone. Things will continue to get worse for the Earth unless Trump is impeached and removed from office.

    • My, my, my Lara. You have apparently drunk the Koolaid. As I am hopeful enough to engage in the old heresy that blames ignorance, not malice, for apparent evil, I would ask you a few simple questions.
      Who is Michael Mann, and why is he associated with a winter sports implement?
      What is Thomas Karl accused of doing, and why?
      Who is Maurice Strong, and how did his politics affect the IPCC? What is the IPCC, anyway?

  64. Thank God we now have a President who deals in reality. I have no issues with expecting mankind to be good stewards of our environment but to say climate change is akin to Islamic terrorism is laughable! Or maybe on a par with a nuclear madman is pathetic! Obama just didn’t get it

  65. I have a beach house since 1975 and cannot see from water marks on the boat docks that the sea level is rising. Where are measurements taken that show it is rising?

    • People have suffered and died throughout the world because of the effects of Climate Change. Fires are still raging in southern California, Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Irma. People were killed in Florida and Texas because of the hurricanes.

      • None of these are related to “climate change”

        They have happened before, and will happen again.

        Total fires are down, Hurricanes are down.

        The attribution to CC is a load of nonsense.

      • And the dinasaurs, oh my, we’re killed off because we used fossil fuels then also right? Hey geniuses on the left. 99% of the Earths previous species became extinct before man every took a step on earth. We evolved to be the dominent life form on the planet because we developed inteligence and energy production that took us from a hand to mouth existence to a Disney world existence. I prefer being on top of the food chain, not under it. All of you hippies are welcome to migrate out of America, the greatest force for good man has ever created, and migrate to the utopia where you can live without technology, without fossil fuels and without the developments the west has produced. Trump is simply correcting the false narrative that the weather is more harmful than having your head chopped off. That seams about right.

      • Amazing how quickly someone can forget the remarkable 12 year drought of major landfalling hurricanes when a year comes along with a few well placed storms. Especially during a positive AMO phase!

        • They think if they warn you, and scare you about climate change long enough and that only government can fix it, you will fall for the scam. The purpose of this hysteria is to grow government and raise your taxes…later you will inevitably find out they did not change the climate anyway like they promised, and they got your money.

      • Ric Werme December 17, 2017 at 7:17 am
        Amazing how quickly someone can forget the remarkable 12 year drought of major landfalling hurricanes when a year comes along with a few well placed storms. Especially during a positive AMO phase!

        Short attention span, “those who forget histrory”, stuff like that. Poor girl/guy.

      • Science isn’t about agreement. It’s about facts. At one time the worlds great intellectuals thought the world was flat. They were as wrong as you are now. Tell us all what the weather will be next week? Pick a place on the planet and predict the temperature next week? To within one degree? You can’t because the weather is dynamic and has always changed. The earth will change. So what? We will change with it. Do you even realize how dumb it sounds to blame fossil fuels for killing people? Do you even realize that in order for us to have fossil fuels today billions of life forms had to die for billions of years? So that means. That means nature has been in the killing business since day one. We are all going to die because of something. Fossil fuels have powered the greatest advancements the world has ever seen and it is only now, at this time, that any species has ever had the power to save itself. Fossil fuels are the energy that drives the worlds economies and lifts people out of poverty. You should be extolling it’s virtues! We alhave advanced to a point where fussion energy production is on our door step. We have used fossil fuels to get us to where we are. Fossil fuels and the products and energy they produce have been a boom to mankind and will be forever held as his greatest achievement.

  66. Good news. One more lousy obama policy into the circular file. First he gets us out ot the ridiculous paris climate treaty and now he’s removing gw/cc as a threat. I can sure hear the environmental wackos throwing a fit.

  67. 2017 has been a very dangerous year for the world. The Alt-Right and Nazi’s are invigorated and we’re seen a dramatic rise in Hate, especially in the United States. Hate against Immigrants. Hate against people of Color. Hate against the LGBTQIA community. Hate against Science. Hate against Diversity. Hate against Facts.

    The United States is currently led by someone who denies science and who actually pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement. It didn’t take long but the destructive results of that criminal action showed themselves in the form of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. The fires are still raging in California. The ice caps continue to melt. The Earth continues to warm.

    How much more time does the Earth have left?

    • Ms Spenzak, you do seem to be trying to use as many cliches in one comment as possible. Are you a vegan, too?

        • That, Getbendt, is a vaghat. The word also describes its wearers and all others of the same political stripe.

          The vaghat is a symbol of how feminism has morphed into a hard left philosophy. Wearing it is a demonstration of the wearer’s absurd world view.

      • And a “Coexist” bumper sticker on her car … er … bike.

        Coexist: “You have to coexist with me. I don’t have to coexist with you.”

        PS I noticed in her litany of the objects of “Hate”, she left out Christians.
        Perhaps because hating Christians and Christian ideals is A-OK with her?

    • Your so full of s–t the only one who created hatred and division was that scrum bag Obama. Stop watching CNN maybe then you’ll wake up idiot.

    • Your comments are hilarious. You should take that show on the road. When you sit at dinner with your family I bet they never bring up deep conversations for fear that Lara will blow a gasket and spew her nonsense all over the room. I’m sorry but someone must inform you of how moronic you sound. You are void of inteligence, lack any sense of reality and we are all a little bit less intelligent for having read your inane and uninformed comment. You are beyond stupid, you are arriving at brain dead. The only excuse you have is that maybe your ignorance can relieve your lack of inteligence. Or, like a cold ham you don’t posses the ability to rationally think. However, it is entertaining. People like you deliver onto us the ability to laugh and thank our god we are not as vacant as you.

  68. Mmm seems it is not only Obama who thinks climate change is an issue…


    (a) Findings.—Congress makes the following findings:

    (1) Secretary of Defense James Mattis has stated: “It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”.

    (2) Secretary of Defense James Mattis has stated: “I agree that the effects of a changing climate — such as increased maritime access to the Arctic, rising sea levels, desertification, among others — impact our security situation.”.

    (3) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford has stated: “It’s a question, once again, of being forward deployed, forward engaged, and be in a position to respond to the kinds of natural disasters that I think we see as a second or third order effect of climate change.”.

    (4) Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has stated: “Over the next 20 years and more, certain pressures-population, energy, climate, economic, environmental-could combine with rapid cultural, social, and technological change to produce new sources of deprivation, rage, and instability.”.

    (5) Former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army Gordon Sullivan has stated: “Climate change is a national security issue. We found that climate instability will lead to instability in geopolitics and impact American military operations around the world.”.

    (6) The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has stated: “Many countries will encounter climate-induced disruptions—such as weather-related disasters, drought, famine, or damage to infrastructure—that stress their capacity to respond, cope with, or adapt. Climate-related impacts will also contribute to increased migration, which can be particularly disruptive if, for example, demand for food and shelter outstrips the resources available to assist those in need.”.

    (7) The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has stated: “DOD links changes in precipitation patterns with potential climate change impacts such as changes in the number of consecutive days of high or low precipitation as well as increases in the extent and duration of droughts, with an associated increase in the risk of wildfire… this may result in mission vulnerabilities such as reduced live-fire training due to drought and increased wildfire risk.”.

    (8) A three-foot rise in sea levels will threaten the operations of more than 128 United States military sites, and it is possible that many of these at-risk bases could be submerged in the coming years.

    (9) As global temperatures rise, droughts and famines can lead to more failed states, which are breeding grounds of extremist and terrorist organizations.

    (10) In the Marshall Islands, an Air Force radar installation built on an atoll at a cost of $1,000,000,000 is projected to be underwater within two decades.

    (11) In the western United States, drought has amplified the threat of wildfires, and floods have damaged roads, runways, and buildings on military bases.

    (12) In the Arctic, the combination of melting sea ice, thawing permafrost, and sea-level rise is eroding shorelines, which is damaging radar and communication installations, runways, seawalls, and training areas.

    (13) In the Yukon Training Area, units conducting artillery training accidentally started a wildfire despite observing the necessary practices during red flag warning conditions.

    (b) Sense Of Congress.—It is the sense of Congress that—

    (1) climate change is a direct threat to the national security of the United States and is impacting stability in areas of the world both where the United States Armed Forces are operating today, and where strategic implications for future conflict exist;

    (2) there are complexities in quantifying the cost of climate change on mission resiliency, but the Department of Defense must ensure that it is prepared to conduct operations both today and in the future and that it is prepared to address the effects of a changing climate on threat assessments, resources, and readiness; and

    (3) military installations must be able to effectively prepare to mitigate climate damage in their master planning and infrastructure planning and design, so that they might best consider the weather and natural resources most pertinent to them.

    (c) Report.—

    (1) REPORT REQUIRED.—Not later than one year after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives a report on vulnerabilities to military installations and combatant commander requirements resulting from climate change over the next 20 years.

    (2) ELEMENTS.—The report on vulnerabilities to military installations and combatant commander requirements required by paragraph (1) shall include the following:

    (A) A list of the ten most vulnerable military installations within each service based on the effects of rising sea tides, increased flooding, drought, desertification, wildfires, thawing permafrost, and any other categories the Secretary determines necessary.

    (B) An overview of mitigations that may be necessary to ensure the continued operational viability and to increase the resiliency of the identified vulnerable military installations and the cost of such mitigations.

    (C) A discussion of the climate-change related effects on the Department, including the increase in the frequency of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions and the theater campaign plans, contingency plans, and global posture of the combatant commanders.

    (D) An overview of mitigations that may be necessary to ensure mission resiliency and the cost of such mitigations.

    • Points 1-7 are politically based blather.
      8. 3 ft at 1.5mm/year = about 600 years
      9. No rise in global temperatures apart from a highly beneficial warming out of the LIA No warming in satellite era except ocean events and cycles.
      10. see number 8 Love their new airport. 😉

      11, Wildfire happens, is not increasing, MUCH less than around the 1930s
      12. Arctic, Natural cycle, extent steady for 10 years or so, erosion due to local disturbances. Erosion happens everywhere, always has, always will. No CC effect
      13. Then they should be more careful. Most wildfires are human in source, and “green” anti-control measures have exacerbated the burns in recent years.

      Then more Obama based political clap-trap.

      It is this sort of arrant anti-science nonsense that MUST be removed from society, along with the CO2 hatred that has polluted so many minds.

      CO2 is one of the fundamental building blocks of all life on Earth, and it has been at dangerously low levels for a long time.

      More is needed. 700+ ppm would be a good level to aim at initially.

        • How about we stop using fossil fuels to create massive solar and wind and batteries renewable energy sources that use up energy faster than using them directly as energy? Thereby reducing the fossil fuels used now for the future reduction of CO2 and keeping them in our reserves. Where those renewables will require being replaced by the time they pay for their own cost of fossil fuels at todays prices.

      • Yes Dave.
        I think I have mentioned that I see a time in a few hundred years, when nuclear energy of some sort is used to break down carbonate type rocks to maintain an adequate level of atmospheric CO2

  69. Over in Britain, policies aimed at avoiding a fictitious, imaginary risk of adverse climate change, have created a much more solid, real risk of gas supply for heating running out this winter.

    Seven things have happened causing UK gas prices to climb sharply and for winter supply to sufficiency to be seriously in doubt:

    1. Explosion 💥 at the Baumgarten gas facility in Austria where Russian gas enters western Europe.

    2. Forties pipeline, largest source of North Sea gas, damaged reducing gas flow for weeks or months

    3. Morcambe field gas output halved due to technical problems

    4. Gas pipeline between Holland and Britain reduced in flow due to problems with a compressor

    5. The Rough subsea gas storage facility off Yorkshire was shut down in the summer due to bureaucratic apathy and ignorance.

    6. Norway’s Troll platform reduced gas output significantly due to a power outage

    7. Closure of coal power plants in the UK due to green-religious intolerance of sources of energy that are black.

    An 8th could be the more than usual uselessness if solar and wind in the winter especially when it is cold.

    All these are combining to threaten winter heating for millions of British residents, whose well-being is sacrificed on an alter of CAGW virtue-signalling.

    So the UK has become “No country for old men”. One might well pose the question asked by hitman Anton Chigur:

    “If the rule you followed brought you to this, what use was the rule?”

    • Where are they putting all of the ash from burning wood pellets and coal at Drax? It must be piling up somewhere.

  70. Obama is such a Dolt! It’s so refreshing that we have a President in Trump who is ridding us of all Obama’s nonsensical regulations that were a gift to his Leftist friends who all seek to destroy our nation. MAGA!

  71. Thank you fellow citizens for voting for our president. We now have common sense leadership. Call him what you will but President Trump is getting it right and getting it done. All of us with inteligence know that the climate has always changed. We also know that we can’t predict weather and temperature a week from now let alone years, decades and centuries from now. The earth is a dynamic system and we have evolved with along side of it. I do not fear for our future one bit. Fossil fuels have only been in use for about a hundred years. With the worlds econonomies and technologies improving it will only be in use another hundred years. Maybe less. We will not destroy a four billion year old planet in 200 years of fossil fuel use. I believe that technology along with America leading an economic boom we can lift other nations out of poverty and into a more civilized status. Global warming, climate change and all this other hippie nonsense has killed nobody. But hunger, desease, war and poverty has destroyed billions of lives. By simply leading the world into the 22nd century and developing advanced energy systems we will save billions of lives. By lifting poor nations up we will lower population growth, solve desease and improve living conditions. Energy is the solution, it is not a threat. Throughout history advances in energy and technology has benefited man. Fossil fuels have powered the engine that advanced the world by connecting us all and giving us the energy and products that have created our world. If you seriously look at the worlds problems you will see where the strife and danger are. It is the less advanced, oppressed regions that are creating the risks. It is not the advanced nations that cause the issues. The west is developing energy systems that in a few decades will revolutionize the energy output of the world and bring a higher standard of living and lower energy costs to the third world. In all reality, what is the real threat? If temperatures go up by one degree so what? It means the temperate zones will increase and we will have more productive regions? Ok. If the ice caps melt a little so what? More fresh water in the system would be great. More rain, more crops and less hunger. If sea levels rise so what? People will move inland. Every where I look people tend to migrate to warmer climates. Warmer climates support more life than colder climates. Humans will adapt. Those who don’t or can’t are not meant to survive. The earth has developed a dynamic system and nature has evolved us to adapt to it. We will be fine. Thank you president Trump for putting us back on a path of success.

  72. Fossils don’t burn. There is no such thing as fossil fuels. Oil and natural gas come from the carbon outer core of the Earth under intense heat and pressure. They don’t come from dead dinosaurs.

  73. Well are presedent has made a great desision.globle warming is B.S. that’s why they changed it to (climate change)the first lie didn’t work so they changed the name. Dems all lie, all day, every day it’s what they do more power and wealth. People that believe dems are uninformed or just stupid wake up American.

  74. I can only hope and pray that R22 refrigerant is back on the market before long. The nation has been DuPonted by this ozone fear mongering corporate greed nonsense.

  75. Maggie Thatcher’s musings as to how to be rid of troubling striking coal miners.

    A comment by a science geek referencing the atmosphere of the planet Venus.

    It can hardly be believed such an off the cuff, scattershot association has fueled a $$$trillion flight of fraudulent fancy.

    If the facts don’t fit then lie.

    The evil men do in the grab for money and power…

  76. I’ll bet bill nye the unscientific guy choked on his granola when he read that this morning. The little prick in n. korea is a national security threat. Collectivism is a national security threat. Islamism is a national security threat. Abortion is a national security threat.

  77. This whole global warming nonsense was the catalyst for the one world order or the new world government if you prefer,
    Had Hillary Clinton been elected her handlers with the United Nations George Soros the elite the Illuminati would have gained enough control to eliminate a large portion of the population this was a eugenist wet dream to stifle innovation energy affordability of energy to control water and any other source of energy

    There has been NO global warming World Wide in 17 years.
    Climate EXPERT:
    Doctor Don Easterbrook
    Professor of Emeritus of Geology Western WA University
    Dr. Don Easterbrook Exposes the Climate Change Hoax

    Don Easterbrook the cause of Climate Change – YouTube

    Global Warming; 31,487 Scientists say NO to Alarm

    The Global Warming Petition project;
    The sole reason for the Fraudulent CARBON TAXES is to be used to FUND the COMMUNIST JEW World Order ONE World Government.
    The Global Warming Swindle
    The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie.

    Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

        • Gunga Din, are you agreeing with Snowy’s “… the COMMUNIST JEW World Order ONE World Government.”?

      • Gunga Din, are you agreeing with Snowy’s “… the COMMUNIST JEW World Order ONE World Government.”?

        The “Amen” was to your simple but to the point, “Seriously, Snowy?”.

        We all share in practicing human vices to one degree or another. Those who lust for power and control aren’t content to practice them in private. They will wear whatever sheep’s clothing the moment requires to achieve their goals.
        Communism, the one world government dudes are such.
        But the Jews!
        “Seriously, Snowy?”

  79. While I might agree with your opinion of the harm done by Obama and “new age” liberals, I find your suggested solution to be abhorrent.

  80. Obama’s agenda treated harnessed energy and free speech as the greatest evils and corresponding threats to the world.

    President Trump has exposed B. Hussein on both of those lies; however, don’t expect the Nobel Committee, the United Nations, and the Democratic Party to do anything but quadruple down on them.

  81. “Climate change” is the newest atheist religion replacing the seemingly now abandoned “Theory of evolution”. From the defective minds of liberalism.

      • Harold, I have no idea what you are talking about.

        Do you deny the radiative properties of some gasses?

      • Well, Harold, I certainly wouldn’t use one to heat my humble abode.

        But longwave radiation will have an impact on anything it touches.

        In the late 1970’s I used an IR detector to identify heat loss from my house during a Spokane, WA winter. You could even detect IR from the evergreen trees.

      • Anyway, Harold, please describe an experiment that denies LW radiation is impacting our global surface environment.

      • Where to begin, Harold, where to begin?

        Actually, I’m not going to begin; your example is nonsensical. It is trivially obvious that LW radiation can be blocked by physical barriers.

        Please explain how LW radiation cannot have an effect on a body it touches.

      • The moderators removed all my posts. I have no idea why.

        {because you are same “magic gas quoting phantom” whose has authored hundreds of posts under fake names, fake email addresses, and fake IP addresses in the past. Everything about you is FAKE, sooo…by our policy your posts go to the bit bucket. we’ve been on to you for quite some time -MOD}

  82. It must be remembered that the pentagon is one of the more significant sources that is labeling Climate Change as a national security issue

    • There’s a new boss, John. You need to keep up with the times.

      Before Obama, the Pentagon had no opinion.

  83. Discussions on climate change have been taking place for longer than the United States has existed. The title of the article in the following link is “An Attempt to Account for the Change of Climate, Which Has Been Observed in the Middle Colonies in North-America”:

    click the “download pdf” link.

    People who lived long before us have observed “changes in climate” which is evidenced by this article. The people the 1700’s did not have fossil fuel powered cars, planes or ships. They did not have coal powered railroads. Yet they still noticed changes in climate. Dr. Williamson postulated that climate change was man-made in his day in the 1700’s. If changes in climate was noticed before the United States was born then it may be that any climate change that appears to be occurring today might not be manmade. Today we have the tendency, like those who lived before us, to think that mankind is changing the climate.

    Dr. Williamson who wrote this was a signer of the United States Constitution from North Carolina. He was a good guy. He was therefore a Founding Father of the United States and one who studied and thought about climate change.

  84. Remember when climate change was called “weather?” The greatest threats to the national security of the U.S. include: the deep state, radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat, political operatives attempting to nullify the 2016 presidential election with the fraudulent Russian collusion witch hunt; mishandling classified information on “private” servers; flying billions to Iran–the globe’s leading state sponsor of radical Muslim terrorism; individual activist judges blocking common sense policies; globalist open borders/no borders stupidity; and transferring one-fifth of the U.S.’s uranium reserves to Russia and Putin. Climate change doesn’t even make the list of the top ten threats to national security.

  85. If anyone thinks climate change is a real threat , then they need to ask them selves this question , so what’s Gods plan in all this ? If you do not know the answer , how can you anything intelligent? Really that’s what’s wrong with the silly notion . Based on nonsense . No reality . The climate has been changing since the beginning by yes the designer God .

  86. By definition light blocking insulation would reduce the amount of light hitting the bottom of the bathtub, Harold. [Why did Anonymous come up in this answer to Harold?]

    What does that have to do with LW radiation in our atmosphere?

  87. The sun provides all of the energy inputs to our climate system, Harold. [From where do we get that “Anonymous” tag on your comment? Are you using different accounts?]

    Radiatively active gasses, massively water vapor, allow for a surface temperature greater than that which would otherwise ensue from sunlight alone. All of the energy needed is provided by our sun.

    I am getting tired of pointing out physical facts to you. Having said that, I do not believe the minor amounts of CO2 produced by man materially effects our climate. Certainly not to an extent such that it can be measured.

  88. Mods, where have all of Harold’s comments gone?

    (Found one comment in the trash bin, but refused my effort to restore it, which suggest it was infected) MOD

    • “Dave Fair December 17, 2017 at 6:53 pm
      Mods, where have all of Harold’s comments gone?”

      That is what I am wondering. All he was doing was talking about how there is nothing factual about the greenhouse gas effect. I was following your and his conversation. I came over here today and couldn’t find his posts. They all were made to vanish.

      • See the moderators comments upthread.

        Harold H. is just another fake commenter. He has made hundreds of comments here using fake names, fake email addresses, and fake IP addresses. He’s a shape-shifter, one of the people who is so impressed with his own world-view, he has to make up new identities to get the word out.

        Our commenting policy on this behavior is very clear:

        Comments coming from proxy servers (to create fake identities) will be deleted.

        A real working email address that you own (as a commenter) is required, so that I may contact you if needed. False or misleading email addresses may earn banishment. Changing handles and/or changing email addresses to get around this will also earn the same fate.

    • Dave Fair says December 17, 2017 at 6:53pm

      Mods, where have all of Harold’s comments gone?

      (Found one comment in the trash bin, but refused my effort to restore it, which suggest it was infected) MOD

      It sounds like you’re simply making up a fake claim. What would a comment in text be infected with?

      Is there a link? What site is it to? If there’s no link, then what makes you say a text comment is infected?

      I think you’re just making that up because you have something against what Harold Holden said.

      (I never read any of his comments, responded to a complaint that his comments vanished then looked for them finding just one, which I tried to restore, it refused to move now it is gone for a good reason) MOD

  89. It sounds to me like Harold didn’t believe in the sky being a magic heater but somebody here, does.

    Do the owners of this site claim the science of green house gas warming is real? I didn’t know that. I thought pretty much everyone on the skeptical side knows the atmosphere can’t be warming the earth, if it’s cooling it.

    This is very a very interesting discovery to me. What Harold or whoever he is, was saying, seemed to make sense to me.

    Why is simply being someone not allowed to make simple forthright statements on the natural physical effects of the cold atmosphere, cooling the Earth?

    Something’s fishy here.

    And everybody knows when you find fishy behavior in climate science,

    it’s going to be discovered to be on the part of the people claiming all that fraudulent pseudo-science is real.

    (Harold was banned for using multiple accounts here) MOD

  90. Mr. Watts is acting like ”shadowy operators” are stalking him, sending ”infected blog posts.”

    This is the classical behavior of a green house gas believer.

    Therefore Mr Watts believes in green house gas warming.

    I can tell that without even asking him. His censorship of completely sensible speech while referring to ”shape shifters” is all we need to see, it’s straight out of political speech disguised as a scientific opinion.

    Well that sort of explains why the Skeptical movement never takes off, one of the main so-called ‘Skeptics’ is censoring peoples’ discussion of weather,

    because it doesn’t fit Mr Watts’ crackpot outlook

    regarding the behavior of the atmosphere.

    Which I agree is not a heater as Mr Holden said. The atmosphere is a cold nitrogen bath, actually a cold nitrogen and oxygen bath, I agree with that as well.

    As a matter of fact everything Mr Holden said made sense.

    ”Shape-shifting” – that sounds directly out of the play book of the science destroying Hillary Clinton.

    (Drop this, Harold was banned for a good reason, get back on topic!) MOD

  91. What claims are you saying he has made for years that are junk? From what I understood, it is green house gas theory that is actually junk. Does he support that then?

    I thought he was pointing out that there is no way that the atmosphere can warm the planet if it is colder than the planet.

    I also saw him say when more insulation is put between a fire and something it is warming, less energy from the fire must be what thermometers show reaching them. This seems true, obviously.

    That is why I said that you must believe in green house gas theory. You are telling everyone now what he said was wrong. What part of what he said is wrong?

    It seems like if what he said was wrong, it would be easy for you to explain. But you just took it down.

    How can something be ‘junk’ if it’s just talking about whether something makes something else, colder or warmer?

    Do you believe in green house gas theory Mr Watts? Are you a scientist? If you do or do not believe in it, can you tell me why?

    Because what you did seems suspiciously like other people who argue climate. If someone does not believe the way they do, they simply do not allow them to talk about it.

    This is always one of the signs that one side is dishonest, when they won’t debate the other side, and won’t let anyone discuss why.

    Thank you for answering my questions. I’m sorry for saying you believe in green house gas warming if you don’t. But I can not see any other answer to why you would be so angry to have someone claim it doesn’t make sense.

    ”Anthony Watts December 18, 2017 at 11:09 pm
    Yep same guy, he’s been pushing this junk for years under dozens if not hundreds of fake personas. That’s why he gets the title of “shapeshifter” I know who he is, located in Marysville, CA.”

    • Anthony, you have the tolerance of a saint. I’d just out the Marysville Troll and let his neighbors chastise him.

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