Surprise! Millennials want Someone Else to Fix Climate Change

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to a new study, most Millennials don’t make a personal effort to address climate change, but they are keen for someone else to sort it out.

Breaking: Millennials Think About Climate Change Differently Than Anyone Else

by Emma Loewe, MBG Editorial

September 25, 2017 3:00 AM

When it comes to easing climate change, a lot of the onus is placed on millennials. Considering environmental issues garnered mainstream attention as they were growing up, and their future is less certain than that of generations past, it makes sense that 20- and 30-somethings are tasked with such a big responsibility. But are they up for the challenge?

A new study asked thousands of millennials how they’re taking action on environmental issues, and their answers were a mixed bag. While millennials are reportedly less inclined to take small personal actions like recycle, ditch plastic water bottles, and adjust the thermostat to save energy, they are significantly more likely to support companies that they perceive to have strong environmental values. The Shelton Group, the eco-minded market research firm behind the study, has an interesting theory as to why this is.

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The report is available here.

The authors of the report suggest that the reason millennials don’t embrace recycling or turning down the heat in cold weather is that … many Millennials may not be as concerned about personal actions because they feel the problems are too big to solve this way. …

I guess that is one possible explanation.

127 thoughts on “Surprise! Millennials want Someone Else to Fix Climate Change

    • Young folk brainwashed?
      Well yes, I agree John, it does seem that way. I’m from Ontario and it’s not just them, our educated, academic, political, corporate and media class are all on board with the climate alarmist narrative.
      This in spite of the damage done to our electrical grid in terms of infrastructure, cost and delivery. IMHO the people behind Ontario’s Green Energy Act have wasted perhaps as much as $100 billion and the $fiasco will continue for at least the next ten years given the legal commitment.
      Any attempt (my experience) to explain the uncertainties surrounding the climatic impact of the ACO2 influenced TOA radiative deficit transient response is met with dismissal.
      The love of my life has politely asked I stop talking about it as I’m perceived as a fool. She has my support.

      • You have my sympathies, as I’m in a similar boat.
        My better half has made it clear to me that she is ‘uncomfortable’ with me mentioning my views on CAGW/CC/’Green’ Energy when in company. (Social circle mostly ‘right-on’, including renewables engineers and watermelon journalists.) We have a deal: I won’t raise the topics, but if someone else does, I’m free to respond. I’m getting better at exploiting the opportunities.

    • Well a climate fix, is to them just some more free stuff.
      And it isn’t just the Government propaganda machine that is responsible. I’m related by marriage to one of those indoctrinators; and she gets them so early that they are not even versant in Spanish, so she has to teach them Spanish, before she can teach them English. Well maybe the teacher they have in two years time may get around to teaching them English. So she is just a babysitter, minding the kids, while the parents go on and breed some more.
      But once they do get large enough (assuming they survive that long) they will all have their full complement of finger toys; probably courtesy of the Obama free stuff machine.
      Then that juvenile Zuckerberg, gets to take over and teach them how to waste even more time doing nothing of any consequence.
      Luckily, some of them do manage to walk off cliffs, or walk under railroad trains; following the process so ably described by Charles Darwin.
      Finger toys are just the modern cigarettes; addicticating whole generations of people with nothing much holding their ears apart.
      Despite the gloom and doom, there actually still are plenty of up and coming young folks, who excel beyond belief at all sorts of endeavors; that almost defy description.
      It seems impossible, but there actually are plenty of young Mozarts, and Beethovens out there; who will change the world in ways we can’t imagine.
      So any time I can help even just one, to focus through the fog; I consider it worth my time.

      • George e smith, I see that WUWT still does not censure racism like yours. First para in case you need a reference

      • So complainuth did: Ron – September 25, 2017 at 5:55 pm

        George e smith, I see that WUWT still does not censure racism like yours. First para in case you need a reference

        [cited reference]“And it isn’t just the Government propaganda machine that is responsible. I’m related by marriage to one of those indoctrinators; and she gets them so early that they are not even versant in Spanish, so she has to teach them Spanish, before she can teach them English. Well maybe the teacher they have in two years time may get around to teaching them English. So she is just a babysitter, minding the kids, while the parents go on and breed some more.

        GEEEEZE, ….. Ron, ….. it appears to be quite obvious that whenever you read or hear “truths” such as cited above, it is emotionally painful to your liberal nurtured mindset ……. and your only means to lessen said “emotion pain” is to scream “racism” at the person you think is responsible for hurting your ego.

      • @ Ron,
        Being a native Spanish speaker is no indication of race. It may (may) be an indication of ethnicity. When, oh when, will the bleeding-heart Democrat / liberal / Progressive / left wing / socialists ever learn the difference?

      • “””””….. Ron
        September 25, 2017 at 5:55 pm
        George e smith, I see that WUWT still does not censure racism like yours. First para in case you need a reference …..”””””
        First paragraph :- Quote !
        “””””….. Well a climate fix, is to them just some more free stuff. …..”””””
        So OK Ron; You called it; so now why don’t YOU explain YOUR arcane thinking.
        If that’s racism, I not even from this planet !
        I’m from where we lost all hint of racism well over 100 years ago. Maybe you were looking in the mirror Ron.

      • Or it may simply be the case that the ESL’s who george’s wife teaches are all Spanish speakers; it is entirely possible that she has no Japanese or Nigerian pupils. And it is even more likely that her school district does not offer bilingual education in anything other than Spanish/English.
        Our system here in PA is set up this way.

      • Actually Samuel, Ron’s criticism specifically called out the FIRST paragraph in my post; NOT the second paragraph.
        “””””….. First para in case you need a reference …..”””””

      • @Ron September 25, 2017 at 5:55 pm
        “…I see that WUWT still does not censure racism like yours…”
        You make me laugh. I was called a racist by my very own 1st cousin. I forget how the topic started, but it was a thread on FaceBook, and my comment was along the lines of, “Even if the health care system and its costs are as bad as you claim, how does 0bummerCare fix it?” Her response started with something about all of us being angry at this black man that dared to get into the White House and I found nothing of substance in the rest of it. So I said, “You see, boys and girls, this is called Playing The Race Card. It lends nothing of truth or substance to the discussion, it’s meant solely to derail the question. In the interests of time, I’ll concede you may be right. Now, ANSWER THE STINKING QUESTION!!!!” She not only deleted her comment, she blocked me! I sent her a private message, asking again if she could answer my question, and her response was that she felt “…threatened…” by the way I was “…stalking…” her. ROFLMAO So I let it go and haven’t heard a word from her since, via ANY media. Can’t say as I miss the b***h.

    • The “brainwashing” of the young folks began ….. when LBJ signed The Great Society Program into Law.
      And several trillion dollars later, the young folk are still expecting and/or demanding that government continue supplying all their needs without them having work for it.

      • Actually Kevin “Bilingual Education” has been OUTLAWED in California, by reason of a Statewide referendum that overwhelmingly voted to make it contrary to the California Constitution.
        In pre-vote polling, Californians opposed “Bilingual education” by an 8% to 2% margin: EXCEPT among Hispanics/Latinos/Mexicans/whatever.
        THEY were opposed to bilingual education by an 84% to 16% margin. They didn’t want THEIR kids to be behind the 8-ball, like they had been, due to a lack of English proficiency. The referendum passed by 86% to 14%.
        San Jose school district has a special dispensation due to a Supreme court order as a result of past discrimination. In any California school district, a majority of parents can petition for bilingual instruction in that school district if they want to.
        The school my wife teaches at is 100% Hispanic students; I’m not even going to comment on the immigration status of the kids in my wife’s class.
        So they are here; someone needs to teach them; and my wife is totally dedicated to that task.
        And the language of OUR household is Spanish, since my 98 year old MIL lives with us.
        At least One California school district petitioned to have classes available in Mandarin, because of a sizeable Chinese immigrant population (from Hong Kong) in that community.
        NO there is NO bilingual instruction in Mandarin; it is available to ANY student as a LANGUAGE option.
        Who In Silicon Valley, needs to be versant in Latin or French, these days; compared to say Mandarin or Japanese.
        A very sensible idea. And yes most of those Chinese kids are totally bilingual in English/Mandarin from the time they can walk; their parents make sure of that.

    • Well this…”most Millennials don’t make a personal effort to address climate change, but they are keen for someone else to sort it out.”
      could read
      most Millennials don’t make a personal effort to house the homeless, but they are keen for someone else to sort it out.
      most Millennials don’t make a personal effort to minister to the sickly poor, but they are keen for someone else to sort it out.
      most Millennials don’t make a personal effort to take responsibility for their own lives and expect others to do the same, but they are keen for someone else to sort it out.
      Sorry Millennials, but you have been taught that government is the parent and all adults are children. And damm it all, us boomers failed you. For that I am truly sorry.

  1. Liberalism is all about ideology. When it comes to practice, everybody ELSE has to make the actual sacrifice.
    For example, they are reasonably compassionate in believing that the poor need charity — but their solution is always to raise taxes only for people who make more money than they do. And studies consistently show that conservatives are more compassionate givers out of the good of their own heart.
    So basically liberalism is “do as I say, not as I do.”

    • It is amazing how “liberalism” is the scapegoat for what all humans do. I know lots of conservatives who want me to do as they say not as they actually do.

      • The plural of anecdote is not data.
        Surveys have over and over again demonstrated that conservatives give their own money to charities, while liberals vote to have government take someone else’s money in order to give to charities.

      • And I believe that is why they don’t see personal action is necessary. Unless the government passes laws to enforce EVERYBODY to do it, they do not think it’s fair to pony up, being an “unfair advantage”. That’s the lie they tell themselves anyway.

      • “liberalism” is the scapegoat for what all humans do’
        Really? In what world is that, exactly?
        My guess is you don’t actually know any conservatives who want you to do as they say, and not as they do, but it makes a good talking point.

      • While there are plenty of conservatives who don’t walk the talk they espouse, the difference between “liberals” and conservatives is that the former believe the latter is evil, while the latter simply think the former is wrong.
        Evil vs. wrong. Which do you think tends towards greater discord and turmoil based on the power of good intentions?

      • There is no important difference. What differences exist would be more difficult to find than human caused warming of the deep oceans.

      • Socialist? More like selfishists, aren’t they? Everything is about them, except for actually doing something. They will only “do something” (whatever something is) if they can get a selfie while doing it.

      • they are called liberals when they are socialists, progressives when they are regressives. Reminds of corporate Human Resources, they are neither Humane nor Resourceful.

    • renbutler – September 25, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Liberalism is all about ideology.

      It is my learned opinion that ………… “Liberalism is all about dependency”.

  2. Unfortunately, I fear they likely react to most larger problems the same way. They’ve been brought up to run to safe spaces whenever challenged. I hope some will find out the world doesnt work that way.

    • Don, they will ALL find out that the world doesn’t work that way. Some will adjust their world view to make it congruent with reality. Others will spend the rest of their lives in their parents’ basements.

      • Still others will continue to vote for politicians who promise to rework the world so that it does conform to their fantasies.

    • Especially the second from the left in the last row shows us what smartphones made of young people. Usually they should be forbidden to young people and only be allowed from 21 years onwards.
      But then the Apple boss cries because he is no longer the second richest man on earth. And nobody wants to be responsible for that/sarc.

      • My oldest is eleven. My wife and I are discussing giving him my wife’s old non-smart phone with our cell phone numbers so he can contact us if we don’t happen to be at his practice or after-school event. He can get his own smart phone when he’s eighteen and paying for the contract.

      • I think you’re a bit mean. Not that what I do on my phone were useful, but children do need to feel they are equal to their peers – who have a phone. The right age appears to be around 7 or 8 yrs, but with limitations first.

      • @Hugs;
        What is normal is not necessarily normative. There is absolutely no need for anyone in grammar, middle, or high school to have a phone for any other purpose than calling 911 in an emergency or contacting their parent or guardian. Until he turned about eleven my oldest was never in an unsupervised situation, parent-wise, and otherwise is around adult supervision; coaches, scout leaders, teachers, etc. They all have our contact numbers. His primary job at this age is “student”. I’ll run the risk of stunting his social growth by keeping him off of Twitter.

      • Apple boss Tim Cook is far from the richest man. Not even close.
        Amazon boss Jeff Bezos surpassed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates because the latter has given his foundation so much stock, and because AMZN has become so preposterously overvalued. I didn’t know that Gates was crying though. I’d be surprised if he is.

      • Well Hugs, 7 or 8 is about the right age to give them an old news paper, and some string and glue and let them build themselves a kite.
        And for graduation, when they turn 18, you should go to the ATM machine and withdraw a nice shiny new $20 bill.
        Then you hand them the $20 and pat them on the a*** and tell them to have a good life.

      • Hugs wrote:
        The right age appears to be around 7 or 8 yrs, but with limitations first.

        Seriously? What 7 or 8 year old has ANY need to be on a phone?? I’m in my mid-40’s and survived just fine not having an Atari 2600 despite many of my friends having one. The idea that social ostracization is going to ruin your child is patently wrong, not to mention laughable.
        Should you be hosting kegger parties for your 16 year old and all her friends because “every under-21 kid is doing it” and you don’t want them to feel equal to their peers? Give me a break.
        Smart phones are not babysitting devices. Be a goddamn real parent.

      • Our Canadian prime minister (AKA Junior) is into this selfie thing big time. Wants to be seen as “with it” by the young ‘uns.

      • This notion that parent should buy their children smart phones because ‘other kids their age have them’ is fostering a sense of conforming for conformity’s sake, and those entities that promote the excessive consumerism that has now take over the world can laugh all the way to the bank. Teaching you kids to think for themselves, and ask only for what they need is a much more valuable long-term gift.
        It is also much more consistent with a low impact sustainable lifestyle that is so much part of today’s ‘conversation’.

      • Hugs – September 25, 2017 at 10:21 am

        I think you’re a bit mean. ……… children do need to feel they are equal to their peers – who have a phone.

        Right you are, Hugs.
        Without a “paid-for-by-parent” I-phone in their hands 24-7, just how in ell does one expect those adolescent juveniles and millennials to keep in close contact with all their peers for instantly organizing acts of protests, marches, rioting, burning and pillaging. Plus “sexting” their naked image to a hopefully passionate peer ……. and/or notifying their friends of an impromptu “booze n’ sex party”.
        Why without an I-phone they will surely be labeled as a “social outcast” and targeted for “bullying”, ….. which will cause a few of said “social outcasts” to commit suicide and other to be “school shooters”.

  3. The idea that the millennials believe that the problem is too big for them to tackle is fantasy. They are only passing the buck. Some know it. Those smart enough know taking personal action means giving up all the privileges and pleasures they now waller in. The “useful idiots” among them cannot connect the dots to what they claim to support with any personal responsibility. It is the evil whomever’s problem certainly not theirs. Remember their so called leaders want everyone today who don’t follow the latest prescribed orthodoxy to pay for ALL past misdeeds as they describe them or as detailed by some taxpayer paid academic in our once great liberal institutes of higher learning.

  4. Total nonsense. They say what is expected in these surveys. I teach in a university of millenialish students. They say one thing and do something else. Haven’t these idiot pollsters learnt their lesson yet? They got Brexit wrong, they got Trump wrong, they got the recent German election wrong. I could go on ad nauseum about all the polls they got wrong.

  5. “…their future is less certain than that of generations past.”
    Their economic future is bleak and that is due, in large part, to Government overreach, overspending and a 20 Trillion debt that grows exponentially year after year. It would help if the Government stopped spending 40 Billion a year on environmental waste fraud and abuse.

    • Few generations, if any, ever were handed the world on a silver platter like today’s spoiled brats. It starts by taking the candy off them that they snatch from the shelf at the Safeway checkout stand; and follow it with no more candy for you for a month. Eventually they may learn not to steal.

      • Too right! Spoilt behaviour needs to be sat on at an early age. Added to that in your example is learning that eating something not yet paid for is theft. I get mad seeing children sitting in shopping trollies stuffing their faces with items obviously just taken straight off the shelves.

      • What really upsets me us us boomers raised them. We allowed our education system and politicians to makes us the United States of Amnesia, completely ignorant of the principles this nation was founded on.

  6. To understand Millenials just watch the movie Passenger. It’s the ultimate Millenial dream.
    The protagonist becomes the hero for saving the ship, gets morally conflicted winning over a pretty girl, and then spend the rest of your life drinking and partying on someone else’s nickel without a care of the impact.

  7. As somebody once said (I believe it was Terry Pratchett), the sentence “somebody ought to do something about that” is rarely, if ever, followed by “and that somebody is me”.

    • I didn’t care for most of the politics from the show “M*A*S*H”, but one line stuck with me.
      Someone confronted Hawkeye and demanded: Are trying to clean up the whole world?
      To which Hawkeye responded, No, just my little corner of it.
      If more of us would take care to keep our own little corners of the world clean, the big picture would take care of itself.

  8. Well, let’s be frank. Most small actions ARE meaningless. We’ve criticized these on the site. You might lower your power bill or gasoline bill by a bit, but you will not make meaningful changes to environmental impact (whether or not you include CO2) without massive lifestyle changes. Yes, you can make a 10% reduction, but 50% or 90% will be impossible without taking up an ascetic lifestyle. The lunacity only comes up when people want companies to do it for them, which has led to a frightful amount of greenwashing in advertisement.

    • If you aren’t willing to make a personal sacrifice, then obviously you don’t consider the problem to be serious.

      • classic millenial incident couple of weeks ago
        minding a mates home while theyre away
        power bill came in at well over 1k for 90 days
        they run wood heating n gas cooking
        young 20ish lad still at home freaked when i showed it as being the useage listed by powerco of 7+adults in a home where 3 actually live
        one huge surprise was the total absence of the 3 stage charges
        ie 7am to 10pm at full 32c or so cost 10pm to 7am half price
        and off peak water heater rates at 14c perkwh
        so when they got home i queried why they didnt have at the very least offpeak water?
        aha well young mr thats scary crazy bill cost IS the reason why not
        hes taking 3 LONG showers a day at least and if they dont have continuous daily waterheat the parents get cold showers..
        he also washes ONE towel or one pair of trousers in a large machine that can take a 7kg+load
        i would be turning the water OFF or starting the washing machine to get junior out pdq for a few days:-)
        or calculating the cost and charging him for it
        and this is also in a small town with NO piped mains but we rely on a bore to supply the town and run on permanent restrictions…supposedly
        juniors idea of being good and starting to save for a home deposit is?
        swapping his bloody mobile plan! and maybe not going to upgrade…just yet

      • Not true. Lots of people (I dare say MOST people) are willing to solve problem they think serious AND make a personal profit (like : making a living) in the process, if possible. Many won’t care if it is at others expense or even life.
        So, Al gore and the like are certainly as comfortable over them making profit out of their “good deeds”, as a war industrialist can be comfortable about its business profit during a war, or a lobbyist happy to make a living out of the cause he believe in.

    • I’d rather stay being Tom but I get your point. However anyone who asks others to do what they are not will to do is just wrong.

    • But if you can do what you want with less, why just get slovenly. It is just as easy to get hooked on a good habit, as a bad one.

  9. Greens eventually will have to face the fact that most Millennial don’t care that much about what happens outside their smartphone screens.

  10. I brain stops functioning when I read sheesh like this.
    No, of course they are not taking action. Those who do, take stupid action. It is all written down to the book of ‘demise of climate cult’.

  11. They are a product of their environments, which is much different than a generation ago.
    It’s easy to be judgmental but the world we live in today is so much different than it was a couple of generations ago. Kings and Queens did not have it as good a century ago as the average person living in the US today. The best science, technology and medicine then has been surpassed by one hundred fold.
    In the 61 years of knowing my 92 year old Dad(remembering the last 56 or so years), who was raised in the inner city of Detroit without a father, I have not once heard him complain about anything.
    My sister adopted 2 Aids orphans from Kenya who were 13 years old at the time, to live with her other 8 children. Of the 10 kids, guess which 2 never complained about their lives?
    The latest generation, accustomed to knowing more convenience, comforts, full stomachs, entertainment with less hard work and sacrifice is just behaving as one would expect.
    This is generally speaking as I know many young people that still have good work ethics and appreciation. (I’m the chess coach at 4 schools). However, the more that you have, the more that you need and expect to have for a basic standard of living.

    • I would make some exceptions, like military, veterans and first responders. Need to think about it. May need a few other exceptions.

      • I’ve liked the idea of limiting voting to those who are net taxpayers.
        Running for office should be limited to those are at least 50.

      • My wife’s idea is you get as many votes as the dollars of tax you pay. With all the tax dodges available to really wealthy folks and all the people who pay nothing, middle America would get the most votes. Hate to say it but that might be the best plan.

      • Tax dollars paid minus subsidies received. You can either vote, or get your Tesla, subsidized solar panels, etc.

      • 25 and older: can vote for Federal Representatives (and run for the office)
        30 and older: can vote for Federal Senators (and run for the office)
        35 and older: can vote for President (and run for the office)
        The states can set their own voting standards for state and local offices however they like.
        Citizens who demonstrate exceptional service to the nation (military or otherwise) could be extended full federal voting rights at any age.
        It wouldn’t filter out all the moochers who’d vote themselves free money, but it’d be a good start.

  12. I think a lot of the Millenial generation growing up in the developed west have lived without privation, with all their needs provided and they don’t understand struggle. This allows them to believe a lot of things that amount to magical thinking because they have not faced the consequences of bad decisions. If this is true then the minute life becomes a bit more uncomfortable because of policies and decisions they have supported, I predict a change of mind that will not be slow coming.

    • I recently heard that the 18 year old son of my sister’s friends threw a tantrum because the BMW model he was given by his parents was not the one he wanted.
      I wanted to plant a boot in the seat of his pants … after doing the same to his parents.

  13. I believe they may also have a high tolerance threshold for cognitive dissonance. This is what allows them to literally think 6 impossible things before breakfast, some of them self-contradictory, without breaking a sweat.

  14. many Millennials may not be as concerned about personal actions because they feel the problems are too big to solve this way. …”

    Too big to solve which way? Personally? Societally?
    The problem isn’t too big to solve, it’s intractable. You give an intractable problem to an entire generation and you’re going to get pushback. It’s that simple. This entire thing is a setup for generational war.

    • I’d just like to clarify my personal understanding of “too big to solve” and “intractable”.
      Too big to solve has too high a cost, be it personal or organizational. It’s just too expensive. We can know the solution but it’s too expensive to implement.
      An intractable problem just can’t be solved using any known method. The Navier-Stokes problem is “intractable” in that respect. It has nothing to do with cost; no matter how much money you have, you just can’t solve the problem.

  15. Personally, I think the picture tells the true story. Look at them. They are carrying these, presumably serious and meaningful signs, look up and see the camera and smile like idiots because being noticed was the only reason they were doing it anyway. The signs mean nothing. And the most remarkable thing about the picture? Oddly enough, I don’t see a single smartphone in their hands, or head bowed in religious reverence towards one.

  16. Not surprised at all – they’ve been taught to be collectivist, marching brooms, dependent on government, without critical thought.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste. And we’ve done it to an entire generation.

  17. The ‘snowflake’ generation (also known as the me,me, generation) are happy to complain about anything so long as ‘someone does something’. I think the old expression “all mouth & no trousers” summed it up very well. Any dissent is met with charges of Discrimination ; ‘Racism, ageism, sexism’ etc. All we need to do is wait as the attention span is very short. Voting age needs to be at least 21!

  18. Of course this is the reaction they would have…’s the same reaction almost all people have
    When the biggest mouth pieces are spending billions on homes, private jets….doing everything in their power to increase their “foot print”
    …they got the message loud and clear

  19. Maybe they just want to “change the world” but not change anything they do?
    Buy their smart phones but only if they are made from recycled plastic?
    Buy the gas for their cars but only from companies that have a windmill in their commercials? etc. etc.

  20. I always get a kick out of the arguments that ‘personal action isn’t enough’. The heck it’s not…the ‘solutions’ they claim to solve via the State are *based* in personal action..being forced upon other people.
    The personal action argument is true for them because they won’t actually *choose* to make the changes in their own lives and they’re looking for excuses. I’ve had pushback on this from some who say govt doesn’t make people choose ‘personal actions’, so I say OK, I’ll support your global warming laws as long as they contain an out for people to choose their own personal actions. After all, if you tell me it won’t impact personal actions, there’s no reason not to exclude personal actions from the laws. Of course, they know all along the point of such law is compelling ‘personal actions’, but they don’t like to ‘think of it that way’. It doesn’t matter how they ‘like to think of it’, the actual conditions are the actual conditions and my proposal merely highlighted what they don’t want to think about.
    IF the people complaining about warming *actually* personally took drastic action in the numbers they claim to have, carbon emissions would be slashed a tremendous amount and not require one single law to do so. The actual problem is they won’t choose to live the ideals they claim to value, not that they have an issue getting the State to force other people to live actions these voters won’t even choose voluntarily on their own.

  21. I once saw a terminal case of hypocrisy on a car bumper sticker which said “Your smoking pollutes my air”.
    Sitting right next to the obligatory CND sticker.

  22. Millennials are fairly simple folk,
    Offer them free stuff and you’ll have their vote.
    They have abundant climate loathing
    Faux outrage; do nothing

  23. While the liberals quack on about their invented climate non-problem they meanwhile import a violent, utterly hostile, barbaric totalitarian alien culture and it’s soldiers as fast as they possibly can so that these millennials will shortly be a despised and persecuted minority in their own countries. You would think it would be impossible to be as insane as the liberals – but it isn’t.

  24. The climate change we have been experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans. Our climate has always included extremem weather events. The real culprit here is Mother Nature. If you want climate justice then try sueing Mother Nature in the world court. Lots o luck in collecting on a judgement against Mother Nature.

  25. The authors… suggest that the reason … is that … many Millennials may not be as concerned about personal actions because they feel the problems are too big to solve this way.

    Or they could be preoccupied with actual important things, like paying off student loan debt, getting a job, affording their lifestyle, worrying about the future with the omnipresent threat imposed by AI and robotics, among a zillion other things.
    When there’s nothing to worry about, it’s hard to convince youth of an impending doom presented by a non-existential threat.

  26. I don’t have the answer, but I myself advise my grandchildren that unlike the certainty of the message they receive at school, there is no proof that CO2 is causing harm and there is considerable proof it is doing good. I discuss the greening of the planet, the use of CO2 in greenhouses, crop yields and what the greening does for natural habitat.
    I tell them to give the answers the teacher wants but at least in your mind, question everything, explaining that that’s what a real scientist or smart person does. I explain the wrong way people used to think about the solar system for over a thousand years until a few smart scientists (Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton, etc) started making observations that falsified the old stuff. I tell them that CO2 driven CAGW is relatively new and already the evidence is building that, at most, it has a minor effect. I tell them about what has happened to Predictions of decades ago. I tell them about what happened to ALL predictions of planetary disasters made in the past (man caused global freezing, mass starvation, etc.) and that the chances of the present CAGW theory being a serious matter for the future is shaping up to be just the same old hype. I tell them the secret ingredient that worriers don’t know about! Human ingenuity and how it has wiped out so many diseases, made inventions that help us accomplish big tasks and solve problems. Kids like this kind of stuff from a wily old grandfather.

  27. “Everybody wants to save the Earth; nobody wants to help Mom do the dishes.”
    ― P.J. O’Rourke, All the Trouble in the World

  28. Many of these comments about the Millennials do not reflect well on this blog. I see a lot of curmudgeons making wild generalizations and ad hominem comments based on anecdotal evidence. This is precisely the sort of thing this blog stands against. Who here sowed no wild oats, made no mistakes or held no silly opinions in their youth? I am grateful for those of you who are laboring in the trenches to stand against climate alarmism. We desperately need sanity injected into the debate. Don’t be your own worst enemies!

    • Look none of them have made a mistake that why they are such grumpy old men. The never enjoyed life.
      And the occasional woman

      • …or alternatively they see the founding values of this nation trashed daily and feel great concern at the ” blame everybody else, government will solve every problem” mentality taught in schools and echoed by divide and conquer identity politics of the statist left.
        Never the less, yes, the boomer generation has failed to teach personal responsibility and allowed a couple of generations to grow up thinking everybody but white privilege males, and Asians are owed.

  29. “many Millennials may not be as concerned about personal actions because they feel the problems are too big to solve this way. …” They are right about that. In addition it is too big for even companies to solve. And that is true because it is not a humanly caused problem. It is nature doing its thing and we are no match to forces of that magnitude.

  30. I think this is another fine example of the “unintended consequences” phenomenon. The left’s corruption of the education system to create designer-brains who will have the manipulators’ world view and join the march ever more resolutely toward progressive goals and ideals… these petri-dish warriors turned out to be pampered, disconnected and self-centred. ‘Someone else’ will take care of things. Victimhood 101 graduates don’t make a very good minions.
    Designer Climate turned out to be an expensive Champagne sосiалisт cluster- botch that destroyed the Party itself. Whittling down from a 6C to 2C disaster, then 1.5C, and 1C(?)… grabbing on to hurricanes after a drought of 12yrs, wedging in earthquakes, Middle East wars, ladybugs with fewer spots, bending, blending malleable data as natural variation inexorably eats up the CAGW warming. Unintended consequences are funny that way.

  31. …or alternatively they see the founding values of this nation trashed daily and feel great concern at the ” blame everybody else, government will solve every problem” mentality taught in schools and echoed by divide and conquer identity politics of the statist left.
    Never the less, yes, the boomer generation has failed to teach personal responsibility and allowed a couple of generations to grow up thinking everybody but white privilege males, and Asians are owed.

  32. I hate those article that use a special segment of a population as if it were the whole. There are all sort of millennials, a lots of them being outraged by national debt they are passed on, lower grade education they were given, and fake news and BS including (but alas not limited to) CAGW they are fed off. Those make extensive use, for better or worse, of Breitbart, 4chan, pepe memes, laugh at gender studies, recognize and scorn feminofascism, care about the prices of things, etc. Of course those just don’t hold stupid sign in the street and wouldn’t answer to pollsters (they scorn), even if those pollsters cared to look for them where they are (pollster looking elsewhere)

  33. In some ways I can understand their position. When they are taught in school and blasted constantly all the AGW hype and then figure out the predictions don’t happen a large amount of cynicism takes hold. There may be hope yet for that generation.

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