Democrats Treading Cautiously on Climate Issues

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Politico reports that top Democrats are refraining from taking advantage of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, in stark contrast to their response to Hurricane Sandy.

Democrats hold their fire on climate change

They’re largely refraining from using the destruction wrought by Harvey and Irma as an occasion to lambaste President Donald Trump’s policies.

By EMILY HOLDEN and ELANA SCHOR 09/12/2017 06:09 PM EDT

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have handed Democrats their most potent opportunity in half a decade to hammer Republicans on climate change — with the massive storms giving tens of millions of Americans an upfront glimpse of the types of devastation the world faces if the warming planet spawns a surge in extreme weather.

But instead, they’re mostly keeping quiet.

That’s a contrast from past storms like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, when Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the disaster a sign that “climate change is a reality.” Even then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent, cited the storm and climate change at the time among his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama’s reelection as president.

The wariness of appearing to seize on a disaster is “part of” the party’s calculus behind keeping the climate politics to a minimum after the hurricanes, said the top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Tom Carper of Delaware.

“When we’ve done a good deal more work in terms of cleanup and getting folks’ lives back to normal, I hope we do a deep dive into whether or not the warming in the Gulf of Mexico is really what’s causing this,” Carper added in an interview, vowing that a broader climate conversation is “coming soon.”

It’s not a good idea to try to land a “punch to the gut of climate change deniers” while first responders are still “pulling bodies out of the water,” said Jeff Schlegelmilch, deputy director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

But green groups haven’t hesitated to take aim at Trump online, with the Natural Resources Defense Council criticizing his recent move to rescind climate standards for federal infrastructure and the League of Conservation Voters praising Miami’s Republican mayor, Tomás Regalado, for saying it is time to talk about climate change.

Bill McKibben, founder of the outspoken climate activist group, shied away from disparaging Democrats, though.

“We’ve got a much sterner test for Democrats than will they talk about climate change — it’s will they come out for 100% renewable energy,” he said by email. “Short of that, talk is cheap.

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As noted previously, many people in regions affected by the hurricanes don’t see climate as an issue. Hillary Clinton recently admitted her greatest regret was threatening the jobs of coal miners.

171 thoughts on “Democrats Treading Cautiously on Climate Issues

  1. I have to say, the Democrats (and Republicans) probably have a lot of other material they could sling at the President first…

      • They are now the party of the liberal elite who are actually nastier than the Republican elite. link They think that poor white folks are that way because they are stupid and lazy, not because Clinton and Obama threw them under the bus.
        We were making good progress at becoming a classless society and the Democrats have yanked us back to the eighteenth century.

      • Well… just seems to shoot himself in the twitter account on a frequent basis?
        UK papers full of Trump disaster…

      • Griff,
        I must agree with you on the subject of Trump and Twitter.
        President Trump should refrain from using Twitter as it just seems to get him in trouble.
        He definitely should leave Twitter to the Professional Twits

      • Griff what I see is the media and people with serious Trump Derangement Syndrome chasing every tweet and comment like a pack of Pavlovian hounds and totally missing everything else that is going on in the executive branch (I could not bring myself to vote for the man but unlike the media and you other hounds I will give him credit when his administration does something good and I also call them out when they are depriving people of rights such as civil asset forfeiture.)

      • Griff, free yourself from the need of external validation from your tribe, act with integrity and validate yourself, brother.

      • Funny how Trump’s opponents think he ‘shoots himself in the foot’ on Twitter, yet want to actually BUY Twitter just to kick him off.
        The reason is, Trump has used Twitter very effectively to communicate directly with his voters and bypass the corrupt media completely.

      • “Griff
        September 13, 2017 at 8:18 am
        Well… just seems to shoot himself in the twitter account on a frequent basis?”
        Yes you do Griff. But then you get your “science” from UK papers…

    • They’ve been slinging. The betting odds are still that he will be impeached before the end of his first term. link
      On the other hand … The Donald’s handling of the hurricanes has been first rate. His approval rating is actually improving. If the situation of the ‘despicables’ markedly improves along with the economy, it is just as likely as not that he will be re-elected. Politics and the climate have this in common: they both make fools of people who predict.

      • Why should Trump be removed from office? Poor election results of the Republicans in 2018, as hoped by the Democrats, are not enough. There must be something very handy. And that is not even in sight. It’s a bit strange, Trump was never really the first choice of the Republicans, but now they’re dependent on him. The real strength of Trumps is the ability to accomplish his ideas, even if it does not look at first. More than 3 years are a long time, the US will not be recognizable after this term of office. However for the good. Since Trump has little to do to make it better, because Trumps predecessors have left the Country in a miserable fashion. A good sign: There has already been a positive change in the labor market and in the economic indices.

      • “Impeachment” has been thrown around like it means removal from office. It doesn’t. There has to be a reason for removal. All Trump can be held accountable for is lack of confidence. We’re not a parliamentary government and we don’t need majority to stay in office. The worst that can happen to Trump if he was impeached is the same that happened to Clinton. Nothing but a bunch of arm waving and “I told you sos”. I don’t claim to be a political policy expert so corrections are welcomed.

      • Yes, that from the same oddsmakers that gave Hillary Clinton an 80% chance of winning the Presidency.
        They make the same mistake that the warmists keep on making – the “odds” they make are only based on their estimation of public opinion, not on any actual empirical evidence. (Opinion is NOT evidence) And what’s worse, their odds are only based on the opinion of people in the UK who are trying to interpret the opinions of people in the US.
        You could say it’s 2nd Derivative Nonsense.

      • I would love to see the articles of impeachment. Last I looked, going around with one or both feet perpetually in one’s mouth did NOT constitute sufficient grounds.

      • commieBob
        Unlike other newly elected political parties, Trump’s dealing with all the crappy stuff first, and up front. By the time his run at a second term hoves into view, he’ll be dealing with all the good stuff.
        Personally, I’d be surprised if he didn’t get a second term, and by the time anyone can sling enough crap to mount an impeachment, public opinion will have swung his way and make any prosecution hugely unpopular.
        As resistant as I was to him in the past, the guy doesn’t seem daft. Although when the choice came down to Clinton and him I hoped he would get elected.
        In the face of Brexit, I think he’s the best thing we Brits could have hoped for because he’s all for enterprise.

    • Given their output to date I expect sometime is the next week or so there will be a claim that Trump colluded with Putin to build a hurricane machine powered by dead immigrant women’s blood and coal.

      • Already out there and not Putin, but – “Carl Rove gave the keys to the Hurricane machine to President Trump.” But it was really the racist one.
        Black Flight: Super-Liberal Totally-Tolerant San Fransisco Sees Black Population Fall By *Half*
        According to Census estimates, the number of blacks here shrank from 13.4% of the population in 1970 to just 6.5% in 2005 — the biggest percentage decline in any major American city.
        Which includes New Orleans, despite the best efforts of Karl Rove’s Racist Hurricane Machine.

      • DD More September 13, 2017 at 11:49 am
        But it was really the racist one. Black Flight: Super-Liberal Totally-Tolerant San Fransisco Sees Black Population Fall By *Half*

        It’s true. Rents are sky high because there’s no new housing development. Poor folks who don’t have a four year degree are being pushed out because they can’t afford to live there.
        The liberal elite is deeply classist and racist. They think they are the beneficiaries of meritocracy. Anyone who can’t afford to live in SF doesn’t deserve to be there don’t-cha-know. The city government keeps it that way by making sure there will be no new housing that poor folks can afford.
        The other group that is leaving is women. That helps ensure that the San Franciscans can’t breed and spread their contagion.

      • Greg, GW secretly sequestered his hurricane machine (the one CNN/MSNBc reported that he used at his Crawford ranch, to eliminate black people in New Orleans) in Russia with Putin who subsequently shipped it back to Trump under the cover of darkness, where the Donald installed the machine at Mara Largo to take out illegals in Texas and Florida. Try to keep up.

    • Well according to past Democratic behavior, Trump INHERITED these Hurricanes from Obama anyway. So of course they cant blame Trump. What do you think they are? Hypocrites?
      And scientifically, getting out of the Paris thing could not possibly have had an affect on storms yet either. It IS rather odd though that all of Obama’s policies (and those of all the Blue states) in the past 8 years to lower emissions and reduce climate change seem to have made hurricanes WORSE according to “experts” like Michael Mann, Bill McKibbon, and most of the main stream media. Don’t you agree Griff?

      • Has no one considered that the hurricanes are behind Trump? couldn’t get in during the Obama years, so plotted to elect Trump and enable themselves to get in and wreak havoc (framing the Russians in the process). Extreme-ist weather!

      • Really nothing more than the Natural (typical) run of years without major storms striking land followed by several major storms coming ashore. Harvey and Irma were no different than the 1935 Labor Day hurricane (Or Allen in 1980, the strongest and still unbeat on record). Irma is not much different from Igor in 2010, it just turned north without coning into land first. Igor was even churning along with a “K” hurricane in the gulf and a “J:” hurricane to the east like Katia, Irma, and Jose. (Karl, Igor, and Julia). Still no data that proves Global Warming caused Irma, Steered Irma, or Made Irma worse. Even the 8″ of sea level rise since 1880 didn’t contribute much to the overall storm surge effect.
        Still no conclusive detectable Anthropogenic Climate Change effect to either storm.
        2 cat 4-5 storms in a single year isn’t new or unprecidented as noted by the 1915 Galveston and 1915 New Orleans storms, and 3 cat 4-5 storms in 3 years 1898, 1899, 1900 all hitting Texas has also happened.

      • Very good point Aphan. I have been hoping to see your very good observation be pointed out on the MSM. Seems to me a very easy question to ask anyone attempting to blame Trump for the hurricanes to state the changes that Trump has made that could have raised the CO2 enough to cause an increase in a hurricane activity or intensity, then contrast that with Obummer’s ineffective efforts for eight years.

      • The Dems were the conservatives until LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, Steve. There was a mass conservative defection to the Republican party.
        Weather is not a terr0r1st entity, so political activism does not trigger any response from nature. Only a zealot from the Model Fellowship of Mann, Church of Omnipotent Greenhouse In Carbon would reject the perspective history provides and insist that their claims are supported by recent weather anomalies, especially after such a hiatus in Atlantic cyclone activity.
        By the way has anyone noticed that the Pacific is as quiet as the Atlantic is active right now?

    • “Well… just seems to shoot himself in the twitter account on a frequent basis?
      UK papers full of Trump disaster…”
      Trump uses Twitter to provoke a response, and it works extremely well. I daresay he is well advised on what he tweets, it served him well enough to help him get elected when the Clinton faithful hadn’t a clue what Twitter is or how powerful it is.
      And the UK press prints nonsense about Trump because they know they can get away with it.

      • All the major press outlets everywhere print character assassinations of Trump, because they are encouraged by their owners to do it.
        They show that they need have no respect where skeptics are concerned. If anyone refuses to conform to the agenda they will be neutralized by whatever means necessary, and no one is above being attacked and demonized at their whim.

    • If the U.K MSM keeps on bashing the U.S., then the U.S. may not be there when the U.K needs to be saved again?
      Griff does not understand that the weather on this side of the pond is different than in the U.K.. North America has some of the most violent weather in the world. Plus earthquakes.
      England should be grateful that Mr. Churchill was FDR’s cousin?

      • Barbara. I think it is incorrect to believe that we in the US finally jumped into WW2 to save the UK. We jumped in to save ourselves. If we had waited very much longer we would have been fighting the rest of the enslaved world by ourselves. Probably an impossible task.

      • The U.S. secretly began to supply England c. 1940 with supplies routed through Canada. Known as Lend-Lease. U.S ships could not carry war materials or the U.S would have lost its neutrality.

      • James Francisco
        September 13, 2017 at 3:37 pm
        Thankfully, after much provocation Japan obliged.
        Little known fact: Tojo was involved in the opium trade.

  2. There will be no gut punch as the doomsters have nothing statistically important to say. To say 2 hurricanes are due to a president’s 8 months in office is to claim he is a God that runs the weather of the earth, and we need to beseech him to behave.

    • Well before Trump, after crossing the Red Sea leading the Israelites, Moses fell to his knees on the beach and raised his arms up to the sky, proclaiming: “Thank you, Lord, for Climate Change!

    • No! It’s that magic CO2 molecule that waited for a new Republican president before steering hurricanes onshore. Just the way it steered Sandy to arrive at high tide! It didn’t dare steer a hurricane toward The Obama!

      • That’s exactly the level this argument has devolved into; whether or not one “believes” in the nasty CO2 molecule changing the weather *and it’s ALL our fault.* I sleep very well at night knowing that the cosmos are going to do whatever they’re going to do, and starting up Big Mama Tundra for a run to the feed store is not a crime against Nature. The marketplace will continue to hold sway as the strongest force in the human “universe” short of Nature. At the end of the day, money talks and BS walks, no matter WHAT the “belief system” of the day may be. But the Buddhists are sure right when they say “we each create our own reality” inside our heads!

      • “That’s a contrast from past storms like 2012’s Hurricane Sandy,”
        One persistent problem is that people misname things. It’s Subtropical Storm Sandy. The damage was great because the buffoons in New Jersey were fat and happy and completely unready for being hit by a storm, any storm.

  3. “I hope we do a deep dive into whether or not the warming in the Gulf of Mexico is really what’s causing this”
    Might be a bit difficult for Irma that never really got into the Gulf and more or less collapsed the moment it started pulling moisture from Gulf waters.

    • Yes, that was what stood out to me , a total lack of understanding of the track and origin of Irma.
      ” top Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Tom Carper of Delaware.”
      Amazing that someone who has chosen to be on the Senate Environment committee should have such glaring ignorance of what it’s all about.

      • Amazing that someone who has chosen to be on the Senate Environment committee should have such glaring ignorance of what it’s all about.

        “HA”, …… congressional “committee” appointments are determined solely by the “pecking-order preferences” of the most tenured of the Political Party’s members.
        The “appointed” committee member is not required to, and in most cases not expected to, know “diddly squat” about what the Committee is supposed to be “overseer” of.

      • Yes, “pecking order”. Appointments are recinded if you dare go against the committee. There’s nothing “democratic” about the committees. They are rewards for going along with the party line.

      • It was very interesting that the European models got more right about Irma’ s behavior than the US ones. I mean…the models were tracking the storm in real time, for weeks, and not only did they NOT agree with each other, even at the end, none of them got all of their predictions right!! That says a LOT about our current understanding of WEATHER events and that understanding of WEATHER is used to program CLIMATE models.

      • “Amazing that someone who has chosen to be on the Senate Environment committee should have such glaring ignorance of what it’s all about.”
        We’ve reached the point at which anyone who would be a part of a Senate Environment Committee can be considered Ignorant, by definition. Anyone who had any understanding of the actual issues would have been viciously blocked by the activists and the agenda-men.

    • The Gulf was warm, but not exceptionally so. It’s the Gulf of Mexico, warm in the summer is part of it’s charm.
      Regardless, Harvey was not a strong storm. What made it dangerous was the fact that it stuck around for 3 to 4 days instead of moving inland quickly as most hurricanes do.

      • So we need a proper enquiry into whether the wind farms slowed the storm down and caused all the trouble. After all you cannot take energy out of a wind system without slowing it down.

      • Mark & Aphan –
        Harvey sat over Houston for the extra couple of days – because there was a cold front lingering around waco – The same cold front ( a cold front in the summer in texas might be an oxymoron) that was sitting accross most of the US for the summer.
        The average temp in Dallas this summer was approx 4-7 f degrees cooler all summer – So much for the AGW theory

      • David, don’t be ridiculous. It’s a well known weather pattern that caused it to backtrack. Anthony covered this weeks ago. If the wind farms did slow it down, that would have been primarily a reduction in windspeed, which is a good thing. However, their effect is cumulatively on the order of an ant trying to push a M1-A1

    • it didn’t smash mar.el.lago, it smashed climate clown Branson.
      the eye of this hurricane passed over top of me
      i slept thru it
      the spanish moss is still hangin on the big old oak trees.
      (but power is still out)
      the hurricane was so nada that drudge had to use a picture of a puppy in a cage.
      there were no dead babbies to exploit
      so without a stack of victimhood cards, the progressives can’t play this hand

  4. Witchfinder Central has realised the traction is going out of Climate Change.
    I’ve have noticed this globally. The rhetoric is still massive, but the actual activity is generally downwards pulling subsidies out of renewable energy.
    Electric cars fill the headlines, but not the streets.

    • In Germany, the proportion of electric vehicles on the vehicle stock (purely electric and plug-in) on January 1, 2017 is only 0.1 percent. The share of pure electric vehicles is only 0.07 percent. The share of the newly registered vehicles rose due to a subsidy in 2016, but in 2017 it is now declining again after utilization of the driving effects. This means that less than every thousandth vehicle is equipped with an electric drive. Tendency as described above is rather declining as one looks at the increase in approvals of other petrol and diesel powered vehicles. The goal of the Federal Government to have one million electric drives on the road in 2020 is therefore as far from the reality as Regulus from the earth.
      Source: Kraftfahrtbundesamt

      • The reasons are, I mean manifold. There is not just one reason for this.
        Reasons which come to my mind:
        – no network of loading stations, which could be even in the remotest with the filling stations comparable
        – too long charging times. No car driver accepts a charging time of more than 5 minutes if he can have it with gasoline during this time.
        – No guarantee for battery life. The car driver will remain at the high cost of battery loss
        -low battery life. Fear of loss of performance with increasing cycles
        – too high purchase costs in the whole
        – Doubt at the benefit of electromobility for the climate. Even drivers can think and in Germany there are also parties with the FDP, the AFD and parts of the CDU / CSU, which are critically adjusted to the postulated share of the people in the climate warming.

      • China’s EVs are not comparable to the US’s. Theirs are very small and much less expensive. Under $6000. Their commutes are short. I doubt EV’s are used to travel the country. Many of the EV’s are reportedly 2 passenger cars. Families have 1 or 2 children, not the 3 or 4 common in the USA. Plus, the Chinese are desperate to decrease pollution. As noted in a previous thread, that worked well when bicycles were the mode of transportation. However, as the Chinese found out the rest of the world had cars, bicycles lost their appeal. So, it makes sense for China to use EVs. Plus, they’re a communist nation where the government simply tells you what to drive. It’s an easy transition. Drive an EV or else walk or ride your bike. It’s not a choice.
        The other factor is the virtue signaling. The true believers of the world think China cares. China cares that people are naive enough to buy any “green” story out there and thus China can up its standing in the world. People never seem to care that a brutal, communist regime is the one doing the “altruistic” green act. There is a special blindness in all of this faith in “green”.

      • “Check out the population of Norway”
        Who cares? The entire nation of Norway has 1 million LESS people than just the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

      • Hardy,
        Please define EV in China. Does the 350K sold include the 2 wheel vehicles as well? Does it include golf cart type vehicles?

    • Come to Fairfield County in Connecticut. You will see electric cars everywhere it’s like Tesla’s HomeBase. I’m exaggerating a little bit but honestly I see a couple Tesla’s everyday. Of course this is one of the richest counties in the United States so there you go and a Democrat hold over for a long time now.

      • I’m about 70 miles north of Seattle, and I see several Teslas a day, and Volts and Leafs. Could be that I’m seeing the same ones over and over, I know that’s the case with some of the Teslas, due to the license plates.

      • I see two or three Teslas a day here in Richmond VA. I also see at least two or three thousand other cars.
        One out of a thousand ain’t much market share.

      • In another thread we had an EV advocate who was whining about the tragedy of the commons, all the while driving on roads paid for by other people.

      • That’s right–but Fairfield County is also Ground Zero of the Great Blue Bubble, having gone overwhelmingly for Hillary in 2016. Westport CT has a noted EV club, which lobbied for chargers at the railroad station. Still, it’s comprised primarily of a (several dozen, tops) older men with big bucks and a gadget fetish; nerds, in other words. I know one Tesla owner there who openly admits the car has severe limitations for long distance travel–so they take their Chevy Suburban!

      • The only Tesla I’ve seen was on the back of a tow truck up here in Ontario Canada. Of course i didn’t have my camera. 🙁

  5. Climate scientists with new data and new conclusions about alleged global warming and hurricane frequency/intensity should air their research when it is ready, without regard for politics, point scoring, personal preferences. Such tactics are not part of proper science. Geoff.

    • Come on, Geoff! Since when did anything to do wth “Climate” (as opposed to “climate”) have any connection with proper science?
      As Pierre Gosselin keeps telling us paper after paper after paper arguing against the impact of CO2 and/or in favour of the effect of the sun has been published over the last couple of years, but is anybody listening?
      We both know “the science” is a sideshow. This is all about environmental politics. Oh, and money. Lots of money!

      • Once something is actually used outside the scientific community it is really engineering so it should no longer be peer reviewed by scientists. It should be engineering assessed by a proper quality assurance team whose job it is to find fault with any suspect area of the work.
        Only then will we get proper signed off and certified stations where both the instrumentation and the sites are certified as meeting standards laid down and agreed.
        Scientist are too theoretically orientated to do the practical work necessary for quality observations especially as there is not just zero kudos in doing practical work there is open contempt for the people who do these essential tasks.

      • “Griff September 13, 2017 at 8:14 am
        yes… and any other content than women with dress malfunctions is just scooped off the internet by interns…”
        Trouble is Griff others have to contend with your profuse science malfunctions. Malfunctions that can be never unread/unseen.

    • Funny, that reminds me of my aunts in the 1960’s saying the Russians were controlling our weather. Somethings never change I guess.

    • This from the government that has the HAARP project? OTOH with the seemingly random targeting of these storms – check the past and forecast track for Jose for instance – one might think the biblical deity, noted for his inaccurate smiting, was in charge.
      I think if the russians were behind this they would have eliminated Texas with a one-two-three punch and then invited Trump and Tillerson to Moscow “for talks”.

    • Since when do climate researchers and the CIA talk. This sound more like a headline from the “National Enquirer”.

  6. “They’re largely refraining from using the destruction wrought by Harvey and Irma as an occasion to lambaste President Donald Trump’s policies”
    Why should they when there is such a wealth of other material they could use? You don’t take a hot dog to a banquet.

    • One art of Statecraft is getting opponents to feel good about working together. I see this starting to happen. Long way to go, but some first steps…..

    • You’re missing the point. This isn’t about a chance to bash Trump and his policies. This is specifically about the Dems fave issue and the one that is near and dear to their hearts; “Climate Change”, and which they are desperately trying to save, having gone all in on it. With Trump in the WH, and having rejected the Paris “Agreement”, they get a two-fer; obviously they like to bash Trump any chance they get, but with anything climate-related they also get to virtue-signal and wax idiotic about their pseudo-issue of “climate change”. It makes them feel and look important, and like they are doing something to help “save the planet”. Notice they are holding off for now, but only because they know how it would look. It would backfire on them. But it won’t be long before they will pile on. It’s in their nature to do so.

  7. The one and only measure of global warming is temperature increasing globally at a rate that is (statistically) significantly higher than the natural rate of increase as we warm out of the Little Ice Age. Everything else can be dismissed as politics and hyperbole.

  8. A couple of issues maybe at work. Hillary Clinton put the blame on herself for losing the election in large part for discussing the Dem infatuation with putting coal mining out of business. She lost PA as a result. Second, the Bush faction and special counsel may impeach Trump. Dems might just be happy to leave events run their course rather than attract unnecessary attention at this time.

    • Impeach for what? I always hear of this impeachment, well again for what? Trump came along at the right time, the US and the world should actually be very thankful
      Again impeached for what? He doesn’t even smoke.

      • Impeach “for what” is a question only for rational people.
        Leftists don’t care. Russians, collusion, white privilege, racist, impeach… they parrot ad nauseam the latest craziest slogan without the slightest evidence and hope it would stick into the low-info voters’ mind.

      • They can impeach him for any reason they dare put forward. But they will never be able to get a removal vote thru the Senate.

  9. “warming in the Gulf of Mexico” ?
    Well early this year the seas off Galveston were noticed to be exceptionally warm and the question naturally arose as to whether this would mean a stronger tornado season in the southern states and more and stronger hurricanes in late summer – fall.
    Re: hurricanes
    A climate researcher responded that:
    “Sea surface temperatures also factor into the formation and strengthening of hurricanes, although hurricane season doesn’t formally begin until June 1 and really doesn’t get going until late July or August. Typically, waters of about 80° or warmer support hurricanes, so even with the record warmth this winter, it’s not like the 74° waters in the Gulf are going to support tropical cyclones any time soon.
    But what about later this year? Does exceptionally warm water in winter augur a harsh hurricane season? The short answer is not really, says Phil Klotzbach, an atmospheric scientist at Colorado State University who specializes in seasonal hurricane activity. “They really don’t correlate well with Atlantic hurricane activity,” he said of winter sea surface temperatures. “I think the primary issue is that Gulf sea surface temperatures are always plenty hot to support major hurricane activity during the season.”
    “Rather, Klotzbach told Ars, other factors will be more dominant in determining whether hurricanes ultimately form and intensify in the Gulf this summer. Among those variables, he said, are vertical wind shear and moisture levels in the mid-atmosphere.”
    Hopefully this sets everyone’s mind at rest

  10. all the hot air misses the facts. CO2 is benign, a trace gas necessary for all life .1 part in 2500 ,a very effective exstinguisher of fires and must help to modify the bad effects of oxygen in the air and in our bodies.

    • i like to add the above are things to note. Also one hurricane season says nothing about climate.It is just very nasty weather

  11. Trump should introduce a infrastructure bill that is climate change neutral but saves billions in damages and puts real Americans to work. Like, underground power lines in hurricane prone areas.

    • The problem with make work bills, is that the cost of them puts more people out of work than the bill puts to work.
      Underground power lines in areas prone to flooding present their own form of danger.

    • Underground power lines are very expensive especially as a retrofit and difficult, expensive to repair leading to a slow restoration of power.

    • You go first with the underground power line repair work. The rest of us will watch from a safe distance.

  12. Let’s see, the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives in 2008 and 2009, passed a cap and trade bill which then stalled in the senate. Dems lost the house but retained the senate. In 2012 Pres. Obama ran on an “all of the above” energy platform but quickly pivoted after his win with an assault on coal. Tom Steyer dangled $100 million in campaign contributions and the senate Democrats pulled an all nighter with speeches and they still lost seats in the Senate. The current president took one of the most strident positions against climate change alarmism and beat the biggest political machine in history (and took the senate). I’d say someone in the Democratic party platform committee has finally realized that climate change is a issue that changes peoples votes, just not the way they expected from inside the bubble.

  13. I think this just another indication the debate is over and us deniers the winners. Now we just have to follow the retread, not give them a change to regroup. Those of us who have fought this battle now for more than a decade can not stop now. Destroy the enemy or he will come back.

    • People who have time to look up the facts know that the “debate IS over” because 100% of the facts are on our side. People who look to Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Miss America and Bill Nye for their “news,” however, are keening in the streets about how WE caused the hurricanes. Democrats feed on useful idiots.

      • oh, that was hilarious when stevie wonder said anyone who doesn’t believe in climate must be blind.
        these poople oh, man.. do i leave that typo? yeah… they have no self awareness despite raging narcissism. can’t recognize irony when it bites them on the backside.

  14. The Democrats could be realizing that climate change is a loser issue that does not move anyone in the middle, that it works as a fundraising subject among the faithful, but loses elections. Their problem is that much of their platform is comprised of similar issues that only appeal to enthusiasts for that one issue and bore or alienate much of the voting public.

  15. Are you kidding me?
    All the purveyors of “You’re Gonna Die From Dangerous Global Warming” pseudoscience are screaming from the top of their lungs in The Sovereign Socialist People’s Republic of Maryland.
    National Public Radio (notwithstanding having broadcast Phil Klotzbach’s opinion that there is no reason to believe that Harvey and Irma had any connection to “climate change”) has gone into full-blown “It’s Dangerous CO2 That Did This” advertorial mode.

    • Okay, but you must have a lot of time on your hands to listen to NPR. I read 50 to 100 news articles per day and I don’t have the time or patience to sort through the manifestations of NPR bias in its honed use of “experts” and other outside comments to express their own pervading editorial bias. I already know they have taken that method to a high art form so why waste time with it? The exception is to occasionally monitor the methods and tactical routes of the adversary.

      • What’s a fellow to do?
        On the one hand, I get a bunch of used car salespeople screaming at me to buy junkers.
        On the other hand, I get a bunch of used car salespeople haranguing me to buy junk science.
        In theory, the radio allows me to multi-task (except when I end up having to restrain myself from throwing a spanner at the thing when the NPR dangerous anthropogenic CO2-caused climate change shills are given rein).

      • NPR announcers frequently have (or affect) British accents, even in broadcasting from Hoboken or Hamtramck; their general attitude is that of revealing holy writ, and their leftward tilt must be crippling if they ever try to walk forward. The deeply authoritative sound of their pronouncements ceased to impress me about a third of a century ago, and my occasional recent involuntary exposures to it have revealed no improvement. If any of them ever says something complimentary about Trump or true about the climate, I expect that person to be fired forthwith.

  16. “Attributing extreme weather events to climate change is still an evolving area of research, although it has progressed quickly over the past few years.”
    Yeah, conflating weather with “climate change” is tricky. But if they’re crafty enough, and use just the right anount of weasel words and phrases, sheeple will buy it. Why? Because it’s easier and somehow satisfying to blame the climate bogeyman than to actually use their brains and research the subject just a bit. It really is not all that different from blaming witches for bad things that happen.

  17. Mike: Two Teslas a day in one of the richest counties in the USA. How many conventional cars and pick ups do you see in total during a day? The reality is that, for all the media and green lobby hype, the percentage of EV’s on the road anywhere in the world is minuscule and it is unlikely to get into double figures this century. To believe otherwise is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  18. Yes, this is my worst fear that they would actually use some common (political) sense mixed with continuation of their ill purpose on AGW climate change. They will never let go of the gold lust they have for a carbon tax mixed with flimsy budget controls on the use of the funds. That gold lust is what drove the conquistadors across the ends of the earth and it drives Democrats today. They know that money source could be used for vote buying, benefit handouts, and redistribution of wealth for decades to come, so the power lust is the ultimate theme for them and the money is the means to an end. It explains everything, including the idiot statements and throwing science process under the bus. Running silent for a year or two is a small price to pay in their gold quest.

    • Resourceguy, yes, it’s about money, politics, and power (as Sara said the other day). Liberals (progressives) are evil. Except for the prospective votes, they don’t give a damn about Houstonians and Floridians. This is evidenced too by their history on killing unborn children (over 35,000,000 to date since 1973), enslaving and suppressing the poor (eternal welfare), over-taxing and removing The People’s rights (free speech and gun control). They (liberals) are divisive, subversive, and evil. CAGW is just another of their specious attempts to further take control of gov’t and our lives.

    • ” vote buying, benefit handouts, and redistribution of wealth”
      benefit handouts and redistribution of the wealth are merely forms of vote buying.

      • Yes, I was vaguely listing these. Some vote buying is from small new programs like Bill Clinton did in minority communities as reward with no IG oversight on the uses of the money. Others are large scale like general benefit increases. And some are redistributive as described in the Waxman-Markey carbon tax bill.

  19. Trump promised to drain the swamp.
    But the swamp drained him.
    The USA 🇺🇸 is a swampocracy.
    US is now identical to China 🇨🇳 in political architecture. Superficial meaningless elections and an unelected unseen power nexus ruling everything.

  20. Since we had hurricanes before we had climate changes, if we are still getting hurricanes that means the climate HAS NOT changed.
    Only if we got no hurricanes, then that would show things were changing. Since the drought has ended and hurricanes have returned, we now know climate is back to normal.

      • Normal: Anything that is naturally expected to occur on a reasonably predictable basis
        Category 5 hurricanes
        October 19, 1924 – Cuba
        September 13-14, 1928 – Okeechobee
        September 5-6, 1932 – Bahamas
        November 5-8, 1932 – Cuba
        August 30, 1933 – Cuba – Brownsville
        September 21, 1933 – Tampico
        September 3, 1935 – Labor Day (Bahamas – Virginia)
        September 19-20 1938 – New England
        15 year Cat5 drought
        September 3, 1953 – Carol
        September 27-28, 1955 – Janet
        6 year gap
        September 11, 1961 – Carla
        October 30-31,.1961 – Hattie
        6 year gap
        September 20, 1967, Beulah
        August 16, 1969 – Camille
        September 9, 1971 – Edith
        6 year gap
        September 7, 1977 – Anita
        August 30, 1979 – David
        August 5-9, 1980 Allen (strongest on record)
        7 year gap
        September 13-14, 1988 – Gilbert
        September 15, 1989 – Hugo
        August 23, 1992 – Andrew
        6 year gap
        October 26-28, 1998 – Mitch
        5 year gap
        September 11-14, 2003 – Isabel
        September 9-14, 2004 – Ivan
        2005 Emily, Katrina, Rita, Wilma
        2007 Dean, Felix
        9 year gap
        October 1, 2016 – Matthew
        September 5-9, 2017 – Irma
        Far more consecutive years of Cat5 storms in the early 20th century than later

    • That’s much too logical to make headway in any polarized topic, especially those already declared settled from the Obama podium.

    • There is no such thing as “normal” climate or weather. There is usual (or unusual), average (or deviating from average in some way), typical (or atypical), and similar adjectives to be applied to climate or weather; but norms have never been established, and in a chaotic set of systems they can never be established.
      To grasp the concept of “normal,” think of human body temperature. Through hundreds of years of observation, 98.6 F has been established to every knowledgeable person’s satisfaction to be the human norm. That figure is important because a significant departure from it, in either direction, can kill you. Mommies get exercised if little child’s temperature gets to 101 F; if it gets to 102, they get alarmed; if it gets to 103 or 104, they get the kid to the emergency room. A norm is thus an objective standard which, if not maintained, can lead to trouble.
      Another norm is 20/20 vision (and other conditions an optometrist could tell you). Playwright George Bernard Shaw was once persuaded by some friends to visit an oculist (as optometrists were then called). After an exhaustive examination, the doctor assured Shaw that his vision was normal, “and that condition is very rare.” In respect to vision, whatever figures define “normal” are not “average.” They are ideal, the way things are supposed to be.

  21. I can almost assure you that the Democrats are not ignoring these two hurricanes. They are polling, doing focus groups and letting their surrogates scream about global warming (Harvey fund raiser on TV last night, etc). They are working the timing of the events. They fear only that if they scream and holler now that two of the top four states might not take kindly to them taking such immediate advantage of the crises. Also they have had a really tough time saying that Trump, the feds and two Republican governors didn’t respond appropriately. If they need it to stimulate their base they will use the two storms but in totally different ways than the past. They want to regain power. We are a year out before the mid-terms I can assure they are carefully planning to get cranked up during the late winter or spring. Of course they could really look stupid if we had a really cold fall, winter and spring.

    • I know we arent supposed to drive over flooded roadways (turn around dont drown) but still, sometimes you do what you have to do. But what about in a Tesla? Is that low slung battery pack water tight?

  22. “…and the League of Conservation Voters praising Miami’s Republican mayor, Tomás Regalado, for saying it is time to talk about climate change.”
    These people have thought it’s “time to talk about climate change” every minute for the past 30 years. Trouble is, if you DO talk about climate change and have more than a five-second attention span, you quickly figure out that the change is for all practical purposes unidentifiable.

  23. ‘Real bad boys move in silence’ (A kewpie doll if anyone here can attribute THAT quote).
    But it fits – strategically, most legislation on climate change has been done under the table – much too often simply by implementation of regulation – or if done on any high-profile stage at all, it’s presented with the the sort of vague sales pitch ‘it’s for the environment – what harm can it do?’, or ‘it’s saving the planet (with no specifics exactly HOW, but usually with a lot of histrionics from celebrity activists – see the Hurricane Telethon mentioned by Reginald, above) – because if the implications of what they were actually doing became widely understood, they would likely incur the wrath of the general population.
    This also explains the knee-jerk exaggeration which accompanies almost every agenda item – they can’t be honest about anything – all they do is flash bumper stickers, with sentiments that are, of course, hard to argue with – which gets emotion up, so people baited-up don’t care exactly what is done ‘to solve things’, just that it’s SOMETHING – a situation guaranteed to be exploited by opportunists.

  24. The situation is that on the one degree scale of “Temperature Departure” global warming since 1850 is “unequivocal”, but on the +30 to -30 degree scale of normal human activities, it is also “unnoticeable”. This gives a very wide range for soapboxers to declare “big problem” or “no problem” as might suit their manipulative ambitions.

  25. “Top Democrats are refraining from taking advantage of Hurricane Harvey and Irma” – because climate scientists and the MSM are doing that for them

  26. Democrats are going full cloak mode on the carbon tax and anything else that shows their open distain for those in fly over states .Having attacked the energy sector , particularly coal. they can’t afford more self inflicted stupidity . They are going to have to work a lot harder at ballot stuffing, their well practiced ploy .

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