Moonbeam Brown Unhinged: 'Existence of humanity rests on extending California's cap and tax law'

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin,

Existence of humanity rests on extending Governor Brown’s cap and tax law. Just watch Jerry Brown in his rant over the issue on July 14th:


California Governor Brown presented testimony in hearings where he demanded that the California’s cap and tax law which is the centerpiece of the state’s carbon fighting schemes and which expires in 2020 be extended to year 2030.

Brown proclaimed that:

“America is facing not just a climate crisis with the rest of the world, we are facing a political crisis,” Brown told lawmakers at the first public hearing on his proposal to reduce the state’s carbon emissions. “Can democracy actually work? Is there a sufficient consensus that we can govern ourselves? That, I submit to you, is an open question.”

An L. A. Times article discussing Brown’s testimony indicated that “he warned of mass migration, forest fires, floods, disease and other pestilence should lawmakers not act.”


Brown admonished lawmakers that California’s cap and tax law serves as a model for carbon-reduction efforts across the world, from China to neighboring Oregon.

Brown failed to address the lawmakers regarding how the extension of the California cap and tax law will stop the building by China of more than 700 new coal plants in the next ten years.

An article in The Wall Street Journal regarding the challenges Governor Brown is facing to extend the cap and tax law noted:

“Manufacturers, oil refiners and food processors—major employers in low-income areas—will have to buy permits or expensive new equipment to comply with the state’s emissions cap. Cap and trade has raised the cost of gas by about 12 cents a gallon and this surcharge will increase as emissions controls tighten. Californians already pay about 65 cents more per gallon than the national average.”

Additionally the Wall Street Journal further noted:

“This year the state Senate passed legislation doubling the renewable mandate to 100% by 2045—and, by the way, California is producing so much solar power on some days that it has to pay other states to unload it. Senate Democrats have also proposed jacking up the price of emissions permits and imposing a border carbon fee to tax out-of-state imports.”


It is difficult to comprehend how “the existence of humanity” rests on California extending its cap and tax law to year 2030. But this is California – what else needs to be said.


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…and for some reason, he thinks we should give up democracy and let him rule


““Can democracy actually work? Is there a sufficient consensus that we can govern ourselves? ”
In his view democracy is not working unless it decides to do what he wants. Otherwise it is broken.
Does he allow for the consensus to vote against what he wants? Probably not.


I had hopes that the election of Donald Trump would be a sufficient kick upside the head that the Democrat Elite would get the message and mend their arrogant ways … apparently not. They would rather blame the shortcomings of the despicable electorate than own up to their own shortcomings.


to do what he wants….exactly, but that’s the way the whole left thinks


They would rather blame the…..ra cist, red neck, h o m o phobic, clinging to guns and religion…..Russians
Encourage them to do more!

Billy Carnes

Almost feel bad 👎 for the citizens of California,but they voted for the progressive socialist liberal demorats to lead them

Samuel C Cogar

Matters not if it is a Brown or a Jones that is offering their “brainwashed” believers a drink of Kool Aide, ……. they will drink it with pleasure and tout their praises of their Leader.
The election of Donald Trump will eventually prove to the citizens of California that have been voting for the progressive socialist liberal democrats that ………… “It’s way too late for them to get smart”.


It is clear the libs don’t know why they lost. They are just pushing the same message only louder and more aggressively.
I think they are really dumbed down.

Think about what is being said, can a consensus, a democratic idea, determine that democracy doesn’t work….
Democracy is a failure, yes, but a republic can exist if it’s electorate is relatively homogeneous. The Founders knew this.


Let him bankrupt California. Many businesses and industries are moving away. Brown thinks he can tax the state until it becomes a 3rd world country with zero emissions. Not realizing they have been moving to Texas steadily for the past decade.


UNFCCC, Dec.8, 2015
‘Cities & Regions Launch Major Five-year Vision to Take Action on Climate Change’
LPAA / The Lima-Paris Action Agenda
Re: Gov. Brown and sub-national initiatives.
LPAA includes:
Under 2 MOU
Compact of Mayors
Compact of States and Regions
And other organizations
Gov. Brown is involved in initiatives at the sub-national level.


When they win: The People Have Spoken! You must do what I say!
When they lose: The People Are Wrong! You must do what I say!
Basically giant angry babies. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t see the temper tantrum for what it is.


The left rules by emotion. It is said: “If you are young and not liberal, you have no heart. If you are old and not conservative, you have no brain.” Jerry Brown is old and not conservative.

Gerry, England

The problem with democracy is when you are faced with just a choice between morons.


Gov. Brown is just another United Nations lackey.
Carbon Emissions Markets were set up by the UNCTAD starting back in 1996.
International Emissions Trading Association was set up with UNCTAD’s help in 1998.
UNCTAD, Dec.4, 1996
UNCTAD, Oct.29, 1998
UNCTAD, June 11, 1997
The Earth Council was established by Maurice Strong c.1992. HQ, Geneva, Switzerland.


Earth Council, Geneva
Re: Maurice Strong at page bottom.
Present Board Members:


White House Archives, Washington, D.C., January 10, 1997
President’s Council on Sustainable Development
Building On Consensus
‘A Progress Report On Sustainable America’, January 10, 1997
Click on chapter 3: ‘International Task Force Report’
Re: Maurice Strong and the Earth Council.
More information on Agenda 21, meetings, participants, etc.
Prior activities before the UN Kyoto Conference in December, 1997.


White House Archives, Washington, D.C., March 1997
‘The Road to Sustainable Development: A Snapshot of Activities in the United States’, March 1997
Re: Maurice Strong
President’s Council On Sustainable Development
Click on:
Members list

Kalifornia Kook

The ONLY reason we left California: State government insanity, with no adults in charge. To continue to pay into that was just stupid.
– no longer a Kalifornia Kook


Congratulations and good for you.
I sincerely hope everything goes well for you wherever it is you call home.
It is a real shame what is happening out there.


The problem is that the Californian refugees soon start voting to turn whichever state they move to into another California.


MarkG – you are correct. Colorado is the best example.

Randy in Ridgecrest

Nonsense, lots of people that move from Kali do so because they are revolted by the left politics. I WILL move before long. Historically, I have voted straight republican. I highly doubt I change just because I move to another state. While a certain fraction of people leaving California are left leaning, look to the other factors to see why certain states are becoming more blue.
I moved (was moved) to California when I was 8 years old. Lived here ever since. Obviously, as a young child, I didn’t have any say in the decision to move from Kansas to California. But, from the moment we arrived in Long Beach I thought it a good move. Wichita, as far as I can tell from a couple visits over the years, hasn’t changed a whole lot since 1963. And after a lifetime of surfing, rock climbing, and mountaineering I can’t think of a worst place for me to live.
But for the intolerable politics, that i can no longer stand supporting (through my high taxes), I’d stay in Kali. Some inter-mountain state will be my next home.


A lot of people leave California because they can’t afford to live there, without ever realizing what it was about CA politics that made life so expensive. They just blame greedy landlords and employers that refuse to pay a living wage.
So when they get their new home, they start demanding all the services they got used to in CA, firm in the knowledge that these services either don’t cost anything, or they can be easily paid for by someone else.

Henning Nielsen

May we call you climate refugees?

Crispin in Waterloo

Political climate?

Bryan A

California truly needs a little Political Climate Change

Bryan A

Or at least an enema


For those of us considering the move, to where did you move? Is it really any better? Or is it just tracking the California trajectory with a time lag?

Michael S. Kelly

I moved to Maryland, which proved to be East California. Then my (now) wife and I moved to Virginia, mostly for the taxes (flat rate) and the gun laws (open carry anywhere, concealed carry with permit). It’s becoming more “blue”, however. The Obama administration transported tens of thousands of illegals here prior to the 2016 election, and registered them all as Democrat. The Democrat governor tried to give voting rights to all felons.
No one can afford to live inside the beltway anymore, so all of the people who made it unaffordable to live inside of the beltway are moving here…where they will make the same thing happen.


I recommend Florida, but do not tell anyone and ruin it for the rest of us 😉

Th3o More

I love the mountain west. Weather is quite a bit harsher than what you are used to. Cost of living just so much better. Idaho, Wyoming, West slope of Colorado are all quite nice but I tolerate cold better than many people do. Read the weather in the places you are considering for a year and figure you have to water stuff to get a crop and just imagine how much nicer the people will be. Unless you hate people cause they will all hate you right back.


Let me tell you something many may not realize or thought of:
If you can get used to harsh winters and brutal storms that would kill a person caught out in one, you can get used to beautiful weather from October until May with a few chilly nights and days but mostly sun and pleasant temps.
And for brutal, we got Summer. Summers are very interesting too, with the often daily rains that pop up out of a blue sky from literally nowhere, and are the darkest sky, and heaviest ran you have ever seen…then it clears up.
But before it rains, it is so humid and hot it can feel as though the air is a bludgeon on your body.
But everything is air conditioned and electricity is cheap. I pay 11 cents average…first 1000 kWh are even less.


And that winter weather comes back regularly…and you can always go for a visit.
Waking up on a Saturday in January, walking outside and picking some bananas and grapefruit in your yard for breakfast by the pool before you jump in…or just waking up every morning and diving into the pool before work…having two to three separate growing seasons for vegetables… flowers and birds all year around outside your windows…these sorts of things are very enjoyable…blissful if you let them be.
Life is short and rough around the edges, make every day count, wherever you are.


I live in the Central Valley and most of us here are not Cali Kooks. I have advocated that we secede and form a new state altogether. We can still get to the coast and mountains and be free from all the Bay Area nut jobs. All SF water goes through the valley and the only way out of SF is through 99, I80 and I5. All go through the valley.So all we have to do is make them toll roads and charge a toll for each gallon of water and we’ll be rich. It may not be practical but the alternative would be to build a wall around the Bay Area and LA. Problem solved!

kokoda - the most deplorable

This isn’t for me, I’m going to be dead. It’s for you, it’s for you. It’s (…?…) real”.
What it is for is to confiscate funds to support a socialist state and that tax will never go away – it can only increase.


The man belongs in the nuthouse, not the statehouse. Perhaps CA citizens will finally decide too much is too much…

K. Kilty

Possibly in California those who have had enough are a voting minority to those who haven’t gotten enough yet.


As of last November this is no doubt the case.
Can anything bring sanity to those afflicted with cognitive dissonance of a degree which tells them things are going well, Democrats in that state are the best choices for leaders, and all will be well if they stay the course and let these people do as they wish?


He’s almost done… but there’s not much chance what comes next will be better.

David L. Hagen

Canadian Climatologist Dr. Timothy Ball concerning his statement that Michael Mann “belongs in the state pen, not Penn. State’ may turn out to be a precise and true statement of fact.

Looks like Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann has sabotaged his lawsuit against Dr Ball


As far as I can make out, every last democrat elected to statewide or national office is dangerously delusional, as are their core supporters. But for all their talk of “democracy”, I don’t for a moment trust the elections where they dominate to accurately reflect the will of the people, not so long as they resist sensible measures to combat election fraud.


“An L. A. Times article discussing Brown’s testimony indicated that “he warned of mass migration, forest fires, floods, disease and other pestilence should lawmakers not act.”
Is he talking about the migration out of California by those who are paying the bill for his insanity?
No problem, those leaving are being replaced by illegals from the border?


I think he got confused after falling asleep with the Old Testament open on his chest.

The Reverend Badger

Ezekiel 13:9

Ken Mitchell

Jerry Brown isn’t a scientist; he is, like Al Gore, a failed seminarian. This speech isn’t a political speech; it is an old-fashioned “Revival” sermon, heavy on the fire and brimstone. He couches his arguments in distinctly RELIGIOUS terms. The opponents of his cap and trade policy aren’t “wrong”; they are SINNERS.

Spot on.


This surely does explain much if not all.

Bob lonion

2 Thessalonians 2:11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, God or no, there is some sort of deluding influence somewhere in there.


The “deluding influence” is a human’s subconscious desire to conform to majority opinion, combined with a massive propaganda campaign to form the majority opinion in favor of, in this case, CAGW.
This is why the “97 Percent” consensus is so powerful (even though it is a lie). If 97 percent of scientists agree on something, then your average citizen is going to assume they have it right, and they probably do, if 97 percent actually agreed on something.
There are enough skeptics amongst the human species to make it interesting though. 🙂

David L. Hagen

Isaiah 5:20

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!


Humor him . . . offer him a little grass. . . he’ll be okay in a minute.

Dear Governor Brown
Your “climate deal” is ultimately based on correlations between cumulative values.
These correlations are a mathematical absurdity.
Correlations between cumulative values are spurious.
No evidence to relate changes in atmos co2 to emissions

Ed I

Everyone should appreciate that Governor Moonbeam sees a power vacuum in the Democratic Party. My guess is that he wants to run for President. And I can imagine with the Democratic Party in their present state he could win the nomination.

Gov. Moonbeam also sees fairies in the lettuce patch…

Pop Piasa

If you are referencing G&L’s with lots of money, he sees hoards of them.


“And I can imagine with the Democratic Party in their present state he could win the nomination.”
We can always hope.
Bernie, Warren, Brown…any of them being nominated would certainly be a huge gift to the prospects of sanity prevailing.
Let them ride that crazy train straight to political oblivion.


All I can say to that, is that the Democrats said the same thing about Trump.
I read an article that claims that 51% of the voters want single payer health insurance.


This is true, and I actually thought of that while writing my comment.
The thing is…those lot are no Donald J. Trump.
How many moderates and Independents are going to vote for one of them?
Trump said things no one else was saying.
Those three have never come up with anything new to say between the lot of them.


Mark, Didn’t those same pundits/ polls say Trump only has a a 5% chance of being elected and that he was 25 points behind in the polls?


I’ve read that Carter was praying that the Republicans would be stupid enough to nominate Reagan. Because all the “intelligent” people knew that he would be the easiest to beat.

george e. smith

Well if Moonbrown wants to run for President from California, he better get in line.
Odds are that Camela Harris has already put in her Clintonesqe; “It’s MY turn” and I deserve it.
And although I hate to say it; Camela Harris is a whole lot smarter than Jerry Brown ever thought of being; and probably far more dangerous.
California is no longer the bringer of good things to America.

Who Me?

Let’s face it, CA Democrats who use automobiles and air conditioners are mass murders.


I had no idea California’s tax and cap law was so critical to survival of the planet.
I’m concerned that when California slides into the sea after the Big One, the tax might be canceled. That would be a fine kettle of fish for the planet.


Hey, H.R.
I guess we’d all go down.
Indeed, we’re all likely to go down, per “the Moonbeam”, if an inch of California beach is lost to sea level rise/erosion/tectonics/adjusted measurements.
In which case we seem to be doomed. All doomed, I tell you!
But – a few minutes later life goes on [outside Ca.], regardless.
What should we make of that?


This jackass is either an actual low IQ imbecile, or has gone quite literally insane, or else is simply a completely shameless lying POS.
I suspect there is a component of all three.


Embrace the power of “and”.

Leo Smith



The truth of his stupidity, insanity and duplicity are not in doubt…merely the relative proportions of each.
I do not know which if any of this crap he might actually believe, or how nuts one has to be in order to believe such. I am pretty sure that the crazier one is, the less stupidity is required. But also that if someone a 100% sociopathic liar, they might actually not have gone full retard and bat-shit barmy daft.

Pop Piasa

It takes a number of noxious traits to be a career politician. That’s why it follows genetic lines so closely.


Timed out as governor. Too old to be president. Believes he controls the border of the United States. Unhinged at the seams. “Climate Change” is his legacy and his zealous rants about saving the world at the expense of the state can’t be challenged by anyone because the Liberals have a lock on California. Political interests are destroying business, industry, and agriculture. Californians will wake up one day to a Socialist state with no way to support it. But the weather is nice.

Curious George

Oh no. His most visible legacy will be a high-speed rail from Fresno to Bakersfield.


Assuming it will be finally built?

The Reverend Badger

(It’s more of a Shelbyville idea).


Progressives have a lock on California.

Gary Pearse

Maybe we will see a limit to progressive “lock’ on CA with this terminally brain dead guy. The money is” running out” literally. Steyer, Soros and other Champagne ‘sociologists’ dropped a load of their assets on Hillary, and then another on the failed Georgia by election and they may put a lock on the rest of their money. They’ve shot their noodley bolt.
From Steyer and friends lousy ability to handicap, one can surmise Brown was another of their doomed projects. Why on earth anyone would think such as they are fit to rule the world is some kind of joke.
Soros’s big investment was betting the euro over the US dollar. He made a fortune at the outset and continued to manipulate this part of the currency market for decades artificially inflating the € value, but do you think he knew when to short sell it? An idiot can make money at the right time or heavily manipulate the market with sufficient resources, but only a smart guy knows when to get out. Hubris can blind people.


For a moment there I could have sworn you were talking about South Australia . . .

george e. smith

Well timed out has never stopped him in the past.
After he timed out as governor, he went to Oakland to Mayorate that place, and then as State attorney general, he magnificently bypassed the California State Constitution, and anointed himself to another two totally illegal terms as governor.
So we ain’t near the end of his Brownesque mischief making.


Now I know where God lives…. or thinks he lives.

Sam R.

The key to winning this fight politically is to quantify the cost to the consumer and broader economy alongside the futility of minute unilateral CO2 reductions. This article does a good job of doing both with the 12 cent gas price increase from cap and trade carbon fees and the 700 planned chinese coal plants.


To the faithful, the reality of what the rest of the world is really doing, vs what they are saying, goes unheard.


Leftoids don’t do math.


mass migration, forest fires, floods, disease and other pestilence

There are 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, not 5.
They are War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.
Brown not knowing this just makes him look bad.


Tony, you forgot LIBERALS.


You are correct.
We will update the biblical prophesy.


This is what delusion looks like.

Just remember, in 2030, when all you lay about good fer nothin’s are still breathin’, it was some poor, taxed white, Californian that saved your sorry butt.

CD in Wisconsin

“…..Senate Democrats have also proposed jacking up the price of emissions permits and imposing a border carbon fee to tax out-of-state imports.”
Umm, maybe I’m wrong here, but wouldn’t California’s taxing of goods coming in from other U.S. states be unconstitutional? Doesn’t the commerce clause state that only the federal govt regulates commerce among the states?

No CD, you aren’t wrong.

Cold in Wisconsin

But his listeners are too dumb to know the difference!


Unconstitutional never stopped Obummer. If you are patient enough, you may get to hear the snowflakes squeal when they cut off federal funds to “sanctuary” cities…


If California can ignore the 14th amendment supremacy clause (immigration, sanctuary cities/state), why not the commerce clause? “State’s rights” is deemed racist when applied to Southern States.
I cannot believe Californians are this dumb – Cali elections must be rigged.


It’s amazing what the voters will support once they are trained to believe that someone else will be paying for it.

george e. smith

Why do you suppose that old Commie Bernie Sanders was so successful
All the finger toy generation want is more free stuff.


I wonder if Brown plans on taxing out-of-state electricity imports?

Delusional. Sort of fun watching Moonbeam, though. High speed rail to nowhere and this.


…. it’s better than Comedy Central. Like reading the comments on a Donald Trump impeachment wet dream thread on AOL.

Tom Halla

Well, look on the bright side. The US could have had Saint Al Gore as President.


Gore would have been a disaster. I remember the hanging chads and the MSM doing everything in their power to try to help Gore. In the end Gore lost by just a few votes.
That Bush/Gore election was an even closer escape than the Trump election.
Unfortunately, we didn’t escape the Obama years, so we have a lot of repairing to do to get back on track.

george e. smith

A post mortem review of the hanging chads, proved that Al Gore would have lost even bigger if they had completed the recount.
All that the Supremes did relative to the Algoreate episode, was to tell the State of Florida; yes, IF you are going to have a recount, you MUST do a recount of ALL of the 6 million plus legitimate Florida votes.
What Algore and his cronies were trying to do was to recount ONLY the few thousand ballots where the voter had indicated his/er desire to vote for two people for President, by poking out two chads, or for nobody, by poking out none.
Take a guess whether the TWO President, and NO President voters of Florida are the smartest people in the State or the dumbest.
So guess whether those double voters voted for Gore plus somebody else, or voted for Bush plus somebody else.
A full recount of all six million Florida legal voters would have uncovered more Gore double chadders, than Bush double chadders; the subsequent (unofficial) recount showed. If I recall it was about another extra 400 or so Algor double chadders over the Bush ones.
And Florida’s recount law declares that they “shall” appoint enough recounting teams to complete the recount in time for the State to declare the results when that was due.
So if you are going to count 15,000 double chadder ballots you need so many counting teams, at say 5 seconds per chad.
BUT !! if you have to recount ALL six million ballots, and it takes a full 15 minutes of shaking and poking to find each double chadder ballot, then you ain’t appointed anywhere near enough counting teams.
Florida would have had to appoint more than 10,000 recount teams, of two persons from two different parties to recount 6 million ballots. Some of the olitical parties didn’t even have 10,000 registered members. The recount teams aren’t automatically Dems, and Reps.
I made a study of the Florida Recount Law at the time. It was bloody interesting stuff, even though IANAL !

I don’t know exactly what he’s referring to about “taxes on out of state imports” but no state can impose taxes based in state lines. That is interstate commerce and is controlled by the Feds, since forever. How about a lawsuit that sues Brown for attempting to reduce life-sustaining CO2 ? His actions are tantamount to attempted mass murder thru malnutrition and starvation. Let’s portray Brown as a blithering idiot who is dangerously ignorant and is scientifically iliterate.


“Let’s portray Brown as a blithering idiot who is dangerously ignorant and is scientifically iliterate.”
Well, that is easy to do…just let him speak.

Pop Piasa

How can anyone who is trying to save the world (for God’s sake) stop for little stuff like the constitutional rules? Jerry is a superhero in his own movie – there are no “rules” in the mind of Hollywood.

Joe Crawford

In the WSJ article is said: “Senate Democrats have also proposed jacking up the price of emissions permits and imposing a border carbon fee to tax out-of-state imports.
I thought the Import-Export Clause of the Constitution prevented states from taxing or imposing fees on imports from other states and that regulation of interstate commerce was a function solely allocated to the Federal Government.

About 30% (or more) of humanity are imbeciles who vote for raving lunatics like Gerry Brown. The left is full of them.
That is the problem with democracy. I hate programs to “Get Out the Vote”. I want more programs like this:
Skill testing question: “If your car says Dodge on the front, do you really need a horn?” If you fail the question, “Stay home – you are ‘way too stupid to vote.”


I agree…I think mandatory voting, for example, would likely lead to an even greater number of bad leaders being elected.
I have a hard time thinking of very many reasons why anyone who has never paid any taxes should get to vote.
Or why people who are plainly very stupid and illogical by their nature should either.


Whilst generally agreeing, might it not be simpler to give taxpayers – or, more generally, those who contribute to the nation [respectively USA or UK, or Nigeria, or Singapore, or Finland, or Chile, or wherever . . .](an extra vote(s)?
So, for hypothesized potential reform of the UK’s House of Lords, I would suggest that for elections to the replacement House of Elders, everyone over, say, 16, gets one vote.
If you have lived in the (here) UK over 16 years you get one more vote.
Over 32 – another extra vote.
With an extra vote for every 16 years residence.
Also, a business owner [definition to be agreed, and up to a maximum of two [???] businesses] gets one [or two] extra votes.
An extra vote for ten (seven?) years in the Armed Forces – and twelve years in the [UK] Merchant Navy or working abroad for a UK concern.
One for e v e r y seven/ten/twelve such years? Consideration, but not sure!
An extra vote for – amongst others – owning a property [spouses a vote each], and one only; Olympic medals, Nobel Prizes (real ones, not the sort I got when the tainted gong went to the EU, when I was [did I say willingly?] a citizen of said socialist protosuperstate); holders of the Victoria Cross and George Cross (major gallantry awards); World Championship wins [again, definition needs to be refined]; and, probably, mother of a child, with extra votes for mother of three, and of six, and ten].
I will probably dream up some more deserving cases
Nicely complex, so will give employment to actuaries and accountants whose livelihood diminishes when I simplify the tax system, too!
But gives votes to those with a stake in the past and in the future of the country.
These categories may not work outside the UK [and, perhaps, sundry dependencies, overseas territories, etc., so don’t try at home!].
Auto, amazingly acute at arranging alternative arrangements, always!


I’ve been proposing for years that voting should be limited to people who are net taxpayers.
That is, they pay more in taxes to the government than they get in services from the government.


Auto, just give one extra vote for every $1000 in taxes paid during the previous year.


Seniority and merit weighted voting?
I shall have to think on it, but my first impression is favorable.
However, I am not so sure about giving more weight to voters simply for breeding like flies.
This could have unintended consequences of an idiocracy-favoring nature.


The problem, of course, comes down to the whole question of who does the deciding.
In the meantime, I have a stopgap measure we could implement immediately: Stop chiming in when, at election times, we hear people saying ” Go Vote”, “Do NOT Forget To Vote On Tuesday!”, and other such inane encouragements of those who are barely paying attention. Instead, be at the forefront of a local “Stay Home, Voting Is A Waste Of Time” movement.
If properly marketed, it could do a fine job of discouraging the brain dead and the stoned alike.
While leaving unaffected those capable of original thought and/or critical thinking.


A few friends and I were thinking about putting an ad in the paper declaring that voting had been moved to Wednesday.
Anyone dumb enough to fall for it, shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

Cold in Wisconsin

The founding fathers did not believe that every imbecile should vote, and therefore only property owners were permitted the right to vote. In order to gain or keep property, there is some assumption of education through schooling or on the job training. Those with property were most likely to educate their own children, etc. Our progressive judiciary fixed that problem and De Touqueville predicted where that would take us. We are on the inevitable long slow moral and economic decline leading to socialism or some other Orwellian society where Jeff Bezos and his ilk own the world and rule it to their pleasure.

One other concept I dislike is “proportional representation”,.
The good thing abut “first past the post” voting is that it tends to disenfranchise the radicals and the imbeciles, unfortunately not enough to prevent them fro voting for the Moonbeams of this world.


Back then, most taxes were property based.
So limiting voting to property owners had the affect of limiting voting to taxpayers.

steve mcdonald

Dodge dosen’t help the blind.


And a horn doesn’t help if you’re deaf.
Personally, I think the voting age should be raised to the same age for Presidential elegibility.


steve mcdonald
But good citizens do help the blind – and all those needing help with day-to-day life.

The problem is not that some people are blind or deaf – the problem is that many are dumb.


Further to the “Dodge” on the hood question, if your car has “Ford” written on its hood, when you come to a river, do you just drive right into it to get across to the other side?

Steve from Rockwood

I’m going to go out on a limb and call Governor Moonbeam “brilliant”. He is attacking major import markets (electricity and autos). California will generate most of its own electricity (in theory) and make its own cars (electric Teslas), thus recycling much more of its money within the state. Add to that food exports and cheap Mexican labour and you could actually have an economy that survives – with massive government subsidies and significant wealth redistribution.
It shouldn’t work, but it does. I wouldn’t put it past him to build a bullet train to nowhere, based on the false assumption that it is good for the environment, but really as a massive make-work project, just another small way of keeping the false economy humming.


Just wait until the next “big one” hits, and I mean really big one…not like the last few “sort of kind of big ones”…we shall see how self sufficient that state is.
Hell, they have not even had any sort of big ones in a very long time, it seems to me.
I think I am going to have a look-see at the indexes of accumulated strain.
Large portions of the most populated parts of the state are perpetually on borrowed time to begin with…

Pop Piasa

In that case we would be forced to give them “foreign aid” which would be at least an order of magnitude larger than a state would receive.

Cold in Wisconsin

As long as they don’t need water from other states.


Except industry and business are exiting the state and with them goes a large tax base that pays for the Socialized state. When’s the last time you heard of a corporation relocating to California instead of from California?


Even those that aren’t technically leaving the state, are just keeping the corporate headquarters in the state and moving everything else out.


Right. Nobody will retaliate against CA with tariffs on CA goods.
Of course, this is all unconstitutional, but, hey, that’s just founding document is just a rag these days.


If there was ever a testimonial to much of modern environmentalism being a religion this is it.






And of excessive capitalization

William Astley

Jerry needs to understand that it is absolutely critical before throwing money at a ‘problem’ to very, very, carefully determine what is or is not a problem.
One thing for sure, spending money that you do not have ends badly (See Illinois who are fighting to be the first state to declare bankruptcy.)
Churchill: When we run out of money, then we really need to think.
The idiotic cap and trade programs to address a problem which is not a problem by forced spending on green scams that do not work will force companies to leave California and will force people who work (as opposed to those who are reliant on state, handouts) to leave the state. Less jobs, less tax revenue starts a downward spiral.
The apogee of the madness, the highest frigging point, is fittingly Steven Hawkins’ assertion that perhaps anthropogenic CO2 could turn the earth into Venus which is as likely as alchemists turning lead into gold or ships reaching the end of a flat earth.


Our modern alchemists, nuclear physicists, can turn lead (or just about any other material) into gold in a particle accelerator. Of course, such gold would cost around a half-million dollars an ounce, so it’s not going to be an economical replacement for mined gold any time soon.

george e. smith

When did Churchill say what you say he said about money and thinking.
There is a very similar but different saying by Lord Rutherford: Essentially ” We haven’t the money, so we have to think better. ”
Well I have a photograph of his exact words, but that is close enough. and I’m sure Churchill would not be quoting Lord Rutherford, without citing his source.

Bill Vancouver

We don’t live in a democracy. The USA is Representive Republic.


Our nation is not a democracy with majority rule. But rather a Republic with a constitution that limits government power and recognizes individual (“endowed by their Creator”) rights. It’s the last point so prominent in our nation’s charter that gives fits and repulses mortal gods and their acolytes.

steve mcdonald

Imagine if the U.S. had a system that crowned the winner of the popular vote.
Hillary won California by 3.8 million by popular vote.
Trump won the other 49 states by 1.5 million by the popular vote.
Hillary and Brown would have a dual dictatorship despite being routed in govenorships, ko’d in Congress and having a minority in the senate.
What a ungovernable hideous nightmare for U.S. citizens.

george e. smith

There are 435 electors, named by the States, who choose who should be President; one for each Seat in the House of representatives.
Each State can choose exactly how it wants to select its electors. There is NO Popular vote for President.
And if you want to enforce a one person one vote totally representative system, and eliminate the Electoral College, then you also MUST ELIMINATE the US Senate, which also is not a one person one vote thing.
The State of Rhode Island can fit in 20 different non-overlapping places in just the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, and Delaware can fir in 12 non overlapping places there. Yet both of those States have the same number of Senators as Do California, New York, and Texas.
What is representative about that ??
Delaware can also fit in between downtown Anchorage, Alaska, and Wasilla out in the Anchorage suburbs; so Sarah Palin can see all the way across Delaware from North to south, all the way to down town Anchorage.


“What is representative about that ??” It represents the states and keeps mob rule from winning. California and New York can foster welfare states with no international borders but it keeps the remaining states free to make their own choices.


There are 535 electors. One for each seat in the House plus the two Senate seats.

The Reverend Badger

Would it be possible for a new political party which had a “it’s not CO2” philosophy to be started in California or the USA. In France Macron rose to be leader with a new party he started. Can this happen elsewhere?

John F. Hultquist

In the USA:
Legal? Yes.
Expensive? Yes.
Happen? No.


Not a chance around here (SF Bay Area) the electorate is made of, by my WAG, people who still believe it (~50%) and any others who have their doubts, virtue-signalling that they believe it (~30%). Plus the economy is booming with the IT, and IoT industries, not to mention biotechnology, so no reason not to feel the guilt.

Bob boder

the governor is concerned with whether we can govern ourselves? As apposed to what?
There was time in this country when people believed that freedom and liberty was parimount. To think that someone just because they were in power was some how better or more capable then oneself was ridiculous. To bend knee to someone else would be unthinkable and anyone expecting such would be reviled. Now the “Elites” have become so bold that they openly call themselves elite and have somehow convinced billions that they are better and know what’s best for everyone. How utterly weak and pathetic the once great and proud common American has become. Once we were kings and queens of our own lives now we wait for others to dole out our rights and needs like serfs. Our fore fathers weep for what we have become.


+ many +’s

R. Shearer

It’s like the anti-Easter Bunny or anti-Santa Claus that will bring you a forest fire if you don’t pay up.


With apologies to Grace Slick, the Brown Rabbit is trying to chase us all down an Energy Hole, “where logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead”.

And then there’s this …
California Considers a $3 Billion Electric-Car Push
Lawmakers consider $3 billion in rebates to help meet state rules for cuts to greenhouse gas emissions

Svend Ferdinandsen

I believe the condition has a name: Megalomania.

Jerry thinks that he is Jesus, saving us from the secular apocalypse..

Jaakko Kateenkorva

And tragically ends up more like Sinestro.

democracy is a horrible form of governance NOBODY has one ounce of liberty under it, mob rule = any majority can vote to do anything they desire to any minority………

Tighten up on the control of marijuana usage in the State. The Governor’s cognitive abilities are becoming impaired. Or his advisors need to be replaced. Or both.

There was a story last year about abandoned vehicles being left on Washington Ferries. People were forgetting their vehicles and walking off, which is a big deal, because an unclaimed vehicle leads to a search and rescue mission to find someone who may have fallen overboard.
Someone posted in the comments something to the effect of: And they said legalization wouldn’t cause problems.


No, it rests on MAGA caps 😉

Retired Kit P

The ‘Golden State’ is now the ‘No State’. Every fifty yards along the Pacific Coast Highway there is a no parking sign.
I do not have a problem with people who want to live in big cities.
I have a problem with folks who live in big cities thinking they are smarter than those who choose to live closer to the natural environment and telling us how to live.
California, Oregon, Washington State, Nevada, and Virginia are places where politics are controlled by voters is a very small part of the state. Away from the big cities we have clean air, low taxes, good schools, and no crime. If fact tourist from cities come to see how we make wine. How quaint, grapes grow on vines and apples on trees. Who knew!
My theory is that many things have become unfamiliar to city folks. Nuke plants, coal plants, hydroelectric dams for example. I just talked to a bass fisherman who works at the windfarm miles down the road.
My point is that we enjoy and protect the environment 24/7/365. The planet is doing fine except for a few cities.


Possibly Mr. Brown is suffering fram a brain-evaporation caused by the frightening CAGW that is threatening the continued existence of humanity.

“imposing a border carbon fee to tax out-of-state imports.””
Ummm… that’s not constitutional. Only the US government has the ability to regulate interstate commerce.


Bingo. This creep of a Governor thinks his crisis is more important than the law, the Constitution or our liberty. Eff him.


No one really knows how much of this drivel Jerry Brown believes. For sure, he wants more money—that’s the real objective of politicians, especially “progressives” (what a misnomer). American progressives will not rest until they’ve achieved political control of 100% of the nation’s resources, and even ten they will be moaning as those resources decline. Just look at Venezuela.That’s where collectivism leads.

dodgy geezer

Unless I get a grant to pursue my ground-breaking research into surf in the Bahamas, the ENTIRE Solar System is in jeapordy…


If the corrupt bloviating fear mongers succeed, then democracy will have failed. Gov. Brown is the poster boy of corrupt bloviating fear mongers.

If you remove/throw-out the total vote count just from California, Trump would have won the popular vote in the USA by 1,401,287 votes:
California totals:
8,753,788…. 61.73% 4,483,810…31.62%
Difference in CA: 4,269,978 votes
Difference in US: 2,868,691 votes
Subtract and you get 1,401,287 votes:
Just sayin…


Take out New York City and La- Trump wins the pop. vote.
Clinton flipped 17 counties Rep to Dem
Trump flipped over 200 Dem to Rep
Trump won (Holy Smokes) 84% of counties!

Hmm… did the math a different way and got 1,401,015??? Forgot to subtract the total California votes from their respective US totals…


California taxing imports to the state violates the constitution.
Not that leftists give a hoot about the constitution.


The Interstate Commerce Clause is quite powerful. It was wisely designed to prevent large states or extremist states…California in this issue is both…from imposing taxes or trade restrictions on commerce from other states. Reality sux if you are an extremist kook like Brown.

Tom Halla

California tried something similar, if I recall correctly, during Gov Brown’s first term, of taxing cars that were imported from out of state that did not meet California new car emission standards when first sold. It was eventually found unconstitutional.

It is abundantly clear: President Trump did the right thing when he rejected the Paris accord. Governor Brown and his democrats in Sacramento are either clueless or in collusion with China.
Probably in collusion with China.

Roger Knights

The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.
—H.L. Mencken


Palpably…great word!


He embarrasses this state so much. I’ve never seen a bigger puppet.

Mark - Helsinki

Brown is mentally ill.