President Trump boldly proclaims a winning U.S. climate; energy policy at G20 summit

By Larry Hamlin,

The mainstream media is so obsessed with pushing politically contrived and scientifically flawed climate alarmism and renewable energy activism that the stories reporting what happened at the recent G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany completely missed the major successes President Trump achieved at the summit.

President Trump demanded and obtained a clear statement of the U.S. rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement and just as important a statement recognizing the appropriate role of efficient use of fossil fuels as an energy resource for the future with both these statements contained in the “Final Communique” of the G20 summit.


These clear and direct policy statements of the U.S. position on these topics, which some G20 members are unhappy with, sets the agenda for President Trump relative to how his administration will proceed in conducting business at home and abroad regarding climate and energy policy.

The U.S. will no longer be wasting tens of billions of dollars funding the UN’s absurd slush fund euphemistically called the “Green Climate Fund” which was nothing but a politically driven wealth redistribution scheme.

Nor will the U.S. proceed with any future emissions reduction commitments that harm its economy or commit to huge high cost, poor reliability renewable energy program nonsense while ignoring much more viable cost effective, reliable and environmentally beneficial use of fossil fuels such as natural gas.

No longer will U.S. climate and energy policy be incompetently pursued under Obama era scientifically unsupported climate alarmism baloney and idiotic energy strangling policies.

The U.S. – unlike Angela Merkel’s Germany – has significantly reduced its emissions by increased use of more economical free energy market place available natural gas thus maintaining lower energy costs which enhance our countries business competitiveness.


In sharp contrast Germany’s mandated use of high cost renewables has increased its energy costs dramatically. Additionally politically driven nuclear plant government required closures along with renewable energy reliability shortcomings (2016 wind capacity increased 10% but generation increased less than 1%, solar capacity increased 2.5% but generation declined) have increased coal use driving up Germany’s emissions the last two years.


President Trump’s climate and energy policies have turned the U.S. into an energy resource rich juggernaut which now has access to huge amounts of economical energy resources at its disposal that will enhance America’s global competitiveness.


Additionally the U.S. has the ability to provide energy resources to global business partners with whom we chose to conduct business.



The climate and energy statements of the U.S. as reflected in the “Final Communique” from the G20 summit clearly articulate the policy of President Trump. These policies well position the U.S. for competing and succeeding in future business markets both at home and around the world.

The phony contrived world of liberal mainstream media thinking which falsely promotes climate alarmism and renewable energy activism has completely missed the successes that President Trump has achieved at the G20 summit.

These successes clearly enhance the global energy and business competitiveness of the U.S. while continuing to provide our country with environmental benefits.

The unhappiness of some G20 members with President Trumps climate and energy policy likely reflects the realization by these members that the U.S. is far better prepared for succeeding in future global business competition under his policies than those following the ill=conceived course of the EU’s elitist climate alarmist, renewable energy activist leadership.


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Time for the UK to re establish trade deals with the US.
Our friends lie west of our shores.


So lies Obama.

Ian Macdonald

-How do you tell when a politician is lieing?


Q; “How do you tell when a politician is lying?”
A: “They are speaking.”


Its mouth is open.
Hot Scot – we in the UK still have many friends to the East, too.
Perhaps not all are as skilled at media-management as the current POTUS.
But they are friends.

Tom Halla

But as Trump is the epitome of evil, anything he does is also evil. By origin, any policy of his must be a failure./sarc

tony mcleod

“Isolated, awkward and alone.”
Chris Uhlman is one of Australia’s most respected journalist (and is no friend of the left). He was there.
That’s a win when you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope.
I give it a year before shills like Hamlin are denying ever really being in favour of Trump.

John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

“Isn’t the truth that it was Obama who weakened US influence, and it is now Trump who is asserting it?
Criticism from Merkel and Macron is not evidence of US decline. It is evidence that the US is now more focused on the interests of the US, and not that of Germany and France.”


If Chris Uhlman substituted Obama’s name for Trump’s name, Uhlman’s opinion would be closer to the truth.


I’ve been off work today and it has been so much fun watching the media dissect the train wreck that is the Trump government. Even Fox news is conceding that this latest release of emails by Trump junior is serious and could spell the end. Clearly they have lied through their teeth about the Russia thing. It really just depends now how the American people react to being deceived by him.
This comment is relevant here because if he does go down and the people turn on him, it could well be that everything he has touched will be considered poison…. and that includes the departure from the Paris agreement.


Wow, some in the mass media think it might be the end . . real impressive ; )


Are you staying mad Simon?
While you focus on Russia the adults will be slowly changing policies and removing dead weight in already bloated beauracracies 🙂

Reg Nelson

If Trump Jr. goes down, so what? That’s not grounds for impeachment of the President.
The whole thing is a joke and ridiculous, Obama publicly interfered in the UK Brexit election by threatening the the Brits with trade sanctions. Where was the uproar over that?

Michael darby

Reg Nelson: “Obama publicly interfered in the UK Brexit election”
Hint: Obama is no longer the president.


“This comment is relevant here because if he does go down and the people turn on him, it could well be that everything he has touched will be considered poison…. and that includes the departure from the Paris agreement.”
Some thoughts from a typical American Trump voter:
-Not a single one of us in the entire country cares one tiny little bit about the damn emails.
– Everyone knows this is a political witch-hunt, it will never end, and 40% o of the country is completely and perhaps permanently unhinged and unglued.
– Trump is not going anywhere…he will be President for the next 7 and 1/2 years, and next year in November we will be getting rid of a whole bunch of the obstructionists in the house and most especially the senate…we will have a super majority and then can get some stuff done. AntiTrump Republicans are likewise on notice that they will shape up or be shipped the hell out.
– If by some remote chance the Trump hating insane maniacs that never thought he would win, and have wanted him gone since 1 second after the election results were confirmed, if by some chance these people get their way, then Mike Pence will take over end it will be full speed ahead.
Trump haters…Get a grip!


Don’t hold your breath waiting for The Donald to be impeached. link
The guy is truly amazing … awesome even … which is to say that he leaves me amazed and awed. LOL

Michael darby

“.he will be President for the next 7 and 1/2 years”

I do hope you are not basing this prediction on some kind of computer model.

Based on polling numbers, it will be lucky if he makes it to Christmas.


Polling numbers?
*insert long string of hysterical laughing abbreviations*
Are those from the same pollsters that gave Hillary a 97% chance of winning as late as 7:00 PM on election night?
Well, maybe 7 months of rioting, crazed accusations of every bad thing ever invented, pussy hat marches, and cry-baby whining from the entire MSM, has convinced lots of people you know to change the way they vote from conservative to liberal…but not one single conservative will be changing their votes or sitting home on election days on account of any of this, and lots that had their doubts about Trump and did not vote for him despite being conservative finally saw the light sometime between midnight and 2:00 AM EST on election night.
As I said above, and you should believe because it is true…not one single trump voter has changed their mind about supporting him…nary a soul.
But you study them polls real hard, and plan accordingly.


“not one single conservative I KNOW will be…”

Michael darby

Menicholas, I suggest you examine Rasmussen polls, because they are Donald’s favorite.

Michael darby

Polls are very important to Donald, because when he was a TV reality “star” his only concern were the show’s “ratings”


If Trump is forced out over some ‘OMG Russia!’ BS, you’ll be heading on the fast track to civil war, since the swamp creatures will have proven that political change is impossible.
So be careful what you wish for.


Here is a clue…polls oversample democrats.
Polls well in advance of and since the elections do not screen for only “likely voters”, and are hence meaningless for comparison purposes.
I am not going into all of the reasons, because there is no point, but ask yourself…why would anyone change their mind when the guy is doing, or trying to do, every single thing he said he would do before the election?
Yes…this reinforced the apoplexy of those who oppose his policies, but it makes anyone who voted for him and many who did not feel just fine.
If you want another reason why you should believe me…look for the posts here on WUWT and on Tony’s blog last year before the election in which the subject of Trump and the election was discussed.
You will find long pages of comments in which I argued vociferously about how the election would turn out and my level of certainty.
I am not infallible, but I have not been wrong yet about this subject.
just sayin’.
Go have a look-see.

Michael darby

He won’t be forced out…..but he’ll resign when they indict him for money laundering.

Michael darby

LOL @ Menicholas: “Here is a clue…polls oversample democrats.”

Not Rasmussen, they have a right wing bias

Michael darby

LOL @ Menicholas: “look for the posts here on WUWT”
This blog is disconnected from reality when it comes to political science.


So the people who saw Trump coming, and predicted his win in the Primary and then in the election, and that he would do just what he was saying he would do for the first time ever for an elected official…we are the ones “disconnected from reality”?
Think about that a little more carefully.


Look Michael, I am not arguing with you…I was trying to do you a favor by explaining to you what was what…you do not get that in the so-called news.
Believe what you want.


“He won’t be forced out…..but he’ll resign when they indict him for money laundering.”
Then the right will start warming up the helicopters.
Again, the choice is Trump or civil war. Take your pick.

Luis Anastasia

” he would do just what he was saying he would do for the first time ever for an elected official ”

He said day one he’d repeal Obamacare. We’re all waiting for that to happen

Luis Anastasia

“Again, the choice is Trump or civil war. ”
Third option: President Pence.


People who understand the legislative process, also understand what the phrase “rhetoric” means, Luis.
Did you think he could repeal a law passed by congress by executive order?
His supporters all know what is going on.
We all know damned well that the R’s in congress, both the house and the senate, voted to repeal it dozens of times when it was a meaningless gesture, but refuse to do what they have promised to do for the past 7 years now that there is a guy in the WH who will sign such bill.
It cracks me up when people on the other side say stuff like this and think they are being clever.

Luis Anastasia

“We all know damned well that the R’s in congress, both the house and the senate, voted to repeal it dozens of times”
Here’s a clue for you……TODAY the “R’s” control both houses of Congress. The “R’s” control the White House. So, tell me Menicholas, what’s the problem? How come they can’t get their act together?

Tom Halla

If you actually followed US politics, Trump was decidedly not the choice of the Republican Party establishment. Squishy moderates are one of the groups he ran against.

Luis Anastasia

LOL @ Menicholas: ” also understand what the phrase “rhetoric” means,”
Are you trying to tell me that the USA elected rhetoric for president?


MSM speculation comes at a bakers dozen.
Seven months into the speculation, where’s the evidence?
If the purported collusion is so evident, why are the various bi-partisan US congressional committees involved, not to mention special prosecutor Mueller, still not publicly braiding the rope to hang DT? Because under the law, until your proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, your actually innocent – and there is no hanging post?
Ever considered that during the campaign the Clinton team demonstrably was in contact with various Chinese reps at just about all possible levels?
Ever considered the possibility that T Jr. having coffee with a platinum blonde Russian female lawyer means f.. all other than innuendo.
Ever considered that without connections in the Kremlin this woman wouldn’t even be in US circles of influence?
Ever considered the possibility that we’re dealing with “progressive” MSM generated red herrings and straw men and nothing more? And back to my opening line – a bakers dozen worth of speculation and mo evidence.
Just like CAGW/CACC, come to think of it.

Luis Anastasia

Tetris asks, “where’s the evidence?”
Donald Junior just released the emails


“Polls are very important to Donald, because when he was a TV reality “star” his only concern were the show’s “ratings””
No…Trump won the election and is not up for re-election for 4 years.
no one who voted for him cares about polls…we care even less than the amount we did not care BEFORE the election!
It seems you care a great deal, which is why I encourage you to keep at it with your preoccupation with polls.
I have no reason to look at any polls until next year, when I will explain to you again what you can ignore and what matters.
If you are still here.
I know I will be.
Look, I will give you all another hint…these polls that show weekly up and down approval of a political figure are crap. Supporters of detractors do not change their minds depending on the headline du jour…but these polls change by several points on exactly that.
They ask questions in skewed and leading ways, they are ignored by lots of people, including people like me…
Look…I instantly and 100% of the time hang up on anyone like a pollster, because I do not have time for such crap, have no interest in wasting my time answering questions from an anonymous stranger who calls me on my phone, and only take calls form people I have business with or want to hear from. My phone is not something I pay money to have, so that people I do not like can feel free to bother me with! And I never forget this simple fact when it rings and it is someone who does not know me!
Not for even one second.
Everyone once in a while you read an article by someone in the MSM who actually forgets to lie about everything.
Here is one:


“Mark Penn, the poll’s co-director who has past experience as a pollster for both former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, has argued that the polls are underestimating Trump’s support by 5 or 6 points by sampling all U.S. adults, rather than only those who voted in the last election.
Most surveys also oversample young people who don’t vote, Penn said, and load their questions with storylines that are critical of Trump.
“The actual [special] elections suggest little has changed from Election Day,” Penn said.
On Trump’s bounce in the Harvard-Harris Poll survey, Penn noted that Republicans notched a big victory in the Georgia special House election that was cast as a referendum on Trump’s agenda. That came after two damaging weeks punctuated by former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony about Trump and explosive revelations surrounding the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling.”


“Are you trying to tell me that the USA elected rhetoric for president?”
No Luis.
I am not trying to tell you anything.
You see, here is what happened:
You made a comment.
I gave a response.
I did not “try” to respond.
And I did not say the thing you are hallucinating i said.
Maybe go back and read it again.
Funny, when I read your comment, it never occurred to me to ask you if you are trying to ask me something else, something you never said.
My brain only saw the words you actually wrote and that I see on my screen.
You should try it sometime.
Am I trying to tell you…
You so funny!


I’m off work today watching the train wreck that is Simons ‘insightful’ analysis to all things that matter on this blog. Again Simon, you have nothing to contribute to this blog so please troll somewhere else.


Obama was still president at the time he made that threat about Brexit. The British do not appreciate that sort of interference.

Clyde Spencer

It is interesting that if the news media had been doing their job, and had approached Russians for unflattering information on Clinton, someone might have gotten a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. However, if someone who has something to gain from it does the MSM’s job, they are severely criticized! It is the definition of being a hypocrite.

Brandon S

You got the story wrong. Go back and watch the opinion shows on Fox.

Simon … you were off work today, so you watched Fox News … where you ‘discovered’ that even Fox News thinks the Trump administration is crumbling due to “Trump-Russia.” I suspect you watched Shepard Smith and then changed channels. Or perhaps you also happened to catch Charles Krauthammer, who has never been a fan of The Donald.
Fear not … Mr Trump is going nowhere. He won the election. It’s time for you and the rest of your clan to settle down and reconcile yourselves to that reality. Those of us on the right had to accept Obama’s presidency for 8 long years … and all the damage he did to this country in his desire to “fundamentally transform” this nation which did NOT need any such fundamental transformation.
Enjoy your dream of the early demise of the Trump presidency … because that’s all it is … a pipe dream.

South River Independent

Simon, Michael d, and Luis A. do not understand what is going on in America. Long ago, when Pat Buchanan first ran for President, one of his advisors predicted that the “Revolt from the Middle” would not end if Buchanan was not elected. You all would do well to become familiar with the writings of Sam Francis.
As I noted in a comment to Michael d. in another post, the Republicans did not win the election. Donald Trump did. The establishment politicians of both parties will not prevail. The voters will see to that. If Trump is prevented from doing what he promised, those who oppose him will be replaced. America will never go back to business as usual.


So Obama and Hillary selling uranium to Russia then Hillary getting 150 million in her pay to play slush fund means nothing to you?

Ziiex Zeburz

Simon, oh Simon,
my mother used to tell me about you, “Simple Simon “


The luny left has been predicting the imminent implosion of the Trump admin since before there was a Trump admin.
As always, the left wing echo chamber sees what it wants to see and ignores reality in the process.


Darby, the point is that as always, you leftists condemn in others what you celebrate in your own.
If it’s evil for the Russians to interfere in our elections, it’s equally evil for your God to have interfered in the UK’s election.


If the insiders succeed in bringing down Trump, secession will quickly follow.

Tom in Florida

Michael darby July 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm
“I do hope you are not basing this prediction on some kind of computer model.
…Based on polling numbers, it will be lucky if he makes it to Christmas.”
Political polling numbers equate to climate models. They are just wrong, plain and simple.

Samuel C Cogar

Michael darby July 11, 2017 at 7:20 pm

Polls are very important to Donald, because when he was a TV reality “star” his only concern were the show’s “ratings”

Fer shame, fer shame, ……on you Michael darby, ….. because it is truly pathetic that there are so many miseducated and/or “brainwashed” among the younger generation that are completely oblivious to the difference between …… TV personality performance “rankings” ……. and POTUS performance “rankings”.
The former determines the length of employment and his/her “short-term” revenue earnings ……. and the latter determines the lifetime earning potential, appreciation and favorable reputation that is bestowed upon the person.
The intentional misnurturing of the “mind” of an individual is a terrible loss for the socio-economic improvement of a society that is currently in decline.

nc July 11, 2017 at 11:58 pm
So Obama and Hillary selling uranium to Russia then Hillary getting 150 million in her pay to play slush fund means nothing to you?

Really, you need to get your facts straight. A canadian company was bought by a russian company and permission was required from various government agencies for the transfer of its assets in the US, (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). Clinton was not a member of that committee and had nothing to do with the decision.
Neither the Canadian company nor its successor had an NRC export license so their product can’t leave the country.
Your time-line is off too, the donation by the canadian owner of the company was made several years before the sale to the russians.

Simon, as the U.S. economy continues to improve and energy exports to Europe continue to rise, Trump will continue to get stronger. The rabid lefties such as yourself can stew in your own juices of fake scandals for eight long years while Trump solves our Obama generated problems.

Samuel C Cogar

@ clipe July 12, 2017 at 4:13 pm

Hint: Obama is no longer the president.

He was then.

“HA”, Obama was POTUS in designated name only.
There is a lot more to being POTUS than there is at simply being the #1 “America hating” liberal giving away billion$ in “freebies” to the government “troughfeeders”, leeches and parasites.

Steve of Brisbane

I would consider Uhlman to be a very, very good friend of the left. 99% of the time.
After all he is married to:
Gai Marie Brodtmann is an Australian politician, currently serving as a member of the Australian House of Representatives for the seat of Canberra representing the Australian Labor Party. Wikipedia

tony mcleod

In approx. 99.8% of known cases 🙂 the male will fall in line with the political or religious views of whomever he is sleeping with on a regular basis – just ask Mister Merkel…
Jokes aside, Bank of England governor Mark Carney is an “example par excellence” of this phenomenon: his wife is an ultra vegan [will not come close to e.g. leather, no kidding] – and a known strident hardcore eco-activist. Which as we know from evidence, gets us a Bank of England governor who regularly holds forth on the purported dangers to the financial industry of catastrophic man-made global warming – stranded energy assets due to eminent peak demand for hydrocarbon energy sources and likeminded rubbish..


Tetris…is that true?
If so, it may explain why I am single despite being one of the best looking men on the planet!
Dang…no one hepped me to that, meng!


Funny, but it does seem to be true that all of the women I know never seem to appreciate it one bit when I go to all of the trouble of explaining to them, repeatedly and at great length and detail, exactly why they are completely wrong.

Tom in Florida

Menicholas July 11, 2017 at 8:50 pm
“If so, it may explain why I am single despite being one of the best looking men on the planet!”
You, sir , may be in dire need of an eye doctor or a mirror repair.


Hey I represent that!

Michael darby

Tom in Florida, there is nothing wrong with Menicholas’s eyes or with his mirror. All the guys find him really attractive.

tony mcleod

“a deft president would have found an issue around which he could have rallied most of the leaders… he had the perfect one – the North Korea missile tests…would have put pressure on China and Russia.”
“doesn’t have the capacity”
Bolt (not a journalist) misses the point.

The only thing that will put pressure on China is to give the green light for Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to nuke-up. When that happens, China will stop North Korea. All we need to do is have a bullet-proof ABM system operational.


Bolt (not a journalist) misses the point.

Please elaborate.

Warren Blair

The left (including the centre in AU) can go to hell in a bucket.
China and the USA will prevail.
China through deceit & cunning . . . the USA through Trump & Bannon.
France in particular is on a certain path to economic ruin!
Go Donald we’re with you all the way!!


Donald is going to give Macron a peptalk on Thursday. They may end up being good buddies. Macron could benefit from having Trump as an ally.

I give it less than a year before the threadbare Carbon craze meets the same fate in Europe as it has in the United States. Nothing but Prohibition revisited.
Whose shill are you, Tony?


Uhlmanns Interview for ABC! That`s like: “Whose bread I eat, the song I sing.”
Besides, I am a resident of Germany and in our (left) press it is a success for Trump and not for Merkel. If it were otherwise, I would have noticed this. It is now clear that Turkey wants to leave the Paris Treaty sooner or later. And by attaching to the G-20 Summit, the US is allowed to install clean fossil fuels all over the world (including the G20) and help other states to do so. This is a heavy defeat for Merkel and friends. And I heard here (we are also closer to Russia) rumors that Russia under Putin also want to leave the Paris Treaty. In Russia, Putin was one of the few supporters of the treaty because he feared further sanctions by Obama. But as the Russians are now improving economically without lifting sanctions, the situation is changing. Austrias’s foreign minister Kurz now calls for the lifting of all sanctions against Russia, because they have apparently brought nothing.

patrick bols

good job Mr. President. A man of his word.


Really? He said his team didn’t meet with or collude with the Russians.

stan stendera

Simon, you’re deluded!!!

Tsk Tsk

Why would the Russians meet with Trump when they were paying Hillary and Podesta?

Michael darby

Because Tsk Tsk, they weren’t paying anyone.

For heaven’s sake, give it a break, already. Why aren’t you spouting about Hillary and Bill getting kickbacks in the form of contributions to the Clinton Foundation and half-a-million speeches for Bill in exchange for giving away US uranium to the Russians? Oh, I forgot, liberals have immunity from legitimate investigations.


“Why would the Russians meet with Trump when they were paying Hillary and Podesta?”
Maybe there is more than one Russian!

Tom in Florida

Menicholas July 11, 2017 at 8:59 pm
“Maybe there is more than one Russian!”
Yup, has anyone ever heard of hedging one’s bet? Playing both sides against each other?

The only Russian collusion over the last eight years has been with the Obama Administration. Obama’s “wait until after the election and I can be more flexible”, and the uranium deal brokered by Hillary which sold 20% of our uranium to Russia and put $100 million into the Clinton Foundation. The skunks are all on the left in the Democrat Party.

Michael darby


Repeating a falshood over and over doesn’t make it true.

I especially like this: “Clinton was secretary of state at the time, but she didn’t have the power to approve or reject the deal”

Tom Halla

Politifact? Why not just use the DNC?

pyeatte July 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm
The only Russian collusion over the last eight years has been with the Obama Administration. Obama’s “wait until after the election and I can be more flexible”, and the uranium deal brokered by Hillary which sold 20% of our uranium to Russia and put $100 million into the Clinton Foundation. The skunks are all on the left in the Democrat Party.

Really, you need to get your facts straight. A canadian company was bought by a russian company and permission was required from various government agencies for the transfer of its assets in the US, (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). Clinton was not a member of that committee and had nothing to do with the decision.
Neither the Canadian company nor its successor had an NRC export license so their product can’t leave the country.
Your time-line is off too, the donation by the canadian owner of the company was made several years before the sale to the russians.
So no uranium was sold to the russians and the deal wasn’t ‘brokered by Hillary”.

Even the IEA seems to be falling in line…

Energy watchdog warns oil and electricity shortages could develop as investment falls again in 2016
Global investment in the energy sector fell 12 percent last year to $1.7 trillion, according to the International Energy Agency said.
A drop in conventional oil exploration could cause a shortage of crude and other fuels, IEA warned.
Policies and regulations may not be encouraging enough investment in electricity that’s available when users need it, IEA said.
The IEA says we need to invest more in oil and “electricity that’s available when users need it” (coal, gas and nukes).

tony mcleod

Is it possible we end up with an oil price simultaneosly too low to enable exploration and too high for ecomomies to afford?

No. But it is a certainty that high oil prices will lead to low oil prices, which will lead to high oil prices, ad nauseum.
The supply and demand for oil are relatively inelastic… So, supply and demand take longer to affect prices than most other commodities. This makes price prediction models even worse than climate models… Climate models only miss in one direction. Oil price models miss in all directions.

tony mcleod

The price above which economies can afford is fixed (whatever that price may be) but the cost of extraction is likely to eventually rise isn’t it – reducing the gap?

Not really. >$100/bbl never really blunted demand. However, >$100/bbl brought a ton of capital into E&P programs. Oil ompanies drilled everything they could, chasing >$100/bbl oil. This leads to an over-supply relative to demand… prices crater… capital for E&P dries up… wells don’t get drilled. Demand eventually wipes out the over-supply… prices rise… capital flows back into E&P… drilling picks up… production picks up… lather, rinse and repeat.
Companies that can’t control costs during the downturns become fodder for those of us who can. Costs can always be cut. It’s the least fun part of the business.

D. J. Hawkins

@tony mcleod
It is an easy trap to fall into, that commodities are harvested for their own sake. We do not seek oil because we like oil, we seek oil for all the things we can do with it. Oil will only be “too” expensive when some other form of stored energy or chemical feed-stock comes along that offers a price advantage.

I seek oil because it’s fun… and usuallly a good source of income. My company seeks oil in order to make money for its owners.
When someone figures out how to economically exploit the Green River oil shale, oil will have been replaced… Until such time, it will be “Drill, baby, drill!”

tony mcleod

Point taken DJ, we all need to be careful of just seeing what we want.
There are some however who hold the view that the ’08 spike in oil price had no small part in the GFC.
Demand may have not been “blunted” but that may have had more to do with the fact that oil is about the least discretionary product. Crack the $100 mark and economies start to stumble.

South River Independent

Mr. Middleton, what is the effect of an aging population (I retired 5 years ago and went from commuting 130 miles a day to driving about 20 miles a week) and the younger generation, who I believe are not buying cars and driving very much, on demand for gas?

Ziiex Zeburz

tony mcleod
I am old enough to remember buying gasoline at “Scott Gas ” in Wilmington Del. for $0.09 a gallon (US $ nine cents a gallon ) and at night going to Marcus Hook to watch the fire, they used to burn the diesel as at that time there was no market for diesel ( 1964)


McClod, technology brings the price of production down. Just look at what frakking has done.

tony mcleod

Ah the good ol’ days Ziiex.
I remember when they used to pay us to take it of their hands. You tell the young people that today and they won’t believe you.

dennis vaughan

Can we borrow Mr trump, for just a week, to run Australia before our lights go out.

John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia

The first thing he should do is move the political swamp out of socialist Canberra.


Natural gas can be consumed to near 100% energy efficiency.
For every 1 million Btu’s of heat energy that is recovered from the combusted natural gas exhaust and is utilized, 117 lbs of CO2 will Not enter the atmosphere. In 2016 America combusted over 19 Trillion cu.ft. of natural gas at commercial buildings and by industry and at the power plants. 60% or more of that natural gas was wasted, blown up chimneys across the country as hot exhaust into the atmosphere.
Clean Coal is possible.
Over 90% of the CO2 can affordably be removed from the combusted coal exhaust and transformed with the technology of Carbon Capture Utilization into useful-saleable products. Tens of thousands of full time jobs will be created in a number of different sectors dealing with these created products.
President Trump will show the world that America can and will do their part or more than other countries who are a part of the Paris Agreement at reducing GHG emissions and making a profit from what some call waste.

Clean coal in your sense of CCS is not possible. Kemper just failed despite multibillion subsidies. See my guest post Clean Cosl at Judith’s Climate Etc. Learn some facts. Get real.

It can work, if it’s done right… Which means capturing only a fraction of the CO2, post-combustion and pumping it into old oil fields for tertiary recovery.
Kemper’s problem is that it was designed to turn coal into natural gas and then generate electricity by burning the gas. This might have made sense if gas was selling for $10/mmbtu.

Curious George

A gasification of coal has been practiced 100 years ago. The process was cheap and efficient but it generated CO2, both directly and indirectly via carbon monoxide.


We are not doing CCS. CCS costs $75 per ton of CO2. We are doing CCU, Carbon Capture Utilization and we can remove a ton of CO2 from the combusted coal exhaust for under $20. We are real!


Kemper also failed because of some significant design problems. Coal Gasification is a developed technology, their gasification did not use proven hardware design.


CO2 is cleanly and affordably removed from the air by crops and other plants, making them grow better and become more drought resistant.
Much of this can then be recycled back into the air where it can continue to proved benefits and no costs to anyone ever.


One of our other goals is to capture the heat energy from the combusted exhaust and use that heat energy to heat and or cool a large range of commercial greenhouses in which food crops can be grown. The cooled exhaust (CO2) will be pumped into the greenhouses during the day, providing these plants with CO2 enrichment. At night the CO2 will be directed to the CCU System where it will be transformed into useful-saleable products.
Waste is not a waste if it has a purpose, and we have given a purpose to combusted coal exhaust.

A C Osborn

sidabma, you are doing good work, as much heat as possible should extracted from the Flue and Flue Gases and that could include direct conversion to Electricity using the Peltier effect.
Using Co2 to feed plants is also good work.
Well done to you.


A vast majority of what is commonly referred to as renewable energy (global energy use, not just electricity) comes from the burning of wood and dung. By no means is that clean energy by anyone’s standard. Wind, solar, geothermal, and tidal provide a whopping 1.3% of global energy needs combined(2016 IEA renewable trends). Think about that.
In the immortal words of a Wendy’s commercial “Wheres The Beef”?


Depends on how exactly you burn. Wood can and is being burned pretty cleanly, and none here seems to worry about particulates anyway? EPA overreaching on that, right? At least I think so.

Monna M

The people who are burning wood and dung to cook their food are generally using open fires.


I’d be very interested hearing the actual emission goals for the future of all 19 members of the G-20 remaining in the Paris accords. They should be posted somewhere, so all can evaluate how well they are met. Does anyone know if they are even available? My understanding is that each country is to set its own goals.

Russ R.

Yes, it is officially a non-negotiable, non-solution, to a non-problem, that is non-enforceable, non-binding, and the very definition of non-sense.

stan stendera


Curious George

How will the UN now finance anti-American activities?


They have to use Merkel’s budget. It is unlimited. /sarc

Mark from the Midwest, (now broadcasting live from Dr Spencer's home town).

Only Merkel would be upset by this since it undercuts her belief that Germany was to be the new leader of the “Western World”, (actually I think “Western World” is one of Steely Dan’s best toons) .. The only problem with this statement is that it doesn’t conclude with “Now sit down and shut the f..k up.”


Angela Dorothea Merkel, born 1954, was socialized in the Communist world of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), the Free German Youth (FDJ), and Socialist Unity Party.
For Angela Dorothea Merkel of the GDR, President Trump and the legal citizens who elected him represents her next-to-greatest and most hated enemies! As a socialized GDR follower an elected Nun, Angela Dorothea Merkel is sworn to the destruction of the United States of America, her greatest enemy.

“The U.S. – unlike Angela Merkel’s Germany – has significantly reduced its emissions”
No apples to apples here. You have compared US reductions over the Obama years with just two recent years of Germany, dominated by the one-off closure of nuclear plants. A full plot of the years covered by Kyoto to 2012 (World bank data) shows:
1. Germany steadily reduced emissions since 1990. The US didn’t until about 2005 (start of your graph)
2. German emissions per capita, at 8.6 Gtons C/capita, was a little over half the US. France is about 1/3.comment image


By the look of your graphs Nick ol’ Dubya achieved the reductions! From about 2000 where each country had a slight uptick in emissions the US has significantly out performed the others. Perhaps global recessions play a bigger role than job destroying economy destructing socialist green crap.

“ol’ Dubya achieved the reductions”
His contribution was the GFC.


“His contribution was the GFC.”
Once again, stunning the world with the depth and breadth of your knowledge and insight.


That’s the point Nick! Destroy the economy reduce C02 emissions.

Pierre July 11, 2017 at 10:08 pm
That’s the point Nick! Destroy the economy reduce C02 emissions.

That was Bush’s contribution.


The economy was destroyed by the banking collapse which was due to bad regulations written by the Democrats. (Which Bush tried to fix, but the Democrats blocked him.)

MarkW July 12, 2017 at 7:34 am
The economy was destroyed by the banking collapse which was due to bad regulations written by the Democrats. (Which Bush tried to fix, but the Democrats blocked him.)

The ultimate cause was the repeal of Glass-Steagall by the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act which was passed on a party line vote by senate republicans.

Tom Halla

Arguably, the financial crisis was due to the junk bond grade collateralized mortgages, which were due to the Community Reinvestment Act, which was the Democrats baby.

Geoff Sherrington

Graphically showing the silly German policy to remove nuclear from their mix. Germany is still just about as far above France as it was in 1992. France is dominantly nuclear. Geoff.

Sceptical Sam

9 November 1989.
The day the dirty East German industry died.
The German reduction in emissions can be attributed to the removal of the inefficient, communist industrial collapse. It’s replacement in the new Germany by an inefficient collapsing socialist industrial model accounts for the continued reduction.


Where is the alternative/replacement energy coming from Nick?
Seriously, where?


Let me be more precise. How are you intending on replacing fossil fuel across the board, to reduce emmisions, without signifantly reducing global energy needs?


And we have an upward-hiatus in Germany for now………


Obama wasn’t president in 2005.


On important item is that the Swedes, French, and others have finally admitted that the long promised renewable biofuels as a fuel for the internal combustion engine is a gross failure. If tey thought otherwise they would not be banning the internal combustion engine. As such we should stop wasting our tax dollars on this useless activity. Remember renewable liquid fuel has long been touted as a replacement for gasoline and diesel.


It is a ridiculous and wasteful practice that drives up food prices across the board, but it is now a political issue more than anything else.
That is why we are stuck with it.
For now anyway, and seemingly for some time to come.


First they spend billions of dollars trying to develop a replacement fuel for gasoline and diesel then they ban the engine that runs on the expensive biofuel fuel.
Further evidence they don’t know what they are doing
Are you prepared to trust these people with your future?


Trump acknowledges the risk of climate change, while rejecting the prophecy of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. He proposes a pragmatic approach to risk management that will mitigate catastrophic anthropogenic developmental misaslignments that are a first-order forcing of recurring global economic disruptions. This policy promotes innovation and advances in qualify of living, while integrating adaptation to the irregular variability in the Earth system. He’s claiming, rightly, that there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, if we make the well-informed choices free from the influence of special and peculiar interests, foreign and domestic.

Conservatives that live in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States are considered a leprous class. We are surrounded by a lost populous that march in lock-step to the propaganda fed them by the equally lost media people. We are top patent holders in the silicon industry, top performance in engineering and industry. The leadership and policy changes by President Trump is a magnificent development for our country and the free world.

Dr Deanster

Conservatives in San Francisco? Does such even exist?


Y’all have *really* not learned to let trolls be. All they come for is the reaction.


It’s a teachable moment kinda deal around here, it seem to me, Merovign. The joint is crawling with people who can step in and clarify the fog of climachange propaganda in myriad ways, and the chore-like aspect is not onerous to any individual(s), I don’t think.


I was in Shanghai in a meeting with Chinese and Japanese the day (night) of the election. As the results were coming in I was getting updates from my wife. When I got the email that Trump would win I let out a little wow sound and the entire room looked at me. When I told them there were unanimous smiles and happiness from my Chinese and Japanese customers. Over lunch I asked my Chinese colleagues why they were so happy and several indicated that they were very concerned about corrupt career politicians and had no end of problems with that in China, but that they had great respect for businessmen having seen their standard of living greatly improved by full on capitalism. The respect just keeps growing from what I’ve seen in Asia.

Trump has exposed a scan. Climate policies are not even about climate anymore:comment image

He’s a fascist communist! Knife his face!

Coach Springer

Yet it promotes the idea that CO2 emissions are to be avoided (where possible) regardless of evidence to the contrary. There’s a future win for the alarmists woven into this compromise.


Have the London bookies put up odds on President Trump’s odds of reelection /impeachment , to me reelection is almost certain, maybe Trump Jr. after that.

Non Nomen

I am really satisfied that DJT stood his ground.
The riots are certainly the fault of the cast of politicians who, by means of the police, bully the peaceful and encourage the thugs, for obvious reasons. It is a strategy of “Kill them all, God will sort them out”. The “No Borders” movement is also fuelled by politicians like Merkel et al, who -all of them- hope to get a reward from the real masters later on (Follow the money!).
I understand that these riots were triggered by the pro-globalisation, no borders faction to get rid of adversaries.
DJT cancelled TTIP and is against “no borders”. He is right.


The anarchists don’t really need a reason to riot.
Other people having stuff that they want is all the reason they have ever needed.

Non Nomen

As I see it, these riots have been triggered by “agents provocateurs”, paid by the pro-globalisation powers that make a hell of a lot of money out of globalisation. Many of the rioters were prone to violence, we know that from G-20 summits before. So it just needed some intelligent “agents” to overheat the situation and the kettle boiled over. Cui bono? Ask Soros and his ilk. All those, even the peaceful majority, raising their voice against globalisation are running the risk of being earmarked as rioters, thugs, outlaws. So they keep quiet. The leftists and the police were stupid enough not to realize that they were just useful idiots. German politicians now seem to be waiting for their reward from “Big Money” for stifling the anti-globalisationists.
DJT didn’t get caught by this “Catch-22”.


Merkel wants to renegotiate TTIPP (with Trump) I read today in my morning newspaper. Well then, good luck, Dr. (GDR) Merkel.
It is more likely that heavy commercial cranes will soon be threatened in the steel industry. Thyssen-Krupp has already announced a reduction of its workforce by a few thousand (in Germany).

Non Nomen

It is solely up to the EUroc-rats to negotiate trade agreements. Merkel may pass orders in clandestiny, but she must not, under “EU” law, negotiate herself. And as Euroc-rats are far famed for ineficiency, lazyness and dawdling it will take quite a while until TTIP will be resurrected, if at all. Brexit has some priority.

Joel Snider

‘the stories reporting what happened at the recent G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany completely missed the major successes President Trump achieved at the summit.’
Not ‘missed’ – ‘OMITTED’. Spun. Deleted. Ignored.
Let’s remember, words count.


That`s true. 1++++


“Not ‘missed’ – ‘OMITTED’. Spun. Deleted. Ignored.”
Exactly, Joel. It’s deliberate.