French President Offers US Climate Scientists €1.5 Million Each to Move to France

President Emmanuel Macron

President Emmanuel Macron. By, CC BY 4.0, Link

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a new website which offers senior US climate researchers up to €1.5 Million (almost USD $1.7 million) each to move to France. My question to US climate scientists – what are you waiting for?

‘Your new homeland’: France’s Macron launches website to woo US scientists

Text by Joseph BAMAT

Latest update : 2017-06-09

French President Emmanuel Macron this week launched a website which aims to encourage US scientists and researchers frustrated with President Donald Trump’s position on climate change to move to France.

The website “Make Our Planet Great Again” was a clear dig at Trump and his June 1 announcement that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, but also made good on an appeal Macron made back in February.

The website said senior university faculty members, but also junior researchers and PhD candidates, were eligible to move to France to work on climate change, earth system science or energy transition projects, promising generous financing and help with moving to the country.

It said senior researchers could apply for grants up €1.5 million, which would cover researchers’ salaries, as well as compensation for additional staff and work expenses. Junior researchers could apply for grants of up to €1 million.

There is no restriction on your husband / wife working in France,” the site reassured scientists, adding: “If you have children, note that French public schools are free, and the tuition fees of universities and “grandes écoles” [highly competitive French universities] are very low compared to the American system.”

Read more:

A statement from the first page of the new website;


On the 1st of June, President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement, which gathered more than 190 countries united against climate change.

This decision is unfortunate but it only reinforced our determination. Don’t let it weaken yours.

We are ONE planet and Together, we can make a difference.

France has always led fights for human rights. Today, more than ever, we are determined to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France.

The planet needs your innovative skills. So, are you IN to change (literally!) our daily lives and make our planet great again?

Read more:

The offer seems genuine. €1.5 Million is serious money, just under USD 1.7 million. The offer for junior researchers is also very generous. I don’t know how many positions are open, so if you are thinking of accepting President Macron’s offer, best to get in quickly.

Paris is an expensive city, but there are plenty of much less expensive French cities which host serious grandes écoles institutions.

France is a socialist nation, with a powerful government. But they also have a strong tradition of liberty, which tends to temper government excesses.

Research your new home carefully. Like many countries France has towns and suburbs blighted by crime. But there are also many beautiful places to live, far away from the chaos and violence in the trouble spots.

Anyone who makes the move will likely be treated as a celebrity. The French love their celebrities.


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THis is ridiculous. What value is there in a climate scientist?

Negative added value.

John F. Hultquist

Depends on what you are valuing.
Such moves would likely raise the average IQ in both countries!
[If you are from France, don’t answer. That’s a joke; a very old one.]

apply for grants up €1.5 million
why not grants up to $ 1.5 trillion? all the money green policies will make France, they should be able to pay the $ 4 trillion annual green fund the UN is looking for all on their own out of the taxes on the profits.

That’s a joke; a very old one.
all the funnier because it is true.


Perhaps we should provide matching funds to make the pot sweeter.


Stupid waste of Money, given away by a stupid man.

Bryan A

Or perhaps it is just the “Negative Feedback” effect that their garner

Mickey Reno

Shush. Don’t say anything until after they’re gone.

Kim Morgan

Bragging rights? Otherwise, they produce nothing….well, except for a bunch of pseudo religion stuff

Curious George

I applaud Mr. Macron. It may be beneficial for France, it will be beneficial for the US.


The scientists told us there would be climate refugees. Is this a self fulfilling prophecy?


Just a thought–if there is a separation of church and state, why has the US Government undertaken to make “Climate Change” the official religion of our country?

Shawn Marshall

A whole new program to drain the swamp! France rescues the USA again.

As a refugee, they will fit right in with the plentiful ISIS lab assistants.

Mario Lento

To steal Trump’s slogan. “Make America [our planet] great again. However, try they may, they can not properly emulate the Donald!


He missed out, Make Earth Great Again? He is offering MEGA money for little return.

ron long

Jolhn, I am surprised by the fact that the moderator didn’t step on your joke, and being emboldened by that I offer the following, with a climate addition: An advetisement: WW2 French army rifle for sale, never fired and only dropped once! (and in excellent condition because the climate of France is great).


While Europe may be an affordable place to dwell under certain circumstances, aspiring, American ex-pats should consider security issues and EU response to security concerns per the following…
Europeans Heighten Threat Levels- Reuters (Brussels) – Great Britain is feeling the pinch in relation to recent terrorist threats and has raised their security level from “Miffed” to “Peeved”. Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to “Irritated” or even “A Bit Cross”. Londoners have not been “A Bit Cross” since the blitz began in 1940 and tea supplies all but ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from “Tiresome” to “A Bloody Nuisance”. The last time the British issued “A Bloody Nuisance” warning level was during the great fire of 1666.

Also, the French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from “Run” to “Hide”. The only two higher levels in France are “Collaborate” and “Surrender.” The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France’s white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country’s military capability. 

It’s not only the English and French who are on a heightened level of alert.
Italy has increased the alert level from “Shout Loudly and Excitedly” to “Elaborate Military Posturing.” Two more levels remain: “Ineffective Combat Operations” and “Change Sides.”

The Germans also increased their alert state from “Disdainful Arrogance” to “Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs.” They also have two higher levels: “Invade a Neighbor” and “Lose”.

Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual, and the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels. 

The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.


Brilliant, Etabab. That sums up Europe!


As does this:
European Heaven:
Police are English
Cooks are French
Bankers are German
Lovers are Italian
European Hell:
Police are French
Cooks are English
Bankers are Italian
Lovers are German


The advertisement is never fired in anger and only dropped once,

Bill Murphy

And their most effective and respected force for the last 200 years is a foreign legion…
Since I’m a typical American mutt (part French, Irish, English, Scott & German) my favorite joke is that I’ve been at war with myself since I was born–and always lose!

Right. Had the British been there to defend France in 1940, the fight would have had a completely different outcome; they would never have run away and hightailed it across the Channel.


Sort of reminds me of a now defunct show from cable TV called “Mail Call”, which showed off various and sundry military weapons and equipment. In a show I recall the host R. Lee Ermey was showing foreign equivalent hardware. One in particular was the French version of the revered Swiss Army Knife. It came with 20 functions. 1 cork screw remover and 19 little white flags. I nearly pissed myself laughing.


Don’t forget the Canadians. They’re the country that could have had American know how, British culture and French cuisine. But, they ended up with French know how, American culture and British cuisine.

Bryan A

The only real problem with American Culture is that there is none.
To get American Culture you take equal parts of
Irish Culture
Scottish Culture
British Culture
French Culture
Spanish Culture
Italian Culture
Puerto Rican Culture
Chinese Culture
African Culture
Russian Culture
Throw them into a blender with Ice and set it on Frappe

Bill Murphy

@Michael Palmer:
The Brits were there in 1940. Ever heard of Dunkirk?

Bill Murphy

Or was that sarc?


“WW2 French army rifle for sale, never fired and only dropped once!”
A free French army knife with every sale!


Just what IS a climate scientist?? Surely the French president really means that he only wants true believers in the theory of CO2 – alarmism. Then why doesn’t he say so?

Kim Morgan

Can we nominate?
Micheal Moore
The old skinny guy that used to do kids tv programs and claims he is an authority
and anyone else who is miffed that they are no longer front seat invitees to the WH

Anyone who calls themselves a climate scientist is ignorant and has no understanding of technology.


What value is there in a climate scientist? if we unload them on France, they get paid to LEAVE?..Oh My..I will be laughing all weekend!

Dr. Richard Lindzen is an eminent American climate scientist who already spends time in France.
Hey Richard, take the money! Vas y donc, tabarnak!
One little problem for the President – Lindzen is known as as the Dean of Climate Skeptics. 🙂

David A

His applying would be delightfull.


Shhh! Don’t tell them!


What value is there in France?
France has been tromped over as much or more by more foreign armies than any other country in Europe. We, the US and Allies, have saved their asses twice. They are professional losers, which is kind of funny because Frenchmen are so flipping arrogant, like they are above us. I see nothing out of the ordinary for loser “scientists” to run to a loser country to try to revise and reconstruct their losing “science.” A loser country, which is currently bending over and spreading them for the Islamic hordes, cannot be criticized for inviting other kinds of losers to join them and enjoy the fun.


I must say that you’re right…even if I ‘m a french citizen 🙁


Odd that not one of those conquering armies ever wanted to stay there. Can’t think why 😉
Otherwise they wouldn’t still be French.

Aw come on. Take it easy on the French. Napoleon had a good run ’till Waterloo and the US got the State of Louisiana et al; plus the statue of Liberty and help during 1775? Everyone is good for something – even a good example of a bad example. Take Macron for example – let’s see what he does. You haven’t had such a great offer since the Louisiana purchase. Take it.
PS – 100% Canadian here; several generations but there are some Brits back in there and some Yankee Brits and a twinge of Belgian. My friends growing up included American Africans, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, East Indians, First Nations, ad infinitum. Interestingly, back then, we never had hyphenated names. They were just Rene, Johny, Sally, MaiAnn, Suling, Harry Lonewolf, Peter Sen, Wesely Robson, Julio Agastini, Rolo Belamo, Anthony Ologobo, and a host of others. Seems the race card came into voque after I left the region where I grew up and moved to the big Cities.
My work took me all over the world and I have friends all over the world.
Let the US Climate Scientists get out of their bubbles and learn about France; 50Hz 220 volt power and power security/surges, low voltage issues and new equipment – as theirs won’t work without significant adaptation. Or better yet, buy up to date French equipment and leave their US stuff to be used by new grad students trying to replicate their predecessors work. Assuming of course their computers haven’t been wiped clean.
A big plus is that with all those Climate Scientists in one place, they can claim adequate numbers to have an effective group with critical mass (maybe it’ll go nuclear)>
Trump should help them clear the way to their new assignments. They say learning a new language expands the paths in
][po iuytthe brain.
Bon Voayage mes amis!


I know what Americans typically think of the French and their military prowess but that is just ignoring history – including the War of Independence. Here is what a UK TV program called QI has to say on the matter:
“Over its long history, the French army was usually the largest, best-equipped and most strategically innovative army in Europe. Most of the words used in modern warfare derive from French words, such as: army, artillery, captain, cavalry, charge, espionage, general, lieutenant, lance, marines, manoeuvre, military, mine, naval, parachute, pilot, platoon, regiment, soldier and trench.”

David A

…so they have a great language, but they are so damm proud of it.


Don’t knock the French Army, they have the most advanced white flag factory in the world, and when they want some real tough soldiers, the send the Foreign Legion!


If “The Science is settled” what work is left to be done in climate science? Why does France need so many new climate scientists? Will France pay for Dr. Judith Curry and other dissenters?


You missed innovative. Innovative statistical techniques etc.

Javert Chip

Hey! I’m totally unqualified as a real scientist, so where do I go sign up for the €1.5 Million?

Stephen Richards

The value comes from enforcing the même. France has a massive tax regime many of which are green taxes. We are taxed at 20% on everything plus for cars there is a showroom tax of upto 8000€ when I last looked. We have a “tax sur la fortune” which is based on your asset value. That’s your home, investments etc. So no matter how little or large your income you pay 50% plus on your revenue. Again that may have changed recently. Then you have to want to live in a country infested with north African migrants roaming the streets looking for money.
It’s difficult to find people in France that dont believe totally the AGW thesis. They are there but hard to find. The Academie de la France has ruled that AGW is real and they control everything. They hold the Kg mass and other standards.
Macron is a little child let loose in the sweet shop. Quite how this will end no one knows. Also, for all americans, there is no double taxation agreement. They must pay tax in France and USA unless they take french citizenship. That can be done quickly, as for sportsmen, but normally it takes about 2 years.
You cannot drive your big cars in the grande villes on pollution days and the pollution is blown in from german lignite stations. You have to buy a vignette for the windshield with a number on it. High number, no access, big fine.
So, come you scammers, come and join the European Union of Soviet Socialist States.


Childish response by the French leader.
Activist climate researchers should not be necouraged in any language, country or currency.


He is a child.

michael hart

I’m feeling pretty good about the word “necouraged”.
I don’t know what it means, in French or English, but I’m not surprised to see it being applied to climate researchers. It feels somehow, appropriate.


I guess the French President will be downsizing his residence then? This is the official residence.
To something like this:


Check out this childish response:

Leo Smith

Why didn’t you warn me? My whole life long it has been the source of intense pride that never in my whole life have I watched even one second of ‘rhe sound of Music”
I feel soiled


The hateful micro-aggression of the absent trigger warning!


I thought it was lovely.
So there.
Saw it probably fifty years ago, and still rate it.
Different strokes for different folks.
Auto – no I’m not a millennial . . . .

Krudd Gillard of the Commondebt of Australia

you got no taste if you don’t like the Sound of Music.

Bryan A
Bryan A

“Activist researcher” is an oxymoron. An activist anything is just another activist.


He’s a eunuch by choice, and a Darwin award winner by marriage.

bon débarras!

Stephen Richards

pour qui? USA ?

Taylor Ponlman

Well, I think the appropriate action is for NOAA, NASA, EPA and Dept of Energy to start offering French classes. Will soften the hard landing those folks will experience on their way out of government.


They wont move, imperial temperature units are so much bigger and scarier than metric units, metric never gets into the triple digits.

Leonard Lane

Duncan, that gave me a grin.
But, I do think you are correct all the actresses, professors, assorted lefties and never do wells (I know redundant) including SCOTUS Justice Ginsberg vowed to leave America if trump were elected. To my knowledge this motley crew are still here trying to make America Socialist/Communist; once again proving they are as phony in their promises as everything else.


Give it time!

I’m a Brit physicist but I’ve always self-identified as a US climate scientist. I always said you den1ers were jerks. Cooeeee Mr President ….


Last year I published:
“Denier Pride”, which can be Googled.
Bob Hoye

I always said you den1ers were jerks.
name calling is a sure sign that your position is weak.
as a physicist, you would know that a failed prediction is strong evidence that a theory is wrong. to date the tropospheric hotspot remains a failed prediction of all climate models.

Mario Lento

Kudos! And a name calling physicist who does not understand how to follow the evidence.


I think you two need to reboot your sarcasm detector

seconding philincalifornia
the comment from cephus0 was clever as h*ll and should not have required a sarc tag.

Samuel C Cogar

So stated: cephus0 June 10, 2017 at 8:26 am

I’m a Brit physicist but I’ve always self-identified as a US climate scientist. I always said you den1ers were jerks. Cooeeee Mr President ….

In defense of above comment: davidmhoffer June 10, 2017 at 10:16 am

the comment from cephus0 was clever as h*ll and should not have required a sarc tag.

Someone needed to “draw me a picture” …… because I didn’t have a clue what was meant by the word “Cooeeee”.
In actuality, ….. cephus0 entered his post at 8:26 am …… but it was “pushed” so far down the list that I didn’t make the “connection” to the French President offer of $$$.
”Feces often happens” …… when one doesn‘t include a “reference” to what their comment pertains to


Cooeeee Mr President
Australian: Trying to draw the attention of Mummy’s Boy Macron

Mario Lento

Going with your meme, precisely what is being denied? Using the language precisely, I take it that you infer climate does not change, other than through the conduit of man made CO2. Please use physics to respond.

Mark T

You need to learn sarcasm, too.

Janice Moore

Ya know, Mark T — I get your point (and that of about 50 other staunch defenders of cephus0 — how did she/he rate THAT number of defenders?? whatever).
That several of us did not “get” cephus0, however, might be an indication that cephus0 needs to write a bit better…


He opened with this; Janice;
“I’m a Brit physicist but I’ve always self-identified as a US climate scientist.”
. . Now, ya know I love ya, but . . ; )


He/She is not a Physicist anymore, by admission now only a ‘self-identified US climate scientist’, your facts are now meaningless.

Good grief. I missed the /sarc tag although anyone needing /sarc tags on that is – er, well – but thanks anyway for the comments from the Asperger’s society (ferdberple, Mario Lento and Duncan). Read my post a few below or any of the hundreds over the last few years. Good grief.

Janice Moore

Good grief, Cephus0. You forgot a sarc tag — okay, we get it now. However — LOL — your coldly anti-social response to a completely understandable mis-reading of your post shows, ironically, that you are the one likely to have Asperger’s:

Asperger’s Disorder is a syndrome that …. is primarily characterized by a person’s difficulty in everyday social interactions with others …

( )

Janice Moore

Dear cephus0,
I apologize. I do NOT think you actually have Asperger’s. I overreacted in my anger at your levelling that unkind remark at some of WUWT’s finest commenters.
And I can recall when I, also, have mis-read a comment intended to be humor. So, I guess I took it personally… somehow… too.
An Over-Zealous Defender,


Cephus – I was still commenting on the message (I did not get the sarcasm), it my not be Your truth but sadly not to far from the truth. I’ve seen too many similar styled comments, as proof, just go over to #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain. One said they all want to put us all on a space ship and fly it into the sun. Apparently saving the planet involves a lot of Den1er Genocide, the hypocrisy is completely missed on them.


Love the cartoon Ferd.


Nothing wrong with us asberger types!

Cephis has obviously got a very good and dry sense of humour as can be seen by his follow up post as well. A sarcasm tag should not really be necessary on what is obviously well crafted comments by him. Mind you, it appears that you now appreciate the joke.

Greg Cavanagh

Cephus0, it’s only a joke/sark if people know what the subject of the joke is. This forum is open to the world, yet you expect everyone to get your “in” joke? Then you have the audacity to berate everyone who doesn’t “get” your joke as being Autistic. You sir, are rude, ignorant and hurtful. Put a bloody /sark tag on next time and stop being such a prat.

Gunga Din

I’m not fond of asparagus but I’ll eat it.
But bussel sprouts …ugh!

Michael 2

Well I might be a bit of an aspie (definitely an NT) so I deliberately wait a bit before shooting from the hip. I seldom detect sarcasm. But it really is funny stuff over at Clisep where I really don’t know if anything is intended to be a simple truthful documentary report kind of thing but it is acutely observant and chuckle-out-loud parody.
Over these many years I have learned to not put a lot of stock in what anyone says about anything; there’s what they DO. In the Navy I was occasionally used in incident investigation since I pretty much ignore what anyone says. I ask questions and listen to the answers but really I’m listening for inconsistencies which I notice. Unfortunately that function is also working when I watch a movie and I appreciate movie makers that go to great pains to have all details correct.
I’ll be watching a movie and see a bird that is not native to the presumed geographic location, or the sun angle is wrong, or the climate doesn’t match, or the geology doesn’t go with the story. Man cannot fly by attaching wings to his arms, the center of gravity is in the wrong place.
Two atoms are walking down the road when one stops dead and says “Oh, $#%^!”
“What’s the matter?” asks the other atom.
“I’ve lost an electron.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, I’m positive!” (Now THAT was funny!)

Julie near Chicago

Lighten up, folks. If I mistake not, cephus0 has given us a good piece of humourous sarcasm, aimed at M. Macron and Anti-Climate-Deniers everywhere. Well played, cephus0! :>))!!

Mario Lento

cephus0: There is great intellect in sarcarsm. So, take that!

Stephen Richards

I have to say I saw it and laughed. Its about realism. Some things said are just so bad they have to be funny. Plenty of hints in the comment as well

Larry Vaughn

So, if you are a physicist, what is the theory that you can prove. I want the words and the mathematical formula since we are talking about an increase in CO2 gases. The problem with so many scientist they will not answer my question they just resort to name calling.

No worries everyone involved in this surprisingly lively sub-thread here. In my haste to mock Monsieur Macron I did indeed omit the /sarc tag – mon mal. Anyway it’s Saturday night here and well past beer o’clock so I bid you all a good and jolly one 🙂
P.s. no apology necessary Janice – I did repent me of the a$$burgers thing immediately as it goes and you were right to call me out on it.

Eta: for Samuel C Cogar.
“Someone needed to “draw me a picture” …… because I didn’t have a clue what was meant by the word “Cooeeee”.
Apologies for the somewhat arcane expletive “coooeeee”. It is in fact a sound made by people wishing to attract the attention of others in a cheery kind of I-don’t-really-want-to-get-in-your-face sort of way.
For example, if Mrs. Laysdownlaws was in her garden a few houses down from mine and I wished to hail her with a view to exchanging some banal trivialities or to remind her that she had forgotten to dress before proceeding into the garden, say, i would most likely holler – “Coooee! Mr’s Laysdownlaws!” in a cheery non-alarming singsong tone.
I trust this is satisfactory to you and moreover encourage you to use it to good effect at every available opportunity.

Actually cephus0, I always thought “Cooeee” was a hog call, and quite appropriate to the larger context.


It’s not “Cooeeee,” it’s “covfefe!”

Gunga Din

I got here late but I’m glad that cephus0 has enjoyed and not taken offence at the his omission of a “sarc” tag.
(They are very small. I often lose mine.)

Michael 2

I understood “cooeeee” to be a hog call, similar to “soooeeeee” but if you are French you get “soo” out of “Sioux” (I used to read it as Sigh-Ox in a younger life).


And alarmists are as stupid as jellyfishes…

Very amusing. It is a shame that some here can not see sarcasm a mile off. Or for those heading for France about a kilometre and a third….

David A

…sorry to have triggered a little CAGW in the brain.


I think all those knowledgeable WUWT contributors should apply to balance the scale in France.
On the other side I would like to get rid of all the alarmists who are on the US taxpayer dime and not doing real science.
Maybe we could send some EPA folks also.


I’ll apply if I can work from home. Are you required to move to France?


No France has no borders as it seems.

Kim Morgan

Yes, which means you will have to pay the 90% tax on the $1,7 million

So, let’s start with the pay-tax deal….between 72k Euro and 142k Euro….it’s 41-percent income tax deal. Then comes the pension tax and the healthcare tax, with a 20-percent VAT tax on all goods at stores. Any income above 142k Euro has a 45-percent taxation. If you figure this out, any foundation that hires these senior folks….would have to pay a huge amount on the pay-scale. But you’d wake up and realize that 55-percent of whatever you make…..will never reach your hand. Oh, and did I mention the cost of living issue? Want to rent in a major urban area….don’t be shocked at 3,000 Euro a month for a nice apartment in the safe part of town, with 3 bedrooms and such. There might be hundreds to ask about this deal, but once you mention taxation….people will mostly laugh about the offer.

I Came I Saw I Left

Plus, they’d be liable for paying US income tax, wouldn’t they?


Not if they renounce their US citizenship…

I Came I Saw I Left

You’re an optimist, aren’t you?


Working overseas, the US income tax is complicated, at least when I worked overseas years ago. The company hired Price Waterhouse to do our taxes.


For every year that they are a US citizen, yes. But they can take their foreign income taxes as a credit against their US taxes. Those French taxes being so much higher, their US income taxes will be negative (i.e., $0.00). Oh, and if they are California residents when they move to France, they still are liable for California state income taxes in future years, but they will also be able to take the French taxes as a credit, so their California taxes will be zero, as well. But they must file both US (and California) income taxes every year.


Thanks Jim.
As I recall though, it may be more complicated if you have US income as well as overseas. For example I rented my house several times, once for two years, and I still had US dividend and interest income, so it may be more complicated.

They can claim the first $101,000-roughly as a tax credit (foreign income), after that…’s taxed in the US as well. So, in common sense terms, this is a one-way ticket out of the US…..they would all end up dumping US citizenship within two years and becoming French. But I would also suggest that only a limited number of these French climate foundations will pay any of these US scientists more than 120,000 Euro a year. Go figure the taxation angles…..virtually everyone will make less in the end. I’ll bet fewer than twenty take up this deal and half will return to the US within three years.


And the wealth tax on your total assets.

Leonard Lane

Roy, now why did you have to do that? I was hoping that many in the climate seance racket would hop on a plane for Orly. Oh well, few if any of them believe the truth, so maybe you didn’t do as much harm as I thought.

Perhaps we should make a economic model of French taxes….showing that by paying 55-percent of your salary, you are actually making twice as money as before. You know….like those climate change models.

Walter Sobchak

Don’t discourage them.

Many French with a high income now live in Belgium (about 70,000 nowadays, I have read somewhere), partly because of lower high-income taxes.
A lot of them travel every day by high speed train (Thalys) from the centre of Brussels to the centre of Paris in less than an hour (320 km), that is faster than from the “safe” suburbs of Paris to the centre of Paris with all the traffic jams. Even in -for us- expensive Brussels one can find a single house with a -small- garden for half the price of an apartment in Paris and prices in my neighbourhood (north of Antwerp) are around 700-800 euro a month for a 3-bedroom house plus a (too) large garden…
Further, as far as I know, many climate-related services are far outside Paris, many in the south of France like Grenoble (ice core research). with a better climate to live in and much lower house pricing…

Stephen Richards

Paris to Bordeaux now takes 2hrs by TGV. On to spain where living is half the cost takes no time at all.
We, in france, are in the merde and did not need a little trudeau child to get us out of it.. It looks likely that macron could get majority support in today legislative election. We should know by 8pm today sunday 11/june


France’s presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron declared London to be the sixth biggest French city as he sought to woo hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens this side of the Channel.
No chance unless he seriously reduces taxes and red tape on small businesses.

Bill Parsons

A WUWT article a few years back surveyed where several of our prominent U.S. climate scientists live. The impression I got was that our “green” professors / researchers like their nice, green forest pads – big ones, by the looks of the Google views.
Let’s hope the French match the big Euros with nice country chalets. And if the French government proves to be too taxing, they may be soothed to know that “tax exile” is only a border away, with Belgium as well as Switzerland within reach.

Janice Moore

….up to €1.5 Million ….



“Could apply” for those moving to France, with “help” moving.
Double Heh.

Janice Moore



Yeah, good catch. Like “up to 4 degrees of warming by 2100″! Like “up to 5 billion poley bears killed by ClimateChange™ every year”! Like “up to 100% of all CAGW research is legit”!
Up yours, climate alarmists.


Those wacky climate alarmists ‘scientists’, always getting up to something…

Janice Moore

Lately….. they like to march. Figures. “UP, 2, 3, 4! UP, 2, 3, 4!…… 🙂

Stephen Richards

Will depend on your importance internationally. This is about prestige for france and nothing more. Same with the invite to all UK financiers by that little worm Hollande, to come to Paris.
The french are seeking importance in a big gang of little people The EU.


The question is why doesn’t Donald Trump offer money to US climate “scientists” to move to France!
Think of the savings which could be used for real science research. No brainer really.

John Harmsworth

An offer to French entrepeneurs to come and escape a taxation and regulatory regime that den1es the fundamental truths of economics and human nature and a failing experiment in multi-state governance by Eurocrats would be in order.

Stephen Richards

Many of them have. UK has 300.000. Spain Germany have a few thousand.

Maybe Trump could offer a one way ticket to Paris to Michael Mann for starters…coach of course…

Roger Knights

Macron’s offer was a Trump-worthy stroke of PR. (I wonder if Scott Adams will dig it as such.)

Javert Chip

BINGO! here do I send my donation (I mean other than my tax dollars)?

With all the terrorist activities going on in Europe just now, I don’t imagine many US ‘climate scientists’ will be rushing to accept Macrons offer.
On the other hand, the US might get rid of a whole lot of academic nutters who have used the term ‘climate change’ in papers that have nothing to do with climate.
And I wonder if the offer is only open to alarmist scientists. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Macron got a pile of applications from only sceptics.
What a moron. I don’t think the wacky French have thought this through properly.

Mike the Morlock



Good point. And as an Anglophone, try living in French for a while. It’s not that easy. After you get past the “Bonjour, je m’appele Jim Bob” part, you have to keep the conversation going. The French are a rather proud lot. You can’t just wander in and start talking English as though everybody else is expected to know YOUR language. Trust me. I live in Québec. Je sais dont je parle.

Ma Fracais est tres mauvais. Mais apres un mot ou cinq, they normally take pity on me and speak Franglais and, notes and hand gestures. Has worked for me for several decades both in Quebec, France, Switzerland and Vietnam to name a few. People are basically good and helpful. Je pense.

Oops – fat fingers typed my name as ‘o’


I enjoy visiting France… The museums, cathedrals, architecture and countryside are exquisite..
Too bad so many French people happen to live there, however…

R. Shearer

Those in the catacombs are quite laid back, however, and don’t say anything condescending at all.


To be fair, I have spent a lot of time in France, mostly for business, but not recently, and I found that a lot of people there were very friendly and hospitable, especially outside Paris. More than a few business contacts had me over for a pleasant dinner at their home with their family. I agree that most of the people in Paris come across as rude, But like here where NYC is not America neither is Paris, France from my personal experience, maybe that has changed. Also my family spent a week vacation in Paris staying at a family run bed and breakfast and they were also quite hospitable.
Is it possible that we are unfair to all the people in France due to the actions of the snobby elites running the country?

Bill Parsons

Well, I made a trip to France last year, and I came away with conflicting impressions, as highlighted by the following experience:
My wife and I had to shop for groceries at a Monoprix, a few subway stops from our apartment in a western suburb. With our day-packs on our backs, we pushed a cart around the supermarket’s ground level, bagging fruit and vegetable items before we drifted up to level two for sundry dry goods. We got in a line on that level and advanced to the front, where we unloaded our cart. It was then that the conveyor belt ground to a halt.
The checker explained in some foreign language that all produce needs to be weighed and priced on level one where it is sold, because, as I gathered from the ensuing chaos, only level one checkers have prices for goods on that level. So, it followed that our checker, a handsome, good-natured young woman, needed to yell across several aisles to other checkers that she didn’t speak “idiot”, though she had a few prime examples in front of her, and would need some help in communicating with them, and would just need a few prices-by-weight for celery, tomatoes, onions, and … stymied by the next item or two, she called for a manager. The manager called for a runner to take the mystery bags in hand down to ground level for prices.
Security was called and he stood by nervously.
Behind us, the queue of 6 or 7 Parisian rush-hour shoppers waited stoically, grimly, no one smiling or speaking. Seeing that we were hopelessly dead in the water, more piled in behind them. Several other lines were moving expeditiously, but curiously, even as our vegetables were beginning to turn and runners were were scampering up and down stairs and escalators to the lower levels for price checks – nobody moved out of the line behind us. Not a one.
Either French people are blessed with extraordinary patience, or they just find the prospect of Americans in severe cultural distress to have a grisly appeal, like a traffic accident. This was our one experience in France. I hope it helps others in coming to their own conclusions, because I’m still confused.

Dear Bill Parsons, the difference between French and English stoicism is that the French aim for nobility, purity and glory and believe in their superiority as a civilisation which must therefore be taken seriously. Impurities such as English words in the language must be resisted and banished by law. English stoicism, by contrast, is gained by an absence of noble goals, indifference to misfortune, whether inflicted by others or by themselves, and acceptance of the mongrel nature and impurities of their race, history and heritage and find great amusement in the infinite capacity of the human race, not least in their own people, for self-deception, particularly and with special reference to an undying belief in its own capacity to improve its society, nature, its world while failing totally to learn from the failures of all previous attempts in the past. So by accident, the English gave the world the least malevolent and perhaps the greatest empire the world has ever known, the industrial revolution, the gifted amateur, the common language of business and science, the common language of otherwise linguistically divided India, and progeny who passed through their childhood throwing off the yoke of parental strictures to grow as adults into the greatest nations in the world today. But then, the English had Shakespeare, the Greenwich meridian, fish and chips, marmalade and the week-end. The French gave the world the word chauvinism to describe something we all recognise, but for which no other country has a word. It renders one verse of their national anthem, La Marseillaise, so embarrassing they never sing it in public. They share this trait with Germany, whose anthem is likewise embarrassing. Chauvinism might have been displaced by a Spanish word – they do it so well, so passionately, so blindly – but the dedicated followers of Napoleon beat them to it. One thing about the English, they may not take themselves too seriously and are generally very accommodating but if you try pushing them around too much they fight back and after losing the first battle or two – this is now well established tradition because they never have and never will prepare for war – always win the bloody war with the help of their mates. They do still have some.
Toujours gai, bon voyage, mon ami.

Bill Parsons

Hmm. Peter Gardener,
I think “stoic” was the right word to use, although it was a strange thing to see. Umm…
What was that verse of La Marseillaise – – the one that they don’t sing?


I believe they have Dr. Richard Lindzen for half of each year, but I doubt he is the sort of climate scientist they have in mind.

Bill P

Does this offer relate to genuine climate scientists, i.e. those who use the scientific method, or to the conmen who decide what they want to be true, devise a model that gets that result and then adjust the data to fit the model?

Gerry Cooper

It will raise the IQ of both countries.



John F. Hultquist

I made a reply above without reading this far.
It must be true because we agree.
Best, John

Janice Moore

Aw, John H. — I saw that and HOW VERY LOVELY to see you acknowledge it. I know, I know — it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I told you anyway! 🙂

pas le tien apparemment!

It this offer specific to climate scientists who side with the IPCC or does it also apply to climate scientists who are skeptical of the absurdly high climate sensitivity claimed by the IPCC?
If it’s not open to all climate scientists, it’s illegal since French law makes it a crime to discriminate according to race, sex, BELIEF or trade union activity. Even if BELIEF was constrained to be religious, the sect of CAGW alarmism can be properly considered a religion since it’s based on belief and not fact.



Notice that no mention was made of the criteria to be applied. Gee, do you think France might impose restrictions on a scientist’s beliefs? Let’s see some skeptics apply and see the reaction from the “liberty-loving” French, who are in the habit of prosecuting people who make negative statements about any protected group. The French officials, to put it mildly, are jerks – they are even working to remove nuclear power plants that have operated safely for the past half century because
the climate alarmists don’t like them. Of course, all this is illogical for a people who are certain that the science is settled – why the need for any more research? The answer, of course, is propaganda. The French could hardly be any more transparent, and corrupt, not to mention stupid.
But that goes without saying.

South River Independent

Yes, but they are going to replace nuclear power with solar and wind power. No harm, no fowl (SIC).


Let’s see how many US “climate scientists” actually receive grants.
BTW, it appears that many of the French nuclear power generating plants scheduled to be shut down are approaching their end of life. Should they continue to run them?
And during our last enjoyable trip through France, we saw many, many wind turbines. And unlike the ones near Palm Springs, the ones in France were actually turning.
As to all the slurs against the French, I’ve never had a problem with French people. Of course, while in their country, I act responsibly and respectfully, and try to speak French. (Once they hear my French, it is amazing how many of them speak English.) Yes, I know its a joke, and an old one, but it has gotten old.


As a brit having lived there, I can tell you that hearing an anglophone speaking French is Almost always a painful experience. I understood why the French hate it so much.
Having learned French in France by immersion, my accent is fair and was even mistaken for a Frenchmen twice. My grammar and vocab are pitiful unfortunately. Having a French name helped!


Retired_Engineer_Jim June 10, 2017 at 10:25 am
Let’s see how many US “climate scientists” actually receive grants.
BTW, it appears that many of the French nuclear power generating plants scheduled to be shut down are approaching their end of life. Should they continue to run them?
And during our last enjoyable trip through France, we saw many, many wind turbines. And unlike the ones near Palm Springs, the ones in France were actually turning.

The turbines in Palm Springs were probably older and no longer working. Most of them in France are a bit newer and still work (well, about 80%) but we like to try and spot which ones are turning when there is not a breath of wind – they are the ones being driven (using power from the grid) to prevent damage to the shafts.

Oh boy thanks Mr. Worrall for the laughs. That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen this year and a regular collectors gem. The parallels with the fictional planet of Golgafrincham in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy are just too delightful. Oh hahaha and the funniest thing of all is that the French people voted for that. Young Microbe there is clearly gagging to flush la belle France directly down the politically correct toilette without delay.


Meh. My salary from Big Oil is worth more than that… Now, if I could just get them to send me my check. 🙂


….I’m re-tweaking my resume

Janice Moore

Me, too! Just added this under “Endorsements”: “Models say that Janice Moore is among the top 3% of all climate scientists.”


Which models, Janice? Zoolander?


Forgot to add .



Janice Moore

Oh, Oeman. 🙂
Well, as a matter of fact. Yes. Not like this one:
“Zoolander” (scale model scene)

Analogously (in a metaphorical way) similar. As in:
The models that said Janice Moore is a “climate scientist” are:
“Highly sophisticated, amazingly complex, computer models” —
— which should just be smashed to bits.
(I did get a computer SCIENCE degree — THAT should count for…. A WHOLE LOT!)

Ed Zuiderwijk

Next thing you hear is that they invite real scientists.


Brexit was partly a response to free movement of people. France can have whoever they want, but the right to move to Britain will not be part of the deal. The benefits of Brexit are already there for all to see.

Patrick MJD

May is in an even more fragile position on Brexit as result of the recent general election in the UK; Hung parliament. Cameron bailed after losing to a Brexit vote, May took over. She was worried she didn’t have the political fortitude to follow through with the Brexit vote and called a General Election. She expected to gain a greater majority and the result was a weaker position. She should have gone with what was voted for. Proceedings are still set to start on the 19th, but now from a much weaker position. She will now have to rely on the 10 Northern Ireland DUP MP’s to form minority Govn’t.
Yet another Tory making decisions with a mandate! Like Heath in 1973, Way to go May!

Patrick MJD

Without a mandate…

Jim G1

Where can I donate to the fund to get these idiots shipped to France? If Germany ever wakes up and starts their intermittent march into France, these climate “scientists” better learn German rather than French. In the long run it may be better for them.

Andrew Hamilton

I’ve requested more information before making my application.


If you don’t speak really fluent french I wouldn’t advise moving. Frenchmen, in contrast to most other europeans are very intolerant of people using english or speaking the native language badly.

Chris Riley

If you speak English loud enough even the dumbest foreigner will understand you perfectly. This is a known fact.


My wife and I found the inverse to be true, at least in small shops, we would trade the French/English dictionary back and forth as we practiced speaking in the other’s native language.


Yes, steve, and quite probably charging double while you didn’t notice 😉
There is a saying in France when someone is offered a really bad deal: “he must have taken me for an Englishman”!


Another climate grand stander. Between Brown and Macron alone we have enough boot lickers to cover the Chinese army.


Hey France, thanks for helping Trump to ” Drain The Swamp” !! …D’OH !!


Sure why not? French national debt is almost 100% of GDP! Why stop there? Of course, they would then be part of the 1% in France and subject to massive taxes (45%+) and social charges (bonus tax for people like climate scientists). Go for it! Just think of the carbon footprint savings the US would have by getting rid of the blowhard’s anyhow?


The maximum US Federal income tax rate, I believe, is 43.5%. (It may go down if the Congress can ever act.)
The maximum California income tax rate, I believe, is 11%. Turns out that, even after deducting your State income tax, high earners in the US are still at around 50% marginal tax rate.
I say believe, because we are no where near those tax brackets. And therein is the difference – maximum tax brackets are reached at much lower incomes in France than here.
As to the asset tax, we annually pay a pretty impressive 1+% on our house hear in Prop-13 land. But that is our only asset tax, other than sales and excise taxes that are paid at the time of purchase.
Our friends in France are not happy with the French asset tax at all. But, then, the folks in France with assets to be taxed don’t comprise a very large proportion of the electorate.


How is it that Obama and “Burney” do not pay anywhere near the tax rates you quote. It seems that the elites never pay their fair share.


Please go, good bye, good riddance.

Mike the Morlock

ScienceABC123 June 10, 2017 at 9:22 am
oh do get into the spirit of it, instead ….
“au revoir”

Janice Moore

Or… as per Jim G1 above, Auf Weidersehen … (and as per Curious George and others… better yet, Abschied!)

Janice Moore

“Wiedersehen” (gotta copy that stuff off the translation site more carefully 🙂 )

Mike the Morlock

Janice Moore June 10, 2017 at 10:19 am
Hi Janice,
Like many it has crossed my mind on how to “cash” in on the French Prez’s off. Only problem is Paris is to unsafe. Your chances are better on a moonless night in central park.
Day time the park is great of course.

J Mac

The blood sucking parasites find a willing, masochistic host: Looks like a ‘Win – Win’ to me!
Viva la Hôte Français!

Tom Halla

All I would say to people like Mann or Schmidt–Buh bye!


…And please let the proverbial door hit them in the @ss on the way out…!

Patrick Bols

Macron is a true showman. He just took over a bankrupt country and is devising schemes to divert attention from the perilous state of affairs. His promise of money will not materialize, maybe for a few show cases.

Javert Chip

I can’t wait to see who steps up to make the financial contribution expected of the US before we pulled out.
How long will the Paris treaty/accord (what ever) go on without any cash?

Eugene WR Gallun

i understand that many “climate scientists” are first off inquiring if France has an extradition treaty with the US.
Eugene WR Gallun

Accurate summary of Macron’s offer. Good quotes.
I sincerely hope that every alarmist climate scientist in the United States takes Macron up on his offer and moves to France.
That will leave the real climate scientists who still believe in the scientific method remaining here in the United States. LOL!!!

Here’s one for Michael Man:
Banyuls-sur-Mer is a charming coastal town on the Mediterranean coast, the last one before the border with Spain, in the foothills of the Pyrannees. Beachside cafes and picturesue coastal walks; and at the south end of the bay is a big white marine research laboratory. Wonderful setting for a sinecure to see out a research career to retirement beside the warm sunny 🌞 Med.

John Harmsworth

He should go to a rural setting, where it already smells like b.s.

Mike the Morlock

Oh heavens, cold damp Europe? Better the French place our intrepid Climate scientists on a lovely garden spot, in French Polynesia.
I’m sure Dr M.Mann could make himself and his followers a happy home and new and glowing research establishment on the islands of Moruroa and Fangataufa. They would be ideal locales.
If you are not familiar with these lovely atolls Google them.

Javert Chip

Over there he’ll be a lot closer to his Nobel prize…


First need to define qualifying parameters of climate scientist before handing out buckets of money to entice them into France.
Does communications psychologist count?
Does Paleogynecologist, with a recent emphasis on atmospheric CO2 concentration on fertility rates of the Hobbit peoples count?
Does Mosher count?
It will be very interesting to see who they think is qualified, and benefit to, this specific field of science.


I was going to say I picked the wrong major, but you make an excellent point. I could also simply claim that I IDENTIFY as a climate scientist, and as good leftists, they would have to accept it as fact. Come to think of it, I ought to be able to claim senior researcher status as well.
I might not have to go so far as to leave the country. Universities ought to hire me as a professor with no questions asked, since I identify as a fully qualified Ivy League professor. Start cutting my checks now. If Yale does not recognize me as a current faculty member, they are clearly hateful bigots who are disrespecting my experiences and making it impossible to live as my authentic self.
Also, patriarchy.
/sarc (most of it)

Javert Chip

Qualifying parameters?
Are you kidding? France don’t need no stinking qualifying parameters.
Franc makes 5 stupid decisions like this every single day…before breakfast (my current favorite is the mandatory & enforced 35-hrour week).

Bruce Cobb

On the count of three, all Climate Whores please move to France.


Now, now. Let’s not give whores a bad name! It’s quite a well-respected profession in France…

South River Independent

Regarding the French fighting for human rights, skeptics should review The Terror as it relates to the French Revolution, and as mentioned elsewhere herein, the fact that a band of religious fanatics is executing their own terrorism in France.

Javert Chip

Not to mention a higher percentage of French Jews (29%) were killed in WWII than German Jews (25%).
If I was a “human right”, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want France defending me.

Robert W Turner

Big time incentive and compensation to draw in people that don’t actually create wealth for society. Meanwhile,
Can’t wait to hear how $1.7 million climate science grants are necessary to protect the poor.

Javert Chip

Well, the good news is they’ll only have to work 35 hr/week…plus 6 weeks vacation.

Tom in Florida

There is only one test the French have for you to enter their country.
You must be able to say “Je me rends”

R. Shearer

I give up. What does that mean?

Tom in Florida

” I surrender”

Jim G1

Yep, they even surrender to the politically correct. Only they will need to learn it in German. Ich gebe auf. It’s only a matter of time untill Germany wakes up.

tu oublies les millions de morts français lors de la WW1
l’invasion allemande au cours de la WW2 a fait 300000 morts chez les soldats français qui, eux, ne se sont pas rendus.
quant aux anglais ils se sont sauvés dans leur pays depuis dunkerque, mais comme ceux sont des anglo-saxons, eux, ils ne sont pas lâches, bien sûr…
le blitz allemand c’était un très grand pearl harbour mais le problème était que les allemands étaient déjà aux portes de Paris.
tu es un ignorant doublé toi même d’un lâche, a coward.
car ceux qui parlent le plus des soit-disant lâches ne sont pas, en général, les plus courageux.
[From Google Translate,
You forget the millions of French dead at the WW1
The German invasion during the WW2 caused 300,000 deaths among the French soldiers who did not surrender.
As for the English, they have fled to their country since Dunkirk, but as they are Anglo-Saxons, they are not cowards, of course.
The German blitz was a very large pearl harbor but the problem was that the Germans were already at the gates of Paris.
You are an ignorant doubled yourself of a coward, a coward.
For those who speak the most of the so-called cowards are not, in general, the most courageous.” .mod]

Bruce Cobb

And don’t let the door hit you.

Macron is doubling down — he’s trying to “out 10-year-old” Trump. This is a lesson that Marco Rubio learned during the primaries: You can’t win by trying to be Trump, only moreso. Nobody out 10-year-olds Trump.
I’m tempted to see how much we can add to the kitty. Is there a gofundme page for this? Or, better yet, maybe I can call myself a “climate scientist”.

Roger Knights

Good point. I just posted this upthread:
Macron’s offer was a Trump-worthy stroke of PR. (I wonder if Scott Adams will dig it as such.)


Does that offer include climate psychologists, climate theater majors, and climate political scientists? This could make academic ghost towns in some places.

Eugene WR Gallun

Hey, I’m a climate poet! Pay me!
Eugene WR Gallun


It’s too bad the French income tax rate on this gain will be 90 percent.


I think maybe Penn State grads will match the offer, for exit that is.

Yes, please, piss off to France already

Today, more than ever, we are determined to lead (and win!) this battle on climate change.
France, the country that surrendered in WW2 without firing a single shot in defense of their capital, who scuttled their own navy instead of sending them across the channel to Britain where they could have been a major part of allied forces fighting to free….France! The country who sits in the UN, waits to see how their allies are going to vote, then votes the opposite to demonstrate their “independence” so often that it became a MAD Magazine gag…
THAT France is going to lead a battle?

John Harmsworth

Having the French as opponents makes the fight a whole lot easier!


They can’t win real battles. They’re left fighting imaginary ones.

Question – will the scientists who move thus become the world’s first official climate refugees?


LOL….or the first climate whores


There are already plenty of those everywhere Lat! 😉

Paul Nevins

Wow this would be great. Millions of dollars saved in our budget, instead of going to pc drones. Perhaps making it possible to fund actual, worthwhile, research. I hope they take the computer modelers in particular.

To climate alarmists, it was headline news and proof of corruption when Dr. WIllie Soon got $65,000 in grants to support his research. But they have no problem with $1,680,000 in foreign support for a climate alarmist. Skeptics need not apply, and if an alarmist’s research fails to support the Macron government agenda, well he can buy his own air ticket home.


He can have them all at that price, and France will be the global home of perpetual research of a non-problem.

Simon Ruszczak

He’s nuttier than a fruitcake.