Friday Funny – the first consequence of exiting the #ParisAgreement

Almost immediately after Trump announced he’d exit the Paris Climate Accord, the world went haywire. Dilbert creator, Scot Adams, was the first to notice and promptly tweeted his reaction.

Our resident cartoonist, Josh, noticed and replied:

251 thoughts on “Friday Funny – the first consequence of exiting the #ParisAgreement

  1. Where I live, in RI, The weather had been miserable for over a month. The day Trump made his announcement the sun came out again. It is still out today.

      • summer started
        summer. that is the dangerous global warming that gore, hansen and wirth warned everyone about years ago, when they switched off the air-con for the senate hearings. what we need globally is 1816. the year without summer.
        if we don’t reduce our carbon footprint, global warming will get so bad that summer will start to happen every year.

      • Definate serious, dangerous warming. 60° with rain where I am. Was 85° yesterday. So yesterday was Trump’s fault and today is weather. 🙂

  2. Forget about blaming just bad weather on Trump, now we can credit ALL weather to Trump!

    • I guess that every french activist (or politician, it’s the same) will use such a “concept” “ad nauseam”.
      I read a lot of comments about Trump’s decision in french “” : a woeful bunch of bullshit.
      It seems that almost eveyone here in France is unable to understand that Trump’s décision is quite sensible and is the only one which cab stop useless expenses.
      IMO as a frenchie

      • But have you walked out on the street to ask people? The bat-shit crazies only seem to exist online. Maybe they never go outside? That explains their confusion on weather and climate.

      • Reminds me of a story: In airline indoctrination ground school I was seated next to a Frenchman. One day, the presenter was a very attractive young woman and I asked my seatmate if they were “all like that in France?”
        His response was “Yes they are, but there is one large problem – they’re all French”.

    • Just the weather?? Hey, we should be able to blame all CLIMATE on President Trump.
      (And Obama was satisfied in just controlling the sea level… What a minimalist.)

      • Too many Manns, I suggest.
        Did we ever get to the bottom of his prizes for Dancing, Gymnastics, Road Safety and spelling?
        Possibly amongst others . . . .
        Besides Nobbles, Olympic Golds, and Lobster Leo’s Prize for the Best Chowder . . . .
        Joint Nobelist for whatever the ‘European Union’ got a cup for [I didn’t get my bit of the prize money, so far as I can remember]; whenever it was.
        Might it have been always flushing the toilet after use?
        Something BIG for sure, like that.
        Kindergartens to have a quiet hour??
        I got a Nobel prize, after all.

  3. Trump, he is such an over achiever! There is truly nothing he can not accomplish. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  4. No “Trump effect” here. Great weather for the next 2-3 days. Maybe that IS the “Trump effect” – weather is still weather.

    • Wasn’t Paris dragged by his ankles around the battlefield by Achilles? Looks like that is what Trump is doing.

      • Paris’s brother Hector was the one killed, Paris being unwilling to fight. When Paris did fight, he used bow and arrow, not hand to hand, which was not well regarded by his contemporaries. He did die in the Trojan war, receiving little or no help from those he had betrayed. He appears to have been a self-serving weasel for the most part.

      • No Sir, Hector was dragged by his ankles around the battlefield by Achilles. Paris was who killed Achilles with an arrow to the heel. And all of these terrible things happened because of Helen.

      • It was Hector who was dragged around the walls of Troy by Achilles for several days until tPriam ransomed his sons body

      • That was Hector that Achilles dragged around the gates of Troy after slaying him in single combat, in front of his wife, parents and children. Later Paris (who eloped with Helen, causing the Trojan war) killed Achilles by shooting him in his only supposedly vulnerable spot, his ankle.

      • True, it was his heel. And perhaps it was well deserved, for being such a heel for the way he disrespected the slain Hector’s body in front of his family.

      • The death of Achilles isn’t in the Iliad. In ancient art, both Greek and Roman, he is shown wounded in the ankle, but also in the heel, foot (including sole), lower leg and thigh. His mom would have been more likely to dip him in the River Styx by the ankle than heel.
        Gantz (“Early Greek Myth”, 1993) pointed out that words for “heel” in the Romance languages derive from the Latin word for ankle, “talus”, which may have caused the common (mis)conception that it is Achilles’ heel that is vulnerable.
        If that link doesn’t work, please search for the title key words.

      • PS: The Achilles tendon connects the heel with the back of the calf muscle, so the fateful arrow could have inflicted a fatal injury anywhere in that area.

  5. I was shocked last night that Bret Baier on Fox news last night was bemoaning a 1 degree temperature rise apparently unaware of the medieval warming period or the daily temperature changes.
    There was no Scientific discussion on the impact of the cost or reliability of Solar or Wind even though Trump made much of that clear in his speech. The MSM is unhinged with stupid comments and impacts

    • Yeah, Bret seemed a little underinformed on the subject. Some of the Fox News people have it correct and some of them don’t.
      I think after Trump’s action, CAGW is going to be discussed a lot more publicly, so eveyone can get a little more educated on the subject, even clueless Fox News reporters.
      Tucker Carlson proved last night that he needs to bone up on sea level rise. He let the mayor of Miami push the CAGW narrative that flooding in Miami was the result of Global Warming, and Tucker let the mayor’s statement stand, apparently because Tucker doesn’t know the real reason for the flooding in Miami. Hint: It’s not CAGW/Global Warming.

      • I watched the segment with Levine, the totally clueless mayor of Miami Beach. On the one hand Carlson did let him slide on that one, but he was after the clearer and unequivocal problem with the Paris Agreement and Levine was totally an ass about it and would not answer the question. It is sad to see such a dumb as a rock individual directing waterfront development in and around Miami.
        In the meantime the issue of flooding in Miami Beach is down largely to tidal flooding caused by continued construction on former flood or tidal plains, narrowing of water channels plus subsidence due to groundwater extraction. Sea level rise as measured by tide gauges along the Florida coast is essentially unchanged and remains about 3mm per year or 12 inches every 100 years.

      • TA, please provide a link that shows that the sea level rise in Miami is not substantially caused by AGW.

      • Chris,
        That’s easy. There is no evidence whatsoever that AGW has substantially caused SLR anywhere on the planet.
        Since CO2 took off after WWII, SLR has decelerated from its surge during the second half of the LIA and early post-LIA interval, ie since c. AD 1695 until c. 1945.

      • <blockquote.TA, please provide a link that shows that the sea level rise in Miami is not substantially caused by AGW.
        NOAA state:

        The mean sea level trend is 2.39 millimeters/year with a 95% confidence interval of +/- 0.43 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from 1931 to 1981 which is equivalent to a change of 0.78 feet in 100 years.

        You can find the NOAA data for Miami at:
        What is interesting is that even the mark 1 eyeball can see that the rate of sea level rise for the first data period, ie., about 1930 to about 1952, the sea level is rising at a faster rate than during the second period, ie., about 1955 to about 1982.
        I do not know why there are breaks in the data nor why it runs only through to about 1982, but it is clear that just when CO2 levels started increasing, ie., the period 1955 to 1982, the rate of sea level rise actually fell. As you are no doubt aware, the IPCC only considers CO2 to be a significant driver post 1950. If CO2 was a driver one would have expected to see an increase in the rate of sea level rise, not a reduction in the rate of sea level rise.

    • Don’t forget that rain is heavily contaminated with dihydrogenmonoxide, a commonly used industrial solvent with lots of negative consequences. I didn’t see anything in the Paris Accord addressing this issue…

      • Also, if they want an Accord, they can pay some money and have Honda send them one. [meme stolen, but I can’t remember where from]

      • Absolutely. Solid DHMO is a killer that causes huge amount of brain damage on yearly basis. Gaseous DHMO causes severe burns, which may be lethal in a blink of an eye. Liquid DHMO is the real killer though, having plenty of lethal consequences following inhaling, drinking and safety device corrosion.
        Impure DHMO is an abundant chemical with lots of industrial use, so the danger may lie anywhere!

    • And that’s a good thing. I think people have forgotten that plants require water to grow and that water comes from rain. Or have the left liberals decided that sunny days with low humidity are the only weather they will accept and go on to claim it is a constitutional right that can be sued for.
      Here in Florida we have been in a drought so rain is needed badly. But we are going to have to have a few tropical storms or a hurricane or two to get back to normal levels.

  6. I’m sure that if Donald Trump thought that by exiting the Paris accord, Michael Mann would get struck by lightning, he’d have done it on day one.

    • I dunno–President Trump let Comey dance in the wind for several months before abruptly terminating him–justifiably so, I might add..

      • They had to wait for the right moment to fire Comey. They didn’t tell anyone and fired him away from the office. That allowed the state department to grab all of Comey’s records and documentation without it getting destroyed by Comey or his underlings. Hence the Trump “tapes” comment. He was letting Comey know they had Comey’s documents to counter anything untrue Comey might say after the firing.

      • Comey is the guy who took the decision on whether or not to prosecute Hillary away from the career prosecutors.
        He also declared that even though she broke multiple laws, she didn’t mean to so she couldn’t be prosecuted.

      • “Comey is the guy who took the decision on whether or not to prosecute Hillary away from the career prosecutors.
        He also declared that even though she broke multiple laws, she didn’t mean to so she couldn’t be prosecuted.”
        I’m still not sure how that worked. Comey can’t legally just take over deciding the guilt or innocence in a case, that is for the Justice Department to handle.
        The only way Comey could hijack the process is with the cooperation of the Justice Department. The Attorney General is, after all, the FBI Director’s boss, and can overrule him, but chose not to do so.
        Hillary’s intent had nothing to do with whether she should be prosecuted or not. If she committed the crime, which she did, it doesn’t matter whether she meant to do it purposely or did it accidentally, she is still subject to prosecution. Intent is not applicable. Comey was way off base in his actions regarding Hillary.
        I think the Special Counsel should be investigating all of this. Laws were broken and the guilty have temporarily gone free. The Special Counsel needs to recify this situation and punish the rampant corruption and law breaking that has gone on for at least the last eight years.

      • As they say: “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” But Killary is a member of the self styled “elite” and so above the law, willfully or ignorantly.

      • Laws may have been broken but the guilty have not gone free. Nobody has been found guilty, because you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Your mistake is assuming guilt before trial.

      • Darby,
        Comey logic. When intent is necessary for guilt & you are assumed innocent unless proven guilty, the only people that can be proven guilty are those that admit intent/guilt. Some with means and protection will never admit intent/guilt because they can’t be leveraged into doing so, so prosecution is a waste of time … you are free to go.
        Laws were broken, but there is no guilty party?

      • “As they say: “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” But Killary is a member of the self styled “elite” and so above the law, willfully or ignorantly.”
        And Trump, who was born into a rich family, who had silver spoon education, who had help avoiding the draft – “avoiding STDs was my Vietnam” – is not an elite. Some people are born stupid.

        • Sorry you were born that way. When the subject is “politics”, the elite is in reference to the “ruling class”. i.e. families like the Bush and Clintons. Trump has not been in politics until he ran for president.
          There is a cure for your birth defect. it is called education.

      • Chris, not only are some people born stupid, they prove their stupidity day after day with tweets.

  7. Airline stock prices will tank. The third world bespoke clothing trade will die. Contrail numbers will diminish. Luxury hotels will suffer a sharp decline in business. The ranks of “climate scientists” will thin. American taxpayers are finally gonna get a break; with the exception of those in Pittsburgh, California, New York and other cities and states where mayors and governors have announced that they will remain loyal to the Paris Accord. Hilarious

    • Allegheny County has been actively driving business and industry out for 40 years, and Bill Peduto has put that agenda on steroids in the city of Pittsburgh.

    • Yes, cities following the Paris Accord will spend (waste) additional monies – but that was true whether the Paris Accord was made in the first place, or whether we pulled out. What is true, there will be more federal monies kept at home, and not shipped overseas. Yes, some of the efforts will continue at fed, state and local, but not dictated by Brussels and not make the US subject to the EU fiasco.
      The key is now we can work independently as we see fit, and what we are willing to afford and when. We can work with REAL pollutants, rather than chasing the CO2 boogyman. We can maintain our industries, and our standard of living, yet still be a responsible member of the world.
      America First is neither racist nor xenophobic; it is a term of love for its taxpayers and its citizens.

    • They they’ll say there’s a statistical method that they’ve tested thoroughly that indicates it’s Trump’s fault.
      Then they’ll say there are several other methods that agree.
      They said so.

    • That would be stupid. Obama was stupid not to treat it like a real treaty and submit it to congress. The treaty itself is stupid symbolic bullshit. I think global treaties are wrong headed and useless.
      U dunce.

      • Actually Obama set s trap by signing the Paris Accord. A judge could have made a ruling in a suit brought by some big green NGO that since it’s signed document and not rejected it can be used as the standard to measure EPA regs by. Paris is incredibly dangerous. Obama knew he could just wait on one of his corrupt judges to make it law. Heck it still may. Some corrupt judge may decide that if Trump goes against the consensus he can be stopped by a judicial ruling. They are doing exactly that on immigration.

      • Obama was/is stupid.
        The “agreement” was designed to push UN global dominance.
        Use of “climate” was like the cover of a book that reveals nothing about what is inside.

      • Not stupid if your in line for a cash payment every year. Wondering who actually thought that money would be spent on green energy?

      • LOL! The first part of your comment is the old Mosher and finally sanity prevails. only to be broken by your second part.
        Baby steps Mosh. baby steps.

      • SM,
        Obama didn’t submit as a treaty because he knew the Senate would reject it, to include some old-fashioned private labor union-backed Democrats voting against it.

      • If there’s something progressives really like it’s symbolic acts, because that way they don’t have to actually do anything of substance (they usually suck at anything that requires competence anyway). Oh, wait! They also like telling other people what to do. If they can get government to *compel* others to do things… even better!
        “I’m doing my part by lecturing others and raising awareness!”

      • So then was Bill Clinton for failing to submit the Kyoto Treaty when he was president — and Al Gore the presiding officer of the Senate.
        Stupid isn’t why that didn’t happen. Actually, the opposite. The clever politicians discerned that the representatives of the rural states would outvote the representatives of the urban/coastal states, and the treaty would be rejected.
        Obama might have rammed it thru anyhow. He could have promised — “If you like your current climate, this plan will let you KEEP your current climate.” But that would have been a big lie.

      • “LOL! The first part of your comment is the old Mosher and finally sanity prevails. ”
        I’ve been absolutely consistent since 2007 on the issue of global treaties and Mitigation.
        The science is the science. GHGs warm the planet. We add GHGs. Doubling c02 will raise temps 1.5C to 4.5C
        HOW we MANAGE that RISK ( 1.5 to 4.5C) is not a science question. We can do “what if’ scenarios. we can apply pre cautionary principles, we can apply worst case reasoning, we can Seize the day and screw the future.. We can try to “engineer” the future ( fat chance there )
        It seems really stupid for people to waste time fighting the science when the BETTER arguments all center around policy and risk abatement.
        I mean seriously, 20 years from now when it is still getting warmer, you’ll look pretty dumb arguing that C02 is not a GHG, that the records are all faked, that the Arctic ice is increasing.
        You have INSIDE OF THE CONSENSUS two big uncertainties
        A) how much warming (1.5-4.5C)
        B) What can and should we do.
        And instead on hammering in those admitted weaknesses, you clowns promote skydragon nonsense,
        goddard nonsense, and Salby nonsense.
        what a waste of talent. seriously.
        And then when it does come to the actual debate ( on policy ) you have this baggage.. The baggage of years of claiming the science was a hoax.
        Watch Pruitt. he wont answer the hoax question. WHY? because he knows that it is a LAME argument.
        an argument that loses as time goes by.. So he shifts to the uncertainty argument and the policy argument.
        here is a hint.. the uncertainty argument never loses.. uncertainty either narrows and you change your position or it doesnt narrow and you hold fast.
        What is his policy argument? we cut c02 without treaties by shifting to NG ( Guess who made that argument before him? ) and he argues for exporting that technology ( Guess who ALSO made that argument before him )
        Bottom line. you guys need to catch up, Pruitt is learning

      • Steven,
        There is no actual evidence that doubling CO2 raises global temperatures by 1.5 to 4.5 degrees C. That “estimated” range is based upon nothing more than two guesses from the 1970s, with an arbitrary margin of error attached.
        What evidence has been gathered since then suggests that instead the range is more likely 0,0 to 2.0 degrees C, if not in fact actual cooling in some environments.
        IOW, absolutely nothing to worry about. More CO2 is better, in fact.

      • And you can toss out the higher of the two guesses, ie 4.0 degrees C, since it was by Jim “Venus Express” Hansen. That leaves the less outrageous guess, ie 2.0 C. Applying the margin of error factor, yields a still high but defensible range estimate of 1.5 to 2.5 degrees C per doubling.
        IOW, absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, a good thing.
        So the world could have saved trillions in treasure and millions of lives, sacrificed on the altar of the false Watermelon God.

      • It’s an amazing accord. It was signed with a complete bypass of the American people. It does not require any country to actually fulfill any promise, and yet Juncker says it binds the US for a minimum four years.
        They really really really REALLY want a shot at that cash.
        To the mayors and governors declaring their jurisdiction will honor the accord, by all means cough it up and be ready to explain it when you’re up for re-election.

      • Steven Mosher June 2, 2017 at 7:11 am
        “I think global treaties are wrong headed and useless.”
        Salt 1 & 2?
        Above ground testing treaty?
        Washington and London Naval Treaties (1922, 1930)?
        Treaties fail when it becomes obvious detrimental to one side and is BAD PUBLIC POLICY.
        You don’t make public policy as you advocate on someone’s sandwich board prophecy.
        BTY it snowed in Moscow today. Kind of hard to con people with the it’ll get hot spiel, when it is snowing in both hemispheres.
        “U dunce.”

    • They’ll have to first stop sucking their thumbs and get out of the fetal position…

    • 4.5C
      Somebody buy the English major a cheap calculator and show him how to divide by 2. What a moron.

  8. Democrats are unhinged about this. Trump might as well be Satan himself as far as they are concerned. It is hilarious, watching the foam and spittle come from their mouths. Note to self: buy more popcorn.

    • Democrats are unhinged on principle. It’s just that they’ve stopped trying to hide it since November.

      • “just trying to hide it since November” I don’t think so Mark…Cummings boycotted the inauguration claiming that Trump “is not our legitimate President” and now is is on the Congressional committee “investigating Russian collusion” intending to find Maxine Waters “evidence” for her call to impeach. The only Dem that treated Trump with some respect was Obama and he was busy making sure that the spy apparatus would leak like a garden hose information that they were illegally gathering on Trump!

      • “Not that different from the way the way Repubs view Obama or Clinton.”
        A perfect SJW style dodge, it seems to me . . It’s sort of the way many view Hitler or Stalin or Mao too, but that don’t make them equally malevolent or destructive as everyone else by default. It’s possible that Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton really are corrupt A-holes, and rightly seen as such, regardless of what Mr. Trump is portrayed as by anyone.
        Make your case against Mr. Trump, or for Mr. Obama/Ms. Clinton, I say, but playing a ditsy game of *All blamed are equally guilty* is psychopathic, to me.

    • Bruce Cobb June 2, 2017 at 5:01 am
      We use one of old fashion types with the oil in the steel poping pot .
      It was a worthy investment. Also order high grade poping corn. We just got a gal. of the Amish popcorn. Perfect for occasions like this.
      Also flavored salts to pour on it, and cheddar topping, one must do things properly of course
      michael 🙂

  9. Good on ya – Trump – at last an HONEST politician..!
    For the avoidance of doubt – here’s how the Paris Accord works.
    You are a country – let’s call you Enviroland. Before you send your 100-strong delegation by private jet to Paris, you are asked by the organizers what you intend to do to reduce ’emissions’.
    You say you will ‘aim’ to reduce emissions by 20% by 2030.
    Your delegates attend the Paris Climate Summit.
    At the end, the leader of your delegation signs a declaration that you, Enviroland, will do your best to keep global temperature increases below 2C.
    Loads of whooping, applause and backslapping.
    Delegation returns to Enviroland on your private jet.
    You report smugly to your population that Enviroland has signed up to the Paris Accord.
    Carry on as normal.

    • President Trump’s honesty (and ready willingness to call a spade a spade) is what crooked politicians hate about him. Remember how Hillary had nothing good to say about Trump (and talked about little else)?

    • More sinister, European companies want to move factories to China to cut costs. They support Paris, because it gives them an excuse to shutdown factories in Europe – and get paid by the European governments for doing so. Then when they just rebuild, or partner with China, which has no limits, they don’t have to feel guilty, plus they get around firing laws, etc. And you wonder why business in Europe has been so supportive. And this is even if you don’t create eco power. In the US it is the biggest government parasites that have screened the loudest. Musk, completely depends on that 30% Solar tax break to make money. And Tesla, even with at least a billion in government grants still loses money.

      • Good points about European industry, or deindustrialization.
        Governments like it when more people depend upon them for survival.

  10. First step delivered. Now go after the data manipulators. THAT really will be fun.

  11. The northern part of Norway may get 40 cm of snow this weekend (in JUNE!). I Guess they’re not too convinced by the alarmists up there……

    • No the Norwegians are the worst of the worst alarmists. They have drunk the Kool Aid. (Having waited 6 months for it to thaw out of course.)

      • Not all of us, I assure you! My colleagues and I have stocked up on popcorn and beer (and Aquavit….) 🙂

    • There has been a persistent upper-level low between there and Greenland for 10 days. Its about to divert, and shovel cold air down that,way. Gasp! Weather!

  12. The responses by the extreme global warmists have provided a portraiture of how ignorant they are , about most everything. What’s astounding is that a supposedly competent scientist like De Grasse is making dopey statements. But, then, De Grasse is a media scientist, apparently, and a token Black one at that.

  13. What is funny is truth has triumphed due to Trump and his base over the powers of untruthfulness and darkness, despite the overwhelming msm fake reporting on the subject of climate change over the last couple of decades. MAGA

  14. The BBC are fond of rolling out their (English Lit major) Environment Correspondent to claim that Trump is just so wrong about CC. Harabin likes to claim that renewables – solar and wind – are now cheaper in some places than coal power. He also likes to claim that renewables are a great source of employment because there are more ‘green’ jobs in it than fossil-fuel power. But he ignores two glaring dichotomies: 1) Fossil-fuel power is more reliable, has a greater availability and better power factor; 2) ‘Creating’ Green jobs is the broken window scenario of full employment for glaziers.

    • Where are renewable cheaper than coal. certainly not in any civilized world, maybe on the space station. Certainly solar panels in Alaska that Obama funded don’t work well in the winter, but the Eskimo’s don’t need electricity in the winter to keep warm.

      • India
        “India’s coal-power plant developers are growing more pessimistic about their projects after a plunge in the cost of electricity from solar panels improved the economics of renewable energy.
        After a string of federal auctions, solar is suddenly the cheapest source of electricity in India. That’s darkening the outlook for the coal-fired power industry as projects struggle to find customers or face cancellation amid a glut of capacity.”

        • If you are wondering why Griffie did not provide a link, perhaps this sentence will help:

          The cost of new emissions rules increases the cost of new coal plants further to 3,890 rupees a megawatt-hour, or 3.9 rupees a kilowatt-hour, BNEF said.

          Solar is not cheaper, they are just subsidizing it with the taxes on the coal. It only works as long as you can get taxes from coal.
          Still not thinking before you post Griffie?

      • Just so you know Griff,
        I am for any source of energy that
        A) Is reliable
        B) Is Grid supportalbe
        C) Is uninterrupted without the need for fosil back-ups (Occasional outages during storms accepted)
        D) Is the least expensive option available
        E) Doesn’t rely on heavy any government subsidies to be affordable
        F) Doesn’t require Government buy in to afford construction.
        G) Isn’t forced on me by anyone elses beliefs.
        H) Isn’t inexpensive due to Cheap manufacturing of components.
        If the Solar in India you speak of meets all 9 criteria above then I applaud them, but is even 1 isn’t met then their country has my condolences

      • Solar can win contracts if its “nameplate” capacity is mistaken for its realistic capacity and if its promised lifetime is too optimistic (and if its rate of degradation isn’t taken into account).

      • I say it meets all of your points Bryan.
        I don’t know if you can say it doesn’t need ‘fossil fuel back up’, because for now there will be areas where both fossil fuel and solar are in the mix… but solar doesn’t need back up as such…
        roger, you should check the degradation rate on the latest solar… not an issue.

      • Griff,
        renewables can’t possibly provide reliable 24/7/365 energy and you know it.
        Whilst the NH may have a fair amount of wind, it is unreliable and uncontrollable. Humanity abandoned wind power over 100 years ago when it discovered fossil fuels because we could control fossil fuel energy delivery, we have no control over wind.
        Similarly, solar is another element humanity has no control over other than we know that at certain times of the day, the lights go out. At the equator, that’s around 12 hours of sunlight a day, and 12 hours of darkness. Moving north or south into the upper and lower hemispheres, that becomes a problem because in winter, when most heating energy is needed, the sun shines for around 8 hours a day. In summer, when less energy is required, it shines for perhaps 16 hours a day, depending on location.
        So the problem remains, bridging the average 12 hour gap of no sunlight, across the planet. How do we do that when battery storage simply can’t meet our needs right now?
        Humanity has flourished by taking control of it’s destiny. But are we the first to do so, and not be extinct? Many living organisms have taken advantage of the planet, and still died off.
        Whatever we do, we are going to be extinct eventually. If not by the sun exploding then by a spinning rock from space hitting us, which will happen at some point.
        The objective, I guess, is to leave our planet at some point, heading for an equally habitable planet where we can all live, until the process is repeated.
        To do that we need technology, and lots of it. I don’t want my descendants stuck on a planet of sandal wearing, green luddites, waiting for the sun to explode. I would far rather we all sucked the planet dry before blasting off to new worlds.
        And if the planet is consumed by the sun, whilst still full of coal, oil, gas, uranium etc. and our descendants all die in the fireball, isn’t that simply irresponsible of us to allow that to happen? They will be saying “we were betrayed by our predecessors because they valued sandals over our existence”.
        So when Trump announces NASA will be focussed on space exploration rather than monitoring a planet that’s going to die anyway, isn’t that actually quite insightful of the man? He might just light the fuse that allows our descendants to get off this rock someday.
        And even religion must acknowledge this. If God created a planet, and it’s inhabitants, and the universe, and man evolved from nomad, to settler in his own domain, doesn’t that suggest that’s what man was designed to do? By God!
        And there are millions of milky ways, billions of stars and trillions of planets out there we can potentially occupy.
        What’s so special about this one?

      • Griff
        You may be incorrect on the fossil back-up point. Grid scale storage batteries are still in their infancy and quite unproven. Grid scale Pumped Storage batteries (hydro) require immense water storage pools (lakes) which is part of why Hydro isn’t considered acceptable green as it replaces land habitat with water and drives animals and birds away from their normal nesting grounds.
        For grid electricity to function properly, the power sources must remain fairly constant and uninterrupted. The inherent fluctuations in Solar energy as clouds often pass by blocking the collectors light (about 22% of the year) and at night (about 50% of the year) means that about 72% of the time, solar needs a reliable constant back-up ready to maintain the electric balance of the grid. Fossil is the only energy source capable of reliably fulfilling this function to date. Pumped Storage could and Nuclear could IF the envirofaschists would allow it. Some form of back-up is needed to ensure grid stability when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind isn’t blowing within narrow tolerances. 100% back-up!

    • Harry
      renewables employ so many people because, as I read somewhere (sorry, I didn’t take the link) it takes 70 workers to produce the same energy as a single coal worker.

      • 70 workers
        the media doesn’t understand this. they are barking because Peabody is opening a new coal mine that employs only 70 workers. but think of this. the coal itself is free, all you have to do is dig it up. So, if it only takes 70 workers, the coal is going to be very cheap. If it take 7 million workers, the coal is going to be very expensive.
        otherwise, why do we use tractors and machines on farms? why not follow the example of Pol Pot and send everyone out to the farms at harvest time? Pol Pot created millions of farming jobs as a result. If the media is right, then we should follow Pol Pots example and hire millions of people to do the job that one person and a machine could otherwise do.

      • Gabro,
        sorry, but I hate using that argument. It makes me feel like a sandle wearing (complete with socks) rabid green of old, stopping development of everything for the sake of a tiny newt colony.

  15. Guys. This is really, really big. A baby step into the uncertain world of reality. I am cautiously optimistic now.
    There is still a very long way to go.
    Notice that James Hansen is quiet and not the go to person for the NY Times on climate issues these days. Could it be calling the Paris pact a fraud have anything to do with it?
    I hope that climate realists will not feel the need to stomp in the faces of the alarmists, but will just move forward in a very business like manner to develop efficient energy sources for the rest of the 21th century.
    Just make the alarmists irrelevant. Allow them to recede into the background in a semi-dignified fashion. Mild mockery would be appropriate.
    I look forward to the re-tooling of the climate science industry to the new reality in D.C. Downsizing would be an appropriate first move.

    • The world’s companies say this is a massive mistake. How are you going to convince them? I love the fact that skeptics keep on harping that this is just a bunch of scientists on the dole. The largest companies in all industries except coal say you are wrong.

      • Chris,
        You could not be more wrong.
        Look at the reaction of markets yesterday and today. Crude oil down but the three major indeces all set new record highs. Businesses large and small love this sensible, pro-economy action.
        TSLA, not so much.
        Of course companies were glad to take free money in the form of taxpayer-funded subsidies, but they would prefer to make money the old, hard way, once freed from onerous regulations.

  16. Here in south Florida, the drought has ended. We’ve had an unusually dry May, but this morning the Heavens opened up and it’s pouring rain in Miami. Thanks, Donald Trump. No, really, sincere thanks.

      • Yes it’s easy to conflate the city of Miami Beach with the rest of South Florida but they are different. I wish next time the M.B. mayor mouths off someone would ask him; If CO2 suddenly stopped tomorrow, do you think the sea level is going to instantly recede? Your city is flooding right now. Why aren’t you fixing the NOW? Later is going to take care of itself.

    • Sea levels are still rising. In the long run, your house values in coastal locations will decline. Sad.

  17. Provosts and University presidents everywhere are penning directives to climate alarmist elite researchers to…um…er…come up with something else to garner grants. Cause this dog won’t bark no more.

    • Just wait until the IPCC is forced to reduce their warming predictions, once again, in the face of observed temperatures droping below even their lowest predictions.
      I reckon well within the next 5 years, and with CO2 still rising, they will lose all credibility and politicians keen to make a name for themselves will be crawling all over them.
      Then the whole scam will fall apart.
      Trump has just got a big head start on the rest of the world in terms of productivity and financial recovery.

    • something else to garner grants
      there will be a raft of proposals to undertake a brand new field of climate science. to study how much the climate varies naturally.

  18. The reaction of the ctrl-left is so extreme you’d think this was a step backward on the road to their goal of global government and control of all people.
    Wait . . . what? Oh, it is!
    Their reaction tells you all you need to know, and that it is good that Trump took us out!
    Earlier this week, the pundits were saying that Trump was going to pick and choose parts to get out of. When he said in his speech that we were getting out – period – I shouted! Yes. Out. No equivocation nor compromise! THAT’S THE TRUMP I VOTED FOR!

    • The end is Nye
      Bill did a great service. He showed Climate Science wasn’t Science, that it was Entertainment. That it was the TV commercial with an actor in a white lab coat, telling you how white your teeth will be.

  19. Ahhh…Now I get it…I’m a little slow on the uptake
    Covfefe …it means “see you later, screw your own economy, not mine”

  20. Sometimes I long for the good old days, when I believed in truth, justice and the nobility of science. That was almost 30 years ago, when I first heard about the threat of a climate crisis and began reading the research. It didn’t take long to recognize the discrepancies between the actual science and what I was hearing in the news and from certain scientists. The actual science did not support the alarming statements!
    At first, I thought I was practically alone in this recognition; the message was so uniform, urgent and persuasive. It seemed like there was a ‘consensus’ the moment the crisis was widely announced. It made my head spin. With the advent of the internet, I discovered that I was far from alone. Thousands of others, most more knowledgable than me, had come to a similar conclusion: there was no crisis! But that didn’t explain what was going on in the world of atmospheric science, academia and politics.
    Oh, my naivete ran deep. I thought to myself, “Certainly science and those noble professors are above corruption!” It took me ten years of research into such things as human and group psychology, the history of science and human nature in general to finally realize that my beloved ‘science’ was no more noble than Monsanto on a bad day, maybe even less so. It was very disheartening.
    Yet, I remain optimistic, because deceptions are extremely difficult things to maintain over a long period of time, especially when each day presents evidence that there is a deception going on . It becomes exhausting, and those weaving that tangled web start to look crazy as they attempt to pull their strings.
    Most people on the planet are familiar with the desperation of liars on the verge of being discovered, even if it is only at the subconscious level. We have all had someone in our lives get a little crazy as their deception collapses. Perhaps we have gone a little crazy ourselves as we try to dodge the consequences of our own falsehoods. The point is…we know this dance! We recognize these behaviors at some level. Even if we don’t consciously acknowledge that we are being lied to, our spider sense is tingling and we become more cautious and alert.
    Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Agreement is by most measures an insignificant event, as the agreement itself was no more than a symbol, with no real ability to affect climate change. The reactions from the warmests, however, are having a subtle, yet for more important impact. They are doing the crazy-liar dance! They look like children claiming that the dog ate their homework. They are throwing out the race card, the women card, the poor card, the victim card, the economic card, the hunger card, the polar bear card, the whole deck of cards, and none of them make any sense. This type of behavior resonates at some level with nearly everyone. We have seen the liar dance before, and even if we cannot name it, we lose trust in those displaying such behavior.
    The warmests did far more damage to their ’cause’ yesterday than Trump ever could. Many in the world are as blissfully naive about ‘science’ as I was 30 years ago, but they know the liar dance. Now, the world is seeing the warmests as they really are; children caught with the hands in the cookie jar, sounding crazy as they try to talk their way out of it.

    • I was very pleasantly surprised that DJT’s speech was thorough and data filled, making a solid case that the “agreement” was political and economic, and would have no measurable impact on temperatures (using Lomborg’s calculations from IPCC data). He clearly highlighted the absurd imbalance of the “treaty” with respect to India and China. He also pointed out that of all the signatories, the US was currently far ahead in CO2 reductions. It was almost as if he were reading from Marlo Lewis’s WUWT article earlier this week. 🙂
      We all expected the response from the Consensus Scientists and the “useful idiots”.
      But as mentioned below, the disappointment was the lack of understanding of what was said by even “responsible” journalists. On Fox, both Chris Wallace and Bret Baier made fools of themselves. (Charles Krauthammer was the sole voice of reason.)
      As for the general public, they never internalized what “skyrocketing” energy prices would mean for them (e.g. Germany’s experience) so when their electricity and gasoline costs DON’T go up they won’t realize the difference.
      As the cartoons point out, the Alarmists will now have someone they can blame for every tornado, drought or flood that occurs.
      I have yet to see a rebuttal that addresses any of the facts or data in the speech.

      • what “skyrocketing” energy prices would mean
        it means your employer will move somewhere that energy prices are lower, because free trade laws allow companies to move freely. people however are not allowed to move, so you can kiss your job goodbye.
        on the bright side, since you no longer have a job, you won’t have any money to but the high priced energy, so it won’t matter how high the price. it will be like worrying about the price of platinum. sure its expensive, but since you can’t afford it anyways, what does it matter?

      • George,
        In my opinion, what Trump did yesterday was to take a massive roundhouse swipe at an assembled world green policy making consortium, saying, climate change is a green money making scam.
        His voice of reason said, show me the evidence that CO2 is harmful to humankind and I’ll consider another Paris treaty.
        The world has been screaming for political change. It comes along, and what happens, they rail against it.
        This is political change. This is what the world has been wanting, an end to stagnating politics. Rightly or wrongly, Trump is making the worlds politicians think for a change.

  21. I’m just wondering how this will play out in the long run. Probably more like the “Obummercare” thing… the replacement, whatever parts wind up actually replaced, being worse than the original. Don’t think that Trump is any friend to individual liberty, much less loss of power/control over everything possible. I’ll wait until the other shoe drops before I celebrate anything. No politician can be trusted with anything at all.

      • Not a politician? That’s hysterical. 🙂 I can’t think of the word that describes the situation where the answer is as false/ridiculous as the question. Anyone who wants to control the lives and property of others is a politician by definition, if not by name.

  22. covfefe was the master stroke. Utter genius and straight out of Monty Python.
    Coz they just *had* to go off and make themselves out to be *so* clever trying to decode it.
    And the timing of the actual killer blow after that – it enabled them to double down on being self important, ignorant & chattering gossips. and they did.
    covfefe set the trap and they stormed right into it.
    There’s an expert at work, one with that GSOH that our pin-up (climate marching girl) is after.
    I got wimps wrong B4 sigh
    WIMP = Weakly *Intelligent* Massive Person

  23. @philjourdan 4:57 June 2nd
    Yeah, re Nick & Moshpit: It is not raining money anymore. Get a life, me hearties!
    And Griffie, we hardly knew ye!!! Does a Bear sh*t on the ice? Yowza!
    Warming regards,

  24. Just how can he do what he told the electorate he would do just what sort of politician is he keeping his promises that’s totally totally outrageous, he’s single handedly brought the whole of politics into disrepute!!!!
    James Bull

    • Don’t get too giddy about this yet. The Paris deal never did have any teeth… but he also promised to end Obummercare, and so far is not even close. The “new and improved” version looks to be even worst than the original. I’ll hold off on the celebration myself.

      • While I do not agree about replacing Obama care but would rather see it gone all together, how is getting rid of the mandates and letting States opt out worse than the original?

        • Lots of things, Tom. First, it pretty much casts in cement the idea that there can be “insurance” for per-existing conditions. Can you get any insurance company to write a homeowners police AFTER the house burns down? After the hurricane has destroyed it? No… that is not possible. Anything that promises this is fraud. It can only be paid for by further and increasing theft from productive people.
          Read about how this is developing in California. The cost projections ALREADY exceed the state revenue expectations… And the “single payer” was the actual goal all along with Obummercare. That’s actually why any involvement of government in medicine is only going to get worse – at least for a while.
          But it doesn’t really matter who has the reins in the district of criminals… The “people” voted for Trump as much for more free shit as anything else. Wishing for unicorns and rainbows… The “people” really have to figure out soon that there is “NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.”

      • Sorry Mama, but with the thousands of lawyers appointed by Pres. Obama I’m quite sure the eviro-nuts can find more then one that would agree to require the government to enforce anything the Pres. agreed to or even said he agreed to when he signed us up for the Paris accord, which by the way is now being referred to as the Paris Treaty. That slight misnomer being a Ben Rhodes, or Ben Rhodes type ‘slip’ designed to prepare the ‘useful idiots’ for the next step in indoctrination, i.e., “Trump is arbitrarily removing the U.S. from a valid treaty signed by President Obama. He should be impeached!”

      • re: MamaLiberty June 2, 2017 at 11:33 am
        All valid points with which I agree but that doesn’t answer why you think the new ACA is worse than the original. Only total repeal and no more government interference would suffice but that is not going to happen. Career politicians will never give up their control over this. At least the new version doesn’t require anyone to buy it.
        Glad you brought up “pre-existing” conditions insurance. The very definition of insurance prohibits such a thing. The now so called pre-existing conditions must be recast as “continuing care conditions” and removed from any discussion of insurance. It is that simple. Now how do people with continuing care conditions pay for them? This is where the government can step up and lend a hand. There is no easy solution and open to discussion but it at least it would take it out of insurance and so we all can buy real insurance at a reasonable cost.

  25. Trump has correctly called it. The Climate Alarmist Emperor (Paris Agreement) has no clothes. Now if only the other 195 or so countries that complimented the Emperor on his clothes would also follow suit. Unfortunately, here in Canada, fashion star Trudeau likes taking selfies with the Emperor.

    • Most of those 195 countries are in the Agreement because they think they’re going to get free money from the west, ie. the US.

  26. It is important to see that Trump not only did the right thing, but also in the right way.
    His speech did not take issue with the scientific claims of global warming. Rather Trump’s position is based on the small projected benefits from the hugely expensive program, and the unfair burden placed on the US compared with other nations. As noted here before, the climatist case is a three-legged stool:
    -Humans are warming the climate.
    -The warming is dangerous.
    -Government can stop it.
    The third point is about climate policy and is even weaker than the science beneath the first two. The programs currently advocated are woefully inadequate even if you believe the scientific house of cards.

      • There’s more. Remember RICO and the definition of racketeering? “A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist.” I always thought IPCC fit that category.

  27. Publicly shame Pittsburgh, California, et al, weekly with graphs showing their energy consumption and the miniscule portion contributed by intermittents. When summer comes,show them just what the energy requirements are just for air conditioning. Laugh at them, and Brussels.

    • Well I think you’d find California getting much more than a miniscule amount from solar and wind. With the new grid battery storage and the solarr CSP it can extend renewable power throughout the day…
      “The Golden State has soaked up enough rays to generate 67.2 per cent of its energy from renewable sources last month, smashing previous records.”

      • I looked at California ISO and it showed on 6/1 at 1 pm when renewables reached their peak output they were generating 48% of demand. On 6/1 at 9 pm when demand peaked the renewables were generating 20% of demand. On 6/2 at 6 am the renewables were generating 10% of demand.
        The EIA for the 1st quarter of 2017 shows California renewables generated 26.4%.

    • Be interesting to see a daily, weekly, or monthly update showing something like this:
      Pittsburg’s expenditure to fight climate change to date: $xxxx
      Predicted impact on global temperatures by 2100: 0.xxxxx degrees
      World expenditure if every city followed Pittsburg’s example to date: $xxxxxxxxxxxx
      Predicted impact on global temperatues by 2100 if every city followed Pittsburg’s example: 0.xxxx degrees

  28. Withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement is a start and obviates a horrendous American liability. Next step is recognizing that CO2 has no significant effect on climate. The final step is realizing what actually does affect climate. The still-rising water vapor trend is rising at about 1.5% per decade which is about three times faster than expected from water temperature increase alone. WV has increased about 8% since 1960.
    The added warmth from increasing the ghg water vapor is welcome and is countering the temperature decline which would otherwise be occurring. But more WV increases the risk of catastrophe from precipitation related flooding.

  29. Thorough address.
    It is only a certain part of society that is freaking out. The governing classes and their media. Widespread polling on about 20 issues places concerns about climate virtually at the bottom of the list.
    The popular uprising has a determined executive.
    The “American Spring” is moving along.

  30. Actually the goal seems to be to make Trump satanic, and his policies the embodiment of evil. I sincerely hope his security is very thorough and extremely well vetted. Look what happened to the Roman Emperor who tried to prevent the ascension of the Catholic Church as the official state religion that was started by Constantine.

    • “Actually the goal seems to be to make Trump satanic, and his policies the embodiment of evil.”
      That’s the goal of the Left and the MSM, and it doesn’t just apply to Trump but to any Republican/Conservative.
      Character assassinaton is the Left’s stock in trade. They have to do it that way because they don’t really have any ideas the people want to buy, so instead they try to make themselves out to be the lesser of two evils.

  31. The Paris Treaty, Accord, Consortium, Gang, Collection, Cabal or whatever is a tremendous success – hey 194 of 195 countries signed on. Now get out there and start cooling the planet by about half a degree and all will be good again…

  32. HA! Excellent Josh!!!
    I love the juxtaposition of the schizophrenic bearded ‘butter ball turkey’ reactions to changes in the weather! This is the satire side of Mikey’s Nature Trick….. Beautiful!!!
    Economic Reason Trumps Socialist Politics!

  33. I still can’t get over how the Green Climate Fund could just suck million$ out of the US government without some sort of legislative process. … how an international governing body could be allowed to determine how the US spends million$ of its dollars without some sort of legislative process WITHIN the country, … how a president one president could just sign us up for a four-year commitment that exceeds HIS term by FOUR YEARS without some sort of legislative process that extends such a decree beyond his term.
    All this is funny, … in a troubling way, but I’m still laughing, in the spirit of “Friday Funny”. I don’t drink champagne anymore. The one time I drank a lot of it years ago, I got wasted — non-drinker sweats bullets, gets dehydrated, REALLY thirsty, and gulps the ice cold bubbly. Stupid ! I still eat popcorn on occasion, though.

  34. President Trump refused to sign the Paris Accord and by doing so he made my day.
    Paris Accord was composed by shortsighted people, not considering what will or might happen in the future. It is nonsense accusing CO2 to cause climate change, or at least I was unable to find any evidence for that claim.
    I hope, everybody is as happy as I am. But one thing has to be clear to everybody:
    Our energy future is solar. Not coal, natural gas, oil, atomic of any kind, not wind, not tide noting else but solar. Please, understand this. Sun is ubiquitous, its energy is dense, clean, reliable, free, undepletable, electricity produced by solar soon will be too cheap to measure.
    So, don’t fool yourself, prepare to our solar future. It will come inevitable and this is because Paris Accord is unnecessary.
    Yours sincerely
    Pizza Boy

    • Actually solar energy is the opposite of dense. Mankind has been trying for 10,000 years to harnass it for work, to do more than just dry laundry and make adobe bricks, but it doesn’t have the oomph to do much more than that.

  35. Was listening to an old favorite last night and a line from that song surely describes the reaction of so many warmers. It’s as if they just realized “there ain’t no Coupe de Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box”.

  36. Cracker Jacks have a greater carbon footprint than plain popcorn, I imagine, and so a proper gloating celebration should involve the lesser carbon footprint food item, out of respect for those whose setback we are gloating over.

  37. Glory Glory Hallelujah !
    Glory Glory Hallelujah !
    Glory Glory Hallelujah !
    The Truth Keeps Marching On !

  38. We all got to see coordinated, global, mass activist hysteria and political catering for the same nonsense. Where else do you get to see it all on embarrassing display all at once? Now back to the rational world and work. But stay on guard for the next run at global pick pocketing.

  39. You do realize the overhang of California climate regulatory costs is going to keep building up so when the next run at forcing this on the nation is made in DC it will be a tidal wave of costs for the sane places to absorb. The pressure on the political fault zone is still there and building up for the next Obama-style over reach to trigger it.

  40. I listened to EPA Director Pruitt today at the news conference. His remarks were unsettling to say the least and the administration has set itself up for challenge.
    Why? No one has debunked or at least challenged the “settled science” of CO2 contributing to temperature increases.
    No one has countered the fact that AGW does not exist to the extent portrayed by the media and the Mann, et al, camp. No mention of climate change natural variability was or has been made.
    The administration has simply said the Paris Agreement deal was/is a “bad deal” for America based on economics and jobs.
    There is a missed opportunity here to challenge the green left to produce verifiable and observable facts; i.e. empirical evidence and for the administration to present a side of the science no one hears except people like WUWT readers, and those who have a strong interest in the subject matter based on their understanding of the science.
    Why was that done and what can we do to help teach the public?
    Now the media and the greenies will double done on Trump as being deaf to science and reckless with the future.
    The same holds true of green energy and the fact that the only material green energy outside of hydro is nuclear. Solar, wind, tidal and the like is underwater when you take away the subsidies and is not sustainable because it takes more power (energy per period time) than can be created by each of those respective sources.
    The action regarding Paris is 100% correct but the way it was presented after the fact was dead wrong.
    Tom Tamarkin

    • I agree 100%. The problem is Trump and Pruitt themselves aren’t capable of understanding the intricacies of the flawed science, so they are unable to explain that. When you really think about it, it’s a daunting task for POTUS (even if he had a science background) because most voters’ eyes glaze over after ten seconds of technical talk. I’m going to keep giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, he seems to know what counts with voters. He’ll never win over anyone who voted for Hillary no matter what he says. He needs to keep his voter base intact, and framing this in terms of jobs and not sending $trillions to “climate victim” nations is probably the right message for now.

      • I agree and said pretty much the same thing yesterday.
        However, I really don’t think it’s that hard to explain to the public at least one of the many ways in which CACCAlarmists have the science all wrong.
        ECS is easy to understand. If possible warming really lies between 0,0 and 2.0 degrees C (or less, ie cooling) per doubling of CO2, then, no worries, mate. In a single sentence you can state that IPCC has clearly way overestimated the positive feedbacks to arrive at 2.0 to 4.5 degrees C per doubling. The “canonical” 3.0 degrees is unsupportable by actual evidence. So no wonder the GIGO models have it so wrong.
        Natural variability is also readily grasped. It was warmer in the last interglacial. It was warmer during the HCO, the Minoan, Roman and Medieval Warm Periods. We’re recovering from the frigid Little Ice Age. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening, hence, now human fingerprint.
        CO2 is plant food. More of it is better. Earth is greening.
        And so on. You can keep it simple but still make your scientific point.

  41. The alarmist media are trebling down on CAGW. CNN last night trotted out alleged “experts” like Fareed Zakaria and some lefty retired rear-admiral etc, who all breathlessly declared this move puts humanity on the brink of extinction. We may be winning the battle with the man in the street, but the MSM will now drop any pretext that there is any legitimate debate on the science, they’re digging in their heels on “settled science”.
    It’s now an all-out attack on “Trump, Climate Denier #1”. What little pretense of balanced coverage is out the window, this is a battle to save the planet. I think you’ll see all the media outlets (bar Fox) trotting out a “climate change tragedy” story every night.

  42. It is a significant change from the Obama Administration when the Liberals blamed everything on Bush.

  43. How nice that China can wait till 2030 to then dump the informal agreement after doing little or nothing up until then. The amazing thing is how well this purely political creation was veiled from what it really is, i.e. the world’s largest hollow policy proclamation from a U.S. President bought an paid for with taxpayer money to coordinate this glorified conference gathering.

  44. I’ve been thinking Josh could do a great cartoon re the meme that we are ceding “leadership”. It would have a herd of cattle charging toward the cliff edge, with one branded “US” veering off, and the others shouting: “Hey, come back here and lead!”

  45. After the game last night, ABC news reported that Trump was pulling out of the Paris Accord despite all of the troubling signs around the planet, great white sharks off the California coast (yes more apex predators means we’re in the midst of an extinction event), late spring snowfall in Europe, and cicadas emerging in a year they were not predicted to. We laugh now, but they are literally insane, and literally insane people can be dangerous.

    • I suppose few people know that Great Whites prefer colder waters. That’s why you find them near Amity Beach (Martha’s Vineyard) and not in the Gulf. So, it’s likely an indication that the coastal waters are cooling.

      • There currently are negative sea surface temperature anomalies off the California coast.

  46. In the old days they would say “It’s God’s will” whenever there was a weather event now they say “It’s Climate Change” and “It’s Trump’s fault” which is one more reason it is either a cult or religion and not science.

  47. I’m not a biologist but if I recall my biology classes correctly; isn’t Carbon the basis of all life on Earth, and all the food to feed that life? So why doesn’t this get mentioned when jackasses like Governor moonbeam complain about “carbon pollution”?
    I dunno just too much stupid spouted by the so called elites and “leaders”

  48. Water started pouring out of the sky the minute Trump made that announcement. No, seriously. I’m in Taiwan and the largest monsoon event in 21 years fired up. Rainfall amounts upwards of 49 inches and counting. I’m sure America’s Poli Sci graduates can end this by some posing and speechifying.

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