The March Against Science

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

Well, I wrote about this crazy March For Science idea two months ago, but the story just gets better. Far and away the most insightful comment I’ve read on this goofy idea of marching was from a climate scientist I respect, Dr. Roger Pielke Jr., who said:

The smartest people on the planet want to oppose Trump & the best they can come up with is a march in support of themselves?

Hard to argue with that … but since then there have been two developments.

One was the announcement that the March For Science will be led by none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy. We’ve discussed his wondrous views about science before.

Bill Nye and Partner from DWTS

Of course, this appointment of Bill Nye led to many people pointing and laughing. With all of the distinguished scientists in the country, the idea of picking Bill Nye as the honorary poster boy for the march is hilarious.

But wait, it gets better. In the sadly common Blue-On-Blue violence of identity politics, there’s been a new protest. This protest is not because Bill Nye lacks credibility. Nor is the protest because Bill Nye lacks credentials or cranial horsepower. And the protest is not because Bill Nye lacks support in the scientific community.


This protest is because Bill Nye lacks melanin.

Seriously. You can’t possibly make this up. If I were Bill Nye, I’d go straight to the ACLU and get them to file an anti-discrimination lawsuit. What the organizers have done is a criminal offense under the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s clearly against the law to discriminate against the melanin-deficient, that’s just cruel.

It gets better. The protest is not just because Bill Nye lacks melanin. He’s also guilty of being short of another even more important requirement.

Bill Nye lacks that scientific necessity, the vital XX chromosome.

So in the wonderful American non-tradition of everyone getting a Participation Trophy, the March Organizing Committee has added two more “Honorary Co-Poster Children” or some title like that as Co-Leaderpersons of the March. Of course, neither of these new Co-Coordinationizers lacks those vital scientific elements of melanin and XX chromosomes.

Now, please be clear what I’m saying. I’m not dissing the two new Co-Non-Gender-Titled-People in any sense. I’m sure that both of the women named as Honorary Co-Chairpersonages, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the Iraqi-English pediatrician who exposed the Flint lead contamination, and Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff, a Hispanic biologist and businesswoman, are good scientists and well-intentioned people.

I’m just pointing out that this is another in the many pieces of evidence that this is a March For Political Correctness, not a March For Science in any sense. Opportunity wasted. Get ready for impassioned speeches from all the extremely scientific co-ordinatrices.

Prepare for impassioned speeches from a bunch of extremely scientific spokesdudes and spokesmodels on how Trump hates water and air, and how spending $ Trillions with a T to cool the earth by 0.1°C in fifty years is a scientifically brilliant plan supported by 97% of all true moral noble and upstanding humanoids everywhere. Amen.

Oh, and if you disagree, think of the grandchildren, because compassion, and besides you’re just a hater and a scientific troglodyte, because 97%.

I put the over/under of someone passing out white lab coats along the march route at 100%.

March for science? … I don’t think so.

A rainy day here, more rain on the way. The forest is happy. The cat is not happy.

Me, I’m overjoyed, and I can only wish the same for you.


PS—When you comment on someone’s ideas, I request that you please QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU ARE REFERRING TO. That way, we can all understand what you are discussing. I can defend my words. I can’t defend your words about my words.


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Non sensical. Bill would be XY not lacking a Y. He would not have a pair of Xs. The women do of course.


Its still not fixed. 4 lines down… Coordinators should end …melanin and double X chromosomes.

Bryan A

It is a regular March of Crimes


Agreed… This is an important error that destroys the credibility of the author. Needs to be fixed ASAP!!


Ah! Fixed! The old version appeared in my news feed and I reacted! Please feel free to delete my responses 🙂


Correct. Bill does not have a pair.


And you were way ahead of the crowd.

Ben Gunn

HAHAHAHA Good one Ted

John Harmsworth

Speak up for Bill. Doesn’t mentally handicapped count for something in this popularity contest?

Mickey Reno

Bill, if he really wanted to lead the march, had many options open. He could just get billy goat stubborn and sue, claiming reverse discrimination. This would have been highly appropriate, as his name is Bill. In the middle of the difficultly scale, he could snip off his package, cut the testicles off and throw them in the trash, and some new silicone breast implants, a very good total body waxing, a beautiful wig, a good waxing, and he could lead the march as an ugly white woman. On the easy end of the scale, he could just change his name to Loretta Dolezal and claim that he’s a cis/trans/xyz black woman, and no one had any right or authority to say otherwise. All the methods have a downside, of course. The reason Bill Nye wouldn’t want to take the easy, surgery free route, is because Loretta Dolezal the Science Guy doesn’t rhyme.

Why doesn’t Nye simply Identify as Black? Problem Solved.


He could identify as a black, female. And for good measure, a black, female, transgender, lesbian. That should cover all bases.


And carry the Koran.


LGBT? Isn’t that liquor, guns, beer and tater tots?


Rednecks Support L.G.B.T.
(Lots of Guns, Beer, and Trucks)

He might as well include his Native American identification (like gender “We don’t need no stinkin’ birth certificates”).

george e. smith

Nah ! still excludes hermaphrodites.


And… wear a skirt?


If I were in high school I would tell the administrators that I self identify as a woman so that I can do PE with the girls and shower with them when it’s over.

Joe Crawford

You might think twice about that shower, especially after a ball game. They can sometimes leave a bigger mess than the guys.


If I was ever thrown in prison I would become transgender and demand I be put in a women’s prison…then be a lesbian.
That is how real men of genius roll.


Joe; yes, but they look good doing it.


I think high school showers have been abandoned in most districts. This policy gives after gym classes a distinct aroma.

jim heath

You forgot the lisp

He has to go full Godfrey Elfwick and identify as a black gender queer atheist Muslim and wear a burka-pussyhat combo.

Dave Fair

Please, no micro aggressions. Be PC: That’s vaghat, bro.

Or underwear …


There was a time when judging someone’s worth by the color of their skin was considered racist.
I guess that we as a society have finally outgrown such nonsense.

The Badger

Dream on !


For shame! Don’t try and expose the ludicrous liberal self-hatred and hypocrisy.


It is still racist Mark but here in the twilight zone the shadows change the landscape. Black is the new black and white is just bad taste.


Silly rabbit, racism is for white people. ;|


It would be funny if a large number of people did not insist it to be true.
Instead, the “Only white people can be racists” meme is in fact the most racist thing I have ever heard in my entire life.


It’s actually a remake of the movie Ghost Busters in the works.

Roger Dewhurst

Perhaps he could have his testicles removed?

He still has them?

If Bill Nye can identify as a scientist, then Pluto can identify as a planet.


,,,or a dawg!

Pop Piasa

Oh, that Pluto? He’s already more qualified in Nye’s “mickey mouse science”. He was in Fantasia and Nye wasn’t, IIRC.

Another PC Green tantrum to amuse the Deplorables.


And of course it will be elevated, amplified and celebrated by the main stream meediots.


say what you will about political correctness, but the coolest troll the skeptic gang ever pulled was the unabomber billboard and we know what happened there. nothing more pc than a guy with pussy cancer.


Hey, man…I would appreciate a trigger warning the next time to microaggress me to such a macro extent.

I’m an HR Pufnstuf guy myself. Bill Nye has no gravitas. he’s pretty much a girlie Max Headroom

Please, don’t insult M-m-m-m-ax H-h-h-h-eadroom


What idiot chose the color blue to represent the leftist party, CNN?

Rumor has it that Tim Russert of NBC set the color convention, or overturned the previous convention, in October 2000.


I wonder how long Dave Leips Atlas has been around.

Neil Jordan

The color is from the color of the pills that the party members take. Recall blue pill/red pill from Matrix.
“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” The term redpill refers to a human that is aware of the true nature of the Matrix.


Using red to represent the Democrats was hitting too close to home.


That’s the truth.


I’m old enough to remember when young boys were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, their default response was (steam) Engine Drivers. Now they are more likely to say “Girls”. All thanks to the sort of lefty crap that Willis highlights above.

Old’un , you must a bit older then me, First I wanted to be a jet pilot and shortly after it became the “rage” I wanted to be an astronaut, my how times change! ( But a an Engine Driver is cool as hell! 🙂 ).


When I used to tell all my schoolmates I wanted to be an engineer when I grew up, they all decided they wanted to drive trains for a living too.

Yeah, right. Teach me to depend on my often erroneous memory. Thanks to all, fixed.


Roy Spencer

Someday, I’ll also have a white lab coat.


I think you might have to graduate from vagina costume first.


Err, that didn’t come out right, sorry.

Michael 2

I’ve got my white lab coat, scooter, fart blaster, rubber boots, rubber gloves and welding goggles (Dr. Nefario, “Despicable Me”). The fart blaster is handy on the occasional conference call.

Rick C PE

I worked in laboratories my entire 40+ year career. The only time I wore a white lab coat was for marketing photos (in 1982 I think).


I wore a white coat, once. It didn’t have any sleeves. And my lab had a bouncy floor and walls.


White straight jacket?


Straight jacket qualifies as a micro aggression.


Just make sure it doesn’t have extra long sleeves.


I still have my dad’s white coats. All I need is a butterfly net and I can go on the march, too.


…do you get a pink hat with that?

Oswald Thake

Er…it’s ‘strait-jacket,’ chaps.

Pop Piasa

Details… they always ruin the punchlines.


Shouldn’t the march be led by female polar bears? Or a polar bear and a black bear, for melaninic balance. No doubt CACA has negatively impacted black bears as well. Although more berry bushes one must admit is a good thing.

Steamboat Jon

As I understand it, polar bears actually have black skin and the hair is not white but pigment free/transparent (with a hollow structure), the “white” light effect is due to a visible light scattering effect of the hollow hair. So a female polar bear hits two protected classes when applying an anthropomorphic PC viewing angle. (Or is that three protected classes when including their threatened species listing?)


You are correct as to polar bear skin. The white hairs conduct photons to the absorbent surface.

Which makes your conclusion correct as well, in the bizarro world of PCism.


Especially if she identifies as a male polar bear.

Mumbles McGuirck

You’ve given me a great idea! Show up at the March for Science dressed as a cuddly polar bear, but then start biting and mauling people. Truth in advertising.

Tom Halla

We have no idea of what Bill Nye’s sexual preference or gender identity is, so he may very well be a representative of those various groupings.

Its just a publicity stunt signifying nothing.

Georg Devrie Klein, PhD, PG, FGSA


let Boston Antifa know! They’ll definitely want to contribute.
i know a guy with 3 X chromosomes tht i’m trying to get him to do a video warning about global warming.
if it works out… lulz


I suppose the “Super Males” are 2 Y’s to join the march.




Supermen are XYY & upwards.


I think the real reason why many people are skeptical about CAGW is because we haven’t seen scientists marching around doing the “Hey Hey. Ho Ho” chant.

I bet if people see a few Phds chanting “Hey Hey. Ho Ho. Climate skepticism has gotta go” the skeptical holdouts and lukewarmers will instantly turn into true believers. Nothing changes minds like chanting marchers. Bank on it.

kokoda - the most deplorable



comment image

old construction worker

I wonder how many will be “rent a scientist” protester?



Daryl Ritchie


Pop Piasa

Gives jobs to the homeless.

Reg Nelson

Slightly O/T. Colin Kaepernick the former San Francisco 49rs’ QB drew a lot of media attention when he refused to stand for the National Anthem last season. He also pledged $100K a month for ten months back to the community.

I checked his foundation website to see how the money was being spent, was surprised to see $17.5K went to to be used for “People’s Climate Mobilization March. Transportation, food, overnight accommodations, and other hard costs”


Has he been selected yet? Might want to claw back some of that cash.

Reg Nelson

No, he opted out of a $17 million dollar contract with the 49er’s, though the team also had the option to release him.

In a way, he has clawed back — his agent has said he won’t be protesting the anthem this year. Of course, because he landed with a team, people are claiming his being black balled, even though RG III and Cutler haven’t been signed any team either.

M Courtney

The new series of Dr Who starts in a week or so.
The new assistant is not merely a woman (done, repeatedly) or black (done, more than once) or even homosexual (done, J Harkness).
The new assistant hits the trifecta; black lesbian.
Of course the soap opera is irrelevant. The science and people matters in science fiction, as in society.
But it raises an interesting question.
Where do we go from here?
Or will there be a reaction?


Pop Piasa

…And you’d think he’d snazzy up the ol’ TARDIS abit.


The new, revised Tardis (or Re-Tardis) will be unveiled in 2017 or 2018.


You don’t suppose there is a possibility that Doctor Who’s following companion will be a robot – think Star Wars or Hitchhiker’s Guide – or, fantastically, a person of substantially-enhanced life-experience (‘old’) – or do you?
The fastest growing section of the population, I understand, is the over 100s.
Should be scope for selecting an over-80 . . . .
Needs to be able to climb stairs to evade daleks [unless the flying daleks have purged the others!].

Auto – defiantly under-70 for a good few years yet!

Michael 2

I’m trying to think of something wittier than “LOL” but it hasn’t popped into my mind.


Lacks cranial horsepower?
I don’t think so.
Bill is as smart as any horse i know.

Paul Penrose

Mr. Ed was smarter. Or at least more entertaining. Wiiiilllllbbbbeeeerrrr!


LOL. I knew that someone would bring up Mr Ed! OK. You got me.. Apart from Mr Ed…


A day spent with a horse is never wasted. A day with Bill Nye and his cronies, however…

Mumbles McGuirck

Depends if you like your ‘road apples’ the physical ones or philosophical ones. They both stink but the former are easier to clean up after.

Curious George

Easily correctable. In the name of DIVERSITY, there should not be one leader, there should be one Steering Committee. That way you can adjust the proportion of chromosomes and of melanin to any value divined by the DNC. And the march will be much more life-like.


Why only one steering committee?
Why not a continuous spectrum of steering committees?

Rhoda R

Don’t all of the 39 gender-identities need to be recognized? Definitely need more than one committee.


Rhoda R;
You mean there aren’t 97 gender-identities?


Bill Nye channels Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor far more than he does Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)! He even looks like the Lewis Character.

Bryan A

Then a March of Crimes Telethon can’t be that far off

I wish my grandkids had a Mr. Wizard like the last one. Fools like Bill Nye are a hazzard to navgation. Something I just thought of that’s not too far OT. I went to Berkeley CA high school 1959 to 1963. They were transitioning from the “old” chemistry to the “new” chemistry wherein you memorized Bohr orbits, etc . I was in the last “old” chemistry class. Also in the class were the kids of three professors at UC Berkeley. Including a very nice young lady whose father was the head of the Chemistry department at UC Berkeley and had a real Nobel prize in Chemistry. Those parents cold have their kids in either the old or the new. They chose old. Maybe they understood just how damaking the new educational fads would prove to be.

Brian R

If they are going to scream about not have a person of color and a woman leading their march, then someone should point they are missing the all important LGBTQ scientist contingent. Maybe they are worried people would confuse their march with a PRIDE march.


You’re a fcukwit.

Bruce, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the kind of clever banter and genteel informed repartee that is so well exemplified by your penetrating and insightful comment, viz “You’re a fcukwit.”

I mean, the amount of thought and effort that you put into your words clearly shines through and reveals your true worth to all.

Best regards,


Michael darby

Reminds me of the penetrating and insightful comment by an the person that posts: I think you are a jerkwagon

Thanks, Michael, but you’re cherry picking. For Bruce that was his only comment, that one line.

On the other hand, I had said:

I think you are a jerkwagon to toss around such bogus accusations about my honesty without a scrap of evidence to back them up.

When someone does that, I do my best to hit back twice as hard. I won’t have some random scumball falsely accuse me of deliberate misunderstanding something. Perhaps you let people falsely accuse you without replying, Kip, I don’t know.

But I don’t, and I don’t respond peacefully to such underhanded accusations.

Don’t like it?

Don’t care …

I care no more now than I did then.


Michael darby

People that live in glass houses……..besides, how do you know that what Bruce posted isn’t the truth?

Michael darby

“Instead, you decided to be a jerkwagon and just start running your mouth ”

Michael darby April 6, 2017 at 4:53 pm

People that live in glass houses……..besides, how do you know that what Bruce posted isn’t the truth?

Please quote where I said that Bruce was not telling the truth … in fact, the truth content of his statement cannot be determined for two reasons. First, he hasn’t said who he is talking to. Second. he has not defined what a “fcukwit” might be when it is at home. So, no way to tell.

Bruce’s crime was not being untruthful. It was the far more significant offense of being boring …


Michael 2

I was giving my daughter a ride home from having visited her boyfriend. On the way she was texting. Suddenly my phone buzzed and on it was a text message from her phone: “My dad is an asshat”. I had no idea (still don’t, sounds like something from Harry Potter).

She explained that it really came from someone else that had borrowed her phone earlier and only now arrived on my phone. Besides being an asshat, maybe I’m stupid. But as a network engineer, maybe not THAT stupid. She meant to send the text to someone else 🙂

Michael darby
Michael darby

Recognize a pattern here??? “If you’re going to be a jerkwagon, at least be consistent.”

Owen in GA

Bruce’s comment was that of an immature internet twit, but Michael darby reveals the mind of a shriveled internet troll. Neither added one wit to the conversation. One showed himself to be dim, while the other showed he has little class.


Aw, come on, Willis, maybe Bruce just didn’t learn to spell at school. They will correct this next year when he goes into second grade.


Owen in GA: “Neither added one wit to the conversation.” But together they added one wit — which makes each of them …

Hi Griff! You’re going to need to extend your commentary a bit or you’ll miss this week’s target! Has the rate increaed any this year or is it still 5 cents a word?

Bruce Cobb

With any luck, it will be rainy, windy, and cold that day.


One of my testicles just jumped straight out of my trousers and onto my mousepad. It looked me square in the eye and screeched ‘from now on , I identify as a xxx chromo’

I was dumbfounded. speechless. We have been good friends for most of my life. ‘balls’ , was the best I could muster.

‘Not any more’, it said.

So that’s it for me. Bill Nye is right and I now believe in CAGW. And other talking bollocks.

EternalOptimist April 6, 2017 at 4:02 pm

You have been good friends? Just goes to show ya, you can’t rust anyone anymore…Give your xxx chromo a participation trophy and send it toa safe space.


..Real scientists getting back to real science ! Wahooooooooo…………
“Event Horizon Telescope to try to capture images of elusive black hole edge”

THAT is something worth spending billions on !!

Richard G

We could use the money from all the CAGW funding that falls into a black hole here on Earth to study one in Space.


Now if we can figure out a way to get them to carry placards with Mao, Stalin, Lysenko, and Che.

These folks are similtaneously clownish and dangerous. Usually the worst sort.

Roger Knights

At the Copenhagen confab, Chavez and Mugabe too over-spoke their time-limits and drew standing ovations for their anti-West screeds. Videos of those applauses should be used in the next climate-contrarian film, because they indicate where many warmists’ hearts are at.


Chavez. Now that is a mouthful. Seems like only yesterday and $100 a barrel oil that he was the latest fetish leader of the Progressive movement. Genius of the Danube and all that. Now his beloved people suffer hunger in the dark while struggling to shake the disease he left behind. I felt sorry for the poor tumor that he infected.

No quarter ask none given.

CD in Wisconsin

From the March for (Junk)Science website:
“We are building a broad, nonpartisan, and diverse coalition of organizations and individuals who stand up for science……”

Nonpartisan? Nonpartisan? Um….yea. Right. And I’m Smokey The Bear…..


Silly rabbit, partisanship is for the Right. ;|


Climate “Science” Gone Mad; The True Face of Envirofascism

Bill Nye Deemed “Too White”, “Too Male” To Lead Lefty Science March

Bruce Cobb

It’s nothing but a virtue signaling fest.


It’s desperation.

Clyde Spencer

I think that the organizers should have scheduled the march for April 1st! They are all a joke and fools to boot!


Immediate flash-back to the ‘Ship of Fools’ caught in the Antarctic ice that wasn’t there (they believed), and had to be rescued.
2013-14 I am reminded.
Already over three years ago.


NW sage

I’m still trying to get my head around the significance of the poster associating Bill Nye with the Disney logo. I can’t imagine ANYTHING more opposite than Disney and any kind of science. Disney is and has always been a feelings and emotions enterprise – and they are VERY good at it! Science is the search for truth without regard for emotions. It doesn’t matter whether or not you feel good about the Law of Gravity, it simply IS!

NW sage, here you go … it was a 90’s TV show, ran for one season.


John F. Hultquist

I watched a couple of those shows and associated Bill with Goofy.


wut? disney is the mother of post modern science!
‘wishing makes it so’ didn’t come from aristotle, yo.


Science is the search for fact, not truth. We can only believe that fact will equal truth. And we wouldn’t search for either if we weren’t emotionally motivated by a desire for meaning. 🙂


mr spock says:
(vulcans can’t pronounce ellipses cuz they don’t have a word for the ‘teh ineffable’)

This personal attack is totally unnecessary, be it Bill Nye or anyone else, it does sceptics no favours. This bile is one of the reasons I turned from an AGW believer into a sceptic. I can get this kind of personal attack tripe from any alarmist site I care to visit. I really didn’t expect it from contributors to WUWT.

We promote the science, yet now we smell a little success, after many years in the wilderness, the best we can do is mount a full frontal personal assault on a member of the alarmist brigade? It makes us no better than them.

Does this mean our professionals will now seek retribution at every opportunity and humiliate and degrade anyone who adopts the position of a warmist or alarmist. Once again, we stoop to their level.

I object to this futile, paranoid, revengeful and childish attack on Bill Nye, or anyone with a belief in AGW. They may not be right in their beliefs, but we may not be right in ours.

Stop it. It is disgusting and demeaning and we object to it, for very good reason, when it is levelled at us.

Willis, I am shocked, and ashamed of you.

Anthony, I am appalled you allowed this on your site.


Dear HotScot: I suggest you do a little research into the “position of a warmist or alarmist” that this “any person” has “adopted”, and the WAY he has promoted it as Science God. THEN you can fly your virtue signals without promoting giggles.


This qualifies as bile?????

It’s pretty mild compared to what Bill the nonsense guy has sent our way.


Other than a couple of mild digs towards Nye for the notion that he could possibly represent science, most of the digs are at those who care more about a person’s color and gender than they do about a person’s character or qualifications. Such people have earned everything that is thrown at them.

HotScot April 6, 2017 at 5:19 pm

This personal attack is totally unnecessary, be it Bill Nye or anyone else, it does sceptics no favours. This bile is one of the reasons I turned from an AGW believer into a sceptic. I can get this kind of personal attack tripe from any alarmist site I care to visit. I really didn’t expect it from contributors to WUWT.

I’m sorry, Scotty, but having re-read the post I’m not seeing what has you so upset.

Which is why I ask people to QUOTE THE EXACT WORDS YOU OBJECT TO … but noooo, the Hot Scot is far above such plebeian nonsense as that.

We promote the science, yet now we smell a little success, after many years in the wilderness, the best we can do is mount a full frontal personal assault on a member of the alarmist brigade? It makes us no better than them.

“We”? What is this “we”? I’m a well-known climate blogger and I sign my name to my work. You are a random anonymous internet popup who could disavow his words tomorrow. There is no “we”.

Does this mean our professionals will now seek retribution at every opportunity and humiliate and degrade anyone who adopts the position of a warmist or alarmist. Once again, we stoop to their level.

“Our professionals”? Which “professionals” would those be? I was unaware “we” owned any professionals … but then I don’t know who “we” is.

I object to this futile, paranoid, revengeful and childish attack on Bill Nye, or anyone with a belief in AGW. They may not be right in their beliefs, but we may not be right in ours.

And I object to your righteous pig-headed insistence that everyone should be just like you. Some of us poke fun at the opposition. You see that as some kind of crime. Sorry, but you should learn to laugh.

Stop it.

Stop WHAT, exactly? Stop everything that the HotScot thinks is wrong? Stop being a meanie to Bill Nye, a man who has made his living demeaning and distorting science? Check out what your pal Bill said about climate “deniers” sometime. Here’s a sample of what you are defending and the rest of us are laughing at:

“To the deniers out there, or to the extreme skeptics. I want you to think about what is called cognitive dissonance,” Nye said. “Do you remember cognitive dissonance? The liberal arts education thing. This is a psychological theory that you can run tests and show that it is true.”

“I submit to you, climate deniers. What you’re doing is instead of accepting that climate is changing, you are denying the evidence.”

That’s your boy, Scotty, and if you don’t laugh at that you’ve lost your sense of humor. Goes around, comes around.

It is disgusting and demeaning and we object to it, for very good reason, when it is levelled at us.

Say what? Leveled at “us”? “We” object to it? Dude, you’ve spent too much time watching the Queen on TV. She gets to say “We object to it”. You don’t.

Willis, I am shocked, and ashamed of you.

Yes, and you’re not all that switched on about comma usage either, but I digress. While I’m glad I’ve not lost the ability to shock people, I could not possibly care less if you are ashamed. I don’t take moral advice from people without the albondigas to sign their own words. If you are ashamed, well, that’s your business, but I’ve done nothing to be ashamed of.



feeling a tad defensive are we? A detailed rebuttal of a “random anonymous internet popup”?

Using the authority of your position to discredit another? Virtue signalling?

Because Bill Nye is a nasty little piece of works, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

HotScot April 9, 2017 at 1:49 am


feeling a tad defensive are we?

Nope. Just wanted to see if you actually had anything under your bluster. Not.

A detailed rebuttal of a “random anonymous internet popup”?

When a man tells me he is “shocked and ashamed” by my actions, I defend them. What do you do?

Using the authority of your position to discredit another?

I have exactly the same “authority” here as you do, that is to say, none. Our words are all we have.

Virtue signalling?

Not for me, thanks. I haven’t had breakfast and it upsets my stomach.

Because Bill Nye is a nasty little piece of works, it doesn’t mean you have to be.

That’s a good thing, and it’s why I’m not any kind of “piece of works [sic]” at all.


Michael 2

HotScot wrote some things: “we stoop to their level.”

That we do. Or I do. I have no idea who I mean by “we” and even less knowledge of you you mean by “we”.

One of the weaknesses of the right was failing to grasp the Power of the Left, which, as Saul Alinsky kindly explains, resides principally with ridicule. One of the weaknesses of the Left is not recognizing that ridicule does not affect libertarians in particular. So both sides tend to be ineffective on the other AND that is also a reason why it is not a continuum from left to right. The left in particular enforces “left-ness” upon its subscribers.

“but we may not be right in ours.”

Yet you seem to express considerable rightness in your opinion, a worthy opinion to be sure but effective only upon those for whom it is effective.

To FAIL to ridicule and humiliate the left is seen as a weakness by the left on the assumption that you would if you could and dared to do so. They taunt each other frequently; entire television shows exist to taunt and ridicule their own kind. Oh, they ridicule libertarians and the right wing, but how many of that kind watch Saturday Night Live? They are sending signals of (1) acceptable beahvior and (2) establishing hierarchy and (3) de-stressing the pack by designating the “omega” for everyone to ridicule.

Obama did this a few years ago at the White House correspondents dinner, designated Donald Trump for ridicule. How did that turn out?

Consider any kind of pecking order or hierarchy. How is it established? The “pecking order” is so named because this establishment is physical. As you go up the evolutionary ladder, words and behaviors start to take the place of physical hierarchy establishment, but if words don’t work, it’s back to physical.

The solution therefore seems to be to “ridicule with style” and W.E. handles that part well. Ridicule sends a signal to the left, and style sends a signal to the right.


HotScot: Welcome to the reality of “science”. Neither side is capable of being nice. Learn to love it or learn to love being pummeled by both sides for your idealism and rational thoughts.


I have suffered an awful lot worse than this in the past because of my desire to remain impartial. Thanks though.

Is it just me, or is this sentence incomplete: “Prepare for impassioned speeches from all the extremely scientific co-“?
Co-ed dorm captains.
Co-d pink conspirators.
Co-Agenda 21ers.
Co- what did you mean (I tried to quote the exact words that you wrote)?

Yeah, J. Philip, I got tired of the “co-everything” and just let it run out …



Julius Sumner Miller – a real science guy. Never missed an episode of “Why Is It So?”. A nice example:

On XX vs XY, I once saw this cute cartoon captioned “The Goddess Creates Men”. The drawing showed the goddess up in heaven sorting a tray of XX pairs for the next batch of women. She picks up one and accidentally breaks off the lower right leg of the X, thereby making an XY pair. “Oops”.


Which is essentially the case.

In mammals with the XY system, males are effectively genetically defective women. We are missing alleles to match up with most of the big X chromosome. Hence, much higher rate of sex-linked genetic disorders in men.

And it’s why male pattern baldness is inherited from your mother’s dad.

John Harmsworth

Or evolution has made males to demonstrate greater diversity so that the species can adapt more quickly. Evolution has been at work for 4 billion years I tend not to think it uses poor tools.

Michael 2

Gloateus suggests “males are effectively genetically defective women.”

Well that’s one way of looking at it (I don’t look at it that way).

“We are missing alleles”

I seem not to be missing alleles. Perhaps I misplaced one in my desk drawer and just don’t remember having done so.

Alan Ranger

“97% of all true moral noble and upstanding humanoids ”

You forgot to include all the Nobel humanoids, who once had something to do with the IPCC … or something or other.

Alan Ranger

Nor larrikins mistaken for laureates.


Cue Monsieur Bonaparte: Never interrupt . . .

Neil Jordan

Per Willis’ link, march for/against science will be held on Earth Day, 22 April. I had heard that the date was picked by environmental activists because it was Lenin’s birthday. There is much on the Internet. I found this post interesting:
So on the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day, we sadly see the continuing belief in command-and-control economic systems. Government ownership of the land, water, and natural resources continues to grow with each passing year. The mass of governmental regulatory agencies, bureaucrats, and the sheer staggering number of new environmental regulations passed every year take us further away from any solution.

Roger Knights

A year or two ago I heard, on NPR, an interview of the daughter of a legendary adman who had just died. He had handled the publicity for the first Earth Day. She said that he suggested April 22 based on his own birthday, or that of one of his relatives or friends. She sounded convincing to me; she didn’t seem aware of the Lenin’s-birthday claim.


Could be true, could be cover up.
No way to tell which.



Well, it looks like Trump has laid down a marker for the dictators of the world. The U.S. just struck targets in Syria with cruise missiles.

I bet ole Kim Jung Un of North Korea is paying attention. Russia and China, too. And all the totalitarians of the world. What do you think.

I’m thinking all of them are going to be taking Trump a little more seriously now.


Fox News is reporting that Trump did NOT call Putin and warn him before the attack.


War with the Mad Mullahs of Iran, of which Syria is a surrogate, is inevitable, so we might as well get started on it now because the longer we wait, the stronger our enemies will get.

Michael darby

War is never inevitable.

Roger Knights

War is never inevitable.

Appeasement is an alternative. Or surrender.


Good move, why give Putin a chance to warn Assad?


It takes two to make peace, and only one to make war.


Putin and Assad reminds me of an old LBJ quote:
“He may be an SOB, but he’s our SOB.”


If, as reported, the attack involved 50 cruise missiles, Trump is still way behind Clinton’s attempt to distract from Monica Lewinsky. That involved 63-88 Tomahawks:

Still, it’s a more than token gesture.

Missiles have the advantage of not needing to warn the Russians ahead of time. Of course that didn’t stop Clinton from warning Pakistan, so that they could warn bin Laden to evacuate his training camps.

R.S. Brown

Actually, they use 59 Tomahawks to whack that airfield.


At about $1.6 million a pop, buy Raytheon stock.

John F. Hultquist

Don’t they have a “use by” date?
Resupply is likely already factored into the stock price.


Wouldn’t the solid rocket motor and the explosive be the only parts with use by dates?
The electronics and structure should have a pretty long life expectancy.


59 x 1,600,000 dollars.
Less than $100,000,000.
Is that even chump change?


J Mac

President Trump authorized a coordinated cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase that supported the aircraft that launched the WMD gas attack on Syrian civilians. Then he had dinner with the Chinese President at Mar-a-Lago.

Tonight Syria, Russia, China, Iran, ISIS, and North Korea are all frantically re-evaluating their intelligence estimates of the new President of the United States of America. And well they should….

“Message received? How copy? Over…”

Steve Bannon’s removal from National Security Council?


We extend the open hand of friendship to all people of goodwill. Others will be dealt with appropriately. Whatever the cost to us in lives and treasure you are mistaken in believing that we will not act forcefully when required. That weak fellow is gone. The new one has an itchy finger, a huge gun, and trouble sleeping. Enjoy.

I think I saw all of the Science Fiction Theaters in the 1950s:
Science Fiction Theater 26 Target Hurricane:

I used to relay these TV episodes to my friend via phone in high school who had no TV…
He is now a Dr of physics and computer science who believes in CAGW…

The little guy “Bobbie” is actually A. Watts before he became a meteorologist…


No good deed goes unpunished.

Maybe if he had had TV he might have turned out better.

Mumbles McGuirck

I love how the Scouts find shelter in the *caves* west of Miami. LMAO


The “best and brightest” are protesting the “color of his skin”. The outcome of resurrecting institutional racism, sexism, etc. and normalizing prejudice, unlike the incompletely, and, in fact, insufficiently characterized, and unwieldy Earth system, was not only forecast, but was wholly predictable.


A coveted collection of ancient ice cores recently acquired by the University of Alberta has been partially destroyed in an “unprecedented” double malfunction of a $4-million freezer.

Nearly 13 per cent of the samples in the Canadian Ice Core Archive melted when temperatures inside a storage freezer soared to 40 C after the refrigeration chillers shut down, university maintenance officials said Thursday.

After the chillers shut down, the system monitoring the freezer temperatures failed due to “a database corruption,” the U of A said in a news release.

U of Alberta? They’ll blame it on the Russians… with the blessing of Freeland.


Over-reliance on computers and modern appliances never works out well.

A lot of O2 is going to wasted on April 22 and a lot of CO2 is going to be added to the atmosphere. But heck it is cherry time in DC so just maybe they’ll have a decent crop. Oh right those trees, just like the politicians don’t produce anything except for “flowery” looks..

Have the mods gone on vacation? I found this thread filled with disgusting name-calling that ought have been tossed.

John F. Hultquist

And still you read this far. Interesting.

Don Perry @ 9:09

Yes, I quite agree. It detracts from the issue, is childish and boring. Also gives us useless stuff to have to sort through. Most importantly it lowers the tone of WUWT to the level of the rest of the pack which is a great shame after Anthony has spent so much time making it great (again?).

@Alastair Brickell

It seems I’m not alone in holding this opinion.

Am I, Willis?

Michael 2

HotScot asked “It seems I’m not alone in holding this opinion.”

So it would seem. 7 billion humans on Earth; someone has the same opinion!

@Michael 2

Gosh, you’re so clever. Unfortunately there isn’t 7 billion humans subscribing to this blog, or did you miss that bit?

Michael 2

HotScot wrote: “Gosh, you’re so clever.”

True enough. As it happens I am a clever Scot. If there’s truth to the stereotype of Scottish engineer, well, I would be an affirming example.

“Unfortunately there isn’t 7 billion humans subscribing to this blog”

Nearly certain to be true, but I have not asserted that it is so. The selection pool is 7 billion persons. From this selection pool we draw two sets. One set is persons who think as you think, and the other set is those who read this blog. It is somewhat likely that persons who think like you will also behave like you, meaning that a disproportionate number out of that 7 billion people pool is probably here with you; or put another way, the chance or probability of encountering such a person is at least slightly better than 1/[7e9].

“or did you miss that bit?”

Somewhere on Earth is someone that thinks like you, he or she may be reading this blog AND I missed the part where previous to your observation someone has pointed out that not all 7 billion people read this blog.

@Michael 2

Your statement was specific, with no qualification: “7 billion humans on Earth; someone has the same opinion!”.

“It is somewhat likely that persons who think like you will also behave like you”.

And your evidence for this sweeping statement is?

“meaning that a disproportionate number out of that 7 billion people pool is probably here with you”.

Shouldn’t that be ‘proportionate’ number? A disproportionate number would suggest one significantly higher, or lower, than a number proportionate to the pool, the sets, the number of subscribers to this blog, the number of people with access to a suitable computing device, and those of that subset with internet access. Amongst other variables like, most of the worlds population don’t give a monkeys about GW, man made or otherwise, at least those with a computing device and internet access who could be bothered to vote on an online, United Nations poll.

In other words, you made a smart ar*ed comment and now your wriggling.

Haud yer wheesht.

Michael 2

HotScot wrote: “Michael 2: Your statement was specific, with no qualification: 7 billion humans on Earth; someone has the same opinion!”

Well, okay, I exaggerated. It is remotely possible that your exact opinion is not found even among 7 billion humans. In my experience people and their thinking tends to cluster around specific “attractors” which I believe are evolutionary in nature and thus not amenable to change or even inspection.

Several such attractors exist and are somewhat rival. One is a need for security in a herd or hive and its political manifestation is socialism in varying forms. It is rival with an explorer instinct to find new pasture. A third attractor is a need to protect the herd. This kind isn’t interested in being a herd or hive member, but obtains some benefit in the vicinity of the herd and protects the herd from predators. It is those predators that are a fourth kind of attractor.

In the movie, “American Sniper”, we explore three kinds: Sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. A fourth kind, the loner, isn’t relevant to war, neither making it or preventing it and thus outside the scope of the movie.

“And your evidence for this sweeping statement is?”/i>

I do not offer evidence. I declare my beliefs. You declare yours. Nothing here is evidence; it is all words.

“In other words, you made a smart ar*ed comment and now your wriggling.”

Yes. It creates opportunity to lay out ideas for further exploration. In the hive and herd thing, I seem to lean toward protective of the herd but also exploration, find new forage for the herd; but I don’t like being *in* the herd or told what to do by those who appoint themselves shepherds.


and now you’re wriggling

Type in haste, repent at leisure ~sigh~

@Michael 2

Once again I refer to your original statement, “7 billion humans on Earth; someone has the same opinion!”

It is uncompromising, and again unqualified by any expression that it is your belief. Indeed it appears a rash, ill considered, statement of fact.

“In my experience” is nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

Reference to a Hollywood dramatisation of real events to justify anything is ludicrous. Much like citing Braveheart as a representation of Scottish culture and factual events.

So, from a simple, silly statement you made, you have bragged about your intellect, maintain your experience is suitable evidence to support a fantastical departure into the subject of herds and hives, cite Hollywood as a source of philosophical inspiration, dismiss a sweeping statement as a declaration of your beliefs and, finally, when you admit (barely) you are wriggling, you justify it by contending you are merely exploring ideas.

Wow, flights of fancy or what?

Michael 2

HotScot writes “Once again I refer to your original statement, ‘7 billion humans on Earth; someone has the same opinion!’ It is uncompromising, and again unqualified by any expression that it is your belief. Indeed it appears a rash, ill considered, statement of fact.”

Good heavens, you seem obsessed! I suppose the only thing to do is find that other person that shares your opinion. Alastair Brickell April 6, 2017 at 10:22 pm “Yes, I quite agree. It detracts from the issue, is childish and boring.”

“‘In my experience’ is nothing more than anecdotal evidence.”


“Reference to a Hollywood dramatisation of real events to justify anything is ludicrous. Much like citing Braveheart as a representation of Scottish culture and factual events.”

You mistake that I need to justify anything as if you were some kind of judge.

What is important is shared experience to advance a conversation. Chris Kyle’s father chose the metaphor of sheep, wolves and sheepdogs to explain the circumstances under which entering a school playground fight on behalf of someone else would be justified by him. Justification is not a property of a thing, it is the result of a mental process by someone that presumes himself to be a judge (that be you for you, and me for me).

“So, from a simple, silly statement you made, you have bragged about your intellect”

Bragging was apparently a fine art in Scandinavia (Beowulf comes to mind).

“maintain your experience is suitable evidence to support a fantastical departure into the subject of herds and hives”

I admire your quick grasp of the obvious. Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, so far as I know each used his own experiences to develop his understanding of psychology just as I do likewise for my own understanding.

“cite Hollywood as a source of philosophical inspiration”

I have many sources of inspiration and even more sources of expressions.

“dismiss a sweeping statement as a declaration of your beliefs”

That happens occasionally.

“and, finally, when you admit you are wriggling, you justify it by contending you are merely exploring ideas.”

I justify nothing. Occasionally I will explain my behavior. My style of argumentation is intended to be at least slightly unpredictable to get people “off script” and onto a meaningful discussion. It can take quite a long time to exhaust these scripts.

@Michael 2

Keep digging.

Michael 2

HotScot orders: “Michael 2, Keep digging.”

Once again you assume to tell others what to do; it’s probably in your DNA. But today is your lucky day, it is indeed my nature to keep digging until I have uncovered truth or decide there’s no truth to be had.

Michael 2

Well done, you made it.

J Mac

Do you need a ‘safe place’? In the part of the world that accepts the right to free speech proscribed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the open, uncensored discussion of concepts and ideas may not always appeal to your delicate sensibilities… or your desires for selective censorship.


A “safe place” is merely the place that intolerant people wish to go when they can’t destroy, or at least silence those that they disagree with. It is in fact an expression of close minded intolerance.


The 1st ammd is a restriction on government, not private individuals or companies.



Even Willis’ cat is not happy. Safe space is relative to one’s perception of need. The cat is inside and out of the rain but it is not happy. Probably would be less happy outside.

Would you have read through soo many posts if you had the opportunity to scroll through an equal of blank pages? Would that make you a ‘happy cat’? You may not really like a safe space after all you put yourself through.

@Don Perry


JoNova had a story about this March and “Intersectional Feminism” yesterday. It get loonier all the time. Should be fun to watch.