‘Scientists have to take to the streets’: Climate alarm goes past 11, now up to 12!

Professor John Joachim Schellnhuber, Climate Adviser to the Pope dials up the alarm, not to 11, but to TWELVE.

“Planet could warm by 12 degrees, I have all the evidence” “Scientists have to take to the streets to counter denial”

“If we want to hold the 1.5 degrees [Celsius; 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit]  line, which is the ambitious goal of the Paris agreement, we have maybe 300 billion tons left – more or less the budget of 10 years – if we do business as usual. If we want to hold the 2 degrees line, which is more realistic, we have another 20 to 30 years to go, but no more actually. So it’s a very tight budget.

It’s quite mind-boggling – for example, by 2030, we have to phase out the combustion engine. And we have to completely phase out the use of coal for producing power. By 2040 we will probably have to replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.

Hans_Joachim_Schellnhuber_mit_Globus-300x254[1]We are at the crossroads now: We either say: this thing is too big for us, this task cannot be done. [Then] we will be transformed by nature, because we will end up with a planet warming by 4, 5, 6 or even 12 degrees. It would be the end of the world as we know it, and I have all the evidence.”

Interview: Schellnhuber: ‘Scientists have to take to the streets’ to counter climate denial [h/t to Dennis Ambler]

Heck, why not just go to 15C or 20C, and really get people worried? I’m sure there’s a model for that.

There’s also a model for this particular kind of doomsday thinking.

In case you missed the pun about 12, see this.


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Schrodinger's Cat

He is obviously getting hot under the collar.


Does this mean that the Pope will have to go without air conditioning?


No because the Pope is already 100% green.
Cooled by the wings of the angels above and heated by some kind of geological furnace below.


That geological furnace is fueled by dead pedophile priests burning in hell.

Jan Christoffersen


Not really possible for him. Schnellhuber is the only scientist I know whose picture suggests he is asleep with his eyes open.

You should even hear him talking with bavarian accent, snootily and uppish…

My pocket knife opens automatically when I hear him. (Bavarian joke)


This guy isn’t crying wolf, he’s crying a whole wolf pack!


Naw, he is just pushing exactly Agenda 2030, nothing more, nothing less. Everything is the UN and their goal to de-industrialize the Western World.

Giving up concrete and rebar for wood, clay, and stone? Yeah, righttttt …..


By 2040 we will probably have to replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.

Yeah ! We can all go back to living in mud huts like they do in Africa. Eco-paradise on Earth.


Greg—That was my thought, too. I can’t count how many times global warming advocates have crucified me for saying that is the goal of the movement, yet, there it is. In writing.

DC Cowboy


When I saw that I choked on my morning coffee. Does he understand what wind turbines are made out of, what the frames holding large photovoltaics and things like Ivanpah Solar are made out of? I wonder which of stone or clay has the better solar conversion efficiency/

And hey, all those steel workers and construction workers, auto factories (can we make cars ala the ‘Flintstones”?), etc can get new jobs in the clay pits stomping straw into the clay to make stronger bricks.

AGW is not Science

Yes, especially in earthquake prone areas, since this feeds the “green dream” of “human population reduction” (of you know, those OTHER people, never themselves!).


with a planet warming by 4, 5, 6 or even 12 degrees.

At least it seems that he is quite honest about the margin of uncertainty in climate science. That is a refreshing change.

Now if he would just divide all his numbers by four, he would be about in line with IPCC ranges.

But , hell, no one ever changed the world by being honest, did they?


Divide by four and subtract two, then probably a pretty realistic forecast.


This twit doesn’t seem to understand that dividing a dial into 12 increments instead of 10 just makes each step smaller. Of course, he doesn’t seem to actually understand much of anything.
“By 2040 we will probably have to replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.” He doesn’t realize that with wood, clay, and stone cities would necessarily either increase in area or increase in number. 4-6 stories is the highest buildings can go without steel and concrete. No more skyscrapers allowing people to live and work in small areas. So much more commuting, requiring even more steel and concrete as foundations for solar panels and windmills. The skyscrapers would probably have to capped off at 6-10 stories just to get raw materials.

As Forrest Gump would say: stupid is as stupid does.

Thebla , this guy is unhinged. Remember just a few years ago people that were like him were standing on street corners with placards around their necks ” The end is near” or they were in sanitariums.

John F. Hultquist

The one that looked like Schellnhuber, was Harold Camping with his “Rapture” forecasts.
Harold did not live to see the end of the world. He died in December 2013.
They look somewhat alike. Do the search.
Schellnhuber, if not already as brain dead as he looks, will not see the doom either.


Yes, it’s bad when you have to invoke the Spinal Tap model.

In the early 70’s it was pretty common in rock and roll circles to refer to a guitar player that played to loud as turning it up to 11.


Spinal tap!!!!

Anyone who missed the reference should be ashamed of themselves.

Thank you for answering the age old question, what if you are on 11 and playing your heart out and you want to dial it up just a little bit more, but you’re already on 11? Add a 12!


Not really.

Spinal tap is an american cult classic, but not everybody browsing WUWT is american.

M Courtney

Well known in the UK too.
As is this relevant and excellent XKCD cartoon.


Most brits of a certain age know about spinal tap, it was supposedly about a British heavy metal band after all 🙂


Well, let me rephrase. Not everybody who reads WUWT is a native English speaker.


Nor are they part of some cult or whatever.


I like this one


Shell-hummer … sorry dude, you missed out. !!

Not enough cow bells !!

Nigel S

Some years ago I took a neighbour to court to get an order to stop his playing music at ear splitting volume at all hours. His excuse was “they wouldn’t make the amplifiers controls like that if you weren’t supposed to turn them up to full volume”. The magistrates were not impressed, I got my order and he started using the headphones I had already bought him.


I use the 24-hour scale on my watches!

Eamon Butler

Betcha Schellnhuber’s watch goes to 25.


Serf’s UP!
You will pry my Dodge Dakota out of my cold, dead, fingers….

Bryan A

Can I park my Hummer on top of yout Smart (dumb) car?


Right after my Tundra eats a Prius.


My Ram eats Turdras


So does my neighbor’s dog.

I suggest we leave the climate to the Pope. Climate always has been the divine speaking tube.
Also, praying is better because it does not interfere with grid stability.

Kalifornia Kook

Oh, I like that. Perfect. The Pope can just merge two religions into one. We’ll have God the Father, and Gaia the Mother. What perfect balance! Everyone will love Mother and fear God.
It won’t be the first time the Church has merged pagan beliefs with Christianity. He’s not really breaking new ground.

Secularization has moved the moral compass from the church to the environmental institutes. Mother Earth is the replacement of God (after gender change) But nobody will call his bike or the bricks of his home “mother” . The earth is our lumberyard, no choice. Religion is a firewall against existential fears and the church managed this fears by answering questions about the unknown. The environmentalists however exploit our fears as a succesfull business model. Any exploration of the (mother) earth now generates intense fears for the revenge of God. Legal experts were keen to concide “ecocide” as the fifth crime against humanity.
Environmental lawyers as wrath of God: the new inquisition.

DC Cowboy

Are you saying that ‘Climate Change is a transmitter for speaking to God’?

“the future is in God’s hand” means, translated for atheists: “we do not know the future but we have faith in human ingenuity” God is another word for “the unknown” . Life is a miracle.
So, unknown or little understood phenomena are expressions of God.

“Climate Adviser to the Pope”

Seriously, why does the Pope need a Climate Adviser?



to write the eleventh commandment?

Plus many. Nice joke.

Sceptical lefty

Eleventh Commandment? ‘Thou shalt not be found out.’

In any case, this guy has his back to the wall. His career, his whole ‘raison d’etre,’ is threatened. It’s hardly surprising that he spouts rash hyperbole under the circumstances. It’s very, depressingly human.


I thought the eleventh was “Do unto others, then run like hell”.

Phil R


It’s “Do unto others before they do unto you.”

john harmsworth

To tell him when to come in out of the rain?


Because everyone knows “woo-woo” is Big Business nowadays. Placating the Spirits (of Davos) and all that!


He is the head of 1 billion people. He probably needs an adviser on just about everything. Except religious stuff, he gets that direct from the Boss.

Does he need an advisor on Farming? Physics? Automotive design? Poetry? Romance? Video Games?


DC Cowboy

I haven’t noticed this particular Pope being overly concerned with saving souls or other religious matters.

Clyde Spencer

Because God refuses to talk to him about climate?


Hey, I am not an expert, but I understood he was infallible only on certain areas of religious stuff. I don’t think there is any guarantee except on those things.

HE talks in natural disasters. Phenomena such as lightning (now physics) desease (biology) and earthquakes (geology) moved from religion to science. But the not-understood climate still may serve as HIS word. When science has no explanation, things become religion. The amalgamation of religion and science opens immense opportunities to false prophets.


David, it is just as well that we have lots of scientists trying to explain climate then, so it will have an explanation. I feel we may have dodged a bullet there.


I got as far as “Planet could warm . . .”

I’d made my decision.

An equally valid way of phrasing this is: [The] “Planet could or could not warm . . .”

Bryan A

The planet (climate) could warm, the planet (climate) could cool, BUT the planet (climate) will NEVER remain stagnant


The planet can’t warm FAST ENOUGH for me. St. Paddy’s tomorrow and ice-topped snow up to my arse.
Not amused anymore with this climate change shite . . .

AGW is not Science

Yes, this will be the third year in a row that I send a sarcastic text to my family about being elated about the first day of SPRING…with a picture of the friggin snow outside.

In related news, Slate Rock and Gravel Company (NYSE: SRGC), based in Bedrock, was upgraded to Strong Buy by Standard and Poors. The company produces clay, stone and wood construction materials for post-postmodern commercial architecture and infrastructure. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) also saw a bounce with their announcement of a new car powered by feet.

Another Doug

Doing a little rubble rousing, eh?


Yup. It’s back to the Stone Age for all us evildoers and carbon dioxide emitters.

Too bad we’re out of sauropods to move all that rubble. But then, they were gigantic methane emitters.

Kalifornia Kook

Dang it, I almost missed the reference! Loved it.


Just how many storeys can they rise to with wood , stone and clay? Aren’t we supposed to increase population density?


The preferred solution is to decrease population.

AGW is not Science

No, the Eco-Fascists want everyone else to starve or freeze to death in the dark, the natural (pun intended) outcome of “climate policy.” After they have rid the Earth of all those other “inconvenient humans,” then they can get on with their enjoyment of their “Green Utopia.”

The statements he made show how barking mad he and his ilk are. They have completely lost it.

Thomas Homer

“I have all the evidence”

Is that why I haven’t seen any, he’s hoarding it all?


Hey, it’s the Church.
Have you EVER seen any slightest evidence from churches?
Lies over lies is all they can produce.
Time to finally leave the Church.

DC Cowboy

No, he’s hiding it in the deep ocean

Yes please let this fool stand up at the walk for science and spout this to all to hear how MAD they all are ;>)


Walk for science – on water no doubt


So his argument is “Go live like it is 1999 BC”?

You first.


“Planet could warm by 12 degrees, I have all the evidence” “Scientists have to take to the streets to counter denial”

Could we please see the evidence?

Bruce Cobb

Why should he show you the evidence? You will just find something wrong with it.

D Carroll

Yes. Whenever someone says that they have the evidence, I look for it, just in case I’m missing something!!. But again, he doesn’t show, or tell us about it!!!

DC Cowboy

There’s something vaguely disturbing about that statement. ‘Scientists’, who supposedly deal in a dispassionate search for the truth have ‘evidence’, but, they have to riot to get their point across?

AGW is not Science

Yes, amazing how they can’t get their point across by SHOWING US the alleged “evidence.” But then they really don’t have any, so…

Needs to be said once again (a phrase I coined):

“The only people in “denial” about “climate change” are those who deny that natural forces, not human activities, are what drive it.”

Tom Gelsthorpe

Someone finally came out and said it: We can only save the world by returning to the Stone Age. They slipped in a note of subtlety with the clause “replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.” And only gave the world 13 years to “phase out the combustion engine.”

They’re asking selected advanced societies to commit mass suicide. You’re going to move the world’s several billion city dwellers back into wattle-and-daub huts, and get around with ox carts? Fat chance.

When I was a farmer, I used propane-fired irrigation pumps than ran almost trouble-free for 40 years with only regular maintenance. Tractors and harvesting equipment is just as durable. Do you really think you can get those urbanized billions to return to peasantry?

Instead of pie-in-the-sky, doomsayers are touting a return to prehistoric lifestyles in less than a generation. They didn’t support 50 million people 8,000 years ago, and they won’t support 7 billion now. Academics can speculate about such nonsense, but real people aren’t going to buy it. And if scientists start rioting in the streets, science will lose its cachet within a few years.

john harmsworth

Just imagine what those billions of people living as hunter gatherers would do to the environment! This guy is definitely one of the first to get eaten!


Schellnhuber is one of the group of self-proclaimed “wise men” who have requested to have the world handed over to them to manage. No ego there, I am sure.

AGW is not Science

LOL yeah if the government ever manages to cram the Stone Age down our throats to “save us” from “climate change,” I promise it’s idiots like him that will be the first ones to get “stoned.” Six of us will drop a nice big flat rock on him ala “Monty Python’s Life of Brian.” ;-D


I would propose that all the Soylent Green types who believe this should, for the sake of signalling their peerless virtue, volunteer for the Great Compost Pile and Return to Nature first. We Deplorables will watch!

AGW is not Science


Or as I like to say to people barking about our “carbon footprint” – Until you’re chasing you dinner with a stick you sharpened with a rock, wearing only the skins of what you previously caught with the same implements, and you live in a cave, I don’t want to hear a word out of you about MY “carbon footprint.”

Russ Wood

A South African blog exchange went as follows:
“The answer staring one in the face is to get off the water and electricity grids. Buy a new house with a borehole if you have to. Cover your roof with solar panels, buy an inverter or two, Put in your own sewage disposal system.”

“Alternatively, move back into cave, use fire at the entrance for light and warmth, use skin of killed animals as clothes and use a hole in the ground for toilet.”

“No thanks, I don’t want to live in Boksburg.”

Substitude ‘Boksburg’ for any run-down town in your vicinity!


I propose these obviously extremely concerned people ought to be the vanguard of this new movement and show us the way forward – by adopting the lifestyle they prophesize we all need first.

… and until they can show just how good, how sustainable and how in harmony they can live with the world, I won’t feel compelled to follow them. 😀

Bryan A

Perhaps a Forced Relocation Camp in South Australia

michael hart

I sense a new reality-TV series coming on. One where climate doomsters actually have to live like they tell others to.

AGW is not Science

Michael Hart, I like it! First guests and permanent residents: Mann, Schmidt, Hanson, Jones, Stern, Boxer, Obama, Hillary, Gore and DiCaprio!

Strip them naked when they arrive and hand them a stick and a rock to sharpen it with. Live on what you can catch and kill, and wear nothing but the skins of your “dinner.” GO! We’ll rate it “BC” for “Blowing Chunks,” which is what will happen when you see those people sans attire.

Bryan A

“Living BC”… shoot you could even hold it in British Columbia as a Pun(ishment) but they must learn to flintknap and make tools for food processing

First items needed to make
Fire (I know it produces CO2 but it beats being cold and repeating raw meat)
Spear throwers
Bow and Arrows
Clothing (it gets rather cold in BC)
–needle & sinew or cording

No matches, no bottles, no grocery stores, no Nordstroms or even Kmart and no pharmacy

It’s the physical units which need to be constant , eg : RMS watts .
Spinal Tap is the only thing I respect Rob Reiner for .

Berényi Péter

By 2040 we will probably have to replace concrete and steel for construction by wood, clay and stone.

He missed straws. With no Big Bad Wolf around, that’s clearly the best option. Provided one does not want to build skyscrapers, but that’s impossible anyway, even with stone.

see The Three Little Pigs

So. From an environmental point of view he prefers huge flat cities with no transportation at all. Sounds attractive.

Cutting down woods for building material is even more greenish.

Bryan A

You can build fairly tall with Stone you just need to increase the size of the basecomment image
and one house per city block would certainly cut down on population density


Here’s another allegorical fairly tale for you:



If the sky wasn’t falling, it would drift off into space and that would be really bad. 🙂


You’re missing the point. As someone pointed out below, his ultimate objective is a Pol Pot-like reduction in population. Forget the urban sprawl. That’s not his objective. This bloke is a creepy, creepy person.

DC Cowboy

No, no, no. You have no idea. Didn’t you see ‘The Ten Commandments’? You use the straw (by cutting it up and stomping it into wet clay) to make stronger bricks (and also to lock in some CO2 that is in the straw). It’s easy


What happens to all that co2 from decaying human cadivers. Even if the bodies are eaten there will be a fart or burp to add to the levels.


Doesn’t Anthony have a list of shattered thresholds of impending doom?


The Homocentric Universe Astrologers will be drinking Jim Jones Patented Kool-Aid next. Ha ha


Climate alarmists have jumped the shark.


The question is why anyone still gives these asshats pixels.

Jeff L

How about we counter with the headline
“Industry Scientists must take to the streets to save us from Alarmists … and save humanity from leftists academics “

glen martin

From the quoted article: “If we want to hold the 1.5 degrees [Celsius; 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit] line”

That would be 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Math is hard if you are a journalist.

John M. Ware

Thank you, Glen–I was about to point out the same.

Bruce Cobb

Yes. If we don’t don’t do as they say, bricks will have to be made without straw, and have to be mixed by human feet.

Pat Frank

And they can’t be fired bricks, either. All that released CO2 from the kiln. Sun-dried only. Rebuild after every heavy rain.

How does that inspirational phrasing go? Ah, yes, Arbeit Macht Frei. The new progress model of the green left.

Bryan A

Just need these babies http://www.brickdotcom.com.my/pix/brick/b4.jpg and some nice strong Bamboocomment image

Bruce Cobb

As long as they’re wood-fired, it’s ok. Renooble energy, doncha know. But wait, where’d all the trees go? Oops.

Bryan A

Sounds like the Carbon Sink has a clogcomment image


Dodgy reference there Pat, be a bit careful lest Godwin gets you.

I once lived in an old house constructed using oak wood frames, filled with straw, clay, and cow excrement. It was actually pretty comfy. Not exactly the right stuff for high risers, of course.


Seance, quoting Godwins Law is juvenile. Almost as juvenile as yelling “jinx”.


Even invoking Godwin’s law is not evidence that the reference is invalid.


Is this an interesting irony? Anyone citing Godwin in a internet discussion has lost the argument?


I thought concrete re-absorbed most of the CO2 within a few decades.

So when looked from a 50-year perspective, use of CO2 is neutral.

Or am I totally mis-remembering?

Tom Halla

50 year time frame? But he really wants most of the people dead within 20 years

There is some reabsorption (via carbonation)but far from all that released in the original cement calcining. Per the cement industry website.


From: http://www.nature.com/ngeo/journal/v9/n12/abs/ngeo2840.html

“In total, we estimate that a cumulative amount of 4.5 GtC has been sequestered in carbonating cement materials from 1930 to 2013, offsetting 43% of the CO2 emissions from production of cement over the same period”

Not as good as I recalled, but certainly a significant CO2 sink and meaningful portion of the 1930-2013 cement is less than a couple decades old, so still absorbing CO2. It must be at least a 50% reabsorption within 50 years of manufacture.

Here’s the few charts in the paper:

Well, you found a better paper than I did. Kudos. Point remains the same. Highest regards.

Clyde Spencer

It takes a matter of hours to calcine a load of limestone, but it takes years to decades to partially re-carbonate the cement, especially for massive structures like dams.


Greg, that paper is a bit misleading as it only uses emissions from the calcination of the limestone when calculating the 43% offset. It doesn’t include the fuel used to heat the limestone, so the actual offset is closer to 20% when all emissions are included. Even so, that is a significant amount that is not usually considered in CO2 budgets.

Luckily, we have a model for how to achieve the goals of this criminal clique: Pol Pot of Cambodia already did it:

“Pol Pot presided over a totalitarian dictatorship,[6] in which his government made urban dwellers move to the countryside to work in collective farms and on forced labour projects. The combined effects of executions, strenuous working conditions, malnutrition and poor medical care caused the deaths of approximately 25 percent of the Cambodian population.[7][8][9][10] In all, an estimated 1 to 3 million people (out of a population of slightly over 8 million) perished as a result of the policies of his four-year premiership”

The results will necessarily be the exact same as were Pol Pot’s results: genocide, mass killings, slave-labor, misery, death, destruction.

It’s what PC-Progressivism is all about.

But don’t worry this criminal and his buddies will be planning our labor assignments, so it’ll all be okay!

DC Cowboy

But the Church will be there to hold us in it’s loving embrace and assure us that a better world awaits us.

DC Cowboy

That and we’ll need all the Priests again because they’ll be the only ones who can read and interpret the ancient texts for us.

Coach Sprnger

It’s not really a coincidence that Pol Pot should come up in a discussion of this Pope’s science advisor. Power based on zealous belief and contradicted by reality.


“It’s not really a coincidence that Pol Pot should come up in a discussion of this Pope’s science advisor….”

It’s not a coincidence because: This German is advocating EXACTLY what Pol Pot implemented in Cambodia:

A return to a pre-industrial “nirvana.”

And the only way to make that happen is EXACTLY as Pol Pot made it happen: Force, brutal force. Forced evacuations of the cities. Forced agricultural labor. Forced marriages. Forced killings. Force, force, force.

We have seen the future: It is a hob-nailed boot stepping on your face a thousand times a day.

Shut up and appreciate your nirvana, you damned reactionary!

here in the Netherlands elections, the green party quadrupled in size to about 10% of the votes.
Their goal is immense green taxation and a quick transition to solar and wind. And guess who their voters are: YUPs. The most educated group. (or brainwashed?)
If they succeed, my children certainly will live in deep poverty in rural agricultural settlements only to serve the elite. Slavery is the result of energy scarcity. Calling it communism or sustainability doesn’t change that.


Send money now before it’s too late!!


Isn’t that what they are taking to the streets for?
“Hello, sailor? Fancy a nice time, darling? I can keep the white lab coat on if you like.”

If you’re going to tell a lie, make it a BIG one.

Bryan A

The Pinoccio effect,
If you tell a big enough lie and your nose doesn’t grow it must be the truth


These people are stark raving mad you know.


Remember “Revenge of the Nerds?” Yeah. That!

Non Nomen

Schellnhuber is also nicknamed Schelmhuber, the pronunciation in German is almost indistinguishable, even for native speakers. A “Schelm” is a knave or scoundrel…

This advisor misuses that 97% figure (dreamed up) by John Cook. All that 97% meant, at best, was that mankind has contributed “something” to global warming, which is light years away from
any 12 degree warming.


Clearly his model is better. Other models stop at 10, some go to 11, but those models, those models take it to the next level.


And where is he going to get the electricity from to drive this to #12 ???


Models that go to 11 run on their own electricity, add a 12 and you’re making excess electricity. Tour the world and elsewhere and you learn these things.


The work on climate models, what worked and what does ot work, supports the idea that the climate change we are experiencing is caused by the sun and the oceans over which Mankind has no control. There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate. There is no such evidence in the paleoclimate record. There is plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero.

AGW is not Science

“There is no real evidence that CO2 has any effect on climate.”

Yup. Of course, Schellnhuber says he “has all the evidence,” so I suppose he could just show us, but likely all he has is more insistence that his pet hypothesis is fact and a bunch of GIGO computer models that assume it is fact, like the rest of the “Climastrologists.”

“There is no such evidence in the paleoclimate record.”

Amazing how they seem to keep ignoring that “inconvenient truth.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Of course, given time, they’ll go back to those “inconvenient records” and “adjust” them in 1984esque fashion to make them fit the BS story of CO2 induced catastrophe.

“There is plenty of scientific rational to support the idea that the climate sensivity of CO2 is zero.”

Including the aforementioned paleoclimate record. Or, as I now LOVE to put it: “Observation TRUMPS theory.” ;-D


I guess the good professor wants to party like it’s 1977. That was the pre-weather satellite era, after all. 😉


A strait-jacket and a padded cell seem appropriate for this guy. Where do they find these raving loonies?


He is the founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research but has a long reach, https://www.pik-potsdam.de/members/john/cv.

He is on the Advisory Board of the LSE/Imperial Grantham Institutes, LSE Grantham chairman Nick Stern has been on the “Scientific Advisory Board” of his Potsdam Institute, as has Imperial Grantham boss, Brian Hoskins.

Currently on both the Grantham board and the Potsdam board is Jennifer Morgan, currently co-CEO of Greenpeace International, formerly Climate Action Network, WWF, World Resources Institute and UK’s E3G. Also on the board is Penny Sackett of the Australian National University.

Potsdam is also the home of Real Climate’s Stefan Rahmstorf and Economist Ottmar Edenhofer, (climate policy is about wealth re-distribution). They have an “Outreach” strategy, (infiltration) and have made significant inroads into Australian Universities, see Tony Thomas’s Quadrant Online piece on this:



Look at the bloke – he is creepy. Nothing would surprise me about him.

AGW is not Science

He looks kind of like “Smithers” from the Simpsons. I can imagine him speaking in the same voice, too.

Darrell Demick (home)

Dang, to me he looks kinda like Charles Montgomery Burns. But I do like the comparison to The Simpsons.

Wouldn’t want to defame Homer however, through comparison ……

That guy has form, he’s as mad as a box of frogs

Tom in Florida

” It would be the end of the world as we know it, ”

Would that be so bad?


The end is nigh. Sequester a baby to save the world. The Choice is yours.

Oh, and Send. More. Money. The ivory towers have taken on a twilight hue.

Rome could help Vatican to lead by example.

Bryan A

Perhaps the Vatican City should lead by example and immediately disconnect from the grid to prove sustainability doesn’t require Carbon. Oh and no more Hydrated Carbon for their morning cuppa either

So now instead of giving 110%, they want 120%.

yea, that will work. Hehehehe


John Schellnhuber?

Do you mean Hans Joachim Schellnhuber from Potsdam Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK)?




I have all the evidence.

Show it to us.

He doesn’t have it, as this is chronic German warmist bigot, Schellnhuber babbling again.


Climate change is real and it has infected every western institution. The proof is piling up as the same institutions go down.


Professor John Schellnhuber, please follow your own instructions: Turn off the lights and the heating//cooling, don’t drive//fly ever again, and simply reflect on your thoughts in your cave. Sweet dreams.

Henning Nielsen

That’s right; hold on to your inner co2.

John in Oz

I had a similar reaction on seeing how he is definitely not living in the world he wants us to live in.

Will his new, wattle and daub dwelling have windows or any metal given the high energy required to produce/smelt both?


Alaric is at the gates of the city.

John V. Wright

And this man is a Professor. Really. You could not make this up.

Henning Nielsen

Schellnhuber is the leading advisor to the German chancellor Merkel, on all things concerning climate. I think the heat he warns against, is mainly coming from under his feet. Like so many other alarmists, he is getting more and more desperate. He seems to prefer to relate to the 2 degree target (which he himself created), because that’s 20-30 years into the future, according to the co2 “budget”. Whereas the 1,5 degree target leaves us only 10 years. And there’s a chance he’d still be around then, but not so likely -at least not in the public sphere- in 20-30 years. The same old “disaster will come when I’ve retired” warning. I think he sees a lot of scary writing on the wall of his institute. A spell has been broken across the Atlantic, and IMO there are lots of “closet skeptics” in the political elites of Europe waiting for the right moment to come out. A tipping point. As so often before, America is leading the way, but Europeans will wait some time before following suit, so that the about turn is not too obviously embarrassing. Schellnhuber has had his glory days, basking in the inner and outer glow of political influence. But, “those who take politics, shall perish by politics”.

The problem is not with this strange guy sitting in an advisory board of the german government. The real issue is that the whole advisory board ( http://www.wbgu.de/en/council-members/2016-2020/ ) shares his extreme views on politics and environment and has already developed a totalitarian strategy, how society has to be transformed to deal with the environmental challenges mankind is causing.

It took this advisory board 8 years to convince the government to start the green “Energiewende”. Now the board is not only requesting the transformation of society it is also claiming a permanent seat in government for the advisory board. This governmental science advisor cannot be voted for and he can also not be passed by by politics. He is supposed to check and eventually block every political decision when it comes to sustainability.

What else than totalitarian is this? And this not theoretical thinking. These are official claims of officially operating government advisors.

Darrell Demick (home)

Those who can, do.

Those who can’t, teach.

Stephen Skinner

‘Scientists have to take to the streets’ to counter climate denial’
What the hell is ‘climate denial’?


Stephen, I think you know really.

Clyde Spencer

It was a rhetorical question intended to point out the absurdity of the pejorative “climate denial” meme.


Clyde, and how would you analyse my response?


Stupid. As usual.


Good one MarkW, I chuckled at that.

Like several others I am delighted that this fellow has “all the evidence”. I look forward to seeing it.

I await even a single comment from an alarmist disowning what he said. Of course I don’t expect one of the superstars like Gore to speak out. Schmidt too has bigger fish to fry at the moment. But how about a quick drive by from Mosher? Or perhaps Stokes can say he has replicated the study?

Come on guys. Where is the threshold? Just how brainless does alarmism need to get before you call it out?