In one picture: why you shouldn't get your climate information from the @dailykos

From the department of photoshopped bipolar behavior comes this hilarious photograph that accompanies a headline of doom from the leftist cesspool known as the Daily Kos.

It just doesn’t get any better than this from the Kos kids. Thank you for making life entertaining with this epic failure.


Tom Nelson spotted it and wrote in a tweet:

In article about the Arctic, puts a photoshopped penguin on the “Ursus Bogus” iceberg, attribution NCAR!

It’s the same fake ice floe that caught out Science magazine a few years ago with the polar bear photoshopped in:


You can get one with a Penguin (or three) from the photo library, as seen below:

If you like the background it is also available with one penguin:

Or three penguins:


But you just have to remember one very important detail before using it:

Penguins don’t live at the North Pole or the Arctic!


232 thoughts on “In one picture: why you shouldn't get your climate information from the @dailykos

  1. “Penguins don’t live at the North Pole or the Arctic!”
    Oh No! Penguins have gone extinct at the North Pole!! The sixth Great Extinction has already Begun!!! Repent for the End is Nigh!!!! :))

    • Well that’s actually a Great Auk; not a penguin.
      And it will have to learn to flap faster if it ever wants to get off that iceberg.

    • I know you are joking but penguins actually were extirpated from the north pole. The Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) was the original penguin and the birds in the southern hemisphere were named after them. I believe the extinction was driven by the hunt for feathers and oil collected to offset the effects of the little ice age (down for pillows and quilts, oil for lamp). Clearly another case of cold is bad.

      • We in Wales called the Great Auk by it’s Welsh name “Pengwyn” , meaning white head or white face. The name then got transferred to the Southern bird. It’s one of the few words to have made a transition from Welsh to English apart from “Cardiff City, Nil “

      • Sadly, the final extinction was driven by museums, anxious to get one in their collections before they were all gone…

    • “Penguins don’t live at the North Pole or the Arctic!”
      No – you’re all wrong! Without question… ***Cartoon*** penguins, polar bears, eskimos, climate scientists do live happily together at the North Pole, along with Santa Claus, his reindeer, and all the elves.

      • You forgot about Mrs. Claus! Shame on you! Looks like you’ll be getting a lump of coal this year. It would have to be coal!

      • Santa Claus at the North Pole??? Oh – no! Quite wrong nowadays! Santa Claus lives now on a mountain top above Montreux in Switzerland. Not far from and closely connected with the head quarter of the IPCC in Geneva which is – of course – very appropiate indeed:

    • Obviously the reason the penguin numbers are fluctuating in their virtual reality is due to the virtual polar bears in their virtual reality.
      Maybe if they added a few more virtual ice cubes their virtual reality would be fine?
      There might even be room to add a few virtual seal pups!
      (To add some virtual variety to the poor bears virtual diet.)

    • But, but … this is just more proof that “as the climate warms” species are being forced to higher and higher latitudes.
      The last colonies of Adelie penguins are now to be found on remnants of ice at the North pole, when “normally” they live in Antarctica. How much clearer does it have to get?
      This is a wake up call to the rest of the world and especially all those deenyerz who frequent “false news” outlets like WUWT !

      • You might be surprised to learn that only 2 species of penguin actually live on Antarctica. All the others inhabit the southern oceans with the Galapagos penguin living at the equator, although I doubt they’d be riding ice bergs.

      • Not enough land mass in the southern seas that ISN’T covered by ice sheets for any bears, let alone polar bears. BTW the polar bears are a sub-breed of brown bear.

    • SMC. Well, there you go. It just shows how warm we are getting. In reality, all the Antarctic ice has been completely melted away so they, in mass “flocks” (?) er whatever, are swimming to the North Poll as they heard there was still some ice for the Cokes.

    • “Penguins don’t live at the North Pole or the Arctic!”
      “Oh No! Penguins have gone extinct at the North Pole!!”
      And that’s the problem isn’t it SMC! You flagrant denier! You pustule on the buttocks of thinking people! How dare you! Those poor arctic seagoing lizards are completely GONE! Where is your heart? Where is your Compassion?
      Will Reindeer weep? What about Rudolph?
      /End of Sarcasm. Live long, and Prosper.

    • Sadly, I’ve long envisioned Obama and his WH staff frequenting the Daily Kos on a regular basis, so that they might keep in touch with the ebb and flow of emotions from their constituency.

      • Actually it is where they go to get there facts. BOb first learned that the ACA would save the average family $2500 a year in premiums from the Daily Kos. That was right before he learned the part about liking your plan/Doctor and keeping your plan/Doctor. He improvised the the spiel “period end of sentence.” exhibiting that witty repartee of his.”

      • Obama can read!!!?????
        My god, if he could do that and manage a junior high logarithm then he could disprove CAGW all by himself!
        0.8= C x ln (405/270) solve for C
        Substitute into
        dT= C x ln (2)
        CO2 Sensitivity = dT x 0.5 (IPCC Says half of warming since 1850 is CO2)
        Whala climate sensitivity as determined by MEASUREMENT.
        ( for the interested around 0.7 deg per doubling )

    • Without a doubt the Left now lives in its own little world–they hear no one but each other, withe the NYT ringing the bell in the echo-chamber. Just listened to a self-congratulatory “report” on NPR with some idiots going on about how a giant wind-farm off Nantucket is “needed” because “America’s energy needs will increase.” Think they’ve heard about the big shale gas and oil find in Texas yet???! If you know what’s REALLY going on, the “elite” are sounding more and more ridiculous!

    • Don’t be silly. They may be telling lies, but they are telling lies we want you to believe. The only sites that will go on the banned list are those that tell you lies we don’t want you to believe. Which is to say, the truth.
      Big Brother

    • OR… maybe he was originally on a great big iceberg in the antarctic and it floated all the way up to the arctic melting along the way.

      • No He/She/It (Can’t leave out the LGBTIQ- Alphabet penguins) must have been abducted by aliens – probed and then deposited at the wrong pole, it gets confusing for those out of solar system folks.

  2. I’d go even further. Ignore the existence of the Daily Kos.
    However much Kos tries to provoke you by ignoring your existence, do what we did: pretend they don’t exist. Never rise to the bait by ignoring them back. That makes you no better than the very lettuce-themed losers you hate the most.
    TL:DR version: when you’re walking down the street and you notice Kos ignoring you, count to ten, pretend you don’t even notice, and walk away.

    • The problem with that is there are a lot of people who are inclined to believe the nonsense DK spouts.
      If nobody refutes them, they will continue to believe the DK nonsense.

      • MarkW,
        They want to get a rise out of you. Don’t rise to the bait; it’s beneath you. Politely decline to lower yourself to their level, however inclined you may be to do so; rise above and swim away.

      • They live in an epistemically-closed world. You can’t refute something that is a *core assumption*, it’s not available for refutation.
        Over the years, more and more beliefs have become core assumptions, to the point where political discussion across the “left/not-left” divide has become nearly impossible. Not just difficult or treacherous, but *impossible*.
        Questioning core assumptions is almost always received as an attack, not a question.
        They don’t support the strong form of climate politics because of the data, they generally can’t even describe it, they support it because to not do so would be *evil*, and they certainly aren’t going to listen to any *evil* arguments, now are they?

      • I’m OK with a significant blog site like this pointing out their stupidity. A single click from a WUWT blogger won’t buy them lunch. Just don’t follow a link a give them more clicks.

      • you don’t have to refute them; just say, calmly and with a smile on your face, “Hillary Clinton will never be President!”
        I think the entire climate scam apparatus is going to fall apart pretty quickly now, at least in the US. It was all coordinated to reach a crescendo which would be at its peak just before this election, and – pssssssssssssssssssss (that’s all the air going out of the balloon)
        All of these protests and articles and various wailings and gnashings of teeth were only worth while if they could provide cover for a government agency to take some regulatory action it wanted to do already, but couldn’t come up with a legal basis for. (ie, the CPP) But now that Trump and his disciples are in control, there’s no use for that kind of thing, and more importantly, no point for the sponsors (podesta, stein, soros, etc) to go on paying to keep this up. They’ll find new ways to make trouble, but the left’s strategy camp is realizing that they’ve rode this horse into the ground.
        The useful idiots are going to continue to make noise, of course. But that’s all that’s going to be left.

      • Brad, yes there are those who are mentally closed. But there are many who are just curious.
        PS: I don’t bother posting on sites like that because they delete all comments that aren’t part of the choir within minutes.

      • Funny you should refer to it as DK, and so appropriate.
        “The Dunning-Kruger effect, named after David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University, occurs where people fail to adequately assess their level of competence — or specifically, their incompetence — at a task and thus consider themselves much more competent than everyone else. This lack of awareness is attributed to their lower level of competence robbing them of the ability to critically analyse their performance, leading to a significant overestimate of themselves.
        In simple words it’s “people who are too stupid to know how stupid they are”.

      • I like Unconsciously incompetent – you don’t know what you don’t know, or you are too stupid to know that you are stupid. It’s on a level with.
        “A simple electronic brain will suffice, one that can say, pass the tea, and where is my towel, noone will notice”. “I will” says Arthur Dent. “No you won’t” said the mice, “you’ll be programmed not to”.
        (Sorry, don’t have the exact text so it’s a praphase)
        Love it – very applicable Douglas Adams clearly knew lots about the left.

    • But walking away gives you away. You have to keep walking the way you were walking when you noticed them not noticing you. Just walk straight over them. Straightaway.

      • Pah—enough of these half-measures, Venerable Jorge!
        A measured response is exactly what they want, so don’t give them the satisfaction; you have to respond disproportionately, or they’ll just keep ignoring you.
        I call it the nuclear option.
        Never let them know that you’re aware that they’re pretending not to be aware of you; pretend you don’t even notice them pretending not to notice you

      • Brad….gave myself a headache parsing that out….:) But what if you want them to keep on ignoring you? Do you then let them know you are aware that they are pretending not to be aware of you, or do you try to forget that you were once aware that they were pretending not to be aware of you, and thus restore actual ignoring of them…and hope they follow suit?

    • That’s the truth! Sites you want to just go away, the way to do it is by not giving them any clicks, shares, re-tweets, or even linking their garbage here. The fewer people who read lies and propaganda, the less incentive for the trolls who are writing it.

  3. Was it Nat. Geo. or the BBC who came up with the April Fool prank about penguins migrating to the Amazon? These guys have gone next level!

    • I saw that story, too, MarkW.
      I believe the man had saved the penguin at one point, and nursed it back to health in his home, and then released him back to the sea, not knowing his fate, and then the next year the penguin showed up at the man’s house, and has been coming back ever since. He spends a little time with the man, and then leaves and swims south to the antarctic.
      A really good story. Animals are not as dumb as some people think they are.

      • I remember a similar story about a housecat. The family brought it with them on vacation and accidentally left it behind on the return trip. By the time they realized this and went back for it, the cat was nowhere to be found. A few months later, that same cat showed up at the doorstep of their home, having found its own way back.
        What made the story so remarkable was that the family’s home and the vacation destination were hundreds of miles apart. This cat had pretty much traveled across Europe on foot (er, on paw), retracing the family’s route of travel to get back home. It had likely subsisted on wild prey (and perhaps a few food bowls from Good Samaritans) along the way. And you thought Homeward Bound was only a movie.

    • The pathetic part is that half the Yale freshman class likely couldn’t tell you whether penguins live in the Arctic, the Antarctic, or just the Bronx Zoo.

  4. My read on the sequence of the 3 above “authentic” photos;
    1. Polar bear on ice flow;
    2. attacked by 3 penguins;
    3. only survivor was one penguin.

  5. Detailed Forecast Sachs Harbour North West Territories CANADA (some would say balmy)
    Today Periods of light snow. Wind northeast 20 km/h. High minus 24. Wind chill minus 37.
    Tonight Partly cloudy. Becoming cloudy overnight. Wind northeast 20 km/h. Temperature rising to minus 19 by morning. Wind chill minus 37.
    Wed, 30 Nov Snow. Amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind east 30 km/h gusting to 50. High minus 13. Wind chill minus 33.
    Night Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 22.
    Thu, 1 Dec Clear. High minus 23.
    Night Clear. Low minus 22.
    Fri, 2 Dec Cloudy. Windy. High minus 17.
    Night Cloudy. Low minus 19.
    Sat, 3 Dec Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Windy. High minus 19.
    Night Clear. Low minus 22.
    Sun, 4 Dec Clear. High minus 21.
    Night Clear. Low minus 25.
    Mon, 5 Dec Clear. High minus 22.

  6. Whilst the photo might be fake, what is the thruth behind the “North Pole heats up to 36 degrees above normal” ?

    • The North Pole is about 20°C (36°F) above “normal,” Siberia is about 20°C (36°F) below “normal” and Greenland is about 5-10°C (9-18°F) “below normal”…

      Average out the big purple and big red blobs and you probably get an Arctic temperature close to normal… irrespective of Climate Reanalyzer’s claim that it’s 6.42°C warmer than normal.

    • That temp is being measured in Farenheit, makes it more dramatic. Fact is that as of a week ago temps were further above normal in the area above 80 degrees latitude than has been previously recorded (in last 58 years of continuous records) while Eastern Asia/Siberia was well below normal. However, in the past week, the temp Up there has plummeted more than 10 degrees C, to about -18. down much closer to normal, and ice extent is growing again.
      The planet has lost a lot of heat, and that’s not good news for us up here in Maine.

      • It is coming to Western Canada this week. We have been above normal for weeks but next week we drop from current -2C to -26C (Manitoba/North Dakota border). Winter has arrived. We will send it on to the great plains/great lakes area just to share.

      • @Mike Maguire: no kidding. Next few days in Fairbanks, AK, it will warm to -3 (the high)’and then fall back to highs between -10 and -20 for a week. Hot damn!

      • Jeff Alberts,
        No neat tricks, just part of a weather pattern, cross polar flow that we occasionally see in Winter, which often results in our coldest temperatures in North America. You may have heard it described as “The Siberian Express” before.
        The link provided is updated daily and was posted with a starting date of 11-29, running a loop thu the following 2 weeks at 24 hours intervals.
        Going to that link on the 30th, shows the pattern advanced 24 hours from the initial state onward. After that, the value for using that link to illustrate the flow of cold from Siberia to North America will have passed, as the cold in fact has already been flushed out of Siberia and in early December, will have been replaced with air from lower latitudes that shows up as warm anamolies.
        Those maps are just anomalies for 850 MB temperatures.

    • what is the thruth behind the “North Pole heats up to 36 degrees above normal” ?…
      The sun’s not doing it. 😉
      That’s air temp from the heat escaping from the water…
      ..and the water was put there by the Atlantic current moving the heat from the AMO
      that’s the way it works..and then it gets really cold

    • That’s exactly the truth -the pole, even during the winter darkness , clocked up temps an astonishing 36 F above normal this month….
      widely reported (except on Watts Up?)
      “A large area of the Arctic saw temperatures as much as 36°F above normal, further slowing Arctic sea ice growth and even turning it around for a few days. In other words, it was so warm in the Arctic that despite the lack of sunlight, sea ice actually disappeared.”
      and this IS unusual:
      “​The ridiculously warm temperatures in the Arctic during October and November this year are off the charts over our 68 years of measurements,” Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at Rutgers University who studies the Arctic, said.

      • Actually Griff is TOTALLY wrong about these 40 degree jags on days, we had one just a few years ago which was very widely reported.

  7. The shadow suggests a high sun, as in summer. I wonder how long that lone penguin survived in an area full of starving polar bears and tens of thousands of miles from home. Next they’ll show us a polar bear at the S Pole eating all the penguins. Oh, wait, wasn’t that Al G,
    The 36 degrees above normal temp, is above the temp. that is normal’ for winter, but that photo was summer. That stupid penguin must have ‘toined right’ at Albuquerque instead of left, as ‘Bugs’ told us.

  8. It just dawned on me that this green photo shopped culture is no different from the supermarket tabloids of the previous generation. It’s all about selling feelings not facts or insight. Educational level does not explain it either, especially with lowered standards of degrees and degree programs.

    • I used to be a photoshop artist. In the early days it was considered appropriate to make deliberate faults in ‘realistic’ photo edits so that it was clear that it is not reality. Now it seems that you can just pretend and lie if the message is ‘worthy’.

    • IMHO its all about selling ad space, or click-bait, or whatever the current epithet. The “product” is whatever serves to entice the viewer to become lured. That aspect of tabloid journalism has never changed. Now you don’t have to buy it at the checkout line in the supermarket.
      “Never underestimate the crassness of the public.”
      “There is a sucker born every minute.”
      Both uttered by the quintessential huckster P.T. Barnum

  9. Just how surreal that photo is escapes most folks who’ve never seen anything more than an iced-over river in their lives. those tiny ripples just don’t happen on the ocean. those are swells from a good distance around something large.

  10. I think everyone is obviously missing the true story: ALL the ice melted in the Antarctic, so the poor penguins had to migrate to the Arctic. And there was not ice there, either.
    Or…they don’t actually teach geography in college anymore. Hard to find the time with all the Gender Issues courses I guess.

  11. In 2009, Time magazine listed Daily Kos in its “Most Overrated Blogs” section due to the loss of its mission fighting the “oppressive and war-crazed” Republican administration during Democrat Barack Obama’s presidency. link

    Oh good. Now they will have a renewed sense of purpose.

  12. Poor little fella probably just floated over from a nearby public service notice about ice loss at the South Pole.

  13. The thing that bothers me about these photoshopped pix is that both polar bears and penguins can SWIM. Neither of them are trapped on an ice floe unless the want to be. Is there an orca in the vicinity, eyeing his next meal? Otherwise, neither is hampered in the least by global warming or retreating ice. Sheesh!

  14. BTW. At my local Garden Centre store (why are they always Garden Centres) they have a ‘Santa theme’, with sleigh etc. The etc is a polar bear coming out of the ‘ice’ alongside a penguin. The question is, do they (those who design these things) know, or don’t they care?

  15. The man made left wing global warming scam is based on junk science, misleading information and outright lies.

  16. The penguins are bigger than the polar bear.
    So is it:
    1) A north pole GIANT penguin
    2) A miniature south pole polar bear.
    Maybe the DK reporter found a new species. They do a lot of field research for their writing. (sarcasm)

    • I know I can be a slow at times but I don’t see how this bit of “fake news” helped lead to Hillary’s defeat?
      I thought “fake news” only helped Trump.
      Or was that news also fake?

  17. Just one more reason why climate (what was the new one?) dumpster? or something… Earth has more than one climate. Climes change! apparently, globally all these geographical areas interact with each other on a Carbon Dioxide type fuzzy temperature level?
    Don’t think so.

  18. So, I guess the Kos Kids are saying that Donald Trump will be the progenitor of a mass migration of penguins from the South pole to the North pole.

  19. Gotta hand it to Tom Nelson.
    He had the stomach to at least glance at a Kos page to spot the pics..
    I wouldn’t go near that rat hole.

  20. Where’s Mosh, Toneb, Griff and Nick to defend this “climate science™”?
    Come on guys, you are letting your side down……. yet again.

  21. That ice-flow started off as a big iceberg when the three penguins set off from Antarctica on their voyage, paddling north, but crossing the equator was very severe on the ice and they will have to swim the last few kilometres to Greenland.

  22. Ridicule will make warmunist microcephalitic heads further implode. This, Steyn’s book on Mann (using law suit material), Gavin bluffing Trump on GISS funding, …

  23. Why do people get endlessly over excited over the pictures accompanying articles?
    The author of the piece does not have any control about what stock image a junior picture editor drops onto an article…

    • No, but the actual editor does. And you’ve got to admit, that’s a stupid photo if you’re illustrating an article about the Arctic.

    • Griff,
      You wouldn’t want to mislead anyone with an erroneous picture if it’s related to such an important issue like Global Warming would you? That would be unscientific, if you did, right?

      • no, I wouldn’t.
        and yet on pretty much any online article I see a stock photo attached selected with absolutely no care and attention whatever.
        that’s how it works on the internet… it might be an article on cabbage, King Arthur, Donald Trump or Detroit.
        It’ll get a stupidly random stock photo.
        Get over it.
        It is what is in the writing in the article which counts.

    • If it had been a piece attacking CAGW, Griff would be out there saying that the picture proves the article can’t be taken seriously.

    • I can’t say many of the comments excite me – though there is much excellent humour on these pages…
      (Loved the flipper slapping penguin clip)
      I just thought we were here to discuss climate?
      discussion – that involves stating your position and evidence, then the other guy comes back with contrary points and evidence… you remember that?

    • 1) Its the equivalent of Van Halen’s “no brown M and Ms”: i.e., if they can’t get something so simple right, what else are they getting wrong?
      2) “junior picture editor” is what the author of the piece would have been in the days before the internet. Now, these people call themselves authors (which means they re-type press releases they don’t read about things they don’t understand).

    • Forest – but it isn’t propaganda is it?
      Its a stock photo lobbed onto an article clearly by mistake.
      I am pretty sure this Daily whatsit site (never visited!) has some sort of contact us/please point out our mistakes link – did anybody think of pointing it out?

    • Forrest Gardener November 30, 2016 at 10:31 am
      Griff, are you now suggesting that the image was not expressly prepared for propaganda purposes?

      I think he’s suggesting that when the propaganda people went through their file to find a picture to go with the article they either never read the article or stopped at fake news “penguin” instead of fake news “polar bear”.
      An honest mistake.

    • I notice on the interesting article on 1430s cold elsewhere on this website the illustration is Whitby abbey in the snow…
      That is a random mediaeval thing in an icy scene.
      And that picture seems to have been selected with at least a little thought… can you see why someone asked to find a stock photo to go with a piece on ice or similar might have come up with a random ice floe plus penguin without it being a plot/propaganda?

  24. Looks like the iceberg hasn’t melted a bit in the past seven years. Can’t be too warm where it is.

  25. Puffins, you idiots, use puffins… the ‘penguins’ of the Northern Hemisphere.
    Then, your fake picture will match up well with the name Puffington Host, a popular, if intentional, spoonerism for another wack-job far-left punditry site.

    • The big deal is it isn’t just at the North Pole, its anomalously warm over the whole arctic ocean region…

      • Hi Grift,
        Sorry, I couldn’t help it. (The Penguin made me do it!)
        (sometimes used with a plural verb) a group of methods for obtaining money falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, dishonest gambling, etc.
        money obtained from such practices.
        to profit by the use of grift: a man known to have grifted for many years.
        to obtain (money or other profit) by grift.

      • Mods, I copied a definition that contained one of the auto-moderation words.
        If you choose to leave the comment out, I’m fine with that, but I would like it be looked at by one of you first.

  26. Why does the person calling himself ‘Griff’ always forget that everyone associated with the AGW temperature altering scam has been caught doing it? ClimateGate revealed the world’s top scientists know it stopped warming in 1998. It’s why it was so important that Phil Jones confessed AGAIN in his Feb 2010 BBC don’t-go-to-jail interview.
    He had already been seen plotting with Michael Mann, Kevin Trenberth and others to ruin the reputation of the BBC reporter who said the same thing,
    furthermore he himself – JONES is now LEGENDARY for sayin to scientist John Christy in 2005, ”The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world cooled since 1998. Ok it has but it’s only seven years of data and it isn’t statistically significant.”
    Griff is a classic shill: he seems like he’s got brains to pour piss from a boot till you check what he’s doing – and all he’s doing is political agitation.
    He knows all those temperatures are faked, he can’t hide from ClimateGate.
    He’s just another shill whose atmospheric chemistry is non existent, and whose propensity to lie is equal to all those people who made money for years ‘counseling’ people that ‘marijuana was like heroin’ because ‘government sighnts sez soe’.

  27. This post is now linked on Real Clear Energy as part of Real Clear Politics.
    Anthony and friends have arrived with those folks noticing.
    They have noticed before but with the warming fiction being more and more obvious and Trump and friends about to halt the warming propaganda I think Anthony and others who post here will be featured and quoted often.
    Being right did not do it. Changing political realities did. Trump, May and maybe others changes the official line. Merkel blew refugees so NOW folks want nuclear and coal not over-priced “renewables”.
    This was never about science.

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