California Passes a New Climate Law to Regulate Cow Methane

Costs are rising for Californian Businesses

Costs are rising for Californian Businesses

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has just signed a law to require dairy farmers to reduce bovine methane emissions.

California targets dairy cows to combat global warming

GALT, Calif. – California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm.

The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock.

Despite strong opposition from farmers, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation in September that for the first time regulates heat-trapping gases from livestock operations and landfills.

Cattle and other farm animals are major sources of methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas. Methane is released when they belch, pass gas and make manure.

“If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming,” said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is drawing up rules to implement the new law.

In the nation’s largest milk-producing state, the new law aims to reduce methane emissions from dairies and livestock operations to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030, McCarthy said. State officials are developing the regulations, which take effect in 2024.

“We expect that this package … and everything we’re doing on climate, does show an effective model forward for others,” McCarthy said.

Dairy farmers say the new regulations will drive up costs when they’re already struggling with five years of drought, low milk prices and rising labor costs. They’re also concerned about a newly signed law that will boost overtime pay for farmworkers.

“It just makes it more challenging. We’re continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don’t exist,” said Paul Sousa, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen.

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The number of Californian people and businesses fleeing overregulation and high costs reached a record high last year. I doubt the new cow fart law will do anything to reassure people who haven’t yet joined the great Californian exodus.

251 thoughts on “California Passes a New Climate Law to Regulate Cow Methane

    • Missed something in the maths? Cows eat grass. Grass regrows sequestering CO2. Cows make fat. Sequestering more CO2. The more cows the less CO2.
      I recall there were vast herds of bison roaming the US plains. They are gone, causing a methane deficit. Has Jerry considered all the environmental inputs vs time? What about all the bull that flows out of Sacramento? Surely this could end all life on Gaia?

      • I’m sorry, but the real threat to the environment is posed by vegan flatulence. You only have to read the CDC’s latest report on the matter–“Our Leading Universities’ Faculty Lounges–The New Killing Jars?”, to learn that, on an annualized basis, your average Gaia-freak lefty-herbivore rips off more methane than that released by North America’s top ten feed-lots combined.
        Of interest, the CDC very persuasively advocates for the so-called “blue-flamer” climate mitigation strategy–an approach that harnesses three robust, proven, low-cost technologies–mandatory-wear chastity-belts, monitored by the same off-the-shelf technology used in your basic, court-ordered ankle-bracelet, supporting an appropriately positioned, “wind”-powered, pilot-light attachment. Somehow, I’m thinkin’ someone’s gonna make a lot of green-washed bucks off of this deal.

      • Farting cows have nothing to do with greenhouse gases.
        The California Government wants to get farmers off the land under the guise of “sustainability” and obeying UN Agenda 21.
        I bet most the major cities and towns of California are members of at least one of the following: ICLEI, Sustainable 100 resilient cities and Green Cities.
        Here is what these people think about land and there is a lot more to it than this. check page 8. The highlighting is mine.
        Or how about the infiltration of education.
        Check out this High School Exam Exemplar that has a lot of Agenda 21 in it.
        Its funny how the Rockefeller name pops up so often when you go to these websites!

      • What . . . a . . . crock. Moonbeam is all in with the Bolshevikian global socialists. Those wonderful folk what brought upon us genetically modified (GMO) staples—corn, soy, rice, wheat—that sterilizes farmers’ mammalian livestock and puts farmers out of business even as the globalists simultaneously installed a doomsday organic seed vault north of Stavanger, Norway, in a granite mountain with a bomb proof steel door. One in the same as they who are seeding the stratosphere with nanoed aluminum, strontium, barium, and other crap, all the while saying they’re just ” . . . trying to save earth and humanity from global warming by shielding the planet from the sun.”
        Pigs fly, too.
        Earth hasn’t warmed a C in a couple of decades and virtually nothing last century in the bigger scheme of things. And animals don’t have a damn thing to do with it.
        Humanity/plants/animals rely on CO2 for life. End of story. The strato-feeders/seeders are attempting to create faux global warming with manmade droughts, water, crop shortages so they can jack-up food prices; all the while hoping for secondary benefits of eliminating “useless eaters”, as Henry pointed out, who no longer can afford to buy food or have a place to grow it; this while simultaneously stirring up a little URI business for their BigMed brethren. Faux global warming. Faux Swine flu/Ebola/Zeka “pandemics de jour.” So-called domestic terrorist attacks”. All bankrolled by the same devil’s tribe.
        Tell me this article is an early April fool’s joke? An extended typo?
        Where this insanity originates:
        The authenticated methaners’ list (Source: Environmental Working Group “Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change and Health”)
        And a reader’s solution (VooDude) to the methane problem

      • rogerthesurf
        November 30, 2016 at 12:06 am
        Farting cows have nothing to do with greenhouse gases.
        The California Government wants to get farmers off the land under the guise of “sustainability” and obeying UN Agenda 21.

        This is the underlying reason arguing the science which is known to be wrong but spouted as the justification will not work. California is not alone in these efforts several federal agencies are also supporting Agenda 21 for example the EPA and its water and wetlands policies Agenda 21 Section 18. In UK the ‘Making Space for Water’ Strategy was used by DEFRA to justify the cessation of dredging drains on the Somerset Levels resulting in huge flooding of farmland. Search for ‘Making Space for Water’ and you will find it is based on Agenda 21 Section 18. The same is happening in Australia too.

      • This is introducing regulations at the state/sub-national level and then using them as a platform to pressure other states into doing the same thing.

    • It just makes it more challenging. We’re continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don’t exist,” said Paul Sousa, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen

      There are currently only 2 ways to reduce cattle flatulence, belching and manure production within the state.
      1) Reduce the number of cattle per ranch
      AND THEN
      2) Drive a portion of the ranches with cattle out of state.
      The cattle will still exist eating, belching, farting and crapping. Their total methane will still be produced but just outside of the state borders.
      So ….. what stops their methane from entering the state anyway???
      This will only succeed in reducing GHG emissions like Europe purchasing Coal sourced energy from China reduces CO2

      • There are currently only 2 ways to reduce cattle flatulence, belching and manure production within the state.

        There is only one good way to stop cow farts. Die Endlösung.
        But in order to reduce CH4 emissions, one can do a lot by properly handling bovine dung.
        For example, BS talk is a bad way of handling BS. You should collect the gases BS talk generates. Gore flying around talking BS causes emissions for sure.
        What I suspect is the progressives are on their long journey to destroy everything related to meat and milk, so that they could shine in their internal warm glow and be as vegan-good-people as possible. They will succeed in making meat and milk a little bit more expensive in California. For climate this has the effect of a cow fart. Not even theoretically measurable.

      • I just spent all morning with green garbage bags collecting farts from my cows. I just need to know where to send the 200 bags of farts collected so far. No one seems to want them. Do they not understand the danger of cow farts? Surely the gov’t has a plan to dispose of these silent but deadly farts. Please help. GK

      • Technically it would increase emissions because now the dairy and beef will need to be brought into the state to market rather than locally grown and consumed.

    • Remember how they got there. By legalizing millions of illegals back in the 80’s. One of Ronnie’s bigger mistakes….

      • The deal we were sold was, the legalization was a one time deal, and then strict enforcement would shut the door on illegal immigration. Then they renegaded on enforcement, and are pushing for another amnesty. And they wonder why we won’t trust them.

    • Moonbrown, has decreed a future California, that will be ….. 100.000 % … free clean green renewable energy, and moreover will also be …… 100.000 % …… ELECTRIC.
      So it isn’t so shocking that cows will NOT be allowed to fart.
      The above decree was announced by the California Secretary of State, at the very recent (October) Symposium on Solar Energy at the UC Davis Campus. I have it all on silicon film.

      • and Moonbrown, is probably working on a California Constitution change, that will allow him to serve four more terms as governor of California.
        He is already on his second illegal term as California’s Governor.
        He was elected to his THIRD term as Governor, AFTER the State Constitution was amended to limit the governorship to two terms maximum, he had already served two full terms and then served as Mayor of Oakland, and then became California’s Attorney General, during which time he declared that his first two terms as governor didn’t actually occur at all, so he was good for two more.
        There is probably a word in the English language that is a better fit here, than ‘ scumbag ‘ but I don’t remember what word that is.

    • Roger, when you have Paul Ehrlich in the exam, that’s means the exam is not fit to wipe my backside with it.

    • What do you mean “Moonbeam’s?” He only signed the law. It was passed by the loyal representatives of the fine state of California. Can’t blame the governor for signing the bill that any normal thinking group of politicians would never have passed in the first place. The whole state has turned into an alternative universe.

    • This wonderful state of the abyss. I recently received a mailer from the NRDC or ‘National Resources Defense Council’. They state they are in a state of ‘Shock and Disappointment’ with the results of the election. Claiming they will research on the cause. My research tells me that the US populous is fed up with the Fed. The losing party is Mr Rainbows party. Wow, I have to admit I support a portion of their work, but I will not support cow fart control. Hey, lets give the cows “Beano” or “Dy-Gel”. Even better yet, lets put corks into Feinstein’s, Boxer’s and Pelosi’s mouths that should help the cattlemen out for a whi.l.e .

  1. Cow flatulence and methane started out as a joke. And now it’s law. The world as run by liberals has been turned upside down. The mad hatter is running the show. What else can be said?

    • “The unchallenged absurdity of today is tomorrow’s shouted-in-the-street slogan as windows are broken.”

      • Perhaps the California legislature should prove the concept by charging it’s members for their own methane production. .25 per belch, .50 per fart, and $1. per turn. Let’s see how much less methane they produce when forced by law

      • I think that only around 30% of people carry methane producing bacteria, so to be completely fair 2/3 of the population would need to get a flatulence deduction or credit at the end of the year.
        Of course we would need to hire a few more IRS investigators to verify that you actually qualify for the deduction, and that you (genetically) environmentally correct.
        And the obvious next step is to strenuously discourage, or even outlaw, two methane carriers from procreating (just think of the children … creating poor kids that are genetically predisposed to ruin the world … think of the guilt that they will(should?) feel).

  2. California doesn’t need The Wall, they need one giant padded room…
    Too bad CH4 concentrations are stuck at 1.7ppm and are increasing 10 TIMES slower than original CAGW model projections…
    I hope California makes good in their promise of secession… I’ll volunteer to help fill out the paperwork.

  3. CARB–the California Air Resources Board, has long been beyond parody. They also wanted at one time afterburners on bakery ovens (all those VOCs from risen bread).

  4. Except Jerry that there has not been any global warming except if you count the El Nino and the UHI in your cities. The El Nino is over and temperatures are dropping fast. So fast that Tokyo has snow accumulations on the ground for the first time since records were set in 1875. I am talking to people in California who are going to leave because it is so cold. Keep it up and your farmers will leave too.

    • Sure, Eve, that explains why California’s population grew by 5% between 2010 and 2015, one of the highest rates in the US.

      • And approximately how many of those moving in were US citizens? Real ones, not pseudo-citizens from Old Mexico.

  5. Que interesting array of cow fart capture apparatus and explosive cow farts. Should be lively thread.
    Calling Josh. Time for some fun!!!

    • Won’t wearing the apparatus be cruelty to animals .
      I suggest tat Moonbeam wear on on both orifices for a year to know how cruel he is to the cows.
      Part of my “you go first” campaign to all those elites who impose restrictions on others (like Kerry, Obama, and all those movie stars that have huge carbon footprints with multiple homes and private jets).

    • Poor cows, they are going to have to make runs to the border when it is time to fart. The ones on the coast though are going to have to swim for it.

  6. The reality is that if you raise costs for farmers it just forces them out of business, and gives the non-regulated over-farting cows from another state or another nation an advantage. You end up with no reduction in atmospheric methane and a bunch of out-of-work farmers as well as more expensive dairy products. Like every liberal plan it’s lose-lose-lose

      • People who have lived under strong, autocratic central government tend to be against some range of actions the government took, but not against strong, autocratic central government.
        They fight the wrong fight.

      • They always assume the theoretical benevolent dictator will direct said benevolence toward them.

  7. Why not put a big tax on milk, cheese, and other dairy products. Use the proceeds to educate the people about the evils of dairy — outlaw ice cream, sour cream, and cream in coffee. Evils of dairy… evils of dairy… evil.evil.evil……..

  8. Help, I’m trapped inside the walls of this padded room called CA. Please, anyone. As of the election, we have to pay for a bag for our groceries too.

  9. I bet that California Democrats fart more methane than all the cattle in the state. How will he deal with this?

    • Cows (all ruminants, really) burp methane constantly. It’s key to the whole 4-stomach digestion thing.
      That said, the half-life of methane in the atmosphere is too short to allow a big accumulation anyway.

    • Good one jimb
      I wonder what the farting discrepancy between Democrats and Republicans is … calls for a scientific study doesn’t it!

  10. We will have to tax all them grass eating wild animals around the World as well. Skippy….. Better pay up you methane producer you….

    • Why stop at cows, what about all domesticated animals in the state such as sheep, horses, mules, etc…?
      This state gets crazier and crazier every day. I can’t wait till I retire and can move out of this nut house.

      • My family came to California from Europe in the 1890’s. I never thought that we looking toward retiring elsewhere but California is, effectively, a one party state that is well on the way to becoming Detroit but on a much larger scale. Veneration of Che Guevara, Fidel, Hugo Chavez and their economics is out of control. Secede from the U.S.? A group is fund raising for an initiative to do this with a target of the 2018 ballot. That would, in the end, benefit the other 49 states and yes, we know people who have taken their large net worth and moved to lower tax environments. Incline Village, Nevada, anyone?

      • I’d want it to happen just to watch the looks on their faces as they realize with horror that no longer a US state = no more Interstate Commerce Clause = US states selling them electricity no longer have to do it tariff-free.
        And NorCal could then secede from SoCal and ask to be re-annexed into the US as its own state, something the largely conservative population in that region have wanted for a long time.

  11. I’m sure a cow produces more gas thana human, but there are a lot more humans in California than cows. Time for methane capture for humans can’t be far away. Now what exacty do they do with the captured methane? Burn it? If TV comedians don’t make a lot of jokes out of this, they should be banned.

    • Not just human methane emissions Arthur, but CO2 as well. Next in the pipeline will be a new CA state law requiring carbon capture and sequestration masks to be worn over the faces of the state’s residents. Can’t have all that CO2 coming out of their noses from respiration polluting the air and contributing to global warming.
      Wisconsin was once the number one dairy producing state in the union until CA surpassed us some years back. If the keep this up out there, we hopefully will be again someday. Idiots.

      • I’ve seen those “happy” California cows, hock deep in mud and manure. I fervently hope that dairy farmers fleeing repressive regulations in CA will return to Wisconsin.

    • The 70’s gasoline crisis, lines at gas stations, 55mph speed limit, etc., spawned a catchy reactionary slogan; “Save gas, fart in a jar”. Little did we know how prescient that would be. When farting is regulated, breathing can’t be far behind…

      • No because they’d eat less dairy.
        Since Asians tend to be lactose intolerant shouldn’t they receive tax breaks to move to CA? And Mexicans – well….all those beans you know…

  12. Have they tried to negotiate with the cows first?
    Have they tried to capture the methane for fuel?

  13. It doesn’t matter what law they pass. You cannot stop cow methane by any mechanism other than to shoot cows. Their bluff to demand methane control will flop,or dairy farming will simply leave the state. They regularly try this. Last time it was a demand to have battery cars in your mix to sell in the state. That flopped, and was dropped. They demanded Glock add safety catches on their guns. Glock refused. CA said, okay, you will not sell here. Glock said so what, and by the way, we won’t sell parts in the state. Then law enforcement complained their most used gun by officers is the Glock. Oh oops. The law was withdrawn. The crap to tax Cal Edison went on for so long, they got fed up and sold all power production and just transmit power now. They got fed up and just closed San Anofre nuclear power. Hey, we don’t need electricity for 5 million homes, why we can cover the Mojave Desert in solar panels some said. And cover the Sierras in wind turbines. Well, that did not work out well either.

    • other than to shoot cows. Their bluff to demand methane control will flop,or dairy farming will simply leave the state.
      solution 1) yep
      solution 2) monopolize, oligarchy

    • Donald, I think you may be missing the point. Of course compliance is all but impossible. But, the fines and revenue that will result, that’s the end game.

  14. “GALT, Calif. – California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm.”
    No, California is taking its fight against global warming to the absurd.

  15. Go moonbeam!!!. The more you make your farmers uncompetetive that better we in NZ like it. Internal sabotage of industry is the watch word as Trump moves to make America Great again. Not really, only joking, as making American Great again makes us all richer and safer. Only in California could you elect such a Governor, Trump needs to take methane especialy the fart type off the EPA endangerment finding

    • Dear Moonbat…
      Australia would be grateful if you also taxed your wine industry out of existence.
      We can produce enough to cover your lost of production.

      • Just tell moonBeamer to add to California wine bottle labels the words:
        “Known to cause cancer in the state of California.”

  16. I think Ontario has been Californicated – using kids to push their Global Warming agenda while pricing electricity out of the reach of rural folks:
    Take your pick from the horror stories of what happens when you shut down coal and even replacement natural gas fired power plants in favour of wind and solar. You couldn’t even make this up:
    Welcome to the Cap and Trade program and Trudeau Juniors $50 per tonne carbon tax requirement and watch MORE businesses relocate. California is not unique. Seems the pedagogalogical lobotomies have worked their magic.

    • Wayne – you need to vote out the liberals. Nothing can be accomplished until you can convince your fellow citizens that life under the out-of-control left wingers is getting worse and that they need responsible, adult legislators to run their country. Of course, I would be willing to have sane Canadians come live here in the U.S.A. in return for the numerous alt-left Hollywood types who claim they want to move to Canada…

  17. I just thought of an idea! Beano for Bovines! Stop flatulence at the source! Maybe “green” diapers, that could be deposited in an on-site bio-digester. Or perhaps outlaw meat eating altogether… Greenies can live on lentils and bea…. never mind. Just lentils. Beans are way too gassy. Liberalism truly is a disease. I sure hope they soon find a cure!

  18. Good one SketpticGoneWild. ☺ But it be-hoofs me to horn in on your humor. This is such a moo-t law but the cream of the greens will milk it for what it is worth. It churns the stomach.

  19. The populace should refuse to sell or serve any meat to the Governor and any government department/employees then see how he likes living on vegetables and tofu. He will surely agree with this in order to reduce the demand for meat products and therefore lower methane production.

  20. From the linked article …

    But the biggest target is dairy manure, which accounts for about a quarter of the state’s methane emissions.
    State regulators want more farmers to reduce emissions with methane digesters, which capture methane from manure in large storage tanks and convert the gas into electricity.
    The state has set aside $50 million to help dairies set up digesters, but farmers say that’s not nearly enough to equip the state’s roughly 1,500 dairies.
    New Hope Dairy, which has 1,500 cows in Sacramento County, installed a $4 million methane digester in 2013, thanks to state grants and a partnership with California Biogas LLC, which operates the system to generate renewable power for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.
    Co-owner Arlin Van Groningen, a third-generation farmer, says he couldn’t afford one if he had to buy and run it himself.

    It’s not the cow, it’s the cow poop.

  21. Cut methane by 40%? California tries to legislate flatulence. A limerick.
    On September 19, 2916 Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill (SB 1383) that requires the state to cut methane emissions from dairy cows and other animals by 40% by 2030. The bill is yet another massive blow to the agricultural industry in the state of California that has already suffered from the Governor’s passage of a $15 minimum wage and a recent bill that makes California literally the only state in the entire country to provide overtime pay to seasonal agricultural workers after working 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day (see “California Just Passed A $1.7 Billion Tax On The Whole Country That No One Noticed“).
    According to a statement from Western United Dairymen CEO, Anja Raudabaugh, California’s Air Resources Board wants to regulate animal methane emissions even though it admits there is no known method for achieving the the type of reduction sought by SB 1383.
    In Climate Change remedy tools
    both Kerry and Jerry are fools.
    Do away with methane,
    no more fart? That’s insane.
    Enteric digestion still rules.

  22. Ah Mr. Jerry Brown, Governor Moonbeam, Emperor of California and All Other Domains of Earth.
    Her is another Emperor, demanding of a Dairyman, in France, the “Gold” he seeks.

  23. To all the dairy farmers in California tired of dealing with the lunatic climate obsessed twits who are running that formerly great state into the ground- please know y’all are more than welcome in Texas.

    • That former great state? California is booming. What on earth are you talking about? Texas, on the other hand, is growing at a much slower rate. Why move to a slow growing state?

      • It’s easy to make money change hands a lot and create an illusion of growth, something lefty-libs are very experienced at doing. Such Keynesian sleight of hand only works for so long, until the economic reality exposes and topples the house of cards, like the tide washing away a sand castle.
        I’ll take slow real growth over fast fake growth.

  24. First of all carbon emissions from enteric fermentation is surface carbon and part of the surface-atmo system, not extraneous carbon previously sequestered for millions of years and now being injected into the atmos (callender, revelle, hansen 1981, ipcc). This extraneous carbon is supposed to be what’s scary because it is a perturbation that could destabilize the surface-atmos carbon cycle and the climate system. Enteric fermentation cannot do that. Also, in the presence of natural geological sources, there is no evidence that changes in atmos merhane are correlated with enteric fermentation emissions.

  25. Where’s Mosh, Griff, Toneb etc to defend this idiocy
    Come on guys, you continue to let your religion down. !!

    • Unlike you, they usually stick to talking about things they know something about. Every now and then they weigh in on something that can be reasonably understood to have a hole in it by basically anyone who possess basic reasoning skills, but for the most part they talk about stuff they have actually spent a lot of time trying to understand. You just talk… and sneer, and build straw men.. and so on.

    • Griff basically just pastes that .gif of arctic ice, and that would be a stretch even for them to put that here.

  26. Methane rapture from forage! Another brain fart from the ecomaniacs. Next up, a program to train cows to chain smoke so that methanous erructations can be combusted at source into our beloved CO2 which will then be magicked away by the meditation of the windmills.

  27. dairy industry is as much a creature of government as the green gang is.
    they are not private enterprise, they are subsidy farms.
    for america to be great again, that has to stop.

  28. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” Thomas Sowell

    • Actually the gas in the atmosphere that traps the most heat energy is N2 and nothing is being done to reduce N2 in our atmosphere.

  29. This is what happens when burrOcrats making the rules have rarely done anything of consequence outside of their city — in this case, that would be like never having milked (or touched) a cow…

  30. From what I read they want the ranchers/dairies to build processing plants to capture the cow manure methane and store it. One rancher/dairy has at the cost of over $4 million dollars, subsidized by the tax payers. Where I’m at they take the manure from the feed lots and dairies to the fields, it is called fertilizer, good for the plants and soil.

  31. Why do global warming alarmists worry about emissions from cows and sheep when pastoral farming adds no net carbon to the atmosphere and in fact is a carbon sink? Do they not understand the carbon cycle?
    Grass grows and forms hydrocarbons (fibre sugars and cellulose) by photosynthesis i.e. absorbs CO2. Every molecule of carbon in the grass comes from CO2. Cows and sheep eat the grass and convert it to meat, bones, leather and milk so some of that carbon is locked up for good. The carbon in the methane (CH4) that they emit also came from the carbon in the grass. It is lighter than air so rises in the atmosphere and is oxidised back to CO2 and water. This cycle has been happening for eons and if there had been any effect on climate we would have seen evidence of it in the past.

    • Considering the the majority of these farms are more than likely large-scale factory farms, I’m inclined to think that the percentage of grass-fed cows is quite low compared to those cows that are fed with subsidized corn.

    • All true, in addition to the fact that methanogen bacteria were around before cows, are not strictly dependent on them, and will continue to do their thing with vegetable matter regardless. And of course, as you say, the methane is short-lived. The world can survive methanogen bacteria, as well as silly politicians.

  32. Governor Brown needs a personal methane detector installed, with an accompanying thermostat-nuclear device. Too much methane….BOOM!😜

  33. Wanna bet that a majority of these geniuses in California government have never touched a cow?

    That goes without saying. But IMO the worst are the ones that have touched a cow, have been touched by a cow, and are, after that, the professionals.
    People who have merely touched a cow usually have little idea on how hard work keeping cows is and don’t value it very high.

  34. I hope the 3 million + illegal voters in California who keep these politicians in power, enjoy paying more for meat and dairy products or enjoy not having a livestock and dairy industry.
    And I thought the politicians in my poor country were bad!

  35. The number of Californian people and businesses fleeing overregulation and high costs reached a record high last year. I doubt the new cow fart law will do anything to reassure people who haven’t yet joined the great Californian exodus
    That’s the point. Moonbeam gets rid of all that dirty industry for the Californian luvvies. They can pay the extra cost of shipping the milk, meat, veg etc back to luvvie land

  36. The cause of methane is not really the livestock but the organic material that they eat. Dead organic material will eventually result in methane release weather it is eaten by an animal or not. So to fight methane production all forms of organic material should be removed from and permanately banned from the state of California including humans. As us humans leave we need to cover the ground throughout the state with long acting herbicides that will not break down in the environment. Maybe we can also do our part to kill off life in the oceans as well.

  37. Rather than passing a law to regulate Californian Cow Methane emissions, it would have been better if the Californian Legislature had passed a law regulating harmful emissions from Californian Politicians by at least 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030.

  38. But wot about the water vapor?
    It’s had to believe that some bureaucrats are beavering away to micro-control humanity in such futile efforts. Reminds me of the residents of Laputa.

  39. So it was, in not-so ancient Rome, that senators rose to their feet and gave powerful oratories on the subject of – wait for it – Farming.
    They espoused the benefits of fallowing, crop rotation, manure, lime etc etc.
    So far so good.
    But The Romans managed to trash vast swathes of Southern Europe and North Africa.
    What were forests, orchards, gardens and greenery became, and still is, an effective desert. They sucked all the organic carbon out of the dirt so plants didn’t thrive, temperatures rose in then day, dropped at night and – surprise surprise -The Climate Changed
    Now we have the same thing happening. Great, good and well-intentioned lawmakers tell us that cows fart, belch and waste the climate.
    Sadly, they’ve got cows all wrong. Cows are not dumb stupid things. And yet this is in a world of Disney and Attenborough where animals are all sensitive caring things that talk to each other and generally ‘care’
    Cows are very fussy eaters, they are *not* stupid munching machines that mow their way across fields eating everything. They know, having had millions of years experience, they know to eat only the leaves off the grass plants. They know the leaves are the sugar factories where they’ll gain rapidly absorbed nutrition.
    They avoid as best they can eating the stalks and also grasses that have seeded. Stalks are just cellulose (indigestible) and the seed are protected by a husk, again indigestible. So the cows paddle on the stalks, muck on them, p1ss on them and generally mash the stalky stuff into the ground. Where it feeds all the little critters, bugs, beetles, worms and not least, the soil bacteria.
    Farmers in olden times knew this. Modern farmers either have not been taught or realised but are mostly under colossal pressure to produce ‘cheap food’. Thus, when they see their cows paddling round a field seemingly wasting huge amounts of stuff, they leave the cows in there until they have eaten it. Or they come along with a huge mowing machine, slice it all off an inch above the surface and bale it, or make silage or preserve it somehow for feeding in one humongous mash later.
    And *that* is why cows produce methane. Its comes from uncontrolled anaerobic decomposition of the cellulose that they’ve been forced to eat. Left to their own natural devices they’d have mashed it into the ground.
    Basically, we have turned the insides of our cows into huge stinking farting burping and belching compost heaps. Nice huh
    Fairs fair though, vegetarian folks inflict the very same upon themselves and as we see here, want to inflict it on the rest of us. sigh
    Sometimes, with stupidity like this, and AGW, you wonder just how long Mother Nature’s patience with us will last…..

    OF CLIMATE Evans & Puckrin
    Table 3b: Measured Summer Downward
    Surface Fluxes
    Greenhouse Gas Summer
    Fluxes (W/m2)
    1998 1999 Past
    CFC11 all 0.15 0.11 0.15
    CFC12 all 0.29 0.24 0.27
    HNO3 0.075 0.063 0.066
    CH4 1.16 0.60 1.08
    N2O 1.14 0.64 0.89
    O3 2.57 2.47 2.61
    H2O 178 256 251
    CO2 10.5 10.5
    Table 3a: Measured Winter Downward
    Surface Fluxes
    Greenhouse Gas Winter
    Fluxes (W/m2)
    Past 1999 2000 Past
    CFC11 0.13 0.10 0.14
    CFC12 0.24 0.22 0.28
    HNO3 0.061 0.065 0.052
    CH4 1.30 1.29 0.96
    N2O 1.34 1.41 1.04
    O3 3.03 3.17 3.27
    H2O 94.1 105.4 125
    CO2 34.7 30.9
    Two things to note from these tables, from samples which range from just over 100W/m2 to around 270 W/m2, the CH4 contribution never gets much over 1 W/m2 and the profound difference between Winter and Summer measures for CO2.
    “Measurements of the downward radiative flux have been made for several important greenhouse gases. At mid-latitudes in summer as compared to winter, our measurements show that the downward surface flux from H2O has doubled to 200 W/m2. The water increase causes a reduction of the fluxes from the other greenhouse gases.”
    This study was done in North Central Canada. The 200W/m2 to 270W/m2 summer figures there are dwarfed by temp and humidity numbers over the vast majority of the planet for the vast majority of the year. The study was done nearly two decades ago now and when I first came across it, I assumed there would be a gold rush of further science using the spectral analysis technique to finally develop some meaningful data on what was really driving global temps. Its been a couple of years since I last searched for some,but there haven’t been more than a handful of similar works. The most significant one was done at the South pole. It’s almost as if the people handing out the grant money didn’t want to see what this technique could reveal.

    • just help me do the maths…
      According to wikipedia, animal waste accounts to 5% of all global methane sources.
      How many of the farm animals worldwide live in California? For convenience let us say 1%. Which accounts to 0.05% of the global methans sources.
      Now California likes to reduce this only from cows, let us say half of all animals. 0.025%.
      California likes to reduce this by 40%: 0.01%
      Half of the production will move outside california or the goal will not be achieved fully: 0.005%
      I think the actual number will be even lower.
      How many degrees will this reduce from global warming?
      I think the Californian governor and his advisers are just too lazy to do some calculation and are just believing some statements or papers.

  41. This is just an example of an alliance between two far left groups united in their struggle to assert totalitarian control. The Green Group created the CO2 fog in order to control “the environment” while the Vegan Group want to use the CO2 fog in order to stamp out eating meat. I.E., if you buy into the CO2 fog one can piggyback (pun) all other authoritarian “causes”. Oh, and they’re working on doing the same thing to conservatives, free speech, deniers, et al, in order to become, truly, Borg (Star Trek) Earth.

  42. Actually this is good. You shouldn’t be drinking cow’s milk anyway. Cow’s milk is designed for calves to grow rapidly not for humans.

      • I would agree that cow’s milk has limited benefits for human babies not yet weaned on solid food. It does provide those at that age a valuable source of high quality protein. However, as soon as one can get protein for other foods, cow’s milk should be off the menu. Even grown cows don’t drink cow’s milk.

      • That’s not what I said.
        The idea that cows milk is of limited benefit is contradicted by all the facts attesting to it’s benefit.

      • To Tom in Florida
        November 30, 2016 at 7:11 am
        The biggest problem we have on the dairy farm I work on is cows feeding off each other. Once one cow starts sucking off another, and these are 3 – 5 year old cows, other cows start copying. The only solution is to cull the herd of any suckers, as soon as we spot them. They drag the condition of any compliant cows down very quickly, due to the constant sucking.

    • It’s a moo (t) point. What people choose to eat or drink is between them and their doctors (and even then, not so much). Besides, milk is used in a lot of things we eat, like cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, and used in baking. What gets me is that for many years, they pushed the whole nonfat nonsense (which I refused to buy), because of the misguided notion that saturated fat was “bad”. Not unlike the notion that CO2 is “bad”.

    • Actually it’s one of the best foods available. It’s had a lot of negative press – with a lot of BS just like this – and absolutely all of it agenda driven.

      • no, it’s not.
        your stomach knows to move things into the intestine when they are liquid.
        unless you’re a rare scandinavian or an infant who is still producing rennin
        the milk shoots right through and the protein is not exposed to acid for digestion.
        so you feed your gut flora.
        never mind any lactose intolerance issues,
        despite the dairy association inserting their propaganda into your grade school textbooks, milk (when drunk) is not very digestible by normal humans who are not infants.

  43. I would wager that if the California government were told there are 50,000 cattle guards in the state, they would say “That’s way too many, we’ll retrain them”

  44. California sounds like a sterile place. The only thing they produce there is boring movies. Everything else is imported.

    • Well, what’s happened is that they’ve all gone activist control freak. It’s not ‘if it feels good do it’, it’s an austere, rigid, totalitarian ideology – generally imposed on those who don’t get a say in the matter by those who are unaffected by it. It’s ironic – the ‘I’m okay, you’re okay’ crowd is the puritan, judgmental, label-maker, conformity set. You wanna do your own thing, the LAST thing you are is a progressive.

  45. The original California gold rush brought a great influx. It seems logical that the California BS rush should cause the opposite.

  46. I read somewhere that in the early 1800’s there were 50 million buffalo in the US. Did this cause climate change? Or is it only cows in California which can do this?

  47. The grass that the cow ate, (or moose or bison or deer or yada), took CO2 from the air. Methane from the cows eventually breaks down into CO2 just like the methane from soil microbes or termites etc. breaks down into CO2. Cows and all other animals are therefore GHG neutral this indicating that this is all a complete fraud and there is an ulterior motive they are not revealing to us.
    I suspect that that is all one big land grab by CA “fat crats” and next they’ll attack pig and chicken farms to pave over even more pastureland and build more apartment complexes and shopping malls. More people and higher real estate values = bigger tax base = more government corruption.

  48. So, California is going to round up and kill all livestock? That is the only way to stop “emissions” from livestock. Good luck with that.

  49. One of the greenie schemes are methane digesters, which extract methane from bovine manure, and convert it to electricity. The things aren’t cheap – New Hope Dairy, with 1,500 cows installed one for $4 million, with the help of state grants, and a partnership with Biogas. Since it is “renewable” energy, dollars to donuts that electricity is given generous subsidies. Good thing California has plenty of extra dough lying around.

  50. ” I doubt the new cow fart law will do anything to reassure people who haven’t yet joined the great Californian exodus.”
    It must be true, ’cause I read this on the Internet:
    California proposes state name change to “Cowlifartia”!

  51. Bovine emissions are NOTHING compared to termites. Give me a supertanker of Chlorodane and I will give you an ice age ;).
    Yeah, with apologies to the late Dr John Martin aka Dr Iron Seed. And I know methane isn’t an issue.

  52. Excellent news for my Wisconsin dairy farm. The reason that California produces more milk than any other state despitenthe fact thatnits 5.5 million acres of alfalfa fodder is the single largest agricultural water user during a drought is simple. Federal milk proce supports are a direct function of distance from Madison Wisconsin. California is the farthst away and gets the highest price supports.

  53. I actually like how the linked news article keeps referring to it as California’s fight against “global warming” rather than the meaningless “climate change.”
    The sooner we eliminate this unscientific term the better. I’m tired of how with every use, the catch-all phrase “climate change” makes the science illiterate think that any change in the weather is man made.

  54. Simple & cheap solution: shove politician heads up every cows ass! Methane problem gone, & no more extraneous CO2 emissions from Sacramento! Win, Win!

    • Reminded me of the Seinfeld episode of what happened after Kramer had been feeding Beefaroni to Rusty the carriage horse.

  55. Was waiting for methane to get targeted. The real sacred cow they don’t want to debate is the methane from tobacco smoke which dwarfs cow facts by comparison. Wonder why they aren’t going after the tobacco industry?

  56. Calif had better watch out. It’s usual political chess game plan of offloading regulatory economic burden onto the rest of the country is not working at present. It really is a separate country in that regard, a noncompetitive one at that.

    • It’s highly competitive, what are you talking about? Where do at least 50% of new companies in the tech sector originate? The Silicon Valley.

  57. “In the nation’s largest milk-producing state, the new law aims to reduce methane emissions from dairies and livestock operations to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030”
    Cows face into the wind to urinate. These people aren’t.
    Horses and people fart. Cows and sheep don’t.
    Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves

  58. Not content with having the highest price for Gasoline, and Electricity, they now have to have the highest price for milk as well. Probably will not be a problem for the people left living there, they will be paying with other people’s money anyway (EBT)!

  59. Wonder which farmer will be the first to try the “species fluid” method of re-defining what a cow is. Or is gender the only thing fluid about nature?

  60. Another stab at the heart of the remains of the middle class in CA. Two bags of groceries cost us $138.00 the other day here in lala land. This kind of stupid over-regulation is driving food costs through the stratosphere. With the cost of food, real estate, gas and electricity, you can’t live here unless you’re rich or on the government’s tab.

  61. And when they’ve destroyed this industry, they’ll move on to the next one.
    It’s what they do. It’s ALL they do.

  62. Make that the Grapes of RIF when all of the RIFed EPA and NASA Climate Division workers head to California for jobs after the layoffs.

  63. Typical Californian arrogance of their politicians. Believing that one small state, in a huge country, but small compared to the world, can make any difference in the earth’s atmosphere. The hubris is disgusting.

  64. If “California Dreamin” regulations were aimed more at eliminating BS than hot air, we’d all be better off.

  65. “But the biggest target is dairy manure, which accounts for about a quarter of the state’s methane emissions.
    Congrats to RovingBroker and Bruce C. Out of over 200 comments, two posters demonstrated they were not completely stupid.
    There is a solution to animal waste. In nature, bacteria break down organic waste so plants can use the mineral form for fertilizer.
    However, if you concentrate too many stupid animals in one place it is very dangerous and smells terrible. Cities are where you will find most of the stupid animals on the planet.
    Not all people are stupid. Some of us are engineers and we learn about science and use it to solve the problems stupid create. With the help of indoor plumbing and sewer system, the human waste is collected so that bacteria can process poop into a safe to release to the environment form.
    This is not an easy task. Everyone in the area know when the system fails. It smells really bad and your eyes water.
    The same science can be applied dairy farms and other concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO). All CAFOs are required by federal law to have a manure management plan to account for all the nutrients in manure.
    Polluting water is regulated but ‘odot’ is not. That really bad smell that causes your eyes to water is fertilizer blowing off dairy farms.
    Put the manure in an Anaerobic Digester and 90% of the nitrogen and 100% of the phosphates are captured and converted to compost. Compost reduces wind and water erosions for farmers. It also reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer needed.
    Biogas can be used to make electricity or flared. The bottom line is that there is a huge environmental improvement which has nothing to do with the climate issue.

    • and if you use aerobic digestion, there isn’t that pungent sewage smell the gender fluid find so erotic.

      • Biogas smells bad and is toxic until it is burned.
        When a waste water treatment plant smells bad it is often caused an aerobic process being overloaded using using up all the oxygen. When it goes ‘anaerobic’, it smells bad.
        A fundamental difference between ‘aerobic’ process ‘anaerobic’ is the electric power required to pump air into the sewage. This is why most waste water treatment facilities use both types of bacteria treatment.
        Many dairy farms produce a aerobic compost using a tractor to turn the pile.

  66. I do have a problem with California regulations.
    The power company I worked for had investigated Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and found it to be a viable renewable technology. Where I worked Washington State had 90,000 dairy cow in Yakima County and a 100,000 feedlot in the other direction. We got the renewable energy manager to come out to our area. Next thing you know we have a team identifying a portfolio of projects in Washington, Oregon, and California. Everybody was excited.
    To actually make electricity you need a few things. First you need a dairy farmer that will talk to you. Had a few.
    Then you need regulators who will not kill small power projects. I found one county guy with a one man office in the basement of the courthouse. He said if I could get a farmer to go along, he would call it agricultural processing equipment. Makes sense that a 2 MWe power plant that eliminates an odor issue is reducing pollution.
    Finally, you need a local utility to partner with. All some workers at a small public utility district of electric COOP need to know is that it will help their customers.
    Found a few of those but many do not want to be bothered.
    California did not need heavy handed regulations to put AD on dairy farms. The projects were there 20 years ago. Places like UC Davis had done lots of research. The problems is central valley farmers are not sexy enough for Hollywood. Farming is not glamorous or high tech enough. If GOOGLE wanted to make electricity an AD on a farm would make more sense than PV on their roof.
    Nuke plants and AD may be good solutions for ghg but the wrong people (working people) do it.
    So what will the new regulations do? Increase the number of dairy cows in Idaho’s Magic Valley.

    • So what will the new regulations do? Increase the number of dairy cows in Idaho’s Magic Valley.

      Yes Kit. Not In My Backyard is almost a hymn in California. No Nukes! No Cow Farts! No Oil Drilling! We want clean power (but of course we want power and if you brown or black us out we’ll sue).
      It’s completely nonsensical Kit, which means there’s no room at all for rational argument. The people driving California’s energy policy are all failed intellectuals with no accomplishments to support them; an empty room occupied by people who live in Mom’s basement.
      The sad part of this is California is a very nice place. There’s a reason people want to live here. We gave the world semiconductors. Software. High quality celery and artichokes. Cheap milk. Chickens. The best wines in the world.
      And Governor Moonbeam is dedicated to ending all that. Petaluma will be a ghost town. Paso Robles will be a home for the homeless. Thanks Jerry (“Ed”) and Pat (another “Ed”). Good thing you both used aliases. Harder to track you down.

      • Used to work at a nuke plant in California. It is now the ‘no state’ not the golden state. There are no parking signs every 50 yards up the Pacific Coast Highway.
        In Texas there is free camping on the beach.
        We avoid California and only go there to visit friends and family. The state is on our list of places not to live. There is zero chance of living there without the government trying tell you how to live.
        There are a how lot of places in the US where goverment does what goverment should and leaves you alone the rest of the time.

      • “No Dogs”. “No Beer”. “No Parking” and “No Gas”. Yep, the “No” State fits pretty well.
        I’m staying though, and I’m fighting. No one runs me off my land. Remember the Alamo.

  67. Governor Moonbeam has sealed the fate of Democrats in The Great State of California. This level of stupidity won’t go unnoticed.
    Of course Moonbeam, the environmentalist, neglects to recall the herds of flatulent buffalo who once roamed the prairies of Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, the Dakotas and other very large areas. Nope; he missed that fart (sorry, “part”).
    Brown has gone over the top, round the bend, and into never-never land. I regret to admit he’s claimed to be a Buddhist. He’s a waste of perfectly good oxygen and the reason California desperately needs to revise its voter registration laws.

  68. I’m reminded of the tv commercial where the cows are walking around with “Eat Mor Chiken” signs in an effort to convince people to eat chickens instead of cows, and I’m thinking once those cows find out about Brown’s new climate change solution involving them, the cows are going to start pointing the hooves at chickens and claiming the chickens are the ones with the flatulence problem, now the poor ole cows.
    Leave the cows alone, Jerry Brown! Let the chickens eat seaweed.

  69. To include urban dweller as well as farm worker methane emissions, California will have to ban the sale and use of all ingredients for refried beans. It will be fun to watch the cognitive dissonance this example of enviro-racism creates within the SJW Conservation Left.

  70. “new cow fart law ” And people wonder why we have a electoral republic from of government.

  71. Anywhere from 50-100 million buffalo roamed North America belching and flatulating but dairy cows need gas recirculation devises? Get real.

  72. Dairy farmers say the new regulations will drive up costs when they’re already struggling with five years of drought, low milk prices and rising labor costs. They’re also concerned about a newly signed law that will boost overtime pay for farmworkers.
    “It just makes it more challenging. We’re continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don’t exist,” said Paul Sousa, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen.

    The way that I would like to see the problems faced by these dairy and cattle ranchers is to crack down on the big banks who are speculating and trading in futures. I do not oppose commodities trading and futures, as long as it does not involve the basic necessities of life such as food, and especially dairy and beef. There is no reason for Goldman Sachs and others to be trading in futures for the basic necessities of life.
    Next I would like the organics growers to be closely watched so that they cannot obtain waivers from existing laws, such as minimum wage hikes or bans on the use of the sawed off hoe for weeding. Waivers from laws are unconstitutional and illegal.
    And finally, I sense the glee of the cannabis lobby in driving out cattle in hopes of establishing Big Dope. I could wish that they would choke on their Big Dope, but I already know that they will. That is the problem that Californians and Coloradans need to understand. Setting up an illegitimate and worthless but lucrative economy in their state will not only be destructive to the young people and communities and families, but it will by nature always seek to supplant and destroy legitimate economic interests. Your choice is between butter and cheese or cannabis. Pay attention.

  73. California liberals really are foolish. In their own wisdom they are as utter fools. Man will not destroy the earth, but He who is before all things, and in him all things are held together.
    The Holy Bible is alive more than ever in these times. Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father, amen.

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