UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change

Oxford Trinity College High Table

Oxford Trinity College High Table. I doubt these professors have anything to fear from a food tax. By Winky from Oxford, UK (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A group of researchers in Oxford University, England have suggested that imposing a massive tax on carbon intensive foods – specifically protein rich foods like meat and dairy – could help combat climate change.

Pricing food according to its climate impacts could save half a million lives and one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

Taxing greenhouse gas emissions from food production could save more emissions than are currently generated by global aviation, and lead to half a million fewer deaths from chronic diseases, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food at the University of Oxford and the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington DC, is the first global analysis to estimate the impacts that levying emissions prices on food could have on greenhouse gas emissions and human health.

The findings show that about one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions could be avoided in the year 2020 if emissions pricing of foods were to be implemented, more than the total current emissions from global aviation. However, the authors stress that due consideration would need to be given to ensuring such policies did not impact negatively on low income populations.

“Emissions pricing of foods would generate a much needed contribution of the food system to reducing the impacts of global climate change,” said Dr Marco Springmann of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, who led the study. “We hope that’s something policymakers gathering this week at the Marrakech climate conference will take note of.”

Much of the emissions reduction would stem from higher prices and lower consumption of animal products, as their emissions are particularly high. The researchers found that beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the climate damage caused by its production. The price of milk and other meats would need to increase by up to 20%, and the price of vegetable oils would also increase significantly. The researchers estimate that such price increases would result in around 10% lower consumption of food items that are high in emissions. “If you’d have to pay 40% more for your steak, you might choose to have it once a week instead of twice,” said Dr Springmann.

The results indicate that the emissions pricing of foods could, if appropriately designed, be a health-promoting climate-change mitigation policy in high-income, middle-income, and most low-income countries. Special policy attention would be needed in those low-income countries where a high fraction of the population is underweight, and possibly for low-income segments within countries.

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The abstract of the study;

Mitigation potential and global health impacts from emissions pricing of food commodities

Marco Springmann, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Sherman Robinson, Keith Wiebe, H. Charles J. Godfray, Mike Rayner & Peter Scarborough

The projected rise in food-related greenhouse gas emissions could seriously impede efforts to limit global warming to acceptable levels. Despite that, food production and consumption have long been excluded from climate policies, in part due to concerns about the potential impact on food security. Using a coupled agriculture and health modelling framework, we show that the global climate change mitigation potential of emissions pricing of food commodities could be substantial, and that levying greenhouse gas taxes on food commodities could, if appropriately designed, be a health-promoting climate policy in high-income countries, as well as in most low- and middle-income countries. Sparing food groups known to be beneficial for health from taxation, selectively compensating for income losses associated with tax-related price increases, and using a portion of tax revenues for health promotion are potential policy options that could help avert most of the negative health impacts experienced by vulnerable groups, whilst still promoting changes towards diets which are more environmentally sustainable.

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This proposal, from a group of people who have probably never missed a meal in their lives, is totally obscene. High income countries often have a lot of poor people who would be hard hit by increases in the price of food.

Needlessly exacerbating the risk poor people don’t get enough to eat, especially children and pregnant mothers, who are especially vulnerable to adverse health impacts from lack of protein in their diet – if this ghastly proposal is ever implemented, future generations will look upon it as a crime against humanity.

838 thoughts on “UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change

    • Agreed. Why do anything? Climate has been changing long before mankind walked the face of the earth. More taxes on anything will do nothing; except cause more problems and grief for said mankind. .

      • Follow the money. Who exactly will be administering the expenditures of all this tax revenue, and who will be having their pockets lined by the same people. Sounds just like the kind of dirty dishonest scam that Al Gore and the Clintons would be mixed up in.

      • Considable environmental benefits could be gained by only buying local food in season. And not buying bottled water.
        However, the first would seriously Impoverish growers in third world countries who export their food ,with all the attendant air miles, to rich countries. However, curtailing bottled water would primarily impact only on western consumers with more money than sense who disdain much cheaper and environmentally friendly tap water

      • EXACTLY!!!!
        This says it all:
        Climate Change is anthropogenic.
        But Climate has been changing since way before mankind took its first steps.
        Therefore, Climate Change is not anthropogenic.

      • ‘being a geologist, you are just right. The gulf and the oceans how been coming up for 15,000years or more. The magnetic north has been moving, and there is the continental drift. All of this is causing the climate change, not man. This can be seen while driving by the road cuts, which show the different formations (climate change)

      • It is called seasons don’t you know? Also, because corporate greed has set world wide agendas and legitimate behavior, societies have developed an unreal expectation to consume out of season food. We are NOT civilized and need to tear ourselves away from the false paradigm of over consumption of natural resources.

      • The earth’s atmosphere has changed and is continually evolving. At one time approximately 2.5 to 3 Billion years ago it was TOXIC to humans, and the real point here is there were NO humans around. It will continue to evolve and change. The earth has gone through many cycles of warming and cooling – Ice age anyone? There have been many Ice ages, in fact the Sun is growing quiet, with less sun spot activity. We may see the effects around 2025 and on. I wonder what the climate wizards will tell the kings then. Al Gore’s climate change is NOTHING but a massive scam to bilk money (in the form of more taxes) out of every nation’s middle class.

      • Actually the climate changes four times a year. Winter, spring summer and fall. Good enough for God, good enough for me. Talk about Fake News….you guys are under arrest.

      • more beardy, sandal-wearing hippies try to force their hair shirt wearing worldview onto everyone else by legal imposition.
        BUTT OUT.
        If you think your life style is so great then just present its benefits and convince others to take it up.
        If you try to lie and cheat to pretend that this is a morally superior “save the planet” , “save the future of the human race” issue, then screw you .

      • If all First World nations sent home all Third World aliens who have illegally immigrated to the First World you would cut greenhouse gas emissions by billions of tons per year in perpetuity. And, if First World countries only allowed legal immigration from nations with similar per capita carbon footprints greenhouse gas emissions would stabilize. So, if those concerned about greenhouse gas emissions really wanted to do something to stabilize these emissions, they would change immigration laws first before looking to import millions of Third Worlders into the First World where their care and feeding increases greenhouse gas emissions exponentially. Example: A Guatemalan has a per capita carbon footprint of one ton per year in Guatemala, but when they come to the US illegally their carbon footprint increases to 20+ tons per year. Send them back and global carbon production drops by 19 tons per year. Send back millions of illegal aliens and you reduce global carbon significant.

      • Its all about the money, plain and simple in my opinion thats why they shout down any other opinion than theirs.

      • Yes, Greg, with nutjobs like this in the u.k. Is it any wonder that the brexit vote turned out the way it did?

      • Greg,
        You got it right. These UK elites don’t even understand Econ 1A:
        1. Government is force

        2. Good ideas do not have to be forced on others

        3. Bad ideas should not be forced on others

        4. Freedom is necessary for the difference between good ideas and bad ideas to be revealed

        These UK elites don’t seem to understand science, or how the free market works, or why citizens in free market countries are far wealthier than those in socialist countries (eg: S. Korea vs the Norks; E. Germany vs W. Germany, etc.)
        Or, maybe the elites really do understand. But they’re parasites living off the productive, taxpaying proletariat, so maybe they’re just using the repeatedly debunked ‘carbon’ scare to keep ruling them — and also, to reward their upper crust cronies; the ones that always seem to ‘win’ those juicy gov’t windmill contracts…

      • Of course it makes sense – if you are trying to create chaos. Controling food prices effectively controls food. Bring in a few million “refugees” (terrorists included) and give them generous welfare benefits to help overload the system. Then sit back and watch what happens.

      • The globalists are trying to tax anything they can to gain control of everything and everyone, and we need to be alert to their scam. They almost had us with the man made climate change hoax (taxing air) but we survived. Now they want to tax food. What’s next, taxing dirt? Or clothes? Water? …there’s no end to these liboons and libots trying to tax us into one world communism.

      • Joe, everything is the fault of corporate greed????
        It’s corporate greed that forces people to want food out of season? Are you sure that’s the lunacy you want to run with?
        Regardless, who gets to decide what the proper level of “resource utilization” is? You? Al Gore?

      • I don’t know why people will not believe
        in the Geological History of our Planet. This climate change has been going on since the creation on the Planet. I think all that this report is telling us is to become Vegans. I think we , humans, are causing a lot more pollution than ever before, however I do not feel that is the main problem concerning climate change. Here along the eastern coast of the US, we used to be 100 feet under water, about 5-600 years ago the water began to recede as the polar caps enlarged and moved the coast about 90 miles east. It is now moving back to the west as many small islands that were above water 50 years ago are underwater now.

    • +100 Noes.
      Sparing food groups known to be beneficial for health from taxation, selectively compensating for income losses associated with tax-related price increases,”…
      Can anybody see the potential for crony capitalism here?
      Reduce the tax on California oranges because, in the opinion of the EPA, they have more sustainable growing methods.
      Eggs are bad…no they’re good; use margarine…no use butter; eat beef…no eat more lamb, but sheep destroy the environment…etc.
      Would a politician use the tax code to reward and punish at will?
      Does a goose go barefoot?

      • “Can anybody see the potential for crony capitalism here?”
        Certainly! All of the people pushing this abomination can, as they lick their chops and do that little thing with their hands like Monty Burns and say, “Eeeeexcellllent.”

      • Not the potential for cronyism. The absolute certainty of cronyism and wealth transfers from everybody to well connected corporatists.

      • Can anybody see the potential for crony capitalism here?
        That is precisely the intent of the Warmistas. Many people are profiting from the swindlemills and subsidy farms, not to mention carbon credits.

      • The authors themselves admit that their policy would result in millions fewer deaths. But wait a minute. The people who didn’t die would need to keep on eating, thereby INCREASING CO2 emissions. Sounds like a classic case of unintended consequences to me.

      • Most likely for genetic reasons many people would not survive if deprived of meat and dairy products. Or many people can’t survive on a vegetarian diet due to genetic factors.
        Women and children need calcium.
        Try taking ice cream away from North Americans and see what will happen!

      • “…could save half a million lives and one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions”.
        Just how do you save lives when the plan is to starve citizens of nutrition and diminish heating and cooling systems … hmmm?

      • I know what you mean when you say “Crony Capitalism” but that phrase is in opposition to itself. Cronyism is favoritism in the markets and by definition can not be Capitalist.
        In fact it would be socialist and more precisely Fascist.

      • Does a bear crap in the woods, if a tree falls in the woods what sound does it make? and can we save the tree from falling? We will slove all of these problems for a little extra tax money.

      • Barbara, babies need sufficient fat intake for their brains to develop properly.
        There’s a reason why whole milk has so much fat in it. (Mother’s milk as well.)

    • These people need to be knocked upside the head. Or maybe that’s the problem. Maybe Mommy dearest dropped them on their heads when a child. Don’t know for sure, but one way or the other some brain damage is involved, or called for. Sheesh these people are quite stupid!

      • I wonder if the oxford researchers considered in their calculations the outgassing of all at the bottom of the economic food chain that will starve to death as a consequence of the higher cost of food. They will bear the burden of the environmental success.

      • Or just put their policy suggestions in place and stand back while people start throwing rocks.
        Long before climate science became a poster child for what is wrong in science today, health science, particularly with regard to nutritional science, was blazing a trail into the jungle of junk science. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people who believe in junk climate science jump whole heartedly into junk nutritional science.

      • There are lots of minerals and salts in rocks. Plus there are old recipes for stone soup.
        Perhaps the Oxford dons and donessas’ should eat a week of stone soup meals. Don’t forget, they’ll tax the protein and fat rich grubs and beetles too.

      • And here in the US, if Hillary had won the election, we would be the Socialist States Of America. The Democrat party has taken over and silence the socialist party of America. And if thy need help Bernie Sanders would fill the void.

    • Man-caused climate, environmental sustainability—all BS! We must remember who came up with this. Leftists, whose only interest is controlling people.

      • Fly, the Industrial Revolution began in the late 1700s with the invention of the steam engine by James Watt, et al. It was well underway during the 1800s.

      • The Industrial revolution had nothing to do with the discovery of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

      • Controlling people and making money. This proposal won’t save any carbon emissions, but certainly WILL benefit big agra (the small guys will be taxed out of the market). Reducing the amount of beef available will ensure that only the wealthy have beef. And finally (before I /rant off), who can afford beef NOW twice a week? I’m lucky if I can afford it once a month! Chuck Roast (used to be considered one of the least desirable cuts of meat) … $14.99/pound. Let’s not get talking a nice ribeye or ny strip!

      • Fly, the ability of CO2 to absorb in the infrared spectrum was discovered in the 1800’s. It’s impact on the climate are still highly speculative.

    • Get ready to take it up the shorts, England! Follow the money trail, because someone is making a buck off all this crap. Faked stats, caught time and time again. Outright lies. Arrogant bastards. They don’t know their arse from a hole in the wall! It’s now or never, UK!!!

      • And to think global warming was judged on 3 trees in the old Soviet Union. I smell a dead rat put there by the communists. Yes, I don’t believe we have anything to fear from the farts of us humans or our dogs, cats or cows. One volcano puts out more global warming than my truck even on a bad day.

    • a more effective step along that path would be to tax breath. how about humans being taxed based on how often and how deeply they exhale that evil, polar bear killing, carbon dioxide. little kids with smaller lungs would be taxed less. same as the crusted up lungs of older, lifetime tobacco smokers.
      dogs, cats and other critters taxed based on lung capacity and respiration rate. the fat cat, 1% wealthiest citizens would have the most bambinos. and the largest dogs as pets. same as the gas guzzler cars should have higher cost license plates.

      • “dogs, cats and other critters taxed based on lung capacity and respiration rate.”
        We will be eating them along with the wildlife ???

      • Yes, how do these clowns have the effrontery to call themselves “researchers”? Research used to mean something tangible.

    • again, a far more effective plan would be to tax “breath”. a human or critter that exhaled more often and deeper than another, exhales more of that evil, polar bear killing, carbon dioxide.
      children with small lung capacities and the adults with crusted up lungs form years of tobacco and other substance smoking would be taxed less. 1% wealthiest citizens could have more bambinos and larger pets. same as owners of gas guzzler cars should pay higher license plate fees.

    • This is another indication that the ‘climate change’ movement is just another excuse to separate citizens from their money. A massive tax on food hurts the poor worst of all, as do many well-intentioned leftist policies.

    • These people are absolutely blind to the fact that they are NO DIFFERENT than the National Socialists and Communists in their devotion to subjecting everyone to their utopian vision of how a “proper” society should behave. Their blind fanaticism is a far greater threat to the world than people eating steak.

      • Oh No! I hope Canada’s prime minister does not hear about this! Our Liberal government taxes us on our taxes! It won’t be long till Canada gets on board with this they wait for good ideas to tax us with! The elites won’t be happy till they squeeze every last penny out of your pocket.
        We are nothing more than their slaves! Climate change is a crock of crap! Tired of the elites spoon feeding us their lies! If people would spend one hour of research on their stupid issues they would see the truth. Tax food! Everyone needs to pt down their phones and Push them Back Hard!

    • I have a better idea! We The People could ALL just rise up and remove those trying to force this BULLSHIITE GW HOAX on society thus lowering the Carbon Footprint altogether!!!!

    • They can take every cent after we feed ourselves and throw it at climate change and it might make small change around the edges, but it will not stop (let alone reverse) it. What the svientists will not tell you is that the only solution is de-population. Now which of you flaming liberals are ready to jump on that wagon?

      • Population control will come in the form of pandemic. It will be swift and fair. Nature will restore homeostasis.

    • I do not know anything about this “group of researchers in Oxford University, England”. Are these educated men and women? Without using curse words, I do believe this is the stupidest idea I have seen in print.

    • ClimateOtter ” NO”
      “I agree that what their talking about is the “NO” cycle (Nitrogen Cycle)
      Like the Earth’s water, nitrogen compounds cycle through the air, aquatic systems, and soil. But unlike water, these compounds are being injected into the environment in ever increasing quantities. In doing so, we are altering the global nitrogen cycle, causing possible grave impacts on biodiversity, global warming, water quality, human health, and even the rate of population growth in developing nations.”
      “Although carbon dioxide may get more press, “the nitrogen cycle has been altered more than any other basic element cycle,” says John Aber, vice president for research and public service at the University of New Hampshire.”

      • I think it was the author Piers Anthony who once said something along the lines of “My ancestors did not spend 3 million years climbing up the food chain so that I could eat rabbit food.”

    • Taxing food . . . . right, where do we start?
      Bread (fermenting yeast = pockets of man-made CO2 to meet human need on a global scale).
      All other yeast-based bakery products incl. Bhabas, Croissants, Fruit Loaves, Doughnuts (CO2).
      Cleaning down of Industrial Scale Bakery Eqipment with dry ice pellets (= CO2).
      Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Powder) used in the global snack food industry (= CO2).
      Sodium Bicarbonate used in the cake, cookie and biscuit industry (what are those tiny bubbles?).
      MAP (modified air packaging) O2 is replaced with CO2 to prevent oxidisation in meat, fish & veg.
      Industrial scale man-made CO2 enriched greenhouses – to optimise fruit & veg growth.
      Liver salts (lots of big fizzy CO2 bubbles) if you’ve over indulged on the wrong food.
      Denture cleaning products (more fizz to ‘lift’ the food from your false teeth).
      I could go on all night . . . . just don’t get me started on the “Beverage Industry”.
      And still, only about 4% of all CO2 is man-made. 96% of the stuff is entirely natural.
      Get over it you highly opinionated, self-righteous do-gooders. Leave us alone. CAGW is a lie.

    • As the NWO gets bigger, because they produce nothing, provide no revenues, they need to create more ways to tax you, it has nothing to do with ‘global warming’.
      YOO HOO! Imagine the savings if the USA stopped funding the UN and reduced our federal monster government back to it’s Constitutional mandate (before it self creates it’s own full blown tyrannical plan)
      Too many layers and layers of non-producing federal government and UN parasites in suits needing evermore revenues for their opulent salaries, lifestyles and ever growing pensions (and who are getting more and more authoritarian and predatory toward it’s citizens.
      How about staring here; all states reject ‘federal’ funding, demanding reconstitution of states rights, taking back federal confiscation of state’s property and kick the UN the hell out of our country:
      One dollar spent on a ‘FEDERAL’ level cost 10 times more than if that same job was done on a ‘STATE’ level, logic would point to keeping federal government no bigger than our constitutional mandate, notice the federal government taking states property and states rights away from states and handing control of US properties and law making over to the UN?
      Now add in the cost of the UN and the obscene waste and inefficiency of ‘world’ dollars:
      Wikipedia the UN and see how BEHEMOTHIC it now is with all it’s agencies, impotent peace keeping forces, organizations, commissions and each comes with their own building complexes, vehicles, uniforms, equipment, support complexes, staff, salaries, travel, security, food and energy expenses, conferences AND the now hundreds of thousands of UN retirees (mostly foreign) and their pensions, perks and benefits.
      YOO HOO, who do you think is paying for all of that?
      And most UN employees don’t even pay any tax (some ‘internal’ tax …whooppee).
      … So, how many UN ‘world’ (foreign) pensioners are we funding with our taxes?
      Imagine how much extra money we would have if we defunded the world’s behemothic tax parasites and redundant layers of government that are becoming more and more tax hungry and authoritarian towards it’s citizens.
      The UN and all of it’s huge organizations, commissions and agencies including the IMF and World Bank, generate no revenues, are not subject to the laws of any country it operates in, pays no tax, produce nothing, is dictating ‘world’ regulations, confiscating your wealth through federal taxation and backdoor taxation through complicit federal government agencies like the EPA.
      YOO HOO! Imagine the savings if our country stopped funding the UN.
      Lagarde’s (IMF) salary is over $300,000 + per year PLUS tens of thousands in ‘stipends’. and she PAYS NO TAX.
      “most UN employees pay no tax”.
      The IMF and World Bank are UN agencies of now countless agencies, commissions and organizations, one big Trojan Horse and tool of a few dynastic families, sucking the wealth, sovereignty, freedoms and life out of the world.
      The IMF is nothing more than a world asset stripping debt collector for the western alliance globalist elites.
      Global taxation, a ‘one world’ currency and open borders are all part of the globalists plan to eliminate sovereignty of nations.
      10 nations that control the world’s gold – MarketWatch
      Oct 20, 2012 … The International Monetary Fund is the third-largest official holder of gold, with more than 2,814 tonnes.
      Where’s all that IMF gold coming from? (Ask NATO?< Libya? Egypt? Tunisia? Ukraine? soon Syria?) And Germany can't get their's back?
      The IMF is ANOTHER UN agency, it is not a 'nation', it has been deemed 'supranational sovereignty' (deemed by the UN's 'International Court of Justice' -yep, another UN agency). so the UN creates an agency to deem itself and it's other agencies supranational sovereignty over the world and makes it's own laws, decides it needn't pay any tax nor provide any revenues -sweet deal if your a UN employee.
      "A monarchy is that which calls itself a monarchy" (only if the people allow it).
      UN? Proven corrupt, unelected, made up mostly of 3rd world dictatorships.
      NATO, the UN and all of it's agencies, commissions, organizations, etc  (UN agencies include the IMF and World Bank), all have the same boss, they're all really just tentacles of the giant, globalist vampire banksters squid.
      Notice the elimination of individual accountability? 'NATO' decided this or that, the 'UN' deemed this or that, and we must all comply regardless of our rights, freedoms and laws of OUR OWN COUNTRY. Any official that your taxes fund needs to be thrown out if they support the UN. The working tax payer needs to be mobilized against funding the UN.
      We have to stop giving credibility and decision making powers to unelected foreign entities that we are forced taxed to fund while they supplant our own country’s laws and sovereignty and take control over our resources.
      Time for individual states to reject 'federal money', take 'federal land' ownership and control back to the individual states it BELONGS TOO, re-instate all states rights, Pull out of NATO, defund and take away the UN’s ‘supranational sovereignty’, restitution of it's assets (starting with the IMF's (stolen?) gold hoard) claw back foreign pensions (US taxes for foreigners) and kick them the hell out of our country.
      Know Your Enemy Part 63 – The United Nations Background – By The Fuel Project
      Know Your Enemy Part 64 – The Spiritual United Nations
      Know Your Enemy Part 65 – The World Core Curriculum
      Know Your Enemy Part 66 – Alice A Bailey
      Know Your Enemy Part 67 – The War on Parents

      • Some of the other quotes I’ve read from these fascist leftists are:
        * Even though it’s not true it’s the right thing to do. (A former Canadian EPA scientist).
        * Even though it’s not completely true it’s the right thing to do for “Social Justice!”
        * People will be forced to have abortions, and those wanting to have children will have to ask to be chosen by lottery.
        * We should have never eradicated Smallpox
        * If the terrorists were good people they would spread the ebola virus throughout the world to keep the population down.
        * Some agree on a population of 500 million, and other think upward to one billion. (They never do say how they plan to get rid of at least 7+ billion people)!
        * If we decide that man can still live on Earth I suggest it be Scientists and Musicians.
        This is a very small number of the quotes I had on my last computer. I wish I had saved it on a thumb drive.

    • We can keep the rivers, stream, oceans, etc. clean. We can try to limit smog, etc. But the climate has been changing for billions of years and it’s called Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. You can’t tame Mother Nature! Think New Zealand?

    • This is the globalist mindset. More like Hunger Games than ending world hunger. The claimed concern about saving lives is a red herring. Most likely these guys in private are for “culling the herd” of excess humans (meaning humans who are not part of the ruling clique).

    • These twits don’t realize that plants need CO2 to grow like we need oxygen. CO2 in the air is like fertilizer for plants.

    • This is what happens when a government or governments are ‘broke and run out of other people’s money’. The Central Banks are bankrupt, and all global governments can only print money. History reveals insane taxation of the victims of government corruption is always the ‘last straw’ pulled before total collapse.

    • Libtards always want to tax. Anything and everything. Fascist clueless a-holes. As if Brexit and Trump never happened. These folks are called “intellectuals”?!?! Freakin’ morons. Criminal.

    • This will be cited by the hoaxers as “one of the many actions accomplished to fight the effects of ‘global climate change.'”
      Just don’t ask for any details quantifying their effect, however…!!

    • [excerpt]
      “This proposal, from a group of people who have probably never missed a meal in their lives, is totally obscene. High income countries often have a lot of poor people who would be hard hit by increases in the price of food.”
      These people have needlessly driven up the cost of energy. Now they want to drive up the cost of food. Actually, they already have, through mandatory biofuel mandates and huge subsidies.
      All they are doing is increasing human suffering, especially among the elderly and the poor.
      These are criminal acts, true crimes against humanity. These people belong in jail.
      Regards, Allan

      • You’re exactly right, Allen. Those people are nothing more than a nest of vipers who are in it for themselves. They care nothing for anyone who cannot do anything for them. They follow Lucifer, not Jesus Christ.

    • This is part of the globalists plans to depopulate the world by five to six billion people, war, famine, disease….these sick people need to go. Put them all on an island and let them fight for their own food.

    • Some asshole has stated that food could be used as a weapon,And here it is.We are so screwed,isis on one side the un on the other .they both want to control the world in their warped image and we get to pay for it. They are the same in the end we are controlled by assholes.

    • So, the folks who bitch (at us) about world hunger, want to make food drastically more expensive.
      And if forced to acknowledge that their acts will cause MORE people to starve, they will casually disregard those very real dead and harmed people; because THEY are addressing what MIGHT happen in FOUR TO FIVE GENERATIONS.
      On this topic, I hope Trump proves to live completely up to expectations.

      • Very insightful noticing that those that lament world hunger are also pushing for world starvation.
        As for Trump, you’re going to be very disappointed, as were those that laid up their hopes in Roosevelt, Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama. Look for 9/11 2.0, this time blamed on Iran. And that wall?! It’s a canard to keep Americans in, not “illegals” out.
        The simplest thing that can be said about “climate change” and proposed “solutions” is: Government first. When they cease their war, waste and corruption, all very heavy “carbon emitters,” then they can ask that we follow suit. Until then, they can blow it out their venal asses.
        An American citizen, not US subject.

    • This is just a UN mandate to control human movement. There is NO scientific evidence, or more importantly, common sense evidence that “Proteins” are causing climate change. These fucktards are control freaks plan and simple. If they don’t crawl back under their rocks it’s going to be whack a mole time at the amusment park folks. Global elites your days are truly numbered.

    • These idiots need to be locked up and have the key thrown away. It’s another case of the liberal far left trying to control what we eat. Dear god protein is essential for a healthy body. Especially in children and the malnourished. Pricing meat and dairy so low income families cannot afford it is beyond belief. Whatever university conferred a degree on these idiots should lose their credentials. But stupid is stupid and liberals have never been in short supply of it!

  1. The only thing to be done at this stage is to strip out the bloated leftist maggots from the rotten, crawling cores of all of our institutions of higher learning and rebuild them from the bottom up.

    • Exactly right. These tyrannical fascists must be dealt with. We can do it the easy way, or we can do it
      the hard way.

      • I had a list of quotes from these so called “climate experts” on my old computer. Their top priority is to do away with a large portion of people living on this planet. One fairly famous person stated that: “If the terrorists were good people they would spread ebola around the world.” These are leftists fascists, and history tells us what they are willing to do to achieve their utopia!

    • One could only wish for such a miracle, but these entrenched leftists will continue to poison our society, ruin our children and oppose ANY and ALL critical thinking. These leftist academics are extremely dangerous and destabilizing. They are a cancer on the planet.

      • Yes they are, and of course, they think they are so much smarter than the average person! They take 10 plus Suv’s to get to their gas guzzling jets. Barbra Streisand owns a complex with at least 10 houses on it, and even thoughtes to no one lives in any of them they are heated, lighted, and cooled year round. But of course she’s all for fixing
        climate change.

      • Those houses also have swimming pools. Even if the pool heater isn’t on (it usually is), the pumps have to be kept running and chemicals have to be added to it continually in order to keep the algae at bay.

    • Agree, but it’s a three step plan based on the acuteness of the dysfunction caused:
      1. Dismantle the Leftist mainstream media
      2. Dismantle the Leftist bureaucracies
      3. Dismantle the Leftist educational institutions
      All of these function in unison to create dysfunction across the time spectrum, short term, medium term and long term.

      • Only #2 is doable by the government. #1 can be accomplished by preventing the snuffing out of the independent internet media by twitter, facebook and google. I’m not sure that eliminating DOE and defunding college education will accomplish the goal. I don’t know how to get the education system back under control of real people.

    • For those who really feel mankind is the problem, they should leave and reduce the population & their excess use of earth resources. Until they do they cannot be taken seriously.
      Tax food, they are selfish and hypocrites. They fly around causing more pollution than many do in a year, bet their menu causes more pollution than any five of the rest of us.
      Take, please, that clown Kerry who went to Antarctica and burned up more CO2 than the whole USA does in a full day. What business dose Kerry have in land that has no nation we need to deal with? And can you imagine what the around the world tour of Obama, the advocate of human caused global warming, has burned up? Get rid of the elite and their trips and we save the planet. The environmentalist should be in an uproar about these two trips, until they are rioting on these trips they cannot be taken serious either.

      • The environmentalist lefty Elites consider themselves “SPECIAL” and therefore above the laws and rules that should apply to the rest of us commoners. Thank GOD Trump won!

      • John, are you actually claiming that Lurch’s many mansions collectively, produce no more CO2 than does a single, average sized home?
        PS: CNS is not the Christian Science Monitor.
        PPS: The article said that the CO2 emissions from that one trip was equal to the yearly output of a single American.
        PPPS: Are you really as stupid and bigoted as you make yourself sound?

    • What we want is balance. It is OK to have Marxist professors as long as we have a significant number of Libertarians. What we want is lively debate where ideas have to fight for survival.
      What we have is orthodoxy.

      But things began changing in the 1990s as the Greatest Generation (which had a fair number of Republicans) retired and were replaced by the Baby Boom generation (which did not). As the graph below shows, in the 15 years between 1995 and 2010 the academy went from leaning left to being almost entirely on the left. Heterodox Academy

      The orthodoxies do not get challenged and we get BS piled on a solid foundation of BS. The other problem is that analysis is privileged over knowledge. Our students are taught to fabricate castles in the sky based on almost no actual empirical facts. In fact, the postmodernists have it that facts don’t matter because facts are mere social constructs. link
      As for solutions

      It may be harder than we thought

      • unfortunately Bob, you have not let go of your feelings for rational discourse and compromise. Leftists NEVER admit defeat. A loss is just a temporary pause. a compromise is just a half step forward until the chance comes to run all the way. When they lose at the ballot, they go to the court. Should the courts fail to be swayed, they take to the streets.
        Marxists have proven by a century of One Hundred Million Bodies, they are a danger to all of humanity.
        it was best said by some one else, in the argument over drinking a cup of poison, there is no compromise position that will satisfy the other side.
        Anyone preaching Marxism should be held to the same level of disgust and contempt as an advocate of Genocide and Slavery.

      • unfortunately Bob, you have not let go of your feelings for rational discourse and compromise. Leftists NEVER admit defeat. A loss is just a temporary pause. a compromise is just a half step forward until the chance comes to run all the way. When they lose at the ballot, they go to the court. Should the courts fail to be swayed, they take to the streets.
        Marxists have proven by a century of One Hundred Million Bodies, they are a danger to all of humanity.
        it was best said by some one else, in the argument over drinking a cup of poison, there is no compromise position that will satisfy your enemy.
        Anyone preaching the cryptoreligion of Marxism should be held to the same level of disgust and contempt as an advocate of Genocide and Slavery.

      • commieBob wrote:
        “Our students are taught to fabricate castles in the sky based on almost no actual empirical facts. In fact, the postmodernists have it that facts don’t matter because facts are mere social constructs.”
        Allan wrote:
        Well said Bob.
        One of my friends, and eminent meteorologist, told me about a presentation he attended, given by a warmist academic.
        My friend said:
        “This guy lives in a virtual world, not the real one. His entire presentation was the output of computer models. He never referred to real world data. His model output was nothing like observed, measured reality He did not seem to realise this, or perhaps he did not think it relevant.”
        That is the essence of the global warming scam. It is not real. It is virtual reality, actually virtual falsehood, the product of computer models that used highly inflated estimates of the sensitivity of climate to increasing CO2 – up to ~10 times too high.
        The warmist climate models also ignore the observed fact that CO2 lags temperature at all measured time scales, from ~9 months in the modern data record to ~800 years in the ice core record, on a longer time cycle. The warmists ignore this fact, because it proves they are saying the future is causing the past.
        This lag of CO2 after temperature does not mean that CO2 does not drive temperature. It is probable that CO2 drives temperature AND temperature drives CO2. The lag means that temperature drives CO2 much more than CO2 drives temperature, and that the sensitivity of climate to increasing CO2 is so small as to be insignificant. This lag also does not mean that temperature is the ONLY cause of increasing atmospheric CO2 – other causes, such as land use change, fossil fuel combustion, etc. could also cause rising CO2 concentrations. However, increasing CO2 is beneficial, to humankind AND the environment.
        We also know what drives global temperature, and it is not increasing CO2. Global temperature is overwhelmingly driven by ENSO in the short term (decades) and probably by the integral of solar activity in the longer term (large fractions of a century and longer). Major volcanoes such as El Chichon (1982) and Mt. Pinatubo (1991) have a significant temporary cooling effect, typically dissipating over about five years.
        In a functioning computer climate model, atmospheric CO2 would play such a small role that it could be eliminated with no significant impact on model accuracy.
        Finally, atmospheric CO2 at 400 ppm is not alarming high, it is dangerously low for the survival of terrestrial carbon-based life on Earth. During one of the next Ice Ages, enough atmospheric CO2 will dissolve in the oceans that most terrestrial plants, including almost all our food crops, will shut down, and that will be the end of most or all terrestrial carbon-based life on this beautiful blue-water planet. We can probably prevent this sad end through geo-engineering (albedo control), but first we must get the science right, and now, the consensus as promoted by the warmist IPCC is utterly wrong.
        Regards to all my carbon-based friends, Allan 🙂

      • Even so-called hard scientists fall into this group – just dangle some grant money under their noses that is contingent on “proving” global warming, and they fall into line quickly (and have been ever since Al Gore invented this BS).

    • Just some academics, and mainly from the soft sciences and humanities
      Ruminants have lived on earth a very long time and in massive herds; Julius Caesar, entering into ””Gaul” described wild bulls oalmost as large as elephants.

    • These people are not academics, but propagandists funded by people with agendas, UK unis are being overrun by these supposed “Research” centres, lending their rapidly diminishing names to highly dodgy political propaganda outlets. The “Environmental Change Institute”, also attached like a cancer to Oxford Uni, is another example.

  2. No, that is a very bad idea. Firstly, there is no real science to suggest such a thing would matter to the climate, second there is no real science that man is causing the climate to change, since the climate has been changing for millions of years naturally. Thirdly, there is only junk “science” hysteria on this topic. Nothing else matters.

    • It doesn’t matter what the science is or isn’t. Those in charge need more taxes so they can keep people poor and dependent on the handouts they receive from them, deir massas.

      • The article stated that they were going to tax bad foods, and use the money to subsidize the poor so that they can still afford to buy food. (They don’t mention that 10 to 50% of the money would be siphoned off to support the commissars who are going to run this program.)

    • Those on Welfare, Entitlement Programs, etc. believe taxes do not affect them. They are not aware of the hidden taxes embedded in everything purchased. Ex., 1972, bread – 30 percent, 1984 Vehicles – $3k avg.
      This past decade if Welfare payments were not tripled they have fallen far behind. Same with the employed if they have not received wages in line with inflation. Because of price increase for necessities such as food, rent, etc the hidden taxes have dramatically increased.
      These hidden taxes fall heavist on the poor and those dependent on government subsistance. Can mandate higher minimum wages but then the price of everything goes up and more people are laid off increasing government dependence.
      We are constantly told unemployment is very low yet the number of Net Tax Payers continue to decline. As it is the top 3 million tax payers pay 87% of all income taxes. Everybody employed pays Social Security taxes. And, everybody pays hidden taxes.
      Not many people understand that a business is just another tax collector for the IRS. They are the source for all hidden taxes. When a business reduces its tax burden they are actually reducing the buyers product cost.
      When a business pays taxes on net income it is really a tax on the investors. They then pay an additional tax on their dividend income.
      You can thank all the Lawyer Politicians for this state of affairs. The Democrats are most responsible but there was/is no real push back by the Republicans. They are all feed by Taxes, Globalist, and Wall Street.

      • In that light, consider what an increase in minimum wage really is. A massive social security tax increase placed on the backs of businesses, without having to pass an actual tax increase bill. The business will have to absorb the wage increase and add an additional 7.5% for their portion of FICA. Those increased expenditures are not matched by any increase in employee productivity or revenue. In the end, the government gets 7.5% FICA increase and the 7.5% increase from the business. For every $1/hr increase in minimum wage, the government gets $.15/hr. A $40 increase in weekly wage will redirect $6 per week per worker to the government. How many people will this affect? Let’s be conservative and say 20,000,000. That would allow the government to rake in an additional $120,000,000 per week, over $6.2 billion per year. And it all comes right out of the pockets of businesses and done without the stigma of voting for an actual tax increase.

      • The government only gets that extra money if the person remains employed.
        A few years ago I read about a machine that could make something like 100 burgers per hour. It did everything, it ground the meat to order, cut the pickles and tomatoes, shredded the lettuce, cooked the pattie and assembled your burger, right when you order it.
        These machines are too expensive for all but premium joints at present, but the cost is coming down. If the minimum wage rises, that just means that these machines will become cost effective for regular burger joints that much sooner.

  3. Good Lord. A new low. Let’s hope, especially with the election results that this nonsense is relegated to the trash heap of history as soon as humanly possible.

  4. If such a policy were implemented they might find that there are suddenly a LOT more hunters out there, which would negatively impact wild species, would it not? And poaching would probably increase significantly. Shades of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    • I’m guessing the citizen hunters would be part of a “Most Dangerous Game” rewrite and the politicians would find their place in the story not to their liking.

    • Well, of course they could have a huge tax on hunting licenses, restrictions on how much game you can take, and steep fines with prison time for those who not follow the rules. Government has taken total control over what we can or cannot do. Any freedom you think you enjooy now is simply one they have not yet taken action on.

      • They can try, doesn’t mean they will succeed. Under such a scenario they are going to have to increase the salaries paid to rangers by a huge amount, in order to compensate for the dramatic increase in job related risk.

  5. If you’d simply paid your roofs and roadways white . . . you’d change the albedo of the planet. And provide much more cooling than simply ruining your Subject’s lives.

    • No, even this idea may not work if you think it through. Billions of gallons of paint – where would it come from and what would be the “global warming” results of the paint itself?Mining of minerals for ingredients? Manufacturing processes? VOC’s? Transport? Application products? Runoff as it is applied or wears off?

    • Ever notice that the areas of the Earth with the highest albedo all have one thing in common? They’re all deserts.

      • I stated a few years back that if all cars and all roofs were white, and everyone who drove a car would use some kind of windshield screen while parked. Global warming would pretty much go away.
        First more light reflected rather than absorbed. A secondary affect would be less AC being used, which would also help to cool urban areas.

    • If that is such a cheap, effective, measure why do we not see “climate warriors” proposing it? Is climate change is an excuse for another agenda?

    • White roof membrane lasts considerably longer than the original black did at the university facility I managed. Some of it is because our original flat roofs were ballasted with rock and perforations were more frequent. the smooth, brown Meramec river gravel absorbed heat, held moisture and made it hard to walk while servicing rooftop HVACs. The flip side was that on winter days or cool fall evenings it was quite comfortable as long as the wind was calm.

    • I was told about this nearly a year ago. Just paint sky-facing things white. A far better solution to global warming than solar panels.
      Left / enviros are not interested in white. They want renewable energy.
      Left / enviros are not non-CO2 nuclear power. They want renewable energy.
      This is turning into a bit of a pattern. I almost suspect they don’t believe in CAGW, despite their protestations!

      • I have long suspected that most of the AGW pushers don’t really believe in it, or at least are aware of the shaky nature of the science they claim is clear-cut and unambiguous. There could be a thousand reasons why they push AGW anyway… desire for control, the wish to fit in and be liked, not wanting to appear stupid to all the others who are standing with them admiring the emperor’s new clothes. They spend so much time making “deniers” into the stupid ones that they have to feel conflicted and guilty if they let their own doubts make it to the surface. Their zealotry, thus, may be as much an effort to convince themselves as it is to convince us.

      • Lefties go in for virtue signalling bigtime. Perhaps this is why there aren’t so many lefty sceptics? Anyone who doesn’t signal virtue may find they’re subject to emotional, moral and career blackmail to toe the AGW line. Especially in academia. It’s easier to lie back and think of Socialism, than resist the “climate hawks”.

  6. The malign interaction of the green blob and veganisism in action. Dietary studies are almost as political as climate science, and almost as badly done in practice.

  7. Let’s have some form of governmental control of every facet of or activity in life, then life will really be good. Those folks are far more intelligent than I am and so, I surrender to their superiority. (If necessary, sarcasm.)

  8. If anyone was serious about climate change they would espose population control. Stop supporting bastard children. Stop immigration. Stop foriegn aid.

  9. Why is it these groups never say “You’re hurting the environment, stop it”, moving to ban the activity. Instead it’s always “You’re hurting the environment, pay me”. Almost enough to make you think the money is the point …

    • Funny how Zerka was out of control but today World Health Organization declared emergency over. Wonder how much government money is left for them to waste??? It’s all about the money!

  10. I think im going to get a few more goats, and a couple young cattle, perhaps my own mini breeding heard of Angus cattle…. tax that

  11. How do they think this absurb suggestion, if implemented, would not ‘impact negatively on low income populations’? Methinks it’s getting time to reconsider Oxford University’s reputation as the home of the elite intelligentsia.

  12. Not too big a step from this to taxing human life, if you breathe you must pay per exhalation. They truly want to rule every aspect of our lives…

  13. I can see the logic. If you raise food prices and millions of people starve to death they are not going to be exhaling CO2.
    I have never understood why so many of the Alarmists are also Malthusians; unless it’s just another way of hating humanity and saving Gaia.

    • Because obsessing over limits is a natural mindset (as well as naturalistic). An easy trap for pessimists to fall in to. Obsessing over limits leads to the conclusion: there is not enough to go around. “We are using resources up at the rate of two earths.“, as they say. Enviros were more obsessed by resource limits too in the past. They portray CO₂ as another limit. Too much this time.
      A more cynical viewpoint is: they arranged their anti-nuclear and anti-CO₂ campaigns as anti-energy campaigns. Some of them were explicit in this. Especially some Californians from the late 1960s. They thought the only way to save nature was to limit human migration into California. Hence the stupid policies we’ve seen in California since then: preventing large scale energy systems (not just nuclear power but also hydro). Preventing any major water management.
      Many anti-nuke activists were (probably still are) engaged in constipating nuclear power, as they called campaigning against used fuel (AKA: spent nuclear fuel). No one was ever been harmed by spent nuclear fuel. The anti-CO₂ campaign is similar. As Tim Ball puts it:

      You can stop a car engine by cutting off the fuel supply, but that would be extremely difficult and elicit quick anger in a country, as anger when fuel prices jump demonstrate. However, you can also stop a car engine by blocking the exhaust. Transfer that idea to nations and show that CO₂, the byproduct of combustion of fossil fuels, was causing runaway, catastrophic, global warming to achieve the goal. What nastier image than the belching car exhaust or the even more dramatic chimneys of industry?

      Limits obsession explains: their love of renewable energy, phobia of nuclear power (nuclear waste obsession), CAGW, Malthus.
      PS: They are politically correct Malthusians though. They will not discus Malthus positively. They even claim we should open borders. So impractical Malthus with it! Malthus is implicit in modern environmentalism, not explicit like 45 years ago.

  14. Actually, if these morons were serious, they would start with the idea of closing down all the multiplex cinemas across the planet. What a waste of real estate and energy.
    How many of us sit in these large theater complexes completely alone, or maybe with a couple of other movie goers? The heating and air conditioning needs of these facilities must be gigantic.
    And the fuel consumed to drive to these theaters? There and back………..just to see a movie? Wow, I can wait for the DVD and enjoy the movie at home in the comfort of my recliner.
    Oh well, if these morons succeed, I can always sprinkle some A-1 sauce on my DVDs and see if they are as good as a Porterhouse steak.

  15. “save half a million lives”
    while killing several millions from malnutrition and impaired health for 100s of millions. Yeah, that ‘s a great idea. I cannot wait for the US to reverse the EPA’s CO2 endangerment finding and the CO2 is bad meme starts to crumble. What is interesting is that they want to decrease the demand for meat but also want to increase the numbers of wild animals that will essentially make this move a wash in terms of CO2 emitted by grazing animals.

  16. “This proposal, from a group of people who have probably never missed a meal in their lives, is totally obscene.” Eric, you took the words straight out of my mouth.

  17. When the Climate Fanatics start promoting taxing FOOD in support of an unproven theory it may be time to seriously consider another inquisition.
    These people are not only dangerous, they are insane.

    • Well can’t just be any conservative. The GOPe types like Romney, and Bush and McCain would go along with this scam. Being anti-CO2 is a poison should be a litmus test for anyone seeking office.

  18. Enough of this hoax. They also don’t count the already proven fake numbers for climate models.(old data), the booms that have been written to prove this is nothing more than a way to end capitalism. And also that consensus is not science. Not to mention the natural tonnage of Corbin already released by decaying matter. And lastly the co-founder of Greenpeace called it a hoax as well. Enough of this fake crap by big govt’s to control it’s people.
    Duplicate comment ~mod

  19. Taxing food? Brilliant!! Of course since the poor will be affected the most they will need to be subsidized from higher taxes somewhere else. Do these people have a brain cell that works? Making it harder to survive in a effort to save the world from the progress that fossil fuels (CO2) have allowed humanity – all the while calling it Climate Change – is the folly of Marxist Progressive thought.

    • Ask them about water vapor being the most prevalent greenhouse gas. The heat capacity of H2O is many times that of CO2 and at least a hundred times more water vapor in the atmosphere. When do they declare water a pollutant?

  20. Just another money grab by world socialists. Analport do not realize how obvious this is. Can’t get a CO2 tax so you go after food. Maybe that idiot that said the world’s better off if you would stay off maybe he ought to stop eating and shut the heck up

    • It’s even more stupid from the Green perspective, because these ‘academics’ exposed the deepest elements of the true Green agenda. The denizens of the climate fearosphere generally try to keep their agenda hidden from “we the people”.

  21. I bet very few of these geniuses would be able to say what the co2 PPM was when earth thrived supporting dinosaurs…or what the mass of the sun is relative to our solar system.
    1. The sun’s output changes
    2. Hence climate change
    How did taxing our tea work out for you?

  22. Enough of this hoax. They also don’t count the already proven fake numbers for climate models.(old data), the books that have been written to prove this is nothing more than a way to end capitalism. And also that consensus is not science. Not to mention the natural tonnage of Carbon already released by decaying matter. And lastly the co-founder of Greenpeace called it a hoax as well. Enough of this fake crap by big govt’s to control it’s people.Another way to know it’s fake is that they wanted to throw you in jail for denying.

  23. They’ve already done that by diverting food products into “clean fuel”.
    EPA Sides With Biofuel Industry by Delaying Ethanol Mandate Decision:
    Anti-hunger groups argue that the RFS has caused the global price of corn to skyrocket, which has exacerbated hunger in poor countries. It’s also caused prices for poultry, pork, and other livestock to rise as well.

  24. Insanity Complete insanity. The scam is over folks. It’s all about money… higher taxes, specifically. There will never be enough taxation for the greedy leftists and screaming globalists.

  25. These eggheads just do not get it.
    They want to regulate everything through taxation and judicial mandate.
    Good thing the world seems to be waking up and taking a stand against these intellectual dimwits.

  26. Since they love statism so much, why not propose cradle-to-grave government provided food instead? I mean, that would jump right past all of the interim “nicetites”, wot?
    Because it’s not about the food, it’s about the MONEY. Collectivists don’t hate money; they hate that individiuals having it lubricates liberty.

  27. Just put a nice tax on the overpriced feel-good organic and European snooty items sold at places like Whole foods.

  28. These pointy-headed academics are living in an echo chamber so heavily insulated from the real world, they don’t even realize how stupid they sound.

  29. You should tax these morons per word for all the hot air and garbage they spew. If they would shut their traps, the temperature would decrease by 2 degrees

  30. You can’t depopulate the earth by saving lives, somebody has to die. You drive up the price of food and energy, paint a false narrative about deadly future heat in the face of upcoming cold, and let nature take it’s course.

  31. Developing another system of Theft based on Fraud. Some group of Tyrants must have Ordered the Expansion of over reaching Government to kill the economy and starve the people.
    Who is going to benefit from this? Government and Its’ employee Unions.
    Who is going to be hurt by this? Everyone that hasn’t bought an exemption for themselves.
    Think of the down range ripples throughout the economy;
    Everyone has less money and more oppressive Government.

  32. Taxing the heck out of protein rich foods would certainly go a long way toward making those pesky plebeians smaller and weaker. And of course we will continue to keep energy prices artificially high in order to keep killing off the elderly and the ill. Should help lead to the perfect society.

    • I’ll sell you a tomato for 30 dollars, when you are only making 7 dollars an hour.
      Potatoes are kept under lock and key, they are 100 dollars each.
      You want a cheap burger? That’ll be a Thousand$$$s.
      Sorry! Water has been banned, it has been determined to cause “Climate Change!”

  33. First liberals wanted non-elite whites to adopt a pre-stone age, combustion-free lifestyle for ourselves while they continue jetting around in their private jets, muscle cars, and continue to enjoy a perfect inside climate in their mega-mansions. Now they want us to give up eating too?
    Do we really need any more proof that liberalism is the entire system at war with the native American middle and working classes? Could this kind of outrage be why Trump won and Comrade Hillary lost?

    • Yes, exactly. We are very tired of being lectured to…are you listening, Hamilton cast members, NFL “knees”, Hollywood professional let’s pretend actors? When the likes of all those and world-leaders stop jetting everywhere, having others take care of their basic needs, frequently vacationing in luxury locations, then I just might listen to your message. Until then, you are simply hypocritical fools. I read a book many years ago set around 2050 and in it only the very rich and powerful ate “real” food…the rest of the world ate engineered items. Looks as though it wasn’t so far off the mark, if some have their way.

  34. Seriously, what impact would a UK tax on meat have on actual global temperatures? Educated and qualified to professorship standards but as thick as a box of rocks.

  35. That’s the idea! Hit the poorest among us in order to make the UN happy with their Socialist “Global Warming” ideology. This is why Populism is gaining strength and Globalism is on its way out….

  36. Brilliant. Price food OUT OF RANGE for 95% of the consumers on the planet. Then issue Global Warming coloring books to help starving people pass the time. Dial M for Morons.

  37. Their analysis ignores other healthy effects.
    What if grain has the least climate impact, but causes the most diabetes, cancer and heart disease?
    So now we will have more of those diseases as all other foods are taxed relatively more highly, thanks to these scientists who are only interested in virtue signaling around the issue-du-jour.

  38. Actually, I think it’s a splendid idea. All you poor, uneducated, deplorable little people who vote for things like Brexit and Trump will starve to death, leaving just us wise folk on the electoral register. Fuel poverty alone isn’t getting rid of you quickly enough.
    (do I need to say ‘sarc’?)

    • Well, my area has plenty of deer and small game and, I have a gun. As for fuel poverty, I learned how to siphon gas at a young age. :)<<< note the smiley face.

  39. These folks are nucking futs. What a wonderful way to induce malnutrition and starvation. At least they’ll have a front row seat to all the glorious ways people respond when they have the joy of watching their children starve to death, if they were to actually try to implement such stupidity. Is Oxford handing out ID10T endorsements with their degrees these days?

  40. Soylent Green is PEOPLE, its PEOPLE! Taxed to death, rendered into edible wafers and fed back to the dying remnants.
    The rich, of course, will still have steak and champagne. The rest of us need to understand that government knows what’s best for us and consider ourselves lucky to get their scraps and leftovers.

  41. Developing another system of Theft based on Fraud. Some group of Tyrants must have Ordered the Expansion of over reaching Government to kill the economy and starve the people.
    Who is going to benefit from this? Government and Its’ employee Unions.
    Who is going to be hurt by this? Everyone that hasn’t bought an exemption for themselves.
    Think of the down range ripples throughout the economy;
    Everyone has less money and more oppressive Government.
    If this is a duplicate, where is my comment?

  42. If so, also need to tax all pro and college and high school sports teams,sports equipment makers, sports shoe makers and athletic wear makers for contributing to increasing CO2 output.

  43. Jaw-dropping. Under my theory that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, you can register your objections with the corresponding author here. This was my response:

    Thank you
    Your message has been sent to Marco Springmann
    Mitigation potential and global health impacts from emissions pricing of food commodities
    Dear god, has Oxford lost its mind? INCREASING FOOD PRICES HURTS THE POOR, no matter how you might dress it up. How dumb does a professor have to be to get hired at Oxford?
    The arrogance is the worst. You say that if the poor merely rearrange their life-long eating patterns in just the manner that YOU think is appropriate, they MIGHT be able to still get the same nutrition for the same money … really?
    I am truly speechless at the arrogant elitism in your study. Go out, and try to live for a month on a poor persons budget before you ever have the nerve to tell the poor that they should pay more for their food.
    I gotta say, I’ve seen people in ivory towers before, but you guys take the cake.

    You probably should be nicer to the man than I was, but uncaring educated fools proposing this kind of unthinking damage to the poor angrifies my blood, and I lost my cool … hey, I’m a reformed cowboy, but I’m still a cowboy, what can I say.

  44. In short, they propose a policy of “Starve the Poor”.
    If England experiments with this, they ought to start with Oxford. The people who proposed this should be sent on a mission to examine Venezuela.

      • And covert it to a socialist system. All students get the same grade based on the aggregate quality of their work, and all employees, from full professors to custodians get the same salary.

      • And none of them should drink fermented beer or wine. Or Carbonated drink of any kind. Or water (CO2 is used to stabilise the Ph of drinking water). Or decaffienated coffee. Or Milk from ‘farting cows’.
        Just die of thirst. Hypocrites.

  45. The elites still haven’t learned the lessons of the Brexit and Trump victories. Nor will they. Instead they will wonder why their center-left and center-right parties are on the margins of politics.

  46. For those who really feel mankind is the problem, they should leave and reduce the population & their excess use of earth resources. Until they do they cannot be taken seriously.
    Tax food, they are selfish and hypocrites. They fly around cause more pollution than many do in a year, bet their menu causes more pollution than any five of the rest of us. Take, please, that clown Kerry who went to Antarctica and burned up more CO2 than the whole USA does in a full day. What business dose Kerry have in land that has no nation we need to deal with? And can you imagine what the around the world tour of Obama, the advocate of human caused global warming, has burned up? Get rid of the elite and their trips and we save the planet. The environmentalist should be in an uproar about these two trips, until they are rioting on these trips they cannot be taken serious either.

  47. Tax any food that hasn’t been converted into ethanol. ( And tax ethanol too. Why not?)
    Great Idea. I can feel it getting cooler already.
    Oh wait, that’s just Winter coming.

  48. Interesting… There are countries where dairy, and the meat from those dairy producers, comprise more than 50% percent of their diet. Theupy cannit raise or produce crops in their climates. These countries will now be on an “extermination diet”.

    • Glad to see that point raised. I’ll also add that to replace the proteins, fats, minerals and vitamines found in meats, dairy, and eggs people will have to eat a WHOLE lot more food than they do now and, since it’s vegetable and we don’t have four stomachs, we’ll pass the evil winds at a much higher rate.

  49. As everyone knows, the solution to every problem (even the made-up ones) is to create a new tax. *cough*
    Taxation is supposed to be funding necessary government functions, NOT serving as a behavior modification tool!

  50. “Much of the emissions reduction would stem from higher prices and lower consumption of animal products, as their emissions are particularly high. The researchers found that beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the climate damage caused by its production. The price of milk and other meats would need to increase by up to 20%, and the price of vegetable oils would also increase significantly.”
    So what is left for us to eat? Cheapest foods now are grains and high fructose corn syrup. Both are linked to obesity, diabetes and many other illnesses.
    I came to the lo-carb revolution because the chronic cough that often left me unable to function escaped diagnosis by a number of specialists. Good news was that after all the test I didn’t have cancer, heart problems or allergies. This carried on for six years and I had some periods of normalcy but it was always there, lurking and ready to make my life miserable. Anyways, after the first six weeks of eating better I noticed that any meds that earlier offered little relief worked much better. Then i was weaned off of the numerous inhalers and continued to improve. Now I am normal with occasional bouts that are rare and respond quickly to treatment. As an aside I also lost 50lbs. which I gained while ill.
    I wonder if the North American Diet which has spread world wide will be the next item to be dealt with by the fresh new thinking we are seeing.

  51. Marie Antoinette had the solution. Just “Let them eat cake”. Of course, that just comment just slightly preceded her conviction by the Revolutionary Tribunal of treason to the principles of the revolution, and her subsequent execution by guillotine.

  52. a crime against humanity

    Here in the US, already in progress. The Ethanol Mandate which diverts 40% of the nations corn crop into a motor fuel additive.
    Do “oxygenated fuels” burn cleaner, as alleged? For 100 years of very intensive fuels research, the effect was never noticed. Only after the EPA wanted it to be true, studies appeared of the sort “Studies Suggest” and “Research Indicates”.
    Burning food for fuel is an obscenity.

    • Taxation has long been a government tool to modify behavior. Why else have a tax on alcohol, for instance? The intent, all along, was to get people to drink less. For their own good, and if not, well, at least for the good of the exchequer.

  53. Just as I’ve always said: the REAL reason for all this climate change fraud is to implement a system of world taxation. It never had anything to do with the actual environment. It was always about installing another brick in the wall of one world government. Now we see it plain as day, out in the open. It’s time for all of Europe to grab their modern pitchforks and surround all of the Rothschild mansions.

  54. And here is a handy video showing just how much our carbon footprint could be reduced if we would only accept such a modest proposal:

  55. A food tax to “Fight Climate Change” is the next logical progression of carbon taxes.

    “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently. We are different from the oligarchies of the past in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites. The German Nazis and the Russian Communists came very close to us in their methods, but they never had the courage to recognize their own motives. They pretended, perhaps they even believed, that they had seized power unwillingly and for a limited time, and that just around the corner there lay a paradise where human beings would be free and equal. We are not like that. We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now you begin to understand me.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  56. Yet another attempt by out-of-control tyrants to determine for you what you may or may not eat. The sole purpose of the tax is to enrich the elitists while helping to impoverish those they try to have dominion over.

  57. This is insanity! If these idiots are so concerned about ‘global warming’, then why don’t they focus on birth control? This planet is overpopulated. Fewer people, fewer problems. But, let’s be honest: “global warming” is all about the money.

  58. Well since there is no proof the planet is warming, or any hint of proof the seasons ( we have been locked into 4 for a few centuries now) have anything to do with mankind, maybe we should wait on this. Or if the left really believes all this horse manure, stop growing food altogether, that will save on lots of emissions and also not as many people left to cause this horrendous change of seasons every year they call climate change.

  59. Politicians plan to tax food for the EXACT same reason that they tax everything else: So they have more money to spend getting re-elected… and of course, because they can.

    Then there was global warming… Oh, I’m sorry: I mean “THE ICE AGE IS COMING” (see Time Magazine—also Walter Cronkite, Sept. 11, 1972). There were many articles back in the 1970s that discussed the whole Ice Age problem). Oh, no, cancel that: “GLOBAL WARMING IS COMING.” Oh, no, change that: “CLIMATE CHANGE IS COMING”…..
    What hubris, what arrogance has taken possession of us poor little creatures on this mortal coil, that can makes us think that we little ants can change the weather on this huge planet. We forget that glowing star out there that we fondly call the SUN, which from time immemorial has been sending us its powerful rays, its warmth, its energy. We forget the powerful forces in the very belly of our magnificent planet, a planet we think we can tame. We’re acting like little gods.
    The Global Warming people often confuse global warming or climate change with ecology. And they say: “Yea, look at India, look at China. How dirty their air and water is.” True, but that’s got nothing to do with global warming or climate change. That’s ecology. We all want clean water, clean air, clean lakes and rivers, unpolluted peppers and tomatoes, magnificent landscapes. And today, at least in the United States, we’ve never had such clean air and water and lakes. Our cars are using fewer and fewer toxic ingredients. Why, even Great Britain’s Daily Mail for Jan. 2, 2015, has this comforting headline: “Carbon dioxide emissions help tropical rainforests grow faster: Study shows trees absorb more greenhouse gas than expected.” Praise the Lord!
    But that’s all ecology. We’re all for that. In fact, lets leave our children an even more beautiful and healthy planet than we inherited. But let’s not try to change the climate and temperature of this temperamental Planet Earth. It won’t work. Instead, let’s try to enjoy and beautify this unique and magnificent home lost among the trillions of other planets and stars.
    Ecology has nothing to do with global warming or climate change, which is the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. In a news conference in Washington D.C. on May 13, 2014, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius went so far as to warn the world that “we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.” Could a French foreign minister be wrong? I figured we earth-dwellers had only a few days left, and Armageddon would descend upon Planet Earth. “Earth, we have a problem.” Stop the world; I’m getting off! Come to think of it: the “climate chaos” predicted by the French foreign minister was to have taken place on September 25, 2015!!! Are we dead or still alive? Oh well, maybe we still have time to make our last wills and testaments. Oh, shucks, there won’t be anyone left to execute them.
    Former Vice President Al Gore invented his own “tipping point” clock a few years ago. Excerpt: Former Vice-President Al Gore came to Washington on July 17, 2008, to deliver yet another speech warning of the “climate crisis.” “The leading experts predict that we have less than 10 years to make dramatic changes in our global warming pollution lest we lose our ability to ever recover from this environmental crisis,” Gore stated.
    Finally, this past Jan. 2, 2015, Great Britain’s Daily Mail gave the world another big scare with this headline: “Mystery at the sun’s south pole: NASA reveals huge ‘coronal hole’ on the solar surface where winds reach 500 miles per SECOND.” Now we’re having trouble with the sun! But somehow—with God’s help— we’ll muddle through. We always have.
    In a word, taking care of the environment has nothing to do with trying to change the climate of Planet Earth. The Sun has been taking care of the climate change for millions of years and will continue to do so despite the fact we humanoids insist on exhaling “poisonous” breath.

    • Alex!!!!
      Where have *you* been hiding? BRAVO for COMMON SENSE!
      You say::
      “In a word, taking care of the environment has nothing to do with trying to change the climate of Planet Earth. The Sun has been taking care of the climate change for millions of years and will continue to do so …….”
      My latest two cents’ worth is:
      “This says it all:
      Climate Change is anthropogenic.
      But Climate has been changing since way before mankind took its first steps.
      Therefore, Climate Change is not anthropogenic.
      (My only proviso is that we stand to drown ourselves in our own detritus unless we clean it up ecologically as we go (e.g., micro-particulate-plastic balls). Had we invested as much money in this than ‘fad-issues’, the IPCC & satellite activities, we would have applied the otherwise wasted funds much more usefully.

  61. The global warming hoaxers seem to be having great difficulty with a very simple concept, so let me spell it out, though it really shouldn’t be necessary at this point. The hoaxers have spent 30 years trying to use propaganda, lies, state power, power of persuasion, the idiotic “97 % of scientists agree!” meme, declaring science “settled” which of course science by definition can never be, and every other possible tool in their toolkit to get the public to accept the laughable lie that we can fix the planet if we tax and spend and send money overseas some more. The public no more buys this laughable hoax any more today than on the day Algore came out with his discredited hockey stick graph. We. Just. Don’t. Buy. It. And never will. I feel slightly bad for the generation of scientists, writers, and propagandists that hitched their career wagons to this falling star, but it’s over. With Trump and Brexit and similar events to come, the notion of gigantic government confiscations of hard-earned money to solve imaginary problems is OVER. So, please, assistant professors of climate science, go back to the drawing board, pick a new topic — this time one without the rancid stink of politics — and move on.

    • Well said Tostig: Seems to me there are Altruistic Searchers of the Truth (true Philosophers) and then there are Opportunists for whom Truth is a merely a swat-aside Inconvenience in pursuit of their self-aggrandisement, profit-, and power-seeking aims.

  62. There is no low too low for the intellectually dishonest. No tax too great, no suffering too widespread. No activism too extreme, no impact too devastating, no lie big enough. The ‘highly educated’ are THE enemy within. They are the number one greatest threat to our prosperity and sovereignty.
    Time to fill up my SUV with massive gallons of gas and meet a friend for a fabulous steak dinner. Then I’ll come home to do 5 loads of laundry in my water hogging, vintage, top loading washer (42 gallons to be exact.) Oh, I almost forgot the bonus laundry detergent spiked with copious amounts of phosphates & surfactants.
    Enjoy that gluten free granola bar, dingy whites, and you battery operated beer can on bicycle tires.

  63. Instead of taking beef away from hungry folks, why don’t these Oxford geniuses propose a law to eliminate all the cows in India. The cows are not used as food, but just wander around doing cow things. Most beef cows don’t spend much time on this Earth, so their effects are limited but the Indian cattle are around for many years, heating up the Earth’s climate.
    Do away with Indian cattle, save the Earth, and noone starves. Why didn’t they think of this?

    • They don’t “think” at all. Their sole purpose is to attract funding by saying things the current political paradigm approves of and they do not care whatever it is they say just so long as that is achieved. They are abhorrent characterless spineless human refuse.

  64. Are these Oxford researchers the same bunch that gave phony results in the past, that opened an avenue that made Al Gore a billionaire selling climate change BS?

  65. Thank goodness Trump is coming into office. Hopefully we can remove these alarmist global warming and wackos from any real positions of power before they tax and spend us into oblivion.

  66. If you allow these nattering insulated elitist fools to gain control of your food supply/diet you deserve everthing that happens after that – this is naked autocrat enmity and people will die for it

  67. These are the kind of people who don’t realize slot of ranching is done on lands not suitable for crop growth or is essential in rotational farming.

  68. Taxing food with the aim of reducing consumption as policy.
    If the policy does not have the desired effect, perhaps food can be withheld directly until the desired effect has been achieved. It has been done before, so they already know how to do it.
    The Holodomor:
    Brought on by people who must have been intellectual soulmates.
    (Yes, I know it is Wiki)
    These people may be thinking they are just playing intellectual games with the oh so trendy themes of global warming and tax policy.
    The truth is, the pure Evil shows through with perfect clarity.

  69. This is just another load of ‘Health-Nazism from the usual suspects
    Sparing food groups known to be beneficial for health from taxation…
    One week something is found to carcinogenic etc and the next it’s not. They constantly contradict themselves.
    It’s fad driven nonsense. Now for that bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, yum……

  70. My family raises our own cattle here in Texas, so piss off you fancy pants ******s. [language policy ~mod]

  71. These Ivory-Tower academics shd put their money where their mouths are, and voluntarily tax themselves per plate. I’ll believe their commitment to be more than grant-seeking hot air when I see them act — as a good example — according to the principles they would impose on society.

  72. The longer that people live, the larger their total lifetime carbon usage goes up. This proposal is counterproductive. Nothing ‘saves lives’ – it only prolongs them – and their carbon usage along with that. A shorter-lived meat eater is likely equal to a long-lived vegetarian in carbon usage. Plus meat is very energy dense, so transportation of the food stuff requires less petroleum as compared to millions of tons of vegetation that requires harvesting energy, transportation energy, and is far less energy-dense per kilocalorie.
    These clowns cannot do math.

  73. Taxing your food is not going to do anything for the planet,stopping undesirables from breeding is the answer, here in the US we could start off by neutering all liberals and democrats and then work out from there.

  74. If we don’t stop the glibalists now, the next thing they come up with will be mandatory euthanasia when a person reaches their retirement age. Since you are no longer useful, you have no business consuming earth’s resources.
    There is no end to what these globalist dictators will do if we don’t stop them.

  75. Crony capitalism alert!
    Next thing, someone will be suggesting mandatory ethanol inclusion rates in gasoline, promoting biofuels usage, and legislating for comulsory renewables percentages in power generation. And some will profit mightily ….
    …Oh, wait….

  76. The problem with these little darlings is that they believe in nothing or anyone but themselves and their ilk. God doesn’t exist…nature doesn’t exist.. serendipity, consequences, even infinity doesn’t exist. ‘They,’ themselves multiply in vapor-less, academic pods, nodding to each other in agreement believing with all of their mini brains and hardened hearts that ‘they’ are simply… superior.

  77. No idea is too loony for the left, academics in particular. Obama filled his administration with this sort, who immediately began their manipulation of society. Leaving wreck and ruin in their incompetent wake. Racial hatred, select privileged groups based on mental disease, preferred religions, total breakdown in education, the economy in ruins and hundred of thousands of jobs targeted for elimination, entire industries destroyed, lawless cities and open borders. Real science relegated to political goals. 47% of Americans voting Democrat in order to maintain themselves on government charity.
    The list is endless.

  78. How about we tax every politician, pundit that spews any unnecessary carbon?
    Better yet Society sees fit that we sterilize everything lawyer and law student so that we end this massive amount of carbon release.

  79. Insanity and just a quest for more revenue to waste!
    Climate change on a global scale is NATURAL, and man’s contributions are inconsequential.
    The “computer models” used to spread this nonsense do not work! According to these models, polar ice caps were supposed to have disappeared in 2016, an yet they still exist and are growing!
    Our climate is driven by energy received from the sun and other natural phenomena!

  80. So this is the next sin tax? Alchohol, cigarettes, sugar, now meat. The climate change people want to limit human populations to slow climate change. Why not just give this stuff away? it is all terrible for our health in excess…so wouldnt this help to kill off a few million of us??

  81. Tax reproduction. Heavily. If everyone would just stop having kids for one generation, the climate issue would be solved. At least the human induced part of it.
    Laugh if you want. Our self-appointed social engineers have done much worse in the past. Eugenics and the Progressive movement of the early 20th century grew from the same root.

  82. What a ridiculous idea. Sure less meat will be produced, reducing CO2 production but less feed (grains, etc.) will be grown which reduces CO2. Net change = 0.

  83. Academics and elitists again finding ways to shift a disproportionate amount of the burden for their stupid ideas onto the poor and middle classes.

  84. Modern warm cycle is ending. Cold weather is coming due to greatly decreased sunspot activity. When the masses realize they have been deceived it will not end well.

  85. It’s OK, this is a self extinguishing problem. Most countries in the EU, includinh UK, have a definite negative birth rate. They are dying out at a rapid rate. Humans evolve to stand upright to spot predators at a greater distance than their grass-grazing cousins. A diet high in animal protein led to larger brains and larger bodies. Thus the second reason this will go away is that the remaining population of England, now exclusively plant eaters, will de-volve back to grazing on all fours. The population that resisted the taxation tyrany and continues to eat meat will hunt the plant eaters…just like we did in pre-historic times. Very little carbon exchange there and the problem is solved…to everyone’s satisfaction. Would you like fries with that professor? Drive forward to the next window.

  86. Cultural Marxism
    Just another example of the madness of critical theory exposing itself in an Orwellian manner
    Yes, it is easy to mock – however, the seriousness of their proposal should not be discounted. The “academics”, and I use that term mockingly, who come up with these proposals will never relent. As Gramsci suggested they are the foundation of the slow march through our institutions.
    These educated troglodytes are more than just dangerous, they are evil incarnate – they and their cohorts are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions in just the last few centuries alone.

  87. What an obvious money grab, keep your schemes to yourselves until there’s a community wide consensus among the scientific community. It’s only theory until it’s unequivocally proven.

  88. This has to be the DUMBEST thing Ive ever heard. And to think…..these morons are getting paid by government grants paid for by us.

  89. Anthropogenic Global Warming pushers have never been about saving the world. That’s just a cover story. No, the real agenda is about squeezing their tax and debt slaves while consolidating power and control.

  90. At the end of this century, or sooner, our descendents will look back in disbelief at the lunatic proposals and actions spawned by the threat of a climate catastrophe that never happened. This one will cause one of the biggest laughs, pity I won’t be here to enjoy it.

  91. Thank god America elected Trump. This Climate nonsense will be swept into the dustbin of history, along with Hillary, the Soviet Union, and Global Cooling.

  92. Given that the UK just passes an Orwellian law to legally hack everyone’s electronic devices, it won’t be long before this gets traction. We are so doomed if we don’t get rid of all of the self-righteous bigots trying to tell us how to think and act.

  93. So, pricing the poor out of protein. Nothing racist about that. Brilliant. Always suspected evil existed in this world, but this proves it.

  94. It would not surprise me if the Oxford-Martin group also supports eugenics on a massive scale.
    It has been pointed out that any higher CO2 levels would be proportionally associated with higher plant growth rates which should result in more food crops. I just read Part 1 of an interesting Judith Curry paper on historical sea level fluctuations. I suggest that people also examine the Panama Hypothesis.

  95. Why is it that the enlightened progressive socialist wanting liberal thinks that everything can be fixed if you tax it. What about those people living on the margin of their society that can barely afford to buy food, much less pay a tax on it? The one world globalists want socialism around the world where everyone is equal. The problem is that socialism doesn’t work because everyone isn’t equal. Their still has to be some sort of leadership and those people become the elites who are more equal than everyone else and everyone surrenders all of their personal freedoms in order to achieve that equality. It didn’t work for pre-WWII Germany who did exactly that and it won’t work for the world. Now you may think that Adolph was a dictator when you were in school. He wasn’t. He was a Fascist who used socialism to create an Oligopoly where he and a few elites with him made all the decisions for everyone else and enjoyed the perks they fashioned for themselves whole those who went without just did as they were told. That’s not freedom, it’s slavery Socialism does not and never has worked to get the most freedom for the people living under it. And a straight Democracy by those wishing to eliminate our Democratic Republic form of of government decays into Mob Rule and Anarchy where you only have what freedoms you can get at the expense of everyone around you..Sort of George Soros style in the country of his birth when the NAZIs controlled it. Nope, if you don’t mind I’ll stick with the Constitutional backed Democratic Republic we have as flawed as it might be. Why? Because of all forms of government and economics it still offers the most freedoms for its citizens than any other form.

  96. This is why academics are academics and not policy-makers. How many pols won election with a platform that included “Raise taxes on food.” as a plank? Never. Food taxes are so unpopular here in the US that on most food products, there are none. Certain foods (processed) are taxed but it varies from state to state. Any party that seems a tax for any reason on food is doomed to lose. Just sayin’.

  97. Notice that every “solution” to the global warming “problem” involves transferring wealth from the general public to a select few, be it government bureaucrats or those peddling imaginary products like carbon credits? Now a tax on food? FOOD? This is such a huge scam that it makes Bernie Madoff’s crooked antics look like a penny ante game of three card monty in some back alley.

  98. What a GREAT idea! We’ll grow less food, because people will be eating less, and then less CO2 will be absorbed by plants and remain in the atmosphere! What idiot thought of this idea?

  99. A food tax! Next a breathing tax! This really is descending into servitude … for the little people.

  100. Geophysical evolution has its own rhythms, but also do socio-economics have their cycles. One can pay particular attention to Martin Armstrong’s profoundly consistent algorithms, and suggest that we are clearly in the period of dissolution of governments and accentuation of their natural reflex to tax, suppress and centralise, now developing a crescendo in these attributes as they panic. Carbon taxation and the ruses cloaking the true cause of perturbations in climate are symptoms of this process, as some places rain more and others less.
    What is unique about this moment compared to thousands of years of modern history is that there is no longer a wilderness to escape to. The Brexit vote and Trump victory are significant manifestations of a rebellion against the self-appointed kings of the earth, in the new situation that freedom in the human condition is now cornered. So far, we are in the natural swing of another cycle, but soon we may expect to witness the divergent effect of either final subjugation of an entire globe, or else a dramatic collapse of a civilisation. Armstrong’s Socrates algorithm indicates, in the backdrop of a high record of accuracy, a major Dark Age centered on the year 2032, just a decade and a half from now. Less apparent in the cycles is the long term consideration that apparently other civilisations, in the midst of their “surfeit and drunkenness,” have disappeared suddenly from the face of the earth with scarcely a trace. Look around at the condition of mankind – how smooth and sanctified are we to be exempt? Abuse of scientific authority in deception and control of the people, often inbred and stewed in its own corrupt peer-reviewed councils and sanctioned for elite benefit, is falling into a condition on a global scale not too different from the vile arrogance and lies of the swastika, under the familial hatred of humanity at large as a second class species to be domesticated.
    From this I declare my independence loudly for all to follow or to reject in their tragic complicit fear, as I say, piss on my leg, but don’t tell me it is raining.

  101. That’s why we came across the pond to get away from those Looney Tunes.
    God said there will always seasons and also said that he’s in charge of where the ocean stops on the shore. People need to listen to him instead of looking in the mirror and praising yourself.
    Oh yeah and the polar ice caps that are not melting he’s got a handle on that too

  102. Maybe we should impose a high tax on all processed foods with wheat or corn, maybe it would reduce emissions and poisonous Glyphosate that is making the world sick.
    And I figured this out in 15 seconds in a coffee shop in Mn.
    Maybe we should Eliminate the input from all talking heads at Oxford or other ivy leagues that feel they have the answers to our world problems and hand it back to the common folks who make logical practical sense.
    They’re not the ones looking to be recognized for fame and fortune!!

  103. The report states that taxing the beef will create revenue to pay for the damage caused by the climate change. But the report also states that taxing the beef will result in eating less beef. Where is the logic in that. If you are eating less beef, you are generating less revenue for climate change. But you are also taking jobs away from farmers and ranchers that will go out of business. Creating more poverty, and even less people can afford to eat high priced beef. How does that help the environment? I think we should promote eating as much meat as possible. Letting them live is creating more greenhouse gas. India needs to be taxed higher for all the emissions their beef is creating.

  104. Every hydrocarbon molecule in the food chain comes from plants converting carbon dioxide+ water + sunshine into delicious hydrocarbons + breathable Oxygen.(CO2 + 12 H2O → C6H12O6 + 6 O2 + 6 H2O) …. we should be subsidizing carbon intense foods…. they require the most carbon to be removed from the atmosphere…

  105. As mankind is the cause of climate change, then the cure is simple: mandatory birth control and eugenics. Reduce the population level and carbon loading decreases.

  106. How much of our lives are we to sacrifice so that the human race can continue to breed itself into oblivion? How much time will it buy if we force everyone to subsist on sprouts and field grasses? Enough to add another couple billion to Earth’s population? Another generation of uncontrolled population increases?

  107. First they want to increase our electric bill so much we cant afford it, now they want to increase food costs so we can’t afford to eat. Next they will just come up with a way to exterminate us without increasing the carbon footprint! Geez how far do these quacks need to go before people stand up against this? Maybe it is beginning with the election of Trump!

  108. I tried to find out a little on the authors other then being at Oxford not much. Some have the title of Doctor but I have not found of what. Other than Marco Springmann is a Vegan
    I am at a loss for words. Here we have Pediatricians trying to make sure children get milk, And doctors (Real doctors) warning the ageing population of the need of calcium and that milk is a excellent source.
    I have a feeling that there is no way to reach these people to try and explain not just the absurdity of what they a advocating but the danger.
    What might be the best approach would be to ask any of our U.K. friends to contact the Dairy Associations and foreword this foolishness to them. Add in a slight nudge that they may want to contact their local P.M. to inquire if any tax monies were squandered on the insanity. I think everyone can guess the rest.
    And just as Willis Eschenbach put up a link for the lead author a link for any P.M.s might be helpful on this side of the pond. Politely inquiring what sort of nonsense is now passing as dietary scientific research may help to get their (P.M.) attention.

  109. Over my dead prime rib! Speaking of which–I’ll be preparing a beautiful, perfectly seasoned prime rib for Christmas day dinner, served with all the fixings. Doesn’t that sound delicious? There may be a few cattle ranchers on the American plains that will tell you what you can do with your knuckleheaded idea. Beef–it’s what’s for dinner.

  110. I know how to save at least 25% of the green house gas emissions emitted here in the U.S. Quit exporting all agricultural products to the rest of the world. See what that does.

  111. Anthropogenic global warming is fake. It’s all about politics and money. The temperature has always changed and always will. Nobody believes this fraud global warming stuff any more.

  112. It is time to put this global weather fraud to rest. It is all a scam/scheme to remove money from the tax payers coffers.

  113. The whole global warming/climate change cabal is like a Giant Clinton Foundation. Pay for Play…it’s really what it comes down to.

  114. Didn’t anyone tell these mawrons the news? Climate change/global warming is fake. It was outed as a left wing plot to usher in socialism. Geez, get with the program dudes!!!

  115. Extracting money from people and handing mountains of cash to incompetent boobs does not cause greenhouse gasses to go away.
    Convince us using real science, and then show us a plan for how you would use this money to correct the problem and we can talk. Right now its just handing hardworking peoples money over to corrupt, ignorant greedy twits. That solves NOTHING.

  116. I wonder what will transpire when it becomes more widely realized that CO2 has no significant effect on climate. Thermalization and the complete dominance of water vapor in reverse-thermalization explain why. CO2 is not merely harmless, it is profoundly helpful. It is helpful in that it is plant food and, perhaps more importantly, it reduces plant’s need for water as evidenced by the greening planet.
    Much of the warming, now countering global cooling, is from rising water vapor (click my name for graphs and links). The rising water vapor is nearly all from irrigation. Pumped irrigation is causing the water table to decline rapidly world wide. What happens when fresh water becomes scarce?

  117. Climate is always in a state of change simply from nature. Climate will change regardless of what the human race may do. Making it harder for people to support their families is simply oppressing the poor.

  118. Ridiculous. This is nothing but a huge money grab that will have zero affect on climate but a huge affect on standard of living for the average citizen. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

  119. If left to the Socialist/Environmentalists they would ban the wheel. In their mind, “too much is not enough” Now, we’re beyond silly

  120. From the same *ss clowns that came up with the “Climate Change/Global Warming” hoax.
    Folks this is what’s wrong with the world.

  121. How does taxing anything reduce Carbon emissions? And, don’t they know that when governments tax food, they sign their death warrant? Man, these people are nuts!

  122. So this is the type of “research” going on in the UK! News flash: food has been taxed since forever! On the other hand, there was a more interesting story with the headline: “Feces covered animals found in home…!

  123. It’s easy doing Leftwing science. No evidence required. No common sense required. All you have to do is make sure you mention “climate change” in your musings and then you’ll get paid, whether your proposal makes any sense or not.
    Yeah, if I was just starting out, I would go into the climate change business. There are all sorts of ways to get paid doing that, judging by what is going on today. Any harebrained scheme will get you paid if you can link it to climate change somehow.
    Then along comes Trump. No soup for you! The Climate Change Gravy Train is making its last run.

  124. So they predicted how many lives could be saved by levying taxes on food. Did I miss the estimate about how many would starve to death? Was that in their estimate?
    When the fraud of ethanol was implemented as a gasoline additive, there were food riots in Haiti and deaths over the increase in corn prices, but what’s a few hundred deaths due to starvation when you’re saving the planet?

  125. As usual, the Satanic globalist cabal cloaks their plans for mass genocide and world population reduction within the guise of *saving the planet.* Today, they want you to give up your money to the cause, but if they get their way, tomorrow you will be giving up your life to satisfy the requirements of their psychopathic fantasies.

  126. These *UN Experts* need to be hunted down and killed on sight. Every single one of them is 10x more dangerous than a Terrorist Suicide Bomber with a First Class Ticket in his pocket to ‘paradise’. Then after these maniacs are *Neutralized* the entire U.N. System, no matter the country, needs to be dealt with like the Terrorists they are and ‘expeditiously terminated, and every U.N. Building turned into rubble like it never existed.
    A little harsh you might say?…uh, no it’s not. The U.N. was formed with one goal; To Prevent War. But it has somehow morphed into an organization that believes that it alone knows what’s best for every person on the planet. Fourth rate bureaucrats are sitting around like a Gods on Mt Olympus deciding who will live and who will die.
    Sorry but THAT will never happen. Not as long as there is a United States of America.
    (now you know why we have a Second Amendment and we buy more guns than candy!)

  127. These political thieves have managed to turn over another stone of taxation in an attempt to deceive us into thinking they are doing good for us.
    All they are doing is duping those who cannot follow some logic. Let us tax high carbon producing foods such as cattle into oblivion while making humans consume more vegetable matter. They don’t tell you that then YOU will be the carbon producing source with your increased methane production.
    Hypocritical political thieves.

  128. It appears that the green misanthropists first solution is to tax something. Of course, this is done for our own good. These are the moral busy bodies that C.S. Lewis warned about:
    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

    • An particularly apropos quote for this topic, though I think many of the apocalyptic climate change crowd are doing it not for our own good, but for the supposed good of “nature” which, in their minds, is more important than mere humans.

  129. Buncha rich hoi polis and politicians wasting fuel and money telling us serfs what to flippin do. There is no manmade climate chg

  130. I have a plan that will massively reduce the carbon footprint of mankind. Those with the knowledge of the dangers of anthropogenic climate change and who have such love for the earth that others lack can greatly reduce not only CO2 production, but also far more problematic methane production by sequestering their carbon at a depth of approximately six feet below ground. Come on guys, take one for the earth!

    • Yea, has nothing to do with Globalist control of business, people, resources and more taxes. Keeping chanting their mantra to yourself. Come on, take on for the Globalist!

  131. It all makes sense if you look at it from the Progressive goal to reduce population to 1 billion people or less. The leading Progressive really do believe that the common person is leading way to much of an extravagant lifestyle.

  132. The AWG sales and marketing middle level managers should go for mandatory elimination of all income tax credits for married couples and families filing jointly or singly per country.
    Then add a mandatory new tax on human birth, say about 1 million monetary units per country per birth.
    Bet Paul Ehrlich would wet his shorts over this. ha ha

  133. All of these reasonable arguments are wasted effort. These “Oxford” folks are the height of evil. That’s it. They are dangerous to mankind and must be eliminated. It is a matter of liberty and survival.

  134. Tax em to save lives…… that only works until you tax em so much they can’t afford to eat and die from starvation. but hey the fat cats will get fatter right….. #ClimateChange is a shamwow to swindle the slaves.

  135. The Green movement is about genocide and nothing else. These people’s names should be remembered and when possible they should be executed for this when public sentiment permits along with all their ilk who can be reached. They have written something unforgivable. They stand for something unforgivable. They are something unforgivable.

  136. When will you people in the UK catch on that this climate change nonsense is being propagated for the purpose of redistribution of wealth by climate change proponents.

    • Adam Gallon November 19, 2016 at 12:14 pm
      Yeah Adam, kind of what I found. For example he has a masters in Physics but no relating work.
      Over the last year all of his work is a “pitch” to push a Vegan lifestyle. It seems almost a obsession with him.
      I’m not even sure CAGW is really a issue to him other than a means to a end. All the liberal/lefty politic that are being attribute to him may only be nothing more the clothes for him. If the right wing groups were more sympathetic to his Vegan stance he might embrace that. As the saying goes “Strange bed fellows”
      I don’t think you can reach this man his position on being a Vegan and imposeing it on everyone else is ,,,all consuming.
      now I’m starting to sound like “Lew & Cooky”

  137. It just keeps coming! New ideas to redistribute money, health, populations, you name it!
    These meddlesome do-nothing’s will prattle on about controlling how people live until someone finally tells them to shut up and has the will
    And power to enforce that will. Perhaps the budding wave of what is being called “Nationalism” will finally stifle the Warming warblers. This wave seems to be more a wave of rational, logical, common sense leaders who are not cowed by the elitest’s use of flawed science and the bleating of consensus .
    A good kick in the rear is needed to bring the world back to its senses

  138. Yea, let us lower the global temperature by cutting back meat and dairy consumption at the same time we make it harder to grow plants and vegetables in the cooler climate. This level of education is called Kindergarten!

  139. Why does every “solution ” to so called global warming / cooling / change / xxxxxx involve taking money from people. And what about poor people? Are you wanting them to starve?

    • China is exempt because communists are the elites of society, like Al Gore and DiCaprio, so they get a pass. /sarc

  140. This ongoing FRAUD and myth of so called “climate change”, which is a 100% natural and non anthropomorphic phenomena, is being used by these would be masters of the world as a club to beat the populations of the so called first world down and as an excuse for the expansion of the power of the on going growth of all a powerful gooberment. The “king” is dead, long live the “king”. Reality, what a concept, eh? Wake up people! Just say NO.

  141. Bigger than you YOU ARE Genius
    This is oppressive big government crony socialism!
    Leski-refugee from soviet block 1980-

  142. Using “the environment” to extort taxes from WORKERS and “redistribute wealth” to Socialist government’s “entitlement” classes that support them politically has been going on for decades. Communists 60 years ago figured out that almost no one will complain about a government that bleeds them dry financially under the auspices of trying to “save the planet”…….
    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ~Thomas Jefferson

    • good for america, sad for the UK. the UK will be aboard the globalist agenda to overtax citizens and control people, businesses, land and resources. it’s all a farce.

  143. And pray tell, who gets all those truckloads of climate protection dollars? Follow the money. You’ll find a bigger stench at that trail’s end than from all the methane emitted by cows worldwide. Perhaps a more fitting solution would be a $1,000 tax per mile for every private jet flight these climate change warriors take.

  144. This illustrates perfectly what I’ve said for years. The whole purpose of the entire “global climate change” scam is to put a lot of power in the hands of a few people so that they can implement their utopian schemes on a global scale.
    In this case, it’s redistributing wealth from the “rich” countries to the “poor” countries, just to make it “fair.”
    Beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the “climate damage” caused by its production. Milk and other meats, 20% more.
    “Emissions pricing of foods could, if appropriately designed, be a health-promoting climate-change mitigation policy in high-income, middle-income, and most low-income countries. Special policy attention would be needed in those low-income countries where a high fraction of the population is underweight, and possibly for low-income segments within countries.”
    Just to make it “fair.”
    But you can bet that Air Force One will fly on as usual, at $200,000 an hour and five gallons to the mile while the rest of us are forced to shiver in our homes, eat kelp, and ride the bus. And the kommissars will still have their summer homes and their private jets and their chauffeur-driven armored limousines. Don’t ever doubt it.
    Count me out.

  145. We all know what the “climate change” agenda is about: more taxes, more control of people business, land/resources. Anyone that tells you different is lying to you and themselves. The government is NOT going to save the world, it’s going to destroy it (and take you with it).

  146. How would tax help? Where would money go? Who stands to profit? Oops? Media “forgot” to do their job, asking ?s, again.

    • STEALING OUR MONEY is what keeps them in power

      The warmercancers … working to kill the American Way of Life

  147. Asininity like taxing food should never have seen a printed page. But the authors needed funding and they hit upon a good source here. Anything that reduces production of GHGs, no matter how stupid, gets funded and printed. And Nature Climate Change journal is just the vehicle for this stupidity as we can’t help noticing. Behind it is a superstitious belief that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide can warm the atmosphere when illuminated by infrared radiation. Carbon dioxide does get warm in a laboratory bottle that is irradiated with infrared rays but this does not happen in the atmosphere where a mix of gases is present. First, take a note that carbon dioxide is only a minuscule part of total atmospheric gases – 0.04 percent – and don’t put your trust in it. It is not the most abundant greenhouse gas either – water vapor is, making up 95 percent of all greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In comparison, \carbon dioxide share of these GH gases is only 3.6 percent. But this is not the full story yet. Per MGT, the Miskolczi greenhouse theory, carbon dioxide and water vapor, both greenhouse gases, form a joint absorption window for infrared gases whose optical thickness in the IR is 1.87. If you now add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, it will start to absorb in the IR as expected. But as soon as this happens, water vapor present will start to diminish, rain out, and the original optical thickness is restored. Loss of water vapor also means loss of IR absorptivity that belongs to it. Thus, the greenhouse warming expected from addition of carbon dioxide does not materialize and the atmospheric temperature does not rise. Miskolczi demonstrated the constancy of the optical thickness in time by using a 61 year stretch of radiosonde temperature measurements. During this 61year observation period the atmospheric carbon dioxide increased by 20 percent but the optical thickness did not change. The original work appeared in E&E volume 21, issue 4 in 2010. It was also described at the EGU meeting in 2011 in Vienna. Forsake that superstitious fear of carbon dioxide and enjoy your meal.

  148. “The researchers found that beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the climate damage caused by its production.”
    How did they come up with this nice round figure of 40%? Are they taking everything into consideration when they make their calculations? Any emissions cows produce, come from their feed. Do grasslands stop growing grass when there are no cows to eat it? Did they consider what happens to uneaten vegetation? Isn’t it true that when uneaten vegetation decays or burns it still produces emissions? Cows simply speed up the process. So how do cows make it worse in the long run?

  149. Where does the money from a 40% increase get funneled into specifically to “undo” the damage? Their entire argument is one huge gas light/ad hominem with no real plan other than to take more from you into their ponzi/pyramid scheme. If people got up off their lazy asses just 1 time to club enough of them like a seal, this garbage would never be heard from again. Complacence only emboldens them

  150. Even if price fixing worked, which is patently never does, tax is not price. Adding money to the government budget to offset costs which are paid by producers and consumers cannot solve any problem. If the government was somehow actually combating climate change, there might be an ideological argument, but government cannot even determine if climate change is real, much less repairable. Another money grab in the name of the green scare.

  151. Remember, when Naftali invented concentration camps the idea was to feed those who worked harder more, letting the weaker fade away. I guess socialists or communists will never get the word.

  152. The U.K. has more than it’s usual share of crackpots. I know, one of them is a family member. Once they get their teeth into something, they’re like Jack Russell terriers. You just can’t shake them loose.

  153. No wonder the rest of the world mocks Oxford. Stalinist, unintelligent, and downright dangerous people. Want to start a war? Keep it up.

  154. the only thoughts these mental midgets can come up with are hoaxes like climate change in order to take more of the hard working citizens money. if they were at all capable of coherent thought, they would not have to dupe the less fortunate into voting them into a job, they might actually be able to hold a real paying job. No, on second thought, those that can’t teach and those that really can’t go into politics…

  155. The mass of the atmosphere is
    5,140,000,000,000,000 tons. A billion tons is effectively next to nothing. It’s about control, not about climate.

  156. Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    Cause I’m the taxman
    Yeah, I’m the taxman
    Should five percent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all
    Cause I’m the taxman
    Yeah, I’m the taxman
    If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
    If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat
    If you get too cold, I’ll tax the heat
    If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet

  157. Wow, tax food to cut carbon dioxide emissions, which will cut crop yields, which will again spike food prices. SOCIAL ENGINEER MUCH? We have entered the twilight zone.

  158. Let me tell you how it will be
    There’s one for you, nineteen for me
    Cause I’m the taxman
    Yeah, I’m the taxman
    Should five percent appear too small
    Be thankful I don’t take it all

  159. I don’t know why these reprehensible liars and fools don’t stand on the street corners and panhandle for this money. Levying a tax on people is the same thing as robbing them at gunpoint.

  160. How about a jail cell for the unhumans at Oxford where England made of men died and girlie men arose. Complete disgrace. Let’s start reducing the food the pigs at Ozford eat set the 1st experiment into this venture.

  161. Massive subsidies for hare-brained green schemes just weren’t enough – now all shall pay (the original goal of it all, anyway). Whatever happened to poverty, race relations, infrastructure…just not the valid problems anymore (as they don’t have plush conferences tied to them). Politicians & money-grabbing go together like melon rinds & fly larvae.

  162. THE ANSWER is for …
    Marco Springmann, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Sherman Robinson, Keith Wiebe, H. Charles J. Godfray, Mike Rayner & Peter Scarborough …
    to lead the way with THEIR money and family money … and THEN to off themselves… for the betterment of society

    YOU GO FIRST… loons lead the way

  163. This group of researchers are nonuniquely unqualified to reach such conclusions.
    Tax meat? It’s obvious they use illicit drugs. Instead of asking if they are on drugs, I’ll ask: Who is your dealer?
    That’s the person to go to for the good stuff.

  164. Dear, Marco Springmann, Daniel Mason-D’Croz, Sherman Robinson, Keith Wiebe, H. Charles J. Godfray, Mike Rayner and Peter Scarborough.
    Please rearrange the following into a well known phrase or saying:-
    Off F**K!

  165. Just confiscate all the money in everyone’s bank account. That is what you socialist globalist are trying to do. Then we’ll have to be your serfs and servants for a loaf of bread to feed our families, while you will be feasting on roast beef, lamb, lobsters and caviar.

  166. “Taxing greenhouse gas emissions from food production could save more emissions than are currently generated by global aviation …”.
    In other words take nourishing food from the mouths of the poor so we can fly business class with a clear conscience.

  167. Y’all need to tax these researchers for their ignorance.
    Yes, that’s a silly statement. And it is no sillier than their conclusion to tax meat and milk and cheese.
    Someone, anyone, put me in touch with the illicit drug dealer that serves these researchers. That person is selling the good stuff.

  168. How much CO2 would be save from from release if all the wackadoo Colgate changers would just shut their mouths?

  169. I have a great idea. Everyone who is for all of this climate garbage move to Europe. You can tax everything that you believe contributes to climate change. Everyone else come to North America.

  170. Here’s how I see these elitists think. Tax the food, kill the poor, and reduce dependency on fossil fuels due to a decliningpopulation.
    Here’s how I think.
    Get rid of the elitists.

  171. Gee if we could only get these
    researches to quit flying around the
    World to yell the sky is falling on a
    Non existent theory .Park You aircraft
    And cut pollution .Climate Change was
    Designed only to control people thru
    Taxation.You have zero ability to effect
    The weather.God controls the thermostat.Always has and always will.

  172. Isn’t food a renewable resource? Plants absorb CO2 while growing. Eventially the plants die and decay, or are eaten by animals, and the CO2 gets released back into the atmosphere. Then the cycle repeats. We are not eating coal or other sequestered carbon, so why should a renewable resource be taxed? It doesn’t add to total CO2. Even methane gas from cow farts recycles into CO2 and H2O.

  173. Can anyone BE this naturally stupid? No, indeed it takes years of effort by dedicated lunatics to convince otherwise sensible humans that all creation has somehow been affected by our ‘sins’ and that the sun really has no effect on the climate.

  174. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You Jack up prices by that much people are going to not have enough money to eat. There is absolutely zero ways that a new food tax would help anything. All these people want is money. In digusted in both the Oxford university and the insignificant pretentious assholes that proposed this.

  175. Chemtrails for climate change, climate change for taxes, taxes for the African’s in Africa and United Nations payroll.

  176. Man caused global warming is a hoax. Been a hoax from the beginning, still is. Follow the money. I say we can help global warming by not letting these yo-yos eat anything but bread and water..

  177. Two questions.
    Where will the fax money go?
    Will low income (poor) get free steaks and middle class eat cake?

  178. “Climate change” is not a science based on fact. Were it so then explain why so many organizations, governments and investigators have to rely of manufactured data. Climate change is a means, by governments and politicians to promote the phony data and then tack on more and more taxes upon the working class.
    Green leaf plants ingest carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere to live. In doing this they then release
    oxygen (O) back into the atmosphere as waste. If you weren’t like me day dreaming or sleeping through grade school science classes you would know this is called photosynthesis. This is factual, not manufactured data (LIES to us normal folks) from those so call scientists that measure temperatures across the globe, even in places where there is no thermometers so they have a basis for their global warming charges. With this fact, why do governments allow all the trees to be cut down in the name of progress?
    Climate change is just a phony excuse to rise taxes and those taxes do no go towards fixing the problem seeing as how there is no problem. The taxes are used for wealth re-distribution to buy votes so the politicians can continue to sit on their fat posteriors, living off the tax payers while accomplishing NOTHING. They run for office on lies, raise you taxes so they can run again and make more money, then when the voters begin to catch on they bring in more and more immigrants that require more taxes to be given away to the unwashed and unworked.

  179. Cattle. An incredible machine that turns poor quality semi arid grassland no good for other crops into food.

  180. “Climate change” policies are the fence poles and barb wire being used to corral humanity. STAMPEDE!!!

  181. Want to stop so-called global warming. Kill these gas bags who keep coming up with this crap. Obviously, the rot from their bad teeth has penetrated their brain cavities
    Oops! Too late to start flossing
    Yeah, I know. Its a crude stereotype. But it’s just as absurd as what these “scientists” are suggesting.

  182. If we are going to start taxing basic necessities of life let’s start with a graduated scale of taxation on meats based on the graded quality of the meat, Low on average or less and very high on Choice and Prime graded cuts.
    A better idea would be to place a tax, based on the word count, on every article published by these bloviating wastes of space. Including taxing the republication via electronic media. Those servers need electricity to run on and keeping this sort of ivory tower toxic insanity available for dissemination to all and sundry should carry a heavy tariff.

  183. Brain Children… Or is that a Brainchild idea… Or is it they have children’s brains? I think the later!
    Soon the non-sense will be exposed just like the lib Dems agenda!

  184. And to think people are sending their kids to these institutions! It’s like inbreeding – brainwashing more and more generations until everyone thinks it’s normal.

  185. Are there still ideologues in the academy who cling to the fallacy that anthropogenic CO2 causes ‘climate change’ (née ‘Global Warming’)? Isn’t it past time for them to realize it was a fraud? Or do we have to just wait until they die off?
    /Mr Lynn

  186. “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” ~ Henry Kissinger, Ph.D.
    “The strategy to control people by controlling the food supply, first through the conversion from many small farms to fewer, gigantic farming operations and associated price fixing schemes, and later through the creation of genetically engineered (GE) seeds, effectively destroyed family farming both in the U.S. and abroad.”

  187. REVOLT!!! The eugenicists/fascists will never stop. Climate Change is simply a ruse to trick the uniformed masses to support policies that lead to population control via the eugenics movement. The “mother” of eugenics is Margaret Sanger, whose ideas Adolph Hitler adopted as the “final solution” to the Jew problem. Quoting from Margaret Sanger:
    “Plan for Peace” from Birth Control Review (April 1932, pp. 107-108)
    Article 1. The purpose of the American Baby Code shall be to provide for a better distribution of babies… and to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.
    Article 4. No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, and no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit…
    Article 6. No permit for parenthood shall be valid for more than one birth.

  188. Well, I agree with them. Jethro Bodine went to the 3d grade in Oxford and they are every bit as intelligent as he was! So there!

  189. Anthropomorphic Climate Change is ” Fraud”.
    These proponents
    Have steered $ BILLIONS in taxes & public funds..b to themselves/ thru grants/ foundations/ misguided
    As the next ice age approaches.. mobile gallows sounds appropriate…for irresponsible actions have consequences

  190. Actually, using “climate change” as an excuse to tax the lower and middle classes. If the idiot researchers are actually serious they are playing right into the hands of government tax collectors with not a chance hades of lowering the temperature a quarter of a degree. And, china and India would make sure they’re exempt, India actually cares about the poor in their country and China already has complete control over their population.

  191. I would call them idiots but they aren’t, they are greedy conniving control freaks who will reap billions from taxing constituents while the climate continues to do whatever it will.

  192. You can smell the hypocrisy, opportunism, self-interest and grant seeking a mile off in this idea. This is a ghastly proposal which should be regarded as a crime against humanity as big as any, ever proposed.

  193. Great way to TAX THE POOR.
    They talk about taxing steak. Most of the meat ISNT steaks and poor people who can barely afford meat as it is will be punished.
    THESE ARE RICH ELITISTS who have no clue and dont care who they hurt because they think they are on the high road.
    They’d be fine knowing a million kids would starve (as long as it is not in their country/neighborhood) if it lowered Earth’s temp by 0.01 degree. And of course, THEY measure it.
    Globalists and Leftists.

  194. Great idea, it should be pushed hard.
    This will ensure the French elect Le Pen and the Italians vote to exit the Euro regime.

  195. Why not tell India, South American countries and Africa to limit births. Seems like a easy solution….or is that politically incorrect?

  196. Honest! This proposal has nothing to do with taking more money from us to fund a new bureaucracy…
    Why are you laughing?
    Stop laughing, we’re serious!
    God I DESPISE these leftwing control freaks!!!!!

  197. Crazy would be a good word to use regarding this proposal. That would, however, be disrespectful to crazy people who actually have better judgement then that showed by these lunes.

  198. Wonderful idea! I’m sure the Oxford University community will implement this tax immediately and showcase how wonderful it works… say 5 years… and work out any of the issues… before any other part of the U.K. adopts it.

  199. I would call them crazy but that would be disrespectful to crazy people who have better judgement than these lunes. Better idea … let’s tax every wacky liberal idea

  200. Make food more expensive to eat through taxation. Who will be forced to cut back on their consumption, the poor or the rich? So who and who’s children will suffer from malnutrition and death, those struggling to get by or people complaining about cattle farts while they travel in private jets? And where will all those tax revenues flow to, could it be to large corporations and rich elites crying let me save you from YOUR excesses? And would you poor please quit whimpering for another bowl of gruel….burrrp

  201. Or, we could tax the hot air from the bloviated blowhards in academia. That alone should eliminate the faux problem.

  202. In honor of climate change and with intense sensetivity to its congregation. I have planned a massive tire burning this weekend. To prove my sensetivity to their beliefs I have painted American flags on the tires so they don’t feel so bad when they watch them burn.

  203. Globalists are like circling buzzards looking to pick our bones clean. Good thing we’ve got our Donald Trump scatter guns. 🙂

    • Moderator… the above was an allegorical quip, not to be taken literally. Please delete it as it appears to have made you uncomfortable (not my intention) and as such it contributes nothing useful. Thanks.

  204. It’s all about centralizing control of all human activity and resources by a bunch of globalist miscreants under the guise of their phony “climate change” hoax.

  205. Just didn’t have the nerve to say “We want to Tax your mere existence here on Earth” I’m sure you folks (UK Researchers) on that side of the pond are quite disappointed that Hillary didn’t win the Election because I’m sure she would have been right onboard with this idea, you know since she was named after “Sir Edmund Hillary” she would have been proud to join in such a novel approach to climate control… So Sorry but The Deplorable’s aren’t biting.

  206. And one wonders why people are starting to prefer to grow their own food rather than buying it at the store???? Liberals and their neverending need to find an excuse to find a way to “TAX” something, this, that or the other!!!!

  207. Much like everything else the rich elitists want to impose on us ‘lesser beings,’ they don’t let such silly laws apply to themselves. They want us to change our diets while they gorge themselves on luxurious dining. While they demand we drive only small fuel efficient vehicles, they routinely hop on their private jets to have breakfast in Paris, lunch in New York, and maybe stop by Aspen to have drinks with friends. And when at home drive gas guzzling SUVs and high powered exotic sport cars.

  208. Why is every global warming scare (as well as other socialist wet dream ideas) have the words “could, may, might, should”. How about just facts!

  209. What a joke. Lets rewrite the same crap, but in a different reasoning. First bc of cow farts, now bc of carbon intensity in creating products. Yet we still cannot study or see ALL sides of the studies done – we just gave to rush and accept it or the sky will fall… eff that. More studies need to be conducted, with NON BIASED researchers and data. The official reports are a joke.
    Just another way for globalism to put its grubby dckbeaters on power grabs. Gotta love how the U.N. turned front a coalition of peacekeepers, TO a governing nation of its own, with a full military and even financial branches to Loan money to countries and essentially steal their resources.
    And in the end – what does parking more money do, as a REAL SOLUTION to FIXING t he problems – not just “slowing or REDUCING” them. Nothing. Bc the biggest contributors to the pollution are STILL able to continue their damages to our planet while WE have ti oay extra…
    No thx. Im happy not being a moron… And not blindly rushing into things w/o extensive studies first.

  210. Of course we realize that all of this money charged in taxes would simply be added to the price sticker on the piece of meat. You pay this extra money at the checkout and all of this supposed “tax” money simply goes into the company’s coffer making the elite wealthy who own said grocery chain that much richer.

  211. The mental disorder known commonly as liberalism has always been doomed to fail, because it’s practitioners do not deal in facts and reality, but in imagined peril and delusions of being saved from such peril by clever sloganeering.
    Meanwhile, the real threats to our existence are spawned from their very dangerous theories and destructive remedies. In other words, the wolves are circling the herd(us), and they are obsessed with reducing methane emissions. and the herd would be helpless were it not for the 2nd amendment.
    Let them try this idea in the United States and see how long it would take for their asses to be drawn and quartered.
    Liberalism is a mental disease, and in most cases, they are incurable. You can’t fix stupid, as someone once said.

  212. They say we are cutting down the rain forest and killing the planet. Now we need to cut back green plants to save the planet. Are they kidding here or what. Its a tax just say it. Plants breathe in co2 and they breathe out o2. dinosaurs and plants where bigger back in the days and the earth was warmer. Please stop trying to sell us this crap.


  214. Hopefully this never makes it to the ballot box in California… the vast majority of the people here believe so much of this BS that this would actually pass easily on the ballot. I sooooo look forward to the day I get to leave this state and take my business with it.

  215. For a moment I thought some jackass in the US was proposing this. I was going to determine when he’s up for re-election. Thankfully, this nonsense is not going on here …yet.

  216. How about a Yuge tax on those who raise or create any carbon or climate tax. Paid out of their personal and/or business and/of foundation revenue/income.

  217. “Pricing food according to its climate impacts could save half a million lives.”
    The fascist maggots just pull these BS figures out of their carbon-stuffed arse holes.

  218. You would make more money taxing the Liberal Commies on their STUPIDITY than taxing food….after all Liberal Stupidity is the gift that keeps on giving……….it is an endless supply of stupid/loot.

  219. I would be fine with this program providing it was voluntary. You could add your carbon tax onto your restaurant or grocery store bill if you felt that strongly about it. Let the moonbeams that believe this crap pay for it.

  220. Here’s an idea. Let us tax the food on the poorest people. Keep the money in a lock box. And divide up the proceeds among the Oligarchs. Climate change is just a hoax anyway.

  221. Hey Dipshit, were out on the whole global warming deal. We got a guy running the joint that has had a fucking job before aside from agitating street vagrants.

  222. Did they really just propose limiting food to the poor? The more Leftists change the more they stay the same

  223. Perhaps we should demand that the UN impose a universal tax of say 100% of professor’s salaries and give that to the poor which makes more sense as what these pompous blithering idiots are proposing by spouting off hot air which is contributing much more to a hostile climate in our world than global warming. Funny how they are stuffing their faces as they discuss this — wonder if their attitude is let the poor eat cake as they chomp down on mutton and pastries shouting Here Here drinking their sherry or port when someone proposes this parsimonious dribble.

  224. Tax food according to it’s greenhouse gas impact? I guess the price of beans will go through the roof….

  225. Wow.. the Communist’s really found a friend in Climate Change. Too bad this plan will fail like most of all these tax and grab polices rooted in quack easily disproven fruadulant science.

  226. Can we relocate the UN to Iran? What a bunch of outdated ignorant politicians trying to dictate their ideas to the enrichment of the wealthy and powerful. The UN needs to be dismantled and torn down!

  227. What a bunch of retards whatever University you went to you need to go get your money back because you all are bunch of fools

  228. I think i countes the word “could” 8 tomes i this article…meaning they thay have no idea if, after all the taxes, they will be correct or not. They can just “oops”, take the tx money and move on…no wonder trump is the new persident…..

  229. This junk is right from the Lord Stern cycle of economic nonsense.
    Assumptions are rife in every calculation. What might seem nice on paper or in a board game falls apart in the real world.
    Everything is modeled based on assumptions, without real world actualities factoring into the results.
    All calculated results are then considered real and treated as such.
    These yokels could’ve programed a model of ballroom dancers; then fully expect a real room full of dancers would perform exactly as modeled.
    Another impossible to verify models of modeled data filled with stuff and nonsense!
    Can Nature prove that Oxford really developed such absurdities? Lord Stern might be proud, but history will not be so kind.
    So much money, so much alleged talent, so many future Lords and MPs; so much waste!

  230. Meanwhile the lowest-hanging fruit for greenhouse gas reduction is ignored. Go near a school site and you will find discarded wrappers for the “snack chip” products the kids eat constantly. The wrappers are made of the worst, metallicized plastic ever made, utterly non-degradable or recyclable; the ingredients on the bag are most instructive, over-milled glue-like extruded corn-based glue (“Pandora’s Lunchbox” has a fine rendition on how these are made) loaded with salt, sugar, and the worst artificial fat there is. The stuff is almost pure junk carb that spike your blood sugar, it’s like diabetes in a bag. We subsidize this by letting people spend EBT on it, you might as well let them buy cigs too. The uppity class obsesses over soda pop while completely ignoring the role of these chip things which most like are a bigger and more destructive caloric load than soda.
    We are told we must get food production up to feed all the emerging masses but this GMO corn uses massive amounts of herbicide to produce products of effectively no nutritive value; nutritionists will tell you they suck vitamins OUT of your body. How about we just stop subsidizing junk, for starters? Or at least mandate the packaging be more environmentally responsible? Incredibly, the FTC is frustrating the ability of a US tech company to make plastic bio-degradable:
    yet another item the “news” missed

  231. **The researchers found that beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the climate damage caused by its production. **
    And they get paid for the BS that the animals give freely!

  232. The global warming nut cases have finally crossed the line. They are now officially blood sucking vampires. And as for you believers in that propaganda. There is no doubt the earth climate changes, as does the climates on the other planets. But it is pure fiction that we are responsible for it. But it is good business and a good political tool to say we are.

  233. These “researchers,” along with all the other eco-freaks, should lead by example in their fight to save the world from CO2 (which is essential to plant life) and kill themselves. Not only would they no longer consume food or ride in polluting SUVs or chartered jets, they would no longer exhale hot air.

  234. How about we, real human beings, just put these subhuman a$$wipes in camps and let them show the world how well their anti-human, anti-technology, anti-agriculture sh*t actually works. Reservations, like they imposed on “native americans” and other groups. Courage of their convictions, prove how all of us, real human beings, are WRONG. Strip them of their access to electricity, running water, pharmaceuticals, crops outside local growing seasons, fish/seafood beyond the 24 hour catch window,,,, Oh, the list just grows. Make them live, and die in, the anti-technology nightmare they want to use to kill us.

  235. “This proposal, from a group of people who have probably never missed a meal in their lives, is totally obscene. ”
    Environmentalism is the last socially acceptable form of racism.

  236. Some foods in the UK are already taxed with Value Added Tax, or VAT. So, now they want to tax the rest of the food supply?

  237. Perhaps, if these sages of “climate mutatio” had to pay their fees for these conferences out of their own personal funds, they might get grip on how these ideas will be met.

  238. How about we drag your incompetent political asses into the street, beat the stupid out of you, and rip up your bullshit “climate change” scam??

  239. It’s okay everyone; have no fear…
    …EVERY “climate-change hoaxer” (who DOES NOT POSSESS AN ACTUAL Science, Technology, Engineering or Math degree YET STILL promotes the ideas of global-warming, global-cooling, and climate-change) is on our purge-list. Hunting season begins in the Spring.

  240. Not in this country you won’t! To all the phkking morons falling for this climate change BULLSCHITT I hope you all starve.

  241. Why not just kill off a quarter of the world population and, and least for a wile, be done with things?

  242. It’s time to weld shut the doors to the ivory towers with the residents inside. Food shall not pass. Problem solved.

  243. Why don’t they lead by example and kill themselves?
    I don’t think they’re familiar with the world “guillotine.” Keep poking the tiger with a stick, guys.

  244. Starve the world to a smaller population.
    To save the would for the elites we must cut the population of earth in 1/2 by 2050.
    This or a massive war people.

  245. And they wonder why Brexit? This is clearly an example of dumb people with nothing to do. Maybe they need to start building fences rather than meet and come up with flatulent taxes.

  246. Uber LIbs want to tax everything that moves – and most of what doesn’t. What is their plan for Global Warming? Taxation. What is their plan for starvation? Taxation. What is their plan Global Thermonuclear War? Taxation. Why did Uber Libs get their collective butts kicked Nov. 8? TAXATION!!!!

  247. Look at the room they’re meeting in. They want YOU to live in a mud hut and eat twigs and berries, but they seem to be doing OK.
    Worthless do-nothing parasites.

  248. The entire ‘global warming’ , oh wait …let’s call it … ‘climate change’… , oh wait , let’s say ‘ man-made ……’ is all a farce to control the governments and the resources of the planet , and of course , as always , to steal the people’s money by calling it a tax …ha..ha..ha… People , take a look at the taxes now , and of 50 years ago , or 100 years ago ; only one direction …up , up , and away …..

  249. If you tax animal products, which are essential for human health, humans will continue to become more sick. Sick humans create more carbon. Btw carbon is actually good and we as a planet are carbon starved. So basically screw politicians and eat butter and grass fed meat, you will be healthy and have energy to fight these hypocritical nut job retarded global warming propagandists.

  250. Let’s tax food to the point no one can eat, but the tax parasites. Great idea to save millions of lives.

  251. Food tax, card on tax fraud. Where does this money go to what is it used for?? Will it go to help the poor people of Africa, with food , safe water, shelter, medicine??? No I doubt it, it not to help anyone except the people on the inside. The projects were on the bogus Carbon tax if they got it in would be 100 Trillion every 10 years. What could these world manipulators do with that kind of money, further inslave every man, woman, and child on earth, develops more says more instruments to make our lives more miserable and dependent on the Elite for scraps?? No I don’t think we will have it, YOU, or your messed up flase world. No thanks. When you see BullCrap call BullCrap.

  252. They want a tax on food to prevent global warming, but won’t tax healthy foods. They also say that by promoting healthy foods there will be less death from chronic disease. So the tax to reduce global warming would also help people live longer, which means more people alive and contributing to global warming.
    Climate change clearly isn’t a hoax invented to benefit those who perpetuate it. 😜

  253. THE SOCIALIST LEFTIST DEMS WILLNEVER GIVE UP their attempt to control the entire economy of the planet. The will get help from individual globalist billionaires.

  254. We have to understand that we’re only one generation away from this kind of ‘genius’ to be mainstream. We might only be one vote away. They came close with Hillary but thank God for the Electoral College! Virtually all the posts to this article decry the stupidity of the Globalists. However, the sad part is that these elitists lead the thinking for the LIVERS (low information voters), also known as the clergy, teachers/professors (public unions/tenure), the bureaucracies, and the entire Democratic party. They all hate capitalism and actually believe that they will be part of the ruling class once they’ve succeeded in destroying it. Little do they know that they will be the first in front of the firing squads and re-education camps. But alas, this all must come to pass. This is Satan’s world and he is working frantically to set up his version of utopia via his one-world government, which will fail, ushering in the King of Kings and His millennium rule. But until then, it should be very interesting to see if we can take back our country, without too much bloodshed, and maybe keep it until the Rapture. Using 2 Chronicles 7:14, we stand a chance. Let the Lord do the fighting for us today! May God bless Donald Trump and Mike Pence and keep them safe from harm and let them fulfill their promises. In preparation: Got Lead?

  255. This manage climate change is the biggest hoax on man to steal from the bettors to give to the moochers. You thieves need to be purged and we can reduce the cabin footprint. If you alarmists truly believe this BS you are selling , why not have a mass suicide

  256. It sounds like a bunch a fascist authoritarians to me trying to extract every penny possible from the population. 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  257. They have gone off the deep end with their demands for more tax revenue. Yet, when VW makes a car that goes 300 MPG, it’s limited to low-volume production and ultra high cost. What’s wronmg with this picture?
    Our governments, and their central banking and corporate masters, have become a parasitic force on the entire earth. It’s way past time for a little, friendly, global, French-style revolution.

  258. The City of London has cut a deal with China, whereby Communist China is given world prominence by having it’s currency become a world reserve currency. In exchange for that, the City of London will be given first row sits in trading the Chinese currency in Europe further reaffirming its hole as a financial center.
    Additionally to that, China has agreed to help the City of London spread the carbon tax worldwide. City of London benefits because the carbon credits market will be controlled by it’s mega banks.
    A world where Communist China has such power as to be able to hold and print a reserve currency will be a world where freedom is looked down upon, with internet censorship apparatus being promoted as a good thing. Where free expression of one’s opinions can land you in jail as is the standard in Communist China now.
    This whole Global Warming, later renamed to Climate Change, is nothing more than a dirty alliance of the England’s mega bankers with the Communist Chinese to try and enslave the whole of the free world and turn it into something similar to China, a country made of many smaller countries tied together by forceful suppression and of any and all dissenting opinions. Isn’t that what Europe is already becoming?
    We must oppose this plan.
    We must identify and oppose this people.
    This is high treason to the values we hold dearest.

  259. The City of London has cut a deal with China, whereby Communist China is given world prominence by having it’s currency become a world reserve currency. In exchange for that, the City of London will be given first row sits in trading the Chinese currency in Europe further reaffirming its hole as a financial center.
    Additionally to that, China has agreed to help the City of London spread the carbon tax worldwide. City of London benefits because the carbon credits market will be controlled by it’s mega banks.
    A world where Communist China has such power as to be able to hold and print a reserve currency will be a world where freedom is looked down upon, with internet censorship apparatus being promoted as a good thing. Where free expression of one’s opinions can land you in jail as is the standard in Communist China now.
    This whole Global Warming, later renamed to Climate Change, is nothing more than a dirty alliance of the England’s mega bankers with the Communist Chinese to try and enslave the whole of the free world and turn it into something similar to China, a country made of many smaller countries tied together by forceful suppression and of any and all dissenting opinions. Isn’t that what Europe is already becoming?
    We must oppose this plan.
    We must identify and oppose this people.
    This is high treason to the values we hold dearest.

  260. Just what we need; more fake statistics from the green weenies.
    If we just taxed the hot air coming out of their pie holes, there’d be enough money to fix the globe.

  261. Yea right. expensive for healthy food but all the junk gmo goes to the poor. What do these tax dollars do? Make people eat healthier? Bwahahahahaha, what a joke. Governments and corporations get richer while everyone else struggles even more. Hamburger for 10 bucks or gmo soyburger for 3. Climate change my az. If it’s such a big deal. Let the farmers keep.their money and build huge buildings with ventilation like chickens have. Taxing the people who are already struggling is something a dictator would do

  262. No. More ‘fake news’ and we won’t stand for it anymore. Just another scheme to take more money out of our pockets.

  263. Why don’t they just cut to the chase and admit they want to kill all but a half-billion people as UN Agenda 21 dictates?

  264. Every atom of carbon in a cow is taken up from the environment. It can’t create new CO2. It’s a zero sum game. These Oxford pontificators must be on something!

  265. Just another way to crap on the lower classes while the upper class adds another comma to their net worth.

  266. I wont buy meat now. I kill and eat what we need. Its been changing since time began, cant stop or slow down what the earth will do.

  267. Ain’t no meat in a Snickers Bar. Obese Vegans & Smug Liberals……get off the tracks!!! Here comes the Trump Train!

  268. So starve people to combat fake climate change. If this isn’t a plan for depopulation I don’t know what is…..and what happens when health care costs skyrocket due to all the future vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the malnourishment from a non meat diet?

  269. I have never heard such bull shit in my entire life.. where do these nut jobs come up with ludicrous ideas??? And some one paid for this they ought to be shot!!! I don’t think these idiots walked to where they are .. I’m sure they flew and drove, and are eating everything that they say every one else should not..
    Are they waring clothes?? And shoes and hats they should think of what that is doing to our poor climate!!
    You people have no idea wtf you are talking about when I see you start giving up everything that you consider that is valuable maybe just maybe I will think your not an idiot

  270. This paper is bordering on the obscene. I guarantee you that none of the authors have ever had to skip a meal in their life and yet they propose here to deprive humanity, in particular the poorer part of it, of the only decent source of protein available. Because that is what the envisioned taxation would do.
    The notion that Methane is a climate driver is a laughable proposition to anybody with a more than superficial knowledge of the physics of radiative transfer. The whole climate kaboodle is a pseudo-science based on a fundamental misapprehension of the effect of changes of atmospheric composition, on a par with the dark days of Lysenkoism when politically correct charlatans were allowed to wreck soviet agriculture. This paper proposes to inflict damage on an even larger scale on the human enterprise.

  271. This is the Progression of Globalism. It is Satanic at it’s root. Globalism must be defeated and the perpetrators of Globalism must be tried in a court of law, convicted and sentenced. Globalism offers only a New Feudal Order to Humanity. Humanity is Repulsed by Globalism. Humanity is at war against Globalists.
    Humanity has won two recent battles. We Won Brexit and We put Donald Trump into Power. This war isn’t over yet. PREPARE for more battles that may GO Hot!

  272. These are the most educated idiot’s I have ever heard of in my life. Why don’t we tax arrogant jack asses instead at least they can afford to pay the tax.

  273. “If you’d have to pay 40% more for your steak, you might choose to have it once a week instead of twice,” said Dr Springmann.
    WHO THE HE*L has STEAK TWICE A WEEK?????????? They do NOT know a THING about the people they are attempting to denigrate, regulate, and punish! They are FILLED with disdain and hatred!
    These FOOLS have their heads in the clouds! I too can make any statistic out of any “fact” that anyone cites; that is ALL they are doing, simply making up false notions, in order to justify their miserable existences. Go away creeps, may you have a TRUMP in your future.

  274. The control and management of global food supplies has been a corporate and political priority for decades, with US-based conglomerates leading the charge. As elite establishment political figure Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Recent research places multinational corporations behind the push toward controlling global food supplies.
    This is another convenient excuse in the tightening of that control.

  275. Obama probably increased the climate problems ten fold with all of his trips around the world playing politics and playing golf! All he accomplished was hatred, waste of time, wasted money and wasted jet fuel.

  276. “The researchers found that beef would have to be 40% more expensive globally to pay for the climate damage caused by its production.”
    Key phrase here, “…PAY for the climate damage.”
    Pay whom, exactly? And there’s the nub of it. It’s the grant funding to researchers (and others), as well as corporate and political interests behind this bogus movement that will financially benefit from the money generated by it. They all have a vested interest in convincing the world that their cause is just and real. Just follow the money, as usual, to get to the truth behind the “movement”.
    Think I’m wrong? Who among the proponents of this movement have refused to benefit from any funds provided to them for their efforts? Al Gore? The UN? Any politicians? Any grant-funded researchers?
    Game over. Anyone that believes in this crap is either being paid or is brain dead.
    Good luck with all of that.

  277. Is the goal to make 3/4 (or whatever percentage) of the world’s population die off prematurely from malnitrition, so that it’s mostly the leftist elites remaining to profit from this scam? That’s the obvious conclusion.

  278. Did you know that radition from Japan’s nuclear meltdowns travelled around the world and blanketed most countries with radiation, which is now found in the air, food, water, vegetables, meat, etc.
    See ENENEWS is this is news to you.

    [Radiation has always been everywhere. So what is your point? Can you expand on your statement as you obviously feel it has implications. . . . mod]

    • Don’t go to Cornwall in the UK as you will be exposed to more radiation than ever was emitted at Fukushima.

  279. Wow.
    Tax food, because we all know food impacts the rotational space between the sun, the moon, and the earth………
    Idiocracy has completely taken root…..

  280. The NWO morons will tax the very air you breathe if we the people let them. Taxing food is as evil as it gets when people are struggling already to provide for their families!

  281. These people have forgotten the basic laws of economics. Why don’t they just shout out…we hate the poor and the young.

  282. These people have jumped the mega shark. The goal is obvious, control, period. The globalist want control of everything and will stop at nothing to achieve it

  283. It never ceases to amaze me how these “intellectual” “elites” can come up with this kind of a nonsense solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

  284. “If you’d have to pay 40% more for your steak, you might choose to have it once a week instead of twice,” said Dr Springmann.
    **stupid elites, what about us deplorable unwashed masses? I cant afford steak once a month and grocery prices on some items doubled under the current regimes. Springmans comment demonstrates how out of touch the globalists are…this would harm the poor

  285. It never ceases to amaze me how these elitist nut cases can come up with such ridiculous “solutions” to a problem that exists only in their misguided and ill motivated belief system.

  286. This a perfect storm of progressive/liberal insanity. It brings together the desire they have to tell others how to live; higher taxes; veganistic mythology and finally — the religion of manmade global warming. Bedt of all is they they wNt to do it basdd on their precious computer models and damn little else other than an impulse to meddle.
    BTW:can someone explain to me how vegerable oils, which come presumably from vegerables which use up CO2 will have to be reduced

  287. I wonder if they are including all the emissions reductions from all the jobs lost in their model as well? It may be WAY better than they thought! (for the sarcasm challenged, that was sarcasm)

  288. Well folks, your kids believe it, accept it, and force us all to pay for it when they get older. That’s what our )schools are teaching/preaching – their Religion to Save Mankind from Itself. (They should know that we already have a Saviour.) Regardless, the ends justifies the means: if a few billion folks have to die, that’s simply unintended consequences because they have to survive. I just hope that when the revolution starts, we know when to stop shooting. Got lead?

  289. What a complete load of horse $#!+
    What I would like to see calculated is the cost of the lies about global warming, oh wait climate change. Which if you have had the internet for the past decade you know the numbers are completely made up. Thank God we still have those emails!!

  290. ..These people are just asking for world wide food riots. This is why they love this BS Of Global Warming so much.. they can control ANYTHING under the guise of “saving the planet”

  291. “However, the authors stress that due consideration would need to be given to ensuring such policies did not impact negatively on low income populations.”
    They’ll never tire of hauling out the “blessed poor” when it suits their purposes. When will the blessed poor get tired of being used? But it is refreshing to see their agenda in the headlines, finally. Tax energy, tax food, until the population is a “sustainable” 1 billion. Which list are you on?

  292. Reducing the human population through famine would help climate change!! I think it is time to get these people before they have a chance to put their genocidal plans into action.

  293. Well this means i should have a rib eye cooked medium for dinner every night and two on sundays.oh yea i forgot to add some good sharp white chedder and a large glass of milk ,cheers.

  294. It’s always the MONEY with the Globalist New World Order! Climate Change with them is take in money from taxes on everything , in exchange they anoint themselves GOD , making all the simpletons of society believe that they will do something miraculous to save the world.
    100% bet, that the these elites would refuse any control of their slush fund . Crooks.

  295. Famous quotes made throughout human history:
    Global Warming is real. The science is settled.
    Astrology is real. The science is settled.
    Phrenology is real. The science is settled.
    Drapetomania is real. The science is settled.
    Alchemy is real. The science is settled.

  296. Over educated Oxford pigs right out of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Every breath they take should be regulated, talk about meaningless.

  297. Shut down these bogus studies and their blowhard speeches…carbon drops problem solved no one gets hurt

  298. Great! Put all the cattle farmers out of business by taxing them to death. Great job UK, great job!

  299. These dumbass climatologists are already taxing food by lobbying for higher and higher amounts of ethanol in our gasoline which makes corn more expensive which in turn makes every animal product in the food chain more expensive, and which already has people on the edge of survival in third world countries STARVING, YOU MORONS! So no. And the first sellout politician who proposes such a thing in a legislative body, somebody walk over and slug him.

  300. I just took 4 breaths…..where can I send my money in? The global warming morons are in it for the money. Period.

  301. I just talked with my AK and AR. They say, “The climate-scam and tax stop here.”
    Sorry. They seem dead set in their convictions.
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  302. At risk of my head ending up on a spike, displayed with the Oxford Professorial twits, might I timorously suggest that taxing steak is philosophically little different from taxing carbon (say, at the pump), and other social-engineering taxes such as those to promote Renewables Power into being “cheap energy”!!
    I suppose I’m saying that taxing steak is merely another (crazy) proposal in the raft of AGW Alarmist efforts to reduce CO2.
    And Sir Humphrey Appleby will be drooling in his grave at the prospect of yet another mega-bureaucracy to administer the differential taxation of food.

  303. Making food expensive would do nothing to the weather “change. ”
    It is ALL about taxes. I’m yet to see a scientific evidence that taxes would save the planet.

  304. Taking the AGW argument to its logical conclusion, homo sapiens is *the* problem. Wholesale extirpation of (wo)man is the sledgehammer solution to a perfect World.
    Short of that, there are those who promote a return to the planetary population of the Middle Ages, with a commensurate lifestyle.
    As an aside, one wonders how we stack-up against all other CO2 species combined? What’s their contribution to the supposedly evil, planetary-destroying chemical, CO2? Why should they be let off the hook?

  305. Go ahead and tax food (idiotic idea to begin with) but the climate is going to change no matter what it is not in the hands of man and that’s a good thing. Climate changes because of solar activity and the sun’s been quiet for some time now.

  306. All solutions are currently taxes, the move against food though…somebody wants someone to die. Having more control over the food supply is a way to do that.

  307. Once again the “global warming” fascists expose their true motivation – the elimination of Humanity. The costs to the average person if these insane “taxes” are introduced will results in malnutrition and starvation – worldwide.

  308. Hopefully, with our new President Trump, we shall STOP sending our hard earned dollars to the frauds at The u.n. who grab the money to fight “climate change”. Poppy Cock!

  309. Yeah because the poor haven’t suffered enough from ridiculous progressive policy.
    I think progressives are a far greater threat than any other and especially the hysterical hoax of man made climate change.

  310. By heavily taxing beans, we can lower methane gasses considerably. California did a study showing that cows emit enormous amounts of methane. Professor Phineas T. Bluster did a recent survey showing one cow emitted more methane than 86 white adults, or 3.7 mexicans. This was corroborated by Professor Robert from Buffalo.

  311. Just as we said, its just a damn tax, increasing taxes does nothing for the climate. you would have to change how food is produced and that is not in the plan. Even if you agreed changing how food is produced would reduce co2. These people are liars.

  312. Well, now you have it! This what the climate change lie was designed to accomplish. Just feed the peasants an endless amount of manure over and over and over again until it becomes the norm and they become ripe for the picking! (Pocket picking, that is!)

  313. These people at Oxford are at least the most honest of their breed. The unspoken truth of the Enviro-Religions is that human life is an infection. In their dogma we are a destructive, invasive species covering the planet in a Terraforming herpes. Our shear reproductive output enables us to overwhelm Gaia’s natural defenses, immune system.
    The answer to Gaia’s infestation is the same as we would need and use for a parasite plaguing us… extermination. In the case of humans we hold the power to exterminate ourselves either entirely or to a point.
    The Environmentalists’ cure for Climate Change is simple. Genocide. The disease is caused by a parasite, which must be eliminated to save the patient. Humans are the parasite, just that some parasites are more equal than others.
    The elite are in the process of eliminating the ‘eaters’ on Earth, other than those needed for the elite to sustain a high quality of life. Considering taxes on food for the purposes of suppressing production and availability is a wonderful step in that direction, and a step toward admitting what we are really talking about when we hear words like “climate change.”

  314. The earth’s “Climate” has been in a constant state of change for 4.5 billion years. Humans didn’t arrive until the last 1% of Earth’s long history, yet to these so called “intelligent people my eating habits are to blame for Climate Change? And for that reason alone Socialist/Fascist Govt needs to point a gun at my head and demand ever increasing shares of my private property to combat it? Who is actually arguing that the Climate does not change and that mankind dictates that any change? These are people that call me a “science denier”… Really???
    Green politics seem to be a way of making crazily extreme totalitarians feel wholesome.
    Green is the new Red.

  315. The personal behavior of 1% of the U. S. population results in their CO2 footprint being 50 TIMES that of the other 99%. While not surprising to anyone, people are surprised when they realize this means this small group is responsible for more than 33% of ALL U. S. CO2 emissions (all CO2 emissions being attributable to people) and were this small group to only emit 25 TIMES the average of everyone else, OVERALL U. S. CO2 emissions would immediately (not over decades) decline 17%. Maybe some of you AGW believers can explain why all the plans being implemented and proposed will allow this small group to continue their behavior unabated while financially hammering the lower income and middle classes, just for being alive. Just like this proposal. Please, please, please hurry for it is an emergency, we are told.

  316. I can’t wait until you idiots are under water, still claiming climate change is a hoax. They take ice cores which contain air trapper in bubbles from earlier times. The measure what is in the air. They see higher levels of co2 now than there should be. It isn’t that complicated, it is science you morons

  317. This is another way to control people who want to be free. Government wants to control who gets fed. A weak population is easier to dominate.

  318. If you want to somehow affect CO2 then one should tax “bacteria” which is about 350 billion (with a B) tonnes of carbon (cattle is only 156 million (1000 times less) tonnes. Better yet, we should tax “ants and termites” which is 1.5 times greater mass than all the cattle put together. []

  319. Too stupid for words. Especially as more and more research shows that in fact, the “fat is unhealthy” hypothesis is entirely wrong, and is responsible for the obesity epidemic of the last four decades.

  320. What about the children who need milk and protein for growing minds and bodies? Obviously these people hate the poor and children and want to see all of them die!!!

  321. Nothing more than a bunch of misanthropic twits coming up with a non solution to a faux problem. They should be taken literally, and promptly checked in to the nearest insane asylum.

  322. The UN has advocated that ‘the told’ (not the ‘tellers’) get into eating insects, yet insects produce more than x10 CO2 than humans. We all know that the goal is population reduction. Watch the advocated policies become increasingly insane. Increasing the cost of dense protein is but a sign post on the way toward globalist institutionally sanctioned murder.
    Like the Oozlum bird these Oxford intelligentsia have disappeared into their own black holes.

  323. Absolutely. ONLY let the RICH people that can afford these foods should eat it. The rest of the peasants can eat cake.

  324. The environmental extremists are willing to take affordable, high quality protien away from people on the chance that it might, might, reduce by a tiny bit, the trace gas CO2 (.04% of our atmosphere) because CO2 is causing all climatic problems. The sun is the primary driver of earths weather. Let’s clean up unburned hydrocarbons, soot, CO,.. the dangerous stuff But don’t destroy the worlds economies over the very gas we exhale and the gas plants need to grow.

  325. Dr. Marco Springmann. Alarming how few “licks” it takes to find one of his kind at the center of things.
    Those that are Protocols aware are not surprised. For those that are not, sleep tight.
    The Khazarian mindset in less than 90 second–YouTube video: 5jl-OJJVAEg
    An American citizen, not US subject.

  326. Very bad idea. Increasing the cost of animal protein will hurt many more than global warming will.

  327. Any excuse to raise taxes. The socialists create new crises to justify bigger government and more onerous taxes to “solve” the problem. Irresponsible leadership is the greater cause of our problems. Drain the swamp.

  328. How about a tax on Liberals? I would like to call it the Oxygen Bandit Tax. Tax those who make the rest of our lives harder.

  329. When I was a child, the adults joked that they ‘would tax the air we breathe one day’, not so funny now, eh?
    It will become obvious over time, that the only way to solve ALL the worlds problems, is to eliminate The Source of those problems… those who cause the problems by deception, altering data, denying the Earth has cycles, denying that their agenda is for total political control.
    The Final battle between Good and Evil, The Elect vs The Elite.
    We can only pray the Last Trump of God is now blowing in the whirlwind sewed by The Elite, a flawed messenger, like we are all flawed. It is only those who elevate themselves above us, who are to be feared.

  330. “Pricing food according to its climate impacts could save half a million lives and one billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.”
    Oddly enough, it’ll also put billions into the hands of government bureaucrats and ‘scientists.’

  331. This idea has already had a run a few years back in the Melbourne Australia newspaper
    An article authored by Australian philospher
    Peter Singer and a scientist whose name I dont recall argued for tax on meat products as a means to eliminate methane emitted by cattle and sheep ranched in the US Canada and Australia
    To understand the context Singer is a vegetarian activist who in my view saw an opportunity to run his animal liberation
    line dressed up in care for the emvironment
    The line of argument in the article was that
    methane was a stronger GHG than CO2 and that we needed to reduce output as part of an
    overall strategy to reduce GHG emissions
    What neither author seemed aware of is that
    the principal sources of methane are
    Swamps Wetlands and rice paddies
    So should we be draining the swamps and wetlands and be demanding Indians Chinese and South East Asians who grow paddy field rice they have to switch to either upland rice
    or imported wheat ?
    And while we are at it tell the Indians they
    have to slaughter the 400 million methane emitting cows they let wander about
    And for good measure tell the African nations they have to get rid of those methane producing vast herdes of wildebeest etc
    Good luck with all the above

  332. If you really care about climate change, first stop flying private jets around proselytizing your beliefs. Try making a youtube video instead. Don’t call for more taxes on food, first go vegetarian yourself, and by all means, don’t reproduce.

  333. If man dies off because of global warming so what. Who is left to care or really give a crap. So be it. The world will survive and start over like it has a dozen times. I don’t think it’s anyone will or design. It’s Murphy law…*t happens. Only man is arrogant enough to believe he is special and can stop nature and should be spared. Trust me mother nature does not care about mankind any more than she did about the dinosaurs. So taxing food or anything else only means you will die with less money.

  334. Welll guess I need to do my part to help reduce the cattle population. I’ll up my servings of beef to 6 times a week instead of three. Can I apply for some tax credit too for my sacrifice?

  335. Pay attention you greedy, lying scumbags. Your projections re: the climate, are complete crap. And I will prove it.
    Your models indicate a much different climate in 10 to 50 years, yet you cannot say what different means. Tell ya what.. Tell me what the weather will be like Christmas Eve in Gallop, MM, and I will give you all my money and admit your scam is legit, K?

  336. This has got to one of THE MOST ASININE things proposed! If this isn’t global control over the masses, then I don’t know what is.

  337. Unlike many folks, I’m a man of action. As I said above, when I heard about this, I wrote to the corresponding author, Dr. Marco Springmann, to express my astonishment. He has graciously responded, saying:

    On Nov 20, 2016, at 8:28 AM, Marco Springmann wrote:
    Dear Willis,
    I appreciate your message, and I am sorry you seem to be taken issue with our study. Allow me to explain our findings and motivation a bit more.
    What we are proposing is that any climate policy that would include the food system should be designed with a health perspective in mind to make sure that people are not put at a disadvantage as a result of the policy. For that reason we propose to use the emissions-tax revenues for health-promotion programmes that would, e.g., make fruits and vegetables more readily available and cheaper, and for compensating vulnerable groups in society for the income losses they would feel when food prices would increase. We find that climate policies that include such compensatory mechanisms could, in principle, do both: reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and thereby lessen the expected impacts of climate change, and encourage people to eat healthier and thereby extend their healthy lifetimes.
    The exact ways of how one would go about designing and implementing such policies of course depend on regional circumstances. And such circumstances include foremost the perception of the people living in that region. What we wanted to do with our study was to encourage a discussion among those people–citizens, policymakers, industry, farmers, etc–on how we could address some of the challenges that our food system, our health, and our environment will be faced with now and in the future. Our study is only one such proposal, and I think it’s up to all of us to come up with potential solutions that engage constructively with those challenges. We are all in this together, and the more things we can collaboratively move forward and influence positively, the better. So let’s talk with each other instead of against each other. I’ll be here to do that.
    With best wishes,
    Dr Marco Springmann

    I’ve replied to him as follows:

    Dear Dr. Springmann;
    First, thank you for your reply. However, I fear that you start out with a wrong idea, which is the mistaken notion that there is some reason that you should rejigger the entire food system so that it fits with your political ideals and your climate fears. There are some difficulties with that.
    To start with, nobody but the elite gives a fig about climate. Here’s the UN poll, nine million people said “Nah! Not interested!”. Climate is number sixteen, and that’s only because there weren’t seventeen choices. Not only that, but the poorer that people are, the less they are concerned about climate alarmism. Many of us don’t want to waste one dime on climate claims until there is actual evidence that the hypothesized danger is real.

    SOURCE: UN Poll

    Next, it appears you do not understand just how arrogant it is to imagine that you and your team, or any single group, knows just how people should eat. What on earth gave you the idea that people out here care in the least what the personal food prejudices of you and your people might be?
    This point of view, that the elites such as yourself have the right to lecture plebeians like myself regarding the proper way for humans to eat, is one reason Hillary just lost the election. She found out that people have gotten tired of being lectured and regulated and talked down to by people who might have used a shovel but have never had to sharpen one.
    Next, you are wildly underestimating the resistance that people have to changing their dietary habits. I used to train people to be Peace Corps Volunteers. Like you, the Trainees all wanted to rush out and start telling people that they were eating wrong, and how to eat better. I used a couple of examples to show them how resistant folks are to changing their diet, and how deep these feelings run.
    The first example is, the people in Africa keep cows in part because they can do a magic trick. They can convert grass, which humans cannot digest, into milk, one of the richest protein sources known. The Peace Corps Trainees were often advocates of vegetarianism. I said, should the Africans then give up their cows, which assure milk for their babies, and which provide even more protein in the form of meat when they die?
    Besides, I told them, in Africa they’ve figured out how to get even more protein out of the cows than anyone gets in the West. Of course, they were curious how that further magic trick is done. It turns out that in some tribes, they open a vein in the neck of the cow, and then plug it up with a wooden plug. When they go out to to milk the cow, they get the milk. Then they take out the plug, mix in a pint or so of blood with the milk, and put the plug back in …
    So, I’d ask the Trainees, how many of you would change your diet to include that blood-milk, given the fact that it provides much more protein from the same animals?
    Our food preferences run deep.
    For the second example, I said that when the locusts swarm in Africa, they eat everything. Every leaf. Every stem. So when they land in grain fields there, the people will sometimes set fire to the fields. Now, clearly that doesn’t help them save their grain … but they know they’ll lose the grain anyhow, and at least this way they get a bunch of roast locusts to eat … I’d ask them, are you ready to sign on for eating roast locust? Are you going to tell them that eating insects is wrong? Will you recommend field-roasted locusts to your family?
    Our food preferences run deep.
    As a result, here is what I, and I suspect many other people, will say about your plan:
    I eat what I eat, not randomly, but because like many people I’ve thought a lot about it. Not a little. A lot. As a result, I greatly resent your idea that you have some divine insight that my way of eating is wrong, and that I should be eating the way that you think is best.
    That’s bad enough, but what really angrifies my blood is that you are proposing to tax my sorry corpus to FORCE me to eat like you want me to eat. How dare you!

    Seriously, do you truly not understand how paternalistic and offensive this is?
    I’m sorry to be so direct with you, Doctor, but recent events in the US have shown me just how out-of-touch the elite in general and the academic elite in particular can be. So I am attempting to make sure you understand just how far off of the rails it looks like you’ve gone.
    You are NOT on the high moral ground here. People don’t care about your non-problem. Worse, you are proposing to forcefully intervene in people’s eating habits with the justification that it may, not will but has a chance of, helping poor people in 50 years. What to you is obviously an academic exercise will be highly damaging out here in the real world if we are ever unfortunate enough to have it inflicted on us … and the worst part is, you seem to have no concept at all of the arrogance and elitism in what you are proposing.
    Look, you’re obviously a smart guy, and a man who can get things done. There are loads of real problems in the world that require real solutions. How about you apply your skills to those problems, rather than wasting your valuable energy to trying to force me to eat your way in order to non-solve a non-problem … do you really want to blow your valuable working years jerking around with this nonsense and hurting and insulting people in the process? Do you want your epitaph to be:

    Here Lies Marco He Tried To Force People To Eat His Way They Didn't

    Because according to the polls, the poor of the planet sure as hell don’t want you wasting your precious time on climate. They have fifteen other things that they think are much greater problems … and me, I think you could make a real contribution to people’s lives in one of those fifteen arenas rather than making things worse by sticking your nose in my personal eating habits.
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply. In hopes that this is taken in the positive sense in which it is intended, I remain,
    PS—You might enjoy a couple of posts I’ve written on this subject:
    Animal, Vegetable, or E. O. Wilson
    Vegans are not from Vegas

    There you have it … who knows what it will do, but I have to give it a shot.
    Best to all,

    • What you received is a standard reply to any communication to Springmann via the Nature website. It is exactly the same reply I received to a very brief comment about the irony of his food tax proposals given the way Oxford colleges do things.

  338. Not a bad idea. We tend to privatize profits but socialize losses such as pollution and environmental degradation.
    Dumping crap into land areas and water, deforestation and air pollution have costs. The planet is not a free trash can of unlimited size.
    Even shrimp and fish farming come with huge pollution costs.
    Limiting population growth could maintain quality of human life and species diversity but not even the left seems to care about overpopulation any more.

  339. It’s always been about tax, we knew that. Just you and your wife in the house? You only get 900 sq. ft. Anything over that, we tax you. Not driving a Prius? We tax you.

  340. Climate change, the name itself has had more change than the earths weather pattern; and the name change was definitely caused by man!
    As for actual climate change, please calculate for the current spot in the earth cycle in the solar system. I guess that data destroys all models.
    Strengthen the individual

  341. Ihave a better idea to fix climate change.
    The majority population of poor people march to all the homes and offices and banks of these oxford blue blood wankers and the people politely with class arrange a meeting with the creator for each of them. Then the people take their over hoarded capital and wealth and distribute it out in a needy trust for people needing downpayments, help with education, you get the idea.
    Carbon emissions will be reduced significantly as the ultra pig snobbish wealthy do not use jets or high carbon footprint meals.
    Have a great day!

  342. OR, those stuck in poverty could always choose not to reproduce at alarming rates. Alas, there’s no monitary gain in effectively solving the problem.

  343. i guess that farts from eating beef and dairy products by humans cause global earming! really, people and is it not known that animals including humans breath in O2 and exhale CO2 which benefits plants on the earth come on lets get grip on some reality this sounds like more gov. control.

    • Yes,there ought to be an outlaw of passing such bills unless all citizens of the US is able to personally vote yea or nay after fully reading such a bill which would affect every man,woman and child by issuing a monotony fee to ANYBODY who chooses to purchase protein over any carbohydrate which most fruits,vegetables and all grains are carbs..carbs turn to a form of sugar in the human body to which cholesterol levels rise in the liver to change the food from its sugar state after breakdown in the stomach to a fat from the liver emzymes to which is then transported to areas of the body thru the vessels for storage for presumable future use due to lack of food…the body will have fat reserves…to which this eventually causes health issues…the us ama food pyramid is a hoax…who needs MORE carbs over PROTEINS when the carbs turn to a form of sugar to which in turn any abnormal cells in the human body uses in which to turn those abnormal cells from that state into cancer cells…all because they fed off the sugar from which came from carbs which they been eating…you truly are what you eat…the protein one needs to stay away from is soybean as that is a thyroid disruptor…

  344. This would be a blanket tax on those who produce food, making everyone suffer and making food even more expensive for the poor! Wouldn’t it make more sense to tax individuals based on over-consumption? It seems like taxing those who ‘eat too well’ would reduce some amount of carbon by-products too as it might reduce demand. So if we gas the obese, couldn’t we reduce the carbon in the system too? It’s just as stupid an idea as taxing the producers. Let’s face it, the taxes will go to government, and therefore end up somehow lining the pockets of the wealthy or the indigent. Only the working class will suffer.

  345. This example of total ineptitude by those whom are considered “great minds” shows that they are just the opposite. Not only are they completely out of touch with reality for such a despicable proposal, but they prove how little they understand about climate change. It is a proposal which would, if implemented, cause the deaths of millions of people by starvation, but maybe that’s the endgame, after all…

  346. This idea about taxing protein foods is ridiculous!!what causes global warming is there isn’t enough plant life to use up the discharged co2 the animal kingdom including humans give off…there is so much disruption to the earth for underground resources and too many animals,especially humans,being born compared the equal amount of plant life which needs to equal out the animal kingdom to balance out the oxygen/Co levels…the bs diet that protein causes disease is bs..plant foods are those which turn to a type of sugar product inside the human body to which the liver must produce cholesterol to turn that sugar resulting product INTO A FAT WHICH IS STORED ANYWHERE IN THE HUMAN BODY!!protein isn’t the cause of cancers…SUGAR IS WHAT CANCER USES TO GROW!!!….NOT PROTEIN…it doesn’t matter what kind of sugar,just sugar…in whatever form it may come in…one can eat protein,as long as there is NO added product eaten with protein such as sauces which is a form of sugar which when the total daily allowances go over the amount needed WILL,not if,cause a whole host of issues including CANCER,DIABETES,HEART DISEASE to name a few…why these supposed “experts” are telling the public that protein is the cause of all these diseases us beyond me…the human body cannot do much with protein…except soy,THAT ISN’T A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE as that is a thyroid gland disrupter…an unhealthy thyroid can give one high or low blood pressure depending which way the thyroid disease swings…synthroid is NOT a good substitute when one has surgery to remove the entire thyroid!!!…and those who do have the entire thyroid removed and is put on t4 med only has a steep uphill climb with few positive results as no insurance company will allow for armour thyroid to covered as well as synthroid garbage…so very few will be helped…climate change has and is a pet project for those on the left…democrats love to spend money….OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY…BEFORE their own constituents even earn their next dime they do their best to fleece the American taxpayer by passing all these laws and regulations and WHERE exactly does all of OUR money go and WHAT do we HAVE to show for all those millions spent other than that those people in Washington are set as far as wealth on a personal level AND let’s not any of us forget now…..THEY MADE SURE THEY EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM ALL ASPECTS OF THE DISASTROUS OBAMA CARE BILL…think outside the box,Obama care will lead to MORE health ISSUES rather than less health issues…as the fed Gov will decide what YOU AND I get to have done according to age,outlook and future job prospects ….and as long as the bs “climate change “keeps on and they see no results then they will insist MORE regulation which one day can and will set the earth on a path of no return which will cause a subsequent increase of death to not only humans but for all animal life due to the lefts absurd declaration of “climate change “…we need trees and plant life and that’s all we need to correct the problem…stop charging for trees and give away trees instead of bs….

    • There is a Ted Talks video that shows raising more grazing animals is actually a great fix for desertification. I don’t have the link handy, but they did a study on it…the results were quite amazing.

  347. Would someone please tell us if man is causing climate change now, what caused the melting of the ice cap thousands of years ago when man didn’t inhabit the earth?

  348. Here’s an idea: require alarmists and those who come up with these crazy ideas to carry a “green card” – they would be required to pay taxes on food; the rest of us would not.
    Btw, I have news for them – some people are fairly limited to what they can and can’t eat. They have no choice. Apparently none of them know anyone with a digestive disorder and don’t have one themselves.

  349. George Soros is for Global Warming and government control. That is enough reason for me to flee any idea any country has about it. If you guys had a brain the size of a pea, you would know this is all meant to be a way to make us poorer and it is for government control. Reducing pollution is okay but passing it on to the inhabitants of countries is a means of extortion; nothing more; nothing less.

  350. What a load of rubbish! Just imagine how much carbon emissions would be saved if that group would stop eating all together!

    • Doncha know that Cows produce methane? What a terrible thing that natural processes created by God are still happening! (heavy sarcasm)

  351. To be honest, I’ve never read anything so stupid in all my 69 years of life. Since when does red meat give off green house gases. How about the oil companies? Emissions pricing? Who rights this crap?

  352. This policy makes total sense and it should be also implemented in the US as well.
    The only modification to it should be that the tax should be imposed on a sliding scale so that lower income population would be exempt from paying it

  353. A paid study by a New World Order guru. Anyone can pay someone to write what they want. If you are stupid enough to believe everything your read, you’re just what they paid for and way too easy to fool. The Democratic National Party of the USA has a special place for you.

  354. These false climate change freakosities are nothing but little Stalinesque Hitler’s. Deciding people will die from the cost of food, while the beaureaucrats get High on the Hog.

  355. Thomas Malthus = Cambridge University = culling of the human population
    A group of researchers = Oxford University = culling of the human population
    Coincidence, I think not.
    One more reason to destroy higher education, burn it down, burn it all down.

  356. Economics have already determined the rate that we consume protein. Imposing taxes is rather redundant!

  357. Nice, so people wouldn’t be able to afford healthy food, become more dependent upon cheap carb laden food, and cases of diabetes will skyrocket even more. I wonder if these folks have stock in drug companies.

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