My emergence from the end of a long, dark, tunnel

This is a personal note to readers that I’ve been meaning to write for a couple of weeks, and I feel today is the right day. Don’t ask me why-  it just feels right.


Regular readers may have noticed that for about 18 months, I’ve been somewhat absent from WUWT. There have been lots of guest posts, many press releases, and times when there were many hours in delays in moderation of comments or long hours between new posts. Readers may have noticed that I’ve been rather curt, maybe even “grouchy” during that time. Projects that I have been wanting to get off the ground, such as the Open Atmospheric Society, have languished. All of that lands squarely on me, my physical health, and my state of mind these last few months. I’ve alluded to this before in a previous post a couple of months back but things weren’t sorted out yet, and I really didn’t want to tell you all until I was ready.

Basically, I went through a life-changing experience: an ugly divorce. It was announced to me shortly after my return from London and Bristol in September 2014. All of the things I had hoped to accomplish after that wonderful trip went to hell in a hand basket with an express ticket as I had to sort out new life priorities. I’m sure many of you reading have been through the same thing, and know that when I was told by someone that the only thing more disruptive to your life is the death of a loved one, you can most certainly believe that. This affected my health, my mental well-being, my demeanor, my job, my finances; everything. Those of you that have been through it, you know the drill.

Some of you might ask, “was my dedication to keeping up WUWT a factor”? The answer was: mostly, no. The good thing about WUWT was that I could do it from home, and the multitasking nature of it did allow me to carry on family matters while at the same time keeping up with the state of climate science and posts about it. That said, in the early stages, I did offer to give up WUWT completely and shut it down if it was something that made a difference. There was a day when I actually took all my computers out of the house with the pledge that I would no longer blog from home. It didn’t make any difference because the problems were rooted elsewhere, and as I discovered, unsolvable. I suppose the best way to describe this whole situation is that people change. And sometimes other health related life altering events in the past set people you love on new paths that maybe they didn’t intend to follow. There’s really no blame in this nor really any good answers, it just is what it is, and you have to deal with the regime change the best you can. That’s what I did, and throughout that time, while I suffered, so did the quality of what was presented on WUWT because honestly, there were many days that even bringing myself to the keyboard was an impossible effort. But, like me, WUWT continued.

Now I’m happy to say that I’m out of the dark, and into the light again. Things are completely sorted, the road ahead looks clear, and while I’m bruised a bit and somewhat poorer, I’m OK, and I’ve left my baggage behind. I’ve checked my baggage and told the airline of life that I’d appreciated them losing it for me, and no, I don’t want it back. In fact, they can eject it over the Pacific into that mythical great Pacific garbage patch, because I’m ready to travel to new destinations, new experiences, and new friends. I don’t need the old baggage where I’m going.

I want to thank a number of close friends, some of whom are WUWT friends, who knew and helped me get out of the tunnel. You know who you are. I also want to thank Matt over at Must Be This Tall to Ride for his help in putting things into perspective.

P.S. Shortly after publication, I got an email inquiring about who got to keep Kenji, our resident pooch and the only animal member of The Union of Concerned Scientists. The answer is that even though Kenji technically was a gift to my ex-wife, Kenji long ago chose me as “his person”, and it was decided he’d go with me.


457 thoughts on “My emergence from the end of a long, dark, tunnel

  1. Anthony,
    I am truly sorry. I can’t imagine the pain you and your ex-wife can have gone through. I say I can’t because I have been blessed with a truly wonderful woman who has the patience of Job (at least she needs that to have put up with me for 40 years).
    Wait, I’m sorry, no preaching. I’m sorry for your pain and the loss of a relationship. Best of luck in the future and I hope you heal from this quickly.

    • I have to go with Bill Marsh on this. Those of us blessed (and that is the best word I can think of to describe it) with a long and happy marriage cannot begin to get to grips with what you have been through.
      But we know all too well that it can and does happen and and can only offer our meagre sympathy and support for those who suffer this pain.
      As I do. I am glad that you have emerged from your personal darkness and trust the future will,be bright for you.

    • I have been through two divorces, fortunately both very peaceful. But I’ve seen the pain in others of my friends.

  2. For what it’s worth, in those times when I despair for the future of humanity, WUWT is one of the things that gives me hope again. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Anthony.

      • Absolutely. Thankyou Anthony…
        Because of you the fraud that is CAGW is in the open and hopefully on the way to destruction.
        Thankyou for all you do. You share the top spot on my “hero” list. The other is Tony Heller.
        Regards Murray Lane New Zealand

  3. a brave post from a brave person. my best wishes under hard circumstances, Steve Mc

      • Best wishes as you move forward Anthony.
        And let me assure you, the part you have been through is far from the worst thing that can happen to one.
        Take care Mate.

    • Absolutely agree.
      How many others with popular blogs about a controversial subject would post something so personal? Something those on the other side are likely to leap on?
      I’ve said before that Anthony is a man of honesty and integrity. (When he himself has said something here that he finds out was factually wrong, he admits and corrects the error.) Now I will add brave to the list.
      Keep your thick skin and honest heart.

    • Anthony,
      You are my greatest hero, right now, – I have three:
      – Anthony Watt
      – Magnus Carlsen, and
      – Jarle Andhøy !
      Keep up the good, honest work you are known for,
      in this croocked world.

      • Willis Eschenbach
        Lord Moncton
        Many others who post here regularly are among my heroes.
        Also Heartland, CO2 science, CFACT and many others.
        The unnamed moderators.

  4. Been down that road Anthony. 18 months is about right to recover your life and start moving ahead again. My sincere best wishes to you, and may your life be once more interesting and full of joy.

  5. Good for you, Anthony. It’s never easy, always expensive financially and emotionally no matter the cause, but one does recover and finds a new life ahead whose possibilities are boundless. And, this comes from experience.

  6. Man that’s a tough road. I lost my wife to cancer, somehow I feel divorce is worse. I’m glad to see that your back and n the right road again. I’ll close with a little joke: do you know why divorces are so expensive….because there WORTH it. 😀😀welcome back.

    • Your return is celebrated, and your wisdom in selection of guest contributors has been much appreciated!!! Jim Roth’s situation was my own too with 2 children, one teen and the other almost there. Yes, the situations are all unique and all different.
      Find solace in that you have a GIANT Fan Club, and you’ve made an enormous contribution towards climate understanding. There’s more to come, much more, and your being in the thick of things will assure that the voices of reason get a place in the Sun!
      THANKS for being the hero that you’ve become!!!

    • When I got divorced, my doctor told me “I think divorce is worse than losing someone to death. At least when a loved one dies, you don’t keep running into the corpse…”
      A joke? Maybe. Also a truth. A divorce is the “death” of something two people created together. When you are on the receiving end of it, it’s devastating, a nightmare that never seems to end, the realization that the person you trusted more than any other, was capable of destroying everything and you never even suspected that was possible.
      Anthony, welcome back to the surface after what, I’m sure, feels like holding your breath for a very long time. There’s going to be rough waters on some days, but you’ve got an army of people here who would never let you drown. We’ve missed you. A lot. In my own experience, there are MUCH better days ahead my friend. Hugs.

      • “A joke? Maybe.”
        No. It’s definitely a joke and a bad taste one at that. Not that I’m against black humour but only the galactically self-absorbed would prefer that someone would die rather than merely bugger off.

    • I also lost my wife to cancer, and, while I haven’t been divorced, I agree that divorce must be worse. With death, everyone is supportive and caring, and the person you loved isn’t hurting you every day. Good luck, Anthony. I really appreciate your keeping WUWT going.

    • I also lost my dear wife to cancer, two years ago this September, and am still slowly working through it; while her death was (is) a wrenching experience for me, I am glad it was not divorce, which for both of us would have been worse. Your courage, and your willingness to come back, say a lot about your strength and sweetness of character. Thank you for all you do, and best wishes for whatever you encounter from here on!

  7. Mr. Watts,
    My sympathies. I’ve been through that unfortunate experience twice. The first was about as ugly as it gets, without any laws being broken. It took me much longer than 18 months to get over it. I’m glad you have moved on and I look forward to your re-engagement with this wonderful blog you have created. I wish you the best as the “airline of life” takes you to new destinations in your personal life.

  8. I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties and I’m glad you are past the worst of it, though, I am sure, not completely over it. You have contributed so much for truth in climate science and deserve the best in all things.

  9. Please accept our very best wishes and allow us to express the hope that you will take great care f yourself.

  10. Very sorry to hear that, Anthony, but very happy to have you back firing on all eight.

  11. Thanks for letting us know. I’m very sorry to hear about the pain you’ve been through and hope things will be much better now. I’ve appreciated your contributions, and the world is a better place for your involvement.

  12. I suspect probably the hardest post you’ve ever done. So very sad that you have had to go through this – been there – done that – and it’s not at all pleasant.
    But time is actually a great healer – oft quoted – but you will come to put it into even greater perspective as more time passes.
    My thoughts are with you and all of yours

  13. Been there done that. Perhaps the most painful experience in my life and perhaps the best for me also in the end. Congratulations on dumping that garbage.

  14. So sorry to hear this Anthony.
    Painful stuff. I’ve watched close friends go through it, and even if it’s all amicable there are scars.
    I’m so happy to hear that you have a good outlook, are moving forward, and are getting on with life.

  15. Good luck, sir!
    I lost my first wife (the Good One) to cancer. 30 years ago.
    Second one to divorce. Took 2.5 years to get everything settled. Stress beyond comprehension. I still have physical problems from problems that originated with the stress, 20 years later.
    But, yes, the road eventually cleared and I moved on.

  16. Never been married, so I never had to go through what your experiencing. But 9 years ago I had an accident on my electric scooter & am now a quadriplegic. That 1st year was tough and I went through a lot of the emotions that you did. But after I stopped feeling bad for myself I realized that there was so much in my life that was worth turning it around for. It wasn’t easy, but it sure was worth it. Just keep positive, we never now where life will take us, but if you have the right attitude you can get through anything that life throws at you. Good luck Anthony.

    • Hang in there, Mr. Davis. So glad that you comment here when sometimes that is likely a bit of a chore to make happen.
      And, hey! Don’t know if you WANT to ever be married, but, Joni Eareckson (quadriplegic from age 17 from diving accident in 1967 — 49 years, now), had that dream COME TRUE! Here is her website — if you click around, you’ll find something about her marriage to Ken Tada (back in the 1980’s, I think — and very happily married today). There is a good book, Joni and Ken, about their life (and lots of other books she has written, the first one was: Joni). Well, here’s that website, just FYI: .
      Take care,

  17. A little levity:
    In order to save money, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

    • A little more levity if it’s not out of order:
      Divorce is so expensive because it’s worth it.
      Comedian Louis C.K. outlines why divorce is good news from 1:07 to about 3:00 in this video

    • I once reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a 40W bulb over a sign that said, “This way to the rest of the tunnel. 🖝”

  18. Rarely miss a day of WUWT. Sad and bad as a divorce is, you can’t change the past, so onwards and upwards. In School days, the only hymn that made any sense to me was Onward Christian Soldiers.
    We sang “Onward, Christian Soldiers” indeed, and I felt that this was no vain presumption, but that we had the right to feel that we serving a cause for the sake of which a trumpet has sounded from on high. When I looked upon that densely packed congregation of fighting men of the same language, of the same faith, of the same fundamental laws, of the same ideals … it swept across me that here was the only hope, but also the sure hope, of saving the world from measureless degradation.
    — Winston Churchill
    Different cause, same sentiment.

    • I have not missed a day since before Climategate. Anthony, you created a light at the end of the tunnel for what, maybe hundreds of thousands of visitors, (possiby a million unique visitors?)…..many people over the years who found an answer at your humble abode to questions other sites cannot or will not address. To all my friends in Anthony’s house, thank you thank you thank you…I tell you three times.
      Patrick, quietly sitting in the back of the pub, soaking it in, rarely commenting……

    • For an often depressed alcoholic, Winnie did alright for himself. Inspired millions of the rest of us while he was at it. He faced some long odds and terrible times, always with courage and purpose. Anthony, you demonstrate similar courage and purpose that inspires us to believe the fight is worthwhile. We who are (not) about to fry, salute you!

  19. you have strange friends in some places
    no no no
    you have some friends in strange places, I missed meeting last time you came to Blighty,
    Not the next time.
    The English wine improves by the year they say

  20. My hat is off to you Anthony..It takes a truly great man to share his agony…I wish I could be half as much..

    • +1
      Sorry I came to this late Anthony,( problems of my own).
      May the road ahead be clear.

  21. I can only wish you the best of luck and good friends sir. The analogy of a a bereavement being the same was also said to me with the qualification that with a berievement you at least had a ‘closure’. Your work and blog has been, not only educational but an inspiration over the years. I, personally, hope you keep it up.

  22. I just received news today that one of my loved ones is well on the way to a divorce. My heart goes out to you and all that you’ve gone through over the past 18 months.
    I’m looking forward to the future and more posts by you here on WUWT. Cheers to better days!

  23. I wish I could find words to express how sorry I am. Your piece was moving and courageous, and I’m profoundly happy that you’re out of the tunnel, back in the light.

  24. Been there got the T shirt! I had to call time on a 23 year marriage, it was hard and scary, never lived on my own before. I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done for myself, the baggage rears it’s ugly head now and then but I’m now married to a wonderful man whom I would not have met had I not taken life by the scruff of the neck and shaken it.
    Good luck for the future….go onward and you will in time realise it was for the best.

  25. Dear Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. That you wrote what you did proves that you are a man of strength and character. That you were so graciously silent as to the failings of the one who hurt you so badly proves that you are a gracious man of integrity. There are many things, no doubt, that you COULD have said and refrained. Yes, I realize that you are not refusing your share of whatever “blame,” there is, but, you could have said a lot, I have NO doubt.
    For me, divorce was painful, but, it was good. I finally got off the Hope-Devastation Roller Coaster (makes you feel nauseous a lot and only fun once in awhile). When you love someone very much, you don’t realize that the love you think is shining back at you is only an optical illusion (for awhile….. and then, you hang in there, for years, hoping he or she will change…..). I am so thankful to God for releasing me from that bondage of loving someone who never loved me. If I had not gotten out, I would never have met my dearest person in the whole world — and he really loves me! Me!!! 🙂
    But, one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal … (Philippians 3:13)
    You are loveable. And you deserve to be respected and valued.
    Good things are ahead for you!
    With admiration and respect and prayers (for your kids, too),

    • P.S. It has been bugging me and bugging me that I implied that you had any blame. While many relationship problems have shared blame, there are also MANY where only one is the person creating the problem and the other is simply reacting and trying to cope as best as they can. There is NO blame to be put on someone for lacking “perfect” responses to an unhealthy (or other issue) partner. To blame them is to, essentially, blame the victim. Not assuming ANY-thing, here, Anthony, but, {now in my “sister” mode — as in, do not MESS with my brother! Do — not — even} given what a wonderful person you are, my GUESS is: you have no significant blame here. Any of the guilt you feel is the pseudo-guilt stage of grieving a loss (as in: denial — anger — depression — guilt — acceptance).
      Okay. That’s all. Just couldn’t go to bed without clarifying the “blame” word.
      P.P.S. Oh, and SO glad Kenji is with you. My two German Shepherds are glad, too, “Whew!” they said soberly, eyes big, “That was a CLOSE CALL.”

    • Janice, many, many here at WUWT love you. Almost all here love, yes, love Anthony Watts and consider him a true hero.

      • Aw, Stan……. 🙂
        Hope those little birds on the railing are still giving you joy.

  26. you don’t need to face death to know courage.
    you have to face life- and choose it.
    happy independence day!

  27. Thank you for being so transparent and open.
    Best wishes on your journey forward.
    And many thanks for deciding to persevere with WUWT.
    You are making a positive difference in this world.

  28. So sorry to hear about this, having a loved one leave is really difficult. There’s not a lot a person can say other than things do get better eventually. And that you have an untold number of people who want the best for you and really care.

  29. Anthony, I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I have no words or experience that may alleviate them but can only hope you find the strength to get through and find peace and happiness again. In the meantime you owe us nothing and we owe you much, thank you for all that you do including giving many people hope in the months and years to come. I wish you every good fortune in the days ahead, goodness knows you deserve it.

    • Anthony, I’ve read the comments and there’s no need for me to repeat what johnbuk expressed better than I ever could do. If johnbuk doesn’t mind…
      What he said.

  30. As you mentioned, many have gone down this road. Not easy nor pleasant and certainly painful. Wishing you the best.

  31. There is much that binds us all. Empathy is a strong human condition. I am humbled and impressed by your strength and honesty. May the fruits of your passion continue to reward you. I acknowledge the privilege of drawing from your efforts and thankyou for that. My best wishes to you.

  32. Been there, twice. But I have my life back, the way I want to live it.
    When you, as you wrote, have a new start and new perspective, my only advise would be to truly believe that what you desire, exists. You may not know the time, but you will know it’s on your path.
    Thank you for telling your story. All the best!

  33. Haven’t been down that path but have sure seen enough of it. Seems to me it is a wound that takes a long time to heal and probably never quite does.

  34. Anthony,
    Good luck with your journey.
    I truly believe history will show you to be one of the true heroes of our age, a man who stood up for truth.

  35. Yeah, Anthony, it’s hard. I went through it from late 1986 through part of 1988. I thought the idea of people dying of a broken heart was mythical until I was told the spouse was leaving and it damned near happened. But I recovered rather quickly and decided the best path was to try to make the whole thing work best for the kids and made it happen. After the final decision to divorce and getting over the emotional hurt, it was after all, essentially, a business deal. Get the best deal for a clean break and carry on with life.
    Stay well, Anthony. After all, your health is really all you have.

  36. Been there, done that. Divorce became final just one month after 30th anniversary. We spent out 25th talking about separation. And as one of her favorite country songs said: she got the gold mine, I got the shaft. Tried 9 years and lots of therapists/marriage counselors to keep it together, but finally failed as the kids left for college. Took a lot longer than you have to recover some modicum of equilibrium in a totally changed venue. Highest regards.

  37. Here’s to leaving the past behind, having a wonderful today, and having many more wonderful todays to come.

  38. Anthony, I’m glad you are doing better. Your situation reminds me of the hard times I went through a few years ago. My parents went through a messy divorce a few years ago and we lost our house to foreclosure. This was right on the heels of the my sibling taking her life. I started reading your site in about 2012 when my state was having some really awful wildfires and the media did nothing but try and scare us with doom stories instead of being supportive. Reading what you said helped me put things into perspective and helped me cope with the fear I was experiencing and find myself of the road to being skeptical. but things do get better. my parents got back together and I live in a nice house now. I’m 25 now and I regularly read your site. Never forget you have younger readers too!

    • A very difficult set of conditions, RC. It’s not always easy to find the perspective on other people that allows one to see their actions objectively. This is especially true of family members or a spouse, where we expect constancy. The reality is that people are only troubled, flawed human beings. We just have to put one foot in front of the other and believe that our best efforts can make the world a better place, for ourselves and those we care about. “Chin up!” As my dear old Dad used to say!

    • I had suspected, that all these climate scare stories would be hard on young people. What a horrible “gift” to give to kids, that they claim to “help”. Great to hear that you are doing great now.

  39. Hi, thank you for your open and honest blog about what you have been through. I’m currently going through the same marital issue and understand fully the dark places it puts you. Please know that not only your work, but now your personal outlook have inspired me. Thank you, and best wishes.

  40. Having been there myself I can certainly sympathise. Now it will get better. Best wishes, Dave.

  41. Best wishes on your new life.
    I’ve been through a similar situation and can say that a “new life” is exactly what it is.
    Keep walking toward the light.

  42. Congratulations Anthony on making it through one of life’s hardest trials and for doing so like the true gentleman you are. Welcome back and thank you for WUWT, and all that you and your contributors have done to try and bring some reason back to the realm of science where the saboteurs have been having free reign. Only a man of real character could have done all this.

  43. But what a shining animal is man,
    Who knows, when pain subsides, that is not that,
    For worse than that must follow–yet can write
    Music; can laugh; play tennis; even plan.

  44. Anthony, I am very sorry to hear of your personal troubles. I can’t imagine the pain you felt during these months, I only can hope that all the wishes for a better future from all the WUWT readers here will come true…

  45. WUWT has been my daily read because of you and the vibe you set in this place.
    Only thing I can add is that divorce is common place in our society. Been there myself, as sad and contentious as it was, I was able to experience other meaningful things in this new chapter of life.

  46. Have been thru it ,not easy especially when the black dog starts following you around .
    You are an inspiration and the world would be poorer if this site didn’t exist , all the best and keep plugging away it gets easier over time .

  47. Glad to hear you are “out of the dark, and into the light again”.
    I had know Idea what you were going through, as I read WUWT on a daily basis.
    Looking forward to better times for you and for WUWT…

  48. Welcome back Anthony. I made a break six years ago (initiated by me in my case). It was so hard, and costly, but the reward of shedding all that old baggage (over thirty years worth) was so worth it. I could have gone on living the way I had been for the rest of my life, wondering what might have been.

  49. Anthony, I surely commiserate with you. I went through a divorce 5 years ago after 32 years of marriage, and it was difficult. But, it was not a contested divorce, so both of us turned out OK, I guess (except financially). But, 3 years later my ex-wife died from breast cancer — a horrible event.
    Anyway, good luck to you for your future endeavors. The best may be yet to come [seriously — it has been for me]!

  50. A very dark place indeed my friend, I hope in time, that, the scars on your soul will be healed, the feeling of betrayal maybe never will.
    Churchill, the great man had moments of anguished, abyssal, black despair, it never ceases to discombobulate and disconcert in equal measure, how, he kept buggering on, his inner reservoir, of fortitude and strength must have been an almost bottomless resource.
    And yet, aren’t we all natural survivors?
    As, the the rain replenishes, the tide refreshes, the sun continues to rise and hope springs eternal, never forget Anthony, KBO.

  51. Though you may never meet most of us here face to face, I am so glad that you have the confidence to share this very personal difficult experience with us.It indicates that you at least can get a sense of the respect there is for you on this Blog that you have established with all it’s fine qualities. In a sense, the community that frequents WUWT, have established connections with you and each other like that of an extended family. So your pain, we can sympathise and your enthusiasm to move forward we support in what ever way we can. Even if it’s just a few well meaning words. But know that they are sincere and well intentioned. Without your efforts on this blog, we would be without your inspiration and indeed a valuable education.
    As always I wish you well and that you put yourself, your health etc. first and foremost. Thanks again for for all you give.
    Best regards, Eamon.

  52. Anthony: Helped a good friend of mine through this, 5 years ago. Actually, he KNEW that it was “needed” about 9 years ago. But being a man of honor, he refused to initiate it. However, he called me JOYOUSLY the day the woman had “moved out” and sent him the divorce papers. (Her WORK…) He had developed a small business. Had to sell it. Was very gracious and the woman was (is) treated well $$$ wise. He has a viable, employable occupation so he is back to work with a good income.) He salvaged the house, and his carefully built up lab/shop (Worth about $80K in and of itself, maybe more.) He waited 6 months, before “looking around”, after the divorce was final. He found an well educated, same religious beliefs, woman from a “traditional society”…who respects him, 1/2 way around the world (broad enough to let folks imagine). She is 17 years his junior. Athletic, a “knock out”…and now counted as one of MY best friends too! What a DIFFERENCE! A woman who RESPECTS her man! She has a certain “talent”, and because of lack of starting capital, could not be “realized” in the country she came from. She’s realizing it here. My friend and I think that she MAY in the next 5 to 10 years, out pace HIS income. (He says, “Good, I’ll retire and do charity work!”) Now liquidating a going business, that took 12 years to develop. Taking a “second mortgage” out to preserve the house…having to deal with the two children (18 and 21 now, so there was a blessing there)…WERE DEFINITELY HARD on my Friend. BUT, let me give you a hint” He looks 10 years YOUNGER now then he did 5 years ago!!!
    So buck up friend! This might be for the BEST for YOU!

  53. Anthony, I feel for you… and I sincerely hope that all of your loved ones make it through as best they can.
    I did discern that there was “less” of you on WUWT, but I, like many others I’m sure, stayed here because of the value of what you have built and inspired at WUWT.
    My best to you and thank you for all you have given to all of us.

    • I actually did not notice less Anthony and I suspect that is partly because of the culture you have created here, Anthony, that values honesty and respect.
      Welcome back. Is it time for Big Oil money?? Well, we help a little …

  54. Per Rodgers & Hammerstein from Carousel

    When you walk through a storm hold your head up high
    And don’t be afraid of the dark.
    At the end of a storm is a golden sky
    And the sweet silver song of a lark.

    Happy to hear things are working out for you.

    • “You’ll Never Walk Alone” — Frank Sinatra (youtube)

      Oh, how this song on my MP3 player in my car gave me courage during some long, lonely, drives during these past two years. Thank you, F. Ross (from me, too).

  55. Anthony
    I hope the supportive comments from your devoted readership are helpful to you. Of course there will be better days.
    The civil nature of the comments on this thread, as compared to almost any other place on the web, speaks volumes about the character of what you have built.

  56. Anthony, did you ever check out those hot weather woman chicks on mexican tv???? Don’t wait too long they aren’t getting any younger 🙂
    Have fun on your new adventure and do your best to remember life is not about yourself and you will heal.

  57. Change is the only constant.
    Without grief we cannot have happiness.
    Treasure every moment , past and future.
    We are lucky to have been born at all and to have shared the time we have with the people we love.

  58. Anthony, congratulations on weathering the storm. I can clearly state that you did not come across as curt or grouchy…at least in my mind. In fact, what stands out for me over the past couple of years is you made the effort to thank me on thread for posts. Always the gracious host.
    To happier times ahead.

  59. I was aware of your difficulties a year ago but I never wanted to pry any further. I must say meeting you this past week , you looked strong and solid and I assumed one way or the other your divorce had been resolved. It takes courage to share our inner turmoil with others knowing it makes you vulnerable to lesser minds, but it so much better than trying to hide it. It is that same type of courage required by noble skeptics to air their contrary thoughts to a public that may be disapproving. I wish you and WUWT all the best. You are an inspiration to many!

  60. Anthony: Thanks for your letting us know what’s going on in your life. I’ve always thought that you’re a soulful person–and was particularly impressed when you posted a piece about the beer you shared with Bill McKibben. (That showed a lot of character and class.) I’m sorry that you’re going through a difficult time, but keep going. You have a lot of friends who wish you well. Best, steven

  61. Been there, had that T-shirt – and the subsequent ‘other’ emotional T-shirts relating to being a distant father, etc, etc. I can only advise that now the messy bit is over, the rebuilding can begin without, as you say, the baggage – and it is now up to you to take the reins and control of whatever you want to do in the future. One thing I learnt is never look back – but to think of the past as viewed through the rearview mirror of a car – its reversed and therefore looks different from your ‘new’ perspective (something you probably couldnt do beforehand!) but the big window(screen) on the world is out there in front of you. Good luck and thanks for keeping the skeptic cause alive and very much kicking despite your personal issues.

  62. Wow, a shock to read it, but a relief to get to the bit where things are getting better. Hope things continue on as massive an upward trajectory as an adjusted temperature graph.

  63. I’m sorry to hear of your woes, and all I can say is, life on the other side of that tunnel can be marvelous. Been there, done, that, and my second wife and I have been blissfully married for 35 years now. It does – or it can – get better.
    Eyes to the front, and quick-march; the past is pain and the future is where you need to be.

  64. It’s hard. But, this is just the fact of the life.
    Here in MD, 66% of the divorces are filed by women, and in most cases the guy never saw it coming.
    Men are actually more romantic than women. Chew on that.
    Anyway, that said, there is a lot of life out there after marriage. Enjoy it. The older I get, the most important things I think are liking yourself, having activities you enjoy, and friends. Don’t read the newspaper too much!

  65. Great to hear that news Anthony.
    Your perseverance has been exceptional.
    All the best to you moving forward!
    Regards Ed

  66. My thoughts are with you. If you find yourself near Pearson International Airport and need a ride, give me a call. I’m a pretty good cook and the wine cellar…the wine cellar…crap it’s almost empty. But you can’t drink 800 bottles anyway.
    When life doesn’t go your way, it’s comforting to have a dog on your side. Best regards.

  67. Sorry to hear your story — very brave to share. WUWT has kept me sane in a world of CC Craziness. Welcome back!

  68. I am glad you are back on on track Anthony, fantastic news! Not that I knew you were off it, but still, this is great news.

  69. Anthony – Thank you for telling us. Yours is a shining example of the ‘transparency’ so sadly lacking in the political world. I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say – “If there is anything we can do to help please let us know”.

  70. good luck and best wishes. Life will smile again at you
    allthe luck for the new chaptr in your life

  71. Sorry you had to go through the darkness, and glad you are back in the light. I hope you are blessed as much as you have blessed others. Best wishes.

  72. At one point in my life, it seemed that all my friends were getting divorced and I was the one person both parties could talk to. What did I learn? A lot. What advice do I have? None. Everybody is different. All I can do is say what everyone else is saying. We love you. Your personality permiates WUWT and makes it the excellent place that it is. In your darkest moments please remember that you are very important to many people.

  73. Life is hard and it’s sometimes filled with pains,
    But still a grand magnificence remains.
    Please keep on keeping on because your work IS magnificent.
    Also thank you for your posts about Starkey. Because of your post, I have gotten hearing aids through the Starkey foundation that have changed my life!

  74. Anthony,
    We are so very indebted to you for keeping this web site going under such trying circumstances. You are doing the world a great service and I certainly appreciate it. I hope that things go more easily for you in the future.

  75. Anthony, so sorry to hear of your travails, must have been very painful.
    Glad you are moving on briskly, excellent plan given the circumstances.
    Thanks for all you do with this blog.
    Cheers, KevinK

  76. Beenthere … ditto, do., do. … Delighted to hear you’ve re-set yr sails to an advantageous wind.
    Am fresh to this Blog, but rave about it to all my friends … truly, a mouthpiece of glorious, fresh, common-sense. Can’t wait every morning to get (effectively) my World news-feed headlines from a practical, pragmatic, balanced-science, political, societal perspective, taking the Big Picture into account. WUWT in its totality, scope, scientific contribution, argumentation, (delightful humour! repartee!) and lack of tendentiousness, is worth 1,000 IPCC Summaries!)
    All best for the future: re-focus, move forward and set the past aside; take renewed pleasure on what you do best, and it doesn’t get better than WUWT.

  77. Having ridden this same ride, please know you have my support. More than that though, endless thanks for keeping the absolute best sanity tool in the forefront of the climate world! ….. Through the midst of all my life’s turmoils, YOU have been my go-to for sanity!

  78. Hi Anthony, Yes, I know that feeling, how to find the energy to make your contribution when you yourself feel that you have been given such a raw deal. And I may say you have done much better at it than I could. But the consolation is this: you are not trying to build an empire for yourself, just trying to make the world a better place. Not for money. Not for fame. Just because you believe in it. We ask ourselves “Why do I have to do all the giving?” The answer is, because I chose to. And we choose because our inner character demands that we be better than the pole-climbers. We get what we choose, not what we want. On a more general tone, to all good people, one thing I believe: be careful and caring with your friends. Real ones are rare.

    • Man this is a long thread! It’s how we measure affection and respect around here. I’ve been through cancer, divorce and kidney failure and two pulmonary emboli. Nine years ago I got a kidney from my ex-wife. Boy, was she surprised when she woke up! But seriously, I’ve kept myself going several times by reminding myself how lucky I am and that I can still do things for my family as long as I’m still alive. Last but not least, (this one is for the statisticians), when things are as bad as they can get, they can only get better! If not, laughter is appropriate.

  79. I’m so sorry, Anthony. I’m glad you’re battling your way back.
    Here’s my breakup playlist:
    # – Song Title – Artist – Album

    01 – A Thousand Years – Sting – Brand New Day
    02 – The Goodbye Look – Donald Fagan – The Nightfly
    (this song isn’t really about personal breakups, it just sounds like it)
    03 – We Just Disagree – Dave Mason – Let It Flow
    04 – Evenin’ Breeze – Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks – Original Recordings
    05 – Blue Spanish Sky – Chris Isaak – Heart Shaped World
    06 – My Antonia – Emmylou Harris & Dave Matthews – Red Dirt Girl
    (hauntingly beautiful and sad, separation due to death is a type of breakup)
    07 – Romeo And Juliet – Dire Straits – Making Movies
    08 – The Last Thing On My Mind – Doc Watson & Earl Scruggs – Earl Scruggs Performing with Family and Friends
    09 – A Certain Sadness – Astrud Gilberto – The Diva Series
    10 – Song for the Dumped – Ben Folds Five – Whatever and Ever Amen
    11 – Nobody Knows Me – Lyle Lovett – Lyle Lovett and His Large Band
    12 – Broken Hearted Savior – Big Head Todd & the Monsters – Live Monsters
    13 – Poor Old Heart – Alison Krauss & Union Station – Lonely Runs Both Ways
    14 – Heartbreak Radio – Delbert McClinton – Plain’ from the Heart
    15 – Stuck In A Moment – U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind
    16 – Dimming of the Day – Bonnie Raitt – Longing in Their Hearts

  80. This was obviously caused by global warming.
    There are lots of women your age looking for a husband.
    Based on your photograph, you’ll have no trouble finding one.
    You could soon be trading up to a better model.
    You already had the best website on the internet.
    You can’t expect to have a perfect wife too.
    Most people I know have been divorced at least once — only one woman I know regrets the divorce and wishes she had stayed married — but only for the money he had, not his behavior.

  81. Been there and done that. I had nightmares for years, and very occasionally still do after more than twenty years. There are many people who you have never met who love you and value you and your work. If you ever get to the Austin TX area, give me a shout. We can drink beer, eat BBQ, shoot guns, and go to a rousing, bible thumping Baptist church service. All of those things that us Texas Red Necks love to do!

  82. I know something of what you’ve been going through as it happened to me after 12 yrs & 2 kids.
    I came home after a weeks work in Belgium to be told “fc uk off you don’t live here any more”, totally devastated (it’s a great way to lose weight), divorce was nasty & vindictive (I still don’t really know why it happened).
    I floundered around for 2 years then met Jan, instant soul mates & best best friends; that was 30 wonderful years ago (we hope to get another 10yrs).
    You’ll be bruised for a while but the world IS full of nice people (it’s only the bastards get the publicity), good luck & stay strong …..We’ve got a war to win !!!
    Thanks for all you do for scientific sanity,
    John & Jan.

  83. Anthony, I’m glad you’re nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been there, of course, and it was a nightmare of betrayal by my ex. However, part way through the healing process, I reunited (on LinkedIn) with the girl I had been dating before I started going out with my future ex, the Anti-Christ. After 30 years, we reconnected, and now live together very happily. It was serendipity, but you’d be surprised at the number of women out there who can make all of the difference in your life. I wish you all of the best, and you will be much happier from now on.

  84. Anthony
    As you can see you have a lot of friends out here, and a lot of respect for your conviction.
    So a great big group hug is comming your way, embrace it, put a smile on your face and always remember that tomorrow is the start of a whole new day to continue the good fight.
    Best regards

  85. Anthony, that is two post now you have done that are very personal, hearing and divorce. I never thanked you for the the hearing post. Thank you. It gave the incentive to obtain my own aids. Life is much better. Not perfect but better. Wishing you happiness, good health and relief for the coming years.

  86. Hi Anthony – I went through a divorce nine years ago. Looking back now, I realize that it was probably a few years before I was really past it. Speaking as one of the many people who really appreciate the work you’ve done on this site over the years, I want to express my appreciation at your untiring dedication. And I’m glad you’re feeling like you’ve recovered now. I’m speaking from experience when I say that you may find that you’re affected for a lot longer than you expect. Just remember that life is long. Of course, if the boneheads behind the CAGW panic turn out to be right, maybe not. 😉

  87. What? Being bound to a trail-blazing star wasn’t good enough for her? Or was that the trouble? Don’t answer, not necessary. Good luck, and may God bless.
    H/t Red Skelton.

  88. Hello Anthony. Devastated to learn of your most recent travail adding to your and your wife’s awful health problems in recent years. I was, and continue to be, in awe of the Herculean amount of crucial work you put into the web site. Prior to my finding your site I was largely accepting of the catastrophic narrative as media in Ireland is firmly and steadfastly of the view that the issue of climate change is settled. Best of luck with things in the future. Eoin

  89. Hang in there mate. It is no exaggeration to say that right now the world needs you.

  90. Anthony,
    So much of our lives is private. I read your confession of pain and I was moved to tears. Moved to tears by a man who has given me so much. I am emotionally shaken. I don’t believe I could assemble the courage to disclose my personal suffering as you have done in this epistle. I am a mess of empathetic sorrow for your suffering. I am so so sad for you Anthony. You know, it has been said that people cry when they find that they are not in control. So I am and old man, crying.
    There is a mystery to pain. A mystery that I don’t yet understand.
    All I can say is as you seem to have already done:
    Rise, let us be on our way.

  91. Antony what you have done is incredible re climate ect., I have not even bothered to read above as we all go thru this (as I assumed I have also gone thru this ITS NORMAL). As Malcolm Fraser said “life aint meant to be easy” Its actually has to be hard and painful for survival. cheer up!!!

  92. I’ve come to believe that the secret to living happily ever after is to die young. Because you are right (of course) people change: we change, they change, even the climate changes. There is nothing to do but go on and be as happy as possible under the circumstances. For what value my words may have I do wish you the very best though.

  93. Anthony,
    I wrote this:
    It seems fitting for a man like you.
    A Palisade of Hollow Trees
    A stone browed hero poses proud,
    Upon his chariot aloud
    He shouts the name of God he knows
    Will give him legs and arm to throw
    His mystic axe at timbers tall,
    The ancient refuge for those all
    Who pain his mortal heart.
    Beneath his brow his mirrors shine
    In fertile soil and harvest wine,
    And bend he now with axe in hand
    Among the roots alone he stands,
    No wheels, no horse, no whip, no reigns,
    A fury flows within his veins
    To strike the monster’s heart.
    A mighty swing and muscles brace
    The hardened blade into the base
    A hollow echo now betrays
    An empty stump of slow decay,
    His axe flies free of faithful fist
    Tumbles lost amid the mist
    Devoured by the forest’s heart.
    A brow shrugged low with hanging head
    Empty hands and feet of lead
    No vanquished villain hero made
    Wine spilled sour on cracked clay
    A thousand hollow trees remain
    To mock the hero’s empty frame
    Around his broken heart.
    Paul Westhaver

  94. I’m so sorry Anthony. Keep plugging along. You do have friends. I’d like to think I’m one. In my opinion, Kenji made the right choice. He’s one perceptive puppy.

  95. I can’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t sound trite or hollow. I don’t know the situation, and cannot presume to. But, I can tell you, you are a hero to a large crowd of people. So, thank you for the magnificent service you have provided to us all, even those who do not yet understand.

  96. Anthony.
    I am so sorry for you. I will tell you this. A loving and merciful heavenly father has brought me through major schisms like this, one of my heart for 7 years another after 33 years of giving everything I had to something. But each bad thing led to something greater. As Springsteen says in Badlands.. let the broken hearts stand as the price you have to pay… till these Badlands start treating you good.
    I look for your light to shine better than ever to those of us that cherish looking for it.

  97. On an optimistic note, I hope that the Concerned Scientist Kenji is a member in good standing, paying his dues regularly. I don’t think that anybody knows how many animal members the Union has. I estimate 80%, based on the quality of their output.

  98. Like all the others, I wish you well and thank you immensely for the WUWT blog. Your contribution to science is positively mind changing.

  99. Good news. As Willis would say, the numbers are on your side. When you are in your 20’s finding a girl was difficult. When you are a man over 40 you are entering a man-drought area. Your chance of finding someone compatible is greatly increased. Better than we thought- perhaps climate change?
    My other thought is to say to other readers put your hands in your pockets and fling funds. This web site is so important to the future of Western Society we need to support it to maintain hope for our grandchildren.
    Fare well and enjoy the next chapter in your life!!

  100. I am glad you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Our prayers and good wishes are with you.

  101. Wishing the very best for you. I attended Heartland conferences in Chicago ,Las Vegas, DC, I read everyone of WUWT. I know you have lots of friends at Heartland contacts. I will be hoping to read more columns. Janet Nelson. Bellevue ,WA Sent from my iPad

  102. The best advice that all of us should take to heart is to …
    … always make the best of it. Whatever that is.

  103. Do not rush into the next one. I heard (and found it to be true) “For every 5 years of marriage, you need a year to recover”.

  104. The hardest thing is that you have to keep up with the exterior world when your whole interior life is crumbling.

  105. With apologies to the Kingston Trio may they RIP
    They’re rioting in Africa
    They’re starving in Spain
    There’s hurricanes in Florida
    And Texas needs rain
    The whole world is festering with unhappy souls
    The french hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles
    Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch
    And I don’t like anybody very much!!
    But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud
    For man’s been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud
    And we know for certain that some lovely day
    Someone will set the spark off
    And we will all be blown away!!
    They’re rioting in Africa
    There’s strife in Iran
    What nature doesn’t so to us
    Will be done by our fellow man
    Then again a quote from Sootch
    Be strong
    Be of good courage
    God bless America
    Long live the Republic
    Do the best you can Anthony
    That is all anyone can ever ask.
    You are a national treasure.

  106. Tough row to hoe. Time is your friendly healer – keep looking and moving forward. There is much to look forward to. GK

  107. There’s not much I can add here except to say that I know there are brighter days ahead for you. And thanks for all you’ve done here at WUWT. I’ve been a fan since 2007, when you started looking at some of the problems with Stevenson screens and climate temperature measurement.
    cheers and all the best.
    Frank K.

  108. Anthony, you have my respect and admiration for what you have done and I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Best wishes for the future.
    Climate Heretic

  109. Went through the same thing myself in 2007. It started a string of bad things one after another.
    So many I got numb and it almost got to be laughable. Marriage, real estate/ finances, health all crashing.
    Had to put down both pets and lost both of my parents too.
    I now tell everyone with troubles to just to do this.


  110. Greetings from Manila, Anthony. WUWT has acquired a life of its own including its own loyal readers, mainly because of you and your network. Congrats for being back in the loop.

  111. On 16 June 2010, we met for a few minutes at the Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast on your Australian tour. You are responsible for my becoming a proud, passionate skeptic. It is good to hear your heart has lifted and you are feeling positive about the future. Being somewhat deaf, I appreciated your explorations on how to hear better yourself. Anthony, you are a truly humble person. Time to visit Australia again. It’s politics are driving me crazy. Also, your politics are mind blowing!

  112. Thanks for all you have done for free and open debate during such difficult personal times. In a few years you will look back and it will seem like a story that happened to somebody else. Let it be .Don’t look back – think about your new life and new beginnings. Best Wishes Norman

  113. Thanks for coming back, Anthony.
    Sit down, relax, kick your shoes off.
    And watch out, it can get a bit crazy around here.

  114. All hands on deck . Hopefully you find someone who shares your passion for truth and honesty .
    I have no doubt you will .
    Carry on Skipper .

  115. Anthony. I went through a divorce in 1980 and changed my job at the same time. It took me many years to get over it. There was nothing anyone said that helped. I thought I was never going to be happy again. I was wrong. Humor helped during my sad times. Here is a ytube link that helps me even now.

  116. Thanks for all your hard work. Without hero’s like your self the world would descend into darkness.

  117. I am very sad to hear about your immediate past predicament, and I am very glad to hear that you are back on a good road in life. Take care.

  118. Anthony, I speak for 99% of people here when I say, if you ever need ANYTHING from any of us, don’t hesitate to ask. Anything, whether it be people to talk to, financial help, hands and feet to work, a shoulder, advice, anything.
    I will make a wager – I bet in 18 months time, you will be saying your life is now better than ever.

  119. I know the pain Anthony at times one wonders if it will ever subside, having been through it twice the best I can offer is do not think you will ever figure it out, it just is and the sooner you accept and move on the better.

  120. Been there, done that mate. Give it a few years and life will be all tops again. It’s easy to say looking back, but I certainly know how hard things are. Take some time for yourself and it’ll be OK. Time keeps on ticking.

  121. Thank you for sharing Anthony. This devastation happened to me six years ago too. After I came back from the darkness I realized what a great life I’d had prior to the “event” which, fortunately, was accomplished probably in the top one percentile of friendliness. So I ended up gravitating to a state that really helped me move on, and I even discuss this with any friend who asks. I consider that the pre-divorce Phil had a fabulous life, which I did, and then was reincarnated into a new life. It has really helped me thinking that way, so I thought I’d pass it on.
    Single-parenting two late-teen, early twenties California kids/young adults has been a bit challenging though ……
    On another note Anthony, I am so looking forward to the day you receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  122. Anthony, I’m not a poster at your site but a frequent lurker. I’ve been through a divorce and can emphathize with you. I really appreciate your site and the work you do. Thank you so much.

  123. Even if a divorce is the right thing and for the best there is still the sadness that something has ended. I hope that both of you can move forward.

  124. We are all concerned about your circumstances. Please, keep on doing what you are doing.

  125. Anthony, have lost a spouse through cancer. But death is final. Divorce, as far as I know, never is.
    Thanks for hanging in there and supporting us who try to do our little bit.
    Strength and good luck.

  126. What do they say about what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Don’t think you really need that quote, we all know that you are a strong, beautiful man. Onwards and upwards from a keen follower of your site, and occasional contributor.

  127. I have seen a million bad marriages but never a bad divorce. Divorces always turn out to be the right thing to do, and usually happen later than they should (people are eternal optimists and delude themselves).
    I would hope that divorces teach folks a lot about themselves and romance, but seeing a few friends on their 4th marriage (and not good ones) leads me to believe that this is certainly not a given. I often wonder some couples stay together – they certainly treat each other more like enemies than anyhing else – each one trying to force the other to be the person they clearly are not and never can be (or hould be).

  128. I remain amazed, despite 30+ years in technology, how are virtual world has allowed us to forge bonds with people we’ve never even met.
    That said, your timing sucks. I’m recovering from major surgery, and I will share with you that there are precious few people on this planet for whom I would drag myself to a keyboard right now in order to wish them well. You couldn’t have waited a couple of more weeks? 😉
    Best wishes.

  129. Anthony, thank you for providing the world with this shining Beacon of Hope: WUWT.
    In my long experience of life, sorrow is one of those, unavoidable at some point, happenings that strengthen the character (not that yours seems to need much strengthening!). It certainly helps one understand and share with others their own feelings of loss. And I really do feel for you.
    Keep putting one foot in front of the other – you will get there.
    Kindest and most sincere good wishes to you.

  130. Anthony, I’ve been a WUWT lurker for many years and had the privilege of shaking your hand when you were in Brisbane (Australia) as part of a lecture series some time ago. I have directed many people to your website as the source of empirical science and reason in the CAGW debate.
    Your efforts have been well recognised here in Oz and there are significant developments in the political arena that will hopefully bring the debate to a head over the next year or two. I say all this by way of thanks, your efforts are greatly appreciated and are making a real difference.
    Great to see you are back and moving forward.

  131. Anthony,
    Sorry to hear of your divorce. I have no words that mean much at such a time in your life. I can only wish you the best and thank you for all the accomplishments with WUWT, which have educated me and many of my contacts with real data and honest science.

  132. Anthony,
    My first post…and likely my last as I have not much to add on the technical front. I am very happy to read that things are going better for you. I graduated from MIT quite some time ago and when I hear/read the ill-informed views of people about CAGW I take solace that I know there are people like you fighting the good fight and trying preserve the meaning of “science.” Often I come to the site to read articles and comments and convince myself that I’m not going crazy.
    I truly believe that you are doing something valuable here; you should be very proud of your efforts.
    You have been a great example to me and I now do my best to gently (and not always so gently) nudge people in the right direction regarding these issues.

  133. Dear Anthony,
    Yes, divorce is a small death and mourning and resetting priorities takes time. I went through that back in 1982,. I am glad you are out of the tunnel.
    Yes, people change .. I would have never thought to what extent back then. At present my ex and I have become good friends, due not just to the children, but the grandchildren.He and his significant other spend time as family all together at the summer cottage,of my son, sharing board and bread ( and sea for swimming).
    keep strong

  134. Best wishes, Anthony. In theory, nobody in the world is indispensable, but in practice you are as close as it is possible to be.

  135. Sorry to hear of your sad times Anthony. I hope all goes well for you in the future, from the positive tone of your comments above I suspect you’ll come through this painful period a stronger and wiser person.

  136. Anthony, you haveperformed very well under enormous stress and provided a public service not many people can say that.
    Now back to work!

  137. Been there, Done that.
    Keep strong.
    I was a mess in that respect for quite a while too.
    But the freedom I now have, is a blessing 🙂

  138. Very sorry to hear this, Anthony but I admire your great courage for carrying on as though things were normal. Thanks for letting us know and battling on as you have I know life will get better for you now.
    When I met you over here years ago I knew you were special. And you have proved it. Jim

  139. The way that nature or our creator has designed life on earth means that during our privileged stay, as well as experiencing joy and happiness, we all have to endure pain and suffering.
    Anthony, sincerely sorry to read about yours and if all the pain has not completely disappeared I can assure you that the greatest healer of all – time – will make it go.
    I personally did not need to hear any explanations or apologies for any inactivity on the blog but I am moved by your post and the frank responses of support.
    My small cent’s worth of advice is just be well, be active and do what you enjoy doing most. I hope that your internationally renowned, extremely important, professional blog continues. But don’t give up your life running it and whatever path you take, always find time to smell the flowers on the way. Good luck.

  140. You’re the man, Anthony! Always has been and always will be – Good luck on your new journey.

  141. Anthony, you know what the only blog worse than this is. You will find someone to bring you joy and long life to forestall that blog.

  142. Anthony, thanks for bringing to us this place of learning and sharing and refuge.
    Everyone, every life and every relationship is different, but I would not wish divorce, nor its causes and repercussions on anyone else. That said, given your grace and openness and determination I can only imagine that your happiest and most rewarding days are in front of you. Keep up the good work.

  143. Anthony, you are a very strong man. You will find much happiness in the years ahead.
    I check you website at least twice a day. Every time I do so since we were last together in Washington at the last Heartland Conference on Climate Change I have thought about your personal well being. Yes, I have given you my very best thoughts every time I have clicked on WUWT.
    You devote so much of your time to managing this spectacularly successful website, I suspect it distracted you in a significant way from other matters that wanted more attention. I certainly know that my total devotion to my professional life was a significant factor in divorce for me years ago. I note that a wealthy successful businessman who is very much in the news these days was divorced twice while he was building his company. I don’t know of more than one or two “stars” who has maintained a marriage for a life time. Love and attention for your Children and respect for your ex wife will be important in the years ahead. Much good luck and my very best. Anthony, I envy your website. You are a spectacular success.

  144. You only live twice;
    Once when you are born,
    And once when you look death in the face.
    17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho
    Divorce is a kind of death. Hopefully, having now faced this, you will live again – with renewed relish! The courage of posting as openly and honestly as you have is evidence in chief!

  145. Welcome back.
    Been there. Done that. Bought the tee-shirt.
    I wish you well on the road ahead.

  146. Vuk said it very well. My first wife died 10 years ago after 40 years together. But I have a ton of great memories. I focus on them. Hopefully you have many good memories from before the drift.
    Everyone drifts over time. Both my children separated from their partners. As traumatic as it was, it was best. Now they have double families and a much better relationship with their ex’s than before.
    In 1968 I wrote the following on a piece of paper I have kept to this day:

    “Life goes on and life changes me.
    I’m not what I was, but I’m not what I’m going to be.”

    I wish you the very best for the future.
    Thank you for this blog.
    And thank you for providing all the information from many people I feel I know to a limited degree – plus all the valuable articles and comments from which I have created close to two thousand references.
    You and the people here are truly amazing.

  147. Yeah – been there myself. Only time and getting on with getting on will help. 🙂
    All the best

  148. Your courage is an inspiration to us all, Anthony.
    Keep going and never give in. Never. Ever.
    All the best for your future. I’m sure it will be a great one.

  149. Godspeed Anthony! I’m looking forward to the future and all of the enlightening you bring to those of us seeking the truth in the climate debate. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t read WUWT.

  150. So glad to see that you have been able to weather what must have been a horrible two year storm! Onwards and upwards and all the best for your new adventure!

  151. They say you know who your real friends are when the going gets tough.
    It seems you have a lot of friends!
    You must be doing something right!
    Good luck!

  152. You’re among friends Anthony. That said, there’s work to be done (and, fortunately for us, you’re the guy).

  153. Wow! I just got a kick in the stomach reading this post. Had no idea.
    I am as an avid reader of this blog and got to be a big fan of you personally, Anthony and am truly happy to learned you are OK now and moved on.
    Be strong and happy!
    Regards to Kenji `-)

  154. Good luck Anthony. I’ve was down that road back in the 90’s. You are right, let the baggage go.

  155. Sorry to hear you went through that. You’ve done an unbelievable job keeping this site the best in the business while it was happening. Glad you see the light at the end of the tunnel, divorce really sucks.

  156. Sorry to hear that this has happened to you – I’ve watched my brother and other close friends go through this – dreadful. Wishing you all the best. Thankyou for your blog – it really is a ray of light in the world, and in science. God bless, with prayers.

  157. As you struggle to move forward, know that you are making a difference to so many people from a technical and also from a personal perspective.

  158. I went through a very-similar experience ten years and one month ago, but who’s counting?! The pain, disappointment, and feeling of abandonment have not gone away, but I have learned to live with them, and so will you. You and I are not friends (actually, we are adversaries) but we share some common experiences that give us each strength and determination to continue our (opposite) pursuits, and I am happy to see you return to the battle.

  159. Very sorry to hear this news, Anthony, and you have my best wishes for putting the rest of your life back together. The pain of these life-changing events never quite disappears, but IME it does lessen with the years, so bear with it and let time do its healing. Vy 73 es gl, Steve.

  160. Anthony, WUWT is one of my favorite online destinations but I’ve only posted a couple of times. I had a knee reconstruction earlier this year a few weeks after I lost my job in oil exploration. I thought things were tough, but experiences like yours put mine into perspective. All I can say is best wishes for the future and thanks for your site.

  161. It does require a lot of courage to come out in the open…It is appreciable and I m glad u have unloaded urself and gone more lighter to move forward in life….God has His own plans and everything happens for a reason…Mayb something better is on the way…God bless…

  162. 100% understanding from here! I was there 2006-2007 most horrible time!!! Nearly lost my job, i wonder why i did not..!
    Persnoally when looking back im so happy it happened, it made my life better and more happy and free. I could not myself take the decision, so it was the other part that had to pull this through.
    So what im saying: Not only does one seem to recover, it might also be for the better, but i dont know if it applies to your situation.
    Im impressed you did hang on to WUWT, a world is greatful for that !
    Kind Regards, Frank Lansner

  163. For your comfort, Anthony, divorce was much more difficult a few centuries ago. Actually, the best one could get, was a divorce from table and bed, as it was called. Recently, I have read an heartbreaking Amsterdam document from the seventeenth century. A woman had asked her Church Council to allow a divorce because her husband stayed for some time in prison and she had very good reasons to assume that he had now a nasty venereal disease. After thorough deliberations the Council decided that she was allowed to make a small bed for him in the living room. I am sure you are better off.

  164. Take care Anthony, best wishes from the ‘Lefties” on your site. Remember, in the dark cold hour before dawn, the sun will rise and bathe your soul in its light.

  165. For what it’s worth, any change in WUWT quality has been small. It is still, and always has been, the best thing out there. That hasn’t changed.

  166. My best wishes for a much brighter future to you Anthony. Very glad you made it through, and very relieved you managed to keep WUWT going during the dark times.

  167. Congratulations, Anthony! A dark place indeed … been there and know the contemplation too well … but now you are FREEE!!! Welcome back, you won’t know yourself henceforth!

  168. Dear Anthony – You have friends all over the world and WUWT is a daily dose of good medicine for all of us. Every day we are subjected to climate nonsense from government and the media. Thank you for everything you do, and our thoughts are with you. My ex- son in law told my daughter he had been having an affair and was moving out – he had forgotten that his Cessna 210 aircraft was registered in her name! Ouch!

  169. Anthony, you have my sincerest sympathy for what you have gone thru. Been there done that, twice.
    My now-wife says she is not my third wife but my LAST wife. We have been together for 7 years through MATCH.COM. We have a 30-year contract but she has not yet activated it…😜 We both hit 60 this year.
    Her Mom lost her husband of 63-years a few years back, has a new boyfriend who is 93. Awesome guy…
    I had an aunt who got remarried at 88 to a 94-yr old. He lived to 102, they had 8 awesome years together.
    The point is life moves on, the only regrets you should have is for what you didn’t do, not what you did do.
    I have always loved your website, referred 100’s to it.
    We have a spare room if you make it to the Seattle area, along with 5 rescue dogs who would love to meet you.

  170. Hi Anthony, like you I’ve just recently been through a painful divorce – got the final paperwork through in June. On the personal front I’m only just starting to come out the other side. it’s such an emotional roller coaster. Feelings of failure and lack of confidence – it was all there for me to wallow in. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that the roller coaster does – inevitably – go back up again. Pleased that you can say you’re back into the light again. It’s important to focus on positive things. You have so many accomplishments to be proud of – not the least is that you managed to keep this wonderful site functioning while having to deal with these enormous personal issues. I’m so grateful that you had the strength to be able to soldier on through it all. Heartfelt best wishes for better days ahead. Onwards and upwards mate!

  171. As one who is 17 years the other side of this issue, believe me, life gets better as it all fades into the past.
    I have a new Country, a new house and a new wife. The sky is very very blue from my window and the grass is greener than ever before. Best wishes to you.

  172. Sorry to hear of your pain.
    Happy to hear that you have worked through and emerged into the light again.
    Life goes on and the wounds will slowly heal although the scars remain and occasionally remind.
    Carpe diem!

  173. It’s always hard to replace a loved one, but you will. There will be someone out there who will appreciate your decency, honesty and integrity. You’ve been released from a troublesome time and now things can only get better…it may take time, but they will.
    In the meantime…keep up the good work with this site fighting the good battle…it means so much to us all.

  174. Welcome to the Happily Divorced Club! I nominate you as Chief Climate Skeptic of the Club

  175. I know something of what you’ve been going through as it happened to me after 12 yrs & 2 kids.
    I came home after a weeks work in Belgium to be told “fc uk off you don’t live here any more” totally devastated (it’s a great way to lose weight), divorce was nasty & vindictive (I still don’t really know why it happened).
    I floundered around for 2 years then met Jan, instant soul mates & best best friends; that was 30 wonderful years ago (we hope to get another 10yrs).
    You’ll be bruised for a while but the world IS full of nice people (it’s only the bastards get the publicity), good luck & stay strong …..We’ve got a war to win !!!
    Thanks for all you do for scientific sanity,
    John & Jan.
    & remember to —
    Anthony, if ever you come back to the UK we would be very happy to put you up, our nearest airport is Manchester (MAN).
    We can offer – a mild climate (97% of the time), mountains, seascapes, green rolling countryside & a great welcome.
    Just email us.

  176. Anthony,
    Sorry for that complicated time you had – my best wishes for your way ahead. Good to hear that the path is clear now. You are one of the key persons in providing a perspective in the global discussion around the AGW issue.
    Again wishing all the best to you – good that you have closed that chapter,
    Matt from Chile

  177. Anthony, like most of your followers I was sorry to read of your experience, like many others here I too have travelled that road. It is as you have experienced bumpy, with all that means, it is good then to read you have once more stepped out into the sunlight, joining the rest of us who appreciate your contributions to the our world. Best wishes for the days to come.

  178. I remember when I was in the middle of this experience almost 20 years ago a friend who had also been through it saying: “Right now, you’re thinking about this almost all the time. I can promise you that in one, two, maybe even three years, you won’t.” He was right. Congratulations for keeping on keeping on, no matter how hard it has been. I remember our meeting at Nic Lewis’s house on that trip just before the bombshell was dropped with great affection.As for WUWT: it is needed now more than ever. I am so pleased you managed to keep it going.

  179. You and me both, Anthony. I am aware of the hiatus to your life something like this causes, particularly when it comes out of the blue. Good for you, for bouncing back – I’m not sure I have, yet, and it’s been dragging on for over six years.

  180. Sorry to hear of the breakup. Glad to hear you’ve come thru’ it. The responses above say it all. Thanks for sharing.

  181. Anthony, you have my deepest empathy, as a fellow traveller through that dark desert 12 years ago, I can tell you with great hope that the sun rises on a better day and the past stays there right where it belongs. Forgive yourself of any guilt, forgive those who have crushed you, and open yourself up to all the great things the universe had to offer, because you wouldn’t wish anything less for someone you care for. Keep telling yourself you deserve only the great things life has to offer and nothing less.
    P.S. My dog got me through the darker days too. Always with a happy greeting on the crappiest day and and that beautiful non judgmental look as they sense your sorrow and more than happy to lick away those tears. All the very best to you fellow traveller.

  182. PTSD is far commoner than many realise. Most folks associate it with Gulf War veterans. I can tell you from experience that you can experience it after a serious vehicle accident in which you weren’t actually injured. Not on the scale of Gulf War veterans, to be sure, but it happens.
    So I’m sure a divorce can trigger it too. Suddenly having the stability of life taken away from you. All the things you took for granted not being there any more. Having to face the world alone again, when you had gotten married precisely because it was better to face it together….
    What it does do, though, is tell you what you still truly value and what is past its sell-by date.
    Sometimes, one thing which triggers a separation is others telling you what is still important to them should still be important to you, when it no longer is. I’ve completed many natural cycles in life and been scolded for having done so by those who’d never even followed the journey I’d seen through to a conclusion.
    Journeys are just that: journeys.
    WUWT has been a unique insight on the world, OK from one particular lens, but all of life is to be found on this blog. How you choose to see the world, who you choose to associate with, what your value system encompasses, how to communicate respectfully even with those you profoundly disagree with at the deepest philosophical level.
    I’m sure when you look back on your life many years into the future, one thing you’l put in the ‘things I am really proud of achieving’ will be founding, building and maintaining WUWT.
    You are one of the pioneers of a new paradigm in influencing global events: engaging direct with the people, not because you are rich and powerful, elected to powerful office or whatnot. But because you believe in something and would like to share that belief with others.
    It’s the 21st century paradigm: bottom up engagement, not top down dictation.
    You are helping to establish it thought the world.
    As a reader of this blog for 6 years +, I salute you for that, Mr Watts…..

  183. You must have been through hell. It is a wonder that you managed to keep WUWT going. But as all the responses that have been posted (in just over 12 hours) show the site has made friends for you all over the world. Good luck for the future.

  184. Been through it Anthony – know how it hurts but knowing that there are people who really care about you despite the disaster is what pulled me through to the lighter side.
    Hope new pastures are rich and fertile – best of wishes

  185. Thanks a lot for everything that you did, and allowed to continue being done here despite your awful personal circumstances Anthony. You are an example to follow in about everything you do. I can see myself in those same circumstances in a very likely not too distant future, as things currently go, and I am scared as hell. I hope I can be as strong as you have been when the bad comes.

  186. Anthony,
    BTDT, and I know how terrible it is to hear those words. But, like all such things, it does get better. As you can read in all these responses, your work at WUWT makes a big difference in the world. God bless and, as Churchill said, KBO.

  187. Good luck, Anthony. May you draw comfort from the support of all of us in the WUWT community!

    • Graham, please, please post again. You are obviously the exact kind of person needed by the skeptic cause. Please.

  188. Anthony, your ability and willingness to share from the heart is one of the things that makes me a regular reader. The candor you offer to the public is without equal in journalism. Thanks for being who you are.
    With sympathy for the trial you have had to endure and optimism for your personal future.

  189. Sorry to read of your personal problems and very best wishes for your future.This blog is a beacon of light and you will know from all these responses how much your efforts are appreciated

  190. What amazes me most about this thread and should hearten you most, Anthony, is the number of commenters whose names or handles I don’t recognize after five years or regularly reading WUWT.
    It appears that many “lurkers” have been moved to comment in hopes of lightening your burden. I
    would expect no less then this outpouring of caring concern from the WUWT community.

  191. Anthony, I can feel your pain…I’ve been through two of them. Attitude is almost everything but having “bigger” Spiritual help doesn’ hurt either. My favorite saying is “everything happens for a reason” hold’s true here too. Even though you may not see it now, hopefully you’ll catch it later. Time is our great healer and so is God…Happy to see your out of the “box” so to speak. Follow your Heart, it never let’s you down…
    D. J. Feindel

  192. What all the above said. Yes, I’ve read them all and they show how much people care (even AstroGard).
    Very best wishes

  193. Anthony, I am sorry to hear of your life trials. I have been through that door and wish it on no one. It is good that you have it behind you. May blessings fall upon you hereafter. Thank you for all you do here.

  194. Anthony,
    ’bout six months after separating from my wife and in the process of finalizing the settlement I was awaken by the radio on morning before going to work. The announcers were talking about Louis Grizzard, a comedian and writer for the Atlanta Constitution who had been married so many times it had become a joke around Atlanta.
    Anyway, someone asked him if he ever thought about getting married again.
    He replied: “Why don’t I just find a woman I hate and buy her a house.”
    I started laughing so hard I rolled out of bed and fell on the floor.

  195. Hey Anthony. Hope that things look brighter for you as you move forward. I ain’t got no brilliant advice or wisdom for you. Never was much use in that department, but I do do know what it feels like when intimate relationships go pear shaped, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

  196. Best wishes, Anthony, as you move back into the light. WUWT is itself a light at the end of the tunnel for many thousands of people and we owe you much.

  197. Anthony
    You are so lucky! Most people have to die in order to receive such an outpouring of love, respect, and good wishes. Enjoy.

  198. As with many here and with you, I have also had such an experience. I understand the feeling of despair that sets in and saps all your inner strength to do anything constructive. There were times I just didn’t want to get out of bed. But in the end, I meet the woman of my dreams and now am happier than I ever could have imagined. As a fire in a redwood forest makes way for new growth, painful change can improve yourself and your life path. May you find the road that makes you happy.

  199. I’m sorry that you had to go through that, but happy you weathered the storm.
    A sincere thank you for your service to science.

  200. I can only hope to be as civil as you have been whist passing through the void. I won’t get all maudlin and gush out well-worn platitudes and instead will simply thank you — for everything. Enjoy the remainder of your voyage good sir.

  201. I can only add my few and feeble words of encouragement. I am truly sorry for the trauma of your divorce. May God bless you and lift you up so that you can continue the important work you are doing.

  202. I too marched in that tunnel. Good friends are critical to healing; it sounds like you have your group.
    Divorce wrecks everything, especially if it comes as a surprise to one party. It even takes your memories. Make new ones.
    Your site is so far above all others that even your hampered efforts are still the best in the world. Good luck sir.

  203. I’ve been through a nasty divorce myself.
    It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
    Take courage, keep living, and take advantage of any chance at joy that life throws your way.

    • One piece of advice. Keep looking ahead. Every time you look back at that tunnel, it will suck you right back in. Good friends are an excellent support mechanism to help your focus on the good in life.

  204. Anthony 2.0 is out and has been stress tested. The community is thankful…….again.

  205. Mr. Watts, please accept my sincere condolences. I am a very regular reader of WUWT and I am also someone who has dealt with difficult family issues in life. As your hard work and dedication have impacted me and my knowledge of Climate Science, I simply felt that I must communicate to you…
    “Thank you for coming back to us.”

  206. I am glad to see your chin up with clear skies ahead. Thank you for all that you do.

  207. Standing at the stern of the ship watching the red sun sink into the ocean behind. The porter brings your bags from your crowded cabin and you lift each one ceremoniously above your head before tossing it overboard, watching them disappear into the sunset forever in the churning wake of the ocean liner.
    We’ve been there. Godspeed Mr. Watts.
    And welcome back!

  208. I first came to WUWT in about 2009 (I think, when reading Christopher Booker’s great book) and has been required reading ever since. When I interest someone in the climate subject I recommend this site and other sites that can be accessed from it.
    If you have received nasty messages from trolls just remember that they are sad all the time.

  209. I’m truly sorry for what you went through but I am so glad you have found your balance again and can move on through life.

  210. I”m very sorry to hear about the pain you have experienced. I also have felt it and it is truly the worst event most people can experience in life. Your work on WUWT is profoundly appreciated, and and I admire your dedication so much. My take on this kind of thing is simply that the best approach is to find something constructive to do while you wait for it to be over, so you can take comfort in the fact that the time was not wasted. You have clearly done that, and congratulations to you. I look forward to more of your contributions and I am so glad that you didn’t appease an impossible demand by giving up meaningful work.

  211. What an incredible outpouring of support Anthony. You have many more friends than most people do.
    Further to my rather dark poem posted way up the thread, there are second chances. I lost my only child to cancer when he was 14 and got divorced a year later. Now I am happily married to a beautiful wife and our daughter has just graduated.

  212. Good to have you back out of the tunnel. From someone who has experienced similar difficulties my friends and work kept me whole. I thank them and do not forget to be there for others.

  213. Been thru it, Anth*ny, like you & many others. In the end, however, it’s actually better as it forced me to be my own person instead of somebody’s husband.

  214. Anthony, we greatly appreciate your courage and perseverance during this very difficult episode. Having experienced a similar situation earlier, I can assure you that one can survive and even make life much better and more fulfilling. We do learn from these experiences and move upward and onward. Your efforts on this website and in other areas are truly inspiring and serve as a rational voice in what would otherwise be a storm of confusion and misinformation.
    Hang in there man, life will only get better and we all desperately need the sanity that you bring to center stage.

  215. Anthony,
    Like so many who have posted, I hurt for the shock, the gut punch, of being told to get out. I too offered a change of location, occupation, whatever would make it better. But there was no answer…and the tunnel was very dark.
    I too have recovered and have made thirty years with the finest of women. But I have to say that even today, there are shadows that fall unexpectedly across the path. Stay strong, walk through the shadows with boldness, and have faith that you are making a difference all around the world. Most of all, make sure that you have human contact with those who love you unconditionally, and who will support you through what ever bumps are still in the road.

  216. I’m sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through, but glad to hear you’ve reached the point where you can get on with your life. Time may not heal all wounds, but it heals most of them.

  217. I’m so sorry, Anthony. I’m glad you made it back into the light.
    For us, you are one of the world’s shining lights, and I’m glad your life is improving.

  218. Anthony, yes we did notice the slight change in focus and also quality and nature in the reporting while you were walking through that tunnel, and we do welcome your re-emergence. You have been, and will continue to be, a tremendous contributor; you have an uncanny ability to research, analyze, and concisely report on key data. You have been going through a lot – but as painful as it might be, welcome it as a time for growth and strengthening in a relationship with God. In His hands we can find comfort and meaning.
    You are a leader, a voice of sanity in a world filled of delusions. Even to the extent that we “accept” a “scientist” to change historical experimental data to be modified to agree with what an (invalidated) computer “model” said it should be! Integrity in research is being compromised, and you are a bold, strong, and respected voice. Keep on, we all appreciate you!

  219. Eli hopes that both take a bit of time (vacation, did somebunny suggest a vacation) and gain space to not keep thinking about bad times. As several above point out, with time and space hurt fades. Never disappears, but recedes.

  220. Anthony, thank you so much for sharing this. Been in that dark tunnel as well.
    The light came visible for me was when all my new ‘firsts’ stopped being painful and became more enjoyable. Sensing you’re at this pivotal point as your resilience is evident. 🙂
    Onward ever onward.

  221. So sorry Anthony ( as one who’s been there, done that). Your blog is a thing that gives hope to others in these trying times and it has missed( though still excellent) your personal touch.

  222. Dear Anthony,
    I am sorry that your family life took such a turn for the worse after your trip to Bristol, and wish you well for the future. After speaking with you in the pubs before and after the Cook talk, I believe you are more than deserving of much better times.
    Kevin Marshall

  223. Anthony, we feel your pain and are saddened by the News. I hope that you can keep your excellent work going into the future. Anthony, you and Tony Heller are the pillars of the anti CAGW resistance front.…
    Because of your work the fraud that is CAGW is out and exposed in the open public gazeand is weakening.

  224. My thoughts for a bright today are with you. I like penning it with the word “today”. Every time you read it, it refreshes itself. Which is to remind you to do so as well.

  225. How brave of you to bare your healing soul and shake off the darkness. Be well, Anthony.
    And how impressive to read these very many testimonials of friendship and love and respect. We all appreciate your effort to bring us WUWT.
    Carry on, dear friend. Blessings..

  226. Hi Anthony,
    great you overcame this loss. It is a big victory for a man.
    As for Kenji… smart dog!

  227. Dear Anthony,
    You are in my Prayers. God Bless! I will continue to support WUWT with my small financial abilities and my constant broadcasting of this wonderful website.
    YOU are our leader in this gruesome fight!
    Thanks for all You do!
    Mike B.

  228. Anthony I remember the day I found WUWT after searching for “the other side of the story” following the declaration of “The science is settled”. As an engineer that declaration started my antenna vibrating so hard they gave me headache. WUWT and Climate Audit amongst others have been beacons of sanity for me.
    Your persistence, objectivity and now your bravery are exemplars of strength of character that one could only wish the political leaders of the western world had more of.
    I for one am very grateful for the time and energy you have put into this site, even more so now.
    I’m fortunate not to have gone through a divorce, but have seen closely in friends, the pain and anguish that it can cause. I wish you, and your wife, all the best as individuals as you exit the tunnel and re-engage life with a renewed vision.

  229. Got the T-shirt on that one, Ant. And although things are finally sorted, I do still miss going from house and garden to small pokey rented flat.

  230. Mr. Watts – What strikes me, after I read your courageous submission posted waaay above, which is a very heartfelt and personal admission of vulnerability, hurt and pain – is that through this vehicle (which is a large part of your old life – which is available for your new life – to the benefit of all I hope) I have seen nothing but an outpouring of support and commiseration from us followers on WUWT. Just – wow. Lurkers posting for the first time to offer condolences, regulars offering their own anecdotes and personal experiences – it just feels like a family here. Corny, maybe – but true. I get the feeling you felt the same way as you were contemplating putting up for all to see this very personal insight into your life. Just in doing this, you have cemented in this poster (and more than likely quite a few other readers) what I had felt all along – that you are honest and forthright in this blog, therefore (more than likely) in the rest of your life as well. You opened yourself up to us all – including the potential posters that could have used this opportunity to stick the knife in and twist it – but you did it anyway. Thank you for trusting us. I humbly offer my best wishes as you embark on the next phase of your life. And I want to thank you for allowing us all this avenue of expression, standing up for the true light in climate chaos! May this bright spot in your life – WUWT – help you to heal and find a new zeal for your life. And again, thank you. Looking forward to eventually meeting you, in person.

  231. Anthony, thank you so much for hanging in there and keeping your superb blog going. It is compulsory reading every single day. I am not a scientist, so would just read, learn and be educated. Never commented on the issues, always leave that to the people “in the know”. Very sorry to hear you had to go through all that stress, wish you all the best for the many years ahead of you. Keep well, we all need you! God bless you!

  232. Yah, just when you think you have it all put together life comes and knocks you into the rapids with a cosmic Gibbs slap. Feet downstream, kick off the rocks and swim down river to the shore:) Hope your bumps and bruises are healing nicely, and glad to have you back.

  233. Whatever courses your lives now take, I wish the best for both you and your former wife. — Eugene WR Gallun

  234. The Internet is often an anonymous medium, which is why I’ve always respected the fortitude of men like Anthony Watts, putting themselves out there to take the slings and arrows – it’s a particular kind of courage. I’ve often thought Anthony must have a special kind of fortitude and abnormally thick skin to stand it all without going crazy. This is partially why I use my own name on this board – no Internet handle – because I choose to stand and be counted beside him.
    But beneath it all, are always human beings, and the same things always hurt, no matter who you are. And when you’re hurting in the heart, there’s just nothing quite like it.
    I promise you, though, it does get better. Time eventually heals everything. And you’re far from alone, because when push comes to shove, we’re all human together, and we’ve all been through something like it at one time or another.
    In the meantime, I recommend a couple of beers, a few friends, and a few good songs. That’s what those things are for.
    All my best.

  235. As a very long term visitor to the site, I feel privileged to know the little bits about your personal life that you have shared with us over the years. It makes me feel a little bit like family.
    Your news today fills me with sadness on the one hand, but your positive attitude is a great relief to me as well.
    I have noticed changes in your mood and now I understand. I wish you well, Anthony, on many levels.

  236. I have over many years been encouraged, educated and impressed by Watts Up With That, I have often felt if politicians could offer a fraction of the objectivity and impartiality shown here the world would be in a far better place than today. I have as many been through the same pain as you have many years ago, truthfully it does change you, it has to we are evolved that way, upside is nothing ever hurts that way again and you do become stronger.
    Wishing you all the best for the future

  237. Anthony, it is not in my gift to make you happy.
    …But it is within my power to say that you have made the world I live in a better place.
    I want happiness for you, your ex-wife, and any children if you have any. None of us are perfect, but you come a lot closer to being a star than I do.

  238. I am so saddened to hear you were put though all that, but am very grateful you come out the other side. Keep hanging in there, and know that so many people are pulling for you, and so many hearts stand beside. All the best to you, Anthony.

  239. Good luck Anthony, divorce sucks, whether you want it or your spouse does. I hope it goes well for all of you, but to you I’ll say, in the words of my fellow Liverpudlians, “You’ll never walk alone” we’re with you and wish you and your family well. I had it happen to me it was horrible, but there is life beyond. Good luck.

  240. Sorry to hear all that Anthony – keep WUWT going please it’s SO important – you have kept my faith in true science – thanks and all the best for the future

  241. Hey Anthony. I’m the only guy in the room who doesn’t have any history or meaningful connection with you, but I wanted to thank you for the end-of-post shout out, and for linking my way.
    I have some catching up to do if I’m to understand what you’ve been through. It would seem you went through the end of a marriage, and may still be picking up the pieces in one form or another.
    Changes your life. Profoundly and painfully. I hope you’re doing well relative to whatever your timeline is.
    Thank you again. It appears you’ve built a pretty fantastic community here. Good stuff, sir.

  242. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
    ― Albert Einstein
    Keep riding. Thanks for all your hard work. Many of us are better people, not only from what we have learned here, but for being the person you are. Keep riding.

  243. Thanks for sharing Anthony,
    I’m sorry. Obviously you’ve had no shortage of challenges in your life.
    Yet look what you’ve achieved – this blog alone would be a life’s achievement for many of us.
    Do carry on, please.

  244. So sorry you’ve had all that to endure. Best wishes for your future Anthony, God bless you, Annie.

  245. Best wishes for the future and thanks for keeping the blog running whilst under such difficulties.

  246. You are one of my heroes, Anthony. So sorry for how things turned out, but you have handled it with grace and dignity. And selfishly, so thrilled to have you back!

  247. Anthony, wish you the best going forward.
    FWIW, really appreacite WUWT, its a fantastic site. Thank you very much for it!

  248. Anthony, you give us hope and inspiration. Wattsupwithat is part of my daily life here in tropical North Queensland .
    Good luck mate….

  249. Anthony everyone here knows what you have given up personally to educate ,inform and win this battle.
    People in our lives pay a huge price at times and that is the real hard part .
    Thank you for doing it is all I can say . There is a lot at stake .

  250. Every good wish, Anthony, both for what you have been through, and for the future. I have been there, so I know.

  251. I did notice the change in your demeanor over time and chalked it up to the battle. It just wasn’t the battle I thought it was. I’m looking forward to the new Anthony as all life experiences change us in profound ways, even if they aren’t apparent to us at the time or unfold slowly in small steps.

  252. I am so sorry to hear this, but happy that things are getting better for you. Like some others have mentioned, I lost my wife of 47 a couple of years to illness and know what that’s like. But having watched a son go through a divorce I can imagine (but only imagine) what that’s like, and how in some respects it could even be worse than the death of a spouse. Keep the faith. You, and your work, mean the world to us.

  253. Not having suffered a loss like yours I cannot comprehend what you’ve been going through.
    All I can say is *thank you* for keeping WUWT going despite everything;
    you are making the world a better place.

  254. I very much appreciate your bouncing back, Anthony, even if it might feel like a somewhat deflated way. You are a pillar of scientific honesty and decency. Thank (insert supreme being of choice) for your previous and continued contribution to making this world a saner and safer place . There may be more of them but folk of your ilk outweigh them by far in terms of quality.
    Best wishes for a brighter, happier and financially sounder future…

  255. Anthony,
    I am only just catching up on my reading and saw this. I can’t fathom the difficulties of a situation like this, but I hope you have found a new and better direction. Like many on here, I wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy future. Thank you for all you have done, all you do, and all you will add to life . . . . for all of us.

  256. I went through a divorce a little over two years ago. Before I filed, I had a hunting bud tell me it takes about two years following a divorce for you to get your life back into a new normal. That has proven correct. Hang in there.

  257. Like others late to the party, I can only say how I admire your courage for being so open over a deeply personal matter and thank you for the light that WUWT brings to bear on climate. Stay strong!

  258. I know what you mean,Anthony. my Divorce process will end on August 10th when the Judge sorts out the remaining issues.
    My health greatly improved after I lost my job back in March,been unemployed ever since. But my old under powered Hearing Aid went bad,decided to give it up and go nearly deaf.
    May your days ahead be unfolding into a new happier life for you.

  259. I went through that over 25 years ago and still think of it as a catastrophic car wreck that I wasn’t sure I would survive. But as you have experienced it does pass and the future becomes more appealing and you have work to do! (Which is a great healer) I have daily enjoyed your website for years and feel I’ve learned immense amounts about science from you, the articles and especially the commenters. I want to thank you for your continued efforts and am happy that you got Kenji–dogs are great loving creatures and for me have always been a bright spot in my life.

  260. I’m a long-time lurker on here, mainly because it’s so refreshing to know I’m not the last rational man in the world when it comes to assessing climate science with some rationality, based in facts.
    I’m making this comment to let you know your work here is truly appreciated. If not for your blog I would have truly despaired of feeling like the only scientifically literal person who could see the AGW nonsense for what it is.
    Hope great things come to you in the near future and sorry to hear about your troubles. Fortunately with that door closing new opportunities in life will make themselves available.

  261. Anthony —
    Figured there was something going on, and gave consideration for that. All the best for you from now on.

  262. Sorry for your pain Anthony and I can not imagine the depth of despair you have traveled through these past 18 months. While some may consider this not politically correct in this day and age, I will pray for your peace of mind and well being. May God bless you and give you joy

  263. All of the above has been well said before. Loss, death and depression. The suffocation of that black cloud. Horrible. Couldn’t even wish it on the instigator of glowbull warning.
    Anthony, hoping you escape from it like a bat out of hell.

  264. I posted yesterday that the redemptive powers of a loving dog Kenji cannot be overestimated, but it has been removed. Anthony as I type this, my rescue greyhound is obstructing my keyboard as she lies across my lap. I don’t have many months left on this planet but the love I get all day and night from my dog will make those months bearable. You have a longer future and a loving dog so you are doing fine.

  265. Hi Anthony, BTDT and it does take a while to get some equilibrium back but in time you’ll build a new life and the sun will shine again.

  266. So sorry to hear this Anthony. You are a shining example of what people can achieve when they are determined enough. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

  267. Been there, been done. It sounds trite but there is some bitter truth to the saying: “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.”
    It only gets better Anthony, am there and am better.
    Oh, and the idea people change is not quite true in most circumstances. The truth is that the image presented to you was only an aspirational hope on the part of the other person, otherwise why the pretense? You were presented with an image they knew you would find attractive, in time either the image becomes reality because they rose to become that person whom they projected or they find maintaining the image becomes burdensome and tedious so that they have “find” themselves to revolt against “your” expectations. The concept of we, ours, and us is suffocating to the person who is mis-matched to another, and they yearn for the slavery of me, myself and I. The person who is willing to sacrifice the relationship for their own priorities, never was marriage material in the first place, this is why the other person “seemingly” changes. Selfishness = Slavery. version 1.0
    The harsh reality is that when we accept responsibility for the failure of the relationship (regardless if you truly believe it was all their fault) that we chose poorly in a partner, we are free to choose a better person and are given the life experience to do the proper due diligence in selecting a better life partner that matches our character. Upon finding that life partner who is without pretense of false images, you and they are free to become a better more successful version of your individual selves through synergy. Marriage = Freedom. version 2.0
    These are hard life lessons to learn, sometimes painfully so.

  268. Thanks for the personal update, and thanks for carrying on. I hope you and your (now ex-)wife remain on good terms, and I hope she appreciates the work you have done, and are doing, for the sanity of the world and the sake of good science. If she doesn’t, we do.
    /Mr Lynn

  269. I too, concurrently it seems, went through a nasty divorce that I was obliged to initiate. Life is decidedly better now.
    Godspeed. Your work is a treasure.

  270. I’m late to the party, but I wanted to say that you’re a class act for being so brief with the details and not throwing your ex under the bus. I’m cursed with insatiable curiosity, but I’m happy for you that you don’t feel the need to air dirty laundry or publicly blame somebody. God speed Mr. Watts.

  271. sorry to hear that anthony. as someone that strikes me as a cup half full kind of person with positive outlook on life it is not nice to hear you have been through some bad times recently. i wish you all the best for the future.

  272. Anthony, I was aware of some trials and tribulations in your family but, of course, didn’t know the depth of your pain. I’m happy that you have emerged from the worst of it and are back in the light again. It is my observation of almost 80 yrs that those with the biggest heart are tasked to suffer the most. But a big heart and some choice friends can put you back together again as appears to have been the case with you. I’m thankful to you and those friends (and I’m sure concerned scientist, Kenji helped).
    A loss of WUWT would be a serious loss to a world which has become somewhat unhinged and whirling in dangerous paths. You set out to save the truth, but it turns out that doing that is, indeed, saving the planet. Bless your heart and keep up the good fight. WUWT will some day be must-reading for anyone wanting a centered vantage point to understand this rabid period in our history. Wattsupwiththat? will become a catch-phrase on lips a more vigilant future society when they detect something fishy going on.

  273. Hi Anthony I just read your post. I am really sorry you had to go through this. You have provided us all, in your discussion of your experience and message, an excellent example of a profile in courage when faced with such a serious life challenge. With My Very Best Wishes Roger

  274. I’m so sorry to here you’re experiencing a troubling time in your life.
    You’ll emerge a better and stronger person on the other side of this tribulation.
    Thank your all your courage, dedication, hard work and perseverance, which are all virtuous traits that will all serve you well to get through this.

  275. Sorry I missed your personal note before, Anthony. You have my sympathy for what you have been through, and my encouragement for a better future. I had a very unpleasant divorce many years ago, (unfortunately involving three wonderful children) and I can attest that there is life after divorce. I recently celebrated my 40th anniversary with the love of my life, and have great relationships with my aging “kids.” Wishing you the same good fortune and hope that you continue with WUWT. The world needs you!

  276. I missed your first post.
    I’m both sad and glad to read it now.
    Sad … because.
    Glad … because you posted it, and are moving on.
    I’ve divorced once (amicable) and split up a few more times over the years.
    My final (I think) girlfriend first “chucked” me (as we say in Blighty) and *then* died of cancer. How inconsiderate was that?
    Fortunately we’re both Christian folk so I live in the “sure and certain hope” that we may sometime talk about the many and stupid ways in which it all went wrong…
    In the mean-time, I’m (mostly) having fun doing my own stuff. Hope it works out well for you!
    And, btw, you blog is a thing of worth 🙂

  277. Very sorry for your troubles. I’m sure that many here can sympathize.
    Apologies also for late condolences.
    I’ve been traveling for two weeks, and, as you may know, iPhone’s Safari browser blocks WUWT links from my gmail account.

  278. Transitions, such as deaths in the family, divorces, being laid off, whatever, are absolutely horrible to go through. But on the other side of such transitions is the opportunity to redefine who you are. Pause, reflect, strive. Change may be an opportunity to advance.

  279. Good luck for your future ……. who knows what is just around the corner …… sounds Glib ??? ….. But having been through your situation TWICE, I know the dark tunnel comes to an end. Something will arrive unexpectedly out of know where and bite you in the bum ( I am English !!! ). All the very best from a Brit in SoCal ……. Keep you head above the clouds and your feet in the grass ……. Cheers

  280. Dear Anthony, I am so sad to read of your trials and tribulations, but hopeful that you are well into a better phase of new life. You mean so much to so many here, and let’s hope that you enjoy some solace from all the you have created and contributed here. I haven’t been online much in a long while since i am going through my own long dark tunnel here (both my parents are slowly dying in front of me and I am assisting them round-the-clock), but when I do spend time online WUWT is always a treasured source of news and insights. Best wishes always!

  281. Your story is very immediate for me. Though not going through a divorce I am having other life issues and I fully understand the effects of depression having gone through it before in my life. I am off to the doc to hopefully get some meds. Anthony, find help; one of the best ways is to share with caring people and for me exercise. Hang in there; we can make it!!!!!

  282. The category is Climate Lunatics, for $1000……
    Who is Allen Eltor (current asylum unknown)?

  283. My life was destroyed when my husband sent me packing, after 13 years we have been together.I was lost and helpless after trying so many ways to my husband back to me. One day at work, I was distracted, not knowing that my boss called me, so he sat and asked me what it was all about, I told him and he smiled and said it was no problem. I never understood what he meant by it was no problem getting back my husband, he said he used a spell to get back his wife when she left him for another man, and now they are together till date and initially I was shocked hearing something from my boss. He gave me an email address of the Prophet abuvia which helped him get his wife back, I never believed that this would work, but I had no choice coming into contact with the sayings that I get done, and he asked for my information and that my husband was able to propose to throw him the spell and I sent him the details, but after two days, my mother called me that my husband was pleading that he wants me back, I never believed, because it was just a dream and I had to rush off to my mother’s place and to my greatest surprise, was kneeling my husband beg me for forgiveness that he wants me and the child back home, when I gave prophet abuvia a conversation regarding sudden change of my husband and he made clear to me that my husband will love me until the end of the world, that he will never leave for another woman. Now me and my husband is back together and started doing funny things he has not done before, he makes me happy and do what it is suppose to do as a man without nagging. Please if you need help of any kind need, please contact Abuvia Prophet for help. His email is prophet.abuvia AT g m a i l. com his website is prophetabuviasolutiontemple. webs. com

  284. Saddened to read this. Be strong. I’ll never forget your wonderful kindness at my nadir.
    As you well know, I have followed you since the inception of WUWT on the Enterprise Record’s NorCal Blogs. Remember our exchanges way back when? Your enthusiasm for science and the scientific method and vigilance against the corruption of science has always held me in awe.
    I thank you for your friendship and indomitable spirit in the face of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. You have many enemies, but have more friends.

  285. I’m mostly a lurker here at WUWT, but I did want to leave a note letting you know that what you are doing with this site is important and appreciated. Hopefully that thought will help you through the tough personal times.

  286. Anthony
    This comes to you from Oz late in the sequence. You will probably read it at some stage. WUWT, Climate etc and Jo Nova keep me on track.
    My recent preoccupation has been attempting to untangle the madness of the Australian Federal government Renewable Energy Target and the South Australian state government policy on ‘renewable energy’. These two policies have combined to provide the residents of South Australia with the most expensive electricity in Australia on most days of the week. This explains my delay on catching up with postings on WUWT. My interest in ‘renewable energy’ [surely an oxymoron given that energy can neither be created nor destroyed] and the ability to analyse the situation comes from my economics training assisted in no small measure by several years of semi regular WUWT reading for which I am grateful.
    I was a lawyer for about 25 years after working as an economist. My speciality in later years was Family Law so I have an understanding of the divorce/property division process in Australia but not the precise detail of the Californian law. I imagine that the principles are broadly similar. In addition to my professional training and experience in the area, I have been divorced once and my present wife has been divorced twice. She also was a family lawyer and a Judge in the jurisdiction before we both retired. She now refers to her prior marriages as work experience.
    My family law background was of limited assistance to me during my own divorce/property settlement. My thinking was not particularly rational. It was of greater assistance when I formed a relationship with my present wife. She had two young children living with her. One of them took great exception to me. My training allowed me to deal with her calmly and rationally. We now have a good relationship.
    The time is approaching when you will have the same relaxed approach to your own experience and in due course to persons you meet in any future relationship.
    Speaking selfishly, I am pleased that your offer to give up WUWT was not taken up.
    Your work is much appreciated and used by me in my own amateur climate/weather research. Keep up the good work and consider giving us an update on your psyche in (say) 18 months.
    Jim Hutchison

  287. Glad to hear you’ve emerged from the long dark tunnel, Anthony. None of that “been there, done that” malarky, everyone’s experience of divorce is different. The only way is up, now. Cheers, Mike.
    Apologies for the late reply, been busy with stuff and missed this momentous post until today.

  288. Anthony, I wanted to add my personal words of support to all the others.
    I find your site to be a beacon of commonsense and rational thought in a world gone increasingly mad to an extent I would never have thought possible. Thank you for your commitment and tireless efforts.
    I hope your emotional well-being is well on the road to recovery. I complement you on your courage to openly reveal your personal travails to your readers and I hope that the comments of support are helpful.
    My personal suggestion: No matter how “ugly” the divorce was, your best strategy is to treat your ex as an “adult.” To the extent that you have a future relationship, don’t respond to anger/provocation with the same. Walk away –if you have to–or do your best to be objective. I don’t think you have children, but (as an example) parents still have to be parents, and to do that well, they need to work together. Frankly, I used this strategy early on. It worked well with me, and we are now are good friends and have great relations with our kids. It might help to remember that there must have been a lot of really good times that validate the relationship that can serve to counteract the recent poison you are recovering from.
    Sorry for the late response, but I have busy and missed your original post.
    All the best for your future physical health and emotional well-being.

  289. Anthony: WUWT is such a great piece of work that it has kept running. But, of course, it is better to have you back with us.
    Best regards

  290. I’m very much on the side that AGW is real, but I wouldn’t want this divorce trauma imposed on anyone. Wishing for a speedy recovery.

  291. As a long time reader, a few things come to mind when reading this. Firstly: thanks for the site – it has been my primary beacon of sanity to keep my mind off the madness of my own divorce. Secondly, if you are basically in the clear after only 18 months you are doing really well! As some others have said, life is often a great deal better afterwards, but it takes a lot of struggle and pain to get there. I am glad you didn’t shut down your blog, but I can certainly understand the temptation to do so! Carry on, best wishes, because we’re all in this together!

  292. I just read this post, scrolling back to see what I missed during the post-Brexit furore.
    Like so many others, I’ve been there and done that: thirty years ago now but still remembered with utter horror. As survivors have remarked, it does get better after 18 months or so. Like Kenji, his dog chose me: she helped me to survive many a dark day, and to keep going through the hell for her sake.
    I can only imagine how little you wanted this divorce, if you even offered to give up WUWT for the sake of your marriage. Thank doG that wasn’t required: climate science and our sanity both need you, badly.

  293. Just read this. You have my deepest sympathy and empathy, but not pity. Let me join everyone in saying it does get better. Peace, prayers, positive energy!

  294. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Toughest thing I every faced. 9 years later it is somewhat better. Time helps. Good luck.
    Thanks for this site. In an insane world I am glad there is at least one place where everyone isn’t crazy. The HOAX is alive and well and is continuing to be preached by the Globalists and their Green Useful ……. This site is a welcome respite from a world done crazy and green zealots taking over all policy. Thanks ever so much Anthony.

  295. Troubling times. Best of luck to you Anthony.
    The light may sting your eyes as you emerge from the cave, but it just lights the way to your own happiness.

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