Follow Up – today is a GREAT day

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No, not just TGIF, I want to give a follow up post to my announcement of  a few weeks ago for my loyal readers because many of you had invested yourselves in my personal challenges.

As many of you know, my family had a huge medical challenge recently. It was  all about this familiar symbol.

Back on the week of October 18th, my lovely wife went through a double mastectomy, which seemed to be the best option given the situation. The surgery was succesfull, with no complications, but we had to wait for final lab results and follow up scans. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and to top it off we lost a beloved family pet of 15 years Monday. Minners is finally drinking clean water somewhere.

So dear readers, please forgive me if I’ve been dour and a little snippy here. I know I have been a bit rough around the edges. I’ve been so frazzled I forgot to do our weekly Sea Ice News last Sunday. I forgot to take out the garbage Wednesday, and at coffee yesterday morning I couldn’t remember the name of a person I’d known for years. Stress is a weird thing.

Late last night, after two days of follow up at Stanford Medical Center. We got the news. No metastasis, they got it all. Now it’s just the long but certain road physical therapy.

I gotta tell you it was like somebody cutting the guy lines to the giant lead balloon I’ve been tied to for the last three months. It took off into the stratosphere, never to be seen again.

I want to thank you all for the kind words, prayers, and most especially for the support of WUWT with ideas and guest articles. I want to give a special thanks to Willis Eschenbach, Tom Fuller, and Steve Mosher for guest posts. Special thanks go to Evan Jones and D.B. Stealey for their support and the kind letters they sent me, and to Charles the Moderator for keeping the chaos managed.

If I’ve missed anyone, please don’t feel left out, I’m just a bit scrambled mentally. Everybody gets gold stars.

In a day or two, I’ll be back to chasing errant weather stations and missing “M”‘s in METAR reports.





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Very glad for you and your wife, Anthony! Blessings.


outstanding news. Upwards from here. My very best wishes to you all there.

Good news! I’m happy to hear that things are on the mend.

Dave D

I am glad for you and your entire family. Bless you all, Dave

Bob Buchanan

I’m glad everything is moving in the right direction.


great news . . . . really great news


Great news – so pleased for you both.

Golf Charley

That is great to read, and a lovely picture!

stephen richards

Know how you felt. Been there done that got the tee-shirt. and our moggy is 19 yrs old groaning and grumpy like her very old patrons.
Best wishes to you wife a


Great news. The best to your wife and you.

stephen richards

-nd I hope all goes well in the future.
Damn keyboard.!!!

Richard A.

Best of health to you and your family.


Great news, Anthony. God Bless you all.


Been there! Done that – over ten years ago! Total recovery is indeed possible.
My wife and I wish you all the best.


Great news re your wife indeed. speedy recovery.
and my condolences for Minners,15 years is lot of love to say goodbye to.:-(

Douglas DC

Sometimes miracles happen through modern science. Remember, to those who think
this would happen under full blown Obamacare, if it goes the way of NHS, or the
Canadian system-unlikely this would not be the happy outcome that Anthony and his wife had. Godspeed, Anthony and Wife. this is a good day….

This is very good news for both you and your wife Anthony. You have all my good wishes for a full recovery

Murray Carpenter

Best wishes to you and your wife, Anthony. sorry you’ve had all that to deal with.


Very good news, hope everything else goes smooth as silk!

John V. Wright

Great news, indeed. So pleased for you and your family. As one of your many dedicated followers and supporters here in the UK, we are grateful for the energy, commitment and knowledge you put into this inspiring blog. Now pour yourself a glass of Irish whiskey to to help with the de-stressing – you deserve it.

UK Sceptic

That’s good news, Anthony. I hope your wife continues to enjoy good health for years to come. Wishing her a speedy recovery.


Congratulations on such a great outcome. I pray for a full and effective recovery.

Robert of Ottawa

And who says there’s no such thing as good news?


So many family members and friends stricken by this killer.
Can there be any greater news than this?
If there is, I’d sure like to hear it.
As we say in Maine…”Good on ya.”

I know I’m not the only one sitting at my computer feeling a little choked up.
You, dear man, are the one of the finest of exemplars of our species.
Courage, honesty, decency, modesty, loyalty and that salvaging wry sense of humor.
All good wishes for your precious wife’s continued recovery and health.
I like to think that Minners is frolicking somewhere with our Wookie and Chowder :0)

It certainly brightens my day to hear this. Still wishing the best for all of you.


Congratulations to both of you and all the rest of your extended family (including us)!

Jenn Oates

Very glad to hear it, Anthony. I wish long life and much happiness to the two of you!

John Ulmer

Great News!!!!!
Here’s to a rapid and full recovery of life and vitality, for your wife and yourself!


You area stronger man than me, I would have dumped wuwt completely by now.
Glad you have good news.


Actually, I kind of liked your edginess… But then, that’s just me. 🙂
Glad everything worked out!

Brian S

Phew! No news had to be good news, but good news is outstanding! Very pleased for you both. Blessings.

Condolences on the pet.
But, we are all so happy to hear the wonderful news about your wife. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and to both of you for many more happy years to come.
Again, thanks for all the great work you and your associates do here.

Michael Jennings

This may not be popular here with some, being a science site and all, but praise God for this wonderful news Anthony!!

Fantastic to hear Anthony.
By the way, with regard to handling stress and other emotions, I’ve had fantastic results by using the Sedona Method. I’ve been using it regularly for the last year and it is by far and away the most effective method I have found for ‘cleaning out the trash’ and staying on top of things. I couldn’t recommend it enough to you and your family (and of course to everyone else here @ WUWT).
Just for the record – I have no financial stake whatsoever in the Sedona Method!

George E. Smith

Thanks for sharing. I have fly rods bearing that symbol; and there can be few of us, who don’t get the message it portrays. My best wishes go out to you and your wife; and I hope she gets fully recovered quickly. I’ve had long time friends go through the same challenge; and they have come through and returned to near normalcy; so tell your lovely wife to keep looking forward, and not backward.
Yes; it IS a great day.

Ed Forbes

“..I gotta tell you it was like somebody cutting the guy lines to the giant lead balloon I’ve been tied to for the last three months. It took off into the stratosphere, never to be seen again…”
I agree…having those lead balloon ties cut makes the outlook on life change with a rush.
Congrats and all the best !!!

Thank you for sharing the good outcome news.
Best wishes to your wife for a rapid recovery.


Glad to hear things are better. Take the weekend to rest and be back bright and early Monday. Sounds like you could use a few days rest.

Roundabout Dan

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I’m really glad to hear that everything is on the mend, best of luck for a much less traumatic run up to the holiday season and for a continued trouble-free recovery for your wife.


I hope your wife had the Oncotype DX genetic testing on the tumor.
If she is at low risk of recurrence on that test, she may be able to avoid the worst of the toxic follow on treatments (radiation and chemo), as they have future risks, and little advantages in that case.
Maybe just some hormonal treatments if the tumor had Er and/or PR receptors.
Over treatment is a bad as over treatment.
I wish your wife well, as the healing can take months.

Greg, San Diego, CA

Our prayers for you have been answered.
God bless you and your family as you come out of your trying time.



Very good news indeed! I am glad to read that things are looking brighter now. All the best wishes for good progress!
Thomas (from Bavaria)

Cassandra King

Please pass on my very best regards to your wife, I hope you both recover and go on to a well deserved happiness.
The struggle is not over and the after effects may well appear to difficult for you both but a positive attitude and a determination to work together will help no end. May every coming day be a happy one.
Word to the wise, family first blog last.
Best wishes to you and yours from me and mine,
Cassie K.


Glad the sun is coming out from behind the grey clouds for you and your family. Here’s wishing your wife a full and speedy and recovery over the weeks ahead.

Frederick Davies

Great news! Best wishes to your other half.

Henry chance

Race for the Cure. We are doing our part. My nieces daughters finished in the top 10 at ages 9 and 12 out of 500 plus women in the race. Their cousin sets world records in the 5k. There will be a cure one day.
Yes it is an anxious time waiting for them to give a report on the lymph nodes.
I will admit this health issue is much greater than the potential fear of health issues pushed by the greenies.

Phillip Bratby

Here’s to a full recovery and best wishes to you and all the family after a very trying time.


Over the bloody moon for you and your wife Anthony.
Please pass on my (and your frequent readers) greatest regards and best wishes to your wife.