Friday funny – An update on 'Subsidy Sam'

SubsidySambook_smJosh writes: You may remember a Friday funny post back in April about “Subsidy Sam” a story written by Lyndsey Ward which got a good amount of news coverage at the time.

We have now turned it into a book with more cartoons and the PDF is free to download via the Cartoons by Josh website.

Please share the story as widely as possible and, if you can, please donate something so we can complete a second story, aimed much more for children, called ‘Timmy the Tiny Turbine’. As Lyndsey explains

‘Subsidy Sam’ was written as a satire and to poke fun at the wind industry and the politicians who support it and parrot their propaganda with no real research into the adverse impacts. It was not intended for children at all. ‘Timmy The Tiny Turbine’ has been written for children and is completely different with a moral message and a happy ending. We all love a happy ending! Hope you like it when it is published in August and please support the great work Josh has done for our campaign to get the truth out there.

So please do head over to the website, download the book, share and donate! Many thanks, Josh.

20 thoughts on “Friday funny – An update on 'Subsidy Sam'

  1. Josh,
    Please do Elon Musk next. Lefties liken him to Iron man, though his only superpower is subsidies.

  2. Love Greenies being hoist by their own petard. Seems to happen a lot. They never learn!

  3. OT but news flash. A group of thirteen Republican AGs have threated to go after alarmists for fraud. See the full story at AmericanThinker dot com. Anthony may want to chime in on this.

  4. I’m afraid my previous post has disappeared. A group of 13 Republican AGs have threated to prosecute Alarmists for fraud. Anthony may want to look into this.

  5. Anthony, can you please tell Josh there’s a problem on the donate page? I am trying to use a credit card, but the page is asking for a ‘County’ in the UK when I try complete the donation for my US credit card. I have selected the US as my country, but it still insists I list a ‘County’ from the UK.

  6. The cover character reminds me of Hank Caruso’s work. Used to see his work all the time back in my Navy days.

  7. Could you also finish off the solar CSP sector? It’s circling the drain and just needs a little push at this point.

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