Friday funny – Subsidy Sam in the news!

Josh writes:’Subsidy Sam’ is a children’s story written by Lyndsey Ward to counter the shameless pro-wind propaganda allowed in schools. Lyndsey asked me to help out with a cartoon and I was only too happy to oblige. Today ‘Subsidy Sam’ made it into The Press and Journal, a Scottish newspaper – see below.


You can read the whole story on the Wind Energy’s Absurd Facebook page and, as Lyndsey suggests, please do post/share/Tweet/Facebook as much as you can. I will update with a link to the online version when it becomes available.

Here is the cartoon on its own should you need it.


Cartoons by Josh


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Sweet Old Bob

And ….it looks like SS has blood on his blades…..

bit chilly

bird blood to be precise . another classic from josh . nice to see scots fighting back against this nonsense .i wonder how much we will have to pay for the decommissioning in future years once all the taxpayer subsidy leeches have cleared out.


You assume the subsidy leaches will clear out. They never will. They’ll just move to the next phony scam to make sure you and I have thinner wallets. It never ends.

You can support the Scots in their fight against the wind scam and the associated troughers at


No decommissioning — won’t be affordable. They’ll just rust & fall apart.


Oops, can’t call him “SS” – maybe “SuS”?
(Re: Skeptical Science isn’t “SS” it is “SkS”.)


Given the behavior of so many warmists, perhaps the banned moniker is actually more accurate.


Which is precisely why we don’t use it. A direct parody of their propaganda is one thing. Accusations of Nazism will only cause people to stop listening.


So I work on the old Navy base in Alameda and Google has been testing this tethered airfoil to generate power. I’ve watched it run while testing. Those four props run at very high RPMs and the thing is going to be a very efficient bird dicer. Meanwhile, out at the Altamont Pass, smaller, faster turning wind turbines are being replaced by larger, slower turbines in an effort to reduce bird strikes.
Go figure……

Rainer Bensch

Go figure… I did.
They want to develop energy kites. Some questions here:


Yep, it is blood. Blood from all the raptors these things kill.


..Josh, I think you should have added a few more birds !! LOL

Bruce Cobb

How about one on “Scam-I-Am Solar”?

Green Subsidies and Scam.

Steve Fraser



Subsidy Sam / Subsidy Scam
Hey, I saw what Josh did there! 🙂

Tom in Florida

From the article :
“Caithness campaigner Brenda Herrick successfully fought to have turbines removed from school grounds after a series of incidents involving faulty towers”
Perhaps they should have capitalized “Faulty Towers”, in would be more appropriate.

Tom in Florida

should be Fawlty Towers.

Or Farty Towels

Gard R. Rise

Fatty Owls


How about “Foultry Towers”?


Shouldn’t that be ‘Fowltry Towers’?


Flowery Twats?

We’re delighted to see Subsidy Sam flying round the world, as he never did very much in Scotland except to liberate his component parts and gobble up consumers’ money. This is really grabbing people’s attention, so very well done Lyndsey, and thank you to everyone who has shared on social media and forwarded by e mail thus far.

Thanks Josh for the great cartoon and thanks to the funny and sharp wind fighting face book page from Scotland,, for posting and sharing across the world. Wind Energy is Absurd and I hope this goes some way to show that.

I’m sorry to report this project fits very well on this side of the pond. Of course, a lot of the wind developers here like Iberdrola and EDPR merely see us as a great chance to expand their business. And help our communities with all the money they’ll bring in.

It is worldwide Ric. I have had excellent feed back with people recognising Subsidy Sam as their own particular wind parasite. Doesn’t matter what the language is the wind developer hand book is the same.

Well done Lyndsey and Josh. Lovin Subsidy S(c)am!!


Great story, Lnydsey.. 🙂
AG from Australia.


Be glad you don’t type like I do !!!
Great story, Lyndsey ! 🙂


Solar and wind technologies have their [limited] value, but not as environmentally friendly, generally available energy solutions.


Subsidy Sam, Grumpy old Sam can be heard sighing kilometers away, occasionally lashes out at passing birds, gets melancholy in summer and doesn’t move about much in the heat and collects disability benefits for much of the year due to lack of mobility issues.
Sounds like quite a guy 😀


When I moved onto my mountain we used solar because we had no other system then the wiring was made available so we now have regular electricity. Solar is great when you have nothing else.


Really? I thought it would be about Pachauri’s big day in court this week…

Subsidy Sam is the equivalent of the poor (street) pusher man.
Poor Sam only gets a tiny piece of the action as millions of people are robbed in his name, the loot is funnelled into the “proper” pockets, who dribble a wee bit onto the useful idiot who has to endure the wrath of those who believed.
The German Comic who proclaimed the new symbol of this religion, the spinning crucifix, had it right.
What gets me are all the “Save the bird” organizations who are wilfully blind to both the butchery and uselessness inherent in these windmills.
Kill the birds for a feeling of righteousness.?

Great collaboration between Josh (pic) and Lyndsey (words). Now I’m off to continue to develop my grant funded solar powered torch

I have often wondered when people would realize that the windmills that require subsidies are not worth it. If they were economically feasible then there would be no need for a subsidy.
But I have wondered much more if the “environmentalists” would wake up to the wanton slaughter of birds and bats by these large bird-choppers.

Julian Williams in Wales

often their anger against people is greater than their love of nature and birds


Down the wind hole!
Mr. Racketeer -Tear down this windmill.


Link to the text of the Subsidy Sam story, for those who can’t read it via Facebook.

Julian Williams in Wales

Some years ago I was involved in a campaign against a turbine development. I cast the greens as vulturescomment image


Vultures feed on the dead, _parasites_ feed on the living.

Pamela Gray

Except vultures also meet their fate at the end of a blade. I can’t imagine what California greens were thinking, after the decades and decades of the front page news about California Condors, when they let wind turbines into Condor flying space. But then again, hypocritical thought is par for the course in that strange land.


CAGW has a magical property. It enables politicians to extract billions of dollars from taxpayers and use those dollars to pay the politician’s friends to build things that are not needed and don’t work. In the end the friends go bankrupt and the dollars are nowhere to be found.
In the process somehow the politicians and their friends have become wealthy.
And you think you can defeat something that powerful with logic?

Julian Williams in Wales

If you build a solar or wind-farm in the UK you get a tax exempt, inflation linked subsidy for 20 – 25 years. So you do not go bankrupt, you up-sticks and buy a place somewhere beautiful far away from the useless environmentally destructive wealth creating carnage that the government paid you to build.

Crispin in Waterloo but really in Beijing

It would be interesting to follow the anti-windmill movement to see if they start carving out a territory within the UK, and then to find out if that is where the windmill owners live, secretly financing the anti movement.
Being paid to build and as captured in the story, paid not to generate, is a scammers dream. It sounds something invented by a British trade union or a Medieval Guild. “Can’t touch me, I’m green!”
All they need now is an innocent whipping boy to take the blame for something he had nothing to do with. Oh, right, Mr Carbon in his intoxidised state. Someone is drunk on (chemical) power.


Meanwhile Obama is preaching with fire and damnation on Brexit. Don’t make it 40 lashes.

Gunga din

I like the green eyes.


Here is an excerpt of Subsidy Sam – entertaining reading:
I like the cast of characters:
Subsidy Sam – the wind turbine
Green Scam Renewables – the firm that supplied and built Sam
Mr and Mrs McWeasel – wealthy jet-setting owner of Green Scam, and his and wife
Madame De Gaulle – headmistress of nearby school (harassed by Subsidy Sam)
Lord Grabbit – landowner of the whole area


I love it – the Press and Journal (or the P&J as it is known as in Aberdeenshire) is in the news on WUWT: Fame at last.


Gee, I wonder why the Germans just slammed the door on wind projects while starting anew with lowest bidder solar. They may actually get it right this time.


We need the Subsidy Sam cartoon here in the province of Ontario. A recent private member’s bill (a bill from a party NOT in power) to scrap the latest proposed windmill farm was defeated by the Liberal government. This government, in power since 2003, has pushed “green” energy down the throats of its citizens, allowing windmills to be placed as close as 550m (600 yds.) to a home or business. Hundreds of people have registered complaints with the government regarding ill-health effects to no avail. Electricity prices in Ontario have gone from the lowest in Canada to the highest with rates doubling over the last 10 years. Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs over that period due to soaring electricity rates. Dozens of municipalities in south-western Ontario have stated they would not willingly accept any windfarms. Local government and their citizens have no say in the placement of windmills. The “Green Energy Act”, passed by the Liberal government, allows “Green” energy projects to bypass normal environmental assessment regulations or public consultations. It’s full “green” ahead for this government despite the fact that average wind output (according to my own tracking via the website) is only 30% of capacity. HELP! COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO PUT PARAGRAPHS ON THIS SITE. USUALLY THE TAB KEY DOES THE TRICK, BUT NOT THIS TIME

try control and enter. Works on Facebook?


I’m sorry……..I thought Canada has discovered more fossil fuel than resides beneath Saudi Arabia. WHY would you possibly need to put up “bird grinders” for electricity????????????


Here is a funny for you. This is a headline in USA Today.

Ice melt forces polar bears into paths of Alaska schoolchildren

Yesterday I drove the length of Holland, from Groeningen in the far north down south into Belgium. There is an astonishing number of wind turbines in the north of the country. For the first half if the journey there was scarcely a moment when I could not see one or more turbines. Along the coast there were arrays of hundreds of them.
Years ago when I learned to fly a light plane (Cessna 152) abig part of training was trying to find a safe place to make an emergency landing in case of engine failure. Wind turbines make this impossible in such places as north Holland.

Gary Pearse

Nice cartoon and a wonderful way to pushback. I believe an entire counter children’s literature on all the variety of propaganda interfering with education of children would be a natural progression of how to deal with this. Maybe you could add an “Angry Bird” standing on the nose of SSam and staring into his eyes.