IPCC Sexual Harassment Case: Two More Women Come Forward


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Two more women have stepped forward, accusing ex UN IPCC Climate Chief Rajendra Pachauri of workplace sexual harassment.

Former UN climate change chief to face trial for sexual harassment of employees

Two more women file claims against Rajendra Pachauri after 29-year-old colleague from Energy and Resources Institute speaks out.

A court in Delhi has ruled that Rajendra Pachauri, the former chairman of a Nobel prize-winning UN panel on climate change, will stand trial on charges of stalking and sexual harassment of a former employee.

A 29-year-old former employee of The Energy and Resources Institute (Teri), based in the Indian capital, filed a police report against Pachauri last year. She said Pachauri, who led the organisation, had made inappropriate advances soon after she joined in 2013.

Earlier this year police filed 1,400 pages of evidence, including text messages and emails from Pachauri, and testimony from 23 witnesses, many of them Teri employees. Judge Shivani Chauhan said the evidence was sufficient to proceed with the trial.

“There are allegations against the accused that he made sexually coloured remarks upon the complainant on several occasions,” she said. “He touched the complainant inappropriately, despite a clear expression of disapproval from her side. He also sent inappropriate SMS and WhatsApp messages to the complainant.”

Since the initial police report, two other women have made public statements against Pachauri, accusing him of sexual abuse in the workplace.

Read more: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/may/14/un-climate-chief-pachauri-faces-sexual-abuse-trial

The women who were allegedly subject to this abuse deserve our sympathy. But the fact Pachauri allegedly got away with gross sexual misconduct for an extended period, in my opinion opens real questions about the broader conduct of the IPCC. If the UN IPCC’s less than transparent workplace culture facilitated the coverup of outrageous sexual abuse and bullying by the boss over an extended period, what else are they concealing?

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    • ‘The respected anti-hate blog DeSmogBlog today dropped a bombshell that could derail the persecution case against former IPCC visionary Rajendra Pachauri.’
      Respected? Anti-hate? LMTO.

      • When they’re ugly lying ba#*ards, they’re really ugly lying ba#*ards!

        “Very little upsets me,” says Joe Romm”

        Very little upsets Joe Romm? Somehow, I think he means that explicitly where almost noting sets of Joe’s bun burners.
        No wonder he lacks hirsuteness. The smell of burning hair follows Joe Romm; since we know what burns first, that isn’t a good thing.

        “…Romm says it was the “T” in TERI that first made him suspicious and angry.
        “Who includes the definite article in an acronym?” fumes the scientist, referring to the English word the. “I mean, who does that?”

        A capital “T” fired off Romm’s boosters this time resulting in Joe’s furious digging…
        Courtesy the Music Man musical:
        “Trouble. I’m talkin’ ’bout trouble, with a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for pool.
        Ya Got Trouble.”
        Darn that TERI pool of women for frustrated Pachuri.
        But, as anyone who searches for information relating to any one of thousands of companies has discovered; Companies that begin their name with ‘The’, mean that definite article.
        e.g. “The North Face”

    • So DeSmogBlog is going to list the three women as being Disinformers because they worked at TERI? Surely that means that they also have to list TERI’s Director General Pachauri as being a Disinformer.

    • I am reminded of Hilary Clinton’s assaults on the women who were victims of Bill.
      What a filthy, low down sexist attack by Clipe. How desperate are the Warmists these days?

  1. what else are they concealing?
    It’s not so much what they are concealing, look at the GWU issues from this week, as the fact that these are people that are so unprincipled that they will do and say anything to advance their own position.When they find political patrons they just make up the stories that please their masters … (i.e., they really are wretchedly pathetic individuals)

  2. You bastards, airing these allegations just to bring down a good man who has done so much to save the World.

  3. “what else is he concealing?”
    he admitted that the glaciergate lie was meant to stimulate policy makers into taking action to tackle climate change. this means that he pleads guilty to fraud. so why is he not being charged with fraud under article 420 of the criminal code in india?

    • No, that was Lal, head of the Asia group (or one of the heads), who made the admission to David Rose of the Daily Mail. He denied he’d confessed after publication. Rose unfortunately didn’t have him recorded.

    • From the quote above;
      “… Earlier this year police filed 1,400 pages of evidence, including text messages and emails from Pachauri, and testimony from 23 witnesses, many of them Teri employees. …”
      If Teri employees witnessed the alleged harassment, I suggest it reasonable to conclude many of the alleged incidents occurred in a workplace setting. In any case, there was an employer / employee relationship between Pachauri and his accuser.

    • Good question.

      The man who wrote those messages is a sexual predator. He is a boss who preys on women four decades younger than himself. A boss who uses his position of power to torment others.
      It requires an astonishing moral blindness to believe that a man who behaved this way in one area of his professional life was a model citizen in his capacity as chairman of the IPCC. Corporations know that when sexual harassment allegations are made, things get serious. Everyone gets grilled as to what they saw, what they heard, and what they did about it.
      And yet, to this day, the United Nations has taken no steps to investigate whether women associated with the IPCC were similarly victimized.


      • “Good question….
        And yet, to this day, the United Nations has taken no steps to investigate whether women associated with the IPCC were similarly victimized.”

        So it seems the answer is, no. Although there also doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence about what the UN has done about it.

    • Eric,
      ” I suggest it reasonable to conclude many of the alleged incidents occurred in a workplace setting. In any case, there was an employer / employee relationship between Pachauri and his accuser.”
      I’m sure they did. But you specifically spoke of the IPCC workplace culture. All that you have written about seems to have happened at TERI, in India, which is not an IPCC organisation.

      • Nick, all you are doing is exposing your moral blind spot.
        I suppose you see no problem with an old Bill Clinton messing with your young daughter, unlike most fathers would.

      • No, I am not defending Pauchari. Just saying there is no evidence that IPCC workplace culture was involved. These events happened at TERI.

      • Nick you dumb phuck, it’s all about the sexual predator Pachauri not whether or not he did his dirty deeds while attached to TERI or the IPCC. Either way, he’s damaged goods and it only taints you with a foul smell in your blind fealty to “the cause”.

      • Mods are you OK with insults of this nature when all NS is doing is raising an interesting point?
        “Nick you dumb phuck”

      • Nick,
        It doesn’t matter which building he happens to be stood in. He will always be a pervert anywhere he is.
        I’ve lost some respect for you as I always thought you conducted yourself with dignity here at WUWT. Now it seems like you’re trying to make excuses for Pachy the Pervert.

      • “Now it seems like you’re trying to make excuses…”
        No, not excusing Pachauri. Just resisting the stretched attempt to spin it as a knock on IPCC workplace culture. The events happened at TERI.

      • The UN is rotten and please reply if you are willing to consider numerous examples, including moving weapons for rebels in Sudan.

      • or a detailed breakdown of how they let Rwanda happen because three UN nations supported the genocidal maniacs

      • or the fact the US is the primary funder of the UN, and Obama decided CAGW is real and gave his daughter Asthma 😀
        It doesn’t take a genius to figure out you can take over an organization by providing it’s funding, just like Gates has with the WHO.

      • Shub, yep—at least on the plane, where a certain young researcher “heaped a massive insult upon” Pachauri by preferring to sit in economy class rather than by his side, in what seems to have been a typically-petty female retaliation for the perfectly well-meaning mistake of handing her a note detailing his dream the previous night, from which he’d awoken “at the critical moment” while “doing the preliminaries of making love” to her.

      • Nick do you believe Pachauri is being stitched yup by “deniers”?
        We dont need pachauri to taint the UN, they just killed a load of people in Haiti

    • There was substantial crossover between IPCC and Teri. For example, they both had the same boss.
      When we traced its [IPCC] claim that the Himalayan glaciers would have all but melted by 2035 to an obscure Indian scientist quoted by WWF (a claim so mad that even the IPCC had to withdraw it), we were even more amazed to find that Pachauri had hired the man responsible to be Teri’s chief glacier expert.
      He may now finally have gone, But the damage he did to the IPCC’s credibility as a serious scientific body is irreparable. What a pity the politicians of the West, led by President Obama and our own here in Britain, still don’t seem to have noticed.


    • Yes, if you define any conference taking place under the auspices of the IPCC as the workplace, but legal restrictions prevented the emails and associated files from being kept let alone made public.

      • Ruth,
        I hate to say it but there you go: the fact that he had to be “surreptitious” about his activities as a text-starved textual predator clearly mark out the IPCC setting from the Delhi Habitat Centre that houses TERI’s headquarters, where such amorous pastimes can be, and are, pursued openly.

    • Nick

      Is there any evidence any of this happened in an IPCC workplace?

      What about the words of the great man himself?

      Here I am sitting and chairing an IPCC meeting and surreptitiously sending you messages.

      But then again, Nick, maybe he’s the victim? And his cellphone, his email-accounts, and even hands and body, were ‘hacked’ by “unknown cyber criminals” and remained so for years) as part of a wider (fossil industry funded?) conspiracy to discredit him and his work on climate change.

      • “What about the words of the great man himself?”
        Well, that “workplace” was a Sheraton hotel in Georgia. And the surreptitious message was to a TERI employee in India.
        The thing is, the spin in this article was:
        “If the UN IPCC’s less than transparent workplace culture facilitated the coverup of outrageous sexual abuse and bullying by the boss over an extended period, what else are they concealing?”
        and there is no evidence that IPCC workplaces were involved at all, or that the IPCC covered up anything.

    • @ Gary, 8:37 pm may14, Thanks for that link and the report. This whole case stinks to high heaven! I hope this wll shut up the CBC ( although I doubt it, pravda is alive and well in Canada!)

  4. David Suzuki is just as creepy as Pachauri.
    Asks for all young female bodyguards who “must dress appropriately”.
    These people think they are ageing rock stars

  5. Even if evidence is produced that shows the behavior extended to IPCC/UN climate activities, he is beyond suit/prosecution because of UN immunity (which =impunity). I suspect his UN/IPCC actionable behavior probably started first because of the immunity.

    • He’s not immune. He can only be immune from things that happen as a result of his UN duties, sexually harassing women is not part of UN duties as far as I can tell :p

      • Generally true except for senior UN officials who enjoy the equivalent of super diplomatic immunity–i.e., absolute immunity–look up the sexual harassment case against the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers. US 2nd Cir Ct of Appeals in NY confirmed his immunity from sexual assault charges was absolute. Pure impunity.

        • That’s appalling yet somehow unsurprising by now.
          We all remember when the IPCC was declared, by virtue of its location on international soil in Turtle Bay, NY, to have blanket immunity to the rules of science.

      • He is not immune, c’mon, if he cut off the head of a UN employee do you think he is immune.. no.
        he has professional immunity, as in anything caused by the execution of his UN role, for example the Cholera deaths in Haiti, cannot be prosecuted.
        But if you rape some girl working for the UN you are NOT immune

  6. Too bad they can use false accusations of hacking as well as inappropriate use of secrecy laws to keep information private or the real extent would be revealed. It is not just the IPCC. It would appear that demands for sexual favours in return for fair treatment in promotion prospects is commonplace in the whole climate science field and maybe in academia generally for all I know. It is not just young women who have this problem either.

    • the majority of bang average young actors in Hollywood know exactly what you are talking about 😀

  7. He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy. (a.k.a Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Scientist). As we were warmed. I mean – warned.

  8. Definitely up on the wrong charges. But I guess destruction of the reputation of the IPCC is not frameable.

  9. What is surprising about this story is that I have not seen any reference to all of this in the wider media. WUWT is the only place I have read about it. A case such as this against any other figure of Worldwide reputation would have received extensive publicity in the press, particularly with the BBC and the Guardian. It looks very much like a case of ‘look after our own in case it reacts badly against the wider cause of AGW, which we are struggling to convince an increasingly sceptical public to accept’.

  10. You said, “If the UN IPCC’s less than transparent workplace culture facilitated the coverup of outrageous sexual abuse and bullying by the boss over an extended period, what else are they concealing?” If you find something, warn us not to be eating while we read about it.

  11. He’s obviously a serial sexual abuser and pervert. It would strain credulity to think that his proclivities would be confined to one setting only.

  12. You simply can’t make this stuff, especially considering the guy looks like some Frank Oz or George Lucas creation.
    Revealed: the racy novel written by the world’s most powerful climate scientist
    The chair of the UN’s panel on climate change Dr Rajendra Pachauri has taken a break from writing academic papers on global warming to pen a racy romantic novel.

  13. I just wanted to point out that perhaps by mistake, in this story you used the picture of the Neanderthal from an earlier story, instead of a photo of the ex-UN IPCC Climate Chief who I am sure must have highly-evolved grooming standards and plenty of money to pay someone to make him look good.
    Well, the resemblance is uncanny so the confusion is understandable.

  14. I am sure Naomi “a Lightning Rod in a Changing Climate” Oreskes has a non-ideational and parsimonious explanation, like “it’s a setup”, or “there is a force field around me when I am in India so men cannot sexually harass me in India” or “his hands were hacked”.

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