Monday Mirthiness: Mann Flies the Friendly Skies

From the “I’m sorry sir, you’ll have to check that ego with baggage, you can’t carry it on” department comes this ironic missive from Michael Mann. Gate agents have quite a bit of leeway, and it’s just shocking they’d treat a fake Nobel Laureate this way.


h/t to Tom Nelson. Mann should be more retrospective, climate forecasts aren’t guaranteed either. Maybe he is just miffed that his jet-setting buddy Leo didn’t send his private jet for him.


From a Guardian article, click to read it

Sure everybody has their gripes with airlines, I recently had one with Delta. But I don’t fly fossil fueled airplanes hypocritically:

“What is our future? That depends on us,” he said. “If we could stop burning fossil fuels today we could reduce climate sensitivity by 2.5 degrees Celsius (roughly four degrees Fahrenheit). “

It’s not too late for individuals to do their part, Mann said. By making simple modifications — using energy efficient light bulbs, driving a fuel efficient vehicle (or better yet, using publictransportation), recycling, insulating, composting and powering down electrical devices every night can go a long way on curtailing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing the earth’s carbon footprint.

“We frame the issue as a scientific problem or an economic problem, but to me it’s a problem of ethics,” Mann said. “We have to make sure we make decisions today that determine the future of the planet for our children and our grandchildren.”


Will Mann ever “do his part”? Doubtful, he doesn’t even have solar power on his home.

132 thoughts on “Monday Mirthiness: Mann Flies the Friendly Skies

    • Oh the humanity!
      Tsk, tsk, such first world problems for Mikey.
      Think of the impact this idiot has had on third world citizens by limiting their access to fossil fuels.

      • Oh, man’s inhumanity to Mann!
        Had confirmed Nobel Prize. Now it’s gone, instead a nobody. Nobel Committee unapologetic: ‘no trophy for participation’. @ Nobel Prize is #topofthebarrel
        Had confirmed Hockey Stick graph. Now it’s gone, instead more accurate reconstructions of the actual globe. IPCC unapologetic: ‘your chart made a laughing stock of our reports’. @IPCC is #bottomlessbarrel
        Had confirmed celebrity status. Now it’s gone, instead filing law suits. Civil courts unapologetic: ‘full disclosure will be required’. @ FOIA is #infrontofabarrel
        And now the 5′ 6″ passenger who doesn’t need the leg room and was most likely LATE checking in can’t have an aisle seat????? It obviously causes a very painful (indignant) dissonance to be treated just like everyone else when you spend most of your time in a fantasy bubble in which you are treated with deference. Tweeting about it as if it is some kind of savage injustice demonstrates a disconnect from reality as the rest of us know it.

      • Well his ” use energy efficient light bulbs ” is a good piece of advice. I don’t think there is a greater efficiency increase available than comes from converting from Edison black body radiator light bulbs, to solid state (LED) lighting.
        The problem is that Edison bulbs which operate at one half the surface Temperature of the sun, convert most of their very expensive high quality energy (electricity) into mostly the residue garbage of the energy spectrum; ” heat ” (noun).
        Thermodynamics then prohibits the complete return to a useful form of energy.
        Well I’m not going to do a dissertation on the design of energy efficient lighting; but it is a huge leap in operating efficiency.
        However ! artificial lighting is actually a fairly small but very important segment of our energy usage, so a big improvement in a small sector my not be as fruitful as a more modest improvement in a more energy consuming sector.
        In fairness, some applications of Edison lighting, also use the waste heat by product as a portion of the energy used for Temperature control in buildings etc.
        Off grid solar with battery storage, and LED lighting can be a useful package to use in small remote locations, to improve quality of life in undeveloped regions.
        But the end of fossil ‘ores’ for energy and advanced materials, is a pipe dream, that only idiots could embrace.

      • the residue garbage of the energy spectrum; ” heat ”
        move to Canada. Edison bulbs are your friend. Cheap, reliable, no toxic chemicals to dispose of. The design is brilliant because as the days get shorter in winter you use the lights more which heats the house more. What could be more efficient?
        Instead we get florescent bulbs. That take forever to warm up. Can’t dispose of them. Cost and arm and a leg. And fail quickly if you turn them on and off trying to save energy like Mann suggests..

      • Had confirmed Nobel Prize. Now it’s gone

        Strike 1!

        Had confirmed Hockey Stick graph. Now it’s gone

        Steeeerike 2!

        Had confirmed celebrity status. Now it’s gone

        … aaaand he’s OUTTA there!
        @ Aphan: Powerfully worded summary!

      • Louis:
        Consider those poor folks sitting in the aisle and window seats. When a poorly tempered Manniacal drops into the middle seat while feeling he should be in the aisle seat.
        Many airlines do not change confirmed passenger seating until the door is closed and the plane is ready to back up.
        That makes Mann very late to the plane indeed. A plane that had it’s engines idling for the whole time that they had to open the door and let miss late one in.
        I hope Manniacal got a robust “Who do you think you are?” from both aisle and window seat passengers.

      • Theo, how else could you be called out for everyone to hear your name to hurry to the gate because your plane is ready to take off?

  1. Clearly, Mike is far too important to fly with the plebs. He should go private jet next time. Maybe his buddies Leo or Al can lend him one of give him a lift when they are off to their next climate conference.

    • Perhaps a minority of one, but I think MM’s tweet, above, is but yet another over-flow addition to the critical-mass “excesses” of our betters, so gross that they have finally raised the consciousness of us coolie-trash, cull-magnet, “little-guy” herdling-nobodies to the sticking point and produced, on our part, a pitchfork-normative, agitated-peon push-back so momentous as to register at a “Hindenberg-KABLOOEY!!!” meltdown-strength on the “Dust-bin of History” scale, thereby throwing our betters’ heretofore comfy, little, insulated, hive-bubble world into a mega-crisis.
      And if there is any doubt that our betters are caught up, at the moment, in a spastic-Brahmin, berzerker-nutso, panic-attack mode, look no further than the gibbering-dork hyper-rant, lately penned by a certain, improbable gent, who it appears bears the burden of the tastefully-understated, WASP-booger name, Chris Hedges (Google: “Chris Hedges the revenge of the lower classes and the rise of American fascism March 2, 2016”). And since Chris’s snooty, little tirade (teaser: Chris’s froth-friendly fulmination even employs the “n-word”, but all spelled out, I mean!–I’M NOT KIDDING!!!!) defies paraphrase, I’ll only briefly note here that Chris has, like, a really, really, big, big “problem” with “hypermasculinity” (Surprise! Surprise!), and, also, that Chris calls Trump “Il Duce” (and when Chris unloads that zinger, I ask you, dear reader, if an imagined Chris doesn’t just spring to life, for you as it did for moi, in your mind’s eye and ear, with him there all a-blaze in high-dudgeon grandeur, with his privileged-white-snob nose in the air, and with his dainty lips all pursed-up in disapproval, as he rolls “Il Duce” off his patrician tongue, in tone-perfect Florentine (providing, in the process, a sharp contrast with the haughty fry-tones of his work-a-day, honkey English), and with a subtle emphasis on the “ch” pronunciation of the Italian “c” so as to rub the hoi-polloi’s collective nose in its mono-lingual inferiority). GOOD STUFF!!! I mean, like, ol’ Chris is a real piece of work and a real trip, all right!
      But even as one enjoys Chris’s little, revved-up malediction on all that is not so, so precious and hoity-toity, you can’t help, at the same time, but wonder just what the hive-masters are thinking, now-a-days. I mean, like, do a Goggle-images search with term “Chris Hedges truthdig”. See what I mean? I mean, like, can’t our betters get it through their thick, Philosopher-King “Paracas-Skulls”, just how freakin’ misguided it is to choose, as the vessel of their “Hail Mary”, silver-bullet, take-out-Trump, “Fascist”-card, deal-from-the-bottom, agit-prop masterstroke, some bozo who looks like Major Arnold Ernst Toht’s doppel-ganger? Jeez…no wonder the hive is goin’ down.
      Well, anyway, let me just close with some condign words, that might someday be spoken by Naomi Oreskes, especially if she were ever to get a little tipsy, and if, in that state, some one in her little, group-think, chit-chat circle were to boorishly allude to her former glories in the context of that “other Naomi”: “I am big!–it’s the Gaia-hustles that got small!”

      • Hi, AB 🙂 — Yeah, all ol’ Abe/mike left out was “magical heateristical hotterism.” LOVE that description of AGW. I have GOT to remember to stop putting hippies down…. 🙂

      • Janice:
        You put ‘hippies’ where?
        let’s see, when food is saved, it is put up.
        When critters are allowed to do their business; they’re put out.
        when one finishes with toys or tools, they’re put away.
        When food is consumed, it is put away.
        When you take your terminally ill pet to the vet, they’re put … ouch!
        No no, I was never a hippie…

  2. “We frame the issue as a scientific problem or an economic problem, but to me it’s a problem of ethics,” Mann said.
    That’s the problem. If the speaker has no ethics, then he’s exempt form the global warming rules and goals.

      • Michael (Napoleon Pig) Mann squeals with delight at the prospect of saving the planet from the horrors of gaseous plant food. He vows to leave no log unturned (or adjusted) in a fanatical bid to locate and consume copious quantities of communal truffles. Certainly, we must be colored selfish in daring to deny this hero the lion’s (or pig, as it were) share of the fragrant fungus.
        Obviously, United failed to realize they were transporting a being capable of single-handedly eradicating problematic temperature diversions with a single unannotated splice. “Middle seat…how very gauche!”

  3. Mann is an academic from his Ivory Tower at Penn State. He has shown the rigor of a comic book writer. The CAGW faze almost lasted to his retirement, but the charade is now on its final legs.

  4. Wasn’t there a Seinfeld episode about being stuck in economy vs. flying first class? 🙂

    • Jerry was upgraded, Elaine was in economy, they kept flipping back and forth between the two. Jerry would be sipping Champagne, Elaine would be drinking from a pop can, Jerry would be eating filet of sole, Elaine would be eating peanuts, Jerry would be indulging in the hot towels, ….
      It’s really one of the better crafted scripts, and I’ve always been a fan of the way Larry David structures a story

      • Jerry’s reason that he should have the first class seat instead of Elaine was “Once you have flown 1st class you can’t go back to coach”.
        Perhaps that is the same for Mann, once you get used to all the modern conveniences, it’s hard to do without, no matter what you tell everyone else. Goes right along with their “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others” mantra.

  5. ..Shouldn’t Mann and DeCrapeo PROVE their is a problem first, before we spend trillions trying to ” Fix It ” ?

    • Really? You were expecting LOGIC to prevail? You are right of course but that apparently makes little difference.

  6. He uses a single experience to reach a sweeping conclusion about an entire airline? Hmm. Good thing he doesn’t use such logic in his professional life. Oh, wait…

  7. Based on Mann’s comments about conversations with a Hollywood stuffed shirt I’d guess that he’s a sycophant, and will do just about anything for attention and his own perceived relevance. You don’t spend hours talking nuance to anyone from Hollywood, damn, I work in and around Telecom and TV. Guys that work on the content production side of the business have an attention span of about … wait, shiny object … not the people you talk substance with.

    • From what I’ve read, Decaprio is an exception.
      Both he and Adam Sandler are supposed to be extremely intelligent.

      • … and yet, Decaprio believes in AGW when there is no evidence that it is true. Not too bright.

      • Being intelligent doesn’t guarantee common sense or even sanity:
        (DiCaprio) “says he was shocked and “terrified” when a “sudden warm gust of wind” melted “eight feet of snow.”
        “As a Calgary native, I’m happy to explain what a “chinook” is to “weather expert” and climate change activist DiCaprio.
        It’s a natural weather phenomenon that gives Calgarians a break from winter:
        Some people go skiing in shorts, for example. It’s awesome.”

      • don’t confuse charming and quick witted with the ability to reason, and extremely intelligent by Hollywood standards is that you can read past the 8th grade level, (there aren’t 150 script coaches at the TW Studios in Burbank for no good reason).

      • There’s a thing called effective intelligence. If absent from a person’s make-up. it’s perfectly possible to be bright, keen, committed and clueless.

      • Yeah, he’s smart. I remember him interviewing Algore and confusing ozone depletion with global warming.

      • “Both he and Adam Sandler are supposed to be extremely intelligent.”
        I’ve seen no evidence of that…
        Their acting is pretty much on a par with each other, though.

  8. “If we could stop burning fossil fuels today we could reduce climate sensitivity by 2.5 degrees Celsius”
    That’s an odd thing to say – possibly a misquote. It is possible to reduce climate sensitivity by 2.5 degrees though simply by telling the truth.

    • You’re probably right about it being a misquote. I’d like to give Mann the benefit of the doubt, that he knows what climate sensitivity is. Then again…

      • Well, if he’s trying to say that the global temperature should be reduced by 2.5 degrees C and it would be possible to do it, then it would hasten the return of the guillotine.
        Gotta try to think positively.

      • “a PR sound bite, strictly meant for news releases”
        Um, is that another way of saying it’s a lie?

      • Well, they can’t prove that humans can raise global temperature 2.5°C. How in blazes do they expect humans to accomplish a reduction?
        Switch to more energy efficient light bulbs?
        Take fewer flights?
        Stop burning fossil fuels? And what? Burn trees, raise horses for transportation, oxen for plowing?
        What do they plan to smelt and refine metals with? Intermittent wind and solar? In between killing birds and bats?
        Yeah, sound bite solely for pretending there is a moral high ground. No reality, zero honesty, daft religious followers.

  9. Michael Mann says climate change should be framed as an ethical problem? HaHaHaHa! He got something absolutely right!
    In his case his ethical problem has warped into a legal problem. Can’t make this stuff up.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  10. I used to fly quite a lot, almost every week for 10 years, so i feel Mikey’s pain in that respect. Hated Southwest, I want a confirmed seat, not a free for all.
    But yeah, he is a major hypocrite. If he was flying for a meeting, about about video conference. If he was flying for pleasure, shame on him.

  11. Michael Mann — The Hockey Stick
    There was a crooked Mann
    Who played a crooked trick
    And had a crooked plan
    To make a crooked stick
    By using crooked math
    That favored crooked lines
    Lysenko’s crooked path
    Led through the crooked pines
    And all his crooked friends
    Applaud what crooked seems
    But all that crooked ends
    Derives from crooked means
    Eugene WR Gallun

  12. Hey Mike,
    Your seat is paid for by my tax dollars. You get what you get and be glad you get to fly at all. If we ever get a President that values real science in office, you’ll be out a job.

    • hanks for the link, Jpatrick. I was not surprised to see from Mann’s letter that he claims the slowdown (there was no pause) was down to ‘natural factors’, whereas the record hot periods (evah) are all down to man.
      What a curious assemblage of belief systems Mann is.

    • It amazes me that now the climate alarmists are more or less claiming that the warmth from an El Nino is caused by humans. Of course, when La Nina hits, and it will, that will be labelled as a natural cooling event. Do they really think that people are that stupid?

      • Children aren’t stupid (but they are ignorant), only most adults are stupid and brainwashed and chickens.
        Adults keep telling children “don’t smoke just because your friends do” and yet they do exactly that.
        All. The. Time. (97% guaranteed)

  13. I guess Mann’s ethics allow flying 1st Class to Europe rather than the more fuel conserving economy class. And he wants me to buy and electrical care or better yet take public transportation?

    • Mann doesn’t give a green olive what you do, just so you vote for statists who will pass the regulations and subsidies his bosses, the Enviroprofiteer Syndicate, want. Mann’s just a PR man. That’s all.

      • Janice…isn’t that a little like calling Bill Clinton the PR man for the foundation against the sexual abuse of women?
        That he still is flying in economy? Should tell him where in the food chain he is? I mean, even Ralph Nader rides first class.

      • Okay, fossilsage, lol. Mann is a failed PR man. A former PR man. A PR man in his own mind.

  14. If Mann stopped using Twitter and running bad computer models, how far would that go toward “curtailing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing the earth’s carbon footprint.”
    (PS The Earth has a carbon footprint? Who knew.)

  15. It is possible to travel by freighter between the USA and Europe and “emit” just 100 pounds of CO2. The cost is about 2,000 Euros and 13 to 18 days.

  16. With respect to:
    “It’s not too late for individuals to do their part, Mann said. By making simple modifications — using energy efficient light bulbs, driving a fuel efficient vehicle (or better yet, using public transportation), recycling, insulating, composting and powering down electrical devices every night can go a long way on curtailing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing the earth’s carbon footprint”…
    if Michael Mann were to do the numbers his reduction of emissions will be nowhere near his share of the 80% reduction of carbon emissions from 1990.
    It would probably be about maximum of 30% across everything. If he were to eschew all transport, he would knock off about 33%. He might get is a bit further towards 50% by not using IT etc, and not buying anything sourced more than ~30km from his front door. That really would be exemplary. MJK.

  17. “…he picked Al’s brain the entire night…” As the old folks used to say “it must have been pretty slim pickins”.
    Like Leondardo, I once had a conversation with a pharma exec on a flight. He relayed a story about Gore from Alan Simpson. It seems that Simpson didn’t think very highly of then Senator Gore. It appeared that Gore’s reputation in the Senate was one of being a hypocritical and shallow SOB. Simpson relayed that Gore would carry around a physics text, which he would open and feign reading when he saw someone of import approaching.

    • Check Al Gore’s Harvard transcript. Not much studying for that boy…if Daddy is a Senator the path to H is smooth.

  18. His aisle seat was confirmed how…using a model? Real-world results say he was in a middle seat.
    Wonder if Mann will sue.

    • I’m sure WUWT readers could come up with a $100 prize for the first gate agent or security scanner who told him

      “You’ll have to check that hockey stick, sir.”

  19. “If we could stop burning fossil fuels today we could reduce climate sensitivity by 2.5 degrees Celsius ”
    Climate sensitivity? I thought that was the alteration in temperature wrt alteration in Carbon Dioxide?

  20. The puppy can write computer code. He just does not seem to care whether it is consistent with history, as in how the Norse were farming in Greenland when his model has it colder than the last twenty years then.

  21. Used to fly a lot. Middle seats are in coach.
    OTH, stopped flying United when entire family showed up at Ohare depature gate for Colorado ski vacation, issued tickets in hand, baggage loaded, to find our ticketed seats had been given away by United computer glitch. Good thing had lots of miles, clout, and both United and American ops numbers for Ohare. Upshot was 4 first class upgrades on same flight.

  22. That munchkin should have been stuffed in the overhead bin. He’s is an enormous embarrassment to my alma mater, PSU.

  23. Oh Mann. My respect-o-meter for the king of scientific fraud just when down a notch. And I didn’t even think that was possible.

  24. Well I suggest that next time Mann goes to Paris for a hot air convention we loan him a canoe, a paddle, and a box of saltine crackers. For drinking water he can desalinate seawater using his prodigious ego.

    • Ha! Bill is back to the roots of American “progressivism”: the physical obstruction of others who do not obey their demands.
      The signature move of the 60’s left was the sit-down which was rapidly followed by 50+ years of obstruction through the use and abuse of the legal system. But golden oldies never die and “progressives” love to fall back to doing what they do best, obstructing those who are just trying to get some work done.

  25. Let me see if I got that right – DiCaprio and Gore were flying a redeye in 1st class and he picked Gore’s brain the entire flight? Best I can figure, DiCaprio doesn’t know how to ask a question because you should be able to “pick Gore’s brain” and get all useful information out of it in less time than it would have taken to taxi to takeoff. Then again. maybe even that was too much information for Leo to handle.

  26. From reading little Mikey Mann’s Twitter feed, I see that he Chinook denier. And he blows off two Canadian global warming true believers as trolls in doing so. Mikey, friendship is good, but when your Hollywonk friend is flat out wrong you really have to tell him.

  27. According to the www, Leonardo DiCaprio is 5 ft 11.5 in tall. He seems somewhat hunched over in the picture. How tall is the Mann? If the picture is any sort of a gauge, it must be less than the US average (for males) of 5 ft 9.5 in.
    Napoleon complex?

    • At six feet tall, his eyes at 5′ 6″, and he is slouching a few inches … that makes Mann 5′ 4″ (do the Napoleon Complex attributes inversely increase with respect to the difference between the average height?)
      Most people fib about their height ,,, a 5′ 10″ decaprio increases mann’s emotional instability.
      And as long as we are picking physical attributes … why is mann always so shinny?

  28. In case no one has said it before, Congratulations of Oscar Winner Michael Mann! (on account of having spoken with an actual Oscar Award Winner)

  29. “As one highly-paid professional faker to another, Leo, I’m glad we had this opportunity to talk. Maybe I can give you some tips.”

  30. On United, bare bones economy does not provide a guaranteed seat number, only a confirmed seat “somewhere.” Had he paid a little bit more, he could have had a specific seat.

    • So. We now have evidence of Mann’s poor reading comprehension. Pathetic (given what he touts himself to be, I mean — poor reading comprehension, per se, is not “pathetic;” for others, it is merely a challenge to overcome.)

  31. A middle seat for Mikey really is bad news–just not bad news for Mikey. it means two people have to share an arm rest with him.

  32. I an understand Michael’s anguish.
    The aisle seat has a much lower carbon footprint than the middle seat.

  33. A little insight into the Mann’s self importance.
    No wonder he won’t won’t release his emails!

  34. Wait until it’s his turn in the barrel. Sooner than MM expects, with luck, perhaps in a DC court.

  35. Taking all the stuff about “he should have walked/used a donkey/etc” as said, this is the sort of thing that annoys me too. So in this case he gets a bit of sympathy from me. It happens occasionally when they have to substitute a different plane with a different number of seats, and when it does, United are pretty good at trying to keep the same sorts of seats, but based upon the price paid for the ticket and the “seniority” of the passenger (what level you have in their frequent flyer scheme).
    Middle seats suck. No question about it.

  36. Funny how celebs start landing amazing roles and winning Oscars when they start pushing globalist agendas.

  37. Leonardo did not just drink, but chugged the global warming koolaid. What a senseless waste of human life…

  38. “We frame the issue as a scientific problem or an economic problem, but to me it’s a problem of ethics,” Mann said.
    As some wag once noted, ethics is just a nice way of saying that your price is higher than anyone elses.

  39. If I was following someone on Twitter who used their account to complain about being transferred from an aisle seat to the middle row I would click the Loser button and unfollow that person ASAP or I would be classified as a certified loser. Just sayin…

  40. “using energy efficient light bulbs, driving a fuel efficient vehicle (or better yet, using publictransportation), recycling, insulating, composting and powering down electrical devices every night can go a long way on curtailing reliance on fossil fuels and reducing the earth’s carbon footprint.”
    I think that many people think that all that is required to stop AGW is to simply do a few of the things in the quote above and separate their trash. They have no idea the huge amount of money that has been wasted and proposed to be wasted by our governments.

  41. if id worked in ticketing
    he would have got a wing seat!
    I would have been nice and offered him some blutack and an ockey strap

  42. The topic seems to be impolite and ad hominem towards Mr. Mann, more reminiscent of Orwell’s Two Minute Hate than anything else. I realize that we are engaged in a battle in which desperate and shallow tactics have been used and there is a real need to expose hypocrisy in general trends for a group, or particularly ‘egregious’ deeds if committed by an outspoken individual… but what is at the bottom of this?
    We all hate airline over-booking but have grown to tolerate it. Enough people have been shown to miss their flights we at least see why it is done, though when the music stops and you have no chair it doesn’t seem like a good idea. But what of this arbitrary swapping of a confirmed seat, for what Earthly reason was it done? Mr. Mann cannot think of one and I cannot either, so he tweets to his followers asking in effect, has this ever happened to you? I’d do the same.
    Take Mr.Mann to task for this if he has ever called for the complete abolishment of air travel (which would then count as ‘egregious’ deed)… otherwise… well, you know.
    DISCLAIMER: I have also emailed Marc Morano personally to criticize a time when he seemed to go ‘full stalking tabloid’ on Climate Depot towards a family member of an AGW illuminary.

    • “But what of this arbitrary swapping of a confirmed seat, for what Earthly reason was it done? Mr. Mann cannot think of one and I cannot either, so he tweets to his followers asking in effect, has this ever happened to you? I’d do the same.”
      Who said it was arbitrary? Who said it was ever confirmed? Who said he checked in on time? He didn’t offer any reasons and he never said he couldn’t think of one. YOU are making assumptions that are just as illogical as the adhoms are. For what it’s worth, flying has always been an expensive luxury that is often out of reach, so when I GET to fly, I’m always very grateful for ANY seat and that I am lucky enough to be going somewhere that I need or want to go in the most amazingly short amount of time. So no, I would never “tweet” to anyone complaining about not getting the exact seat in the exact location I wanted. (Of course I don’t tweet at all because I don’t believe that anyone out there needs or wants to hear my every inane thought or daily experiences, nor do I care about anyone else’s daily thoughts or experiences enough to want to “follow” them. )

  43. Rule number 1: At least scan the comments before posting one.
    Rule number 2: If you break rule #1 and post a comment that is redundant, apologize.
    My bad. Sorry.

  44. If Leonardo is 6 feet tall… that makes Mann, what, maybe 5′-7″? Maybe it explains his ego issues.

  45. “We frame the issue as a scientific problem or an economic problem, but to me it’s a problem of ethics,” Mann said. “We have to make sure we make decisions today that determine the future of the planet for our children and our grandchildren.”
    Michael Mann has reproduced? Yikes! The thought of that scenario is certainly a whole lot more uncomfortable than having to sit in the middle seat on an airplane!

  46. It would be in the airlines best interest to refuse to sell a seat to this bastard. He is actively working to undermine their entire business. If he and his ilk have their way, most airlines will go out of business – and the remaining ones will probably be under government control.

  47. With all of Mann’s Ego and hot air he should just start his own Hot air balloon business. Perpetual energy and lift through fairy tale wishful thinking.

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