Tuesday titter – Prince Charles in The Greenhouse

Josh writes: Prince Charles famously talks to his plants – nothing wrong with that, of course. BishopHill suggested a cartoon where we listen in to what he might be saying (H/t Climate Expert James Delingpole). Let’s hope His Highness reads Roger Andrews and Watts Up With That too.


Cartoons by Josh

P.S. Is there any interest in a calendar this year? I am a bit late in getting round to it but do let me know if you would like one – I can get a copy over to Anthony this week.

105 thoughts on “Tuesday titter – Prince Charles in The Greenhouse

  1. I wonder if prince Chuckles realizes that talking to his plants is good for them because he is breathing CO2 directly on them ?????

    • I wonder, what would his plants say back if they could speak? I imagine it would go something like this…
      Bullocks, you fell off the trolley! Skedaddle now; go have a chin wag with someone other than your minted gabbies before you make less sense than the legless chavs down in Brixton!

    • Agreed! Constitutionally he should be leap-frogged over & the crown given to William when the current incumbent passes on, or maybe that’s the time to rec-nsider Britain remaining a constitutional monarchy!

      • AndyG
        Given the invertebrate governments we’ve had here in the UK recently, I fear there is a real possibility you may be right.
        Likely Brits will spring up and defy – but not certain.
        My thought. You may get different mileage.

      • Various bogus news reports have suggested, to widespread applause, that the royal end run had already been performed. I personally hope QE2 outlives her son.

  2. We are lucky in our opponents. Their feet of clay have sustained us. Their “weirdness” is an assault to most people’s senses.
    Let’s give them the largest platform possible. They deserve to be heard.

    • The triple threat of Obama, Biden, and Kerry is my favorite and it seems Bummer has them on rotation (certainly on message) and keeping Uncle Joe close to home.

  3. Prince Charles is now 66 years old, and he never was that bright. Perhaps he’s suffering from the early stages of dementia.

    • Well I’d much rather have Charles as next on the throne than air miles Andy. At least Charles is sincere in what he believes – misguided maybe but sincere. When, or if, he succeeds to the throne, as consitutional monarch, his ability to express his views will be much more limited – I hope

      • Don’t worry, air miles Andy is only about sixth in line to the throne.
        I’m not too unhappy about Charles spouting off. I think he is already held in such low regard, by so many, that he hinders rather than helps his cause.

      • Down here in Australia, I think there will be a strong push for Australia to become a republic once Prince Chuckles becomes King Chuckles.

      • I believe Andrew IS sixth
        HRM Elizabeth
        1 Pc Charles
        2 Pc William
        3 Pc George
        4 Ps Charlotte
        5 Pc Henry
        6 Pc Andrew
        Be tough not being able to travel with your brother or father or children though.
        But you never have to hear your kids asking, “Are we there yet”

  4. My dear plant you are getting fat, I need to put you on a diet and reduce all the CO2 you are getting. After Mother joined Weightwatchers I joined CO2watchers and have the diet plan.

  5. He can’t be in the pay of big oil at least. Justin Farrell, a Yale University sociologist and author of a computer study has tagged all of us skeptics as either being in the pay of Exxon or Koch Brothers.

  6. Josh-
    Great cartoon!!!! Now we need the counterpoint — What Prince Chuckles thinks the plants are saying back to him! I am sure he listens intently.
    Eugene WR Gallun

  7. Climate Change has millions streaming across Europe’s borders, radicalized young European men, and today shot down a Russian fighter.
    That explains why Western leaders are pleading with their people to wake up. Its as trapped in a bubble they are pulling the last shreds of credibility in on themselves.

  8. I watched his interview on sky – the interviewer gave him a very easy time – but even when she did pose a sensible question – the dismissive way Prince Chuckles answered it as tho the question was far too stupid even to answer was a delightful display of ignorant arrogance.

  9. Do we not, as humans, exhale carbon dioxide in very large amounts – close up? I’ve always thought that the reason plants do well when people talk to them is because of the higher CO2 content, locally. So, in his own fashion, it appears that Prince Charles understands the beneficial aspects of CO2 for plant growth – at least, subconsciously?

  10. I think I understand now that the underlying reason for keeping a ceremonial royal family in place is to remind the population just how fickle things would be like in a real monarchy with power, corruption, and befuddled or disinterested leadership. See the story of Kublai Khan’s rule in his later years. But how many lessons do you really need from this ceremonial jester?

    • And an elected politico head of state might be an improvement?
      The Monarchy survived Edward VIII, George III [lost us some North American colonies, which did OK afterwards!!!!!], Charles II and several other – surely – less suited to Kingship than the Prince of Wales (PoW). I am not impressed – but, conversely, a Turnbull, a Trudeau [any Trudeau], a Nixon, Carter, Obama, Fat Boy Kim (ahhhhh – almost hereditary monarchy . . . ), Hussein, etc. [ad nauseum] at least throw a light on alternatives.
      Our PoW – may need better advisors. May need to make enquiries privately as King [if/when].
      But – I think – a decent chap, who has – don’t forget – been waiting for promotion to the top job for more than 63 years, 9 months!
      How would you take that? – sixty plus years . . . .
      Auto – not enamoured of the guy, but with some sympathy. Still.

  11. As always Josh’s cartoon was superb. As for Charlie boy he is just another useful ijit and will be used for the ’cause’. But give him a break – at least he is sincere. When he does (eventually) succeed the throne his minders will keep him quiet.

  12. I wouldn’t hold out for much hope for prince William to mature into any better of a human being than his Dad. His handlers at least scurry to make sure we don’t get exposed to see the detestable side of the house of Windsor through him.

  13. I talk to my plants too – but I threaten them with the incinerator if they don’t hurry up an get growing!

    • Obviously your plants need a ” Safe Space ” to hide away from all your ” Micro Aggressions ” !! Snark…

  14. Titter you may , but can Prince Charles be scorned when , as Luke pointed out earlier today he is quoting from an article in the much revered Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.
    Perhaps he was also influenced by this latest article from the University of Bristol and its famous Prof , as reported in the Daily Mail :
    (but without a link to the actual journal).
    Surely he is just responding , as any layperson would, to the articles and opinions of scientists who have earned or achieved high status in the eyes of their many peers.
    Who amongst us can claim such a distinction or such a status ?
    Furthermore the idea that climate change can provoke barbarity should come as no surprise especially to inhabitants of America. Many , fascinating , historical TV documentaries of PreColumbian MesoAmerica remark on the savagery that the societies descended into when struck by prolonged drought . So not such a weird explanation then.

    • mikewaite,
      Yes, indeed, there is some plausibility to this and many other assertions that we are bombarded with daily.
      There are veritable armies of earnest researchers working sedulously to ensure that we will fritter our hours away, checking their sources and calculations, only to arrive at another exasperating nexus of inference and invention, conjured up by axe-grinding academics.
      Have you read that pnas stuff? Including the summary?
      “We have here pointed to a connected path running from human interference with climate to severe drought to agricultural collapse and mass human migration. This path runs through a landscape of vulnerability to drought that encompasses government policies promoting unsustainable agricultural practices, and the failure of the government to address the suffering of a displaced population.”
      Yep, “connected path”; what’s that? Six degrees of separation or Snakes and Ladders? All courtesy of our one-stop experts in weather, climate, agronomy, sociology, politics and every other -ology you could conceive of, not to mention a penetrating insight into tribal and religious history, such that all these multiple causes might be properly weighted.
      As one of the authors, Colin Kelley, said
      “The bottom line is, what we’re trying to show is that these trends are due to the climate change signal,”
      I take it, you think they achieved their mission. I think they just wasted my time.

  15. He’s made himself look a right Charlie hasn’t he? Again. History will laugh like a drain at these buffoons.

  16. Josh’s cartoon, directed @ the epitome of royal goofiness, has got me thinking about whimsical views of the world.
    When Charles Philip Arthur George (a guy belonging to some kind of ’Princely’ meme) speaks, it sounds like he is part of the fantastical lyrics of the song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. My nickname for him is ‘Puff’. And he can “sadly slip back into his cave” because the modern little boys and girls won’t play with him anymore because they outgrew the nepotistic realms that are monarchy and its self-serving state religion . . . .
    PS – here are the relevant lyrics of the Peter Paul & Mary song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’,

    {From the song ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ by Peter Paul & Mary}
    Dragons live forever but not so little boys
    Painted wings and giant strings make way for other toys.
    One sad night it happened, Jackie Paper came no more
    And Puff that mighty dragon, he ceased his fearless roar.
    His head was bent in sorrow, green scales fell like rain,
    Puff no longer went to play along the cherry lane.
    Without his life-long friend, puff could not be brave,
    So puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his cave. oh!
    Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
    And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee,
    Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
    And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee.

    • or di Caprio ! He’s the go to guy isn’t he..
      All these celebrities, its hard to remember which is most gullible.

  17. Remember that Emperor Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned around him. So now the delusional Prince babbles on about global warming as the world is on the brink of World War III.

    • Nero was said to have played the lyre and sung of the fall of Troy. In fairness to one of history’s less amiable people, he is also said to have got onto relief and rebuild as soon as he could have.

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      • Yes, that would be more useful to measure.
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  18. At least5President Obama and Prince Charles agree on something:
    What is worse: Climate change or WWIII?
    November 24: Turkey just shot down a Russian Fighter Jet over Turkish air space, but the surviving pilot landed in Syria, taken by Syrian rebels fighting Assad on behalf of Turkey. Turkey is fighting Assad and the Kurds in Syria. Russia is assisting Assad in fighting Syrian rebels assisted by Turkey, and are also fighting ISIS. Iran is assisting Assad in fighting the Syrian Rebels and the Kurds, and maybe ISIS. Turkey is helping ISIS fight Assad. U.S. is helping Turkey helping ISIS and the Syrian rebels, but is also fighting ISIS. France is jumping in fighting ISIS. U.S. say they are helping the Kurds fight ISIS, but are not, because that would offend the Turks and Iran. And then there are the Chinese trying to gain influence in the region. This is the coalition Obama says he is leading fighting ISIS, (or ISIL as Obama insists calling it, as the Levant also includes Israel).
    Obama is still scheduled, together with 40000 other delegates to go to Paris next week for the 2015 Climate Change Conference COP21. What could possibly go wrong?
    Which leads to verse 69 of the Obama Impeachment song (as if sung by President Barack Hussein Obama to the tune of “Please release me, let me go”)
    Climate change or World War III?
    Yes, Climate Change much worse must be.
    World Wars come and go, you see.
    But Climate Must Not Change, That’s my decree.
    Here is the complete impeachment song: http://lenbilen.com/2015/02/25/the-complete-obama-impeachment-song/

    • “Josh, sorry, you missed a terrific alternative cartoon. You should have had the plants all trying to strangle charlie for wanting to cut CO2.”
      How about one of the flowers giving him a squirt in the face?

  19. He’s turned into the CLOWN PRINCE. The guy had everything going for him, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. All he had to do was be Royal, keep his trash shut on political and controversial issues and just be a prince. Instead, he went along and spoilt it all by opening his gob on too many occasions without engaging brain. He’s been doing this for many years now, on the issue of global warming, yet planet earth continues to have a stable weather system … no sign of any tipping point, no sign of destruction of the biosphere, no sign of any coming climate catastrophe.

  20. Well let’s not get all in a huff – after all he is the Prince of Whales not the the Prince of Smart. Now I realize he he may not be a peculiarly smart whale as such things might go but is that really what the whales need?
    Sometimes I reckon a herd of balmy cetaceans need a leader who just spouts something out the old blowhole eh what?
    Thank god no one is looking to him to lead us in a matter of importance.
    Yikes what a mess that would be!

  21. A few more yes votes and we will have a 97% consensus for a calendar by Josh so who could say it was wrong for him to produce one? As we know 97% is the magic number.
    James Bull

  22. Prince Charles famously talks to his plants – nothing wrong with that, of course.
    Until they talk back.

    • Prince Charles famously talks to his plants – nothing wrong with that, of course.

      Until they talk back.

      No. That would be a good thing. Charles might listen to the plants – they are, after all, the only sane, thinking adult in the room when Charles is present.

  23. Spoiled progeny are the same everywhere, regardless of the titles and regalia. They lack the drive of the empire builders of industry, science, and engineering and replace it with rambling thoughts that are laughed at even by the average folks with average drive.

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