Claim: 500 million children "at risk" from Climate Change


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to UNICEF, 500 million children will suffer, unless America hands all its money to the UN.

Children will bear the brunt of climate change

Today, over half a billion children live in extremely high ood occurrence zones; nearly 160 million live in high or extremely high drought severity zones. While climate change will ultimately impact every child, these children are already in harm’s way and face some of the most immediate risks.

There is a clear scienti c consensus that climate change will increase the frequency of droughts, oods and severe weather events. These threats will pose grave risks for children over the coming decades. Severe weather events can destroy or disrupt infrastructure critical to children’s well-being, including schools, health facilities and transport. Droughts and ooding can destroy crops, disrupt water systems and contaminate water reserves.

7. Decisive action on climate change can impact millions of children

The reality is that a major tipping point has already past. IPCC scientists consider that we are already feeling the impacts of climate change, and to some degree they will continue to get worse even if we manage to dramatically decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Nonetheless, action taken now to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change will benefit children at risk from its potentially deadly effects.

A climate agenda for children

The worst impacts of climate change are not inevitable. There are concrete steps that the world can take now to safeguard our children’s future and their rights:

3 Reduce inequity among children now to promote their future resilience to climate change.

As with all disasters, the poorest children and families will be the hardest hit by climate change. Fewer social and nancial resources mean that families have a more dif cult time coping with shocks. As climate change makes crises more common, these repeated shocks will make it harder and harder to recover. Without action now, the transmission of poverty and disadvantage across generations will worsen. Reducing these inequities now – providing the poorest children with access to safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene; good nutrition and food security; strong and accessible health systems; and well-functioning child and social protection systems – will give disadvantaged children a better basis for coping with the effects of climate change in the future. It will also make it less likely that today’s inequities are exacerbated by climate change.

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Nobody wants to see children suffer, but the biggest impediment to child welfare is not climate change, or drought, or floods. The biggest problem in poor countries is the corrupt kleptocratic tyrants in charge, who keep stealing everyone’s money.

The Asian Miracle demonstrated that poverty can be fixed in a generation, with the right governance.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is what Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati had to say about well meaning handouts to poor people, in an interview with Der Spiegel.

Mr. Shikwati, the G8 summit at Gleneagles is about to beef up the development aid for Africa…

Shikwati: … for God’s sake, please just stop.

SPIEGEL: Stop? The industrialized nations of the West want to eliminate hunger and poverty.

Shikwati: Such intentions have been damaging our continent for the past 40 years. If the industrial nations really want to help the Africans, they should finally terminate this awful aid. The countries that have collected the most development aid are also the ones that are in the worst shape. Despite the billions that have poured in to Africa, the continent remains poor.

SPIEGEL: Do you have an explanation for this paradox?

Shikwati: Huge bureaucracies are financed (with the aid money), corruption and complacency are promoted, Africans are taught to be beggars and not to be independent. In addition, development aid weakens the local markets everywhere and dampens the spirit of entrepreneurship that we so desperately need. As absurd as it may sound: Development aid is one of the reasons for Africa’s problems. If the West were to cancel these payments, normal Africans wouldn’t even notice. Only the functionaries would be hard hit. Which is why they maintain that the world would stop turning without this development aid.

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Even if we accept the alleged problems of climate change, if poverty makes people vulnerable, the simplest solution is surely to eliminate the poverty, not to join them in their misery.

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    • Yes, oods are much more serious than (fl)oods…and it’s all our fault AND worse than we thought!
      [And oodles and oodles of French-cut dogs creates a floodle of poodles to walk around. .mod]

    • Some kind of complicated typo: the combinations “fl” and “fi” are missing throughout this post.

      • That’s called a ligature, where the font has special characters for a word processor to substitute when it comes across the fi and fl combinations. WordPress apparently doesn’t recognize these characters, and ignores them.
        ft, ffi, ffl, fj, can be ligatures. Even the ampersand, &, is a ligature of et.

      • That’s called a ligature, where the font has special characters that a word processor substitutes for combinations like ft, ffi, ffl, fj, and ae. WordPress doesn’t seem to recognize these characters, and ignores them. Even the ampersand, &, is a ligature of et.

  1. 500,000,000. Nice round number, eh? Not 488,352,147 or 563,231,817. Seventy five years ago, when I was in grade school, the teachers used to pass around a small tin into which were encouraged to deposit a dime to help the poor, starving children in Africa. It didn’t work then, and it still isn’t working. What’s the definition of insanity? Repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome?

    • Actually, our Government recognizes the fact that giving away goods results in dependency. Notice all the signs in areas bordering wilderness parks: “Do Not Feed the Animals”, frequently with the explanation.
      Then we retreat to the city where we feed, house, and attempt to educate the “needy”. We make it very comfortable for them to continue in their ways. We totally disincentivize their children to get an education. We’ve given a lot of money to educate children in Central America, only to see them stay in second grade for five years – and more. Ah, but at least they are more nicely dressed. Still uneducated, but nicely dressed, and well fed. Why work?

  2. Shikwati is exactly right !!! The democrats do the same to African Americans too !!! They like perpetual crisis !!

  3. The biggest problem in poor countries is the corrupt kleptocratic tyrants in charge, who keep stealing everyone’s money.

    I once heard of a minister who paid an unsanctioned visit to his denominations missions.
    The antibiotics and vitamins being sent over were intercepted and fed to the leaders’ livestock.

    • US public school Educators are some of the worst of the lot with their plea of ……. “Give us more money, more money, more money, …. its for the children ya know”.

    • Jeff you are so correct in this. Any society, no matter how disadvantaged will save its own children (its future) first and foremost. In doing so it will thus save itself as a byproduct.

  4. Aid has been sent to Africa for a very long time. If any country in Africa was like S. Korea or Japan , it would be the most advanced nation on earth.

    • fredberp,
      I do not want a colder world.
      One lousy degree C – if warmer; ‘Yes please!’
      Auto in a London winter . . . . . . . . .

  5. Thanks, Eric
    The interview is another example of the chasm between popular conceptions and actual reality.
    How many children will be victims of the fight of climate change?
    They need to reduce population as a part of the UN agenda, isn’t climate change as convenient an excuse as any?
    How about we let the private sector develop the third world? I can’t think of much of anything the private sector doesn’t do better than the government, it is much more highly motivated to make the system work properly.

    • To some extent China is already doing this – they’re investing in Africa, building mines and roads to service the mines.
      I haven’t donated a penny to international charities since I read the Shikwati interview a few years ago.

  6. In the Pacific Northwest we just wish all those “climate refugees” from California had never shown up. They’ve made Oregon and Washington into political suburbs of California!

    • 😎
      Just Who are the Drs of “Climate Science”?
      By their projections and “prejections” they do seem to think they can time-travel.
      How else can they be so sure of the unknown?

    • I’ve always thought of the ood as a BBC scriptwriter’s idea of a symbolic standin for working class people down the pub. Those things in their hands are pints of beer. Take away their beer and replace it with something else, and they get angry…

  7. More Appeal to Emotion garbage from the climate campaigners. “Think of the children”!
    We are. You’re not.

  8. Who can blame the somolians for hating the US? Food aid killed the market bamkrupting local farmers. As soon as the aid stopped there was noone left to grow food. How is the end result any different than simply shooting the people outright aka Paris?

  9. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The law of unintended consequences. To help one person you must hurt someone else. Ask first who you are hurting.

  10. Hey, for access to clean water the U.N. should buy a couple thousand RC4 drill rigs, highly portable, easy to operate, made in China, but they work. Maybe that makes too much sense for the U.N. And remind eveyone to build their outhouses down-slope from the well.

    • How about send in some sales people, so poor people can save up and buy the rigs themselves? That way, with their own skin in the game, they might take care of the equipment, and take the whole exercise seriously.

    • When an extensive water drilling program was done in Bangladesh a decade or two ago many locals suffered severy from arsenic poisoning for many years after. It was a large program with little follow up.
      Self determination is the name of the game.

  11. The classic “think of the children” logical fallacy. The eco-zealots in my state resorted to it to try to ban fracking; it didn’t work. So they shifted their expensive commercials tactic to decry the evils of money in business. One of these days, I’m going to send these liars an email asking them how their conscience lets them sleep at night. If I was as dishonest as these jokers, I would be a wreck.

    • Perhaps with government seeking to abolish labor unionism within its ranks, it would be appropriate to examine the merits of withdrawal from governmental unionism.

      • I live in the US. I have a government job. I’m represented by a labor union. No choice. (I don’t live in a Right to Work state.) I never joined the union yet I still have to pay them a “fairshare” dues. It’s the same amount of regular dues but I can object to them using the percentage they spend on politics and have that “fairshare” reduced by that percentage. I have to object every year. This year a bit over 45% of the dues are spent on politics.
        I can’t vote on our contracts (the 55% I pay for). I’d have to join the union to be able to vote on contracts or leadership of the union. But then that 45% would be used to support a political agenda.
        (Did I mention I have a government job?)
        Some government officials are not out to abolish their cash cow.
        (I know some members who wouldn’t vote for the the politicians the union give to if they ran unopposed.)

  12. If they stopped using corn and other crops for biofuels, the world’s children would have a much better prospect.
    If they stopped wasting massive amounts of money on useless wind turbines and solar they could do far more to help supply essentials like clean water, electricity and sanitation to poor countries.
    If they stopped in their stupid attempt to limit plant food gas, the world’s food supply would increase even quicker.
    EVERYTHING that the AGW cult does is FAR MORE damaging to the prospects of future children than actual economic and industrial development has ever been.

    • I do want to say though. In many of the poor parts of Africa, wind and solar really may be the best short term solution for local power. Much cheaper and faster to put in a wind turbine at each village to power their water pump than to build all the infrastructure throughout the country to bring power to each village.

      • @Felflames, if all they villagers wanted was a water pump then you might be right, but would you want to hand crank every time you wanted to use the radio? Or to power a refrigerator for medical supplies?
        I know wind and solar can be unreliable, but especially solar in much of Africa is pretty reliable and can be backed up with batteries.
        There is a reason you see old wind turbines on ranches all over the western US, at the time they were built they were better than nothing.

  13. The last 30 years, have featured the best weather/climate on this planet in most places in 1,000 years……..since the Medieval Warm Period, that was warmer than this in most places.
    Dial in the effects of the increasing CO2 to that metric and you have the earth’s environment becoming more and more favorable for life.
    The ones that dispute these indisputable facts, do so by defining the “perfect” climate as the one that existed before humans started burning fossil fuels….when CO2 was at 280ppm(dangerously low for life) and wherever the global temperature was at that time(~1 degree C cooler)

  14. Maybe it’s the natural course when there are too many children. Perhaps birth control would be better way to go.

  15. Many, many people just want to “help”. They’re willing to put their wallets into the hands of those they trust will “help”. They just need to learn who to trust.
    (And, unfortunately, that noble desire leads to other peoples’ wallets being put into the hands of those they voted for.)

  16. Without a doubt, MORE children will die as a result of the economic impacts of the fight against global warming, climate change, whatever they call it, than if NOTHING WAS DONE, PERIOD. The fact that there are no studies showing this is PROOF that this is true.
    In doing an environmental impact statement for the construction of a power plant the company I worked for had to perform studies on the impact to the local flora fauna, including even non threatened species. WHERE is the study for the trillions wasted on “Climate Change” and even a portion of that money spent on disease cure, health care, food etc.?” WHERE?

  17. 500,000,000 children? I’d like to see the list of names, first. Oh, along with what aspect of climate is threatening each child.
    Let’s see some facts, Jack!

    • And since cold presumably kills 20 times as many people as heat, what should be done if they gave 10,000,000 names at risk due to cold and 500,000 at risk due to heat?

      • Werner, you make a good point about the real risk from cold weather, but I’m pretty sure the risk factor in the article was all about heat.
        I don’t see evidence that ‘climate change,’ which is code for CAGW and runaway temperatures, would actually kill any children so long as they have access to water. I think it would be difficult to produce the names of 100 children at a true risk from ‘climate change,’ as the term is used nowadays.
        However, there are children – Heck! right in my own metro-region – at a real risk and who actually have died as a result of cold weather. During the Fall in our area, we have an annual collection of coats, hats, boots, and gloves for children who really are at risk from Winter weather. We also have a few deaths each winter from portable heaters catching fire or killing a family due to carbon monoxide emissions.
        Oh, and you ask “what should be done” for those at risk from cold. I doubt that UNICEF has even considered that.

      • In the end, every country and province needs to adapt to any new circumstances, if any. It just does not make sense for a country like Canada to fight global warming.

  18. I’ve heard of unintended consequences before, but the stupidity of UNICEF here is hard to believe. Impoverishing the nations that care about the children would be the worst thing you could do, dontcha think? (I don’t think you do think).

    • I think idiocrats is a more appropriate term to use than bureaucrats. Bureacrats doesn’t cover the total lack of facts and lack of logical consistent reasoning behind the disrespectful attempt to manipulate emotions.
      Disgraceful by United Nations.
      Were these clowns voted for?

  19. RUBBISH!!! It is part of Agenda 2030’s plan to commit mass genocide and Africa is one of the first countries. They have no intention of saving children. Will someone like Anonymous please expose this climate change crap for what it is??? It does not exist and the scare tactics and false flags of terrorism are not going to work so back off!!!

  20. The UN – ending poverty by paying bureaucrats massive salaries.
    Entry level max: $133,262
    Senior level: $203,620.
    BUT THEN, you would not believe the perks and expenses available on top.
    It’s all about saving starving children you know.
    Call me a skeptic.
    Anyone who wants to save starving children by paying themselves massive amounts of money extorted via taxation can sign up here and check out all the wonderful perks:

  21. What a great opportunity. America could donate its
    whole national debt to the UN. That would solve a
    few problems …. 🙂

  22. The story of Nippon Poly-Glu is instructive. The founder of this water purification technology built a system in a clean water needy village in Bangladesh and trained local people to operate it. The company was hoping the locals would take advantage of this free clean water. As I recall from the NHK World video, It didn’t work out. When the founder came back after several months all the equipment was gone and nothing but the foundations remained. Fortunately, the founder was a bright guy and set up the water treatment system again, but this time set it up as a business with paid local employees who decided how best to promote and sell the product (clean water). No handouts, just a plain and simple free market enterprise run by locals.

  23. When I read guff like this:

    3 Reduce inequity among children now to promote their future resilience to climate change.
    As with all disasters, the poorest children and families will be the hardest hit by climate change. Fewer social and nancial resources mean that families have a more dif cult time coping with shocks. As climate change makes crises more common, these repeated shocks will make it harder and harder to recover. Without action now, the transmission of poverty and disadvantage across generations will worsen

    I realise that all that needs to be done is substitute “life” for “climate change” and it has more sense.
    BTW: the seems to be a dearth of ‘F’s in the UN’s keyboard…

  24. We send aid to Switzerland via third world sh*t holes. It is the way of things.
    The world does not have a population problem it has an oversupply of idiots problem. Most of them teach in our universities and so expand the supply of idiots. Those of us who are busy making the world a functioning place to live are reviled by the idiots because we make it look too easy and that makes them feel inadequate.
    Sometimes, most of the time actually, it seems as though the shadows of a new dark ages are closing in.

  25. This is why my wife and I thought long and hard which charity to support.
    The one we chose provides the training support and then materials for the people to get themselves out of poverty and then teach and pass on what they have received. All this is done at the local level so whole communities benefit from a single person being helped and they don’t go for the leader in an area they help those in need and let the results show the others what can be done.
    Send A Cow was started by Devon farmers to help others farm the land they had.
    They explain how they work and with whom
    It works, it gives people their self esteem back and helps others to see a way out for themselves.
    James Bull

  26. Are you sure they didn’t say it was 500,000 Climate quack bureaucrats would be required to change to real jobs?

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