Tuesday titter – Alarmism in a Huff

Josh writes: Breibart reports on an extraordinary Huffington Post article arguing that the response to the terrorism in Paris should be “a successful Climate Change Conference”. Gosh.


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  1. Huff-types are terrorist deniers, but, that doesn’t stop them from shamelessly exploiting the event to further their AGW charade.

    • Huff-types are not so much terrorist deniers. They just think the psychological terror they inflict of the weak minded / easily led is more holy than Islamist terror.

    • I would like to ask a serious question. Why has Obama not outlawed the use of fossil fuel in the United States? Why have European Rulers not done the same?
      Some may think I’m joking, but this is a serious question. We are told repeatedly that Climate Change due to fossil fuels is the greatest threat we face. Well, if it is the greatest threat we face, why not act like it is?
      We have laws against other threats. It is illegal to sell crack, which while harmful is nowhere near the greatest threat we face. It is even illegal in most places to sell sex, yet most people consider lack of sex a greater threat.
      When we were told that CFC’s were a threat to the Ozone Layer, and that we had to act, overnight CFC’s were banned worldwide. Yet no one claimed that the ozone hole was the greatest threat we faced.
      But Obama, Kerry and the likes, they are telling us that Climate Change is the greatest threat we face. So why has the US not taken the lead and outlawed the use of fossil fuels In the USA? This is a serious question, because it makes it appear that our leaders are lying to us.
      If Climate Change from fossil fuels is the greatest threat we face, then they should be outlawed and made illegal. Today, not in 50 years. No ifs, buts or otherwise. And the simple fact that Obama and others are saying they are the greatest threat, but allowing them to continue to be sold legally, makes it look like they don’t actually believe what they are saying.
      To say that Climate Change from the use of fossil fuels is the greatest threat, but to continue to allow them to be sold in your own country, makes it look like your leaders are lying and cannot be trusted.
      The reason I make this point is because this is the message that many countries see when Obama and others say that Climate Change from fossil fuels is the greatest threat. The simple fact that the Western nations say this is the greatest threat, but continue to use fossil fuels, makes us appear to be dishonest in the eyes of the rest of the world. It makes it look like we have an ulterior motive.
      And because we appear to be liars on this very serious matter, it follows that we are liars on less serious matters. So it should be no surprise that the Muslim world does not trust the West. It should be no surprise that terrorists are attacking us. Our leaders words do not match their deeds. Thus, they cannot be trusted.

      • Your logic is totally bizarre. Even if the Middle Eastern folks were as stupid as your argument implies (that
        a nation could outlaw its means of functioning as a modern state) and came to believe that Western leaders were lying about climate change, the response of a typical human being would NOT be to start beheading Jews and Christians (a religious hatred) and attacking Western societies. Notice that Middle Eastern terrorists are concerned first and foremost with their religion, not windmills or solar panels or
        climate change or whether Western leaders tell their constiuents lies.Why in the world would they give a damn about the intellectual honesty of Western leaders?

      • Why in the world would they give a damn about the intellectual honesty of Western leaders?
        who said anything about “intellectual” honesty? I’m talking about actual honesty. I lived 10 years in the Muslim world. Repeatedly, every day, the West is portrayed in the media as the cause of everything wrong in the Muslim world. This isn’t simply poo-pooing the west. It is very real hard core blame. And when our leaders say one thing and do another, that is given as evidence that our leaders are dishonest, as proof that the West is the problem. And the solution is simple. Get rid of the West.

      • ferdberple November 17, 2015 at 5:59 am
        I would like to ask a serious question.

        Well fine, but you did not do so.
        You should have asked “Why do the POTUS, his appointees, and like minded folks lie about climate change (and other things).
        You might recall that the USA did not outlaw cigarettes – lives don’t matter – they wanted to extract money to spend on government programs. That’s what they want now – carbon dioxide is the excuse.
        If carbon based energy (stored sunshine) is not used and taxed then where will the money come from?

      • ferdberple November 17, 2015 at 5:59 am
        I would like to ask a serious question.
        “And because we appear to be liars on this very serious matter, it follows that we are liars on less serious matters. So it should be no surprise that the Muslim world does not trust the West. It should be no surprise that terrorists are attacking us. Our leaders words do not match their deeds. Thus, they cannot be trusted.”
        This narrative is mistaken but also hard to counter because it is populist and group think. The western leaders have acted on fossil fuel in the best way they think but it is just not possible to stop using oil and coal in an instant because humanity is currently supported by it. The Western leaders must say that Climate Change is a threat because to say otherwise would be political suicide (this is not great science).
        The fact that Middle Eastern countries say that western leaders are all liers is equally difficult to argue against because to say otherwise in these countries would also be political suicide or worse for anyone who goes against this group think (this is not great politics). The fact that so many ME countries hold such views doesn’t mean they are valid just as AGW is not proven because 97% of ‘climate scientists’ say so.
        But argue we must because the most liberating force of all of human history has been the creation of energy and power by principally the burning of coal, oil and gas. That and all the scientific knowledge that has been accumulated over the last 500 years, especially the last 200, has enabled more and more of humanity to live longer and better with greater opportunities than ever. Prior to the industrial revolution the only large scale energy would have been by harnessing masses of humans or horses and only usually within empires. All the modern political and economic changes have come about after and as a consequence of the wholesale changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution.

      • Because the entire technological base of modern civilization is fossil feuls. When the oil runs out in 50 years, we’ll all be too busy trying to find food to care about “climate change”.

      • Not just the fact they didn’t outlaw fossil fuels. He has not even attempted to curb fossil fuel consuming sports, like NASCAR and Motorcycle racing, red bull air racing. Even the use of fossil fuels in advertising. You would think his first stop would be to eliminate all unnecessary use of fossil fuel and limit it to health care / industrial uses. Obviously he is not into leading by example, which basically makes him a fraud in my opinion.

      • I’m sure Obama has NOT even proposed outlawing or banning fossil fuels here because even with his Emperor clothes on he could not possibly get such a law passed. And he knows it! But you are correct, IF what he claims is true, this ‘greatest threat’ truly warrants such a step. In fact he might even get another Nobel Prize for even thinking about it! [sarc]

      • That’s because Warren will cut off the Buffet and Obama and his useful idiots will lose their gravy Train.

      • Andyj;
        “when the oil runs out in 50 years” — except for the unending supply from the geo-cooker, of which more and more is continually discovered and recovered.

  2. From the HuffPo article:

    The most important link is called: oil. ISIS lives off all sorts smuggling and trafficking all kinds of goods, but in particular, on aid coming from oil-rich countries, and oil smuggling. This raises questions about both direct and indirect consumers of this contraband oil, and about the reasons why wells supplying ISIS have not yet been neutralized. There are some ambiguities on the part of a number of countries that claim to be fighting ISIS. Consequently, reducing the locations of oil and hydrocarbons, developing energy autonomy of each country through renewable energy, and fighting the omnipotence of oil producers will all help to reduce the power of the ISIS.

    They are sincerely arguing that people who would trade with ISIS, despite rape, murder and torture, would be so shamed by an agreement in Paris that they would walk away in disgust.
    The Huffington Post is arguing that the actions of ISIS are obviously less horrible than filling up your car.
    That’s not funny – that’s deranged.

    • Agree.
      The logic of this is we should also stop being ‘addicted’ to history and heritage because ISIS also trade in stolen historical artifacts. We must withdraw all funding to museums and archaeological sites and seek out those organisations that are funding and shame them into withdrawing such financial support.
      (In case there is any doubt this is sarcasm)

    • They’re not wrong that a lot of their money comes from oil, but that is only an argument against oil, not in favor of renewables.
      You can also fight oil through coal to liquids projects, which are increasingly common in China.
      Or through greater electrification of transportation – charged overnight by cheap baseload coal and nuclear plants.
      Or by encouraging shale oil – through subsidies, reduced regulatory burden, allowing exports.
      There are lots of ways to fight oil. Renewables aren’t really one of them. Outside Saudi Arabia, very little oil is burned to make electricity.

  3. Is not the long term aim of western governments nothing to do with climate but rather about leaving middle east oil in the ground, unsold and unsalable?

  4. Well I suppose that’s as likely to succeed as most of the other proposals that have been put forward.

  5. If the French government were to raid the conference, jailing the ring leaders on racketeering, and defrauding the public charges, ending the merry go round of self serving criminals agreeing to nothing but meeting again in another exotic vacation spot next year, that would be a successful Climate Change Conference.

  6. So, people who murder, maim and rape, who think paedophilia is acceptable, who will sacrifice their own lives for their “cause” are going to allow their oil supplies to be cut off to “save” the planet? Which fools paradise do these idiots live in and why are people who are clearly mentally deranged not on medication and why do we listen to them?
    I think the venue for the conference should be changed to Syria so they can put their points to ISIL directly.

  7. Half the world is deranged in one way or another. With leaders in the west like Obama and Merkel, I see no way out of this mess. I’m trying to imagine another U.S, President in history insisting on taking more of these people in. Recall FDR, obviously a progressive, putting people of Japanese ancestry into camps at the beginning of WW2. Yes, it was probably an over-reaction, but it was the right kind of over-reaction. It’s a President’s job to err on the side of America’s safety…

    • I think ISIS or whatever they are called are only creating more enemies. This is what Putin thinks:
      “Mr Putin said that Russia must hunt those responsible “indefinitely, find out who the individuals were”.
      “We’ll look for them everywhere, wherever they are hiding. We’ll find them in any corner of the planet and punish them.”
      And this from President Hollande:
      “French president Francois Hollande has appealed for a single coalition — including the United States and Russia — to eradicate Islamic State militants in Syria after the bloody attacks on Paris.
      President Hollande vows to eradicate terrorism in a rare joint parliament address
      Hollande will meet with Obama and Putin to discuss a unified coalition against Islamic State
      Hollande requests that parliament extend the state of emergency for three months
      In a solemn address to a joint session of parliament in the Palace of Versailles that began with the words “France is at war”, Mr Hollande announced an increase in police recruitment, a halt to lay-offs in the army, and a constitutional amendment to strengthen the fight against terrorism.
      Mr Hollande said he would meet with US president Barack Obama in Washington and Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Moscow the coming days “so we can unite our forces to achieve a result that has taken too long”.

      • Sadly for Mr Hollande, a ‘victory’ over ISIS cannot be achieved without ‘boots on the ground’. Local forces are inadequate & unwilling to pursue ISIS beyond their own local goals. Peshmerga have been successful (even tho we are reticent to arm them because they may take those arms and turn them on the Iraqis to secure a Kurdish homeland), but their goals are limited to clearing ISIS out of their areas. The Iraqis are completely incompetent, as are the Syrians.

      • French president Francois Hollande has appealed for a single coalition
        Hardly the actions of a country at war. ISIS is the result of a power vacuum created when the US withdrew its forces. The solution to ISIS is straight forward. Some greater power must occupy the region. Western leaders continue to ignore this most basic of military concepts.
        Bombing simply creates a vacuum in the place where you bomb. Something will then occupy the vacuum once the bombing stops. If it is not your own forces, it will be someone else’s. This is why bombing alone cannot win the war. Bombing simply creates the vacuum which then must be occupied by some power. If France will not occupy the area, ISIS 2 will.
        To defeat ISIS you must take control of their revenue stream that they use to pay people. For it is this revenue stream that generates loyalty. Once you control this stream of money, you decide who gets paid and who doesn’t. This generates loyalty to you and robs ISIS of its power.
        So, for France to fight this way they need to take control of the oil. Every ISIS well-head and distribution network must be controlled by France. Every dollar in ISIS oil revenue controlled by France. And France determines who gets paid and who doesn’t. Once that is done France will have the loyalty of the tribes in that part of the world and ISIS will not. Pay the tribes to fight ISIS and pay them well. ISIS will disappear overnight.

      • Simply destroying the ISIS well-heads will not win the war. It will make everyone that currently depends of ISIS to make a living hate you. The solution requires that you take control of the well-heads and the revenue stream. That you make the payments in place of ISIS, in return for the loyalty of those you are paying. You pay them to destroy ISIS using the oil money generated from the ISIS well-heads.

      • ferdberple November 17, 2015 at 6:21 am
        French president Francois Hollande has appealed for a single coalition
        Hardly the actions of a country at war. ISIS is the result of a power vacuum created when the US withdrew its forces.
        I’m not sure you are correct. There were no US forces in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt or especially Syria.
        Algeria has had ISIS type violence going back to the 90s. Assad opened up the prisons and let out a whole load or belligerents perhaps knowing that the West might have to chose to side with him because what he let out was going to be far worse. And so t has come to pass.

    • Perhaps the only thing positive about that situation was it saved Japanese citizens from being attacked by those wanting to get even with Japan.
      Had direct experience with a Japanese family was was relocated to the rural mid-west. It took the help of the local farm community to get them back on their feet. And where they lived was kept secret and only known to the local community.

      • The U.S. paid for the farm but nothing else. The father of this family was born in the U.S and a graduate of UC Davis.

      • I can remember very negative feelings against the Japanese still held by quite a few men in the 1960s/70s. That sentiment finally has subsided over the decades as some finally forgave, while others who held resentment finally died off. That is always a problem with hostilities once started, it takes a long time for the feelings to fade. Then there is the Middle East where the occurrence of hostilities is so frequent that the hostility never has a chance to fade away.

    • As is the Leader of Israel to do the same for his people, with one caveat. If the leaders of the US are wrong we get terrorists attacks. If the leaders of Israel are wrong they cease to exist as a people.

      • Wants the Nobel Peace Prize his father never received.
        Glad I don’t live in North Van any more, but “they” will come here to Salt Spring real soon now, I imagine.

    • Let me see, in Syria, the screaming jets of multiple countries dropping bombs, the rounding up and execution of Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, Syrians by ISIS is not what caused the mass exodus, it was ‘poor weather’?
      Yep, I can see it. As a Syrian father dodges bullets & bombs to gather his belongings and leave Syria he explains to his children that they are leaving because the ‘weather is bad here’, not because his neighbors have been slaughtered by one group or another.

      • The liberals tend to forget how Assad’s troops opened fire on peaceful protesters, which is what ignited this ongoing conflict. They also forget how Obama gave verbal support to the Syrian protesters thus leading them to believe that the US would ride in to the rescue as they did in Libya to aid in the removal of Ghaddafi. Unfortunately for the Syrians, they soon found out that Obama was just spouting his usual rhetoric of peace and harmony for the entire universe. So Syria was not about climate change, it was all about Obama’s hope{lessness} and change.

      • The Mukhabarat (Syrian military Intelligence) is very influential in Syrian politics but is “supposed” to be controlled by the President. Apparently they didn’t agree with Assad’s reforms and insisted on a return to their rule:
        “Its objective is semi-officially “stability,” which in practice means silencing any individuality and stifling ideas that question the status quo. In achieving compliance, the Mukhabarat bars no holds. The Syrian state will split apart families like Ahmed’s, enter homes arbitrarily, detain citizens without due process, torture and kill.”
        In Syria, simply replacing Assad would have little effect.
        In the end, most intelligence agencies become another tool to control society:

    • Of course. And CO2 may have also caused the Iran Iraq war; the Afghan civil war; the Russian invasion of Afghanistan before that; Pol Pot; WW2; WW1; the Chinese Revolution; the Russian Revolution.

    • The situation in Syria is largely the result of simplistic US foreign policy. They repeatedly fail to recognize that weapons win battles but economics wins wars. Instead the US continues to believe that a war is simply a series of battles to be won.
      The battle for hearts and minds starts and ends with the pocketbook. Ideology runs a distant second to a full belly. Democracy means nothing to the unemployed when the Dictator or Warlord guarantees work. Pay people and they will be loyal so long as you continue to pay. Thus to win a war you need only find the means to continue making payments.

      • The US was not initially in Syria and this is not of their making. Western countries initially did nothing because of Iraq and also because Russia supported Assad. The Arab Spring was as inevitable as the fall of the Berlin Wall because such Feudal/Tribal systems that exist in the Middle East are unsustainable when bordering countries that are not like that and better off. Such feudal systems will be as critical as they can of Western countries because they threaten their power structures.

  8. well mikey better go tackle the US Mil who knew saw and did sweet FA about the fuel convoys
    with the crap excuse they were worried about hurting civilians
    doesnt seem to have stopped em prior ie droned weddings and hospitals..
    but then theyre shooting their OWN funded and supplied “pets” if they do that..
    too useful as an excuse to try and oust an elected nations leader cos he wont play nice the way they want
    like quite a few others that have been trashed..libya and ukies lately,
    meanwhile its just dandy to bomb the crap outta syrian land and civvies?

  9. Fine cartoon … tnx Josh
    Very fine.
    Phewww, hair buns, safe spaces and hurt feelings. True believers will need an awful lot of therapy.
    Houston, we have a problem that over a decade of brainwashing has wrought.
    Makes me sad.

  10. “But above all, getting in the way of the COP 21 meeting would quadruple the assassins’ reasons to attack.” Maybe the conference should be held under Sharia law to help mitigate the risk?

    • I forgot, theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand. Would need some left handed people there to sign all those agreements.

  11. Yes. Implementing idiotic energy policies that will hurt us economically, and weaken us will sure show them. Take that!

  12. Leftists’ insane default position for ALL of the world’s problems is that Western Civilization and capitalism are to blame, and the only solutions to solve all global problems are to: destroy Western Civilation, capitalism and waste $trillions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on senseless and destructive government initiatives and programs….
    Some Lestists are now blaming the Jihadi terrorist attacks in Paris on the Western Civilization, and Bernie Sanders even went so far as to blame Climate Change for the increase in Jihadi terrorist attacks…
    Leftists fail to realize the constant failures of their political ideologies and policies will eventually lead to their own destruction.

    • Leftists fail to realize the constant failures of their political ideologies and policies will eventually lead to their own destruction.

      Then surely we deserve pity and support rather than opposition?
      We’re clearly no threat.

      • It’s awfully hard to find politicians with a center logic set, especially since extremes appeal massively to the voting public. The “Right” wants uncontrolled “free” enterprise of which a good example would be the 1890’s with child labor and zero control of safety in working conditions and food (did that can of beans kill you, well it’s your fault not picking the right company canning it). A modern example is the slow and final reduction of oversight such as Glass Steagall of which 2008 was the primary result. No sympathy at all for less educated people trapped without health insurance (or with insurance that will throw them overboard when illness strikes/no rules allowed you see) or when they are ripped off with Mafia like interest rates or are encouraged to buy mortgages that in any budget process proves that they shouldn’t have or to switch Social Security to corporate institutions (we have seen a few times what can go wrong there). They generally don’t believe in protecting anyone in anyway, which makes most even more susceptible to the professional crooks who all have a bevy of lawyers standing by. An unfortunate side effect of this is a less efficient economy from events like ENRON and WorldCom (for a few), the 1980’s 900+ billion $ Savings and Loan fiasco, 2008, and corporate control of congress. They also tend to believe that it would be okay to spend the entire national budget on the military, intelligence services, police forces and corporate prisons.
        Then there’s the “Left” throwing money at everyone in sight, political correctness to the point of nausea, the belief that all versions/peoples of Islam can be integrated and/or that if those unhappy cultural changes do occur then that’s just the way the fortune cookie crumbles. Add to that the idiocy of trying to control the earth’s temperature through CO2 removal and regulation of “toxins” to the point of “one death is one too many”.
        Since there is, apparently, almost no politician with a center set of values, I am certain that we will continue to get some of the worst and also continue to oscillate between the parties in an attempt to even things out statistically. Me, I pretty much gave up on them long ago, although I might be willing to vote for one of the newbies that don’t appear to be corrupted yet.

  13. What’s with the shot against Pastafarians? We know that’s just a sarcastic response to beliefs of organised religions. Since extreme man made climate change has itself become a religion, this cartoon shoots the messenger on that aspect. A Pastafarian is more inclined to insist on the data supporting the science rather than the current dogma.

  14. They are not foolish, and neither they are deranged at Huffington Post.
    No more than Dr. Goebbels was, at any rate.
    They firmly believe that repeating their lies incessantly will convince enough ignorant morons for their totalitarian agenda to prevail.
    Telling lies make you rich and powerful, telling the truth makes everybody, including your former friends, to tuck their tails under their behinds and rage against you.

    • Alexander Feht November 17, 2015 at 4:28 am says;
      Telling lies make you rich and powerful, telling the truth makes everybody, including your former friends, to tuck their tails under their behinds and rage against you.
      Reposting this. Will give you attribution. Hope you don’t mind.

  15. Josh, the colander is an insult to Pastafarians. They are much more rational than the Mikey Manns of this world.

  16. Actually, HuffPost has it backwards. To destroy ISIS, the most effective strategy is to start fracking in Britain and France, build the Keystone pipeline and pump more oil out of Alaska and the Arctic. This would reduce the West’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil and reduce the money flowing to ISIS.

  17. I’m so tired of contemporary imbecility!
    I’ve only got three words to say about ISIS and they are, globalist proxy army*.
    *The governments of the west and their allies, fund, arm, man, and train these “Freedom fighters”.

  18. There is something to be said about going on as planned to “not let the terrorists win”. The Paris Climate Change Conference is as bad an idea as it ever was. Wasteful, leading to actions that will clearly harm our peoples, and worse than useless at its stated goal. However, we should stop it on those merits, not beause of actions done by a gang of criminals.

  19. Appeasement and denial are old companions of the American public. We tend to have to be drawn screaming and kicking to any confrontation, Not on the whole a bad this but quite frustrating for thus of us who see the writing on the wall.
    Perhaps a DR Seuss moment is in order (The real 1940s Dr Seuss)
    here are some of his political cartoons from that era (Yes you will see familiar critters)
    The top one I think is very telling ,
    ponder reflect and enjoy

    • early in morning, “Not on the whole a bad thing, but quite frustrating for those of us…..”

    • Appeasement and denial are not old companions of the American public.
      Americans knew what was going on in both world wars and wanted to stay out of foreign conflicts.
      People in Europe and elsewhere have been killing one another for centuries over one thing or another.
      The U.S. can’t solve all the worlds’ problems.

      • Barbara I will agree with your fourth point
        As too the other three well, they compliment my point.
        We did not get to stay out of those wars now did we? Germany declared war on the U.S. two days after Pearl Harbor.
        And yes the Zimmerman telegram may have been faked by the Brits.
        And oh yes your second and third points, mirror the appeasement views of the time.

  20. It’s child’s play to destroy Bernie Sander’s claims about climate change – they haven’y been the cause of “bad weather” and “Bad weather has never caused normal folks to become religious lunatics out to kill
    as many as possible. Climate change, if anything, has prodcued the food that enables more folks to inhabit this planet. As for the primetime stupidity of the Huff Post article, why do these people seem to assume that oil has much of anything to do with climate change programs, which are pushing renewable energy,
    which means electrical power, which has nothing to do with oil, since oil is virtually never used to produce electrical power. Reminds me of Sen Max Bauer, who inaugurated a windfarm with the comment that “This will send a message to the oil producers.” The only message it would have sent was that Max Bauer was a complete idiot (and Max was on the Senate Energy commitee!!!)

    • There are two places that produce oil-fired electricity:
      First, Saudi Arabia is the primary oil-fired electrical generator on the planet.
      Second, diesel generators, typically used only in emergencies, are seeing a resurgence in popularity in Europe due to the overuse of wind and solar power and shutdown of reliable fossil fuel generators.
      Finally, all of those wind and solar generators are powered by the diesel trucks used to build, move, operate, and maintain them
      So we can see a solid argument that “renewable” fuels drive up the demand for oil.

  21. Excellent Josh!
    You add bright spots to our days!
    I like the strainer hat.
    Using my imagination, I can see some spaghetti graph lines hanging out of the strainer.
    That same mental picture his office penny loafers on backwards.

  22. Mickey Mann Mann marching off to “Dunkirk” COP21.
    If ISIS is serious then their assets are already in place in the Ghetto nearest COP21 while the French Army storms Belgium and Holland closes French borders!

  23. The climate terrorist conference will proceed as planned. The only difference will be heightened security for the state and non-gov-org heads.

  24. the response to the terrorism in Paris should be a successful Climate Change Conference
    In psychiatric circles they would say, “their cheese has slid off their cracker”.

  25. Thanks Josh, your cartoon has created the opportunity for a lot of fun!
    – – – – – –

    {italics mine – John Whitman}
    Breitbart ‘s Oliver Lane reported on 16 Nov 2015,
    “”The French edition of the Huffington Post’s response to Friday’s massacre in Paris was that there were “several undeniable links between these barbaric and fascist acts by radical Islamists and the climate”.””

    An implication is created IF a person has profound faith in the pre-science premise that there must be an undeniably dangerous link between: 1) the observed insignificant GASTA/LLTA changes; and 2) the observed significant rapid increases in emission rates of CO2 from burning fossil fuels.
    The created implication is THEN that same person can also see undeniably dangerous links between any two phenomena anywhere at any time whether or not either one or both of the two phenomena is real or just imagined.
    So, of course critical thinkers (aka skeptics) should not be surprised that the CAGW hypothesis advocating publication called the ‘French Edition of the Huffington Post’ should claim the existence of “several undeniable links between these barbaric and fascist acts by radical Islamists and the climate”.” N’est ce pas?

  26. It could end up being a coalition rather than a battle – both sides want to put an end to civilization, democracy and capitalism. My money would be on the eclipse of CAGW and its policies by 2040 by the burgeoning population of the inexorable new constituency in Europe – it was silly of the terrorists to commit terrorist acts when patience will do just fine. The Clime Syndicate will get their demolition of civilization, only they won’t be among the elitists.

  27. So may the best terrorist win?
    The Cult of Calamitous Climate, about to convene in Paris, have kept the media attention by promoting terror of weather.
    The ISIS butchers by claiming “It is in the Book”.aka “Silence I kill you”.
    Yrt the policies pushed by the C.C.C through the UN will kill more people and ensure millions more lead lives that are brutal and short.
    This Puffington Post reads like the whiney students claiming the atrocity in Paris has drawn attention away from their “very Important” protests.

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