Climate Insanity on steroids!

Economies collapsing, Middle East imploding – and Obama & Pals obsess over … the climate!

Guest essay by Paul Driessen

The Middle East is imploding. Islamic State butchers are annihilating Christian and other communities. Putin is sending arms to Assad. Under the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, the mullahs will get $100+ billion to expand their proxy terror war on Israel and the West. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 empty air-conditioned tents but won’t take any of the millions who’ve been driven from their homes. Neither will most of the other 22 Arab League nations or 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries.

Instead, millions of mostly Muslim migrants, militants and refugees are heading to Europe – with limited money, education, job skills, or desire to assimilate. They demand entry into EU countries whose energy, economic, employment and welfare systems are already foundering or nearing collapse.

EU nations have hobbled their nuclear and carbon-based energy systems so completely that unsubsidized German and Danish electricity prices are almost ten times higher than in US states that still rely on coal-fired generation. Industrial giant Siemens is cutting 1,600 jobs in its power and gas division, companies are hard-pressed to compete internationally, and 0.5% annual economic growth is deemed “robust.”

So naturally, President Obama, Pope Francis, the European Commission, United Nations, and many poor countries are obsessed with – climate change! It’s insanity on steroids. The alarmist assertions are absurd.

“Climate change is already disrupting our agriculture and ecosystems, our water and food supplies,” Obama recently inveighed. “If we do nothing, Alaskan temperatures are projected to rise between six and twelve degrees by the end of the century.”

Projected by whom? Who concocts these fables? Nature-driven climate change has disrupted lives throughout human history. Seas have risen 400 feet since the last mile-thick glaciers melted off the northern half of Asia, Europe and North America. How did “imperiled” Pacific islands survive that?

Some Alaskan glaciers have been retreating for decades, but Hubbard is growing and Glacier Bay’s ice retreat began around 1750. Arctic sea ice has increased some 26% (400,000 square miles) since 2012, in a cycle that’s continued for millennia. The sea ice “was thick in the 1920s, thin in the 1930s and 1940s, thick again in the 1960s and 1970s, and thinner in recent decades,” oceanographer Igor Polyakov noted in 2004.

“Not only in the summer, but in the winter the [Bering Sea region] was free of ice, sometimes with a wide strip of water up to at least 200 miles away from the shore,” Swedish explorer Oscar Nordkvist reported in 1822. “We were astonished by the total absence of ice in the Barrow Strait,” Francis McClintock, captain of the Fox, wrote in 1860. “I was here at this time in 1854 – still frozen up – and doubts were entertained as to the possibility of escape.” How did cars and power plants cause all that?

Meanwhile Greenland’s ice mass has grown by some 200 cubic kilometers (48 cubic miles) just since 2014. Vikings built homes, grew crops and raised cattle in Greenland between 950 and 1300, before they were frozen out by the Little Ice Age and encroaching pack ice and glaciers. Antarctic sea ice set another record in May, the US National Snow and Ice Data Center reports, climbing 12% above the long-term 1981-2010 average, to reach 12.1 million square kilometers (800,000 square miles) – almost as much as Alaska and Texas combined!

If it’s global warming and climate change, shouldn’t melting phenomena be constant and global?

Pope Francis nevertheless plans to meet with President Obama September 23, to discuss “dangerous manmade climate change” and how to ensure “preferential treatment of the poor,” by building “clean” energy economies and stopping “carbon pollution.” Their concerns and solutions are illusory.

They disdain fossil fuels and capitalism – though they have brought greater health and well-being to more people than any other systems in history. They prefer the socialism, centralized government control, higher energy prices, fundamental economic transformations and wealth redistribution schemes advanced by the UN and Climate Crisis, Inc. By denying the world’s poorest people energy, jobs and economic growth, this agenda will sentence them to perpetual poverty, disease and early death. By mandating the use of biofuels, wind turbines and solar panels, it will turn food into fuel, increase malnutrition, convert wildlife habitats into enormous inefficient energy facilities, and kill countless millions of birds and bats.

The pope and president dismiss these impacts. They insist that climate change is a far worse problem, and that modern energy, housing and living standards for the world’s poor would not be “sustainable.” They believe “morality,” “climate justice” and “preferential treatment” mean protecting people from hypothesized, exaggerated and fabricated climate disasters 25, 50 or 100 years from now – by destroying millions of jobs and keeping the world’s poor energy-deprived and impoverished now and in perpetuity.

The pope and president denigrate plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide as “carbon pollution” and say this 0.04% of Earth’s atmosphere has replaced the powerful natural forces that have always driven climate and weather fluctuations and events. They disregard satellite and weather balloon data and records from East Anglia University, which show there has been no planetary warming since at least late 1997, if not 1995.

They studiously ignore the fact that even full implementation of EPA’s fraudulent and destructive Clean Power Plan would at best prevent a global temperature increase of only 0.03 degrees F and a sea-level rise of barely 0.01 inches by 2100. And those “benefits” assume CO2 is the culprit in climate change.

Like other climate alarmists, they refuse to recognize that some 2,300 coal-fired power plants are already operating worldwide, and almost 2,200 more are being proposed, developed or built. Nearly 900 are planned for China and India alone. In barely ten years, Asia’s energy consumption will increase 31% and some two-thirds of that demand will be oil, natural gas and coal. So a US shutdown would do nothing.

Developed countries have dug a tiger trap – and walked into it. Their constant rants about “catastrophic manmade climate change” are driving policies that shut down carbon-based energy, economic growth and job creation in Formerly Rich Countries, while telling developing nations to hold us for climate ransom.

Following Obama’s recent GLACIER conference in Anchorage, China, India and Russia (three of the four biggest CO2-emitting nations) refused to sign a nonbinding declaration seeking greater international action to combat Arctic melting and climate change. Nearly all developing countries oppose agreements calling for binding emission targets or even “obligatory review mechanisms” of their voluntary efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile, they now insist on $100 billion to $400 billion per year in climate change “mitigation, adaptation and compensation,” plus free energy technology transfers.

Denmark is dropping plans to phase out coal-fired power plants and be fossil-fuel-free by 2050. Britain is junking its wind energy subsidies and pushing ahead with fracking for gas to fuel more power plants. But meanwhile, Mr. Obama is thumbing his nose at Congress and American voters and unemployed workers – and imposing ever more restrictions on coal and natural gas use, and more taxpayer subsidies for wind, solar and biofuel programs, on top of water, ozone and other regulations. This will cost trillions of dollars, inflict heavy costs on poor and middle class families, and bring few or no health or ecological benefits.

The agenda being driven by President Obama, Pope Francis, the UN and Climate Crisis, Inc. means our huddled masses will be forced to share ever-greater scarcity, ever-lower living standards, ever-fewer jobs and opportunities. But of course it all will be apportioned “fairly and equitably” – by ruling elites and their cronies, whose desk jobs, six-figure salaries and upper crust life styles will be protected by the same executive powers they employ to protect the planet from climate raptors and hobgoblins.

It’s time for Congress to pass bills dismantling and defunding Obama’s energy and climate dictates – and dare Democrats to vote against them and in favor of this destructive Executive Branch power grab.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death, and coauthor of Cracking Big Green: Saving the world from the Save-the-Earth money machine.

259 thoughts on “Climate Insanity on steroids!

    • What Obama has set in motion, will make it such that any “normal” POTUS can look like a superstar.
      Just taking away the regulatory strangle hold (for the most part – read that as EPA) will allow the American engine to gain steam.
      If the next POTUS can convince the public (not the crony “scientists” on the dole), that CAGW is and always has been a scam, the money can come home and the economy will really take off.
      If further, smart policy can be used for future unforeseen events (that will surely come – like a “Katrina”), then the nation and by proxy the entire world will benefit.
      Obama and the Pope have turned the world upside down. When responsible leaders finally get it that cheap abundant energy will save the world instead of destroy it, we’ll have a fighting chance.
      Until then, George Orwell looks more prescient than ever.

      • Yes but the whole world and our economy is such a horrible mess that the next President will have a difficult time getting things sorted out. Consider the National debt, eliminating the border, and changing all those who have gotten used to food stamps, no need to work, etc. And of course the MSM will blame the next President for all the problems if Republican.

      • Yes but the whole world and our economy is such a horrible mess that the next President will have a difficult time getting things sorted out.

        Especially considering most of a president’s first term is spent campaigning for his second term, and most of his second term is spent fundraising for his party. Between all the vacations, there isn’t much time for actual presidenting.

    • Obama has two years left —– and he is lining up his next job, which will be an international role in fighting Global Warming :¬) …….. and the Pope is always an old man ………..

      • Tony Blair thought he was going to do the same thing. He’s still milking the talk-circuit somewhere and has a job saving something for somebody somehow, but no one in the UK seriously believes he exists anymore.
        Coming to an ObamaPope soon. Terrible things, legacies.

      • Does it look like Obama will join Gore on the GW speaking circuit gravy train ($125,000 per speech for Gore) after OB retires?

    • Obama only actually has 16 months left. And believe me, I AM counting each month. I keep saying to myself,only 16 more months, only 16 more months……..

      • Except his policies are consistent with party planks and his methods are merely the new approach of the party for “I don’t care what you say” style of over reach. Compromise and pull back to the political center is such a dated concept. It is naive to think that either policy set or methodology approach will go away soon.

      • I hear you, but I’ve always regarded Obama as more of an effect than a cause. He is purely the creation of our Academic and Media class, and unfortunately they will still be with us even after Obama is gone.
        Until we squarely address the reasons our public culture has become so left-wing, the beatings will continue.
        The short answer is that the moral ideology of the left holds powerful attractions for those who have frequent opportunities for praying in public, and no accountability for disastrous policy: “I at least have the courage to challenge the haves and to care about the have-nots”. This is a potent tool for striking moral attitudes in public, but it is a truly horrible guide to workable laws.
        The left-wing moral ideology makes judgments based on peoples condition, yet society MUST instead incentivise mutually beneficial behaviors and punish parasitic/predatory ones. That inevitably creates haves and have-nots. Therefore, in a society with optimal laws and customs, policies based on the liberal ideology lead to perverse incentives 100% of the time.

    • the epic stupid is not imposed top down.
      it takes generations of effort by parents to breed and raise and educate a planet of cannibals
      but go ahead and spend your last years trying to find somebody to blame – since self possession and individual responsibility are to be evaded at all costs- when the natural long.term consequences can not be. (when there are no more goats to be sacrificed)
      and obama finds your tears delicious even as the crowd clamors for crumbs from his supper table.

  1. I’d correct your statement in that Putin is not only sending arms to Assad, he’s sending Russian combat troops armed with the best weapons in the Soviet, er, Russian inventory and he does intend to put them in harm’s way to prop up Assad’s regime by attacking the ISIS/Al Qaeda/Nursa, etc fighters. The Russians have landed T-90 tanks and I assure you they are NOT going to allow the Syrians to use them. The ‘usual fare’ for Russian client states are the old T-72, perhaps the T-72B. They’ve also landed somewhere around 10,000 Russian Marines and thousands of armored infantry along with supporting APC, artillery, anti-air, & now they are landing close air support. He’s building a brigade if not division sized ground force. They aren’t there just to provide base security and ‘train’ Syrian troops. They are going to coordinate with Quds force Hezbollah forces.

    • If Russia is going to coordinate with Hezbollah, then among the many failures of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy we can see that a military alliance between Iran and Russia is one of the long term worst. These fools in the West are going to assure that WWIII results in massive human losses and the likely recasting of borders in ways that harms Western interests.

      • Western interests are to disengage from the region. Why can’t we just simply do business – buy their oil at a negotiated price and stay the heck out of the place. Hydraulic fracturing will disengage us but we seem to throw sand in the faces of any efforts to get ahead and free of the crippling arrangements made by our grandfathers and meanwhile, Europe has bred a ruling class of idiots and I can’t see anyway this region can be saved from total collapse. I don’t live there but your and my plans for some sort of decent, pleasant retirement are being scuttled by world ideological idiot leaders, simian economic managers and self immolating immigration non policies. For those whose retirement plans are far into the future – there situation is even worse – will they have jobs to build a future on.
        I thought Donald Trump was part of the joke we are trapped in, but perhaps he and a dozen like him can save the world. I had resigned myself to looking to India, China and Russia to save us from European Brain Disease. In the US, except for Trump, the savaging of the constitution and the throwing its lot in with the decline and fall of europe is considered a project ‘too big to fail’. We live in interesting (nightmarish) times. How can there be so much hope for the wife of a former prez as another experiment in US politics. Isn’t there a fresh-faced real statesman out there somewhere – I guess the best chance is for a real estateman instead.

      • @ Gary Pearse,
        “Europe has bred a ruling class of idiots and I can’t see anyway this region can be saved from total collapse”
        Centuries of inbreeding at the “highest” levels from royalty to the rich have assured that, thanks for pointing this out.

    • I wonder what Netanyahu can bring to the table to assuage the Soviets (er – Russians) from doing?
      Obama has no intention of stopping Putin who is acting like the world’s largest Mafia “Don”.
      Putin is in it for money and power. He sells to the Iranians and gains ground in the Middle East.
      I’d love to hide my head in the sand, but your analysis is clearly correct.
      Obama has lit the fuse on a powder keg that will go off in only a matter of time; not an if or when.
      I pray that Israel has a plan and a that antimissile missile’s like “David’s Sling” and the “Arrow” system really work.
      Iran has said that Israel is a “one bomb country”. It’s true – and as such – makes them extraordinarily vulnerable to massive casualties.
      I’ll be visiting Israel in a few months time. I hope it’s not a last look at a wonderful nation as it “once was”……

      • “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters”
        ― Daniel Webster

      • Global warming is what you talk about when you want to deflect attention away from the Middle East and troublesome domestic issues.
        Global warming is what you talk about when you want to deflect attention away from clergy sexually abusing kids.
        Am I being too cynical? Too harsh?

      • ” Jimbo September 21, 2015 at 7:36 am”
        Global warming is what you talk about when you want to deflect attention away from the Middle East and troublesome domestic issues.
        Global warming is what you talk about when you want to deflect attention away from clergy sexually abusing kids.
        Am I being too cynical? Too harsh?”
        No you are being very accurate.

      • It is all part of the plan, WW111 in the ME, reduces population, reduces terrorist threat, reduces Muslim population, gets rid of Israel as a political problem, puts a lot of oil out of reach (or in western control after the radiation blows away) and the UN/US/Pope want it to happen soon before global warming falls apart as a method of controlling the agenda. Win-Win for the west, they have no conscience, just a plan that has been generations in the making

      • Scott,
        “…Israel is a “one bomb country”. It’s true – and as such – makes them extraordinarily vulnerable to massive casualties.”
        So is the US from what I’ve read, since the two billion dollars or so that could prevent a total collapse of the power grid in the event of a well places EMP device, is apparently too much to spend on preventing the utter catastrophe a widespread long term blackout would inevitably mean for us wee folk. Far more has been spent each year on underground facilities and such though, for the favored few . . so not to worry, Amerika will still be a menace to humanity,

    • Safe bet that if they do manage to defeat ISIS, these troops will not be returning to Russia.
      This is Russia’s first permanent base in the middle east, and it won’t be their last.
      This is something the Russians have been pushing for, for the last 50 years, and all previous presidents vigorously opposed.
      Another grand failure for Obama’s foreign policy.

      • @ MarkW, And it will not be long before the USA will lose it’s Navy base in the Gulf either. I am afraid that is going to be Obama’s last ( and worst) ME decision.

      • JohnKnight. I think if you really examine Obama actions and objectives what has happened in the Middle East and around the world are not his failures, but his policy successes.

    • Correct on the T-90s. Russia has had a base at Tartas for a long time and now they have one in Latakia. The Russian troops will provide training and protection for their bases. The mercenaries (Russian, Iranian & Lebanese) will do the fighting with the Syrian troops to provide the force multiplier effect.
      I give IS in Syria about 1 year to live. They will suffer huge losses and go back to Iraq. The USA’s “air war only” is a joke for dealing with a situation like this. The Russian approach is much more effective. The goal if to destroy IS not to contain them. The USA approach is next to useless.

  2. If history can shed some light on this, and it can, leaders who try to rule the weather make serious mistakes in their areas of actual authority.
    From the tragic madness of Caligula which among many other things manifested in his war upon the sea, to King Canute finding out that there are limits on what political power can do regarding the sea, there are real warnings and lessons about how foolish Western leaders are behaving.

    • Canute’s legendary attempt to stop the tide was his way of showing his people that there are limits to what even a King could do for them. We seem to have “progressed” to a stage where an educated elite believes that all problems can be solved by central planning by an educated elite.

      • “Denmark is dropping plans to phase out coal-fired power plants and be fossil-fuel-free by 2050. Britain is junking its wind energy subsidies and pushing ahead with fracking for gas to fuel more power plants”
        Canute was a Danish King who also ruled a large slice of Britain. Common sense is clearly in the genes.

      • It’s amazing in this day and age that the real story about King Canute still needs to be made. The myth about King Canute is one of the longest-surviving historical myths around. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times people point out the truth about Canute there’s always somebody who pops up with the myth version.

    • King Canute was the wisest of Kings. His foray to the sea was to teach his councillors the limits of his power. Much maligned.

    • That might explain why we are now being over-run with asylum seekers.
      Come on in guys, welcome to the asylum, you’ve come to the right place, at the right time.
      60 years of leftist subversion have already turned all ours brains to jelly.
      We can no longer de-silt a blocked up water drainage channel or bury low grade radioactive waste safely deep under the ground without creating a log-jam of conflicting interests and inaction.
      Our societal behaviour, if it were an individual, would be best described as anxiety-prone, catatonic, delusional, self-harming but prone to occasional bouts of severe violent psychotic rage.
      Russia, China and the Gulf states, meanwhile, are playing the long game and occasionally aiding us in our self-defeating confusion.
      Whether the total collapse of our societies will be in their interest, when it occurs, is another matter.
      So, maybe they also are utterly insane.
      (P.S. I am in the UK, Worst luck.)

      • Germany’s”Muckle ” is giving a estimate of cost £950 for each asylum seeker a month, what a “Muddle,” but how is she going to pay the millions that are on the way to get this gift from the CHRISTIANS ? None of the other EU States want and have not the financial resources, winter in a tent ? Lucky the Germans have 3,000,000 empty houses , Food? etc.,etc.,

      • George,
        We can sell them food.
        In fact, I trust they will allow many millions in – as our milk production will support those millions.
        I hope this will give our dairy farmers a living wage, at least.

  3. I wonder if Obama has design on the UN sec general in the future. Otherwise his recent comments on “Climate change” are nonsensical. Either way none of these stories make any sense

    • According to the UN Charter. A citizen of one of the 5 permanent members may not be elected to the office of Secretary General. I’m sure if he could be elected, he would be elected. I’m also sure he’d want the position.

    • Obama’s long term goal in support of his Muslim friends is the destruction of Israel. Allowing Russians in Syria to establish an air base will prevent/respond to Israel flying over to get to Iran. The illegal treaty with Iran, the allowing of Russian military in Syria, the ignoring of ISIS is all set up so that in the near future there will be an attempt to destroy Israel. But the timing will be set so that Obama will be out of office two years so that he can claim he had nothing to do with it saying “Israel was fine when I left office”. He will be regarded as a hero by Muslims all over the world and they will push for him to be a world leader.

  4. In the Peter Principle one of the signs of ‘final placement syndrome’ is the ‘Utter Irrelevancy’ ploy.
    A manager who has been promoted to a position of total incompetence will engage in things that are utterly irrelevant, because he cannot tackle the real problem.

    • “A manager who has been promoted to a position of total incompetence will engage in things that are utterly irrelevant.”
      What follows will be the setting-up of a paper empire in which staff are required to document every step of the work they do, and to document them in the most inefficient and time-consuming manner possible. Usually in ledger-books spaced at intervals around the building such that staff have to make continual journeys to and from these books.
      The objective of the exercise will not be to streamline work or to provide useful information, but to create deliberate inefficiency, and to serve as a pretext to find (fictitious) faults with staff performance, faults which will then be blamed for the same inefficiency.
      The ‘manager’ will then claim that the existence of this inefficiency and the need to tackle it, justifies their paycheck.

  5. But, but, America’s Nero has his presidential legacy to consider.
    A truly grand legacy for one so enamoured of his own image, a legacy he hopes will be acclaimed down through the ages for his personal saving of the planet.
    A legacy that will be spoken about and commented on for generations to come.
    But sadly for America and the world, it will most likely be a legacy that will judge Obama as America’s Nero and one of the worst presidents ever out of that very competitive field of similarly endowed past Presidents

  6. The real problem is birth control: half of the world refuses to practice it and makes it illegal and at the same time modern medicine has stopped the mass deaths of mainly young people which kept the world population lower, so now we have a population catastrophe in all Muslim countries, Africa and Catholic countries that forbid birth controls.
    These in turn are invading birth control countries like Europe and the US. This, in turn, is leading to all sorts of tensions and problems that will multiply literally in the future.

    • The real problem is not birth control. The real problem is poverty. Poverty keeps people uneducated because they can’t afford schooling. It keeps people unemployed, because they can’t afford to purchase the tools they need to ply a trade or start a business. And it keeps people mourning, because most of their children die from lack of medical care. Your lack of empathy for poor people who lose their children to starvation and disease is breathtaking. Shame on you.

      • Monna
        It’s not a lack of empathy for poor people. It is anger at tyrannical, socialist, fascist and most muslim countries that keep their people uneducated and poor.

      • ems: No socialism brings on starvation and poverty. Children are a resource and make a country wealthier. Assuming they have a political system that permits that.

    • Fascinating how someone can be wrong on so many subjects at the same time.
      Birth control has had absolutely nothing to do with the reduction in birth rates all around the world.
      Birth rates have fallen dramatically even in countries where birth control has been outlawed.
      It is prosperity that always reduces birth rates. Prosperity brought about by capitalism.

      • So, do sperm counts go down in proximity to large amounts of money? Or do rich people just have diminished libido?

      • It really is sad the way reality manages to avoid certain people.
        If you doubt reality, check with any resource library.
        The answer is there if you have the wit to look for it.
        To answer your ill conceived question, to the rich, children are a drain on resources as they have to fed, housed and educated. For the poor, children are a resource since they can be put to work.
        That’s been well known for some 50 years. Surprised you have managed to miss it for so long.

      • THE thing that most stongly correlates with low birth rates is high levels of female education. That then derives from prosperity.
        Islam pushes to prevent girls getting an education for a reason. The result is the present mob of “asylum seekers” swamping Europe. EU nations are to get the Lebanon Treatment. Anyone else remember peaceful wealthy Christian Lebanon of 1/2 century past? This strategy is stated openly with respect to Israel and the intent to demographically swamp Jews via high birth rates.
        The goal of most of the world’s nations is to reduce Europe and the USA to poverty. They are well on their way to that goal. Socialism thrives on chaos and turmoil, while dictators of all stripes have known for generations to create catastrophes so that they are invited to power. Note that Rome scattered the Jews to as far as Hispanola and Britain assemble Iraq out of incompatible parts. That wasn’t stupid, that was the goal… Thus the USA hispanic influx going unchecked and global relocation of “migrants”.

      • MarkW September 21, 2015 at 12:38 pm
        Though I am charmed by your tact, I am not impressed by your logic.
        Few of us dispute that prosperity appears to result in reduced fecundity; it is the mechanism by which this occurs that is of interest to us witless ones.
        It appears that affluent people take steps to avoid conception, interrupt inchoate pregnancies and practise ‘birth control’, whereas poor people are less inclined to do that for whatever reason.
        I’m still intrigued to read your inspired account of how capitalism leads to fewer babies.
        I’ve heard lawyers rely on their personalities for birth control; you’re not a lawyer, are you?

    • Whenever I hear anyone saying we have too many people, I like to ask them why don’t they lead the way and practice what they preach.

      • Most western nations do exactly that: use lots of birth control.
        It is FORBIDDEN in Muslim countries. You can be executed for accessing birth controls. And an army of ill educated, poorly fed children is not an asset but a disaster.

  7. Bogota to shut down tomorrow Tuesday because of Warmist lunacy, No cars or motorcycles will be allowed to circulate from 5am to 7:30pm in order to support Global Climax Warming.

  8. When did Mr Obama makes the reference to the projected 6 to 12 degree temperature increase for Alaska and did he state his source? Is there some mechanism by which he can be asked where he got those figures?. This is a very serious situation, for the President of The United States to make such a statement without references surely is bordering on the criminally negligent.

  9. Paul, Thank you for a most eloquent rant. I wish there were some way of getting this posted in the mainstream media, not just on a web site where one is “preaching to the choir”.

  10. I didn’t read past “Obama is giving the mullahs 100 billion to spread terror against Israel, did anyone else? Such an ignorant statement doesn’t deserve further reading. Obama isn’t “giving” Iran anything but their own damn money, and as far as their supporting Hezbollah, the only times Hezbollah and Israel have fought wars is when Israel invaded Lebanon, so I don’t see that support as terrorizing Israel, as it is hard to terrorize the terror center in the middle east.

    • Death to the Great Satan! Death to the Zionist Pigs!
      A primitive 7th century culture with 1000 years of tribal hatreds and an ideology of world conquest, equipped with fully modern nuclear weapons.
      What could go wrong?
      When a bunch of brutal murderous barbarians with no claim to civilization at all, tell you it is their sacred religious duty to exterminate you, you might pay attention.
      You would not be in the land of the Great Satan by any chance, would you?

    • I love the way some people always act as if everything Israel does in unprovoked and immoral.
      Of course Tom totally ignores that fact that Hezbollah was using Lebanese territory to rain down rockets and artillery shells onto Israel and was launching cross border raids.
      Of course, it was all Israel’s fault for wanting to stop the murder of it’s citizens. Shame on Israel, don’t they know that they have a duty to die.

      • I honesty don’t know which is more pathetic, the blatant lies the Islamic terrorists tell to try to justify their crimes, or the brain washed leftists like Tom who will eagerly parrot ever word. Useful Idiot has never been a better description.

  11. And the Pope’s meeting with Cuban dissidents did not happen, and the Iranian mullahs expect hundreds of billions of dollars in coming months. It’s just the powerless and the innocent that lose.

  12. Aussie blogger Ken Stewart has looked at a number of regions of the planet and using UAH V 6 satellite data has calculated the length of the pause for each.
    The planet has not warmed for 18 yrs 5 mths.
    The NH has not warmed for 18 yrs 2 mths.
    The SH has not warmed for 19 yrs 7 mths.
    The Tropics have not warmed for 21 yrs I mth.
    The Tropical oceans have not warmed for 22 yrs 11 months.
    The North polar region has not warmed for 13 yrs 7 mths.
    The South polar region has not warmed for 36 yrs 9 mths or for the entire record.
    Australia has not warmed for 17 years 11 mths.
    The USA has not warmed for 18 yrs 3 mths.
    So where is the impact from extra co2 emissions? And why hasn’t the South polar region warmed at all since 1979?

    • Since it’s a settled scientific fact that the man-made CO2 molecule is climate’s control knob, 20 years ago Al Gore and Bill Nye must have reversed its polarity.
      (Now if they can only remember how they did it, they could end “the pause” for real without others having to fiddle with the numbers!)

  13. This is not the place for politics with the exception of how they directly effect climate related things.
    The current M.E. problem is the direct result of America meddling in their affairs and then walking away from the mess they caused.

    • When it comes to CAGW Adrian, it’s ALL about politics (and money).
      Their “false science” has been debunked so many times that the shrill nonsense from the other side invoking RICO statues makes it quite clear. It’s ALL about the politics and virtually nothing about the science.

      • As a direct example. How many times have you read in the MSM that the Syrian Civil War was caused by “Global Warming”. Google it, you’ll find lots of nonsense that takes this seriously including “studies”.

    • Wow, it’s amazing how many people actually believe that the Middle East was a Garden of Eden, with no problems of any kind, until the US showed up and destroyed everything.
      I guess many people put ideology ahead of reality.

  14. I am waiting for study showing optimum climate for our biosphere. Sadly, the only studies from climate science converge towards optimum socialism and sustainable grant writing.

    • Evidently, the Little Ice Age is the warmist’s paradise. Seriously. We are not as warm as the Medieval Warm Cycle and they are yelling that it is already ‘too hot’ and when asked when was it ‘perfect’ they mention basically before 1800 which was the tail end of the Little Ice Age!
      These people plan to kill us all.

  15. The claims of Climate Apocalypse have been debunked here and elsewhere to an ample extent. No need to cover that ground again.
    So, why this, why now?
    We have seen over and over again, when a government trashes their country and gets in trouble, there is one out they take. They raise the specter of “The Other” as a grave threat. Usually this takes the form of a nearby country posing a military threat. This serves the dual purpose of distracting the people from the real problems, and causing the people to want safety, which only the government can provide. This bit of theater is usually the hallmark of dictators and totalitarians.
    The person in question has demonstrated that he can not run a war, so he selects the climate as his bogeyman of choice.

  16. I concur with the your comments. CAGW has become a mania, madness, a significant threat to our countries.
    There is no CAGW problem. There appears to be almost no AGW. The cult of CAGW have fudged: the warming calculations, the general circulation models, and past and current temperature data to attempt to justify there assertion that there is any evidence that would support CAGW.
    Every developed country is running yearly deficits. We do not have trillions of dollars to waste on green scams that do not significantly reduce CO2 emissions if the CO2 emissions to build the green scams and the reduced grid efficiency is included. Regardless, there is no CAGW problem to solve and if there was a CAGW problem, spending trillions of dollars on green scams would not solve it.
    This is a good book if your are interested in the economic and social consequences of the Climate Change madness.

    The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the Obsession with “Climate Change” Turning Out to Be the Most Costly Scientific Blunder in History?
    Booker focuses his attention on the mother of all environmental scares: global warming. This original book considers one of the most extraordinary scientific and political stories of our time: how in the 1980s a handful of scientists came to believe that mankind faced catastrophe from runaway global warming, and how today this has persuaded politicians to land us with what promises to be the biggest bill in history.
    Christopher Booker interweaves the science of global warming with that of its growing political consequences, showing how just when the politicians are threatening to change our Western way of life beyond recognition, the scientific evidence behind the global warming theory is being challenged like never before.
    The book exposes the myth that the global warming theory is supported by a ‘consensus of the world’s top climate scientists’. It shows how the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is run by a small group of ‘global warming’ zealots, who have repeatedly rigged evidence to support their theory. But the politicians, pushed by the media, have so fallen for its propaganda that, short of dramatic change, our Western world now faces an unprecedented disaster.

    As the planet had warmed, we all assumed the cult of CAGW’s fundamental calculation (done more than 20 years ago by a half dozen specialists led by the founding father of CAGW, Hansen) of how much surface forcing a doubling of atmospheric CO2 will produce without ‘feedbacks’ is reasonable, in the right ball park. We all assumed the problem why the IPCC’s general circulation models (GCMs) predicted warming does not agree with measured warming is due to incorrect modeled cloud feedback, incorrect assumed water vapor amplification of the forcing, and delay in forcing response not the fundamental AGW calculation, itself.
    The without ‘feedbacks’ cult of CAGW’s calculation (this is the calculation that predicted 1.2C to 1.4C surface warming for a doubling of atmospheric CO2) incorrectly held the lapse rate constant to determine (fudge) the estimated surface forcing for a doubling of atmospheric CO2. There is no scientific justification for fixing the lapse rate to calculate the no ‘feedback’ forcing of greenhouse gases.
    Convection cooling is a physical fact not a theory and cannot be ignored in the without ‘feedbacks’ calculation. The change in forcing at the surface of the planet is less than the change in forcing higher in the atmosphere due to the increased convection cooling caused by greenhouse gases. We do not need to appeal to crank ‘science’ that there is no greenhouse gas forcing to destroy the cult of CAGW ‘scientific’ argument that there is a global warming crisis problem to solve.
    There is a forcing change due to the increase in atmospheric CO2 however that forcing change is almost completely offset by the increase in convection. Due to the increased lapse rate (3% change) due to convection changes (the 3% change in the lapse rate, reduces the surface forcing by a factor of four, the forcing higher in the atmosphere remains the same) therefore warming at the surface of the planet is only 0.1C to 0.2C for a doubling of atmospheric CO2, while the warming at 5 km above the surface of the planet is 1C. As a warming of 0.1C to 0.2C is insufficient to cause any significant feedback change, the zero feedback change for a doubling of CO2 is ballpark the same as the with feedback response.
    In addition completely ignoring increased convection, the 1 dimension no ‘feedbacks’ warming calculation for a doubling of CO2 ignored the spectrum absorption overlap of water vapor and CO2. As the earth is 70% covered with water there is a great deal of water vapor in the lower atmosphere, particularly in the tropics. Redoing the calculation include the spectrum absorption overlap reduces the average surface forcing by a factor of 4 which also reduces the surface warming for a doubling of CO2 to around 0.2C.

    Collapse of the Anthropogenic Warming Theory of the IPCC

    4. Conclusions
    In physical reality, the surface climate sensitivity is 0.1~0.2K from the energy budget of the earth and the surface radiative forcing of 1.1W.m2 for 2xCO2. Since there is no positive feedback from water vapor and ice albedo at the surface, the zero feedback climate sensitivity CS (FAH) is also 0.1~0.2K. A 1K warming occurs in responding to the radiative forcing of 3.7W/m2 for 2xCO2 at the effective radiation height of 5km. This gives the slightly reduced lapse rate of 6.3K/km from 6.5K/km as shown in Fig.2.

    The modern anthropogenic global warming (AGW) theory began from the one dimensional radiative convective equilibrium model (1DRCM) studies with the fixed absolute and relative humidity utilizing the fixed lapse rate assumption of 6.5K/km (FLRA) for 1xCO2 and 2xCO2 [Manabe & Strickler, 1964; Manabe & Wetherald, 1967; Hansen et al., 1981]. Table 1 shows the obtained climate sensitivities for 2xCO2 in these studies, in which the climate sensitivity with the fixed absolute humidity CS (FAH) is 1.2~1.3K [Hansen et al., 1984].
    In the 1DRCM studies, the most basic assumption is the fixed lapse rate of 6.5K/km for 1xCO2 and 2xCO2. The lapse rate of 6.5K/km is defined for 1xCO2 in the U.S. Standard Atmosphere (1962) [Ramanathan & Coakley, 1978]. There is no guarantee, however, for the same lapse rate maintained in the perturbed atmosphere with 2xCO2 [Chylek & Kiehl, 1981; Sinha, 1995]. Therefore, the lapse rate for 2xCO2 is a parameter requiring a sensitivity analysis as shown in Fig.1.

    The followings are supporting data (William: In peer reviewed papers, published more than 20 years ago that support the assertion that convection cooling increases when there is an increase in greenhouse gases and support the assertion that a doubling of atmospheric CO2 will cause surface warming of less than 0.3C) for the Kimoto lapse rate theory above.
    (A) Kiehl & Ramanathan (1982) shows the following radiative forcing for 2xCO2.
    Radiative forcing at the tropopause: 3.7W/m2.
    Radiative forcing at the surface: 0.55~1.56W/m2 (averaged 1.1W/m2).
    This denies the FLRA giving the uniform warming throughout the troposphere in
    the 1DRCM and the 3DGCMs studies.
    (B) Newell & Dopplick (1979) obtained a climate sensitivity of 0.24K considering the
    evaporation cooling from the surface of the ocean.
    (C) Ramanathan (1981) shows the surface temperature increase of 0.17K with the
    direct heating of 1.2W/m2 for 2xCO2 at the surface.

    • I think they are using a new translation of the Bible that substitutes fact checkers for tax collectors in the scriptures.

      • I always liked the King James version, which called them ‘publicans’ (after the Latin). I always had this vision of JC with his feet up in a bar, knocking back a Carlesberg. Well, he was always mocked as being a bit of a drunkard.

    • Unfortunately the WSJ has a paywall or other forms of obstruction. Could you give us an extract so we can get an idea what the article is saying?

    • Greg: Thanks for the helpful suggestion. That worked fine. But what’s the point of a paywall if you can read the articles free on somebody else’s website?
      Resourceguy: For residents of the USA a subscription may be worthwhile although your assessment of the WSJ might just be a statement that their views agree with yours for all I know. However, I live in the UK so a subscription to an American newspaper would, by and large, be a bit of a waste of money.
      As for the actual article I would say that it gives a description of one aspect of the Catholic Church in the USA but it’s hardly a summary of the situation as a whole. For example it says nothing about how the Church is facing up to the challenge of losing members to Protestant denominations and sects nor about the secular challenges facing the Church. Nor about the threat from within the Church by people who want to undermine it, except for a one-line comment about a group calling themselves ‘Dignity Washington’.

      • The article in the WSJ may well be very accurate but apparently the media in the USA have been responsible for some real howlers when reporting on religious matters.
        After the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the International Herald Tribune described his vestments and added: “Tucked under his left arm was the silver staff, called the crow’s ear, that he had carried in public.” Not long ago, Newsweek magazine covered Virginia’s Liberty University debate team, ranked No. 1 in the nation. The Rev. Jerry Falwell explained that his team was involved in a unique kind of ministry to the culture. Alas, he used a biblical metaphor that led to this correction: “Newsweek misquoted Falwell as referring to ‘assault ministry.’ In fact, Falwell was referring to ‘a salt ministry’ — a reference to Matthew 5:13, where Jesus says, ‘Ye are the salt of the earth.’ We regret the error.”
        So it seems that many journalists are as ignorant when reporting on religion as they are when reporting on climate.

  17. This refugee crisis is the result of climate change. From an article in the Inquisitor.
    “Between the years of 2006 and 2011, Syria was hit by a series of devastating droughts. Time reports that the extended period of drought resulted in rural populations moving into urban areas as failed crops led to an increase in poverty.
    The extended drought was, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the worst that Syria has seen in modern times. And according to The New York Times, scientists blame climate change.
    Martin Hoerling, from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told The New York Times that the study lined up with his own work in demonstrating a long drying trend in the region caused by climate change.”
    The sooner we begin to reduce C02 emissions the better.

    • 80+% of the so-called “Syrian refugees” aren’t even from Syria!
      The ‘border crisis’ is not on the Syrian border, it’s on the Hungary/Serbia border. Go check an atlas, this Hungary/Syria border is ~1000 miles from the war in Syria.
      Why aren’t Americans all fleeing the violence in Syria? It’s only a few thousand miles away, but apparently distance is irrelevant.
      The President of Hungary has declared Serbia to be a safe country for those fleeing war, but the refugees don’t want to stay in Serbia, they want to move on to the EU or the US or any other country that will give them handouts and enrich their lives.

    • Errr, no.
      Your theory is falsified by the 1981 uprising that was brutally put down by Assad’s father. Look up the Hamma massacre. So we have identical uprisings, thirty years apart. Ergo, they cannot be caused by modern so-called Global Warming.
      We have been through this before. The uprisings happened, because Assad’s Alawites are a despised and much persecuted minority, because they are half Christian. Having been put into power by the French, the Alawite, quite reasonably in my view, don’t want to go back to being a persecuted minority living in the gutters. So they are hanging on for grim death (or grim life). And you will notice that the Syriac Christians are backing Assad all the way, because they are in the same boat.
      And if anyone criticises Assad and his Alawites, just think of them as being the Yazidi with guns. Would anyone complain, if the Yazidi got some guns and defended themselves? Well that is what Assad is doing. You cannot sympathise with the Yazidi, and want to help them, and then simultaneously condemn Assad for doing exactly what you want the Yazidi to do.

    • Luke,
      You really should put a /sarc tag on stuff like this when you post it (You are being sarcastic, aren’t you? – If not, I can’t wait to see your analysis of Boko Haram.)

  18. My favorite part of the climate change malarkey is that Canada is at the forefront of the fight to keep the climate from changing. If any country on earth could benefit from being a few degrees warmer…

    • You are out of touch – Harper is with Russia, China and India – they say things (federally) but they aren’t doing anything to kill their own economic strength – oil and gas. The opposition would hand the country over to the UN in a trice, though. Canadian are very insulated from what is going on in world and they are anxious to get rid of the conservatives whom they only call on to rescue them from the idiocies of the “wealth distributors” when times are tough.

  19. Maybe the betrayal of the Middle-east was part of what what Obama was promising Putin when he was caught with an open mike.

    …. in an unscripted moment picked up by camera crews, the American president was more blunt: Let me get reelected first, he said; then I’ll have a better chance of making something happen.
    “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it’s important for him to give me space,” Obama can be heard telling Medvedev, apparently referring to incoming Russian president — and outgoing prime minister — Vladimir Putin.
    “Yeah, I understand,” Medvedev replies, according to an account relayed by an ABC News producer, who said she viewed a recording of the discussion made by a Russian camera crew. “I understand your message about space. Space for you . . .”
    “This is my last election,” Obama interjects. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”…..

    • Gail,
      Good point, just look at where his priorities lie, difficult to believe it is the same as most in the USA

  20. Why can’t an essay like this be put before the American public more broadly. So much good stuff seems to be only presentable to the like-minded and the debunked, ideological agenda puffery is broadly cast.

  21. Luke, you are right it was climate change. Global grain prices went up because of mandated ethanol production. Fourty percent of the corn in the U.S. goes for ethanol.

  22. This type of political nonsense is just your opinion Paul and while you are entitled to it spewing the following rubbish does nothing but weaken your argument on climate. Yes there are lots of problems bigger than CO2 but really?
    “Putin is sending arms to Assad.”
    Because the USA is the only country that should be arming countries. The USA is the one destroying countries in the middle east. The USA wants a regime change in Syria so a more compliant regime could be put in place so a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe can be built to deprive Russia of its primary gas market. In case you missed the memo here is what the whole Syrian situation is about
    “Under the Obama-Iran nuclear deal, the mullahs will get $100+ billion to expand their proxy terror war on Israel and the West. ”
    Ha ha ha. You made me laugh on that one. So who has been funding Wahabi version of Islam for 5+ DECADES? That would be Saudi Arabia. Who are supplying terrorist groups with fanatics? Saudi Arabia.
    You are very much wrong on the middle east. Maybe you should look at your own countries actions rather than spewing this obviously WRONG political drivel in a climate blog.

    • While you are right that Saudi Arabia has been promoting Wahabi fundamentalism and terrorism across the globe, Iran is still a threat to Israeli and Western security. Even after the Obama capitulation on nuclear technology for Iran, Iran is STILL calling for the destruction of Israel. How can any sane Western leader give nuclear technology to a nation that is overtly calling for a nuclear war? The answer, of course, is that Obama is neither sane nor Western.
      As to your theory about regime change in Syria because of oil, that is just typical Muslim taquiyya – dissembling. — Anything to blame the West, instead of taking responsibility for Muslim political incompetence.
      In reality, the civil war in Syria is exactly the same as the 1981 civil war, and for exactly the same reasons. Look up the Hamma massacre. And those reasons have nothing to do with oil, gas Russia or America. This is an old dispute that goes back 1,300 years, when the invading Muslim army placed the Alawites at the bottom of Syrian society and grievously persecuted them for more than 1,000 years. But the French put the Alawites into power in the 20th century, and the Sunnies have long hated the Alawite rise to power and wanted to depose them. And the Alawites are grimly hanging onto power, because they know what will happen if they relinquish it.
      THIS is the true reason for the current civil war in Syria. Nothing to do with oil, gas, Russia or America. If Europe wanted to put a gas pipeline in, they could go through Jordan and Israel, and then ship to Europe – Just as Britain ships from Algeria.
      So you are wrong on all counts. Iran IS a problem. And the Syria dispute is a local issue dating back more than a millennium. This is why our politicians need to understand history, society and religion rather better than they do.

      • But don’t you know. There were no problems in the Middle East until America and those Jews butted in.
        I’ve been told that by several sources that consider themselves to be quite reliable.

      • I would not trust any Iranian “quote” translated by western news media. Remember the “Israel must be wiped off the map” quote? Turns out what was really said was “The regime which occupies Jerusalem must be erased from the pages of history”. One is talking genocide the other regime change.
        I disagree with theocracy of any stripe but I’ll not trust the “Times of Israel” to translate Farsi to English.
        If Iran does have a nuke (and I’m willing to bet they do) they bought it from Pakistan a decade ago when Pakistan was in one of its regular upheavals. That would explain why the Israelis haven’t attacked Iran. The retaliation would be fatal.
        It has EVERYTHING to do with oil and gas and which currency is used to buy/sell it. Without that the USA’s status as reserve currency is gone. Check out the history of every country that has tried to sell oil & gas for non-US dollars in the past 40 years. Assad said no to the Qatari gas line and shortly thereafter all hell breaks loose.
        No I’m not a fan of Assad or any other dictator but causing the destruction that has gone on in Libya and Syria falls on the shoulders of the USA. Maybe you are unaware of General Clarke’s statements:

        Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran. Taking a bit longer to accomplish than planned and it doesn’t look like Syria and Iran are going to get beat any time soon. His comments on oil are very true.

      • Clark is a loon. And, the idea that Sunni Pakistan, whose atomic program was funded by Sunni Saudi Arabia, would sell nukes to Shite Iran, the Saudi bankroller’s greatest regional adversary, is way, way out in the fever swamps.

      • The regime which occupies Jerusalem must be erased from the pages of history”. One is talking genocide the other regime change.
        Nonsense. Do you not read the Hadith? Do you not understand the subtext of Islamic speech??
        Being an eschatologist, on 24th Sept 2012 at the U.N., President Ahmadinejad predicted the End of Times and the coming of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. He did not mention the destruction of Israel at all, so the UN was happy. But he did not have to mention the destruction of Israel, because every Shia Muslim would know EXACTLY what he meant – because the Hadith says (on many occasions):
        Judgment Day will not come unless Muslims fight the Jews. Muslims will defeat and kill Jews. The Jew will hide behind the stone and the tree, and the stone or tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him! Only the Gharqad tree will not say because it is the tree of Jews. (Fitan, 82)
        So the End of Times speech specifically includes the destruction of Israel. Get the idea?
        And eschatology was not peculiar to Ahmadinejad, it is a central component of Shia doctrine. And so if the Shia are looking for the coming of the Mahdi in the near future, they must also be planning for the destruction of Israel in the near future. And soon they will have Obama’s nuclear weaponry to achieve it.
        Don’t be led astray, by liberal apologists in the Grauniad or BBC (or CNN). The Western Selbsthass ‘intelligenstia’ will be the chief architects of the decline and fall of Western civilisation. And like the mad or bad prophet, Jeremiah, they will revel in their own destruction.

    • “So who has been funding Wahabi version of Islam for 5+ DECADES? That would be Saudi Arabia. Who are supplying terrorist groups with fanatics? Saudi Arabia. ”
      AND this is the country offering to build as many mosques in Europe as they need and then staffing them with their imams (Wahabi is the most intolerant and radical of the Islamic religions). I agree with Steyn on this one, what with a severely decreasing continental population birth rate and a huge influx of this political group (which is what Islam is) that will procreate much faster than the original culture, Europe is in a world of hurt in just a few decades or much less. Note also that the Saudi’s have not offered to take any/zero of the migrants. With the regions huge armies the locals could easily take care of any problems there, but choose not to, perhaps because it is working out so well with Europe and the migrants, which is no doubt a long range goal.

      • As are Israel’s and the USA’s. I’m not a fan of Putin but if you want to stop terrorism you may want to see how it is done effectively. Unless defeating terrorists like IS isn’t really the objective.

  23. Hey Paul. Rather than spewing at Russia and Iran how about looking at your own government’s record of overthrowing democratically elected governments.
    Oh while you were not looking your government (USA) destroyed the Ukraine and lost Crimea (permanently) and now Russia will show you how to deal with terrorists. The USA has had more than a year to destroy IS and has done nothing. Let’s check the progress the Russian plan will have achieved in one year. So I’m betting by September 2016 IS will be in Iraq and shrinking. They will have got their butts kicked out of Syria with huge losses.
    Congratulations Paul. While you, and people in the USA like you, are drinking your government’s Kool-Aid you have lost another country (Syria) that you tried to destroy. Keep it up and the whole world will be laughing “LOSER” at you soon.

    • Is that what KGB students do when they can’t pass malware school of coding? They become just another group of message managers like NGOs and MoveOn youth squads.

  24. This is what half the CAGW argument is really about:
    The other half is those who believe in a “One World Government” where the “rich” responsible for the evils of colonialism and horrible climate disruption must be made to pay……
    The argument has left science and spun off into the area of pure Money and Politics.

  25. It’s insanity on steroids. The alarmist assertions are absurd.
    Time marches on and madness takes it’s toll.

  26. Re Bogota above :South American’s in the main don’t believe in AGW but they love it as a concept to get money out of gringos in Europa and US, so currently they (meteorological services), are all playing the game For starters, I know that outside it is 33C(digital well placed thermometer) but they predicted 40C and wunderbar says it is 37C using thermometer over boiling tar at local airport. This is being repeated daily for the past 6 years to pander to IPCC demands who fork out the cash to make sure temps are seen to be rising.

  27. When an essay by a skeptic starts to cherry pick so obviously it reflects the same nonsense as employed by warmists.
    I cound not read beyond Greenland having increased ice since 2014 (wow must be a record., is it??) or that in May, Antarctica had set a record without reference to the most recent sea ice data.
    Pity as this sort of gambit gives no confidence in believing anything else which might be genuine..

    • Tony if you think someone is incorrect in their submission you should be more specific on what is incorrect and show us some proof that your version is true. Otherwise why should we believe your statement with out any evidence that you are not lying.

    • It really is pathetic how the warmists cling to their bad data, even as the rest of the world fails to live up to their nightmares.
      Do you deny that Greenland has gained ice mass over the last year, your fabled models claim that this wasn’t possible.
      So Antarctica has lost a little bit of ice, coming off 10 years in a row of breaking record highs, that not much of a surprise.
      Speaking of gambits, yours has failed.

    • Matt Bergin:
      I am against any hyped claims whether it be from warmers or from skeptics.
      Re Antarctica: yes May was high but it has been at or below below the average for well over a month now. That should have been stated and is commonly available knowledge.
      Re: Greenland: I don’t dispute the numbers but it is similarly a useless statistic unless there is some comparison. It is the style use by warmers such as gazillions of joules gained by the oceans (ie a minuscule increase in T) or equally the US west coast still being in the grips of the the climate change monster.
      The latter point clearly is one which relates to energy balances where the east coast froze its butt off in a fairly atypical style but is compensated elsewhere in the world. And no, the warming phenomena should not be constant and global as the writer suggests given it is supposed to be a few watts/m2 in a maelstrom of weather activity. The Arctic is more susceptible to any earth warming; sea ice extent there is just over two std deviations from the mean.
      This was, for me, sufficient to ignore the rest of the essay as I simply could no longer trust his views. But I don’t question anyone else’s disposition on the matter.

  28. … Islamic State butchers are annihilating Christian and other communities….
    Actually, fundamentalist Muslims are not going to be too hard on Christian communities. They pay a special tax and will be subordinated to Muslims, as the Prophet prescribes, but they are not annihilated.
    Muslims with a slightly different view to other Muslims (think Sunni vs Shia) are to be slaughtered out of hand as apostates. It’s safer to be Christian.

    • “It’s safer to be Christian”….for now.
      First they have to exterminate the apostates, the homosexuals, the Atheists, Pagans, the Jews, the Buddhists and Hindus, then the Christians. If a few Christians get slaughtered along the way, no big wow, they will get to them eventually.

    • Historically they have lived off of others, which is why they tend to be (fortunately) mostly incompetent and unproductive and depending on expertise from modern cultures. A take over by these groups would eventually result in an even more savage return to pre-industrial times.

      • Historically, Islam is only one huge great Protection Racket. That is why the Jizya tax is called protection money. And Islam worked on exactly the same principle as the Chicago Mob – pay the Jizya tax or we beat you up and burn your shop down. And it was the Jizya protection-money tax that funded the Muslim aristocracy and army.
        However, you can only have so many racketeers, and extort so much tax, before you kill the goose with the golden eggs. And that is what happened all across Mesopotamia during the 8th to 11th centuries, when governors like Musa the son of Musab grievously overtaxed the kuffer unbelievers until he reduced the region to penury and poverty. And then the harsh rules for unbelievers – the Covenant of Dhimitude – were so bad that many people just fled. And this resulted in the Dead Cities of Aleppo – 900 towns and villages that lay abandoned even to this day.
        And this was why the Crusades were organised, to liberate these Christian cities. Remember that when Baldwin the Count of Boulogne entered Edessa, the first city to be liberated, he was welcomed into the city as a liberating hero. I know this is not what our educational establishment or Hollywood like to portray, but it is the truth. Most of these cities were still majority Christian, while some were majority Jewish.
        Srjilla. One of the abandoned Christian cities in northern Syria. Still there, after 1,200 years.

    • “It’s safer to be Christian.”
      You certainly aren’t keeping up with current events. What may be the greatest ethnic cleansing in human history is going on right now in Muslim countries. (I happen to think that part of this is some kind of social hysteria – somewhat like what’s currently going on in the inner cities in the US. Standard Islam gives them the rationale – but they’re taking it to the limit.)

      • Here’s a few facts, Mark W:
        I especially like the part where the perps “disguised as Arab hotel workers, managed to sneak in”. Of course you are aware that the principle leaders of the Irgun and Haganah were also the founders of Israel’s modern -day Mossad? What is it you want to decry about “terrorists” and “bombing”?
        How about these facts? :
        Does someone really want to call the 207 wounded/killed US Navy veterans “anti-semites ” because they want the truth to be told?
        Let’s not even digress to the multiple problems of serious espionage our “friend” has perpetrated against the US.
        Nor to the problems of their own nuclear stockpile, which they won’t let anyone inspect either, and which they denied until a person of conscience blew the whistle (and whom they promptly threw in prison).
        Hey Mark W. , just where did they get all that plutonium and yellow cake anyway?
        Who has their ideological blinders on?

  29. The promotion of Zionism and Zionist views has no place in the discussion of climate change. Mr. Driessen ought to have kept to his subject. There was ample subject matter without straying from the path.

    • Wow, the anti-semites really hate it when the actions of their compatriots are exposed.
      Funny how pointing out that muslims are killing Jews is somehow twisted into a complaint that we are promoting Zionism.

    • Watch out Claude, the next thing you know you will not only be called an “anti-semite”, but a “denier” too. Classic ad hominem! Now where have I heard that before?
      I guess Mark W. doesn’t know that a substantial number of “zionists” are Christian and not Jewish, and that Arabs are also “semites”.

    • Thanks for your comment Hans.
      Glad it isn’t just me that smells the reek of Bovine Scat, from right field this time. Does the opening of this essay remind you of the theme of “we have to offer up scary scenarios ” too?
      When people find it necessary to start quoting scripture ( the original “pal-reviewed” publications), in order to bolster their “arguments” in subsequent comments, you know you are fighting a battle of wits with the unarmed.

  30. Saudis: Sunni. Refugees: Mostly Shiite. The REAL refugees, that is. Not the “embedded” Sunni “migrants”, basically ISIS-in-waiting. The Tent Cities will remain empty, so including them in the above list is irrelevant.

  31. Thank you, Paul Driessen.
    This is an excellent, very complete article.
    Yes, this is climate insanity. But even with failing models the UN’s IPCC keeps on pushing its way to Paris. I think they will fail, as always, but feign to come out as “robust”.
    Almost all global temperature data sets show the beginning of a pause after the big El Niño of 1998. The satellite-based data sets show it most clearly.

  32. The Gulf States not taking any refugees? Surprise, surprise.
    What the wastern MSM will not tell you, is this is an age-old Muslim policy for conquest. It is called al-Hijra – the sometimes forced exile of Muslims to other regions, so they settle there and take over the region.
    This is how Islam conquered Christian North Africa, Christian Syria, Christian Anatolia, Christian Spain, and Christian Balkans. This is why we think of North Africa as being ‘Arab’ when it was originally Phoenician, Roman, Berber and Vandal. This is why we think of Anatolia as being ‘Turkish’, when it was originally Greek.
    This is a deliberate policy of colonisation, and the worrying aspect is it is a thoroughly anti-Reformation and anti-Enlightenment colonisation.

  33. Shout out to Jimbo and Gary Pearse: Loved your comments. Hey Gary, thx for using the English language so well while making your points. This may not be a compliment in your paradigm but your writing reminds me of the apostle Paul. This is a huge compliment from my habitat. Rock on.

    • All Hail Baal, I find your handle quite appropriate biblically. I have often compared the warmunists to the prophets of Baal.

  34. “Instead, millions of mostly Muslim migrants, militants and refugees are heading to Europe – with limited money, education, job skills, or desire to assimilate. They demand entry into EU countries whose energy, economic, employment and welfare systems are already foundering or nearing collapse.”
    Wow!! I’m wondering abut this paragraph.
    1. Why the relevance of the religious beliefs of the refugees is important?
    2. How the writer knows these people have limited skills and education?
    3. Why he thinks they would not want to assimilate?
    My understanding is these are terrified people desperate to get out of an horrific dangerous situation. But I guess it is easier to dismiss helping human beings when they are lazy, dangerous, ignorant foreigners.

    • Islam is not “just” a religion, it is also a political force and a thoroughly unchangeable repressive ideology that requires termination for those wanting to leave it. “Normal” religions can be assimilated, not so this one. However, it may appear safe enough for present cultures with low population levels, but that won’t be so when their percentages increase to a “tipping point” and there are easy examples of that to find on the European continent.

      • Police in London and parts of France, already refer to heavily Muslim portions as “no go” zones.
        Incidents of rape are up dramatically in recent years, but the papers never manage to tell their readers that almost all of the accused rapists are of middle eastern descent.

      • Perhaps if Obama or the leaders of the European countries they are fleeing to put them through one of those “Diversity and Inclusion” classes before granting entry?

      • One could easily substitute the word “Christianity” of the not-so-distant-past for “islam” in this context. My own ancestors were forced to convert to Christianity at the point of a broadsword. Those that didn’t convert died on the spot.

    • 1) The relevance of their religion is why 2 and 3 are so important.
      2) The evidence is in front of you.
      3) 50 years of non-assimilation should be a clue, pre-supposing you were actually interested in having a clue.
      Most of these people aren’t even from Syria.

    • Simon says:
      1. Why the relevance of the religious beliefs of the refugees is important?
      2. How the writer knows these people have limited skills and education?
      3. Why he thinks they would not want to assimilate?

      May I? Thank you:
      1. Why the relevance of the religious beliefs of the refugees is important?
      The U.S. is (officially) taking in more than 280,000 Arab speakers every year from Middle Eastern countries. That’s the number they admit to, anyway. Do you recal September 11, 2001? Remember who committed that atrocity? And dozens of similar atrocities?
      Now, our of 280,000 admitted immigrants, do you think a fraction of them might be similarly inclined? If so, give us your fraction. If not, then I’m commenting to rational readers, not to you. But I assume you’re rational, so, what fraction would be your guess?
      2. How the writer knows these people have limited skills and education?
      Wrong question. Because it doesn’t matter if everyone of them is another Einstein with PhD’s in the hard sciences. The question is: why do they insist on going to EU countries? There are other, relatively safe and civilized countries much closer to their homes:
      3. Why he thinks they would not want to assimilate?
      Because as we observe in every country, they do not want to assimilate! There are areas in the UK where non-Arabs had best not be seen. Then there’s Dearborn, Michigan. And so on.
      Commenting on the same illegal invasion of the Roman empire in the 5th Century AD, Historians Will and Ariel Durant wrote:
      If Rome had not engulfed so many men of alien blood in so brief a time, if she had passed all these newcomers through her schools instead of her slums, if she had treated them as men with a hundred potential excellences, if she had occasionally closed her gates to let assimilation catch up with infiltration, she might have gained new racial and literary vitality from the infusion, and might have remained a Roman Rome, the voice and citadel of the West.
      But we know what happened: The Roman empire lacked the will to control its borders. So dozens of barbarian tribes like the Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Picts, Alemanni, Franks, Jutes, Alans, Saxons, Vandals, etc., flooded into the empire, unopposed.
      In less than a century it was all over: Rome fell in 410 AD, and a barbarian ruled the empire. Roman citizens were enslaved, their houses and estates were confiscated, and civilization entered a long road into the Dark Ages. And almost all because the empire’s borders were wide open to any foreign immigrants who managed to get to them.
      The Durants also wrote:
      The concentration of population and poverty in great cities may compel a government to choose between enfeebling the economy with the dole, or running the risk of riot and revolution.
      Sound familiar?

      • The economy of Dearborn is thriving compared to the surrounding communities. These are good business people and they want to keep the area prosperous.
        Maybe Detroit itself could be re-vitalized by middle-eastern refugees?

      • “Now, our of 280,000 admitted immigrants, do you think a fraction of them might be similarly inclined?”
        It’s not just that, as I don’t recall where any Muslim organizations or groups have condemned these actions. Usually just the opposite with open support or no response at all. Pretty much a reminder of what their real intentions are. Their organizations also typically issue complaints and threats (cartoons) when such is suggested but they are allowed to freely attack and complain without recourse (political correctness).

      • Db, if we were back in the time of the Inquisition or the Crusades, I could cite from Scripture where both are contrary to the Gospel, the Good News, of what Jesus Christ came for and accomplished. (The “finale” is yet to come.)
        Will an Iman please speak up and say what ISIS and the 9/11 and what other Muslim terrorist have done is against the Koran.
        Maybe they have and I just missed it.
        If so, someone please provide a reference.

      • If Rome had not engulfed so many men of alien blood in so brief a time, if she had passed all these newcomers through her schools instead of her slums.
        More importantly – “if she had disarmed them”.
        Traditionally Rome took immigrants, disarmed them, split them up and sent them to different places all over the Empire. But when the Goths invaded, Commander Stilicho failed to disarm them and failed to divide them up. (Part of the problem is that Stillicho was an immigrant himself.) And so the Goths went on the rampage, and sacked Rome.

      • “Sound familiar ?”
        Allow me. Yes, sounds like 1) Orthodox Jewish 2) Hasidic Jewish 3) Westboro Baptist Christian 4) Fundamentalist Mormons 5) Pentecostal Christians 6) Jehova’s Witnesses and most immigrants of any other group one cares to name.
        Don’t you ever wonder why there is a “Chinatown” in virtually every major US city? I guess not!

      • I just think it is a very dangerous thing using religion as a reason to discriminate against a whole group of people. There are many muslims who are repulsed by the violence of the extremest groups too. And let’s not forget there are extremist christians out there who do some pretty awful stuff. Granted not so much recently, but through history you don’t have to look very hard. And there is some pretty vile hate stuff that comes out of conservative USA in the name of the Christian God. And for the record I am not religious….. just causes trouble.

      • Simon says:
        I just think it is a very dangerous thing using religion as a reason to discriminate against a whole group of people.
        You’ve got your ‘discrimination’ backward. I think ≈3,000 people were pretty decisively discriminated against on 9/11/2001 by fanatics of that particular religion. There are dozens of similar examples. You may not agree, but the Islamic religion is the common denominator in almost all terrorist acts.
        There are many muslims who are repulsed by the violence of the extremest groups too.
        They sure keep it to themselves, don’t they?
        …let’s not forget there are extremist christians out there who do some pretty awful stuff.
        There is no comparison at all. Islamists have the category “pretty awful stuff” sewed up, by at least 100 – 1. I took several classes in Ancient History, and I can assure you that it was always the same: Muslim atrocities were the high scorers over anything done by Christians. But then, it’s not a good idea to compare different eras in history. People then just didn’t think like we do, and vice-versa.
        there is some pretty vile hate stuff that comes out of conservative USA in the name of the Christian God human nature. <–(now your comment is fixed.) The bottom line is that there's no comparison. Western civilization is… civilized. Not so your pals.
        Finally, you claim you’re not religious, but really, you are. You just don’t see it. From your many other comments, this describes you:
        Today, one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism. Environmentalism seems to be the religion of choice for urban atheists. Why do I say it’s a religion? Well, just look at the beliefs. If you look carefully, you see that environmentalism is in fact a perfect 21st century remapping of traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs and myths.
        There’s an initial Eden; a paradise, a state of grace and unity with nature. There’s a fall from grace into a state of pollution as a result of eating from the tree of knowledge, and as a result of our actions there is a judgment day coming for us all. We are all energy sinners, doomed to die, unless we seek salvation, which is now called sustainability. Sustainability is salvation in the church of the environment. Just as organic food is its communion, that pesticide-free wafer that the right people with the right beliefs imbibe.
        Many people crave answers that they can’t find through the Scientific Method, reason, or observations. So they fall back on faith that they must be right. Others try to rise above that, and rationally look for answers via the Scientific Method, which depends about 97% on verifiable, uncorrupted and accurate data.
        In science nothing is more important than data. Measurements are data. The problem with this issue — unrestricted illegal immigration — is that we lack data. We have no measurements of the number of illegals, or where they are coming from. We really have no idea of the number of people here illegally. The Census Bureau is not even allowed to ask a person’s immigration status. The numbers you see are no more than a guess — and you can be certain that the gov’t is lowballing its guesstimates for political reasons.
        So, bottom line: the group being discriminated against are not “Muslims”. Legal U.S. citizens and legal residents are the ones being discriminated against, 24/7/365.25. We are being discriminated against by every illegal who jumps the fence and gets in line for taxpayer-paid benefits — and that means all of them.
        We are being invaded. Do you have a better term?

      • msbehavin says:
        Don’t you ever wonder why there is a “Chinatown” in virtually every major US city?
        No, because the reason is pretty clear: people want to be around their own kind. No one is forcing any Chinese to live there. It’s completely voluntary.
        When I wrote “Sound familiar?” above, it followed this comment — written not by me, but by Historians Will and Ariel Durant describing reasons for the fall of the Roman empire:
        The concentration of population and poverty in great cities may compel a government to choose between enfeebling the economy with the dole, or running the risk of riot and revolution.
        So your comment doesn’t follow.
        My point was that what happened then is happening now in many cities like Baltimore, Detroit, DC, and others, and it is happening to a greater degree.
        Our economy is already being enfeebled by what the Durants called the dole (transfer payments). On top of that, we get the riots anyway, based on any excuse at all (the ‘gentle giant’; ‘black lives matter’, etc.) And millions upon millions of illegals keep invading. Is there any doubt? Every one of them who gets here is immediately plugged into a network of their countryfolks who are already here, and they instantly learn where to get cash assistance, food stamps, EBT cards, housing assistance, medical care, etc., etc.
        That is a HUGE drain on our resources! None of it is free, it has to be paid for by the taxpayers. Illegals keep flooding in, 24/7/365, and the invasion is accelerating. Instead of trying to make this what it is not: a religious debate, perhaps you have a solution to this immense and growing problem?

      • DB
        I find the concept of judging people before I know them, on an individual basis unacceptable, be they gay Muslim, Christian, black, white or pink. Just a rule I live by and in my perfect world so would everyone. I realise when I read the stuff you write that there are people out there who are happy to do the opposite. I work with a diverse range of immigrants and people with varying religious beliefs… including Muslim. We celebrate it and it is a highlight for me. I hope you live in a nice white middle class suburb so you too can celebrate your perfect world.
        I guess you have some comfort in the fact you don’t believe all the nonsense these climate scientists (and the US military ) are telling us about possible future issue with climate refugees. Now I am picking they would ruin your day.

      • Simon sez:
        I find the concept of judging people before I know them…
        Simon, you’re doing an exemplary job of judging me, but you don’t even know me. The term “hypocrite” comes to mind…
        And your nonsense about “climate refugees” is so ridiculous that I won’t even bother to answer that crapola.
        And as usual, you never answer any questions. That’s because your mind is made up and closed tight. You Believe in the ‘dangerous AGW’ false alarm. It’s your eco-religion. Science has nothing to do with it.

      • DB
        Tell me I’m wrong. Tell you respect individuals whether gay, black, Hispanic, Muslim, Hindu or otherwise. Your writing says otherwise.

      • Simon,
        You’re wrong. I don’t care about race, tribes, countries, languages, or any of the othe boxes you try to put me in. If people respect me I respect them.
        The problem is disrespect: Americans, and the West in general, is being disrespected big time. Millions of criminals disrespect our laws and borders. Why are you blind to that fact?
        And as usual, you never answer any questions. That’s because your mind is made up and closed tight. You Believe in the ‘dangerous AGW’ false alarm. It’s your eco-religion. Science has nothing to do with it. You still deflect, and refuse to answer any questions even though I’ve replied to your questions in detail.

      • Simon,
        “I find the concept of judging people before I know them, on an individual basis unacceptable, be they gay Muslim, Christian, black, white or pink.”
        Do you mean not judging them either negatively or positively? If you mean just not negatively, that is false judgment too, is it not? I mean you surely believe their are some very nasty people at least pretending they are Muslims, doing some very nasty things in the world these days, right? And extremely violent “drug cartels” and such, operating in a big way to our South, right?
        Please explain your moral reasoning in regard to just letting whoever happens to show up in, when one knows that some very nasty people are likely among them . . it’s no big feat to explain why letting saints in en mass is fine, but we’re not dealing with such a potential, by any stretch of my imagination anyway.

    • ” My understanding is these are terrified people desperate to get out of an horrific dangerous situation. But I guess it is easier to dismiss helping human beings when they are lazy, dangerous, ignorant foreigners.”
      Sounds like you are a fully functional human being who doesn’t believe in bogeymen, but who also recognizes that sociopaths do exist, They exist in every culture, political system, and religion. .
      You get it.

      • msbehavin says:
        You get it.
        Neither of you gets it.
        Answer this:
        How many citizens of foreign countries are we obligated to “help”:
        a) 34 million
        b) 115 million
        c) all of them
        Also, what is it about “illegal” that has you confused?

      • Db
        You know you really come across as a hard liner. I’m thinking you would be happy to nuke them all (muslims I mean)

      • dbstealey, Who is our neighbour?
        And how often should you forgive our brother?
        The answers are found in the Book of Truth.
        But what is Truth (as the politician asks)?
        Love is the fulfilment of the Law (Romans 13:10).
        And where is Janice Moore ?

      • Simon,
        Thanx for the gratuitous criticism. It takes the place of answering questions, or proposing solutions. It’s easier to label someone a mass murderer. Sort of like calling someone a Holocaust denier, eh? Or, just a ‘denier’.
        So instead of misdirecting/deflecting the conversation to “muslims”, why don’t you just answer the questions, which never mentioned muslims, or religion. Got any answers?
        I honestly don’t understand your point. I’m not much up on the Bible, except as a historical reference (although I like the Ten Commandments).
        Next, what does Janice Moore have to do with anything?
        And finally, Pontius Pilate was an appointee, not a politician. But he did ask a good question…

      • dbstealy:
        I read your prior reply (but unfortunately could not reply there because my reply link was not lit) so I will respond here to both of your comments.. I acknowledge your perspective but I think it is incredibly skewed (the MSM ensures that it is) , and the Durants were writing many years ago. They didn’t speak to anything new, Aristotle pointed out virtually the same thing thousands of years ago..
        The threat to our economies doesn’t come from immigrants , or even “illegal immigrants”, even if they do go on the dole. The threat to our economies comes from the central banks (including our own private Federal Reserve Bank who all by itself has almost bankrupted us) and the sociopaths who are running them and a lot of other things . Sociopaths want you to focus on something else besides them.
        One Bernie Madoff caused more economic damage to ordinary taxpayers and communities and our country than all the illegal immigrants and people on the dole of the past ten years at least. You are focusing on hyped phony “bogeymen” committing street crime (they are easy to “recognize” because they probably look, speak and act differently from you) while the real crime and criminals are committing their deeds in plain sight and getting off scott free. Some of those people might be the people you see at a fraternal club, or even on the board of some “philanthropic” organization (kind of like Peter Gleik being on the Ethics committee of a major science org )
        Where were you when Donald Rumsfeld announced there were $3 TRILLION dollars missing and unaccounted for from the Pentagon on 9/10/2011? Whose money bailed out all those savings and loans and banks that went belly up through intentional mismanagement and outright fraud?Whose trillions went to cover the damage done by all of the unindicted cohorts of Bernie’s ilk when we were on the verge of collapse in 2008? Whose money went to bail out all the people defrauded by Enron? How big of a fine did BofA pay for financing drug cartels in Mexico (the same ones that many “illegals” are trying to get away from). I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.
        I get it just fine, and I get it better than you do, thanks.

      • dbstealey:
        your focus is on the wrong “illegals”, or lawbreakers, although we can both agree the US immigration system needs an overhaul (but it won’t be anytime soon, lip service aside, because it pays, and pays extravagantly well,,to keep people focused on the left hand they won’t be aware of what the right hand is doing)

      • msbehavin,
        I don’t know enough facts that support your comments about banks, drug cartels, etc., so I’ll assume you know what you’re talking about.
        But instead of answering my question: “How many citizens of foreign countries are we obligated to help?”, you posted on other things I never commented on. I’d still like an answer to my question. Give me a number.
        I also didn’t say what you implied. Sure, immigrants contribute to society. But this is an uncontrolled invasion and it’s accelerating. America took in lots of immigrants in the first few decades of the 20th century. Back then there were no government benefits, except one: freedom.
        But the flood of illegals pouring across our borders now all immediately get on the dole. Some get work, but just about all of them pay little or no taxes, and they abuse our generosity. They are an immense drain on our resources. Bringing up Bernie Madoff doesn’t change the problems or the expense caused by this illegal invasion.
        THAT was my central point. So, what is “incredibly skewed” about it? Did I write something inaccurate? Are those things not happening?

      • dbstealey
        September 23, 2015 at 5:12 pm
        I don’t know enough facts that support your comments about banks, drug cartels, etc., so I’ll assume you know what you’re talking about.
        But instead of answering my question: “How many citizens of foreign countries are we obligated to help?”, you posted on other things I never commented on. I’d still like an answer to my question. Give me a number.
        I also didn’t say what you implied. Sure, immigrants contribute to society. But this is an uncontrolled invasion and it’s accelerating. America took in lots of immigrants in the first few decades of the 20th century. Back then there were no government benefits, except one: freedom.
        But the flood of illegals pouring across our borders now all immediately get on the dole. Some get work, but just about all of them pay little or no taxes, and they abuse our generosity. They are an immense drain on our resources. Bringing up Bernie Madoff doesn’t change the problems or the expense caused by this illegal invasion.
        THAT was my central point. So, what is “incredibly skewed” about it? Did I write something inaccurate? Are those things not happening?

        This may or may not relate.
        I saw a story in the last day or two about LA having homeless crisis. The mayor and the city council is considering declaring an emergency to free up more of the taxpayers money to deal with the problem.
        What was not in the story was that LA is a “sanctuary city”, that is, local law enforcement has been told to ignore state and federal immigration laws.
        Again, I don’t know if there’s a connection here.
        There’s definitely nothing wrong with helping those in need. But when any system intended to help is run by Government, leeches on the system will arise. An individual or a private group can scrape the leeches off.
        Those fleeing the Muslim extremist? There’s nothing wrong with checking to make sure that we’re not letting in leeches and snakes.

      • M Courtney
        “Who is our neighbour?”
        The people who live near us. Is their something wrong with your dictionary?
        “And how often should you forgive our brother?”
        As often as he repents and asks forgiveness. Have you not read that Book?
        “Love is the fulfilment of the Law”
        Right, and love they neighbor as thyself includes actual neighbors, strange as they may sound these days, who have needs and a society of law they depend on. It’s not like a “point and click” affair, wherein I am to ignore everyone but those the mass media talking heads tells me I am to love exclusively.
        And inevitably it is my poor neighbors who bear the brunt of the influx of cheap labor, and the brunt of the violence letting criminals into our midst will naturally result in. Shall I not love them, O wielder of a partial verse or two?

  35. I ‘m going to reiterate here, that the envelope of science has been stretched by this quest to destroy the current socio-economic paradigm to the point it can no longer cover the ugly implications with sufficient “justifiable scientific cause”.
    The envelope of religion is then used to enclose the torn science envelope, but it is old and tattered so it does a poor job of obscuring the dangerous contents.
    The only hope they have is the binding tape of the legal system to keep things from busting out of both envelopes.

  36. So the Pope is cautious about politics in dictatorial Cuba. I doubt there is any holding back in the U.S. visit, where the universal rule of no consequences applies.

  37. So, when do we see the Pope emulating his saviour and travelling either on foot, by ass or in a small hand made, oar or wind propelled wooden boat? Until that happens I cannot see a leader but a dictator. The same applies to the other pretend leader.

  38. In politics, there’s always a risk when an identifiable group is blamed as an excuse to push forward a political agenda to solve whatever problem they were accused of causing. The people of the group might object. Other people might sympathize. But invent a problem and then blame an inanimate molecule and by extension all who produce it? Convince the masses (no pun intended) “it” needs to be controlled? You’re home free to enforce your agenda.

  39. Palestine 1896 – before Herzl wrote Der Judenstaat:

    (Lumier Brothers)
    With the best possible intentions, it may be doubted whether the Jews could possibly seem to either Christians or Moslems proper guardians of the holy places, or custodians of the Holy Land as a whole.
    The reason is this: The places which are most sacred to Christians-those having to do with Jesus-and which are also sacred to Moslems, are not only
    not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them.
    –U.S. President Woodrow Wilson;s 1919 King Crane Commission Report
    How many Christian churches were attacked by Jewish fanatics this year?

    7:2 And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them nor shew mercy unto them:
    Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son.
    7:4 For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.
    7:5 But thus shall ye deal with them;
    ye shall destroy their altars,
    and break down their images,
    and cut down their groves,
    and burn their graven images with fire.

    7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself,
    above all people that are upon the face of the earth.
    Sydaddy’s Ubermensch, codified in Deuteronomy 7

    Supporters of Israel have no capacity for shame, and they never let the truth to get in the way of their deranged, supremacist religious fantasy.
    Judaism is racist to the core.

    • One wonders why that sequence of verses presented starts with 7:2, Khwarizmi
      Let me fix that for you;
      7:1 When the Lord thy God shall bring thee into the land whither thou goest to possess it, and hath cast out many nations before thee, the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou.
      A bit less worrisome, huh?

      • A bit less worrisome, huh?
        I fail to understand your point.
        Why is a deity with a fetish for ethnic cleansing less worrisome?

      • Khwarizmi
        “I fail to understand your point.
        Why is a deity with a fetish for ethnic cleansing less worrisome?”
        That wasn’t what you were railing against, sir, it was “Judaism”. And in the religion those words you quoted came from (which was not Judaism, since Judah was but one of twelve tribes being addressed), there is no “permission” granted by God to apply those instructions to anyone but the seven specifically named tribes. It was not any sort of ongoing license to kill, which was quite clearly indicated as a surefire way to catch Hell from Him, so to speak ; )
        Presenting those verses without the preceding verse, can (as you apparently interned) give the impression that such an ongoing license was/is thought to be granted to the “tribe” of Judah, by those who take that Book seriously, which is patently and demonstrably absurd.
        And to the “fetish for ethnic cleansing” charge, it seems rather obvious to me that a reason for what He instructed are sitting right there in the verses you yourself presented;
        “For they will turn away thy son from following me, that they may serve other gods: so will the anger of the LORD be kindled against you, and destroy thee suddenly.”
        On what logical grounds can you deny such an Entity the right to cleanse anything He feels is disruptive to what He intends? Why in the world would the Creator of humans be under any obligation whatsoever to tolerate humans doing things He disapproves of? It’s like someone saying that a scientist who cultures some bacteria, has a moral obligation to preserve forever any and all strains that arise in his experiment . . and that he has a fetish for “ethnic cleansing” if he kills off some that he feels threaten to corrupt it.
        Of course the Book’s passages/instructions can be distorted to high heaven, so to speak, if one simply assumes a God of the sort it presents did not generate it, and us, and treats it like a random collection of sentences. But that is just circular reasoning, not extra special logical brilliance, as I see logic anyway. I wasn’t a “believer” till I was in my forties, but I never saw such reasoning as sound, I saw it as presumptive self-righteousness, which is to say close-minded.
        It was science that actually kept my mind open to the possibility that God exists, it seems to me, such as the “consensus” that the universe had a beginning, life is vastly more complex (even in it’s simplest theoretically possible forms; i.e. billions of highly organized molecules) than what could have just self assembled spontaneously by any stretch of a rational imagination, the utterly bizarre (to the best human minds on the planet) yet thoroughly demonstrable “rules” governing events on the quantum level (which is to say the level upon which all events must necessarily rest), etc, etc.
        These were not insignificant details, these were/are glaring reasons for not closing one’s mind to the potential existence of something like the God of the Book, to me. People often speak of there being no ’empirical’ evidence in favor of the God hypothesis, but that to me is just wishful thinking, not scientific reasoning.

    • The Hebrew graffiti is written by Moslems, to incriminate the Jews. Modern Jews have no problem with Israeli Christians, because they all know they are in the same boat.

      • As a Christian married into a Jewish family once, I was treated like a leper. I was a third class citizen. I was never invited to the top of the table and didn’t receive gifts when these were handed out and was treated like dirt.
        Divorce was a relief.

      • ralfellis :what planet are you living on? Even a very brief youtube search would provide enough graphic evidence to refute your statement. Besides , like virtually every other group, Jewish people as an “ethnic” entity have belief systems ranging from purely secular atheism to ultra Talmudic orthodoxy.

  40. Maybe I should have written that the current Pope will live in infamy. Either way, childish or a bad reputation is not far apart. Well, …. actually it is, give the Pope a break, call him childish even though the infamy may be a better term.

  41. Not to forget that the European Union is in disintegration mode as boarders are being closed and member states are re-purchasing and building machinery to mint national coins and notes again.
    And all this is not from Carbon Credits or Climate Change for even AWG. No. Migrants!
    I expect open conflict by the European Union’s national armies Germany and Hungary within 48 months. Austria will be drawn in in 50 months, then comes the real kick-starter … France declares war on Germany in 51 months.
    So much for “European Brotherly ‘Love’.”
    With Europe in open conflagration (cluster bombs and sarin gas munitions from WWI expertise being used against civilian population centers) who needs a United Nations? Who needs an IFCCC? Who needs an IPCC? Who needs a Theory of Climate?
    End Game already started. And Emperor Bon Ki Moon and his Generals were completely blindsided, like der Archduke of Austria-Este, Austro-Hungarian and Royal Prince, Franz Ferdinand of Austria.
    Ha ha

  42. The decline and fall of Rome correlates with the rise of the intolerant cult of Christianity, declared the exclusive religion of the empire on 27th of February, 380.
    The Roman Empire at this time was still in the midst of religious conflict between pagans and Christians.”
    It had nothing to do with Roman immigration policy. Christianity was the culprit:
    That basically was the conclusion Gibbon reached in his revered study of the subject.

    • Khwarizmi says:
      The decline and fall of Rome… had nothing to do with Roman immigration policy.
      I’ve read Gibbon, all of it, and his conclusion wasn’t that Christianity caused the fall of the Roman empire. Yes, it was the state religion (just like Islam is the state religion in various countries today). But saying that the barbarian immigration across the empire’s borders had “nothing to do” with the downfall is simply untrue. One of those tribes, the Ostrogoths, eventually sacked Rome itself. It seems that had something to do with the fall of the Roman empire, no?
      Also, I wouldn’t put much credence in the second link. That guy is a total extremist. Thus, not credible. I am not arguing religion here, but rather history — which can be corrupted just like science.
      Finally, I never said that immigration was the sole cause of the fall of the Roman empire. Once you get into the history, you see plenty of reasons. I quoted the Durants, who are internationally recognized historians. The reason I quoted them was because the unrestricted invasion by dozens of barbarian tribes contributed heavily to Rome’s demise. The parallels with our current crisis are very clear.

      • The Germanic barbarians were actually Christians, just not Catholics. They adhered to the Arian heresy.

      • Although still an open question is whether Catholicism caused the fall. It was after all the established religion of the Roman Empire, which fell to Aryan Arian barbarians.

      • It was after all the established religion of the Roman Empire, which fell to Aryan barbarians…
        …who were illegal aliens.
        The Ostrogoths, Picts, Jutes, Alemanni, Visigoths, Franks, Angles, Alans, Vandals, Saxons, and dozens of other tribes all flooded across the empire’s borders because there was no political will to stop them. They came because life was better in the West than in the places they left. Just like the current mass illegal migrations here and in the EU. And today’s illegal immigration is ramping up exponentially.
        History is studied for a reason. Those who ignore it fall into the same traps.

      • I agree emphatically about the study of history, but IMO not all those barbarians were created equally.
        IMO the best match with today’s situation is the Goths. They were driven across the Danube into the Empire by the pressure of non-Christian barbarians. They felt ill-used by the Romans, who gave them dog meat in exchange for their children. This did not end well for the by then decadent Romans.
        The Picts and Irish invaded formerly Roman southern Britain after the legions left. This indeed should be a warning for us to keep out border defenses strong instead of open.

      • Lady G,
        Now we’re talkin’.
        The Goths …felt ill-used by the Romans, who gave them dog meat in exchange for their children. This did not end well for the by then decadent Romans.
        There were a lot of reasons for the fall of Rome, and I’m aware of that one, and that the Huns were pushing from the East. Trading your children for dog meat to survive is a pretty good reason to want revenge. Religion doesn’t come close, IMHO.

  43. Two of my favorite politicians, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, had this to say about International Agreements on Climate Change and Stratospheric Ozone Depletion:
    “I see the adoption of these policies as a sort of premium on insurance against fire, flood or other disaster,” she said. “It may be cheaper or more cost-effective to take action now [on AGW] than to wait and find we have to pay much more later.” , And
    “the need for more research should not be an excuse for delaying much needed action now … there is already a clear case for precautionary action at an international level.”, And
    “The evidence is there. The damage is being done. What do we, the international community, do about it? … It is no good squabbling over who is responsible or who should pay. We have to look forward not backward, and we shall only succeed in dealing with the problems through a vast international, co-operative effort.”
    “The Montreal protocol is a model of cooperation. It is a product of the recognition and international consensus that ozone depletion is a global problem, both in terms of its causes and its effects. The protocol is the result of an extraordinary process of scientific study, negotiations among representatives of the business and environmental communities, and international diplomacy. It is a monumental achievement.”
    My only question is ” Lord Monckton claims to have been Thatcher’s chief Climate Change advisor. Could he be a closet Warmist?

    • Your trying to enlist RR into the ranks of the Warmunistas is laughable. Clearly you are lying when you claim him as one of your favorites.
      This is the politician who rightly observed that trees contribute to pollution.

    • Lady Gaiagaia:
      You don’t know your history very well.
      Reagan embraced a Global solution to Stratospheric Ozone Depletion– that is, the Montreal Protocol — which led to amendments to the US Clean Air Act — which formed the basis for current EPA regulation of CO2 emissions.
      Your denial of both Reagan’s environmental chops, and his quote, seems to align quite well with your denial of Science. In contrast, Reagan accepted the findings of Science and of Nobel Prize winners Molina and Rowland who determined CFCs were depleting Stratospheric Ozone.
      Indeed I do admire both Reagan and Thatcher for their rational approach to the environment, their belief in the importance of Science, and of course, their politics.

  44. This Pope is playing a global poker game with Papal statements of opinion. It’s the bitcoin modernization of indulgences at the sovereign level. The working class is underwriting all of the table stakes.

  45. I guess the blessing of the VW Bug is now off. Move along to the overpriced rooftop solar panel funded by heavy subsidies for the rich.

    • I guess the blessing of the VW Bug is now off. Move along to the overpriced rooftop solar panel funded by heavy subsidies for the rich.

      At first I thought “for the rich” was a typo. Then I remembered Solyndra.

      • Rich still applies to the rooftop application of solar because they are 4-5x more costly per watt than competitive utility scale solar. (The lack of public discourse on this cost variance is another national policy failure abetted by high cost interests and ignorance.) Competitive in this case means lowest bidder on large scale projects and not counting the fake bids from entities not planning to ever complete the project. Such sham bids do exist from shell entities lacking the financial capacity to deliver. The use of leased rooftops by rooftop installer companies is really just farming tax credits in a warped energy policy framework. That may include middle class households in California, but on behalf of the rich in the overall scheme.

  46. Hey, Mods – don’t you think this comments section is getting a little divorced from the climate issue? If people want to argue about Israel, there are lots of alternative web sites available for them.

    • Here’s the opening line of the article, Bart:
      The Middle East is imploding. Islamic State butchers are annihilating Christian and other communities.”
      No climate issue there at all.
      Jewish State (Der Judenstaat) butchers are are annihilating Christian and other communities in the middle east, but NeoCon Crusaders don’t want the lowly “goyim” exposed to that fact.,+israel
      That’s why Ralf Ellis tried to blame Muslims for the Jewish attack onthe Church of :Loaves and Fishes.
      Members of Extremist Jewish Group Charged for Arson Attack on Church of Loaves and Fishes
      Police Arrest Two Israeli Men Allegedly Involved in Torching Historical Church in the Holy Land

      -Christian Post, July 30, 2015
      Suspects from extremist Jewish group indicted for arson of Church of Loaves and Fishes
      -Jewish Post, July 27, 2015
      Remember, Ralph blamed Muslims for that attack on the Christian church, and you didn’t object.
      Instead, you complain that a few brave souls dared to tell the truth about the Jewish cult and its codified hatred of goyim, including Christians.

      • That’s my take on the article too, Khwarizmi–bigoted and inflammatory hype at the beginning that is demonizing one group and sanctifying another as a perpetual “victim”.
        Both groups have their really nasty extremist rotten apples operating not only in their respective countries, but around the world.. I encourage everyone to investigate the situation first hand after first removing their own ideological blinders.
        However no one is allowed to criticize the “saints” group or country (although criticizing any other country or group on the planet is fair game) at the risk of being labeled with a “hate speech” crime or as something else. Hmmmm-sounds exactly like the climatology crowd.

  47. This is one way to fix the Vatican bank. Kowtow on climate change messaging and wait for the huge electronic transfer of funds through the banking system. They already got to the IMF, World Bank, and others.

    • Follow the money.
      One pope was already whacked over the financial scam. Now we have a responsible pope forced into “retirement”, to be replaced by a Commie.
      Go figure.

  48. I think the Pope got into pushing the science because he knows it is crap and could seriously damage scientific credibility… the flip side is he get some religious credibility back in return… he can act all shocked and surprised when it falls apart and then push the “can’t trust science” angle.

  49. I guess one’s point of view can come from what one thinks is really happening. Regarding the Arctic ice sheet, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (on Sept 11) ‘The minimum ice extent was the fourth lowest in the satellite record, and reinforces the long-term downward trend in Arctic ice extent’ ( According to NASA on Feb 25th ‘this year’s maximum extent was the smallest on the satellite record and also one of the earliest’ ( Regarding Greenland’s ice sheet ‘Although 2015 is not at satellite-era record levels (set in 2012), there was a large rate of loss overall’ ( I trust the data from these scientific organizations. And regarding the immediacy of climate change, there has been drought and massive wildfires from California up into Alaska due to a persistent high which resulted in low snow and higher temperatures – which is a pattern that scientist Jenifer Francis attributes to lower Arctic sea ice. In fact the Arctic has been having higher average temperatures overall. If one accepts the above as indicating what is happening, then one would seriously regard what the Pope has to say. If you accept the premise of the article above, then one may look for ulterior motives. But the data is from mainstream scientific organizations. I accept that.

  50. MarkW
    September 21, 2015 at 7:12 am
    “Leftists have made an art form out of finding ways around clearly written rules, when they don’t ignore them altogether.”
    Do you mean like this? (1986/87)
    Please note the role that Israel played.
    Or maybe this?
    (The Teicher Affidavit, in which he reports on the USA’s clandestine provision of cluster bombs and other weapons, etc. to S. Hussein/Iraq 1/3/95)
    Or maybe this? (reporting on the UNOCAL Oil meeting in Texas with Taliban reps to discuss the proposed trans-afghanistan gas pipeline) 1997
    This? (1998) please make note of the principal members as many will appear in the last link..
    Or this?
    -describes the vast over representation /participation of *dual* citizenship holding Israeli- American Zionists, including those holding high political offices, in the entire affair, and their backgrounds. This one goes hand in hand with the quote from The Jerusalem Post re events from 1947 (bombing of the King David Hotel, the first act of “terrorism” in the middle east/ Israel, that was perpetrated by the literal forerunners of today’s Mossad), that I posted upthread several days ago.
    Most of these folks are hard-core rightists.
    Who was it that challenged the law that stated one had to relinquish their citizenship/loyalty to a foreign government before holding US citizenship (and public office)?
    Several people made negative mention upthread of the “immigrants” , (and subsequently being on the dole) mentioned in Dreissen’s post , but their comments only seem to apply to “Arabs” or “Mexicans”, etc. What about the Israelis? Why are US taxpayers spending upwards of over $8 Billion a year, $4000+ apiece for every man, woman, and child in Israel, as “welfare payments” to the 28th strongest economy in the world? This amount doesn’t include technology transfers or military equipment., or private funding.
    Here’s an article by Newt Gingrich , no less, (whom I otherwise think is a patsy) laying it out for you all on the website of the Center For Immigration Studies (CIS): Does one honestly believe that people who fervently believe they have been “chosen by god” are going to relinquish their adherence to their own agenda for any other country than their own??? You think the “muslims” invented that perspective? Gullibility plays no favorites.
    In this light, we are ALL expendable to their cause. The tail is wagging the dog.
    I’m amazed that for a group of people who routinely use their faculty of critical thinking skill to great success when it is applied to climate politics, that you don’t expand that skill to politics in general, and realize that you are being led to support 100%BS by your own blind ideology and heavily propagandized /perceived “cause”.
    Mr. Dreissen is correct that we are being politically misdirected from some very important issues, but apparently even he doesn’t fathom the true extent of the political misdirection for which we are all paying the bill.

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