Earth Hour – Celebrate the Warmth

Saturday 28th March is “Earth Hour” – a time to sit in the dark and appreciate the benefits of our cheap reliable hydrocarbon-energy.

[Like these candles, for example, from the WWF sponsored Earth Hour home page – Anthony]


Guest essay by Viv Forbes

We should spend Earth Hour giving thanks for warmth.

Just thirteen thousand years ago, Earth was in the grip of a deathly ice age. Sea levels were indeed much lower but much of the land surface was covered by thick sheets of ice. Life struggled to survive and many species were extinguished by the sterile suffocating ice.

Without any help from humans, Earth escaped from the ice. And as the oceans warmed they expelled part of their dissolved carbon dioxide which nurtured an enormous increase in plant and animal life.

But the ice still lurks near the poles, and Earth has suffered several cold relapses. The most recent “Little Ice Age” just released its icy grip about 150 years ago.

The modern warming phase ceased around the turn of this century – there are teenagers today who have never lived in a phase of rising global temperatures. And our sun is showing disturbing signs of reduced activity, which may presage a new cooling phase.

Earth is on a climate see-saw between a warm green globe and a frozen white wilderness. Unless you are a penguin or a polar bear, you should spend Earth Hour celebrating today’s warmth and giving thanks for our cheap, abundant hydro-carbon fuels which will help humans to survive any return of Global Cooling.

Earth Hour – we need to celebrate Coal not Candles:

[Note: Personally, I plan to turn on all my lights tonight, meanwhile, the Dark-Earthers are asking for your opinion about it, see below and click if you wish to add your opinion. There’s lots of opportunity for write-in answers – Anthony]


366 thoughts on “Earth Hour – Celebrate the Warmth

    • In their survey, I answered the question what they could do, is to make global warming happen so people in the US are not so cold anymore. Just to sympathise with you :-). Will switch on all lights too AW.

    • I also went out,but made sure that I left all my lights on.I came home about 12.30 and most of my neighbours were still up with all their lights on,so I think my contribution and my neighbours should have showed these “Knuckle-heads”how we feel about “Earth Hour”

      • When your earth hour celebrating neighbours came home did they arrive in a coal powered provided electric train, a diesel powered bus, a petrol driven car or did they peddle home?

      • Way off in the distant future, once these knuckle heads have full control, our descendants , dressed in animal skins will be banging rocks on the wall of a defunct cooling tower in hopes of getting the power back on.

    • You know, like, there’s a thing that’s really been eating at me, here lately, that I was just gonna let slide, and everything, but seeing how everyone here at WUWT is pushin’ back on the hive’s annual, creep-out, mummy-is-just-so-proud-of-her-little-eco-snookums-junior-boy, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, bunch-of-useles-pricks-showin’-their-ass, agit-prop, “Earth Day” PR-stunt, I’m emboldened to just confront the matter, straight out on this blog, hoping, thereby, to share in and add to this comment thread’s kiss-my-butt-“Hive-Bozo”-dorks! good-vibes.
      So, like, there’s this “…and Then There’s Physics” dude (hereinafter referred to as “the ATTP-entity”), who, running his mealy-mouth at “Climate Etc.”, unburdened himself, in the discussion thread of Dr. Curry’s recent blog post, “Blog Discussions”, of a comment, as follows:
      “The problem I [the ATTP-entity] have is that there are few sites where actual discussions are really possible…It’s clearly impossible on WUWT, and why anyone would want to delve into the sespit [sic] that is the comment thread there is beyond me.” (At the risk of a lengthy digression, let me say that I originally thought (and still sorta think) that “sespit”, as employed by the ATTP-entity, above, is either a misspelling of “cesspit” or a quaint, provincial, technically-Anglophone-I-suppose variant-spelling of the same. Yet, in lookin’ up the word “ses”, I discovered that there is, in fact, such a word and that the Urban Dictionary defines “ses” as: “the beautiful, mesmerizing allure of ganga smoke leaking out the mouth”. So I’m not quite sure how to take the ATTP entity’s comment, exactly, except to say that there’s no doubt in my lover-of-individual-liberty-and-ethical-science, “Good Guy” gray-matter, that it wasn’t meant as any kind of compliment.)
      “sespit”?!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!! I mean, like, I feel like all us commenters, here at WUWT, have been blob-slobbered by some sort of passive-aggressive, gelatinous, needy, wishy-washy, alien life-form from the planet Milquetoast, in the Milk-Sop galaxy! And I mean, like, once you strip all the close-encounter, uncomfortably-humid, off-planet B. O from the ATTP entity’s comment, what you have left is nothing less than a brazen, inter-galactic assault on humanity’s collective gag-reflex! To which, I offer this rejoinder to the ATTP entity, on behalf of all mankind: OOZE-OFF!!!BLOB-INVADER!!!

      • LOVE your unvarnished, let-’em-have-it, writing, Mike, lol.
        Re: “…I’m not quite sure how to take the ATTP entity’s comment, …”
        Brought this to mind: “When kicked by a donkey, consider the source.”
        That SOUNDS like a guy (or woman?) who earned (An-thony gave him/her many chances, but he or she kept up with the blatant half-truths and other junk — not allowed on other sites, either, but, he or she keeps changing her or his name — one I recall from last year was something like “Phys1cist” (with an “i” ) the merit of no longer being ALLOWED to comment on WUWT (one of his or her “names” is “D-0u-g C-0-tt-0n”). He/she is so obviously wacko that she/he is largely harmless, but is VERY obnoxious (and spouts untruths). He or she inevitably ends up pushing the old saw about “basic physics” and her/his own book (full of blobbedy-blob, no doubt, heh).
        Keep on writing! 🙂

      • Mike. I love you. And having had my share of experiences with the ever morphing moron that is ATTP, I can only say that it is entirely possible that ATTP has had close up, numerous exposures to “ses” and “sespits” and has simply become completely unable to distinguish between one and any other gathering of people who are familiar and friendly with each other. I also postulate that he probably “harshes the mellow” of anyone with mesmerizing ganja smoke alluringly leaking out of their mouths, it just takes a lot longer to get on the nerves of the severely stoned than it does the readers of WUWT.
        Just be very careful what you “strip” ATTP of….I suspect that revealing certain other things relative to him might assault my gag-reflex in a very inhumane manner.

      • “…and Then There’s Physics”

        I never got that slogan or phrase. It was so totally stupid as to be literally stupefying.
        “then” in the phrase implies either there was a time when there was no physics,(before there was no physics, but after physics then there is physics) or any argument could be closed by exclaiming in a fit of revelation that “there’s physics”.
        Yes that is a very convincing argument; “there’s physics.” Thanks for the insight, silly me, I thought it was 12 monkeys with ukuleles that explained how our physical universe worked. The next time I am in an argument I think I’ll try “and then there’s gravity” and who knows perhaps easily win the argument.
        Meanwhile, I think the slogan should be changed to

        “…and there was physics way before climate science had a clue”

      • Funny that ATTP worm … well put Mike! Try making a contrary statement at one of his ‘preferred’ blogs and see what happens, assigned to the nether for eva! At least at skeptic blogs he is given some voice and not censored. With people like attp you are only entitled to an opinion if its his/theirs.

      • Hum, the last time I read something in the style of “Mike” it had been written by a paranoid schizophrenic who was in the local State Pen for immolating his wife. The person who gave the letter to me to assess, was his father.It is a sad case, this father had been fighting an almost 10 year battle to get the poor fellow sent to the “criminally insane” lockup in this my state (out of the normal criminal lock up). Please note, certain aspects of the writing of the P/S individual can “seem” to present some logic, but overall..there is a discontinuity and (usually) obsession with persecution quality, that gives the final marker on the (serious) mental problem. By the way, my assessment given to the father of this individual, was what 5, hired evaluators (Psychiatrists) concluded after lengthy interviews with the individual. I made that assessment within a minute of reading the 5 page letter written by the man’s son.

      • Hum, last time I read something in the style of “Max”, it was from an arrogant self aggrandizer who thought he must “seem” logical to everyone else, but his writing showed markers of narcissistic personality disorder….

      • Mike as Usual
        I ran across ATTP on another site and was surprised when he showed up here to take a beating from people who understand physics.
        ‘Beating him like a rented donkey’ as the saying goes.
        My approach was direct during the survey (which played up a lot in my browser).
        My major point was in the ‘what should we achieve’ question. I said they should communicate to people that global warming stopped some years ago and as the CO2 trading schemes/scams were enriching the likes of Goldman Sachs while throwing hundreds of millions of people into energy poverty, they should educate people. They should tell them that CO2 is rising and the temperature isn’t and that Big Green is shafting Africa taking money from urgent needs because of the false predictions of computer models.
        To the question ‘what does climate change mean to me?’ I answered that it is the new name for ‘global warming’ chosen after the world stopped warming and CO2 continued to rise unabated.
        I think it is nice they have a large organisation. Now they should help expose and prosecute the crooks who are taking all the money under false pretences. I suggested they apply the example provided by the new president of Kenya who on Thursday evening in HIS state of the Nation address exposed hundreds of corrupt officials including 26 parliamentarians and gave the list to the Speaker. They have all been told to tender their resignations while investigations continue. Kenya a few days ago captured the last town in the hands of Somali pirates whose money was being laundered though Nairobi lawyers. They seem to be willing to act with integrity, the Kenyans.
        That is how to deal with organised crime! Just because fraud is committed on a massive scale does not make it the new norm. False pretences are still false and the jails can accommodate all of them, no problem.

      • Good for you, Aphan. I wanted to write something like what you did but was too lazy. Creativity should be celebrated. LOVE Mike’s lack of inhibition and FREEDOM of expression.
        “We murder to dissect” (Wordsworth, I believe).

      • Hey Max!
        Jeez… I must have struck a nerve! The hive’s bringin’ out the big-guns, I see!
        Of course, Max, yours is not the first freebie, self-important and portentous, shrink-booger musing, I’ve inspired. The pattern seems to be that when those like moi–coolie-trash peon-nobodies, who love individual liberty and ethical science, and who utterly lack any blood-line, hive-nomenklatura connections–presumptuously dare to dish out some Alinskyite ridicule, in opposition to this, that, or another lefty-agenda interest, then us impertinent, class-enemy gad-flies must be tagged by our white-coated, gadfly-net-wielding betters as “criminally insane”–not directly, mind you, but rather through weasley-little-hive-shit innuendos–you know, Max, of the sort you deployed in your last.
        Curious, isn’t it, Max, how those attracted to useful-tool, hive-“psychiatry” are so very often socially-incompetent spastic-dorks, consumed by their dateless-Saturday-nite, brooding, vindictive mean-streak, and afflicted with the tragedy of “PKW” (Philosopher-King Wannabe) syndrome. Of course, I’m not referring to you, Max, here in any way, but any thoughts on what the deal is here, in regard to others who fit the above profile, who you might know, Max?
        But let me end this comment on a conciliatory note, Max–ever hear of Andrei Snezhnevky? No? Well, let me turn you on to him, Max. I mean, like, he’s your kind of guy, I’m thinkin’. Then again, I could be wrong, of course. But check him out and see what you think.

      • Please accept my thanks, all, for the kind and supportive comments, above–they are much appreciated.

      • Max,
        How long were you the cellmate of the individual who wrote the letter you referred to? Did you know his father prior to your incarceration with him? A one minute evaluation by you should have been easy had you shared many moments together.

      • Perhaps you have a good point, perhaps not. It’s impossible to tell from the random words you have written. Where are the moderators when you need them?
        [Reply: we don’t needlessly censor comments, even random ones. There is always the remedy of skipping over comments. ~mod.]

      • Hey Richard B!
        Look, Richard, I can see where you’re intendin’ to go with your last, and everything. And, let me just say, that I can appreciate a lordly, “we”-are-not-amused, peasant-phobe, snob-booger snub, as well as the next uppity peon, even if it’s at my own expense, and everything. But, frankly, I gotta tell you, Richard, that your comment, as it sits now, trapped lifelessly, as it is, in mere words on a blog page, just doesn’t doesn’t do justice to a natural-aristocrat, like yourself, and your undoubted, special gift for the cold, steely-eyed, corrective slash of the seigneur’s riding-crop.
        So, like, what I’m thinkin’, Richard, is your comment would probably work much, much better if you re-cast it as a linked you-tube video, with you deliverin’ the comment, in person. Think about it, Richard. You know, like, how that way you could, then, impressively roll out your words in a haughty plummy-accent (yep!–I admit, I’m just guessin’ here, Richard, that you’ve got one of those rascals–but fake it, if you don’t, would be my recommendation) ; and throw-in, you know, like, a coupla or so, nuanced “harrumphs” for “color”; and, maybe even, you might want to give a regal, Philosopher-King lift to your head so that your comment is delivered down the full-length sight-lines of your noble Roman-nose (and if you don’t have one you can get a rubber one from Amazon that you can glue on for the video–the helots will never know the difference). You know, that sort of thing, Richard. But then, you don’t need a contemptible, coolie-trash nobody, like moi, offerin’ “suggestions” to one of my betters, like toi, on how to “Wow!” the hoi-polloi, right, Richard? But can you see what I’m talkin’ about?
        And, oh by the way, do you mind, Richard, if I call you Dick?

    • Damn.
      So involved in the present web site, I clear forgot to turn everything [including the dishwasher – two minutes] on.
      My survey responses were of a pH under 3, but polite.

    • If it wasn’t for WUWT I would have no idea that it was Earth Hour. Anthony has a real knack for promoting things that would have just faded away without his help. Unfortunentluy most of those things should have just faded away.

      • I told them just that in my survey responses! I’m sure everything I had to say truly did “help” the “Earth Hour Movement”…which they say is MY Movement anyway! Yeehaaaaa! I’m going to go rent an SUV so I can run it in my driveway along with our two cars, the 4 wheeler, the go cart, and the portable generator we keep in the basement for special occasions like this!

      • noaaprogrammer
        “A movement from the bowels of the Earth!”
        They might want to reconsider lighting candles then right?

    • As I live on a farm where it is a waste of electricity to turn them all on with nobody to see them, although I certainly didn’t turn anything off. I did post a comment on FB, mostly just to poke an activist busybody who has posted about earth hour like it is the second coming.
      ” Earth hour is upon us. It makes perfect sense to sit in the dark (although you should shut your furnace off and close anything electrical if your being honest) to draw attention to global warming, after all nothing like reminding people why we use fossil fuels in the first place. You know, to not spend our time sitting in the dark and cold. How better to draw attention to efforts to make every hour as dark as earth hour?
      I propose fossil fuel appreciation hour. Where we pay a bit of common sense respect to the fact that much of our modern world is built on and relies on fossil fuels. That fossil fuels have actually acted as a buffer between 7 billion people and the non-fossil fuel based resources we would need to keep us alive, just imagine the trees would need to chop down and burn to replace just one years with of natural gas heating in Canada. Sometimes doing the right thing can also recognize choosing the lesser of two evils.”
      Cheers and happy fossil fuel appreciation hour.

      • Just a suggestion, but change your screen name from something that has nothing to do with Brandon.
        Most peoples’ initial response, unless they check the screen name closely, will be to a serial Useful Idiot called Brandon.

      • I must have slept through Earth hour, so I could watch the F1 race live from Malaysia, now that’s a good use of fossil fuels!
        And in the morning, MotoGP is on, I love racing season!

    • you guys are all just being a-holes… You may not agree with the intent of earth hour, but going out of your way to waste a non renewable resource is just stupid. just ignore it.

      • Ironic! Instead of ignoring this thread, you went out if your way and wasted a non renewable resource just to give us a piece of your mind?

      • @ Someone who is, just, just, ooooo, just so ANGRY, lol:
        Extravagance to make a statement strong enough to drown out those who would enslave us is not a “waste.”
        The Envirostalinists would end our use of that resource decades, possibly centuries, before it is gone.
        We will use that resource boldly
        to ensure that we will be using what remains of it.
        btw: hydropower is renewable; nano-techology makes carbon-based fuel “renewable;”… nuclear power is not likely to ever run out; trees are a 50-year crop; … so, what’s “non-renewable” that matters in the long run?
        And just how is it you know that human ingenuity is going to suddenly cease producing new technology and energy solutions? From God’s mouth to your ear?

      • Patrick
        March 29, 2015 at 12:22 am
        “How was your PC comment powered? Did you turn it off? LOL”
        No, he switched to battery power because that doesn’t use any energy lmao

      • Well extravagance for the sake of extravagence… At least you are paying for it from the ultility company… Unless you are on solar, wind or have your own well… But that would be against everything deniers stand for. I sincerely hope that your waste bumps you into the higher usage bracket and increases the rate for your waste

      • The granddaddy of climate deniers, Anthony Watts, drives a hybrid car, championed a 125 KW solar array on a local school when he was a board trustee and put a 10KW solar array on his own home.
        I’ll bet you wish you really were someone else right now lol.

      • I should add, we are a family of three and average a half a bag of garbage a week, the rest goes in the composter, the paper and plastic in recycling boxes. My wife and I have shared one vehicle for the past 7 years and we conserve energy whenever reasonable.
        We don’t do this because we enjoy standing around at cocktail parties smugly admiring our own flatulence, we do it because it’s practical, sensible and we don’t appreciate pollution anymore than the next person.
        I’m sorry this doesn’t fit your narrative, better luck next time.

      • @Someone else,
        I would be interested in your response to MichaelS. How are you going to demonize a scientific skeptic who undoubtedly does more to conserve the environment than you and your whole family?
        Not to mention host Anthony Watts, who consistently puts the alarmist crowd to shame.
        Really, it’s always “Do as I say, not as I do” with the eco-religion brigade.

      • “Someone else
        March 29, 2015 at 8:32 am
        Well extravagance for the sake of extravagence…”
        Are you for real? There are at least 70million Ethiopians that will trade places with you in an instant. Are you up for that? Nah, didn’t think so!

      • Using the electricity is not wasting it … its already there, in surplus, to meet peak demand. (you should thank the users for bringing the cost down for you).
        Now, if you are talking about me leaving my diesel truck running and parked next to my neighbor’s heavily BumperStickeredPrius (BSP’s) just to irritate him, then you could very reasonably call me names without appearing to be an ignorant zealot.
        (But if you didn’t note the wasteful cost of the bumper stickers and the Prius itself, then you revert back to being a willfully ignorant zealot.)

      • @MichaelS – I applaud your personal conservation efforts, I truly do. Your statement “we conserve energy whenever reasonable” seems to say that you would not be participating in Watts crusade against Earth Hour. This appreciation of your efforts however is contingent on the fact that you are not yet another avatar of the esteemed mr. dbstealey (in which case you are simply blowing hot gas out your @$$.)
        @janice – with any luck human ingenuity will make the use of fossil fuels obsolete, and we will be able to stop using them because we can, not because we have to. there’s still plenty of water out there (except for california), yet trains no longer run on steam engines…
        @dbstealy/dbs/Smokey/D.S.(/possibly MichaelS) (yeah, one profile… sure…) – This will be the last time i address you intentionally and directly (though your sock puppet accounts may still inadvertently bait me into discussion). First of all, this was not a personal attack, you are attempting to make it one by saying i demonize all behaviors of all skeptics in the world. That is simply not the case. As for Michael, as mentioned above I am happy that he is participating in ecological, responsible living habits (provided that is not you blowing hot air under a different name). Regarding your personal attack on me, you do not know who i am, my living situation, profession, or habits, so for you to make such grandiose assumptions about me is simply trying to provoke more people to demonize *me*.
        Anthony Watts having a solar power system installed on his house seems irrelevant to this discussion for several reasons. First, it may be public knowledge (and thats debatable), but that does not make it common knowledge. If you took a poll of the users here and asked how he powered his house, i will bet you that the consensus is that he uses power from the utility companies, like most people. Second, nowhere in his “article” did he mention this fact. Rather, he spurs the masses on and encourages everyone to do as he does (without mentioning the fact that he is using renewable resources). The purpose of Earth Hour is not to make the world dark, it is to raise awareness of human impact on this planet. Anthony is effectively saying “let them eat cake”… This is morally reprehensible. If he’s really trying to say “Do as I Do”, he has a lot of groundwork to lay before encouraging people to turn on the lights. Perhaps he could start a foundation to help bring solar and wind power (for example) to those poor ethiopians that @patrick is so worried about. If he did that, there’d be more carbon-spewing resources for the other members of this blog to waste.

      • Someone else, you referred to posters here as a-holes then said dbstealey was, “trying to provoke more people to demonize *me*. It seems you don’t need any help in that department.
        You then said, “Unless you are on solar, wind or have your own well… But that would be against everything deniers stand for” and followed up with “Anthony Watts having a solar power system installed on his house seems irrelevant to this discussion for several reasons”
        You made the statement that deniers are against anything to do with conservation, why is it not relevant to point out your misconception of a least two deniers here.
        BTW I have no problem giving my full name and personal info if you will provide somehow to contact you. Perhaps you could identify yourself as well.

      • Someone else,
        Anthony goes into detail of his conservation efforts on his “about page”. It was one of the first things I looked at when I first came to this site. I’d say that makes it about as public knowledge as can be.

      • “Someone else” says:
        @dbstealy/Smokey/D.S.(/possibly MichaelS) (yeah, one profile… sure…)
        Well, that is conclusive proof, at least to me (and to Anthony, who has known me personally for many years) that “Someone else” is completely deluded.
        I doubt if anyone but “Someone else” cares about this, but for the record: I don’t sockpuppet. I use my real name, and no other: dbstealey. But I think “Someone else” must be feeling guilty due to his psychological Projection — a hallmark of many alarmist trolls. No doubt “Someone else” is just one of that troll’s fake identities.
        Prove me wrong, chump. Post your real name, like I do. People don’t like hypocrites, and you posting with your fake screen name, accusing me of being a sockpuppet, is nothing but deflection.
        This will be the last time i address you intentionally and directly (though your sock puppet accounts may still inadvertently bait me into discussion).
        Oh, goody. That means I will comment on your posts, debunking them at will, but you won’t respond? Excellent! And just so we have the ground rules straight: does that also apply to your other fake identities? Since I am not using any other “sock puppet accounts”, I want to make sure you’re not, either. The only way to know that for sure is for you to identify yourself with your real name.
        But you won’t, will you? Trolls like you never do.

      • I just want to point out to anyone who might be reading the last post by dbstealey/dbs/smokey/D.S./etc is complete misdirection, and completely focused on himself. He makes no attempt to address the issues, and simply tries to add fuel to the fire and discredit me because i didn’t share my name. Who the f*ck is DBStealey? nobody knows, nobody cares. Misdirection is the hallmark of someone who can’t be held accountable.
        And @ mebbe – you do understand that the point of that portion of my post was to demonstrate technological advance. You and I know full well that water is not what fueled steam engines, but it it what powered it, and created locomotion. Water distribution/refill systems had to be in place whenever the railroad expanded into new territory…

      • …otherwise, please put a muzzle on him.
        (if this posts, it will make a lot more sense if/when my previous comment makes it through the mod)

      • Well, now. Here is a perfect example of psychological projection by “Someone else”. [‘Projection’ is imputing your own faluts onto others.]
        I had commented to ‘Someone else’:
        I would be interested in your response to MichaelS.
        Fair comment, no? But instead of responding, Mr. ‘Else’ misdirected into his false flag attack. He still has not answered the concern I raised. As I posted above, …it’s always “Do as I say, not as I do” with the eco-religion brigade. That still applies to S. Else.
        “Someone else” is engaging in his usual projection, by saying once again:
        I just want to point out to anyone who might be reading the last post by dbstealey/dbs/smokey/D.S./etc is complete misdirection
        Of course, the misdirection is Mr. Else’s alone, as anyone can see. After “Someone else” focused completely on me instead of what I requested, his respons was that I’m: …completely focused on himself. This “Someone else” sockpuppet is the parody of a troll. He truly doesn’t seem to understand how he comes across. All his accusations are actually the things he is doing.
        Next, Mr. “Else” says that I…
        …add fuel to the fire and discredit me because i didn’t share my name. Who the f*ck is DBStealey?
        Heh. I am exactly who I say I am. I post my real name for all to see, and I do not use any other identities. The real question is: Who are you, Mr. ‘Someone else’?
        And Mr. S. Else is discredited, because he hides behind a fake name, while falsely accusing others of doing the same thing — and he’s über-sensitive that I note that his fake name is still being used. Pathetic, no? Mr. Else is a sockpuppet. He will remain a sockpuppet until he uses his real name. Complaining that another commenter actually uses his own name is disingenuous.
        Finally, Mr. Else adds another non sequitur, by demanding that this site must:
        …put a muzzle on him. [Meaning me.]
        Wouldn’t that be nice? Then Mr. Else, (who promised just a few minutes ago that he would never respond to a comment of mine again) would have these threads all to himself, without me to debunk his nonsense.
        Then, who would be next? He could continue to attack Anthony without any push-back, and he could continue to refer to other readers here as: …you guys are all just being a-holes.
        Sorry, Mr. Else, that isn’t going to happen. Everything you say, and everything you are complaining about is, in fact, merely psychological projection on your part. If you haven’t noticed, no one agrees with you. Why should they, when you label them “a-holes”? I am personally convinced that you are one of the handful of banned trolls who just cannot stand to take your medicine.
        Prove me wrong, “Someone else”. Post your real name, just like I do. Anything else is rank hypocrisy on your part. Not to mention sockpuppetry.

      • Someone else,
        it does seem a bit hypocritical to accuse dbstealy of being a sockpuppet while hiding behind the anonymity of a pseudonym. As stated above, I will gladly provide my full name so as to put an end to your assertion that I am also dbstealey. I have nothing to hide and would hope that you would do the same.

    • Turned on all the lights in gratitude for the light and warmth given to us. It’s a miracle.

    • Me too. Next up Earth Week. Last year I got permission from the organizer at work to display my presentation about New Hampshire Wind Turbine projects. However, her boss took it down in 15 minutes because it had opinion about them (mostly factual stuff about noise) beyond the introductory pages describing the various projects.
      Maybe I can do something comparing this winter to 1934….

      • Way — to — go, Ric Werme. I’d do the windmill thing again — edit out the “opinion” stuff. People are REALLY ignorant of how perpetually economically inefficient (and devastating to birds and bats) they actually are.

    • Me too. Remembering wouldn’t have helped, though, since we were in a brightly lit restaurant at the time, enjoying good food and company and excellent air conditioning.

  1. [Personally, I plan to turn on all my lights tonight – Anthony]
    More than that: I’ll add some 1000Watt (no pun intended) Halogen spot lights to show the world that there is some resistance against darkening propaganda. Don’t worry, there are some extra fuses at hand, just in case…

    • Perhaps illuminate the outside of your home with some strategically placed 10,000,000 CANDLE POWER flashlights. I have one that will throw a beam for over a mile.
      We are here…We Are Here…WE ARE HERE

      • Maybe even place them on rotating stands at a slight angle (like search lights) and play Stars & Stripes Forever over a loud speaker

      • Now just pulse it 3 short, 3 long, 3 short and hopefully someone out there in space will realize that intelligent life does live on Earth and not cancel the project 🙂

      • Oh, Bryan A, I LOVE that movie. Here, for a footnote for readers of this thread 50 years from now who may not (lol, or for NOW, who never heard of that movie, heh) grasp your allusion:
        “Horton Hears a Who” — WE ARE HERE! (youtube)

        “Stars and Stripes FOREVER!” (J. P. Sousa — youtube)

        Because, WE, the People, the vast majority who love liberty and science TRUTH, are HERE!
        AND WE WILL VOTE FOR LIBERTY IN 2016!! Yea! Good things are ahead for America (and the world).
        Goooo, Anth-ony, Mods, and all you Science Giants!!

      • Bryan A March 28, 2015 at 12:34 pm
        Bryan A, make sure that you have the rest of the runway lights ready when you hear the first 747 looking for a parking spot.

  2. Sheeple believe they can change climate change by burning petroleum based candles instead of electric light.

    • I lack the references to know the numbers to use, but it may be interesting to calculate the burned gas emissions from a candle and multiply that by how many are needed to illuminate like a 60 Watt bulb, and compare how much CO2 is produced by the candles versus the electricity from coal.
      If the candles produce more CO2 than a highly efficient coal power plant, then the Greenies are encouraging us to produce the dreaded CO2 (which I and many believe is healthy plant food). would it be a nice bit of irony?

      • A candle doesn’t give much light for the CO and CO2 and heat and other VOC’s it emits.
        You can buy a candle-powered PV cell that feeds electricity into a high efficiency LED that gives far more light than the candle, after substantial inefficiencies in the conversion to electricity.
        A coal-fired power station is MUCH more efficient from every aspect of providing illumination. The only thing better is a really good quality coal stove. They can heat a home more efficiently than any power station with less total CO2, less CO and less PM2.5 for any chosen amount of heating.
        Putting a thermoelectric generator of your coal stove will give you 2 KW of electricity too, while you heat the house. There are even 5 KW versions, big enough to run an electric stove.
        Earth Hour should promote modern technologies, not candles made from paraffin wax.

    • as someone who helps produce pure beeswax candles..
      I can tell you for 60 or so kg of clean wax it takes 3 full days of preparation( using electricity and fast boil , medium simmering and sloooow final stage , to get well purified sediment free wax
      then that is poured n set
      then its reboiled in smaller batches to ensure absolute purity so theres no smoke or spitting and a really good long burn time.
      we all have a huge laugh when the down to some hundreds get ordered for Idiot hour.
      and yes the people still believing is dropping a lot over the years:-0
      we used to start boiling down months ahead to have stock.

  3. Dare I ask what these people want to change climate change to? Perhaps Someone else or Sir Harry could enlighten us.

    • Seems like it has already been changed FROM Global Warming TO Climate Change TO Climate Disruption
      Those “These People” seem to want to change it to Stagnant from Constantly Changing

      • Point well taken, so I’ll rephrase the question. What exactly is going on with the climate that has the alarmists in such a tizzy? I was hoping Someone Else would chime in, but looks like he made one quick comment, then ran.

        • Exactly what is going on with the climate to upset the warmists [also called Chickenlittlists] is that almost nothing’s going on that is supposed to. And, even worse, people are not giving them the unalloyed adulation they need.
          Unfortunately academics and bureaucrats aren’t used to normal reality.
          They find it most disturbing.

  4. The lights will be on in my house, as will the TV (hockey game), the oven (in a self-cleaning cycle), the furnace (still below freezing here), the refrigerator (keeping food and drink safe and cold), and more. No paraffin-burning, fire-hazard creating candles in this house.
    (I wonder if those candle wavers in the Earth Hour photo know their candle wax is a hydrocarbon product made from petroleum? Nah, why am I even asking?)

    • Righto, they ought to use kindlings because these are sustainable. But those folks are to stupid to light them properly, I suppose.

    • Another great idea. This board is full of them. Think about it. While a lot of people turn things off we can all use the unused capacity without fear of causing an brown/black out! Dishwasher is full, laundry ready, beer cooling in fridge (naturally), footy on the tely, lights on.

  5. Excellent Anthony! Same here – lights ablazing, driving around in my 4×4 V-8 Ford Raptor, television blaring through my sound system with big speakers, and just up the road a few miles from me the oil sands pumping all out 24/7/365. And yes if all oil/gas production stopped civilization as we know it collapses. Moreover, those “earth” hour freaks have electricity to turn off in the first place – it saddens me that these first world humans are so shallow in their thinking while half the world would love to have what they now have that they curse.

    • I sprayed roundup on the dandelions and dumped the recycling into the garbage.
      Where i live they actually hire people to rummage through random garbage bags looking for evidence of paper (hoping to find a name and address) and banana peels.

      • Wow Mick, Back into the (not so good old) USSR!, Here there was a suggestion (seriously) of UPC codes on the sides of the bins and a camera checking what fell out. so they would know who was trying to “cheat”.

  6. Burning just 2 candles puts out more CO2 than keeping your lights on…
    I love Leftist irony…
    I’ve always tried to live by the philosophy of lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness, while leftists seem to curse the light and worship darkness… Go figure.

      • Thanks Janice for the laugh. And our lights are on tonight, I hope for some of these candle burners they see a glimmer as well, they should be made to WALK home without the streetlights.

      • Hi, Asybot — glad you (and you, too, U.K.) enjoyed that. Dave R deserves any credit, though. I just re-posted it so there was a control window in the comment box.
        Yeah, torque/acceleration power are WONDERFUL — my favorite part of any airplane flight? Take-off! I’m always bummed out if the pilot takes off gradually and (yawn) boringly.
        Oh, yes. They should walk (or ride their horse) everywhere… and work hard all day hoeing their vegetable garden and milking the cow and making their own butter and… NO dentistry… and … lol… . Just a bunch of Enviroprofiteers preying on the gullible.

    • Hey Otter- I heard on the news this morning that Toronto had a 3% drop in power use during EH. I guess that means 97% of Ontarians disagree! I’m not sure anyone on the Prairies knew about it. This is my least favourite time of year- not enough snow left for the snowblower, no new grass for the lawnmower, and ice still on the lakes so I can’t use the outboard.

  7. did survey too, and blasted them, told them to get over their climate hysteria…think my comments will never see the light of day

    • I simply asked a simple question and presented a simple fact that shows their position to be wrong.
      How long with rising CO2 and flat or falling temperatures before you admit your theory that CO2 controls the climate is wrong?
      All 5 of the major datasets (RSS, UAH, HadCRUT4, GISS, NCDC) show no warming for between 14 and almost 18 years. In that time CO2 has risen 8-10%.
      I can almost hear the “deep ocean excuses” or “arctic ate my global warming” but it’s always good to be polite but ask uncomfortable questions.

    Do your bit to feed starving plants, and regreen deserts. Rejoice that at the flick of a switch we can do something that would seem magical for most of human history, and that which 1.3 billion people today still can’t do.
    Do it for the children

  9. Will be turning lights off. Great opportunity to view the stars if there’s much participation nearby.

    • Mind your step, don’t kick the pet. And what are you going to do when the sky is clouded or even overcast?

      • Nom Nomen,
        Wishing all nice clear skies for a chance at some improved star gazing. Just looking at the side benefits should they materialize.

    • Danny Thomas you are SO transparently warmist, lol. Unless you are a coward, your feeble “I just want to look at the stars in the middle of my neighborhood” excuse is great comedy. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Janice,
        Thank you. Happy to have made ya smile. But ya see my “neighborhood” is out in the middle of nowhere so the star gazing really is nice. Oh, and just to clarify. I am a bit of a lukewarmer, just not sure about all this CO2 oriented stuff being the correct approach. Not intending to stir things up, but I do see side benefits of some of the environmental causes like this one. I love my out of doors as I’m just not a city boy.

      • So, like most warmists, you deal in half-truths and deception, too….
        You (10:48am today): “view the stars if there’s much participation nearby.”
        You (11:14am today): “my ‘neighborhood’ is out in the middle of nowhere so the star gazing really is nice.”
        Go l1e on some other site, soft-voiced troll in the fuzzy bunny suit.

        • Janice,
          Small town of about 2500 out in the middle of nowhere. On avg. nites the stargazing is good. On “dark” nights it oughta be better but I have no idea what (if any) participation will be. Either way, I’ll be looking at the stars.. So each of my comments were accurate. Maybe there was less than full disclosure (I didn’t offer my address after all) and maybe there were some assumptions.

      • Did you notice Grandma’s teeth when she smiles?
        Good for you, dear U.K., but, for me it has been proven: impeached out of his own testimony.

        • And yet just the other day you, when I concurred with a statement of yours, offered me thanks. Janice, I fear the issue may not be with me. It seems that in your opinion if one does not accept the entirety of what’s in your mind (and I have no idea what that entails but you’ve obviously decided that what I think is counter to you) then that one has no value and must leave. Interesting. I think you know not “my testimony” and are not bothering to investigate.

      • Ain’t nuthin’ gonna get solved on this particular thread tonight.
        Liked your video you put up.

      • Janice: I agree with uk, lighten up and let Danny stargaze. I rode him very hard when he first appeared here, suspecting him of trolling, but I’ve seen some posts of his that prove he’s no troll, has come here to learn, and has learned well. If he’s a lukewarmer, well, Konrad says this is a LW site (a good laugh that). Mr. Thomas, I’ve been waiting for the chance to apologize, sorry. Loved your show, ever get that nose worked on? Hope your skies are clear, here it appears Venus is close enough to warm us (it’d be CO2, but no anthro!). So long as you’re not burning candles.

        • Paul Courtney,
          Thank you so very much for that commentary. I do, however think you have me confused with another with a much bigger nose (never modified) and much more money than I. Also, a better reputation and legacy of the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Clear skies to Venus, but of note I’m not enjoying the night skies as I hoped as I got side tracked on a topic w/r/t climate. And that’s just sad. But I did have a small campfire last night!

      • Paul Courtney,
        I had the same initial reaction as you, Janice, and others to D. Thomas. It must be something in his commenting style that puts people off.
        Like you, my opinion of him has changed over time; it has improved. But it would change a lot more if he would admit that because there are no empirical, testable measurements of man-made global warming [MMGW]; that the entire carbon scare is based on nothing more than speculation. MMGW is a conjecture; an opinion. Nothing more [and for the record, I think AGW exists.]
        Science is all about verifiable, repeatable measurements. When there are no measurements, we can still discuss possibilities — just like we can discuss the possibilty that the cow jumped over the moon.
        OK, that’s farther out than I wanted to go. But it makes the point: after many decades of searching, by thousands of highly educated scientists using the latest scientific equipment, there still is not one single measurement quantifying AGW [MMGW]. That should tell even the most casual observer that even if MMGW exists, it must be extremely minuscule. If it was significant, MMGW would have been measured and quantified by now. We would know the specific fraction of MMGW, out of total global warming. But we still don’t know that.
        Whenever I’ve gotten into it with D. Thomas, the discussion is always hijacked, and deflected into arguments like “But putting more CO2 into the air can’t be good!”
        So I get frustrated at the closed-minded attitude of people who have already made up their minds. How do you get through to them? How do you convince them that on net balance, it appears that the rise in CO2 has been entirely beneficial? That there has been zero harm from the rise in CO2?
        Some warmists have come around, and are now skeptics. But I don’t think the scales have fallen from D. Thomas’s eyes yet. I really wish he’d try to open his mind a little bit more, that’s all.
        That said, he’s not nearly as frustrating as some others. So there’s that…

        • DB,
          I owe ya a response as you put in effort for a long post and it’s appreciated. Just came back in from enjoying the night sky but gotta work tomorrow. I will respond as I owe you that.
          This is off topic and I’d e-mailed to Anthony (and I’m sure he has time to look at a note from me) a few days ago as the comments are closed on this:
          For those who wondered as I did why the study was released in 2015 with data only to 2010, I sent an e-mail and asked and received this reply:”Here is the response from Dan Feldman, lead scientist on this research:
          Good question. We need a lot of different datasets in order to do this analysis. Some of those datasets currently do not extend past the beginning of 2011. Specifically the dataset with which we screen for clouds (called Active Remote Sensing of Cloud Locations). However, that dataset should be updated and available soon and extend to the present, so we can extend the analysis forward in time.”

        • Db,
          Again I apologize for the delay. A couple of days of long hours working (still at the RV Park for one more month in this seasonal position then on to a new adventure) so thanks for the patience.
          If my commenting style is offputting I’ll accept responsibilty for that. In part, it’s percieved by me that it’s due to my “lack of commitment” to one side or the other in this discussion (I hear it from both sides at times). After study in a non-linear, chaotic fashion 🙂 I’ve learned I’ve way more to learn than I likely ever will manage to digest.
          So, to addressing concerns:”But it would change a lot more if he would admit that because there are no empirical, testable measurements of man-made global warming [MMGW]; that the entire carbon scare is based on nothing more than speculation. MMGW is a conjecture; an opinion. Nothing more [and for the record, I think AGW exists.]”
          I will stipulate to the first sentence. The second sentence I would replace “speculation” with “correlation”. The third I would replace “conjecture” with “theory” (while not disagreeing with “opinion”). And I too think AGW is reasonable to be studied as a theory but there should be expanded focus to include: UHI, Deforestation, alternate GHG’s, and for me NON A G.W. I’m a bit baffled how we supposedly magically turned off the long term natural warming “just in time” for man to take over. And until we understand that segment how can it be soley “man’s” fault to the exclusion of nature.
          W/R/T ““But putting more CO2 into the air can’t be good!” I can only respond that I “think” that we can respond to the CO2 issue (at this point in time) by implementing what I would term “politcally acceptable” programs which can meet the needs of both sides. Reforestation (for beauty) happens to sequester CO2. Improved Ag practice to reduce water waste and increase biomass (happens to sequester CO2). Improved urban planning. And alternative energy sources (because FF will not last forever). I am not an advocate of “doing in” the fossil fuel industry by any means as from what I’ve read the “web” of economies, university funding, (list is too long to complete here) based on the lack of evidence makes zero sense.
          Db, I came in under the impression this was a science issue with politics tossed in. Now, I’d say it’s a political issue with science tossed in. And I (even at my level of understanding) have serious issues with “correlation does not imply causation”, contrary science, and acceptance of the IPCC. I’m an outdoorsy kind of guy and hate plastics floating in our oceans, hate polluted skies (hard to see stars), hate trash tossed out willy-nilly (I could go on but this is already too long). I still drive my one ton dually pick-up and love it. I’m good with nuclear but do have security concerns (more internationally than locally). I’m politically a independent and find that folks tend to “take up sides” and non-GW issues get dragged in and in the current political “climate”.
          I’m firmly “skeptical” (and am amazed of those who are not) of both left and right, and third of my own thinking.
          Now I have a bit of concern with the theory of a cow actually jumping over the moon but since we’ve put monkey’s in space then under the right circumstances it’s plausible. But I have read no studies so if you have a link. 😉
          I do not wish to hijack this post but wanted to respond as promised and offer an expanded version of my (broadend?) thinking. I acknowledge having sooooo much to learn and sooooo much I don’t know. I apologize to the blog for being so far off topic and so wordy.

      • Nah Janice , Danny isn’t a warmunist, he is a man in search of the truth and will come to the inevitable conclusion that the theories aren’t matching the observations.

      • Dear Mr. Thomas,
        I hope that D. B. Stealey reads your thoughtful response. Leaving aside other aspects to our interaction (ahem)… for now (smile)…, my heart went out to you (and I prayed, too) when I read this: “still at the RV Park for one more month in this seasonal position then on to a new adventure… .”
        I have never come so close to having to live in my car as I have this year (not that your situation may be that dire, but, I, too had a “seasonal position” turn out to not be a stepping stone but a turtle, and I leapt back onto the jobless shore). Pretty scary.
        May God guide and protect and bless you with safe travels and a good, solid, place to work and live.
        (I hope no one else reads this! This was 4youreyesonly!)

        • Janice,
          I thank you so very much. And, I need to clarify. We live in our RV by choice as it has been a life long dream to see the wonders of this amazing country and we are living that dream. (There was a reminder to Db as early on I don’t think he quite believed that part of my story). Unfortunately, not being trust funded, we must labor our way as we can but it is truly a labor of love. We chose to leave the “rat race” as life is too short for it to be about all things money (even though it’s still a requirement to participate).
          So, we can only wish for you the abundance of blessings (from whomever guides you) we’ve been so fortunate to receive. And so very much more!
          (Promise I won’t tell anyone other than the universes guide of your chosing, of your kind words).

      • D. Thomas says:
        … I came in under the impression this was a science issue with politics tossed in. Now, I’d say it’s a political issue with science tossed in.
        This site is intended to be a science site. Not a politics site, although in the current political climate, politics will inevitably intrude. But if we stick with science (which is the search for truth), we can arrive at a few solid conclusions.
        For one thing, you say, …I would replace “conjecture” with “theory”.
        If you do that, you are not discussing science. A scientific ‘theory’ must be able to make repeated, accurate predictions. AGW (and certainly CAGW) fail that test completely. No theory was able to predict the fact that global warming stopped many years ago. That spectacular failure has thrown the alarmist crowd into fits of consternation. How could they have been so wrong? But rather than admit they were wrong (which some of them initially did admit), they have doubled down on their fibs, telling folks now that global warming never really stopped. They will not face reality.
        The answer for the failure of their original conjecture is simple: their premise was wrong. CO2 does not cause measurable global warming. They originally believed that a rise in CO2 would necessarily result in accelerating global warming. But in the event, they were proven wrong. Therefore, AGW cannot fit the definition of a “theory”. It is merely a conjecture — an opinion. At this point, that failed conjecture has taken five or six torpedoes. She’s going down.
        Next, regarding your expected sidetracking into ocean pollution, water waste, urban planning, etc., those are a deflection from the scientific question. No one likes bad things happening to the environment — particularly scientific skeptics.
        I firmly believe that skeptics care more about the environment than groups like Greenpeace, which think nothing of defacing 2,000 year old artifacts for public relations purposes. They talk a good game. But it’s all talk. They don’t walk the walk, as we saw when a Greenpeace director was caught commuting by 1st class airliner, rather than taking a commuter train.
        There are many other examples of Greenpeace hypocrisy. And Greenpeace isn’t unique in that. The IPCC was caught colluding with the WWF in using unscientific opinions as the basis for their recommendations. You are right that there is a lot of politics in this issue. That is a major problem.
        The only way to arrive as closely as possible to scientific truth is to be totally skeptical. Always ask, “Cui bono?” We are all bombarded 24/7/365 by all kinds of political advertising, with a thin veneer of ‘science’. It requires a constant effort to avoid becoming a head-nodder; a lemming, and agreeing with the media’s non-stop narrative. They want to colonize your mind. In too many cases, they have done just that. But that is certainly not science.
        If you stick with the Scientific Method, and only accept what remains standing after all the smoke has cleared — after all attacks on a conjecture or theory have failed — then you will be on the right track; the track to scientific veracity.
        So far, those trying to demonize “carbon” have failed completely. Their CO2=AGW conjecture has been ripped to shreds by skeptics who use facts and evidence. And none of the scary predictions they have made have happened. NONE of them! When one side is 100% wrong in every prediction, reasonable folks will begin to reject everything they tell us.
        You should, too.

        • Db,
          Sigh, I guess we can’t keep this short and concise.
          “No theory was able to predict the fact that global warming stopped 18+ years ago. ” You are correct. No theory, and certainly no models did. (Still can’t from what I understand). So what happens when observable evidence is counter to a theory? One changes the theory, right? That does not mean that the AGW theory wasn’t a theory, it just means the theory was inaccurate. (But interestingly, you stated you “think AGW exists”)
          Theory defintion:”The University of California, Berkley defines a theory as “a broad, natural explanation for a wide range of phenomena. Theories are concise, coherent, systematic, predictive, and broadly applicable, often integrating and generalizing many hypotheses.”
          Any scientific theory must be based on a careful and rational examination of the facts. Facts and theories are two different things. In the scientific method, there is a clear distinction between facts, which can be observed and/or measured, and theories, which are scientists’ explanations and interpretations of the facts.”
          Alternative definition:” an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events
          : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true
          : the general principles or ideas that relate to a particular subject
          (You are welcome to chose your word and I ask that you accept my choice but should you not accept that you’re welcome to relocate as many electrons as you need in response)
          Then:”Next, regarding your expected sidetracking into ocean pollution, water waste, urban planning, etc., those are a deflection from the scientific question. No one likes bad things happening to the environment — particularly scientific skeptics.” Never said anyone liked them. Just using them as examples of what many of us can agree upon (at least it sounds like you do) addressing so they’re politically “doable”.
          Defacing artifacts by Greenpeace was frankly assinine and those responsible should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They, IMO, stole a part of the “global” heritage (yours and mine). Just like those girls who scratched their initials in the Roman Coliseum. But these are acts of vandalism and are no more “scientific” than my comments about plastic pollution in the oceans. So we’re each equally guilty of sidetracking and should receive 50 licks each (or a pardon). Let’s move on from these silly issues, please.
          Finally (after bypassing a couple of paragraphs): “So far, those trying to demonize “carbon” have failed completely. Their CO2=AGW conjecture has been ripped to shreds by skeptics who use facts and evidence. And none of the scary predictions they have made have happened. NONE of them!” This Db, if factually inaccurate. Some predictions (use whatever adverb you like but some folks, rightly or wrongly, are scared) have proven accurate (there is a bit of ice melting out there, sea levels are rising). Now, to be clear, this relates to warming which most everybody accepts is occurring. This does not mean the predictions were based on accurate analysis. Heck, even I can pick a stock accurately as a winner in the stock market once in a while, but this occurrance indicates nothing about my analytical abilities as I might have bought 100 stocks while getting one as the so called “winner”.
          I’ve offered my response as promised to your question. And I appreciate your follow up. I’d much rather sit down with you and the beverage of your chosing (my treat) and discuss this but as I don’t forsee that happening maybe we can just settle on our modestly different points of view and not subject the blog to further back and forth tit for tat (or we can continue but I fear it may be pointless). From my view, this saga continues. We are learing more about the science so the jury is still out. And either way, if one lives in Kansas they’re not going to be physically impacted by SLR so the entire discussion is misframed. And most certainly, Db, you and I will not be the ones to settle it. I appreciate the discussion and look forward to future interactions on such a positive tone.

    • People who aren’t astronomers (amateur or pro) just don’t realize the amount of stars in the sky that are blocked out by light pollution. During a power outage in a large city the people were worried because they didn’t understand “where did all the stars come from?”. The stars were there all along but obscured.
      It is a nice side effect but I doubt enough people go along with it to make a difference. The street lights dwarf most others and they are on. Good luck on your star gazing. Do you have scope? Friend has an 8″ but we have to go somewhere to get good views. He joked that we should go to North Korea for a star gazing holiday because every night is Earth Night there. Alas our wives thought of better places to go. 🙂

    • Danny Thomas, stargazing w/binoculars is wonderful — problem here is, any clear night other than in summer is cold. Orion is always fascinating — blue & red supergiants in abundance. The center star in Orion’s belt, Alnilam, is the closest 40 solar-mass supergiant to us — about 1300 light-yrs and about half again as far away as the blue supergiants on either side.
      For a look at the 3-D distances of Orion’s main stars, look here:

      • Beng1
        Thank you for that offering. It’s an amazing perspective and I have a couple of folks I certainly be sharing this with.

  10. I’d love to see if the number of house fires are statistically higher during earth day compared to other days in March.

  11. Thanks for the reminder (as IF I keep track of the Envirocult’s holy days, lol)!
    At dusk, PDT…


    ALL NIGHT! lololololol
    (and yes, somebody’s home, heh)

  12. I answered the survey knowing it is a waste of time. I think it would be a good poll to go around and count the proportion of houses in the dark at that time. This would be a good crowd sourcing project with incredible accuracy to tell us the status of the sinistral sheeple. Naw, it would only depress me.

    • I did the survey too, Gary. I suspect they will not be overjoyed with my answers. For example, in response to what I hope this year’s Earth Day will achieve, I wrote something like: “I hope it shows the futility in curbing CO2 emissions in an attempt to alter natural climate fluctuations”.

    • @ Gary Pearse “This would be a good crowd sourcing project with incredible accuracy to tell us the status of the sinistral sheeple.”
      Why just the left-handed ones? Aren’t there some right-handed sheeple, too?

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, that sinistral and sinister have the same origin? Left and threatening! Or spooky.

  13. “Most candles are made of paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum in the oil refining process. It is naturally clear and odorless when burned, though most candles include dyes and fragrances.”
    He he.

  14. “We must make this place an insecure and inhospitable place for Capitalists and their projects – we must reclaim the roads and plowed lands, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers, and return to the wilderness millions and tens of millions of acres of presently settled land.” – Dave Foreman, “Earth First”
    What an idiot!
    How can you “shackle” a river, let alone “unshackle” it? Presumably the dams creating hydroelectric power have to go too?

  15. In the UK I’ve seen absolutely no publicity about it this year. Must be a good sign.

  16. I think I’ll just keep the lights on and do something productive.
    On second thought, I’ll just keep the lights on.

  17. For a more complete experience, serious Earth Hour celebrants could always migrate to North Korea where is it Earth Hour twenty four hours a day, every day of the year.

  18. wish we could have printed our responses.
    said I think site is retarded, said climate change is real and when -28f here it sucks so more warming please.
    said I hope their end result is lawsuits and foreclosures on their homes.
    these hippies piss me off.

    • lol +1
      Actually, those poor dupes are pretty pitiful… they are SO EASILY FOOLED… over and over and over….
      Okay, dear envirocultists, we will now turn to hymn number 71…
      (organ, even!)
      “Won’t Get Fooled Again” — The Who (youtube)

      GREAT MUSIC… just a sad significance to their defiant, misinformed, determination to defy The Man.
      “… get on my knees and pray we don’t get fooled again.”

  19. Forgot to add to Foreman’s rant: Prevent growing and distribution of food so if exposure, due to lack of housing doesn’t wipe out the human race, starvation will.

  20. Sure, celebrate Earth Hour, then jet to your vacation spot and party with all the lights on. I’m 100 percent for conservation, but Earth Hour is a hypocritical farce.

  21. Earth Day was one of three things that made me a climate skeptic. Where I live, the electricity is all hydro – falling water generates no CO2 at all – so for me as a scientist it just seemed incomprehensible that David Suzuki would encourage us to switch off the CO2-free lights and burn candles made from deep-earth carbon.

      • Gary, I do not know where you get your electricity from but the benefits from Hydro over the length of time it is there far outweighs the initial costs. I also wonder how much CO2 your parents spend to get you (and survive) on this planet in the first place, so you can always blame them I suppose

      • asybot, 10 billion dollars will be spent over the next 10 years before the first watt of electricity is produced from the new dam.
        My electricity comes from existing dams such as the W.A.C. Bennett Dam. My provincial government apparently needs to find new sources of electricity to replace the current fossil fuels that run most of the transportation in this province as well as replacing all the fossil fuel heating (mostly natural gas) during the winter, spring and fall months. That’s a lot of new electrical power producing infrastructure that needs to be found from none fossil fuel sources and solar panels just isn’t going to be able to replace winter heating fuel. Windmills will probably destroy the multi-billion dollar tourism industry so that isn’t an option.
        I think it’s crazy to shut down the Burrard Thermal Station as a backup source of electrical energy generation during a winter cold spell.
        As to my parents, who are in their 80’s now, I fondly remember huddling above the heat register (fueled by natural gas) during the cold winter, spring and fall days as child.
        I have a very low carbon footprint which I shall spare everybody an itemization of and yet I have woken up every day for the past 5 years with my first thought being what shall I do today to help rid this world of the Global Warming / Climate Change scam. It’s usually the last thing I think about before I go to get too, though I find a few rounds of Wordament helps me transition to sleep mode 🙂 .
        Right now I am hiding my clocks so that I don’t know if Earth Hour has started or ended yet, cause I really hate the concept.

      • @ Gary, your 5:09 comment:
        “A lot of CO2 is going to be produced (from cement manufacturing) as the Site-C hydroelectric dam is built over the next 10 years”
        You just sounded as if you were opposed to site C..
        So maybe I replied a little negative earlier. But then in your other reply @ 9.11 march 28 you actually said the same thing I would have if anybody asked me about Climate Change etc as far as BC Canada’s hydro’s proposals are, as far as concerning the Site C Dam? It should have been done years ago when the infrastructure was in place, you know the people that knew how to build the dams from the excavator guys to the r-bar crews etc. What they learned at Revelstoke and other dams would have made site C a piece of cake.
        There is only one thing that bothers me and that is we in BC are selling our water to the US for peanuts ( I am not sure if that is a by product of the Columbia River Water treaty back in the 1950’s). Cheerio Gary and I would like to continue the conversation.

    • I remember the first Earth Day 45 years ago. I was a senior in college majoring in mathematics. I became embroiled in an argument with a physics major. The argument went from rational reasoning to a heated, emotion-laden debate. It started around 10 pm and ended sometime in the wee hours of the morning with neither of us conceding an inch.
      That’s when I knew I was a skeptic; and that’s when I knew non-skeptics – no matter what their educational background – were just plain genetically different.

    • It’s rather funny then that, here in Australia, one of the, supposed, top 250 “carbon polluters” was none other than a company called Hydro TasMANIA (HT). In the first year of the “carbon tax”, HT made a cool extra ~AU$50mil for doing sweet FA! I wonder if the now retired “politician” Bob Brown had anything to do with HT? After all, it was he who said “…we could have new rail, new roads, new hospitals and new schools etc…with a carbon tax…” or words to that effect! So we had the carbon tax, the most expensive in the modern world, and industry is being sent offshore. We had the carbon tax and we still do not have new rail, new roads, new hospitals and new schools. What am I missing here?

  22. I like that survey.
    I told them that my goal was to emit as much CO2 as possible, to warm the earth and increase crop-yields.

  23. Ok, just did the survey.
    My earth hour goal is to demonstrate burning a candle produces more CO2 (excluding my breathing) than driving my BMW 25 miles; and it takes longer, too.
    I did not hit the “donate” button, so don’t know if my results will make it into the database.
    (sigh) I need a hug.

  24. Sorry to be a contrarian. My lights will be out. Won’t need them in the glow of my spring clean up bon fires with all the winter wood blow down. Wood burning is carbon neutral isn’t it? Marshmallows and hot dogs may be in order. Think I’ll throw some logs in the fireplace and sit in my fully windowed tub by the glow of the gas flare a mile away across the valley and stare up at the stars over my trout pond with flames reflecting off the last of the ice and snow in my pastures. 😉 wink.

    • Dang, Wayne I need you to re-organize my priorities, ( thanks for the visual although I’d eliminate the gas flare).

  25. All the lights will be on in my place (small though it is) tonight. And, Phil, I will definitely be joining you with a bottle of something…Prosecco sounds like a good choice, since despite all the CAGW hysteria, winter is definitely hanging on here in NYC…oh, gee, sorry….forgot that warming now causes cooling.

  26. “Earth is on a climate see-saw between a warm green globe and a frozen white wilderness.”
    Not quite. Most of the last 3 million years Earth has been cold. Only short periods of a warm, green globe. You should know that.
    BTW, I bet the whales are sure glad we use those evil fossil fuels instead of whale oil.

  27. Done that survey now. In my case, only 80% of the questions was possible to answer …
    I’m at work right now and it’s 8pm local time now, so I have to get home and turn on all electrical stuff like computers, tv, battery chargers, all lights, fix late dinner in the oven and so on …

    • Go, Sasja L! (glad to see you post……I know, I know you’re okay… I just didn’t see you for awhile (smile)) Have a nice dinner. I’m going to go have lunch!

      • Tnx! There’s reasons why I have not been so active. Alot to do at work, which is why I have been there today (increases my income quite good though …) in between all work, a so called non housebroken collegue (age 40+!) gave me an (airbourn) virus and as a a result, I have been stationary with high fewer for about two weeks burried in my bed, only capable to get up to eat something simple and to the bathroom for short moments.
        Following and responding on blogs and other stuff on the Internet? No, no time and interest respectively … This week, I’ve been just about on my feets (and when at work cursing my so called “collegue”. Face to face …)
        Oh, it’s 8.30pm now! Lights on and action! ☺

  28. Done the questionnaire maybe not the answers they were looking for but there you go.
    Had an email from an organisation I have contact with wanting me to get involved, sent a reply bursting a few of their bubbles and a link to one of your posts on the temp over the last couple of decades.
    James Bull

    • Dumb & dumber! From news story:
      “On Thursday, it emerged the government has fined the NS €2.75m for poor performance.”
      The railway company is 100% state owned.

  29. Want to have a real carbon footprint just grow a kilo of pot. Equivalent to running 3 million cars.

    • Thanks, Canman. I was reading through all the posts to see if anybody had mentioned McKitrick’s essay because I would have if you hadn’t. It’s such a wonderful defence of electricity and the benefits it has brought to the poorest people on the planet. That ignorant rich people in the West object to cheap coal-fired electricity in the third world is evil. They are condemning people to poverty and ignorance.
      Speaking of which my husband has twice volunteered with Rotary to help a local Aussie gal – Gemma Sisia (nee Rice) – build her school in Tanzania. Her motto is “Fighting Poverty Through Education”. Please look her up and help if you can: because she’s a modern saint.
      Her school only accepts one child from the brightest of the poorest families because she expects that privileged child to help his or her siblings.

  30. I will spend ‘earth’ (energy) hour thinking about the billions of people in developing countries that do not have access to electricity and must cook with biomass as well the hundreds of millions of people who must struggle daily with rolling blackouts.

    It is an alarming fact that today billions of people lack access to the most basic energy services: as World Energy Outlook 2014 shows nearly 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity and 2.7 billion people rely on the traditional use of biomass for cooking, which causes harmful indoor air pollution

    South Africa’s electricity crisis
    Rolling power cuts are fraying tempers
    THE people of South Africa are learning to live in the dark. Their beleaguered power utility, Eskom, is unable to meet electricity demand and in November reintroduced a tortuous schedule of rolling blackouts known as “load shedding”. South Africans now check electricity reports that read like weather forecasts: “There is a medium probability of load shedding today and tomorrow, with a higher probability on Thursday and Friday,” said a recent Eskom tweet. Newspapers print survival tips and “load shedder recipes” for food you can prepare without electricity. And there are bleak jokes aplenty. “Q: What did South Africa use before candles? A: Electricity.”
    …There are delays in bringing new capacity online, particularly at Medupi, a heralded new coal-fired plant whose completion has been endlessly postponed.
    South Africa has been here before. In 2008 it suffered a rash of blackouts that cost the country billions of rand. Little has changed. …

    Rolling Blackout in Pakistan
    by Affifa Mariam on July 16, 2014
    This year has become very unlucky for Pakistanis as prevailing energy crisis has shown its worst implications. The electricity shortfall (the load shedding blackout) is now 7600 MW, which is worst in Pakistan’s history. All the promises made by the current government of PMLN have failed badly because they are unable to provide electricity in the timings of Sehar and Iftar in the precious month of Ramadan. The fasting citizens are in the mental distress because of lack of sleep due to severe load shedding. …
    ….Water shortages also arise when there is so massive load shedding. Recently, Khawaja Asif, Federal Minister for Water and Power of Pakistan, apologized from the nation for unscheduled load shedding for about 16-20 hours in rural and urban areas.

    Concern grows as power crisis looms for India
    On the campaign trail earlier this year, Narendra Modi often promised to bring power to the 400m Indians who lack basic access to electricity. But having won a thumping election victory, India’s prime minister is discovering that finding enough coal to keep the country’s existing lights on is hard enough.
    Coal remains India’s most important energy source, supplying more than half of all power stations. It is also increasingly scarce: stocks are at their lowest level since 2008, with plants responsible for around a third of national capacity holding supplies of just one week or less.
    Alarm over these dwindling fuel piles this weekend forced Piyush Goyal, power minister, to deny that the country faced a repeat of the disastrous rolling blackouts that left some 600m people without electricity back in 2012, badly denting India’s global image.

    • India and Pakistan are undergoing blackouts, but both these countries have succeeded in developping atomic bombs with the aim to destroy each other nextly. Since they prefer to use the skills of their nuclear physicists for military purposes instead of building pacific nuclear power plants, I would recommend them that they install hundreds of thousands windmills on their respective territories. So they will avoid undergoing blackouts at least when there is wind enough (or not too much!).
      Just jokin’…

    • Thanks for mentioning Eskom and the rolling power cuts. Seems the gov’t has realised that the country loses about R3 BN each time this happens. That is about $300,000,000.
      The power station would be on track if 30% wasn’t going sideways.
      I hope they work it out soon. A coal-fired cell phone is really hard to find these days. (That was E Germany’s contribution to reunification.)

  31. Just put on the outside lantern to celebrate the victory of humanity over the darkness… Be it a small contribution of three 5-Watt LED bulbs, but nicely visible in the street…
    The hypocrites of the WWF fly from one climate conference to the next, using more energy than a household needs for a whole year of light at home…

  32. Actually, maybe we should go dark, especially if we have clear sky tonight.
    Go dark, take out the binoculars (or telescopes if you have them) and enjoy the splendors of a dark sky.
    And then go back inside and turn the lights back on, read some books on what you just observed.

  33. I’m celebrating by turning ON all of my outdoor lights so that my green neighbors in the “People’s Republic of British Columbia” don’t get lost in the dark.

    • … or run into your house in their little Dumb Cars with just enough juice left in the battery to make it home at 15 mph with headlights of about 1 candlepower…

  34. I filled out the survey and ask them the question: “When has the climate ever been static?”
    I plan on enjoy earth hour by playing a 3D heavy computer game. Computers with add-on video cards use a lot more electricity when playing a game. My computer’s energy usage doubles when playing these games. Thanks to cheap electricity, I can enjoy my computer games.

  35. Just thrown some extra shovel fulls of lovely house coal on my open fire in the lounge. Toasty feet and plenty of life giving CO2 for my garden. Roll on the extra 2 degrees we were promised, it is bl**dy cold here.

  36. On a most basic level, if one could ask the chap on the Clapham Omnibus if it were at all possible to control the weather climate he would give you some very earthy Anglo-Saxon advice to go forth and multiply. Yet the WWF seem to think that they can get people to ‘use [their] power to change climate change’. All totally free of hubris and arrogance – not to mention science. I really fear for the world my new grandson will inhabit when he’s of age – and it won’t be the world according to Gore and Hansen – it’ll be the world according to their puppet masters: the fourth reich world. Oh what a prize for them to aspire to…

    • CONGRATULATIONS! (on your new grandson)
      I hope he takes after his Grandpa Passfield!
      (or will he call you “Grandfather” over there?)
      (but, please, this for his Mum, don’t tell him your old nickname until he’s too old to want to go running all over the house yelling it at the top of his lungs…yeah, I remember…)

  37. Again so soon? Dang!
    Another Earth Misanthropy Hour rolls around and I won’t be joining the celebration. How do all those misanthropes stand the pain of gathering in groups and looking at each other? It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.
    Every day is Earth Day for the Earth. What does the Earth care about us? The Earth doesn’t need us one way or the other as it will continue its existence with or without us. Humanity? If we don’t figure out how to continue our species here on Earth, we’ll have to leave, evolve, or suffer the fate of the innumerable species before us that have gone extinct.
    Random thought… why do people so often feel it’s necessary to light a candle to make a point? If you have to light a candle to make your point, maybe you don’t really have a point.

  38. Apologies if this has been mentioned before, but as tonight is clock change (to BST) in the UK, I figure my earth Hour will be at 01:00 – and last until 02:00 (Sunday). And 60M people in the UK seem to be persuaded to the same course of action – just think of all the energy we’ll have saved…No?

  39. Earth Hour … we’re off to never never land …

    Enter Sandman
    Say your prayers, little one
    Don’t forget, my son
    To include everyone
    Tuck you in, warm within
    Keep you free from sin
    Till the Sandman he comes
    Sleep with one eye open
    Gripping your pillow tight
    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land
    Something’s wrong, shut the light
    Heavy thoughts tonight
    And they aren’t of Snow White
    Dreams of war, dreams of liars
    Dreams of dragon’s fire
    And of things that will bite
    Sleep with one eye open
    Gripping your pillow tight
    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land
    Now I lay me down to sleep
    Pray the Lord my soul to keep
    If I die before I wake
    Pray the Lord my soul to take
    Hush little baby, don’t say a word
    And never mind that noise you heard
    It’s just the beasts under your bed
    In your closet, in your head
    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Grain of sand
    Exit: light
    Enter: night
    Take my hand
    We’re off to never never land

      • Judas priest, U.K.,
        I LOVEd that song in college! Something about that unvarnished strut-your-stuff ‘TUDE.
        “Don’t tread on me” comes to mind… .
        Thanks for a fun blast from the past.
        “Love live rock ‘n’ roll (you betcha).” Def Leppard.

  40. By switching off their energy-saving mercury lamps and lighting CO2-producing candles instead, the WWF people demonstrate for a warmer climate and more bioproductivity through enhanced CO2 levels.
    A well-intentioned effort yet misguided – as the last 18 years have conclusively shown that rising CO2 does not affect the climate in any way.

    • Yes!
      All they are doing is a cunning CO2 propaganda campaign.
      (While they ostensibly promote CO2 emissions, they actually promote the l1e about CO2 effect (non proven) — result: (paraph.) “Oh, even though it can do good things, it will do them too fast, too much, so BUY OUR WINDMILLS.” Siemens, Corp.)

  41. The cans of mackerel I buy in the local supermarket have the WWF Death Panda on it. I take it that the mackerel is an endangered species then. Good that they haven’t raised the price.

  42. I am so glad to read this in time to shut off the lights and grab the candles for an evening of celebrating the warmth without using excess energy.

    • Seidler,
      You do that.
      Disregard the fact that more synthetic fossil fuel is burned [inefficiently] with your candles than by using electricity. Disregard the fact that you’re emitting not only excess CO2 with your candles, but you are also emitting unregulated carbon particulates [soot]. You will be doing what the eco-Norks do 24/7/365.
      It’s the symbolism that matters. Right? The feel-good aspect.
      Me, I’ll have every light on, inside and out, for that hour. That’s my symbolism.☺
      [Apologies if you were being sarcastic.]

  43. Let’s see the Kentucky vs. Notre Dame Semifinal game is on TV at that time. I’m sure everyone in Kentucky and Indiana are going to be good boys and girls and shut off their TV for an hour during the game. LOL.

  44. In about 2 years (not that I’ve looked every day), I have not ONCE seen anyone on that Facebook display (3 x 6 on right margin) whom I know or who posts on WUWT. Not one of the 8,684. What are the odds? 18 at a time… regenerates about once a day??…. hm.
    Have you recognized anyone there? …………?
    Anyone? …… Anyone?………. Buehler?

  45. This may be somewhat OT, but if commenters here think Earth House is a silly and pointless idea, try this: A female state legislator in California is re-introducing legislation requiring the state of California to address all global warming policies and programs in the U.S. from the perspective of gender–namely the female gender.
    “……..women will disproportionately face harmful impacts from climate change,
    particularly in poor and developing nations where women regularly assume increased responsibility for growing the family’s food and collecting water, fuel, and other resources,” the measure reads, they will be the most desperate and vulnerable, forced into situations,“such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage.”
    So, in other words, climate change is going to force women into prostitution among other things. California truly is the land of the fruits and nuts–in more ways than one.

    • She says environmental crises will force women to migrate, often into refugee camps

      LA maybe? Cripes – she’s been elected in since 1998. No Pause there.

  46. Lights *On* here in Blighty !
    I’m celebrating Electricity Hour here in the UK with about 1kW of lights shining out. That’ll cost about 15p (20c). Let’s give thanks that we have abundant cheap power, and that we can afford all the good things it brings – warmth, health, good and long life.

  47. Thanks for the link to the Earth Hour.Survey. I was able to give them some answers that will surprise them and, I hope, make them think and re-consider their own nonsense.

  48. Wait – when is it again? 8:30? Sorry, I’ll be busy then. Not sure with what yet, but I know I’ll be busy. Oh well, maybe next year.

    • I know this a late comment, Bob, but that one though is so on the mark!
      “This program is brought to you by Shell???/ Exxon????/ etc”.

  49. Thanks for the heads up Viv. The officers here at the Environment Agency are already polishing plans for a “Frostbite Tax”.

  50. Had fun with the survey. Pointed out how Orwellian the switch from “global warming” to “climate change” was. Ended with “Enlightenment, not Endarkenment”. On the way there just sort of casually mentioned that climate is a coupled binary chaotic system, and that there’s nothing we can do about that. (Not that I no what I was tawking about, but I was carfull to speel the wurds proper.)

  51. Janice,
    “standing in front of the North Korean Air Force”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………Oh God that was a good un…Ta.

  52. Based on Ontario Power Generation’s generation ratios between nuclear, hydro and thermal, only 3.85% of electrical generation comes from thermal sources and therefore actually produces carbon dioxide. So according to the climate panjandrums, I can light a single tea light during Earth Hour to replace the 11 x 60W light-bulbs I’ll have turned off – but based on the CO2 evolved by combustion of paraffin, I’ll have to blow it out after 34 minutes, or else I’ll have produced more carbon dioxide from my tiny candle than Ontario Power Generation would have produced to run my 11 light-bulbs for an hour. For the first 34 minutes of “Earth Hour”, therefore, I’ll be trying to run my life by the light of a single, tiny candle; and for the last 26 minutes, I’ll be sitting idle in the dark.
    It does not get any more symbolic than that – but I don’t think the warm-mongers understand what they’re really symbolizing.

  53. Burning paraffin candles? Why not make a ‘candle app’ for the iPhoney and everyone hold their iPhoney aloft with a candle flickering on their screen to declare their intent. Presto! zero emissions candle light vigil! A little group think, maybe a few harsh frowns and stares at the traditionalists and pretty soon everyone will be complying with the new Earth Hour zero-emissions candle standard. I hear next years version will have an ‘Earth-Day-Birthday’ function where the touch screen senses your breath so that you can literally blow the candle out for dramatic crowd darkness effects! Just like the real thing guys, even a stiff breeze can blow it out! And it can then use the camera’s IR functions to sense real flame, so you can use a cigarette lighter to re-light the candle!
    Is that cool or what trend-setters?

    • You forget to consider all the CO2 from the crowd’s breath blowing out the ‘candle app.’

      • doh! … thought I’d cracked it! … was just pondering my pending major Scandinavian science prize … 😀

      • lol, still very cool, though, unmentionable. 🙂
        Tell the Swedes you can make the ocean levels drop and that there are about 62 states in the United States, that your America-hating pastor of 20 plus years is just like that “crazy uncle” some people keep in the attic, and that your parents met for the first time at a march that took place years after you were born… and you, too, can win a prize!

  54. Switching off the lights in France would raise concerns for our national power company “Electricité de France” since 78 p.c. of the power here is made by nuclear plants.
    The nuclear power plants are not so easy to stop and start as the coal or fuel powered plants. They are more reliable to supply their electric power steadily

  55. Personally, as an amateur astronomer, I prefer a dark earth for obvious reasons. We can have have a reasonable compromise with exterior down lighting technology that reduces light “pollution” upwards and outwards into the sky.
    But hey, that is just me.

      • Presumptuous nonsense from some snotty anonymous drive by? I should not even bother to respond, but I will anyway against my better judgement.
        No, I don’t get annoyed at the moon. How stupid would that be? To get annoyed at the moon? The moon is just as beautiful as all other celestial objects. One can always wait for a moonless night or observe at those times during the night when it is not and issue trying to see other objects in space.
        I may howl at it now and then. But that is a completely separate issue.

  56. In 1977 New York City had a ‘all lights out’ night.
    I was there in the middle of the celebrations. Many of my neighbors celebrated by looting all the stores and burning down half of our neighborhood.

  57. cheap, abundant hydro-carbon fuels which will help humans to survive any return of Global Cooling

    If the next ice age does not come soon, we need advanced nuclear power to survive. By that time hydrocarbon fuels shall be neither abundant nor cheap, should they be not manufactured using other energy sources.

  58. Ha ha:

    “Saturday 28th March is “Earth Hour” – a time to sit in the dark and appreciate the benefits of our cheap reliable hydrocarbon-energy. [Like these candles, for example, from the WWF sponsored Earth Hour home page – Anthony]”

    So true.

  59. Each evening the sun sets in five billion places
    Seen by ten billion eyes set in five billion faces
    Then they close in a daze and wait for the dawning
    But the daylight and sunrise are brighter in our eyes,
    Where night cannot devour golden solar power
    Once we were damned now I guess we are angels
    For we passed though the dark and avoided the dangers
    Then I awoke with a start to startling changes
    All the tension is ended, the sentence suspended
    And darkness now sparkles and gleams
    And it all seems larger than life to me
    I find it rather hard rather hard to believe
    So I stand as the sound goes straight through my body,
    I’m so bloated up, happy, and I throw things around me.
    And I’m growing in stages (have been for ages)
    Just singing and floating and free
    Dum de dum dum
    Its a heavenly pop hit
    If anyone wants it.

  60. As my mother-in law (Oma) used to say about Beaver College an all girls college in Phila., PA:
    “Lights out at 10:00, candles out at 11:00”
    They eventually changed the name of that College.

  61. I guess this is the culmination of the Glastonbury festival where a productive farm is turned it a muddy quagmire with a massive amount of noise and the organisers consider themselves to be “green”

  62. My contribution to earth hour survey
    5 – Before you visited the website, what did you think Earth Hour represented?
    • Solidarity with low carbon economy’s
    7 – Do you think climate change affects you? What does climate change mean to you?
    • Yes; Hopefully a gradual return to the temperatures enjoyed in the middle ages (+2°C) & roman times (+3°C) as we come out of the Little Ice Age.
    11 – What is the one thing you want the Earth Hour movement to achieve?
    • To show what its like to live in a low carbon economy such as – Albania, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Congo, Eritrea, Nepal, North Korea, Romania, Senegal, Sudan, Togo, Yemen, Zimbabwe

  63. if the CAGW crowd have their way, it will be “Lights Out” every day:
    28 March: UK Telegraph: Christopher Booker: No one is talking about our utterly mad energy policy
    All the major parties are signed up to the policy set in train by Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act. They don’t know what they are doing
    Last week, scarcely noticed south of the border, came the news of the premature closure of Britain’s second largest power station. The giant Longannet plant in Fife, with its 2,400-megawatt capacity, can still supply two thirds of all Scotland’s average electricity needs.
    The reasons given for Longannet’s closure early next year were partly the crippling cost of the Government’s “carbon” taxes and the additional £40 million it is being charged for connection to the grid. But the immediate trigger for the decision was Longannet’s failure to win a contract to supply back-up for Scotland’s ever-rising number of wind farms at times when there is insufficient wind…
    When the wind doesn’t blow, the only power to keep our lights on, our homes heated and our electric cars running would be that from those supposed new nuclear power stations.
    At the present rate, with only one new nuclear power plant dubiously in view by 2024, producing electricity four times as expensive as that from coal, not even tens of thousands of diesel generators could produce enough back-up power to keep our computer-dependent economy functioning at all. (Last Tuesday evening, wind was producing less than 1 per cent of the power we were using).
    But not a word of this will we hear in the election campaign: partly because all our main political parties have signed up to it, but even more because virtually none of our politicians have the slightest clue what it is they are signed up to…READ ALL

  64. Something pointed out by friend Brent is that there is both an Earth Hour (March 28) and an Earth Day (April 22). Both are observed by turning the lights off for an hour. Does anyone know why there are now two such times?
    I thought that I remembered that one of them was also Lenin’s birthday. It is the April 22 one…..
    Ian M

    • Just a warm up, in 5 years time we will have 365 earth days with 24 hour Earth hours, Question answered!!!

    • Earth Day was first (it’s now Earth Week). Earth Hour appears to be a fundraiser day for the WWF.
      Earth Day/Week does not include an hour of darkness, except in North Korea.

  65. I turn my lights off to save on my electric bill or when I go to sleep. Energy ain’t free including candles.
    There are many ways to celebrate the earth other than prancing around like idiots with candles for an hour. A couple of my favorite ways is to go camping or hiking with friends or family.

    • Alx
      March 28, 2015 at 6:34 pm
      Thank you for the link.
      I thought it was the a very honest discussion of CAGW.
      It most likely explains why people overwhelmingly do not fear AGW.
      It’s well written and I strongly recommend all give it a read.
      If you don’t know the full story you can start with his “essay” link.
      “Environmental scientist James Hansen was much blunter, “Within less than a year, you will look like
      complete fools (if you buy this crap).” We are not sure what “crap” he’s referring to as we made no forecast.
      But, since he implicitly admits he needs future data to argue catastrophic global warming is imminent, he must agree past data alone do not.”

      Loved it.

    • I know, I’m pathetic, but I’ve lit at least 6 incense sticks, and we haven’t even started earth hour (no capitalization) yet.
      Cork coming out of Prosecco bottle, 10 more incense sticks lined up.
      You know, we’re all going to regret this if climate sensitivity to CO2 turns out to be negative.

  66. I did the survey too and told them that humankind’s contribution to global warming was not significant. Nothing to worry about, hope the waste of time and money that is earth hour ceases as soon as possible.

  67. Just another gesture for the naïve new agers of the world so……..
    ah forget it, what’s the use?

  68. The survey is ridiculous and I don’t intend on visiting it. My great-grandfather came over the Oregon Trail. Food, water, and not shooting yourself or fellow travelers accidently was the most important issues to plan for. I think those three things are still the top three and I spend my time making sure I do a good job planning for them. After those things are secured, I spend my time enjoying the company of my neighbors and contributing my time to my community.
    That these folks behind this survey plan for “global Earth day” is an example of overly spoiled folks without enough sh** to do.

  69. Newsflash, This just in: Warmest February E V E R recorded has transpired in this year of our (slightly pyromaniacal) Lord, 2015. Head for the basements everyone, don your asbestos helmet, spray yourself with deodorized fire retardant, and above all, refrain from flatulating.

      • Well, bummer. “Fizzissist” said something like he or she had the house illuminated by candlelight and was so pleased at the “great strides” we have made, lol.

      • Thanks Janice but how without yeast to make the bread? And I hope they pump the sewer water to an area below where they use it for drinking ? , @ the mod, there are times a snip needs to be left on long enough for all of us to see. ( I think we are adult enough to snip on our own and occasionally we do need a laugh or an adrenaline rush of disgust or anger). Cheerio, asybot.

  70. CO2 is the gas of life. This was my contribution to Earth Day on the 28th –
    – we fired up this Liebherr 250 tonne capacity CO2 monster and worked hard it all day. Small towns would struggle to match this contribution. If you’re going to produce CO2 to help the plants it’s go hard or go home 😉

    • I must have one of those for my rush hour commute, Konrad! I suppose you have to check the tire treads on occasion to see if any Nissan Leafs need to be scraped out.
      Intimidation is the key to getting home in a timely manner, no? I’m sure the time saved will far outweigh the additional fuel costs, and just think of the trees I could plant on the weekends. None of those wimpy 2″-3″ trunk saplings. That puppy looks like it could plant a 50-year old oak. Green Machine Supreme!

  71. This little light of mine…. I’m gonna let it shine!
    And this big one…
    And all the ones on the first story…
    And all the ones on the second story….
    And the porch and deck lights,…
    And the garage lights….. in and out.
    And even the little ‘night light’ in the bathroom!
    Wheeeeee! I can feel the warm breeze coming off the spinning power meter!
    Time to go build the brush pile up for a bonfire down front a little later!
    Happy Earth ‘Cower’! NOT!!

  72. Whats really funny, to me anyway, is that these people actually believe turning their lights off actually cuts emissions of CO2 from a power station. When I remind them that power stations CANNOT be turned off like a light switch, takes several hours to “spin” down and then several hours more to “spin” back up online, their eyes glaze over. I explain that the power station is still burning coal, so that, when you all switch on your lights to make tea/coffee, the power has to be there to do so. It’s rather confusing for them.
    However, this year the message is slightly different. The message is “save the planet” with a twist. The messge is now “people connecting around the world” to save the planet. It’s all about people connecting now, rather than switching lights off, but lights out is the common theme that “connects” us (Apparently). This is the dumbest thing to come out of Australia. Y’know, that “smart”, lucky country now apparently full to the brim with smartless people!

  73. WWF is a super-rich lobby that focuses on negative campaings on its competitors and image marketing. It is surprising that media sees its marketing activities as news, not advertising because appealing to emotions and ignoring facts is known advising tactic.

  74. In a “blog” here in Aus (The home of “Earth Hour”), I’ve just been told that “sun light” interacts with CO2. This person is obviously ignorant to the fact that sun light is SHORT WAVE IR (Ignoring UV). CO2 aborbs at LONG WAVE IR frequencies! Too funny!

  75. Gee,did i miss “earth-hour”t again?!?How silly of me…..but then,nobody in the neighbourhood seemes to
    have noticed it either;-)

  76. Darn, I also missed it. I always celebrate Earth Hour by putting all my lights on. I do it to celebrate human progress, the power of light and warmth, the fight against disease, ignorance and poverty, and the amazing natural gift of fossil fuels which are literally making the Earth greener. Sadly, it may be a losing battle….

  77. @Bryan A
    March 28, 2015 at 12:34 pm
    Maybe even place them on rotating stands at a slight angle (like search lights) and play Stars & Stripes Forever over a loud speaker
    May be it is old-fashioned, but I Think “Hail, Columbia!” suits that occasion better.

  78. Went out last night to a good friend’s 60th birthday party, which was on a river cruise along the Tyne, from the Newcastle Quayside to Tynemouth and back again. I am pleased to report that I did not see one person with a candle, or buildings with lights out (other than ones that should be dark on a Saturday night).

  79. Candles ???? I guess in the Greenies rule book the soot from candles is OK ? just light a canlle and place the flame against a white surface and watch the white turn to black , soot from candles was one of the reasons our forefathers died so young !”

  80. My girl took me to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. The crowd went crazy for “Sweet Home Alabama” waving their iphones in the air like candles. What a great tribute to Earth Hour. Electronic candles.

    • Thanks Tom, it just passed “the Midnight Hour” here but I totally agree, every single dollar regarding climate change at the UN is a waste, AAGGRRGHHH the UN was a good idea but it has become a cesspool.

  81. I took the opportunity to plink my neighbor’s pole mounted dusk to dawn light out. Hope the hippie bitch down the street falls under suspicion. LOL

  82. In all seriousness earth hour should be a tribute to those who gave it all to make the earth habitable.
    Angle Flight:

  83. (Production notes – Que Elton John music “Circle of Life”. . faintly in the background)
    I ,like many on here, was unaware of earth hour until I read about it here this morning. Even had I been aware I wasn’t able to intentionally participate by turning on extra lights or other acts of defiance. My desires were well represented by my job however as I am currently on location where we are drilling a well, liberating sequestered carbon from its shackles deep in the earth. Once completed we will have created an escape route for oil and gas molecules, and their captive Carbon atoms, to make their way to the surface where they can be utilized to provide energy by combining them with Oxygen in various chemical and thermal reactions. The resultant by products create a better way of life and a greater supply of food for all the plants which in turn feed the animals. This conduit for carbon freedom should be economically viable for 20 years with current extraction methods and technology, with potentially more as innovation and efficiencies improve in the coming years. In my own small way I am helping to create a more sustainable and abundant circle of life.
    Production note – Sustain music for 10 seconds gradually fading . . )
    Matthew Epp

  84. Earth hour was Saturday? Heck. There just wasn’t much talk of it where I live. I missed it completely.

  85. If I believed that the C in cagw claims had real merit I sure as heck would do eons more then a symbolic turning off of lights. I debate these people often, many I met totally think the earth is near collapsing to the point humanity couldnt even survive. Not all of them are that extreme of course but many are. Yet most of those Ive meet, dont go beyond symbolic gestures for something they think will end life on earth? very bizarre to see. How about humanity hour? where we might crowd source the funding to build a coal plant in africa somewhere that has lots of cheap energy sources but no infrastructure.

    • The largest hydro powered plant/dam in Africa is being built on The “White” Nile in Ethiopia. I am not sure where the funding is coming from but it sure has a lot of countries north of Ethiopia “worried” about water supply when it comes online (I am not sure when).

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