Out on bail, IPCC's Pachauri's downward spiral continues: Resignation from the Indian Climate Council

Pachauri’s withdrawal from public life continues

pachuri-mugStory submitted by Eric Worrall

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has today accepted Rajendra Pachauri’s resignation from the Prime Minister’s climate change council.

According to the Indian Express;

“R K Pachauri, who has been accused of sexual harassment, has resigned from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change as well, a government statement today said.

“The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has accepted the resignation of R K Pachauri from the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change,” said the one line statement.

The Council decides on broad policy guidelines on climate change, and is headed by the Prime Minister.”


The BBC reports that an Indian court has granted Pachauri bail, while police investigate claims of sexual harassment against the beleaguered former head of the IPCC.

“An Indian court has granted interim bail to former UN climate change panel head Rajendra Pachauri, who is facing charges of sexual harassment.

The court order bans him from leaving India or entering his office while police investigate the allegations.

A female researcher has accused him of sending her inappropriate calls, emails and texts and physically molesting her.

Mr Pachauri, who resigned from his post on Tuesday, denies the accusations. He is currently in hospital.

His lawyers say he is receiving treatment for a heart condition.”


We obviously wish Pachauri a speedy recovery from his heart condition. Perhaps a withdrawal from public life is for the best, the last few years, as head of the IPCC, have obviously been very difficult for Pachauri. Once the police investigation and court case is over, Pachauri may have the personal space he needs, to pursue other interests, such as his interest in writing pornographic fiction.

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    • I too wish Pachy a speedy recovery on his SUDDEN heart condition.
      According to the Times of India Pachauri was told to quit the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change. “RK Pachauri was told to quit PM’s council: Sources”.
      Booker has no heart.

      Daily Telegraph – 1 Mar 2015
      Dr Rajendra Pachauri: the clown of climate change has gone
      This absurd figure, with his PhD in the economics of railway engineering, should never have been given the IPCC job in the first place, writes Christopher Booker

    • If he does have heart disease, then it needs sober acknowledgment.
      But misogyny in India is currently such an explosive issue – along with corruption of government officials – that not only might Pachauri be understandably in hiding … he could literally be in covert protective custody.

  1. It would be interesting to see what the purported crime is. Is sexual harassment per se a crime in India?

    • Pachi has led a charmed life, but at last the media is feeling emboldened again to bring up again his strange financial arrangements with his charities . Booker at the Telegram has rewritten the story about the financial irregularities of Teri Europe. Pachauri has in the past used very aggressive lawyers to stamp out these types of reports, casting the Telegraph amongst others many hundreds of thousands in litigation costs.

    • but somehow meets my expectations in many sad but realistic ways.
      This guy has lied to the world for years for no reason other than his own selfish interests, and has clearly held himself above consequence while doing so.
      Why should this be any different? Who DIDN’T see this as a possibility when we heard he was writing “romance novels”?

  2. Yeah, I’d have a heart condition too if I just lost my cushy way of life that I thought would go on forever.

  3. I find it interesting that this story has been essentially buried by the MSM in the U.S. at least. Does this indicate anything about U.N. influence on the media here or is it just a left wing thing?

    • To my HUGE surprise I have heard nothing about this on our beloved CBC (Canada) either.
      Ian M

      • Ian, I was about to post the same, this is the reply when you search Pachauri on CBC:
        “An unknown error occurred.”
        Are they talking about Rajendra?

    • Also, don’t forget that last week there was this HUGE controversial and important media focus on dress colors – it dominated a few news cycles online and was covered in international TV and radio news outlets.

    • “Does this indicate anything about U.N. influence on the media here or is it just a left wing thing?”

    • It is neither the UN nor left-wing, nor right-wing political interests, but the media IS very controlled in the US by design. Anytime you can turn on the three major networks during the news hour and find all of them running the same stories in virtually the same sequence with precisely the same spin, you know that something is fishy. What happened to independence and competition among members of the MSM? Pachy’s story is not, uh, convenient for special interests that find it not convenient.
      Eventually, the US government will find a way to leverage “Net Neutrality” regulation into regulation of internet content. When that happens, it will be game over. Freedom of expression will be dead, along with internet sites like this one if they are not presenting “convenient” information. If you think that is silly, then you haven’t been paying attention to how things have been working.

      • Indeed.
        We are rushing towards and Orwellian society ever faster.
        The press, save Fox, is completely controlled by the liberal left.

  4. It is too bad that his downfall comes as a result of such accusations instead of his being publicly reviled as a charlatan. As it is he will be replaced by another self-seeking cipher and IPCC will juggernaut on without missing a beat.

  5. Perhaps he will be overwhelmed by conscience and clarify some ethical questions regarding his work on climate.

  6. In his defense he stated “97% of women love me”, as he peered at the judge reviewing her shapely outline.

  7. I believe that Pachinko’s down fall has been helped by the Indian government. Sex crimes in India are no crimes, unless somebody wants it to be a crime. The new Indian government is not interested in having this climate fanatic around anymore. The chicklets who came forward were encouraged to do so.

    • George, not everything that rattles around in a person’s head needs to come out on your tongue. Your comment reminds me of boys showing each other chewed food just to gross each other out.

      • Yes, one of the multitude who have succumbed to the corruption that power can entice upon one.

    • Considering the recent conflicts between Greenpeace and the Indian government, that may not be quite so farfetched as it may look at first sight.

  8. I too wish the former chairman of the IPCC a speedy recovery from his prostration. I agree that solitude and rest is the best prescription, but pornography would not be suitable for a man in his condition. It might aggravate his heart condition. Besides, do they allow pornography in the clink?

  9. What an utter expression of contempt in that mugshot!
    He lived in a fantasy world of complete power as head of the IPCC and abused that power. If the IPCC gets their way we will all be subject to that complete abuse of power.

  10. Amazing! You know, I really don’t give a damn about this guy; but this whole idea of “granting” him bail just makes me laugh, especially when there isn’t proof of anything…… other than the IPCC as one big fraud.
    Although these allegations may prove to be nothing but a lie, we still “grant YOU bail” lol
    Ah man I can’t get over it “grant” If you think there’s enough to arrest the man, then why not keep him in there. How does arresting someone, then asking for a large some of cash in exchange for his release solve anything? He’s right back where he was, but just with a little less cash. And that goes for any arrest that has ever occurred anywhere on the face of the earth. Its a joke!!
    Allegations of sexual assault or a suspected suicide are typical tactics used in smear campaigns or to cover up a murder.
    But then again, I don’t care about Pachauri or the IPCC.

    • kenin, Pachauri’s lawyer had previously applied for an interim anticipatory bail on health grounds of their own accord.

      …….Anticipatory bail does not mean that bail be granted before arrest but refers to a pre-arrest order passed by a court that says that in the event a person is arrested, he is to be granted bail….

    • Kenin, it is all done in order to save the world. Remember, he is not allowed to leave the country. No more long plane rides for the big leader for a while. The powers that be have simply taken him on his word about reducing our carbon footprint.
      The ladies of New York will no doubt mourn his absence.

    • “He’s right back where he was”
      No, he’s been ordered not to show up at his office building.

    • Pachauri should be given bail if he meets the conditions set forth in Indian law. I assume the bond will not be a problem, and he not likely to be a flight risk as it would be difficult for him to hide anywhere in the world. If he violates the terms of his bail then it should be revoked. In other words, he should be treated the same as any other citizen accused of a crime.
      Tossing someone in jail on an accusation and then waiting years to come to trial was one of the abuses the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were meant to redress:
      The Sixth Ammendment:

      In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

      (Emphasis added)
      The Eighth Amendment:

      Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

      The basic right of due process cannot be denied simply because you do not like someone.

      • “The basic right of due process cannot be denied simply because you do not like someone”
        Or because the officer is exceptionally ignorant to the point of gross negligence.
        If only we had due process……….. if only.

  11. Something about shakras? He and Algore ought to go away on the Lolita Express and enjoy playing “hide the decline”.

  12. Another fine progressive sexual predator that has made it to the top of his field. Also see; Algore, Bill Clinton, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

  13. Now that there is a legitimate criminal act to investigate, you would think that the investigating types would drop looking into the nothing here matter of Willie Soon.

    • quite the opposite. There is strong evidence the W Soon GreenPeace-Grijalva hitjob was initiated as deflection for the media to focus on.

      • correction: there is only strong suspicion. The evidence is circumstantial on the GreenPeace Grijalva witch hunt timing.

      • Or quite the opposite again. Alarmists have already been claiming that the Pachauri case was a deliberate diversion from the Soon case. In which case, some precient planning must have taken place.
        But who knows what dark powers the evil sceptics can command?

  14. The kind of people who last a long time in the power positions of organized crime syndicates do not out of simple altuistic loyalty or necessarily because of money. Many times it’s because they know where the bodies are buried and/or they have “insurance” securely stashed somewhere on other powerful people.
    Patchy’s email and correspondence archive might be his insurance against this going too far.

    • Yes, but that might work if for instance someone inside the IPCC would want to oust him. I doubt he has potentially dangerous material against Indian prosecutors. As for the woman in question, her bridges are already burned.

  15. Two go-to logical fallacies of climate alarmists are onus probandi — (shifting the) burden of proof — swiftly followed by another, argumentum ad hominem.
    “Climate denier” cleverly rolls both of them into one tidy little slander.
    But onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat — the burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim, not on the person who denies.
    We should avoid (even the implication of) shifting the burden of proof and attacking the man.
    Science is on our side!
    (Bonus points if you can sidestep <schadenfreude.)

  16. Every workday I drive by the entrance to one of the big prestigious Universities here in the US. Occasionally, there is an assembled group of Green activists at the entrance holding signs and collecting money. I’m always struct by the demographics. The activists consist of two distinct groups: (1) young female college students and (2) middle-aged men with grey ponytails who appear to professors.
    It leads me to think that the women are there out of a genuine (albeit misguided) concern for the environment and the warmed over hippie male college professors are there for an entirely different reason.

  17. My better angels must be asleep at the switch because to paraphrase the AirCav colonel in Apocalypse Now: I just love the smell of stewing Pachauri in the morning.

  18. How ’bout we not add our own biases to the story and just stick with the facts. A scientist within proximity of Pachy’s whereabouts got sick and tired of his documented non-professional and highly inappropriate sexual focus on her presence. Everything else is biased guessing and muddies the water of this discussion.
    Global warming hype is best countered with facts. This is no different.

    • But this is not about global warming, it is about individual warming. And there is no mentally healthier pursuits than pulling prophets down from their pedestals.

      • It is not global warming . It is localized urban heat between the proximity of his left and right thighs.

  19. And not only “who is this Dr Rajendra Pachauri?” but why isn’t he the one the IPCC’s exaggerationists** saw?
    ** exaggerationist is an intellectual who bases arguments primarily on the fallacy of exaggeration and oversimplification.

  20. I would have rather he allow sunspot activity and other solar studies to. Be added to the annual IPCC report than go out as a possible sex offender. We will just have the same old thing after he is gone.
    There might be some improvement to the panel. Just have to wait and see.

    • Yeah, I agree Paul, but we don’t always get what we want but sometimes we get what we need. ( Rolling Stone: Let it Bleed )
      I would have preferred he step down honorably in 2010 after the Himalaya scandal and his stupid “voodoo science” BS. but he is not an honorable man and how he goes down the pan as a perv with a “voodoo” heart condition.
      No instant, but karma, none the less.

  21. Now he’s been admitted to hospital, I hope they can find a doctor qualified in voodoo science to treat his “voodoo” heart condition.
    Otherwise I fear he may be “too ill to stand trial”.

  22. I do hope they find out who “hacked” his phone and managed to send all these harassing messages. It shouldn’t be too find out who the real perp is.
    could be Peter Glieck I suppose, he has form: he admitted identity theft in USA.

  23. Now he’s been admitted to hospital, I hope they can find a doctor qualified in voodoo science to treat his “voodoo” heart condition.
    Otherwise I fear he may be “too ill to stand trial”.

    • Maybe could take up a position as the new head of the UN Intergovernmental Panel of Creepy Crawlies and oversee their up-coming 6th Harassment Report. ( IPCC HR6. )

  24. Pamela Gray is absolutely right. “Global warming hype is best countered with facts”. It is best to leave the ad hominem to the warmists rather than to descend into the gutter with them. There is something rather distasteful in attacking a man for his supposed sexual lapses rather than exposing his proven scientific frauds.

    • I have no problem listing the facts as we know them of Patchy’s documented harassing behavior (trust me, “sexual lapses” does not suffice as a descriptive here) as well as his positions on global warming. It is the veiled yet unending innuendos against the victim of sexual harassment in this thread that distract from the facts here.
      I believe we should speak out when a member of our own sex acts decisively and effectively. I also believe we should speak out when a member of our own sex acts inappropriately (which some have done here). The alleged victim has acted with a level head and may have, if the allegations are true, spared any more unwelcome behavior towards other females in her working environment. More power to her. The alleged perp has a lot to answer for.
      I have searched the thread and have failed to find a “hoorah” given to the alleged victim. It takes courage to bring these charges forth.

      • You’re right. But I’ve seen some somewhere, either on earlier threads on this site, or at Jo Nova’s or Donna’s.

    • First: He does not do any scientific research, nor does the IPCC.
      Second: We should not try to join the holier-than-thou crowd. The man has got his comeuppance. Rejoice.

    • Expect this is not an augment about facts , it may never have been . Which is way climate ‘science’ so often either does not need them or is happy to use ‘facts’ which are nothing of the short .

  25. The reason Pachauri was able to stay almost twice as long in the IPCC as the minimum term of office is that the IPCC loving intellectuals embraced his cognition simplex.
    Pachauri’s cognition simplex: he believed therefore anything alarmist & everything alarmist.

  26. The chairman flees, sorry, retires, but the concept of this weird committee remains unchanged.
    I wish him a soon recovery, so that he may refute all these allegations in court and under the eyes of the world like a man.

    • Based on a 77/79 respondents ( from a canvassed population of 34,000 ) who confirmed that had slept with a 74 year old railway engineer in the last 3 years. ( Other were considered ineligible to give their opinion ).

      • It would be great if Mr. Cook could cook some numbers in this case. It is my firm belief that at least 97,1% of Indian women have never filed a complaint against Mr. Pachauri. Consensus is on his side.

  27. There are reportedly many text and email messages demonstrating harassment. If so, the guy is toast. Publishing lascivious novels while working for the IPCC just might have been a smallish hint of the potential problems to come.

  28. Pee Pee Pachauri in a hospital to fix a broken Pee Pee. Ha ha.
    And while there he wants to continue writing pornographic sex novels …. Nurses need to carry loaded sidearms for “Insurance”.
    Wonder if Stockholm wants to withdraw the “Nobel”.
    But Stockholm’s been after Julian Assange for what … going on two years now.
    Maybe Pee Pee should move the the Ecuadorian Embassy in London! Pee Pee might be able to expunge his e-mails, tweets and such.
    Ha ha

    • Just BTW: The Nobel Peace Prize is not given by “Stockholm” but by “Oslo”.
      See here:
      But this does not change the fact that you can’t take that prize seriously any longer after such “zeitgeist” clowns like Pachauri, Al Gore or Obama were awarded with it. Alas, it’s a pity for the other half of laureates who deserved this title of honor indeed, as for instance Malala Yousafzai 2014.

      • @Shub Niggurath
        Sure, the prize was meant for the IPCC, but he and Gore accepted the Prize medals and diplomas on the Oslo stage, so Pachauri looked (and behaved) like a Nobel laureate, at least for the public. See e.g. here:
        The text below the first picture reads accordingly:
        “Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Al Gore (left) and Rajendra K. Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with their Nobel Peace Prize Medals and Diplomas at the Award Ceremony in Oslo, Norway, 10 December 2007.”

    • Yep, how dare you? We Norwegians are very proud to have our Peace Prize. True, donated by Mr. Nobel the Swede so that the smaller brother-in-union (Norway and Sweden were in a loose union 1814-1905),should have a small bonus, he probabvly never imagined that this would be the most famous prize.
      That is, not so proud these days, with the Al Gore / IPCC prize and the one to Obama, generally thought to be a way of getting Norwegian politicians to be invited to the White House.

      • donated by Mr. Nobel who made his money through selling high explosives used in weapons manufacture

    • In faith, I believe he did. Generally, this is a politician’s disease, to which they succumb whenever accused of something naughty. But then, climate change is nothing if not political.

  29. Every time I see his picture, the lyrics of Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung’ start running through my head.
    His personal climate certainly has heated up! An ironic juxtaposition, or karma?

  30. How quickly will this name, face and history be “disappeared” by the progressive organization he ran? And how quickly will the IPCC itself follow?

  31. There is a link to “Pachauri’s full love text send to the girl” in this article:
    “The Post-Pachauri World”
    “When the Pachauri messages came out, they read like the sex-crazed ravings of a octogenarian. Much of the initial excitement and focus has been on the sleazy aspect. But a 14-page list of electronic- and hand-written messages from the police report, filed following a complaint by the TERI employee who was their recipient, paints a damaging picture.”
    I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the report, I’m just including it here.

  32. Reminds me of David Suzuki’s contract for speaking engagements .:Specific demands were that the school surround him only with nubile “young ladies” and “dressed to impress,” “not dressed like butch security guys but dressed ‘nicely.’”

    • Really? Any documentation would be very interesting. As a foreigner, the word “nubile” has always tickled my….something. What, specifically, does it mean? Ok, ok, this is way off topic here om WUWT, but surely some lewdway can be allowed in this case?

  33. Whatever the truth is with regard to the allegation that has been made, Jimbo’s spotted the issue that will (should) eventually hang the good doctor out to dry.
    His claim is that he is innocent and any email traffic evidence that implicates him is a result of a hack of his computer. If that’s the case, no doubt it will be readily provable and he’ll be able to trumpet that fact. If not, mmm…
    As Jimbo says, if there’s email traffic from the complainant going the other way complaining and warning about the approaches she had received, I for one will ask (as should any logical individual) why the doctor didn’t react in some way. I’m Mr Ordinary, and in these circumstances would have enough common sense to recognise how my reputation was in the balance and respond to the complainant’s approach by challenging it. That response would be a matter of record and I’d want that ŵrecord, especially if I were in the position held by the doctor, with all the political baggage that comes with it. The fact that he didn’t do so gives me grave doubts about the “hacking” defence that is now proferred.
    No doubt all will be revealed, but if the hacking defence is disbunked, in my view the doctor will find himself more vilified for the blatant cover up lie than the sleazy but all to commonplace original offence subject of the complaint. Let’s see.

    • It is probably the “Voodoo Sciende” defence all over again. Or maybe he is trying to play upon the hacking of the UEA. He was in any case bound for permanent shore leave in a few months’ time. The world will probably obey the MSM and forget this case. But he will not receive all the pomp and praise when leaving the IPCC, which no doubt had been planned for a long time. Instead, he will disappear in an embarrassed silence, which will not make it easier for his successor.

    • Robert Scott, thanks for spotting the illogicality too. I would certainly react with astonishment if someone was sending me emails accusing me of unwanted physical and verbal advances. Maybe he did not have access to his SMS or emails for OVER 1 YEAR! and did not talk to computer support. You would think they learned something after climategate.
      The other telling thing is that Pachauri has not accused her of lying. Well I can’t find it yet.

  34. If he has a heart condition I’m sure a friendly physician could be found who could state he’s an arteriopath with frontal lobe involvement and so completely innocent of all charges laid…..
    Well it helped Ernest Saunders anyway……
    He made a full (post-release) recovery too……Well done that man….

    • “I’m pointing this gun right at your heart.”
      “That is my least vulnerable spot.”
      Guess who said what, where?

      • Casablanca. Rick(Bogart): “Louie, I’m pointing this gun right at your heart.” Louie (Raines): “It’s my least vulnerable spot.” (double for Google!)

  35. If only all this was the consequences of incompetence/dishonesty regarding the CAGW meme.
    Maybe it is but “they” want to keep the machinery in place? Be able to switch to CAGCooling without changing the “controls”?

  36. If Patchy had focused more on albedo and less on his own libido he probably would have survived… Poor guy must be radiating a lot of heat now.

  37. Alan MacCrae
    Thank you. As I said earlier, if those emails are genuine (and they will be easily verified or otherwise) they will expose the doctor as not only a creep but a disingenuous liar,

  38. Yet to see a high-profile “green” who wasn’t corrupt, or a perv, or both.
    Good riddance!!

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  40. When you look at the long list of Mr. Pachauri’s disingenuities and evasions, you might be inclined to ask why one more (alleged) example of sleaziness would make any difference. Still, all those other economies with the truth were in a noble cause: saving the planet from capitalism. It’s difficult to claim that sexting might play any role in sustainable development. Sexual harassment also has a bit of a bad name at the moment, what with Bill Cosby and Jian Gomeshi. It has a particularly bad name in India, where it is epidemic.


  41. The word I keep hearing about Pachauri (his romantic novel probably didn’t help his image) is pervert.

  42. I have no time whatever for Pachauri, but writing ‘romance novels’ is far, far less of a crime than turning the other cheek to wars murdering 1 million plus people based on fictitious intelligence made up by the CIA on the orders of Vice President Dick Cheney and his mates.
    I am sure that Mr Watts and all his close colleagues at WUWT will not plead guilty to that far greater crime and that, if they do, they will withdraw from all forms of public debate until God relieves themselves of their duties on this earth……
    They have no place on this earth if they are incapable of such basic humanity………much less being self-righteous moralists.

    • ‘I am sure that Mr Watts and all his close colleagues at WUWT will not plead guilty to that far greater crime’
      Because they are in no way guilty of such a crime nor is anyone but a fool saying they are.
      Meanwhile when did you stop beating your partner ?

  43. Pachauri writing “pornographic fiction” reminds me of the story of the great Fred Hoyle, Cambridge astrophysicist of the mid-twentieth century, who wrote a novel “Andromeda”. Not bad actually, but it was rumoured that the the more saucy scenes were ghost-written by his son.
    Which begs the question: does Pachauri have a son?

  44. Lets not forget the alleged “sex crazed poodle” Al Gore. Even though that situation was more likely a misunderstanding. Gore ordered a late night $250 an hour “massage” expecting a hooker and much to his dismay got a masseuse.
    Gores need for hookers is irrelevant to Climate Science but along with Patchy it does beg the question, are 97% of Greens “sex crazed poodles”?

  45. In some countries sexual harassment is not a crime – it is a religious mandate. Maybe he just forgot where he was.

  46. Thinking out of the box as a recon person might.
    Now that his gold mine has played out may be he has some need for cash flow.
    Someone with enough cash and stealth might be able to pay him for any and all documents he has on the scam and who, what when and where.
    He for sure has the evidence needed to throw it all down the drain.
    He has been thrown to the wolfs so put on a wolf coat and “pay” him a visit.

  47. I dunno – am I the only one who’s noticed the resemblance between Pachauri and unibomber Ted Kaczynski?
    Anybody ever seem both of ’em in the room at the same time?

  48. “Pachauri may have the personal space he needs, to pursue other interests, such as his interest in writing pornographic fiction.”
    40 shades of Pachauri? I wonder if his great interest in porn has lead to his “heart condition”? In his case though facts could be more interesting than fiction.

  49. Perhaps he can’t get a woman in any other way than by bullying or coercion. But then again, if you were a woman would you fall for: “97% of me wants to hump you, only 3% is holding me back to show my good intentions”?

  50. With this guys alleged reputation he would be easy to set up . The IPCC must be overjoyed .
    So who is going to pay off the problem ?

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