Status and last chance for Josh 2015 Climate Skeptic Calendars

calendar2015_UScover-low-resThis is an update and last call for Josh 2015 Climate Skeptic Calendars which went on sale in December. Some of you have already received them, and some are still waiting. For that delay I apologize, as there have been unforeseen delays in production, but I’m happy to say the production is on-track again and they are being sent out this week and all orders will be filled.

Getting the calendars out the door is a bit labor intensive, since there’s no automated ordering system, I have to transcribe orders by hand individually, so that adds to the delay already present due to production problems.

That said, anyone in the USA and Canada who wants one can place an order up until noon PST on Friday can do so, after that, the ordering is closed. You can view more details and order here.

For those in the UK and Europe, Josh is selling them direct from his website here.

Josh and I appreciate everyone’s support and patience.

21 thoughts on “Status and last chance for Josh 2015 Climate Skeptic Calendars

  1. I received mine last week. I had to show my wife what is was -she thought I was trying to sneak in a Playboy calendar. I must be getting old because I hadn’t been so excited about a calendar since I actually DID have Playboy calendars (I only ordered those for the articles).

  2. It’s time to start working on the calendar for 2020, when it will be too late to stop climate change.

    • Don’t believe we can stop “climate change” no matter what year it is.
      We might be able to make some of the climate change differently by doing or not doing some things that we do or don’t do, but actually stop it from changing, not so much.
      Maybe we could do something that completely wiped humanity off the face of the planet, in which case one might then ask, “if the climate changes and there is no one here to record the change, did it really change at all?”

      • I really didn’t think (/sarc) tags were necessary on a page dedicated to ordering a Josh calendar.

      • “Maybe we could do something that completely wiped humanity off the face of the planet”
        Maybe NOT doing something could completely wiped humanity off the face of the planet…Asteroids?
        I’m shocked at how many near misses make the news. In my eyes, that threat trumps any potential 100 year from now (A)GW effects.

  3. We need a better word than “skeptic.”
    “Skeptic” is not the correct term, nor is “Denier”. There are scientists who think that man’s contribution to climate change is negligible or even non-existent. Therefore, in their view, climate change is not anthropogenic. They are not skeptics: they have a definite opinion.
    So how do we call those scientists? For those who believe in anthopogenic climate change, use of the term “believer” is no more appropriate, as it implies faith, which, as is the case with religion, is believing without proof.
    We need neutral terminology to describe both those who think that climate change is mostly non-anthopogenic and those who think it is mostly anthopogenic.
    For example, terms along the lines of “naturalers” and “manmaders” would be neutral, but very awkward… Better ideas are needed.

    • ” For those who believe in anthropogenic climate change, use of the term “believer” is no more appropriate, as it implies faith, which, as is the case with religion, is believing without proof.”
      I disagree: the term “believer” quite accurately describes one who adheres to the CAGW meme since it is, in fact, believing without proof (even though they seem to accept that climate models may be the “proof” upon which to build their belief).

    • Pretty sure there was some AGW supporting guy who uses the terminology believer and dissenter…
      I can’t find the link though.

    • Bernard, here ya go . . . . some alternatives (been at it all day).
      Apart from Climate ‘Disputant’, ‘Detractor’, ‘Opposer’ and ‘Mollyfier’
      My favourite three are . . . .
      (Skeptics – followed by Warmist’s title including definitions)
      Litigant (pursue a case & engage in dispute): Claimant (person who makes a claim).
      Guerrilla (motivated to combat stronger forces): Mercenary (motivated to take part in hostilities by the desire for private gain).
      Challenger (engage, question, object to & dispute other’s ideas): Collaborator (colludes, works & cooperates willingly to a cause without questioning the motive).
      If you want the full list of all 28 alternatives to ‘Skeptic’ (with their opposite ‘warmist’ name), then I’ll happily post them later.

      • Thanks! You have a lot of imagination and vocabulary. I am looking for neutral, non-confrontational terms. Of the 3 you list, the first duo LITIGANT – CLAIMANT seems the closest, but not quite on target yet.
        I would be curious to see your other alternatives.

      • Thanks for replying Bernard (I thought that two-day old WUWT posts hardly ever get revisited!).
        This is a big reply – so I expect to end up in moderation for hours – especially when it includes words like ‘Draconian’. Anyway, I hope An!*o?y gets to see it. It’s about time we had a list.
        ‘Climate Rationalist’ (thanks to jorgekafkazar on another WUWT thread) sounds good – but it’s difficult to find a suitable antonym for the opposition. The only one I guess is ‘Irrationalist’ (but as a paradox, warmists may consider themselves as ‘Rationalists’ and our skeptic community ‘Irrationalists’), ‘Radical’ is quite good and so is ‘Fictionalist’ – but my favourite is ‘Climate Sophist’ (sophist: a person who uses clever or quibbling arguments that are fundamentally unsound).*
        As requested, here is the rest of the list (continued from above). Note: Some ‘warmist’ terms are repeated as I cannot find suitable alternatives. Suggestions can, of course, be swapped around – especially when many Synonym/Antonymn combos are interchangeable). Enjoy.
        Adversary (opposite side): Supporter (faithful & loyal to a cause – irrespective of how successful the cause is or how well their team is doing).
        Aspirant (eager for the truth): Asperser (spreads false rumours).
        Calumniator (rebuff, rubbish & criticise suggestions): Confidantes (discuss problems and offer unqualified but plausible solutions which provide comfort to gullible people).
        Contender (asserts, argues & debates): Conspirator (planned agreement to carry out beliefs for political motivation).
        Contester (disproves & call ideas to question): Vilifier (uses false statements which harm reputation of an individual person, group, religion, or nation using abusive language and degradation).
        Detractor (take down, discredit & disparage) : Supporter (see 4 above).
        Disputant (person who argues) : Supporter (see 4 above).
        Dissentient (opposing view to majority): Concordant (harmonious and unanimous agreement in an ideal irrespective of truth or virtue).
        Dissident (actively challenges established doctrine, policy, or institution): Sycophant (self-seeking, servile flatterer & fawning parasite).
        Emulator (compete, surpass & rival): Collaborator (colludes, works & cooperates willingly to a cause without questioning its motives).
        Mollyfier (thwart, lessen severity or harshness of actions to pacify, appease & mitigate outcome): Avenger (retaliation inflicting harm for wrong doing).
        Nemesis (opponent who cannot be conquered): Capitulator (weak combitant who may need to surrender under agreed conditions).
        16. OPPONENT – ALLY
        Opponent (attacks another in contest or battle) : Ally (enter into a united alliance for a common cause or purpose).
        Opposer (obstruct, fight against and resists orthodox or majority opinion): Supporter (see 4 above).
        Oppositionist (absorbed with an obsession to oppose) : Police (regulation and control of a community, especially for the maintenance of order).
        Oppugnant (questions & disputes opinions in a combative way): Conformist (person who conforms, especially unquestioningly to the usual practices or standards of a group or society).
        Protester (objection to particular events, policies, or situations) : Compliant (obeying, obliging, or yielding to an idea especially in a submissive way).
        Rationalist (reliance on reason rather than intuition to justify one’s beliefs or actions): Sophist (a person who uses clever or quibbling arguments that are fundamentally unsound).
        22. REBEL – DRACONIAN
        Rebel (person who defies & resists authority or dissents from convention) : Draconian (belief in rigorous code of laws which are unfair, severe or cruel causing rebellion).
        Repealer (person who revokes or withdraws from a belief or religion) : Postulant (requests admission into a religious institute or doctrine).
        Resister (stand firm & not yield to controversial doctrine) : Collaborator (colludes, works & cooperates willingly to a cause without questioning its motives).
        Revolutionary (radically overthrows regime or political system) : Obedient (willing to comply with or become submissive to authority).
        26. RIVAL – ASSOCIATE
        Rival (compete or outdo another for the same objective): Associate (join together as partners or colleagues to share ideas and beliefs).
        Seditionist (revolt & rebellion against government): Draconian (see 22 above).

      • Thanks again. After looking at all your other choices, and taking into account a preference for neutral terms, I would chose OPPOSER – SUPPORTER. But, to have a proper meaning, these words have to be used in conjunction with Anthropogenic Global Warming, not simply Climate.
        Thus, I think that “AGW Supporter” and “AGW Opposer” would be more appropriate in this debate than “AGW Believer” and “AGW Skeptic”.
        In the same line of thought, your list has also inspired me to add AGW Proponent and AGW Opponent to the list.

    • I use the term “dissenter”, because it captures the point that I must dissent, in good conscience, from the current main-stream orthodoxy about climate change.

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