Snow in Palermo, Sicily

[on Jan 1, 2015] “In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius,” says this video by David DuByne. “Palermo woke up under a white blanket,”Dozens of cars are trapped in snows towards Tripoli.”

Snow in Palermo

Meanwhile in Norway, they had to remove snow from below the chairlifts because there was too much snow. One worker said they’ve had more snow in the past two days than they’ve had in the last two years combined.

“These are the same conditions that were experienced during the Dalton and Maunder Minimums,” says David.

In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius. Palermo woke up under a white blanket. Dozens of cars are trapped in snows towards Tripoli.

Documentary of what Happened during the Little Ice Age 1600-1850’S…

Italy Snows…

Southern Italy is experiencing unusually wintry weather. In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius. For the first time in almost 20 years, cities such as Palermo woke up under a white blanket. It even reached as far as Sardinia.

Greek Snows

Experts estimate that the cold will continue until the New Year, and snow is expected even in coastal areas. Due to the intense snowfall in many parts of the country, the use of snow chains has become necessary in many places.

Reportedly, dozens of cars are trapped for the last 2.5 hours near the tunnel of Artemisium, in the direction towards Tripoli, due to the snow.…

Romania Snows

Heavy snowfalls and blizzard affected 18 counties in Southern and South Eastern Romania. Many national roads and three highways were closed while large numbers of villages were left without electricity.

Romania issued a code red blizzard warning for three counties as the country was hit by thick snow and high winds on Monday (December 29). Thirty-three passengers on one bus journeying between the Moldovian capital Chisinau and Romania’s Bucharest had to be rescued by emergency services when the vehicle tipped over as visibility neared zero in Buzau.…

Turkey Snowfalls

The heavy snowfall is expected to cause major disruption in Bilecik city and the surrounding area, Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bursa, Eskişehir in Marmara region; Çankırı in the Central Anatolia region; Rize and Artvin in the Black Sea region; Bitlis, Şırnak, Mardin, Batman, and Siirt in the Southeastern Anatolia region.…

Norway Removes excessive snows from slopes

20 Dec 2014 – “During the last two days we’ve got more snow than we had in the last two years together,” says a victorious Vegar Sårheim. “I had never believed we would experience this.”

We have received about 1.5 meters of snow in a short period of time. And the forecast until Christmas is that there will come much more. So once we have cleared away this snow, we will face a fantastic Christmas.…

Ukraine 7 Russian Snows Dec 18-30

Cold weather has killed 37 people in Ukraine so far this month as temperatures reached minus 23 Celsius in parts of the former Soviet republic. Night temperatures are expected to drop to -28C in northern, central and eastern Ukraine this week. The cold snap followed heavy snowfall which left some areas covered with as much as 53 cm (21 inches) of snow. Cars were blocked for 18 kilometres (11 miles) overnight on Saturday on the main road between the capital Kiev and Lviv, officials said.

Blizzards near the western Ukrainian city of Brody………

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    • No, no, no. All this is caused by global warming. You get this kind of snow and huge sea ice extent when 2014 is the hottest year ever! You wish for global cooling to warm up the planet. We 2degC cooling, you wod be sipping margaritas outside in you shorts in Minneapolis, at this time of year.

      • Actually it is. It’s called Arctic amplification — with the Arctic warming faster than the tropics, we have the jet stream doing crazy things these days. Check out temperature anomalies here:
        Plan for more extreme weather, at who knows what cost to society.

      • Barry, the temperature difference between the arctic and the tropics is what creates the jet stream. A lower temperature difference would decrease the power of the jet stream to create chaos.

      • Barry, I would request that you think back to 2005 and the claims the warmest were making back then…specifically about cold winters and snowfall.
        “BBQ Winters”
        “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is anymore”

      • Barry–you belong to a group that calls white white and blue or black white, too.
        Distort truth to the breaking point and we won’t know what to call things. But then, that’s your objective, isn’t it?

      • “Barry- Actually it is. It’s called Arctic amplification — with the Arctic warming faster than the tropics, we have the jet stream doing crazy things…….
        It seems like it was the same type of weather they had 20 years ago. ” For the first time in almost 20 years, cities such as Palermo woke up under a white blanket.”
        I always like it when an article starts out “For the first time in x amount of years……”
        Barry- you are either too young or have a failed memory about northern jet streams back the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s and the articles about “going into another ice age. Arctic amplification, my hind end.
        Plan for more “extreme” weather,…. Get a clue. Been there, done that.

      • That “crazy” thing the jet stream is doing is called meandering, and it has been doing this “crazy” thing well before the industrial revolution.

    • It’s weather when it’s a cold anomaly and it’s global warming when it’s a hot anomaly… except when it’s global warming when it’s a cold anomaly. And you all caused it.

    • Here is a reminder of what one climate modeller thought about snowfalls and heat. Enter Dr. David Viner formerly of the Climate Research Unit (UK).

      Guardian – 8 August 1999
      You’ll wish you weren’t there…
      The man who compiled the study, Dr David Viner, senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia, told The Observer: ‘The Mediterranean is turning into a sauna. The human body cannot cope. Temperatures will soon be so high in summer that many people will find them unbearable.
      ‘British people make matters worse for themselves by hitting the drink and getting sunburnt all day. With soaring temperatures, many tourists will stay away.’
      Guardian – 11 September 1999
      Tropical diseases spreading north
      Warning as mayor orders spraying of New York
      …He said:
      “The malaria-carrying mosquitoes die off if it’s too hot or it’s too cold, so with climate change they are gradually moving north as temperatures warm up. Malaria is the biggest killer on the planet which is why everyone is so worried about it…
      Independent – 20 March 2000
      Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past
      …According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event“.
      Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said….
      Guardian – 4 November 2001
      British spring comes early as winter takes a year off
      …’The winters are warming up far more than the summers. There’s no snowfall any more,’ said Dr David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia…
      Guardian – 14 Feb 2004
      Global warming forces sale of Scottish winter sports resorts
      “Unfortunately, it’s just getting too hot for the Scottish ski industry,” said David Viner, of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. “It is very vulnerable to climate change; the resorts have always been marginal in terms of snow and, as the rate of climate change increases, it is hard to see a long-term future.”
      Guardian – 28 July 2006
      Climate change could bring tourists to UK – report
      Climate change could “dramatically” change the face of British tourism in the next 20 years, with European tourists flocking to the UK to escape unbearably hot continental summers, experts say….
      Academic David Viner, a researcher at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in Norwich, produced the report after analysing the work of experts around the globe.
      “The likelihood [is] that Mediterranean summers may be too hot for tourists after 2020, as a result of too much heat and water shortages,” the study said.
      There were “opportunities for the revival of northern European resorts, including Blackpool, in the next 20 years, as climate change and rising transport costs offer new holiday opportunities,” it said….
      Guardian – 9 January 2007
      What’s happened to winter?
      We’re supposed to be deep in January gloom, but across the country lambs are gambolling and daffodils are blooming. Is it El Niño? Global Warming? By Patrick Barkham
      “If it carries on like this, we could experience a year without a winter for the first time,” says Dr David Viner of the University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit.
      He agrees that there could still be a cold snap but argues that what we are experiencing fits the pattern of warming and us hitting the upper end of the 1.5C to 5.8C temperature range forecast by the IPCC. “The pathway we’re following is the high end [of that range],” says Dr Viner. “It’s very bad news”.

      • “The Mediterranean is turning into a sauna. The human body cannot cope.”
        Sauna [‘sow-nuh], partitive plural ‘saunoja’ [‘sow-naw-yah]
        Moderate sauna is +60°C and humid, 80%-90%. Many people like 80°C or 100°C, but then humidity must be much lower. I just enjoyed 50°C in 100% humidity (yeah, good sauna has both thermometer and humidity meter).
        I’d say the best sauna imitation you get outside a sauna, is somewhere in a jungle, maybe in Thailand. Those people there are incredibly resilient. There used to be World Championships in saunaing (taking saunabath) but they stopped when a doped Russian-born athlete boiled himself by taking painkillers during the contest. Thais would probably have dominated if they took part. No doping needed.
        Anyway, heat waves are still weather, as cold waves. We in Finland have now moderate slushwave, meaning the temps are high enough to make snow change to slush and some random patches trampled ice. It kills people, but unfortunately not because of warm or cold but snapping femurs.

      • I think you’ll find Jimbo that it is Dr. Viner from the University of Going a Bit Red in Helsinki.

    • Here are others on snowfalls. They said 2014 was nearly(?) the hottest year evaaaaaaah. They said it was the hottest decade (2000 to 2010) and it’s unprecedented.

      IPCC – Climate Change 2001:
      Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
      ….Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms but could cause an increase in freezing rain if average daily temperatures fluctuate about the freezing point….
      IPCC – Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
      ….Warmer winters and fewer cold spells, because of climate change, will decrease cold-related mortality in many temperate countries…..
      WalesOnline – 30 June 2007
      “Snowlines are going up in altitude all over the world. The idea that we will get less snow is absolutely in line with what we expect from global warming.”
      Sir John Houghton [atmospheric physicist] – lead editor of first three IPCC reports

      The WINTER SNOW reality since 1967. Spring is down though.

  1. Funny, isn’t it? As much as I want to see the BBC, Guardian, and all those AGW believers looking stupid, living in England, I would just love it if we had the warmth that was being predicted. I well remember 1975 and 1976 (I had just started work) and I loved the days of glorious sunshine and warm evenings here in the south of England. Of course, this was before global warming started proper and we got ‘normal’ summers! I hate snow, and I hate cold. Now it costs me a fortune, as well, to keep my house warm!

    • Where I live, in the south-eastern US, it has been a very mild winter. I am not complaining. People rarely move to where it is colder. When was the last time some one said “I want to retire where it is cold”? I want it warmer. Bring on global warming I say.

      • Yes, it has been mild in my neck of the beach. However, I am still thinking about a winter home even farther south than Venice, FL. I do not like anything under 80F (27C).

      • I do not like anything under 80F (27C).
        co-incidentally, 27C is the temperature of the tropical jungles. the minimum temperature at which a human being can survive without technology. Below 27C a naked human radiates more energy (about 150 watts) than can be gained by eating food, and will eventually die of exposure.
        At 15C, the average temperature of the earth is too cold to support human life except in very isolated pockets in the tropics. Except for the domestication of fire almost none of us could survive where we live today.

      • “Below 27C a naked human radiates more energy (about 150 watts) than can be gained by eating food, and will eventually die of exposure.”
        That strikes me as being rank nonsense. My skinny little kid runs around almost naked all the time and it’s rarely 80 degrees in our house. Personally, I’m uncomfortably warm at 80. Do you have any science to back up this nonsense?

      • In search and rescue, people can survive for “virtually an unlimited time in 70-80 degree water”. I’m not buying that 80 degree air is worse…
        I’m not trying to be pointlessly argumentative here, but “80 degrees and naked=terminal hypothermia even if you’re well fed and eating regularly” strikes me as absurd. (I’ll let you all know if my DNA test comes back with abnormally high Neanderthal percentages.)

      • Ashby Manson
        Stage 1 Awake and shivering Mild 32–35 °C (90–95 °F)
        Stage 2 Drowsy and not shivering Moderate 28–32 °C (82–90 °F)
        Stage 3 Unconscious, not shivering Severe 20–28 °C (68–82 °F)
        Stage 4 No vital signs Profound <20 °C (68 °F)

      • Sandy, Yes, if your core temperature falls to those levels you will experience hypothermia. However, humans are not lizards. We generate body warmth and can (to an extent) compensate for cold surroundings. If it is cold, our body will generate more heat and close down our capillaries to lessen heat loss. I’m not denying cold is dangerous, I’m looking for verification for the flying dutchman “fact” that 80° f is lethal absent clothing. Does anyone have a source for that ludicrous claim?

      • This is an interesting side-topic. (What temperatures cause hypothermia in humans.)
        The factor of people’s metabolisms has to be considered. As I recall there were people native to Tierra del Fuego who amazed outsiders by being able to withstand cold temperatures with a minimum of clothing.
        Speaking only for myself, when I was young I liked snow. Now I am not so fond of it.

    • Warmer is better, that’s for sure. Like S Goddard said on his site, a slight tax to make it warmer might be acceptable but under no circumstances should it ever be used to make it cooler.

  2. And all we’re getting here in SW Finland is rain, rain, rain after a few good winter days. I’d gladly accept all misplaced snow here where it belongs.

    • It has been interesting to watch the high pressure settle down over Europe. The east winds to its south side brought cold Siberian air west, while the west winds to its north side brought milder Atlantic air over the top to Scandinavia. At one point I think it was colder in Sicily than in Sweden.
      The cold even made it to the north coast of Africa, where they had rare snows for the second time in two years.

  3. You won’t see this in the MSM or on the Beeb, they are only showing the fires RAGING in Australia, the worst for 30 years and being made worse by AGW..
    They can’t even see the contrdiction in their statements.

    • So presumably that literal Hell on Earth that is Australia is showing up on OCO2 , a little test for everyone’s favourite new toy.

    • The evil Aussies are being punished for abolishing their co2 tax. Take note, lest you also will burn. Repent, repent, and mend your ways, all ye sinners!

      • Since this kind of pseudo-religious thinking is rather common among fanatical anti-CO2-crusaders, I’m somewhat afraid that some of these Australian bush fires could be maybe ignited by those fanatics in order to lend a hand to the “righteous” punishment of the evil CO2 sinners…

      • Almost all the fires in Vic and SA were started by lightening, and then burning embers starting others. I was keeping an eye on the news here to see if there were reports of fires being started by arsonists. One fire was started by someone using some sort of furnace, I have not heard any more detail.

      • Yes the Austrailains, just like Western Americans face wildfires in the middle of summer, every year, but this year it is global warning sheesh.

      • The fires are worse than they used to be because the environmentalists, that seem to take over the environmental departments of every government who sets one up, have prevented the annual fuel reduction burn offs that were done by farmers and graziers and the Aboriginal people before them.
        This comes up every time that we have these fires and it is well recognized as a major issue with the extent and the ferocity of the fires but remedial action to restart sensible fuel reduction burning each winter is met with fanatical opposition by the greenies. None of any report findings that clearly identify this issue ever seem to get into the main stream media but all of the environmentalists misinformation does.
        Governments, both state and commonwealth, being naturally cowards, back away from any meaningful action as soon as the green groups start campaigning. As is the case everywhere in the world all of these environmental trouble makers are inner city latte sipping lefties who have never had to put up with the consequences of these failed policies. We probably need to conscript them in to the rural fire brigades to fight some of these fires. Maybe then they will begin to understand the problems they are causing a bit better.

      • @camaeronH. Same here in Canada, some of the worst fires in the last decade or so were accentuated in areas were the “greens” had protested what we call “back burning” and remedial burning to prevent larger fires, the last few years we have had a recurrence of a beetle invasion ( happens for centuries) that left large stands of timber killed and dried. but no, the forest industry was not allowed to deal with the problem because of protests. Their (the industry) answer was selective logging for viable timber and controlled burning of the diseased trees but that would have “upset ” the balance according to the greens I guess uncontrolled wild fires were preferred by them.

    • Most of our wildfires in the US are caused by people with matches. My guess it is the same for Australia.

    • Odd that about the Australian fires, ‘raging’, seeing as how there’s been so much rain recently.
      Must be localised events because even Green Organs like the Silly Morning Herald aren’t hyping them big time!

      • Increased rain in recent years combined with houses built in the pretty green trees, through in a ban on back burning in the outer city region where the fire is, and watch those fires burn.

    • Yes there are bushfires in South Australia, and the winds are swirling them around a bit, but with all that windy weather, and with South Australia being the state with the most wind-generated power, I am wondering whether any of the fires have been caused by failed wind generators.
      As for being the worst in 30 years, that’s just cherry-picking. Last year, two people were killed by a bushfire in SA. That was worse. In 2007, about 200 were killed by bushfires in Victoria. That was worse.
      In 1939, an official number of 176 were killed by a bushfire in Victoria, but it might have been a lot more. That was unimaginably worse. Roads and settlements disappeared from the map. Wooden road bridges weren’t rebuilt because there was nowhere at the end of the roads, and the roads simply degenerated back into the bush. Undocumented settlements of people surviving the tail-end of the great depression never made it into any record.

    • It snowed in the big dune area of the Sahara in central Algeria (the Ourhoud oilfield to be precise) in 2006.

  4. Snow storms are not inconsistent with AGW! According to the green zealots!
    Remember the Met Office has frequently said that we can see the effects of AGW with increasing extreme weather. Obviously their new computer that cost many millions, will give them more accurate horoscopes!

    • More snow is is entirely consistent with global warming. So is less snow! No matter what happens to the weather or climate it is entirely consistent with global warming – even global cooling.
      What I want to know is this – are their goalposts motorized or mechanical?

      WalesOnline – 30 June 2007
      Snowless winters forecast for Wales as world warms up
      …..Former head of the Met Office Sir John Houghton, who is one of the UK’s leading authorities on climate change, said all the indicators suggest snowy winters will become increasingly rare.
      He said, “Snowlines are going up in altitude all over the world. The idea that we will get less snow is absolutely in line with what we expect from global warming.”
      Sir John, a former chairman of the United Nation’s inter-governmental panel on climate change, added, “Kilimanjaro in Africa will lose its snow and ice in the near future. The places which get snow will become snowless.”…..
      [Sir John Houghton [atmospheric physicist] – lead editor of first three IPCC reports]

    • Consistent with is an extremely weak logical relation.
      A proposition can be consistent with any number of mutually inconsistent propositions. Therefore the consistency argument is only used as a last resort if all else fails.

  5. …“In Rome, arctic-inspired winds brought temperatures as low as minus eight degrees Celsius,” …
    Aha, Extreme Weather! Just as we predicted! Give us more money, and up the taxes….

    • Those “arctic-inspired winds” started at minus fifty degrees Celsius in Siberia, so there was a 42 degrees centigrade warming by the time they’ve reached Rome.
      The take-home message is, of course, the 42°C warming, all the rest is journalism. Right?

  6. The true believers will dismiss this as being consistent with Climate Change. Which is why the name was changed in the first place by the proponents of the theory. But this weather, right in their face, will cause the general population who has to actually cope with the conditions to start thinking that things maybe are not so settled.
    Hard to convince someone up to his rear in snow that the world is in dire trouble from warming.
    This will lead to a decrease in donations to those organizations who have been using it as a scare tactic to raise funds. Meaning they will have to find something else to scare the suckers with, which in turn will lead to far fewer news articles, till we hit the tipping point and the whole thing comes crashing down.
    Can’t happen any too soon for me.

    • The fact of the matter is that people were told by climate scientists and the IPCC to expect milder, less snowy winters. Therefor any increasing trend of winter snow and cold is inconsistent with their garbage – especially when they tell us we just had the ‘hottest decade evaaaaaah’ etc.

    • “The true believers will dismiss this as being consistent with Climate Change.”
      Strangely enough, it’s also consistent with no climate change. Go figure.

  7. Now, now, all you deniers. A heat wave is positive proof of AGW. Contrary to your beliefs a cold wave is also positive proof of AGW – it is not proof of any kind of cooling! As for snow? Snow is a thing of the past. Our children do not know what snow is. That white stuff you see all around is not snow. And you are just making it up anyway. Compare the model results to reality and you will find the reality is just wrong. So suck it up and keep shovelling…

      • You 2 just made me laugh. I just got in after shovelling a bunch of “rotten snow”. I was muttering those (and worse) very words.
        So if this is an el-Nino year (albeit a very weak one) what will la-nina bring next year?

      • And here are our friends at the Independent. They need to get in touch with Viner again and ask him what went wrong?

        Independent – Saturday 3 January 2015
        Snow and ice warning as forecasters fear widespread rain could freeze and cause sheet ice on roads
        Heavy rain over Saturday could freeze overnight and cause sheet ice on Britain’s roads, forecasters have warned.
        The Met Office has issued a snow and ice warning for Scotland, but there are expectations that sub-zero temperatures overnight could lead to dangerous driving conditions across the UK.

        The Scottish ski industry was doomed I tells ya. Here is Viner.

        Guardian – 14 Feb 2004
        Global warming forces sale of Scottish winter sports resorts
        “Unfortunately, it’s just getting too hot for the Scottish ski industry,” said David Viner, of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. “It is very vulnerable to climate change; the resorts have always been marginal in terms of snow and, as the rate of climate change increases, it is hard to see a long-term future.”…

        In 2010 the CairnGorm Mountain ski centre in the Highlands will be closed for the day – because of too much snow. I feel for Viner.

    • Must be the Koch brothers who have bought up all those machines that produce “snow” in movies, and conspired to send them all over the world.

  8. Pretty mild start to summer here in Perth Australia. Couple of days just under 40C (104F) but no consecutive hot days yet and we haven’t hit 40C yet either. Last couple of summers we had already had consecutive days over 40C by now.

  9. I love the smell of cold in the morning and the sight of snow covering palm trees and cacti; it reminds me of solar minimums.

  10. I don’t mind a bit of snow, It’s the swarms of locusts, plagues of frogs and water turning to blood I get annoyed with.

    • meaning there seems to be a tendency for people to be attracted to disaster, in the movies and in these green type issues.

      • It is also interesting g to note that the bible even mentions extreme weather, like killer hailstorms and 7 years of severe drought, and severe flooding. These things just didn’t happen until AGW caused extreme weather in the last few years. Biggest clue, the bible is a myth. They couldn’t know these things in antiquity, since it didn’t happen. We didn’t leave “the Garden Of Eden” until 1979. That is what I have been told.

  11. BTW the weather bureau is admitting to -2C in Rome, rather a long way from the -8 mentioned in the article. And no mention of snow – just sunshine. Sounds like they’re on the same programme as the US and Australia.

  12. “For the first time in almost 20 years, cities such as Palermo woke up under a white blanket.”
    ‘“These are the same conditions that were experienced during the Dalton and Maunder Minimums,” says David.’

    • both statements are true. the second quote does not say “..conditions that were only experienced during…”. tsk, tsk, tsk.
      the point is of course the predictions of global warming and the government mandates to end the use of fossil fuels ignore the facts that it is going to be very hard to survive cold winter weather when there is no wind and your solar panels are covered in snow. you can only burn the furniture for so long.
      and according to the climate guessers, we are going to experience MORE extreme weather with global warming, so we will need to be even more prepared for snow and cold.
      time to break out the snowlar panels.

      • Another great business opportunity. Snow removal equipment for those delicate solar panels. A great addition to your windmill removal service.

      • ferdberple
        and according to the climate guessers, we are going to experience MORE extreme weather with global warming,…

        Are they still looking for their extreme weather caused by global warming?

        Abstract – 2012
        Persistent non-solar forcing of Holocene storm dynamics in coastal sedimentary archives
        We find that high storm activity occurred periodically with a frequency of about 1,500 years, closely related to cold and windy periods diagnosed earlier”
        Conclusion – 2011
        Long-term properties of annual maximum daily river discharge worldwide
        Analysis of trends and of aggregated time series on climatic (30-year) scale does not indicate consistent trends worldwide. Despite common perception, in general, the detected trends are more negative (less intense floods in most recent years) than positive. Similarly, Svensson et al. (2005) and Di Baldassarre et al. (2010) did not find systematical change neither in flood increasing or decreasing numbers nor change in flood magnitudes in their analysis.
        Abstract – 2011
        Fluctuations in some climate parameters
        There is argument as to the extent to which there has been an increase over the past few decades in the frequency of the extremes of climatic parameters, such as temperature, storminess, precipitation, etc, an obvious point being that Global Warming might be responsible. Here we report results on those parameters of which we have had experience during the last few years: Global surface temperature, Cloud Cover and the MODIS Liquid Cloud Fraction. In no case we have found indications that fluctuations of these parameters have increased with time.
        Abstract – 2011
        The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project
        It is anticipated that the 20CR dataset will be a valuable resource to the climate research community for both model validations and diagnostic studies. Some surprising results are already evident. For instance, the long-term trends of indices representing the North Atlantic Oscillation, the tropical Pacific Walker Circulation, and the Pacific–North American pattern are weak or non-existent over the full period of record. The long-term trends of zonally averaged precipitation minus evaporation also differ in character from those in climate model simulations of the twentieth century.
        Abstract – 2012
        Changes in the variability of global land precipitation
        We report a near-zero temporal trend in global mean P.
        Unexpectedly we found a reduction in global land P variance over space and time that was due to a redistribution, where, on average, the dry became wetter while wet became drier.
        Nature – 19 September 2012
        Better models are needed before exceptional events can be reliably linked to global warming.
        But without the computing capacity of a well-equipped national meteorological office, heavily model-dependent services such as event attribution and seasonal prediction are unlikely to be as reliable.
        IPCC – 2012
        FAQ 3.1 Is the Climate Becoming More Extreme? […] None of the above instruments has yet been developed sufficiently as to allow us to confidently answer the question posed here.

  13. We have have a sucky winter in Waterloo so far, probably because of that vague El Nino, now departing. I am going back to Mongolia where they know what a proper winter should be like.
    For those who like it warmer, Java is a good choice. In winter it drops as low as 26 C. Obama’s mother had the good sense to move there to get away from the dreary weather in Hawaii.

  14. It’s been easy to spot the people committed to the idea of a man-controlled climate. They just automatically mention vortex in conjunction with cold weather. I’m just not up on whether simultaneous cold weather on two continents an ocean apart is still a vortex, let alone proof that mankind will cook itself and the whole world along with it.

    • It’s been easy to spot the people committed to the idea of a man-controlled climate.

      Maybe we’ve been fighting the CAGW hype the wrong way.
      If we all started watching the SyFy channel, their ratings would go up.
      If their ratings went up, they’d start making even more made for TV movies.
      If they started making more SyFy movies, they’d need more writers.
      If they needed more writers, maybe the CAGW pushers would stop feeding at the public trough and go out and find a real job?

  15. We moved just south of the tropics in 2012, to escape the coming cold.
    My advice – if you hesitate, the tricked will become a stampede – warm countries like Australia will be forced to close the gate to new arrivals.
    The decision you make today, in the next few years, will affect your entire family.

    • Eric… I worked for the Australian military in 2004-5. There was quite a bit of hassle to get permission to work in Australia then. I guess it is easy if you are from one of the Commonwealth countries.

    • I bought land in the south during the 1990’s for that very reason. I worry I may have not bought far enough south. And that was my completely independent research from the 1970’s. (not because the fear of current global cooling craziness) There has to be a run up in temps before a sudden cool down. It wasn’t time. I didn’t know which solar cycle would become quite. The last one, this one or the next one or two, but it certainly quieted down right on time. It’s not entirely predictable or the extent, it rhymes more than repeats exactly. It could be a lot colder or not, but some sort of cool down is certainly possible. According to some on here the formula is absolutely true on GW, so by them, if nothing else, real temps have already dropped by 0.5 C. The co2 has gone up and the temps didn’t hit the high end of the models. Either way, AGW is invalid because something else is over riding the input of co2.

  16. While the rest of the Northern hemisphere gets lucky with the white stuff, we here near the west coast of North America continue to wait for NOAA/CPC to get beyond this point:
    “ENSO-neutral conditions continue.
    Positive equatorial sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies continue across most of the Pacific Ocean.
    There is an approximately 65% chance that El Niño conditions will be present during the Northern Hemisphere winter and last into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2015. “.
    Its been 9 or 10 months since they started this watch Time to take up watching paint dry for enhanced excitement.

  17. Here in Oslo, Norway (the capital), it’s a perfectly normal winter. We had a white Christmas with some snow, but nothing unusual. It’s almost all melted now after a couple of mild days. That ski resort is, after all, in the mountains.
    I’m sure the snow in Palermo is exceptional. The snow in Norway doesn’t seem to be.

  18. We all should take a moment and remember all the poor folks in the Southern Hemisphere. Perihelion is upon us, and the folks living down under best lay on the sunscreen just a bit heavier than usual.

    • With perihelion occurring within 2 weeks of the SH Summer Solstice, the Southern Hemisphere sea ice anomaly is near 1.665 Million Km Sq, with increased albedo and reflection of the Sun’s energy back into space.

      • The big “A” always makes everything worse. Man is a parasite on Ma Gaea. Man is not natural. Haven’t you been listening to the Kool-Aid? It’s being served everywhere. 😎

      • Of course it does, just like the SH Summer Solstice. A current meme of the climate fearosphere is that the growing Southern Hemisphere sea ice anomaly doesn’t matter at all, since the ice maximum happens during SH winter solstice. If Steig, Tamino and a host of others were interested at all in the truth, then they would be talking about this aspect of the global sea ice anomaly, but instead they bend the truth with “facts” and omissions of relevant information. Facts are not truth, but merely facets of the truth.

    • Enjoying the sunshine down here on the beach in Sydney at 29C max and clear blue sea at 23.5 C. Mind you our fellow South Australians are having temps up to 43C.

    • I believe they have a word to describe the snow covering and the below freezing temps…..


      • For a really cold winter you need bright sky and dry air. The open waters at Arctic probably enhance snowcover on land. Now if Arctic freezes again in MY ice, the winters may also become colder with less snow.

      • So now not only “weather is not Climate” but “seasons are not Climate”?
        Both are not warming because of Global Warming?

      • interesting how things have changed since 1997 eh. so the anomaly shows quite a dramatic increase (more than the earlier decrease) in nh winter snow over the last 18 years, while global temps stopped warming.

      • David, your plot ends in 97, just before the beginning of the pause. Its not about it being an anomaly rather than absolute data. They’re just offset. The numbers on the side are different, not the slope.

      • “David Socrates
        January 3, 2015 at 7:32 am
        I believe they have a word to describe the snow covering and the below freezing temps…..

        I believe they have a word to describe the lack of snow and the above freezing temps…..

      • Robert B and David Smith
        The graph I posted shows four seasons as opposed to the “winter” graph provided by Mr dbstealey.

        The point I was trying to make is that you need to look at year round data, and not just three months out of the year. The reason for this is because at high latitudes, there are some places that only snow free during a few weeks in the summer. Would have been nice if the graph continued until today. .
        This one covers more time, but still has all four seasons instead of only one.

      • David, the autumn and winter snow extents are increasing while the spring and summer show decreasing trends. The overall for the last 25 years is a 0 trend (positive 1000 km2/year) although it appears to be much larger on your plot.
        Why was the trend negative during the 80s and positive since 1990? Nobody is arguing that the world has shown signs of warming since the 19th century. The argument is about whether we are seeing evidence of CAGW (or even just AGW). The negative trend should have increased with each decade to use it as evidence of CAGW. Picking a starting point in the 70s which was probably a maximum for the late 20th century isn’t exactly providing evidence.

  19. And your point? Snow in strange places is no more a sign of over decades cooling trends than my 40-50 degree weather here in SE Michigan for Christmas is about global warming when the year before we were buried in snow or PRECIPITATION, which was predicted by climate scientists in a full U.S. report. The long term trend for warming remains. Intelligent human beings know there has never been same climate worldwide EVER even during the earlier Arctic warming period and subsequent little ice age. Climate differed regionally. Global warming is causing climate CHANGE and that’s what you just depicted Watts, weird climate change.
    Thank you for yet more proof of CLIMATE CHANGE! The average person out here doesn’t give a hoot what you want to call it cool or warm, it exists. You just showed that.

    • I think there is overwhelming evidence that the climate did not start changing until it was noticed when people were given large funding to play amateur statisticians with computers.
      So I guess in that regard you could say climate change is completely man-made.

    • @V. Rogers:
      I challenge you to NAME ONE scientific skeptic here who has ever said that the climate doesn’t change.
      Your rhetoric is pure BS. It is typical deflection, trying to falsely paint scientific skeptics into a corner. Skeptics have never said the climate doesn’t change, so quit the deception. You are not being honest.
      Skeptics know the climate always changes — unlike your HE-RO Michael Mann, who preposterously argued that global temperatures were essentially flat, up until the industrial revolution [the long, flat handle of Mann’s Hokey Stick chart]. It is Mann who claims the climate never changed — not skeptics.
      And people like YOU believe him! That says a lot about your credulity.

    • V. Rogers, please show me ONE claim made in the above post?
      Secondly, the trend of northern hemisphere WINTER snow is up since 1967.
      Now read these warmer winter with less snow predictions. Yes you are right, “The average person out here doesn’t give a hoot what you want to call” global warming, they know the scientists failed yet again to make a correct prediction. Children won’t know what snow is. FAIL.

    • V. Rogers
      Thank you for yet more proof of CLIMATE CHANGE!….

      We have always been at war with Eurasia! As you assert the climate always changes and the long-term trend has been warming since we came out of the LITTLE ICE AGE! Get a grip man (or woman).

      Camperdown Chronicle 1903
      “In the face of the facts it seems hardly worth while to answer the question, Is the climate changing? Every one knows that we hardly ever have a real old-fashioned, snow-clad Christmas in these times that fires are often welcome on Midsummer Day, and that September— after the cricket season—often turns out to be the best month of the year…”
      The Brisbane Courier 1903
      “…..that the mean summer temperature at the Melbourne Observatory for the three years from 1859 to 1862 was 75.8, while for the last three years, from 1899 to 1902, the mean summer tempera-ture was 76.5—a difference of less than a degree….”
      Examiner (Launceston, Tas.) 1906
      That the earth is growing temporarilly warmer is shown by the mountain gla-ciers….The latest report includes 90 glaciers in the Swiss Alps, in Norway, Greenland, the Caucasus, the Pamir, the North West United States, Western Canada. and Africa, and practically all are grow-ing smaller. In the Savoy Alps and the Pyrenees small glaciers have quite dis- appeared.
      Cairns Post 1923
      “The discovery by American seal fishers that of late there has been a remarkable increase in the mean tem-perature of the Arctic, and that in some parts of the Polar basin no ice has been seen less than 9 degrees from the North Pole, agrees with the ex- perience of many Arctic explorers in recent years…”
      The Sydney Morning Herald 1926
      “Although the temperature year by year fluctuates widely from the average, there is an underlying upward trend in the northern United States and Canada like a slowly rising tide, while in the south of the United States the trend is the other way. Thus the con-trast between the weather of the north and south is diminishing, and the climate ot the country as a whole is ameliorating…”
      The Register News-Pictorial 1930
      WARMER WORLD Weather Physicist Looks Ahead
      The world is growing warmer. Dr. J. W. Humphreys, physicist of the Weather Bureau,…..”There is evidence, however, that the world as a whole is very slowly growing warmer,” he said. “The evidence is that glaciers in all parts of the world have been on the average slowly retreating since the culmina- tion of the Ice Age, and they are still slowly retreating….”
      The Courier-Mail 1934
      WORLD’S CHANGING CLIMATE Unsafe To Generalise
      “The fact that during last year 81 of 100 Swiss glaciers decreased in size did not in any way indicate that the earth was becoming warmer and drier, said professor H. C. Richards, Pro- fessor of Geology at the Queensland University, yesterday, commenting on a message from Geneva concerning a world-wide drought. Even if the ob-servations of Swiss glaciers were con-tinued over a period of 50 years, he said, the data obtained could not warrant any general statement that the world as a whole was becoming drier or warmer…”
      Camperdown Chronicle 1937
      “We are usually inclined to regard the Arctic as a region where it is always cold. Actually, this is an erroneous belief. In the summer quite a large part of the continental Arctic has temperatures of 80 degrees F. in the shade
      The Courier-Mail 1939
      WORLD CLIMATE CHANGING Scientists Puzzled
      “Scientists’ investigations show that the world’s climate is changing. But whether it is becoming wetter, warmer, drier, or colder they can’t say with certainty. Dr. F. W. Whitehouse, University geologist, said this yesterday in an ad- dress to the Constitutional Club…”
      Western Mail 1941
      Impending Climatic Change
      “The report was made by Halbert P. Gillette, of Chicago, to the association’s geology section….”Three of the long climatic cycles.” he reports, “have produced a downward trend in rainfall in many regions, cul-minating in a series of droughts begin-ning about 1920. This series of cycles probably will continue until about 1990. In many regions these droughts bid fair to be more severe than any long series in the last 20 centuries. It will therefore prove futile to continue the present policy of relief in the dustbowl regions. Wholesale migrations from these regions seems advisable.”…”
      The Canberra Times 1951
      Sunspot activity indicates that the world will have generally cooler summers and colder win-ters during the next 15 years, according to a forecast based on the study of sunspot cycles go- ing back to 1790. Dr. H. C. Willett, meteorolo-gist at the Massachusetts Insti-tue of Technology, said to-day that official records of sunspot activity linked their activity with weather conditions in all parts of the world….”

    • Climate has been CHANGING since Earth formed, V. Your epic fail is lack of a link to man’s activities.
      Come up with the link and we’ll give you some credibility. Until then, you’ve got nothing.

  20. As part of its attempt to refute arguments against AGW put by Geology Professor, Ian Plimer, in his book “How to Get Expelled from School”, the former Australian Government Department of Climate Change has admitted that the underlying historical basis for the Global Warming Theory has been misread. On page 32 of their .pdf, they note that ice core records show that, for the last 800,000 years, atmospheric C02 rises have followed heating events rather than being their cause. Since the average time lag is 800 years, it is likely that the “high” levels of C02 measured at present have resulted from the Mediaeval Warming period some 800 years ago rather than present-day human activity. See

    • it does seem unusual that the earth rockets from ice age to interglacial when CO2 levels bottom out. And when CO2 levels get high, the interglacial’s gradually start ice age conditions.
      there was a time 60 years ago when global cooling was blamed on increased CO2. then when things started warming up all the scientists changed the minus signs to plus signs in their equations (not hard to do) and told us they had been right all along.

      • Well, radiative gases are the atmosphere’s primary cooling mechanism, but I wouldn’t consider CO2 to be that powerful at cooling.

    • It is amazing how Government organizations can change their story when the Government changes its policy.

  21. Don’t go in for the next mini ice age hysteria any more than the AGW hysteria. Although there hasn’t been any warming in recent years there hasn’t been any cooling either. Let’s talk about it in ten years.

    • I’ll be glad to put off talking about it for 10 years, Grant, if the Warmists keep their goddam hands out of my pockets for 10 years.

    • I’m hoping you are correct but 10 years isn’t enough. By then we will be about 2/3rds of the way through the negative phase of the PDO so we’ll actually have a 50 year sine wave to look at for full cycle averages. The satellite era has been great for getting information but it has only covered the positive half of the PDO so the averages are all skewed higher.
      That said our little interglacial is overdue for a correction. Our max temps have not been has high as the previous one but our duration has been much longer. The dominant attractor in our little semi-chaotic system is cold so any time now it could start or it could kick in after 3000 AD. We just don’t know. Short of opening up Panama again we’re SOL.

      • I could go back to my search page and easily prove that snow in Sicily is unusual. But facts are like water off a duck’s back for Sockrates, so what’s the use?
        Go back to school, socks. Can’t hurt. Might help.
        And I told Nick to prove me wrong. Neither Nick nor you has ever been able to do that.
        From Nick’s six year old link:
        Snow, which is very unusual in Palermo, has been visible for days on the mountains outside the city, where residents traditionally go if they want snow.
        It’s always amusing when a link refutes the linker…

      • David Socrates
        Discerning that a weather event happened twice in 6 years does not mean such weather is not “unusual”.
        Nick Stokes provided evidence that the above article is mistaken in its claim that the snow in Palermo is the first for 20 years.
        Unfortunately for Nick Stokes, your daft comment has distracted from his evidenced comment.

      • R Courtney
        “Discerning that a weather event happened twice in 6 years does not mean such weather is not “unusual”.

        It depends on how you define “unusual”
        For example, if a weather event has never happened somewhere, that can be considered “unusual”

      • Everyone please note. the year, feb. 2009 The winter of 2008-9 if I remember, was harsh, Cold snow ice. Not just in the US it now seems So it was, as with this winter; climate not mere weather. Also note where this date is in regards to solar cycle 23-24
        All things are interconnected. Also thank you Nick for catching the error in the article and further proof of the absence of AGW. Though that was not your intent.

      • Wiki (on Palermo) quantifies what is meant by ‘unusual’ (but without reference or clarity):
        “Snow is rare but not impossible. From the late 40s and the early 2000s it snowed eight times.”

    • Nick Stokes
      January 3, 2015 at 9:05 am
      They say first snow in Palermo for 20 years. But here is snow in Palermo, 2009.

      You had better hope this does not become a trend! 😊

  22. CAGW will be measured in FEET not inches 2015. More “proof” of climate change when the weather repeats past cycles. Yes, it must be Unprecedented”
    Now a cynic might suggest that in natural weather cycles, after a period of warming over bodies of water that some amounts of water vapour would be ready to condense out of the atmosphere, especially as that air body moves into a cooler region of the planet.
    But that would be anti-climatoscience, as those of the consensus assure us natural cycles have been overridden by that magic gas.
    Is it just me or is the cooler weather bringing out a crescendo of desperation?

  23. Geologists, anyone ?
    I was looking at the satellite images around Palermo, noticed some interesting sea floor features, followed westwards and came across a ‘giant eight lane highway’.
    Joking apart, it looks as the Med is splitting, but this is some distance from the known tectonic plates fault line. Inset (red circle) shows approximate location. I would like to know more about the feature, but brief web search didn’t offer any info.
    Does anyone know of a paper, article or any other information ?

    • In North Florida, snow is not that uncommon. South Florida, South of Lake Okeechobee, is below the frost line and snow hear is extremely rare. Hard freezes are rare yet more common than snow. I’ve been in Hollywood, Florida since 1964 and I’ve seen hard freezes in the 60’s , 70s, 80s. None in the 90s. 2010 had two hard freezes, in January then again the following December.(Global Warming no doubt.)
      The snow day happened in January, 1977. All of us 11th grade Geometry students ran outside to see the flurry. Just wisps, it didn’t stick to the ground. The next morning there was about an inch of snow on Cars and fence rails, but all on the ground had melted. We’ve had frost a few times, and a hard freeze about once per decade. But snow, only once in my 50 years here.

  24. Weather not Climate.
    It’s always something somewhere. It is neither a sign of Thermogeddon nor of Ragnorak.
    Let’s not be alarmist.

    • I was wondering when someone would speak up, thanks!.
      Extreme weather is fairly common and not proof of anything. We can start talking about Dalton/Maunder similarities after a 10 year cooling trend.
      One of the worst starts ever for skiing in the PNW. Hoping for another good spring.

  25. It has been terribly cold here on the Southern California coastal plane. High temperature the other day was a mere 10C, and the overnight low was about 5C. Brrrr. And the poor drum majorettes at the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena had to muster in sub-freezing temperatures, with the temperature at the beginning of the parade reported as 0C.
    But it’s just weather, not climate. I guess if we have 30-60, years of this extreme weather, we might be able to call it climate.

  26. Its all about heat redistribution and lower insolation of the LIA has been correlated lower poleward flows. The LIA was not a period of persistent cold but of extreme weather variability. The greatest variability was during the last major ice age and the Dansgaard-Oeschger events. More persistent blocking high pressure systems can create extreme cold in the winter but extreme heat in the summer. The message from the LIA is cold not warmth causes weather extremes. The global average obscures the real issue, and CO2 warmistas will mistakenly blame more variable weather on warming and CO2 climate disruption even though Michael Mann himself has published that the hallmark of the LIA was extreme weather variability.

  27. This snow isn’t going to kill the palm trees.
    In Mediterranean climate one can get freezing weather in winter [even in the other seasons] and palm trees have seen snow in the past and will continue to see it in the future.
    And therefore is has nothing to do with changes in climate- it’s weather.
    That climate or weather “experts” in recent past claimed your future would not have snow or snow would be rarer in the future, simply bought the religion that earth is getting hotter.
    Earth is not getting hotter and it will not get hotter- and only wacky pseudo science suggests this is possible.
    The global warming we had over the last century or so, is a recovery from centuries long cool period called the Little Ice Age. Before the Little Ice Age there was centuries long warm period similar our recent warm period. The recent warm period has lasted more than one century and likely to continue for another century or more.
    Our recent warming and the Little Ice Age did not change global climate, but rather there has been and will continue to be fluctuations in climate and these fluctuations occur regardless of century long warming and cooling periods.
    The most noticeable changes during cool periods like the Little Ice age is that glaciers in temperate regions advance, and they retreat during the warmer centuries.
    Such advance or retreat of glacier will have significant local effect on temperature, but regions not near glaciers the change in temperatures noticeable. Or one can have hot summers in the Little Ice Age and can get very cold winters in warm periods. Or the decade long fluctuation of local climate and daily variations in weather have larger changes that one will notice.
    The warmer or cooler centuries will effect the average starting of growing season of a regions- or globally- the ground thaws and becomes warmer so one grow crops.
    And because warming period tend to allow longer growing season, farming tends to be more successful and food is more abundant and are times in human history or prosperity. Whereas the Dark ages were less favorable to growing crop and one had higher food prices and more people starving.

  28. ScienceDaily is repeating an article on the IPCC Synthesis Report from Nov 2, 2014 as if it is today’s news. I haven’t noticed them repeat old news on their front page before. I guess they had nothing new to counter the current reports of cold and snow. So with the beginning of a new year, they decided to reinforce the “irreversible” nature of climate change by repeating old news about the IPCC’s gloom and doom report. But on what basis did the IPCC determine that “the amount of snow and ice has diminished”? Ice reached record extents in the south recently and is overall above average. Is there any evidence that “snow” has diminished? Here is the quote I am referring to:

    Our assessment finds that the atmosphere and oceans have warmed, the amount of snow and ice has diminished, sea level has risen and the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased to a level unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years.
    –Thomas Stocker, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group I

  29. Louis,
    That just means that 800K years ago, CO2 was higher than now.
    That was before SUV’s — and the higher CO2 levels didn’t cause any problems then, just like it isn’t causing any problems now.
    Thomas Stocker needs to get a real job. And the UN/IPCC needs to be disbanded.

    • So, if CO2 levels were higher in the past, it must not have been an “irreversible” event and must not have caused run-away global warming, or we wouldn’t be here today. But what about the IPCC’s claim that the amount of snow and ice has diminished? Is there a measurement for world-wide snowfall, and has it diminished?

      • I don’t believe the ice core record shows CO2 to ever been much above 300 ppm in the past 800,000 years.

      • So, cherry-picking only the limited ice core record? Typical deflection. Here is a much better perspective:
        CO2 has been up to twenty times today’s [extremely low] level, with no ‘runaway global warming’, or any other CO2-related problems.
        Alarmists are the mole in Whack-A-Mole: every time one of their factoids is whacked, they pop up with another equally stupid factoid.
        But that’s OK, I like Whack-A-Mole! ☺

      • This is fun

        If you examine which your chart is showing……
        It says…

        Berner and Kothavala 2001 GEOCARB III revised model of Phanerozoic atmospheric CO2.
        Calculated paleolevels of atmospheric CO2 from the GEOCARB III model, which
        models the carbon cycle on long time scales (here a 30 million year resolution). ”

        You are charing MODEL OUTPUT !!!
        You’re busted

      • agreed, there should have been no recovery from higher levels of co2. continental shift is what is usually offered up as a reason why our earth survived, but it doesnt hold water.
        there are papers around somewhere that show higher levels 5k years ago, there are even papers that show higher levels in 1940s!. that is because the current levels are since 1960s pinned on to the ice core record. they pin it on like they pin the thermometer record onto tree ring proxies. ie with no regard for error margins or reality.
        the paper about the 1940s also show earlier levels much higher. this is from actual measurement-
        the papers is
        the rebuttal by noaa just says that beck didnt do it properly etc as usual with this sort of thing, looking at regional monthly averaged etc, but the truth is, i think both ice core and chemical measurements are unlikely to tell a true story. the upcoming results of the new satellite measurements should be interesting if they are not tortured the way most data seems to be these days.

      • Speaking of ice cores, sock rats, these show warming (beginning of interglacial) is associated with low CO2 levels and cooling (return to ice age) with higher CO2.
        How about that!

      • Mpainter.
        Nowhere in the ice core record do you see CO2 much above 300 ppm
        We’re crossing 400 ppm at present.

        How abut that !

      • Philjourdan,
        I humbly beg your forgiveness. I sincerely apologize for my error in mistyping the word “charting” and instead typing charring. I appreciate your diligence in recognizing this error of mine. My spell checker accepted the typographical error on my part, and without people like you, I’m sure a lot of “i’s” would not get dotted, and a lot a “t’s” not get their cross.

        Again, thanks for your proofreading, I don’t know what I would do with out it.

      • Soxie sez:
        Nowhere in the ice core record do you see CO2 much above 300 ppm
        This is fun! Let’s ALL cherry-pick our time frames so they stop at 740K years ago. Then we can show anything.
        See how it works, folks? Confirmation bias and cherry-picking. That’s all it takes to be a True Believer.

      • Dbstealey says: “CO2 has been up to twenty times today’s……..the computer models PROVE it “

      • Which means that we are heading for another ice age, socks rats. And after all, do not you global warmers proclaim that our ever more severe winters are due to increasing CO2? Fools that you are.

  30. Stocker wrote,: “sea level has risen and the concentration of carbon dioxide has increased to a level unprecedented in at least the last 800,000 years”
    Stocker’s deceptive tactic was linking “sea level rising” and unprecedented CO2 levels for 800k bp in the same sentence. There is ample evidence throughout the Pacific, in geologically stable regions, that sea level was higher just a few thousand years ago, as much as 6 feet higher during the Holocene Optimum when CO2 levels were much lower.

  31. The documentary on the LIA was interesting. Towards the end, though, they just had to go and ruin it with their absurd theories about how the warming during the MWP may have caused a shutting down of the THC, creating the conditions of the LIA. Then, they launched into how, because of our CO2 emissions, we might cause the same thing to happen. So, it went from documentary to crockumentary. Still worth watching though.

    • Bruce, if they’re claiming that the warming of the MWP caused the LIA cooling and that it might happen again with today’s warming, wouldn’t that be a negative feedback? And wouldn’t that be counter to their argument that the current warming is irreversible?
      On the other hand, it allows them to have it both ways. If it warms, it will be due to global warming. If the climate cools and enters another little ice age, that too will be due to global warming shutting down the THC. Either way they will feel justified for their alarmism, and either way they will blame human CO2 emissions. Blaming humans is all they really care about, anyway.

  32. With apologies for being, well, sceptical – but I can’t find any record in the past week of temperatures in Rome below -1C. Where has the -8C figure come from? Is it referenced anywhere?

  33. In in the mountains in NE Victoria at the moment (not far from Ms HotWhopper actually) One if the worst bushfire areas in the world. The local (Murdoch) papers are calling it the worst bushfire CONDITIONS in 30 years, not the worst fires. 2007 and 2009 were unbelievably bad bushfire years. 1983 was horrendous as well. All had areas burned measured in the millions of acres. The current fires are hundreds of miles away and they are minor in comparison although the conditions get worse through to late Feb. Conditions are a product of good growth of forests over a few years, increasing fuel load – living trees and shrubs, ground litter & dead trees and lack of controlled burn off in populous areas. Combine that with hot dry north winds off the arid interior and there are your conditions. It’s normal cycle of events here. Hope the conditions don’t turn into bad fires causing loss of life & property. Its sensationism by news Ltd, per normal tabloid stuff. Neither news ltd nor fairfax (local CAGW flag wavers) have used the Global Warming boogeyman yet. Most fires here are deliberately caused by numbskulls, accidentally caused by numbskulls and some by lightning.

  34. This is easy to figure out
    It’s all science.
    Water has to release heat to form snowflakes.
    Where does that heat go?
    It goes in the air = global warming.
    Proof that snow causes global warming.
    Then people go outside and shovel that snow, which is hard work, so they sweat and release heat and CO2 from their bodies = more global warming.
    Proof that shoveling snow causes global warming.
    Those who curse the snow while shoveling it release even more heat, and even more carbon dioxide.
    More carbon dioxide = more global warming.
    Proof that cursing accelerates global warming.
    All this took a lot of thinking, and now my brain is overheated = even more global warming.
    Proof that thinking about the climate causes global warming.
    I’m driving to my doctor for more tranquilizers .. oops, driving releases more CO2 = more warming.
    It seems that everything causes global warming.
    We’re all doomed.

  35. So the Pope has joined Obama and his administration to control all with climate change. Makes one feel warm and toasty inside while freezing outside. There is hope for change, but not soon enough to save us from these dictatorial heads of state and religion.

  36. David Socrates (Jan3 11.26 am ) has contributed a chart of anomalies of NH snow cover (Rutgers Univ) up to 1997 , based on a 1972 -1976 base period. He suggests that this contradicts conclusions that might be drawn from dbstealey’s chart posted immediately before , conclusions that indicate a slight increase in snow cover in recent years .
    I did a quick calculation of a 1972-96 mean from dbstealey’s chart : 45.3 million sq km and then measured the anomalies for several years covered by the Rutgers chart and later tears (1997- 2013 ) not given in the chart supplied by DS .(Hope this makes sense).
    Year Anomaly ( units of million sqkm)
    1989 – 1.6
    1990 – 0.8
    1992 – 1.0
    1994 + 0.8
    1996 0.0
    1997 – 0.6
    2003 + 2.0
    2007 -1.0
    2010 + 2.65
    2013 + 2.4
    So it looks as if the 90s were a period of negative anomaly , as indicated in the Rutgers chart , but that the last 10 or 15 years have seen a move to positive anomaly.
    It would be interesting to know if Rutgers have updated their chart to include the last 18 years.
    My estimates are obviously quick and amateurish , but I wanted to correct, or at least question, the impression that might have been given that DS’s posting of the Rutgers chart contradicts dbstealey’s suggestion of a return to ” normal” snow conditions in recent years. I think that both are correct , but are not really talking about the same time period. So onus, perhaps, is on Rutgers to update their info.

    • Actually I was wrong to imply both approaches are valid .The Socratic method of using a running base mean will tend to hide any ongoing increase in snow cover , as the base mean increases, if Rutgers update using the same methods.. The absolute data from dbstealey is more visually informative.

      • You forgot to notice that dbstealey’s chart only covered three months out of the year. The charts I provided show the data for all 12 months.

  37. Here in Melbourne, Australia, we are having a very mild summer and it has been driving the hand-wringing, warmist Age newspaper and our snout-firmly-in-AGW-funding-trough Bureau of Meteorology mad. Finally, we just had two (a whole two!) hot days on the 2nd and 3rd of January. BOM forecast 39c for 2/1/15, we briefly got 38c. Not deterred BOM forecast 41c for 3/1/15. The Age went into overdrive and even included a cheeky front page text box telling everyone to “get ready for 43c” in large bold typeface…We got 37c.
    Today, 4/1/15, we are back to mild, wet low-20’s weather. But I don’t think this will stop BOM & the Age from giving us IT’S GOING TO BE THE HOTTEST JANUARY EVAH! And if it isn’t, we all know they will give us “climate disruption” instead. Two sides of the same old broken record. When will they give it a rest?

  38. Tripoli isn’t on the coast, it’s at some distance, at an elevation of 650 metres (over 2,000 feet). Snow wouldn’t be quite as unusual as on the actual coast of the southern Pelopponese. Snow in Norway, snow in the mountains, it’s not necessarily a new Ice Age.

  39. Hawaii is cold this week. Very cold. 59 at sea level. And before you laugh remember that the temperature in our houses are the same as outside. Luckily , in spite of county efforts to make them illegal, we have a fireplace. A real one. Built during cold period of the last Pacific Multidecadal Cycle. Its back.

  40. A few years ago the monte carlo simulations, projections, predictions (best descriptor unknown to me) were cited to describe Earth’s atmosphere (weather and/or climate) when the average global temperature had risen by several Celsius degrees. Has that happened? Was this temperature supposed to show up before 2015? Or was it out around 2070 or beyond.
    Many of the positions taken by the commenters above seem to be based on the assumption that there has been a significant temperature increase, expected 50 to 75 years from now, having taken place prior to 2015.
    In the many charts (temperature, ice, snow, storms, and so on) presented I see quite a lot of variability and consistency in that variability. I do not see a 3 or 4 K rise in temperature. Did I miss it?
    Someone mentioned that all this arguing is like trying to determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin when proof of angels is still lacking.
    I do think some of the maps and charts are interesting, one being
    Ice on the Great Lakes, January 3

  41. I live in northern french alps, very few snow here and the worst begin for a winter season since 88/89. All low elevation resorts are closed or only partially opened thanks to very very hard daily work, and still no snow scheduled for the coming week, due to returning mild températures…

  42. Just arrived home, driving Innsbruck in Austria to Kassel in Germany ( 644 km ) 22 hours a trip that normally takes 4-6 hours ( Depending on the traffic) for those that don’t know, there is no speed limit on the German Autobahn , snow and more snow, also the end of holiday traffic helped, with campers and trailers and drivers that come out once a year.

  43. Has anyone checked the orbit around the sun? There have been 15 ice ages in the last 2 million years. With interstadials or interglacials lasting around 10-15 k years. They have put down the apparent regularity of ice ages and warmer periods, some warmer than now to the orbit. There’s bugger all we can do to change that. Not all the globe was affected by ice or glaciers, the southern hemisphere other than the higher altitudes missed most in comparison to the Northern hemisphere. Welcome an increase of 2 C folks, at least we get rain, better than blizzards and never ending winters.

  44. Let’s see – January will be colder (than usual for this month) across much of North America (especially Central and Eastern regions, down to northern Mexico). Calgary is pretty cold and snowy too. Absolutely no sign of global warming – we could really use some.
    Europe and Russia are also expected to be much colder than usual in January, Not only that, but Russia only won Silver in the World Junior Hockey Championships, barely losing the Gold Medal game 5-4 to…(wait for it…) Canada! A very good game – in fairness I’d say both teams won.
    Today is Russian (Orthodox) Christmas, so kindly call or email all your Russian friends and wish them a Merry Christmas. I emailed my friend and former interpreter Nikolai the Great early this morning (this time of year I call him Saint Nik). God bless us every one.
    Best, Allan

    • Correction: Yesterday was Russian Christmas Eve, today is Orthodox Christmas.
      So Merry Christmas! С Рождеством!
      It is -52C in Igarka.
      достаточно холодно, чтобы заморозить гайки от локомотивом!
      [Cold enough to freeze the nuts off a locomotive!]

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