UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon blinks, responds to WUWT story

ban-ki-moonThis WUWT story from two days ago:  Obama’s Lonely Climate Summit – world leaders are staying home went viral after being linked to by the Drudge report, earning WUWT its best performing day ever with 345,393 views.

WUWT_best_day_wordpressdataIt seems to have evoked a response.

Eric Worrall writes:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today responded, to reports that a number of key world leaders would not be attending the upcoming climate summit in New York.

According to Ban,

“…even though the leaders from India, China and Russia will not be able to participate in the meeting, there are “other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations.”

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/really-wanted-modi-to-attend-un-climate-change-summit-un-chief-ban-ki-moon/articleshow/42703914.cms

I suggest, Mr Moon, that you and President Obama are currently experiencing a sample of that “other means of communication” you mentioned.


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Memo to the little “o” and the UN sycophant, “It is called voting with your feet”.
What a fools corner they have painted themselves into.

What about Poland? Does he have Poland in his coalition for the War on Climate?


Hysterical. That final comment is priceless.

Mark Bofill

Exactly what I was about to say. 🙂


Yes, they’ve agreed to provide black prison sites for interogation of “carbon terrorists”.


So, if there are other means of communication …. how about using them instead of being hypocritical and flying there.


Abbott seems like the type who would fax in a traced outline of an appropriate finger gesture to the UN Climate Change summit.
Ban blinks, Abbott winks.

Tom in Florida

I have used my middle finger as another means of communication, especially while driving.


This truck driver tends to take that gesture as the other driver is telling me I’m #1! More often than not I get that gesture when I have managed to get in the left lane to pass before the aggressive four wheeler driver that punched it to try and cut me off when he saw my signal to change lanes. I just smile.

Ralph Kramden

According to the Beverly Hillbillies movie that’s a California howdy.

Bob B.

Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw…
Warning, horn broken, watch for finger


In TX the bumper sticker says:
“Keep honking. I’m reloading.”


Amen!! I had the same thought. these folks fly around aimlessly often to exotic places burning up enormous amounts of carbon based fuel while telling us we must walk.

Joe Prins

B. Moon does not seem to be able to recall that another leader will not be there………..guy called Harper from a small country larger then China and larger then India: place called Canada. On nobody’s radar except for the “fossil fuel” award and quit proud of it.


Joe Prins


And little NZ down here aren’t sending anybody.


What we have here is a communication problem !

Bill Williams

“What we have here is a failure……to communicate!”
From “Cool Hand Luke”

Andy Oz



“Some men you just can’t reach…”

What we have here is failure to accurately quote! 😉


Not really.
As per the final paragraph … they’re voting with their feet.


Anthony, congrats on the view stats.
The UN needs to be dissolved. The Security Council was the only part that mattered. Now that Russia and China are so adversarial to the West and their neighbors, nothing of merit will come out of it.

Tom O

I would tend to agree with you in that it needs to be dissolved, but not because of the Russian and Chinese positions. The Western nations have made the UN their private “policy enforcer” for too many years. You think Russia and China blocking actions against Iran or Syria are “bad mojo,” but have no problem with the US constantly blocking action against Israel, no matter what it does apparently. I tend to disagree. There is no excuse for allowing what is happening in Gaza, there is no excuse for allowing Israel to indiscriminately bomb its neighbors, there is no excuse for allowing the boarding of vessels in international waters and killing people, and the list continues. Fact is, there is no excuse for half of what the US – such as the destruction of Libya as an example – and Israel are allowed to do, IF the UN mattered, but it only matters when it is in the best interests of the Western powers.
Again, I agree, it deserves to be dissolved as the useless organ that it became.

Brad Rich

Terrorists fire rockets into Israel, and send suicide bombers to kill innocent people. There would be no reprisals if there were no aggression. It is unfortunate that the countries where terrorists base their activities are largely victims themselves. There is not an easy answer, but it is not to demonize Israel.

Wow – even Hamas is sick of the UN. Fascinating.


It’s not Israel that is indiscriminately bombing Gaza, it’s Hamas that is indiscriminately bombing Israel.

Chip Javert

Yea – how DARE Jews actually defend themselves. They should just sit there and just take what the world dishes out.
Oh, wait a minute, they already tried that once…

Joe Prins

Ok. Let me get this straight. Russian position is: let’s invade the Crimea, rest of Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnia? You think they could give back the Japanese islands they have occupied since 1945? Perhaps the Chinese could stay out of the South China Sea? Perhaps they can stop interfering in the African continent, buy up all the farm land and throw the sharecroppers off? Want me to continue?


Whom is indiscriminately bombing whom there?
Perhaps you should get your facts straight about this.


Any organization that attempts to force a dictatorial, unelected government on the world (see the Copenhagen Draft Agreement) should be dissolved and its officers placed under arrest.

Barbara Skolaut

“its officers placed under arrest”
More efficient to just shoot them.


The UN needs to be de-funded by, and evicted from, The West.


Why did he mention Canada and Germany? Afraid to admit to western countries?

Why didn’t he mention . . . . [typo]

Bloke down the pub

Don’t forget Australia.


The old pyschic method of communication how else would climate alarmism be discussed among world leaders. Just perfect for the pseudo-science of climate!

stewart pid

More like pyscho IMHO 😉

The missing countries will send the Second Under Secretary for Secretarying Under to the Conferences. So no one need feel neglected.


The climate obsession reaches self-parody.

Mike McMillan

I saw the link on Drudge. Good one, Anthony.
Perhaps like Mr Obama, Mr Ban has ‘got a pen’ and has ‘got a phone.’

Andrew N

Eighteen months ago it would have been attended by Emperor Rudd of Australia with hundreds of environmental lickspittles in tow.

Andy Oz

Tim Flannery would have left his seaside villa and attended with the Rudd Govt paying.
Maybe the UN will pay for his first class ticket.

Andrew N

Poor old Timbo is having to rattle the tin now-a-days to make ends meet. Still banging on about sea level rise.


yeah, and now, the sheeple who still follow flim flam will foot the bill i’d be betting.
oh woe. woe Aus must have a representative there give give save the planet sob sob.
hes a nobody and doesnt like it one bit:-)

One way would be useful; especially if you keep his passport.

Neil Jordan

Lickspittles? It’s a bit strong. Consider toning it down to people who consider boot polish to be a food group.


Heh – apparently in the crush of comments my first comment on that page was mistaken for serious. It’s the first time I think I ever would have benefited from the use of the “/sarc” tag…
For the record, any time I say “Maybe it’s worse than we thought”, I’m definitely mocking warmists. It’s not possible for anything to be “worse” than they say… short of the Earth’s core becoming 2 million degrees…

Andy Oz

I got it, CT

WUWT is were I learned that my prime minister ( of Canada ) was not attending. WUWT is Awesome.

Wow 🙂


“resilience” will be on show…
18 Sept: Guardian: Fiona Harvey: Ban Ki-moon to join climate change march
“I will link arms with those marching for climate action,” Ban told a press conference. “We stand with them on the right side of this key issue for our common future.”…
His unusual step – high-ranking officials do not normally attend mass public protests – is a measure of how high the stakes are at a summit next week of world leaders, called by the secretary-general, to discuss climate change…
Ban said: “Action on climate change is urgent. The more we delay, the more we will pay in lives and in money. The climate summit that I am convening one week from today has two goals: to mobilise political will for a universal and meaningful climate agreement next year in Paris; and second to generate ambitious steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen resilience…
18 Sept: National Journal: Podesta: Obama to Tout Global Warming ‘Resilience’ at U.N. Climate Summit
“He’ll be making a number of announcements that put America squarely on the side of building global resilience, trying to provide public goods to countries around the world, some of whom can’t afford to build the kind of resilient tools they need to anticipate the effects of climate change,” John Podesta said Wednesday…

James the Elder

“I suggest, Mr Moon, that you and President Obama are currently experiencing a sample of that “other means of communication” you mentioned.”
Quote of the week!



Ban Ki Moon is the ultimate hand puppet. He never expresses an original thought; he is simply a parrot for those who installed him. When his UN term is up, watch the behind-the-scenes jockeying to put a successor puppet in his place.

Come 2017, there will be an unemployed Puppet, looking for someone to subsidize his golf game. . .
/Mr Lynn

I’ve always thought that from the start, and egged on by the premature Nobel Peace Prize, Mr Obama had his eyes on the position of UN Gen Secry. It fits his ideology of “no nation is more important than any other”, anti-colonialism, global “social justice”, “one world” government actions (e.g. Agenda 21). It is also consistent with his domestic and foreign policy actions (Climate Change and requiring coalitions before acting, and don’t forget “Leading From Behind”).
As noted above, it is a position where you don’t have to be “responsible” for anything of substance; no consequences. Rhetoric is king in that job. Unlimited travel, adulation …..
What else could he do, with no experience running anything (capably). He can’t just play golf (Oh, wait…).
If he succeeds, watch out. Un-elected bureaucracy on steroids!


No problem, Im sure he has a few friends who can model what would have happened if the relevant countries were actually going to attend.


So the reverend Moon and his religious zealots are starting to sense the laughter and disdain for their religion.


Wonderfully descriptive phrase “environmental lickspittles”. Hark, is that the rain that was never to fall? Nay me Lord, just the dribbling of climate lickspittles!


I believe “lick-spittle” was a favourite of “Pravda”, as in “lick-spittle lackeys of the capitalist running dogs”
Many despair that the purple prose of the communists is all but dead, reduced to the tawdry offerings of North Korea. Despair no more! The art and propaganda of the communist era is alive and well at –
Where else are you going to find your “Laika the space dog – sending signals into liberal tinfoil hats since 1957” T-shirts? You know you want one…
(no moderators, this is not a commercial endorsement.)

The UN is the vehicle that many hope will lead to world government. It is already much stronger than most liberty loving people would like to see. The CO2 scaremongering is part of the drive to stampeded people into allowing loony bureaucrats to rule them and force them into poverty. Any setback (no matter how small) to the agenda of the control freaks is welcome.
I do notice that I read less and less about the magic molecule CO2. Seems that mankind’s activities in general is more the target now — just as we now hear “climate change” so much rather than “global warming”. The scare tactics continue to morph into other scenarios much like a virus will mutate.

Stephanie Clague

Its a coalition of the willing, except that not many are actually willing any more. But whose bright idea was it to install someone like Moon who can barely be understood when he speaks, he is like one of those old caricatures you used to see on comedy shows before PC fascism came along. The UN needed a clear and believable communicator who could deliver the ugly and evil new world order propaganda to the masses, what they got was an incoherent mumbler with all the gravitas of a Waiter in a one star hotel.


JFW. Bank-on-it-I’m-a-Moonie is a self deluding, low born cleric of the church of global warming lies. Will no one rid us of this turbulent priest? Apologies to Schama History of Britain p. 142. “What miserable drones and traitors have I nourished and brought up in my household, who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric?”


The UN was founded after the fall of the axis powers to fight the axis powers.
Then it followed the blueprint of the Fabians “Shape Of Things To Come” (H G Wells spilled the beans in that one, he was a Fabian himself and thought, hey I can make a dime by just publishing the secret plans of my fellas) – trying to achieve military domination of the globe.
JFK in a speech 1961 or so still proposed handing over all nuclear weapons worldwide to the UN.
The military power plan fell apart due to the genocide the UN inflicted upon Katanga in 1961 though. Western supporters were appalled.
The UN agonized for a decade, (completely shriveling in the run up to the 6 day war), then, finally, in 1971, rolled out their new strategy of scaring the world into obedience by means of enviro-pseudoscientific scares, inspired by Silent Spring and the CoR’s Limits To Growth, and had Maurice Strong cart NGO’s to the Stockholm summit and use them as controlled opposition to wip souvereigns into obedience.
Ban Ki-Moon is only the latest executor of that strategy.

Steve P

“I will link arms with those marching for climate action,” Ban told a press conference. (Grauniad)
I wonder if he’ll link arms with celebrity Leonardo di Caprio, Al Gore, oe perhaps the mild-mannered Quincy Saul, columnist for Truthout, who shared his rallying cries for the mob mustering up for the march in an op ed “Like a Dull Knife” on September 16.

We are going to join the rest of the human race. For 200 years too long, citizens of the United States have been parasites and predators on the rest of the world. To prevent climate catastrophe, we are going to leave our imperial hubris behind, and join with the revolutionary ecosocialist uprisings that are sweeping the global South.

The links I previously posted to this article, as well as to the People’s Climate March were pulled from my previous comment on this gathering. Again, I suggest review of the 1000+ participating organizations in the People’s Climate March, but you’ll have to use your search engine to get to their website, or to 350 org.


Ah, we wouldn’t censor a link to The People’s Climate March or would we?


Other forms of communication? Australia may have to look into that. We’ve been applying hints with a sledge hammer but it doesn’t seem to be getting through Ban Ki Moonbeam’s thick skull…
Prior to election the Australian PM said “global warming is crap”
After the election he said there would be no more tolerance for “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”
The last Globalist Warbler talk-fest we were forced to attend the Australian delegates lounged around in T-shirts and thongs, gorging on snacks and did nothing other than snigger at the believers.
The new government then sacked the climate council and repealed the carbon tax.
The “renewable” energy target is now being targeted and all new subsidy farming scams are now in doubt.
But the UN kleptocrats still can’t take the hint. The world is no longer their stage and it is time for some sorry players to have their ignoble exits. The rubenesque diva is practising her scales and the buses are warming up.
For every Globalist Warbler the outer darkness now awaits. Given their proven skills at wailing and gnashing of teeth the adjustment should not prove too difficult…


Well done Anthony. Thank you for providing an opportunity for so many to provide their express their frustration with the lack of moral courage shown by so many in Politics, the Academia and the MSM who have supported this unsubstantiated, failed hypothesis of CAGW.
Just a bit disappointed though that Australia wasn’t mentioned with the other countries rejecting this rubbish.
Also, well done to Mark Steyn. Lets hope he has the full measure of success to which he is entitled.

there are “other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations.”
Is this a threat?


While his words imply a threat the UN is only as powerful as those that make it seem powerful. Ban Ki-Moon may have just stepped in his own milk!

So it’s true when they say, “We have ways of making you talk.”


“there are “other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations.”
He must be referring to ’email’. That ban Ki-Moon, he`s so hip.

Paul Coppin

Twitter – they’ll tweet their leadersip in…

Paul Coppin

oops – “leadership”, although what I wrote may be more on point..

shortie of greenbank

better latte than never.
More environmentally friendly than attending a word bingo conference too.

no way to email…they’re sexting


vee have ways of making you listen


Well, the message is clear: the fad of wringing your hands and peeing a puddle over climate change is now passe’. Also, our poor hand-puppet of a president is not going to revive the fad and reap benefits in the fall elections. Obama’s humiliation is the price he pays for not being able to see what all of the other chiefs can see: global warming is history.


ah, “hand-wringing puddle-peeing.
I have a new favorite phrase. thanks for the inspiration.

I would be very surprised if Putin turns up. He would not want to give Obama a leg up.


In an opinion piece called “Let’s Reject the ‘Inevitable’” (yeah right inevitable), Mark Bittman in the NY Times mentions this Sunday’s “People’s Climate March” in New York City as being more important than the World Leaders Climate Summit. Since the Climate summit is a dud, this piece seems like an attempt to downplay it.
This is the first I have heard of the “People’s Climate March”, is there any other news on the it?
Sorry just the term “People’s Climate March”, people marching for the climate sounds absurd. I can see protesting dumping of nucleur waste near your community, or a factory polluting a river in your state, or lack of jobs, but protesting government not changing the climate is only possible in the reality of the insane.

Apparently it will be a good sized march, a friend of mine and Mass Sierra Club officer or whatever is going and said the buses are sold out. A lot of organizations are involved. Of course, there may be a number of people looking for a cheap one-day shopping trip in NYC.
Sadly, the day of the march will be fairly warm, at least it’s being held between cool stretches of weather. There will be some freeze warnings up the next couple of nights in New Hampshire. We may wind up with a good foliage season this year. That’s worth staying home for!


Now it all falls into place: Obama goes to NYC and leads the parade in the vain hope of mobilizing public sentiment for the elections this fall. One problem- no other world leader will be there. Wonder how this will play in the media.

Tom in Florida

Perhaps it is as simple as nobody really wants to spend time in New York. If the summit were to be held in Las Vegas they probably would have a full house of participants.

In Business, it is called “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. And I bet they are both waiting by their phones.


Congratulations Mr. Watt! Your work has value.


No question.. And a few more good men, like Steve M, are saving the worlds climate science and climate history from destruction.

Can anyone tell me who or how the UN is financed? I suspect it is the poor bloody taxpayers in the democr
acies, the U. S. A. in particular. David.


iirc, the USA pays 25% (33%?) of its budget. There is no incentive to be frugal.

We borrow the money from China to give to the UN.

Village Idiot

“WUWT story from two days ago….went viral” “Visitors:179,742”
Well, as someone once said, ‘Everything is relative’
“Everyone has a different opinion on what classifies as “viral.” Marketers tend to use it in a different way that regular folks do. While regular Internet users might describe a viral piece of content to be something like the Gangnam Style music video, businessmen and marketers might call a simple infographic or discount a viral sensation if it gets shared automatically just a few times.”


What does it have to say about trolls?


I’d call that mucho viral for the snorefest that is climate change.

Perhaps you can inquire about the number of visitors to SkS or RealClimate (remember them)? or Greg Laden’s site (what’s that URL, I’ve forgotten). Then we can apply “everything is relative.”
[Reply: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/01/16/greg-laden-liar ~mod.]

I agree: relative to blogs, the WUWT story went viral.

Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
Because it matters.


Are the missing countries in the ocean?


The simultaneous “inability” to attend of so many world leaders…. On a matter of such dire world import?
I love the Moon-spin. Rather than admit the leaders have better things to do, he turns it into a “it’s not their fault” moment.


part of the scarcity is likely to be the lame-duck status of O. His rapidly declining popularity all by itself is a huge factor: No one wants to be seen with him.

I’d go but my brother-in-law is in town for the week.
I’ve set up tee times, hair appointments and a manicure.
I hate to miss the meeting but I’m just unable to tear myself away.

Tom in florida

Oops, for a minute I thought that post was from President Obama.

Mrs. “Climate Chancelor” Angela Merkel has no time, too. She must save the Euro.


“Ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat!” – Vladimir Putin

Pamela Gray

I think we should encourage Dumbo and the Far East version of Moonbeam to go play together in their little clubhouse. At least they are out of our hair for a short while being idiots doing idiot things to those of us gassing up our cars to get to work in order to support their little habits and obsessions.


Since there are other means of communication, why not cancel these summits altogether? Has anyone done a formal calculation of the carbon footprint of the thousands of people who arrive at such summits.


More views on WUWT means more people coming out of the fog of propaganda


Perhaps the Australian government could persuade Barry Humphries to send Sir Les Patterson, the charming, diplomatic and abstemious High Representative to the Court of St James…
(For those of an American persuasion who may not have seen this character – I’m sure he’s on Youtube somewhere – just make sure there are no children or elderly relatives of a nervous disposition in the room…)


oh 🙂 ROFLMAO! excellent suggestion.
and on “other means of comms”
well TA made it very clear NO climate crud up for discussion at the G20 in qlkd later this year either
reckon thats crystal clear!
[“qlkd” is Queensland? .mod]

Geoff Sherrington

While Sir Les Patterson was designed to appeal to rough house humour types, I recommend the character Sandy Stone for a much more subtle representation of thoughts and emotions from the creative brain of Barry Humphries. Sandy Stone is a can of worms portrayed with brilliance.


“Let them use Teleconferencing.”

Let ’em call the whole thing off.
That’d be better.

Roy Martin

Better yet, “Teleconnections”…

Man Bearpig

there are “other means of communications, ways and means of having their leadership demonstrated in the United Nations.”

{Use angle brackets instead of [] for html tags. -ModE}
Yeah, in England it involved two finger. In USA I think it is the middle finger only.