Cold summer: US daily record minimums outnumbering record maximums 3 to 1 in the last 30 days

Plus, there have been new snowfall records, almost unheard of in summer.

See the table:



Daily records  Tmax=368  Tmin =1072

Monthly records Tmax=6 Tmin= 17

3 new snow records.

I had noted earlier this year that the data feed from NCDC that allowed independent plotting of high/low temperature records has suddenly disappeared.

HAMweather has been running this map of record events for several years, and I have used it frequently in WUWT reports.


Yet, mysteriously, since February NCDC appear to have yanked the data feed, as they been showing no new records for several months.


Paul Homewood points out that even PBS is affected by this outage:


It was not long ago that we were bombarded with claims of record high temperatures in the US. For instance, PBS introduced their new widget in 2011, shown above, to track daily records.

As they pointed out:

We’ve built this widget so our viewers can understand the significance of the heat, not only in terms of raw degrees, but in a format that compares today’s temperatures to previous record highs.

As of last September, it was still running. (Not that they cared to show record daily lows as well!)


With cold records outnumbering high records this year, it makes you wonder if NOAA’s NCDC might want to keep the reporting of these things close to home. I’ve seen no explanation as to why the data feed of high/low/precip and snow records stopped this year.

If anyone knows of it, leave a note in comments.

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August 23, 2014 10:25 am

Freezing to death is not incosistent with glabal warming!
Cold is the new warm

Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)
August 23, 2014 10:34 am

Would not the number of ‘Low Max’ days be more important than the number of ‘high max’ days? It would suggest that there are a lot more below-normal days going on.

August 23, 2014 10:35 am

…business as usual

August 23, 2014 10:47 am

In the UK the Met Office is forecasting that tonight could see record low temperatures for August.

Village Idiot
August 23, 2014 11:01 am

The ‘Great Cooling’ cometh.
“I had noted earlier this year that the data feed from NCDC that allowed independent plotting of high/low temperature records has suddenly disappeared.”
“ makes you wonder if NOAA’s NCDC might want to keep the reporting of these things close to home. I’ve seen no explanation as to why the data feed of high/low/precip and snow records stopped this year.”
Let’s just let those mischievous innuendos hang to give the conspiracy zealots time to tune in

Bob Weber
August 23, 2014 11:03 am

Excellent analysis. It’s cooooling……

Joel O'Bryan
August 23, 2014 11:05 am

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Joel O'Bryan
August 23, 2014 11:08 am

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell, 1984

John Robertson
August 23, 2014 11:09 am

Anthony, I hate to inquire, but have you tried asking NOAA for the reason why the NDCC updates reports are missing? I’ve seen you ask these sorts of questions before and getting responsible answers.
This sort of report is incomplete until that is done.

August 23, 2014 11:20 am

My local “concerned citizens” have fallen strangely silent about CAGW, CC or whatever these last few months.
We have had the wood stove going here , north of 60, these last few nights.
Leaves are turning on some trees, feels like late September.
But I am sure the talking head from Environment Canada will be back soon, assuring us all that its the warmest year ever.

Joel O'Bryan
August 23, 2014 11:21 am

this post of Anthony’s made the DrudgeReport.
That exponentially increases the public exposure of this information about NCDC’s “data stewardship” activities.
In a quaint, by-gone era, NCDC could adhere to it’s mission statement:
“A Trusted Authority on Weather and Climate Information —
The Nation needs a trusted authority on weather and climate information. Every day, governments, businesses, and individuals make long-term decisions—affecting lives and livelihoods—that require an accurate understanding of the natural environment. NCDC is well positioned to respond to this need by building upon sixty-one years of data and customer-focused science, service, and stewardship.”
– Apparently now that it is cooling, other political needs trump being a “trusted authority”.

August 23, 2014 11:25 am

If you need more proof of manmade global warming climate disruption change here it is!
Everyone knows that warming all over the entire globe makes record cold temperatures, and that the weather never changed before Al Gore had to change the name of global warming to climate change….

August 23, 2014 11:28 am

Bigger picture on global winds and temp on this site. Just click on the earth on the bottom left and pick your favorites.

August 23, 2014 11:28 am

Whenever something disappears, suspect cold or no warming. Why can’t they understand that we just want the facts?

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends upon his not understanding it”.
Upton Sinclair

August 23, 2014 11:39 am

Is there or has there been a report on “streaks”? Here in Texas in August we are accustomed to the nightly news telling us we have had, for example, 11 days of temperatures with highs above 100 — or whatever, and that the “last time we had such as streak was” whatever year during the Dust Bowl or something. This year, we haven’t had such news ledes. I’m curious about how likely or unlikely it is for a metro area to break a “streak” record — however such a streak is recorded.
Though, to be honest, the whole concept seems like a TV sportscaster’s analysis of weather than any kind of science or statistics. Still…

August 23, 2014 11:40 am

Declining summer snowpack in Montana.

Snow, hypothermia advisory issued for Glacier Park, Bob Marshall Wilderness

Global warming hits Scotland hard.

Brace yourself for freezing temperatures and an early winter, Met office issues severe weather warnings

August 23, 2014 11:52 am

It’s not just the US. Brrrrrr.

22, 2014
For U.K., Europe, It’s One of the Chilliest Augusts in Decades; Snow Possible in Scottish Highlands

As Dr. David Viner of CRU said in 2004…….
“Unfortunately, it’s just getting too hot for the Scottish ski industry.”

the truth
August 23, 2014 11:58 am

I am more concerned about man made pollution .Stop being slobs pick up youre garbage .Stop throwing it out car windows.You are more likely to die from disease swimming in the filth we created in or waters then Global warming.Nobody wants to swim with illegally dumped needles and feces when we visit our Ocean Beaches during the summer time.

August 23, 2014 12:17 pm

See no snow feel no cold.

Mike Mangan
August 23, 2014 12:20 pm

What does a Drudge link do to your stats, Anthony?
[Reply: So far, not much. ~mod.]

August 23, 2014 12:24 pm

Like posted prior got a buddy who goes to Glacier Nat Park to cool off every year he called early today snow on his pop up camper near “goat haunt” area there, so I thought it would be cool to see it via the web cam at the site.
Surprise that one web cam is down.

JJM Gommers
August 23, 2014 12:35 pm

It really starts to become scary, august is far below normal, appr. 3 oC. If this winter will be colder than normal I have to make my plans effective the coming year.

Frank K.
August 23, 2014 12:38 pm

Jimbo says:
August 23, 2014 at 11:52 am
But, Jimbo! I’m sure that the arctic is running at least 20 C above normal! (Well, we really don’t know because we don’t have any temperature stations up there[LOL]…but it IS possible.) Trenberth’s Missing Heat(tm) !! Catastrophic ice melting!!! Aiieeegghhhghghhghgh….

August 23, 2014 12:48 pm

This is obviously because all the heat is stuck in a hole in the Bermuda Triangle.

August 23, 2014 12:51 pm

I hope that this “outage” is caused by some sort of equipment failure. If scientists and people in authority are intentionally hiding this information, it is clear evidence of the sort of conspiracy that I don’t want to believe exists.
I’m much more comfortable believing in well-intentioned people that are simply unwilling to give up on long held beliefs, than active conspirators that seek to deceive us on things as basic as the weather.

August 23, 2014 1:12 pm

Yep, control the data, keep the propaganda bombardment going. Most of the sheeple won’t know any different.

Old England
August 23, 2014 1:13 pm

In the UK I suspect we are heading for the coldest August in a very long time – the last 10 days have been more like late September temperatures, and no sign of it improving.
The swallows which always nest in one of the barns usually gather and head South around the first week of September but they all left a couple of weeks ago – nearly a month early. Last year as I topped the grass in the fields at the beginning of September, as a final cut before autumn, I was surrounded by a few hundred swallows swooping within feet of my head (open cab) taking the insects coming out of the grass around the tractor. I will miss that this year, and from all the signs it is shaping up to be along cold autumn and winter.
Still I suppose if there is another Icelandic volcanic eruption as looks very likely I suspect the warmists will ‘backdate’ that to account for the cold August.

August 23, 2014 1:39 pm

Well, darn it all, the honeymoon is over. The homestead is ready for the ice age. I have to go back to work. But there is something very interesting to keep me warm…

August 23, 2014 1:45 pm

Snow even in July has always been a commom occurrence in the US Rockies. More important would be the elevation at which this snowfall occurred.

Joel O’Bryan
August 23, 2014 2:05 pm

Village Idiot says:
August 23, 2014 at 11:01 am
VI, this is a blog dedicated to critically analyzing data and climate claims from “establishment” scientists. Many of those government grant funded scientists have a vested reputational interest in the orthodoxy they helped create. Now when the recent claims begin to fall on hard times as the data rolling in doesn’t stop, the one response that is historically universal by governments is to remove the data from public viewing.
So when data streams once promised to public customers disappears with no reason given, and in the background of what is happening big picture with the current US administration’s various agencies and departments, one must be suspicious. It is healthy in a democracy and it is heathy in science to demand accountability and the truth.
You are indeed your screen name if you are naive enough to believe that the Obama Administrations has not taken generous liberties with both accountability and truth.
I for one am not into inuendos. I call the BS from John Holdren, the current EPA, and now leadership within NOAA for what they are… liars engaged in sophicated sophistry well mixed with tidbits of truth to obscure the deception now that nature isn’t cooperating with their preconceived agenda.

August 23, 2014 2:07 pm

Both hemispheres have recorded cold winters and, now, cold summers. Seems to be a trend.
Cold summers are potential harbingers of glacial ice growth, because the winter accumulation adds to an ice base that was preserved through the prior summer
The Sun is sliding toward the prolonged 24/25 minimum, bringing reduced solar magnetic field and solar wind, allowing more galactic cosmic rays to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere, leading to more cloud-condensation nucleii. More cloud cover means more reflection of solar radiation, reduced solar heating of oceans, less sublimation and melting of snow-cover and glacial ice, and increased polar-equatorial thermal gradients, which will increase tornadic and hurricane storm frequency and intensity.
Not a good forecast for billions of hungry people, especially when Western elitists want to reduce their access to cheap, reliable energy and plentiful food available through genetically modified food sources, fertilization, and other agronomic improvements.
People starving and shivering in the dark will justifiably detest – and rebel against – Leftist environmentalists.

Archy Don
August 23, 2014 2:33 pm

Further proof of global warming. Plus, the Bears lost recently against the Sea Hawks. Just more evidence.

August 23, 2014 2:50 pm

I keep seeing weather predictions here of temp’s approaching 100 deg. then when the day is over the temp. never gets anywhere near that high. as a matter of fact, this is the first time I can remember morning lows in the low 60’s in August. the prediction from the ‘Farmer’s Almanac’ is for a very cold winter. guess they aren’t counting on getting any government funding.

Jeff L
August 23, 2014 3:20 pm

Does anyone know where / when the 3 snowfall records were?

Stephen Rasey
August 23, 2014 3:22 pm

@Steele 8/23 12:51 pm
I hope that this “outage” is caused by some sort of equipment failure. If scientists and people in authority are intentionally hiding this information, it is clear evidence of the sort of conspiracy that I don’t want to believe exists.
“equipment failure” like a crashed hard drive without backup?
Yeah, I’d like to see NOAA use THAT excuse!

CC Squid
August 23, 2014 4:14 pm

geologyjim +100

August 23, 2014 4:17 pm

I saw on the NBC news Saturday tonight that a few of their main stories centered on weather. First the drought out west followed by Midwest highs ending with a tropical storm around the Turks and Caicos Islands. If I didn’t know better I’d think they were pushing Obama’s global warming agenda; which they were obviously because I do know better.

August 23, 2014 4:27 pm

Winter is coming

August 23, 2014 4:44 pm

We have yellow wasps digging their nest underground in our west side of garden, this year.
It’s under the over hang window of the house. Tunneled right in. Just starting to get them out of there as it’s by the window needed to bring in the firewood and near where we get it delivered.
When it’s a frozen crisp fall day, hopefully not too soon, we’ll have to dig it up and see how deep they went, right now using the flooding method, 15 mins of full hose couple of times today as a start since hitting it with wasp spray 2 days ago didn’t work.
Been quite unseasonably cool here this summer, windows shut tight at nights in our local, when usually can leave them slightly if not all the way open.

August 23, 2014 4:51 pm

Problem is the “red shift..” of the msm

August 23, 2014 4:51 pm

Anthony: Just curious. With temperatures falling and it’s looking like August this year may actually be the beginning of fall time rather than this coming September, has there been a significant number of more hits to your site. I’m wondering if all of the warmistas may be beginning to wonder about Global Warming / Climate change and are starting to look beyond the nonsense that they bought into for the past number of years.
REPLY: Summer has been busier traffic than in past years – Anthony

David in Michigan
August 23, 2014 5:23 pm

For what it’s worth, just saw the “Old Farmers Almanac” forecast for this winter. They are calling for a “very cold winter” in the U.S. pretty much from east of the Rocky Mountains. Rain in the west except for Southern California. There are of course more details than I’ve covered. They claim 80% accuracy. We shall see………..

August 23, 2014 5:33 pm

Global warming (aka climate change) is the religion of the stupid.

Luke Warmist
August 23, 2014 6:16 pm

I live in the Southeast valley in Phoenix, surrounded by a golf course with a number of lakes. Already this year we’ve seen several large flights of geese come in for an overnight stop. It sure seems early this year, and it makes me wonder what they know, that we don’t.

August 23, 2014 7:04 pm

Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
Real world data. Snow in summer. Obviously due to global warming.
Remember, cold kills; warmer is better.

August 23, 2014 7:05 pm

I guess its time for everyone to sell their Prius’s and get back to their hummers!
In all seriousness we are having a very mild August in the Valley of the Sun, I think we are about three weeks ahead of time to end summer.

Gary Pearse
August 23, 2014 7:17 pm

We’ve had 17 to 22C when it should have been 25-30C in Eastern Ontario and the Intelliweather map in the right margin has been fairly blue for the whole continent this summer.

Jack R
August 23, 2014 7:28 pm

Instead of sun block, studded snow tires.

August 23, 2014 7:37 pm

you can always come down to South Texas. I’ve lost count of how many 100+ days we’ve had so far lately.

Richard G
August 23, 2014 8:34 pm

August 23, 2014 @ 1:45 pm.
The forecast is for 1″-3″ above 6,500 ft. and 2″-5″ above 7,000 ft. in Montana.

James the Elder
August 23, 2014 9:01 pm

the truth says:
August 23, 2014 at 11:58 am
I am more concerned about man made pollution .Stop being slobs pick up youre garbage .Stop throwing it out car windows.You are more likely to die from disease swimming in the filth we created in or waters then Global warming.Nobody wants to swim with illegally dumped needles and feces when we visit our Ocean Beaches during the summer time
Really? Then take your message to where those people live.

August 23, 2014 9:45 pm

Cold in July
Film about a group of citizens who find themselves in a showdown against a hardcore cell of environmentalist fundraisers.

August 23, 2014 10:20 pm

This is not news. The weather’s been strange for a number of years now.. which is what some people have been trying to tell everyone else.

August 23, 2014 10:33 pm

The overriding long term forecast for future climate prediction is that we have been experiencing the end of an interglacial period and that glaciers can advance and retreat rapidly.

August 23, 2014 11:12 pm

The Vostok Ice Core studies have been telling us we are 40,000 years overdue for an ice age! It may well be coming now. Burn more stuff!
Google “Two Minute Conservative” and when you speak they will listen.

Joel O’Bryan
August 23, 2014 11:23 pm

If you had been an adult in 1933-1938, I have no doubt you would have found those years even stranger.
Dust storms that blotted out the skies across mid America for weeks. Depression, breadlines, national socialism on the rise in Europe. Migrations to camps in California, hot summers that stretched to October.
The stories of drought and heat in the US heartland are etched in history, The Grapes of Wrath, and many other authors, including the best of all, The Hungry Years, by T.H.Watkins.
Currently, we have the elements within our government, who control temperature records who need to erase that history, specifically the hot weather of the 30’s, for political ideological purposes.
Strange today? Okay maybe. Unprecedented, even within the last 100 years? Hardly.

John Campbell
August 24, 2014 12:34 am

I’m loving this. Just to watch the global warming/climate change scam artists and gullible scramble for excuses is a hoot! On top of that is their typical condemnation for having a page linked on Drudge. Then it’s off to the river DeNile for their leftist political agenda, but somehow that just doesn’t explain their contempt for Drudge.
The latest buzzword for the global warming/climate change scam artists is “hiatus”. Nope. couldn’t possibly be wrong, just a “hiatus”. In other words they hope to revisit this same tired old garbage in another 25 years with the hopes that a new generation of youth to lie to will be ignorant enough to buy into it.
Not if I’m still around. :o)

August 24, 2014 12:48 am

John Campbell,
You are correct: ‘hiatus’ is the latest Orwellian term. They just can’t bring themselves to admit that global warming stopped many, many years ago.
It can be called a ‘pause’ or a ‘hiatus’ only if it resumes. Which it may… or not.
Nobody knows. So for now, global warming has stopped.
Suck it up and admit it, alarmist deniers!

August 24, 2014 12:48 am

What. Are you people stupid? When it gets cold you turn down your thermostat…..The air kicks on and you will be warmer……You don’t believe this? ……DENIER!!!!

M Courtney
August 24, 2014 12:59 am

Mike Mangan says at August 23, 2014 at 12:20 pm

What does a Drudge link do to your stats, Anthony?


[Reply: So far, not much. ~mod.]

So the general public doesn’t find climate change to be particularly newsworthy?
Isn’t this meant to be the end of the world – as newsworthy as it comes?
This is evidence that we sceptics are winning.
[Reply: Usually there is a bump in page views. But not this time. ~mod]

wayne Job
August 24, 2014 1:04 am

IDD, wasps that burrow are easy to kill. Wait till dark when they are all home, pour into the hole a cup full of gasoline and close the hole. The fumes kill them quickly.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)
August 24, 2014 3:19 am

wayne Job said on August 24, 2014 at 1:04 am:

IDD, wasps that burrow are easy to kill. Wait till dark when they are all home, pour into the hole a cup full of gasoline and close the hole. The fumes kill them quickly.

Or do like I did when I found a nest near the house at a former shrub stump and got stung about 20 times. Get ‘Brake Clean’ like found at auto parts stores, the spray from the can reaches paper wasp nests under one-story eaves and it kills them well. Even the “Greener” versions work since if it would be “environmentally friendly” enough to not kill them it wouldn’t clean brake parts very well so wouldn’t sell.
For this ground nest, after the stings, to start I added in my butane lighter. Flamethrowers are good for displaying annoyance. Then un-ignited cleaner, some more ignited, then un-ignited, repeat. Finishing with an unneeded bucket of water that was handy.
Might have been forty stings ’til I was done, didn’t notice them much after the first ten. That nest never came back.

Henry Galt
August 24, 2014 3:59 am

Enjoy the upcoming warm September folks. It’s mostly downhill after that, trendwise There will, as there was in the LIA, be hot spots over the next decades but it is getting unstoppably colder from here no matter how much CO2 we add to the atmosphere.

August 24, 2014 4:43 am

Cooler temperatures for one summer doesn’t mean you can question whether or not climate change is real.

August 24, 2014 5:43 am

But John Kerry recently told us climate change (aka global warming, he did get the Al Gore memo, obviously, about the name change) “was among the top international threats facing the United States, cheering environmentalists and disappointing oil industry officials, who have been watching how his confirmation as secretary of state could affect the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline.”
He wouldn’t lie to us … would he? I think his lips were moving though.

August 24, 2014 6:05 am

” wayne Job says:
August 24, 2014 at 1:04 am
IDD, wasps that burrow are easy to kill. Wait till dark when they are all home, pour into the hole a cup full of gasoline and close the hole. The fumes kill them quickly.”
The next knock on your door will be the EPA SWAT team, armed to the teeth, to cite you for illegal toxic waste dumping. The neighborhood will be evacuated and your property confiscated as a toxic hazard. Arrest will follow and then a HAZMAT team will visit to excavate and bag the contaminated soil, remove it to a designated waste site and pass off the costs to you.

August 24, 2014 6:05 am

wait so let me guess its cooling becuase it global warming right, what a bunch of crap

August 24, 2014 6:08 am

I do not think we had a heatwave this whole summer, no intense hurricanes… somehow people are going to twist this that global warming is real (real to the extent that it is an imminent threat)
No matter what happens, hot ,cool, too much rain, drought … its always because of global warming

John Campbell
Reply to  conmbo2
August 24, 2014 1:19 pm

The only place in the U.S. that I know that has suffered from any heat wave has been California, which is mostly desert anyway and fully expected. Typical for drought as well. The difference this year seems to be a few more days of over 100F* temps, but none have been hitting the really high marks. Hopefully we’ll be spared such this year. While the rest of the nation gets a cold wake up call, I fully expect a mighty cold winter where people who bought into the idea of getting rid of their winter protective gear over global warming garbage are going to be in for a rude awakening.

Reply to  John Campbell
August 24, 2014 4:27 pm

California, where I reside, has had cooler and drier air coming off the north Pacific ocean and where cold air carries less water vapor than warm air is now in a drought and has been for about ten years of record, but more like 17 in fact. This is all consistent with a cooling trend and the coming ice age which is 40,000 years overdue according to the Vostok ice core studies. It is all well documented and understandable to anyone with an IQ over 100.

August 24, 2014 6:24 am

“The Earth has a Fever” – Al Gore

August 24, 2014 6:48 am

Stop with the faulty logic of record cold at X = global warming is false. What right wingers dispute is man made climate change as the right wing propaganda machine wants big business to be able to pollute with no consequences. Yet the mess at Fukushima is not OK, go figure.

Reply to  JLR
August 24, 2014 8:24 am

The Vostok Ice Core studies show very clearly we are 40,000 years overdue for an ice age. It is probably beginning right now. What a joke on the elected ruling class trying to tell us we need to pay new taxes to prevent “global warming.” Hah!

August 24, 2014 6:51 am

Earth has been cooling at a frightening rate since 1933.
NASA, and other loony Liberals, decided to replace raw thermometer readings for the past 100+ years with Mann synthetic data from one of his loony computer models that have a +1C temperature spike built into the data to “prove” earth is warming.
Thus earth’s temperature looks like it has not changed in 17.5 years now
when in reality it is cooling at an alarming rate.
that’s what you get when Liberals lie – the unintended consequences always get them.
Hope you have your parka already……..

August 24, 2014 8:10 am

OT but mentioned earlier…
The fastest and “greenest” way to kill wasps is to douse them with a 20:1 (approx) mixture of dishwashing soap (i.e. Dawn) and water. After being hit with the soapy water, they cannot fly and they die almost instantaneously. It works amazingly well and doesn’t harm paint or plants.

August 24, 2014 8:31 am

Nice try JLR, but CO2 is not a pollutant.

Roy Lofquist
August 24, 2014 8:41 am

You cite the solar wind as a cause of temperature change because more cosmic rays penetrate the magnetosphere. Something you might consider: the solar wind constitutes a multi-million ampere electrical current flowing past the earth. The earth’s core is mostly iron. The earth rotates. Electrical current + rotating iron = generator. Kinda like a giant hotplate at the bottom of the ocean.

August 24, 2014 9:11 am

Not the first time their data has gone dark. NOAA used to post polar ice coverage data sheets. After a post on their site spoke to the observation that as the Artic ice-sheet’s max coverage lessened, the Antarctic sheet expanded in harmony and vice-versa; those data points also went missing. Can’t have Mother Naure interfere with science.

August 24, 2014 9:24 am

This summer chill you speak about was predicted at my website 10 weeks ago. That was when everybody and his brother, including the Farmer’s Almanac was calling for a “Very Hot” summer. Want evidence? Go here.

kadaka (KD Knoebel)
August 24, 2014 9:45 am

Dear Moderators,
“top long beach seo firm says:
August 24, 2014 at 8:48 am”
This is spam. Handle link is:
And they lied, they have no blogroll.
REPLY: thanks, deleted – Anthony

A Reader
August 24, 2014 9:51 am

The temperature variations actually have a cooling effect on Earth’s atmosphere. This mathematical fact contradicts the fallacious argument of AGW believers who maintain that the increase in atmospheric temperature variations prove that AGW is actually happening.
And these are the high temperatures that cool down Earth’s atmosphere as they increase outgoing radiation that dumps more heat from Earth to space.
So, those who use cases of hot Summer temperatures as an “evidence” supporting AGW are totally wrong. Remember that the temperature increases that AGW is supposed to cause are so small that they are undetectable without thermometer or similar device, and if AGW were true in its original version, we would not notice any change without using instruments.

August 24, 2014 9:54 am

There’s only one word for this story: cool!

A Reader
August 24, 2014 10:04 am

mick says:
August 24, 2014 at 4:43 am
“Cooler temperatures for one summer doesn’t mean you can question whether or not climate change is real.”
Your argument is invalid. The AGW theory has flaws in it. As a result, it was never proved, since flawed theories do not have valid profs. The “evidence” is inconclusive, either, as it is typical with evidence not backed by flawless theory.
So, here you have a highly questionable and suspected hypothesis (AGW), imposed as “settled science” (which it is not) by mostly political means, that is at odds with the facts, and you claim that those facts has to be ignored besause they appeared just in “one summer”.
You are advocating methological nonsense, Pal.

Reply to  A Reader
August 24, 2014 10:54 am

The facts of the matter are very simple and compelling, to wit:
CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?
The Medieval Warming from 800 AD to 1300 AD that Micheal Mann erased to make his “hockey stick” was several degrees warmer than anything “global warmers” fear. It was the longest recorded time, 500 years, of peace with great abundance for all.
The Vostock Ice Core data analysis show CO2 increases follow temperature increases by 800 years 19 times in 450,000 years. That makes temperature change cause and CO2 change effect; not the other way around. This alone refutes the anthropogenic global warming concept.
Carbon combustion generates 80% of our energy. Control and taxing of carbon would give the elected ruling class more power and money than anything since the Magna Carta of 1215 AD.
Most scientists and science educators work for tax supported institutions eager to help government raise more money for them. And, they love being seen as “saving the planet.”
Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and you will be applauded when you speak truth at your next dinner party, barbecue or church picnic.

D. Hasa
August 24, 2014 11:03 am

Virtually all on the Left swallowed and has subsequently regurgitated Al Gore’s self serving nonsense for years. Wouldn’t it be somewhat refreshing if one of them would admit to being duped and used by that charlatan and revel him for what he is. I doubt, of course that this will happen since the airheads that bought this stuff in th first place have as little honesty and integrity as Gore himself.

August 24, 2014 11:37 am

This summer had been so cool we have had days where we could wear hoodies all day long! Proof that the earth goes through both warming and cooling periods, and the earth can take care of herself in case something goes wrong.

A proud American
August 24, 2014 11:46 am

It’s not called US warming its called GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!

August 24, 2014 12:27 pm

HOW can RECORD LOW TEMPS be possible anywhere, since THE entire world is getting warmer…..DemocRATS do know what the word GLOBAL means, right? They certainly don’t realize that Climate and Weather are synonyms, because they have just now figured out that THE WEATHER CHANGEs….

August 24, 2014 12:29 pm

A “Proud (to be ignorant) American” two above, does not know that GLOBAL means ALL OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD…..

August 24, 2014 1:00 pm

SILLY RABBITS! Global cooling is the NEW global warming! War is Peace and it’s 1984 all over again.

August 24, 2014 1:22 pm

Fixed for the just in time for no snow to be shown falling.
Odd they do not keep it going in winter with a Park operation at that location per their web site.

August 24, 2014 1:26 pm

Global Warming just caused an earthquake in California, and is getting ready to cause a volcanic eruption in Iceland……ICELAND….doesn’t that prove Global Warming is real?

John Campbell
August 24, 2014 1:35 pm

@ mick says:
August 24, 2014 at 4:43 am
“Cooler temperatures for one summer doesn’t mean you can question whether or not climate change is real.”
Mick, no one said climate change wasn’t real. Climate change is a 24/7/365 eternal reality. The idea though that man made climate change is somehow real is a little over the top. Swapping between “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” at a whim just isn’t getting it. You don’t get to have it both ways.
Somewhere along the line common sense comes in to play and the *Sky is falling, Chicken Little* type have to wake up from their self created fantasy/nightmare that only the entire world becoming good little socialists and giving their worldly wealth to the socialist government cut god is somehow their savior.
Do people not ever question what they are told? Isn’t it amazing that the God of the Holy Bible asks for your soul, but the globalist socialist government cult god demands cash? Think about it.

August 24, 2014 1:35 pm

Al gore and his friends got to losing their asses this year. So much for global warming or climate change theory. Its all a hoax!!!

August 24, 2014 1:50 pm

Of course, we here in the States will never see this kind of reputable scientific done or published by the now liberal controlled propaganda ministry, but is an article, from of all places, Russia’s Pravda (the former Soviet Union’s propaganda publication). It illustrates how we are, indeed, on the brink of a coming Ice Age, to which I say, “good”…freeze the northern half of the country and let the evil, lying liberal scum (aka: commies) suffer “God’s wrath” for their evil ways!
Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age
The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science. Many sources of data which provide our knowledge base of long-term climate change indicate that the warm, twelve thousand year-long Holocene period will rather soon be coming to an end, and then the earth will return to Ice Age conditions for the next 100,000 years.
Ice cores, ocean sediment cores, the geologic record, and studies of ancient plant and animal populations all demonstrate a regular cyclic pattern of Ice Age glacial maximums which each last about 100,000 years, separated by intervening warm interglacials, each lasting about 12,000 years.
Most of the long-term climate data collected from various sources also shows a strong correlation with the three astronomical cycles which are together known as the Milankovich cycles. The three Milankovich cycles include the tilt of the earth, which varies over a 41,000 year period; the shape of the earth’s orbit, which changes over a period of 100,000 years; and the Precession of the Equinoxes, also known as the earth’s ‘wobble’, which gradually rotates the direction of the earth’s axis over a period of 26,000 years. According to the Milankovich theory of Ice Age causation, these three astronomical cycles, each of which effects the amount of solar radiation which reaches the earth, act together to produce the cycle of cold Ice Age maximums and warm interglacials.

August 24, 2014 5:09 pm

No new record low set in the valley of the Minam River, NE Oregon this weekend, but unseasonably cold and rainy there. The guy who flew in ahead of us couldn’t see the grass strip to land, as it was fogged in.

August 24, 2014 5:21 pm

Just some observations –
Reports from NASA of a shrinking thermosphere. Reports of reductions in upper atmosphere humidity. Unusually high amounts of sea ice in the southern hemisphere.
Also of note is the rises in CO2 tend to lag the temperature rise by ~700 – 900years or so.
How long ago was the Medieval Warm Period?

Reply to  tom0mason
August 24, 2014 5:25 pm

The Medieval Warming period was from 800AD to 1300 AD or 500 years of abundance for all of the world with Vikings grazing sheep in Greenland and Europe awash in grain, a period of peace and plenty the “Greens” fear as it eliminates their fear power.

Reply to  adrianvance
August 24, 2014 5:28 pm

Thanks Adrian
Would be nice if it were ever that warm again.

August 24, 2014 5:46 pm

adrianvance says:
August 24, 2014 at 5:25 pm
The MWP was still in effect in AD 1300. The Greenland Norse didn’t disappear for well over a century after that date. There’s even a report from Icelanders blown off course who found a dead man of Norse appearance in Greenland as late as 1540.

August 24, 2014 5:49 pm

tom0mason says:
August 24, 2014 at 5:21 pm
The height of the MWP, warmer than the 20th century, was AD 1150 to 1300, but centuries before and after that peak were also warm.

August 24, 2014 6:03 pm

Back to some of the original questions in this article, it is puzzling how or why the data stopped being ingested by the HAM site. Perhaps an explanation on their site? Also, for what it’s worth, I always had a problem with the tracking of these records, as it includes all the NWS Coop sites in the country. You don’t know if a record is being set at a site that has been observing for only 10-15 years, or if it is from a site with a 75-100 year period of record. Much easier to set records when the period of record is short.

August 25, 2014 3:23 am

CO2 is a “trace gas” in air, insignificant by definition. It absorbs 1/7th as much IR, heat energy, from sunlight as water vapor which has 188 times as many molecules capturing 1200 times as much heat making 99.9% of all “global warming.” CO2 does only 0.1% of it. For this we should destroy our economy?

Or, one could note that “insignificant by definition” is entirely meaningless, and almost certainly incorrect, in this context. One could note that a straight-up computation of the physics of IR absorption of CO_2 and its easily measured back radiation suffices to demonstrate that its total effect is not trivial. As to its comparative strength relative to water vapor — that is highly variable with place and time (as is water vapor concentration), but overall you are correct, water vapor is on average the far more important greenhouse gas. It is not correct, however, to assert that water vapor is responsible for “99.9%” of all warming relative to the Earth’s expected greybody temperature. Both water vapor and CO_2 experience a log saturation of the absorbing bands so that its overall effect is more like 90% — by far the most important greenhouse gas but not “the only” greenhouse gas to the extent that the rest are negligible. Finally, actual calculations of the approximate expected warming to be expected from a doubling of CO_2 to around 600 ppm ignoring all feedbacks (which could be positive or negative) yield around 1 C (give or take a few tenths). The natural trended variability of the climate on a similar (century plus) timescale is also empirically around 1 C (give or take a few tenths, or rather a bit more allowing for our lack of good measurements over most of the past).
If feedbacks exist in the system that will strongly amplify this 1 C warming, it could have a significant impact on global civilization and ecology. If feedbacks exist in the system that would mostly cancel this 1 C warming, or if the feedbacks are essentially neutral, random noise, no feedback at all, it will have almost no impact on global civilization and little impact on ecology. The feedbacks are at best speculative at this point. There are good reasons to think that they are negative. James Hansen, however, asserted decades ago that they are strongly positive, and that assertion has dominated all model building since in spite of the fact that there is damn-all evidence to support it and everybody (when pressed) admits that a) we don’t understand the thermal impact of the water cycle very well; and b) the models cannot actually model dynamics at the scale where the water cycle actually happens, so they are driven by ad hoc approximations that we have no way of testing and little way to actually justify; plus c) we use aerosols (as a term/effect that cancels part of the warming) to balance the assumed CO_2 + strong H_2O warming and make it come out right in the reference period of strong warming in the 80’s and early 90’s. If this were all correct, the models might work, but balancing two large, cancelling terms in a sensitive differential equation is a process fraught with potential error, and it appears increasingly likely that it is not being done correctly because the models are NOT working.
NOW you can conclude “For this we should destroy our economy?”.
This I agree with. And not just our economy — we are killing the poorest people in the world, disproportionately children, with the deliberate distortion of energy prices brought about by the stridently anti-carbon policy.

Reply to  rgbatduke
August 25, 2014 9:04 am

“Both water vapor and CO_2 experience a log saturation of the absorbing bands so that its overall effect is more like 90%”
What BS! You are no scientist and probably educated in California where the curricula have been taken over by Communists who are destroying our science and technical education systems so well we are having to hire foreign trained people as ours cannot work the problems! “log saturation!” My God!
Please go to and get an education. In the piece entitled “White Paper” we do a step-by-step calculation showing how water vapor is in fact responsible for 99.9% of all atmospheric heating.
CO2 is classified as a “trace gas” which is another way of saying “Forget about it.” It is of no significance in the atmosphere, but carbon combustion is responsible for 80% of all our energy and if the elected ruling class can tax and control carbon based fuels they will have more money and power than at any time in the history of governments. It is just that simple.
If you want to be a fool and pay more taxes, be my guest. You will only see to it that I get very rich on my patents, like 7,855,061, as I have created a carbon economy to cash in on all you fools. See my book, “Turning Carbon Into Gold.” I will be laughing all the way to the bank, but unlike Jim Hansen I have a conscience as I do not want to live in another India with starving people and casts.

Bruce Cobb
August 25, 2014 4:52 am

Here in New Hampshire, it’s been a cool and rainy summer. I believe they recorded (just barely) a heat wave in Concord just once, earlier in the summer, but I’m guessing overall we’ve been perhaps 5°F cooler than average. Some trees are already starting to show color.

August 25, 2014 6:11 am

Same here in Colorado where it is normally dry in the summer and considerably warmer. Now, very cool and rainy.

August 25, 2014 7:37 am

Second hand “weather” report from Glaicer Park Montana.
Frost on my buddies punpkin at dawn today.
He has a hand held temp insturment he has hanging on a nail on a tree about 5′ 9″ off the ground it read 30 F before the sun came to him. The hot coffee was important to his family once they got up as they slept in due to the cold.
Now here in North East Texas a high over east of us is pushing mosture toward us and the humity and the predicted high of 95 F feels like 105F to us older ones.

August 25, 2014 8:16 am

Bob Honiker Says:
August 23, 2014 at 12:48 pm
This is obviously because all the heat is stuck in a hole in the Bermuda Triangle.
Maybe just to the left in Florida anyway. NWS is impressed by the warm column of air in the Tampa area anyway.
I guess an anomalous lapse rate isn’t sexy enough to catch CAGW headlines. Maybe they can tie polar bears to weather balloons. Oh the humanity!

August 25, 2014 9:27 am

rgbatduke says: August 25, 2014 at 3:23 am
NOW you can conclude “For this we should destroy our economy?”.
This I agree with. And not just our economy — we are killing the poorest people in the world, disproportionately children, with the deliberate distortion of energy prices brought about by the stridently anti-carbon policy.
Allan says:
On Cheap Energy:
I strongly agree with your last sentence. All societies rich and poor benefit from cheap abundant energy. Excess winter mortality rates are also being experienced in the UK (and presumably elsewhere) due to high energy costs.
On Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity:
Regarding the magnitude (and even the existence) of Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS), I suggest this issue less than clear.
Atmospheric CO2 apparently lags “global” temperature T by about 800 years over a time scale of several hundred thousand years of recent Earth history.
CO2 also lags T in the modern data record by about 9 months, on a shorter time cycle driven primarily by seasonal changes and the larger Northern Hemisphere landmass.
It appears that CO2 lags T at all measured time scales. This still allows for other significant drivers of atmospheric CO2, such as fossil fuel combustion, land-use changes such as deforestation, ocean outgassing, etc.
There is reluctance of most parties on both sides of the “mainstream” climate debate to discuss the “CO2 lags T” issue. The mainstream climate debate is essentially an argument about the magnitude of ECS:
Warmists typically say ECS >= 3C or more, which is not supported by real Earth observations (data);
Skeptics typically say ECS <= 1C, which is more reasonable but still questionable, in my opinion.
I suspect this general reluctance to discuss “CO2 lags T” is a fear of being ridiculed or marginalized. However I suggest it is at the very core of the “catastrophic humanmade global warming” (CAGW) issue.
For example, the concept of ECS must ASSUME that CO2 drives T, but does ECS really exist is any physical sense?
What are the alternatives:
A) Maybe ECS does not exist at all in physical reality, and we should be discussing the sensitivity of atmospheric CO2 to temperature (let’s call it ECO2S).
B) Maybe ECS co-exists along with ECO2S in physical reality:
B1) In this scenario can we conclude that ECO2S exceeds ECS since that is the only signal we can detect in the modern data record; or
B2) Is it possible that ECS exceeds ECO2S but exists on a longer time scale that is difficult to detect in the modern data record?
I suggest that the oft-fractious “mainstream debate” between warmists and skeptics about the magnitude of ECS is probably materially irrelevant. ECS, if it exists at all, is so small that it is insignificant.
If ECS (which assumes CO2 drives temperature) actually exists in the Earth system, it is so small that it is overwhelmed by the reality that temperature drives CO2.
In this enormous CO2 equation, the only signal that is apparent is that dCO2/dt varies ~contemporaneously with temperature T, and CO2 lags global Lower Troposphere temperatures by about 9 months.
On Aerosols:
Allan MacRae (03:23:07) 28/06/2009 [excerpt]
Douglas Hoyt:
The pyrheliometric ratioing technique is very insensitive to any changes in calibration of the instruments and very sensitive to aerosol changes.
Here are three papers using the technique:
Hoyt, D. V. and C. Frohlich, 1983. Atmospheric transmission at Davos, Switzerland, 1909-1979. Climatic Change, 5, 61-72.
Hoyt, D. V., C. P. Turner, and R. D. Evans, 1980. Trends in atmospheric transmission at three locations in the United States from 1940 to 1977. Mon. Wea. Rev., 108, 1430-1439.
Hoyt, D. V., 1979. Pyrheliometric and circumsolar sky radiation measurements by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory from 1923 to 1954. Tellus, 31, 217-229.
In none of these studies were any long-term trends found in aerosols, although volcanic events show up quite clearly. There are other studies from Belgium, Ireland, and Hawaii that reach the same conclusions. It is significant that Davos shows no trend whereas the IPCC models show it in the area where the greatest changes in aerosols were occurring.
There are earlier aerosol studies by Hand and Marvin in Monthly Weather Review going back to the 1880s and these studies also show no trends.
Repeating: “In none of these studies were any long-term trends found in aerosols, although volcanic events show up quite clearly.”
Here is an email received from Douglas Hoyt [my comments in square brackets]:
It [aerosol numbers used in climate models] comes from the modelling work of Charlson where total aerosol optical depth is modeled as being proportional to industrial activity.
[For example, the 1992 paper in Science by Charlson, Hansen et al]
or [the 2000 letter report to James Baker from Hansen and Ramaswamy]
where it says [para 2 of covering letter] "aerosols are not measured with an accuracy that allows determination of even the sign of annual or decadal trends of aerosol climate forcing."
Let's turn the question on its head and ask to see the raw measurements of atmospheric transmission that support Charlson.
Hint: There aren't any, as the statement from the workshop above confirms.
In Summary
There are actual measurements by Hoyt and others that show NO trends in atmospheric aerosols, but volcanic events are clearly evident.
So Charlson, Hansen et al ignored these inconvenient aerosol measurements and "cooked up" (fabricated) aerosol data that forced their climate models to better conform to the global cooling that was observed pre~1975.
Voila! Their models could hindcast (model the past) better using this fabricated aerosol data, and therefore must predict the future with accuracy. (NOT)
That is the evidence of fabrication of the aerosol data used in climate models that (falsely) predict catastrophic humanmade global warming.
And we are going to spend trillions and cripple our Western economies based on this fabrication of false data, this model cooking, this nonsense?
On Global Cooling:
I wrote an article in the Calgary Herald published on September 1, 2002, which included this prediction of global cooling:
“If (as I believe) solar activity is the main driver of surface temperature rather than CO2, we should begin the next cooling period by 2020 to 2030.”
When I wrote this in 2002, SC 24 was predicted to be strong, and we now know it is quite weak.
I still think my 2002 global cooling prediction will materialize, although I wonder if this cooling will start a bit sooner than 2020.
To be clear, the serious work on the 2020-2030 global cooling forecast came from Paleoclimatologist Tim Patterson of Carleton University.
I phoned Tim and said: “Tim, you and I both believe climate change is natural and (sort of) cyclical, correct?” Tim immediately agreed. So I said “OK, when is it going to get colder?” He then said, with a pause of just a few seconds, “2020 to 2030”. I asked why, and he explained that he based his answer on his research into the Gleissberg Cycle, which is about 90 years long. I asked Tim if the ~60 year PDO cycle might be a better fit, but he preferred the Gleissberg.
If the PDO governs, then global cooling has probably already begun, but it will take a few more years to be sure.
I am increasingly convinced that CO2 is insignificant as a driver of global temperature.
Regards to all, Allan

Reply to  Allan MacRae
August 25, 2014 9:50 am

Quite correct. In all studies CO2 quantity increases follow temperature change from the Vostok Ice Cores to modern times. This means temperature is cause and CO2 is effect. CO2 is not the driver. The sun is the driver.
Also, if you set up the Le Chatelier expression for the atmosphere it is quickly seen water is the only player as it can change state in the temperature ranges found on Earth and it is a better absorber, molecule for molecule, of IR than CO2 by a factor of seven and has from 80 to 200 times as many molecules as CO2 depending on location, like over water which is 71% of the planet and is thus responsible for 99.9% of all atmospheric heating.
See this laid out, step-by-step at see “White Paper.”

August 25, 2014 10:30 am

adrianvance August 25, 2014 at 9:04 am
“Both water vapor and CO_2 experience a log saturation of the absorbing bands so that its overall effect is more like 90%”
What BS! You are no scientist and probably educated

You might want to take a good look at who you are arguing with before making such statements.

August 25, 2014 11:51 am
US Midwest setting cold records not just for days but months.

Some Guy
August 25, 2014 1:32 pm
Lil Fella from OZ
August 26, 2014 11:00 pm

Sending the numbers to AUS they will fix those numbers at MET (AUS). Just include a note to what you want them to show!

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