Exxon-Mobil joins the 'National Climate Declaration'

People send me stuff.

A dear friend sent me a PDF that contained a description of the ‘National Climate Declaration’ that had some big name company logos stamped all over it. See below:


Intrigued, especially since I had never heard of it before, I decided to go to http://www.climatedeclaration.us  I half expected to find it connected to Obama’s OFA or maybe weepy Bill McKibben’s 350.org. Nope.

I was immediately redirected here: http://www.ceres.org/bicep/climate-declaration

Which was my first red flag, it went to an environmental NGO, called “CERES” located in Boston, MA. The website climatedeclaration.us  doesn’t exist as its own website, it’s just web flypaper for the NGO.

I noted that I could sign up as an individual, or as a company. Looking at some of the big name companies there, I decided to see what sort of qualifications and actions might be needed. So, I clicked on that and was presented with a simplistic form. Looking at the web page coding underneath, I decided that there wasn’t likely much more to it, so I decided to put it to the test.

Reddy Kilowatt iconic pose.jpg

Reddy Kilowatt

I signed up Pacific Gas and Electric’s well known public information officer, “Reddy Kilowatt” to see if they would reject such an obvious and ridiculous character representing PG&E.

I thought surely they’d have some sort of checks and balances for major corporations to sign up. I thought sure they’d have some sort of requirement to prove that your corporation was indeed a responsible steward of the environment, and against climate change not only in words, but in deeds.

Sadly, no. See the screencaps:

Climate_declare_signup Climate_declaration_email

I thought to myself, why stop there?

It seems they’ll take anybody with a mascot:



And predictably, I got a confirmation email.


Looks like the ‘National Climate Declaration’ is just another green petition scam that anybody with an email address can join. I suspect they’ll hit you up later for donations. I’ll advise if that happens.


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Beware of the wooden horse.


Brown noses?

Amr Marzouk

A warm inner glow is had by all.

Richard Sharpe

Did you sign up the president?


Oh God that’s funny. The “Dear Tony” had me laughing out loud.


Looks like you are putting your Big-Oil money to good use …

There is no down side to getting on the bandwagon. So…..why not? Even if you know it is all a lie.
Steamboat Jack (Jon Jewett’s evil twin)

I being the kind and nice person I am, I invited Walter K. up to log on and sign up as the Pres. of M.I.T. (class himself as in the top 1% of the top1%) and join as “Reddy Fix The Facts Watts”

The tip of the Crony Capitalism iceberg – exhibition of the Greens conjuncting with Government –
. . . “All your contracts are awarded to us
(a ‘weak play’ on “All your base are belong to us”)
I predict more congress critters and lobbyists will get rich and contribute to the ‘wealth’ of the area in and surrounding ‘the beltway’ (Interstate 495, I-495, the “Capital Beltway”) area.
“… Bye, bye MIss American pie … ” (The day the Merican Dream Died)

I’m creating a list of companies to boycott.

bushbunny says March 3, 2014 at 6:49 pm
Brown noses?

Reminds one of that old joke among manufacturing engineers –
. . “What is the operational difference between a sn ithead* and a brown noser?
. . Good depth perception and excellent process control.”
* You know what I mean.

David Ball

Big oil is just givin’ it all away. Money to us, money to them,….. So, now that we’re all shills, the debate can proceed?

p@ Dolan

@ RobRoy says:
March 3, 2014 at 7:06 pm
“I’m creating a list of companies to boycott.”
That was my first thought. I saw New Belgium’s logo and thought, “Heck, I’m not a big fan of their beer, anyway…” And then I saw Diageo!!!! Oh my goodness! My Guinness?!!?
D@mn. Good thing I brew my own beer. Gonna miss Guinness…


Where’s Apple on that list?
Good job, Tony Thetiger. Well played…


You might want to redact your email.
I started to sign up Hannibal Lecter as the Head Chef at the 21 Club in NYC.
But came to my senses.

Tom in Florida

From their text:
“Today those things are threatened by a changing climate that most scientists agree is being caused by air pollution”
Not even close. Does anyone bother to read what they sign?

R. Shearer

Notify the American Nazi Party and the KKK, they may wish to join the struggle.

p@ Dolan

@ _Jim says:
March 3, 2014 at 7:09 pm
bushbunny says March 3, 2014 at 6:49 pm
Brown noses?
Reminds one of that old joke among manufacturing engineers –
. . “What is the operational difference between a sn ithead* and a brown noser?
. . Good depth perception and excellent process control.”
LOL! Can I quote you? I work w/Mechanical and Electrical Engineers…poor depth perception and process control…gonna get a lot of mileage outta that!
(yeah, they love me already…no harm done)


‘Scuse me. Email address from screencaps.
REPLY: yes, public here also: http://wattsupwiththat.com/about-wuwt/compose-story/

And here come the legendary Koch brothers…

Dave Yaussy

Isn’t Tony the Tiger the Frosted Flakes mascot? Same name for the Exxon tiger?

Exxon-Mobil is #2 on the Fortune 500 list (http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/global500/2012/snapshots/387.html) with profits of $41 Billion.
Meanwhile, the excellent 50-1 project didn’t get it’s relatively paltry funding goal fulfilled.
What could possibly be wrong with that picture?
I’ve often referred to Exxon-Mobil as the “Climate Change Denier Dog that Didn’t Bark”. With their deep pockets, they could crush CAGW mythology. They could send Nir Shaviv and Christopher Monckton on a well advertised speaking tours, take out ads showing the “pause” in global temperatures, educate the population about the real extent of sea level rise, Donna LaFramboise’s findings, etc., etc.
They appear to be deeply invested in the status quo, and, just like Denis Rancourt claimed, are going to keep pumping their oil and selling it. If anything, they will not “bark”, but rather go along with the CAGW scam, as long as it doesn ‘t hurt their profits
Indeed, keeping oil in the ground longer, while demand steadily rises, is one way to keep those billions in profits rolling in. Central to such a strategy are
a) having governments raise the price of oil via taxation (e.g., carbon taxation), but not so much that worldwide demand contracts
b) keeping large amounts of oil off the market, via warfare and destabilization of oil producing countries (see Greg Palast)
The son of the late, great inventor Dr. Alvin Marks has personally communicated to me that Exxon Mobil (as well as the US government) worked to suppress his father’s lumeloid technology. I’ve also known, from 30 years ago, that US auto companies suppress gas saving technologies (long story, 2nd hand info). At MIT, they’ve held conferences on supposedly discredited cold fusion, and here in NJ, a small research group has beat the big, hot fusion projects in a couple of parameters, funded by, relatively speaking, peanuts. (See http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/03/08/1071933/-In-the-race-for-fusion-a-dark-horse-takes-the-lead ) I’ve met Eric Lerner, and hung out with his friend and former roomate. Last I heard, this brilliant guy has to waste his time and energy trying to get funding, despite his track record.
Exxon Mobil is no more your friend than the deluded Greenies spreading the CAGW religion.

John F. Hultquist

With Climate Nazis embedded in all US Gov agencies from the Pres. to the IRS, Interior, and on and on and on — and especially those dealing with regulation and trade — it becomes advantageous to “go with the flow.” Doing otherwise can take a negative directly to the bottom line. One might argue that officers and board members have a fiduciary responsibility to partner with such groups as this.
I suggest you send an invoice to the companies you signed up and ask for your customary fee for services rendered be paid to your bank account. Or, suggest you will give up your fee if they send a donation to the Salvation Army or some such group.

Pamela Gray

How about signing up the following:
Theman Inthemoon
Martian Aliens
Elvis Presley
God Dammit
And don’t forget your dog.

Jim Brock

Well,, it was a relief to find that ExxonMobil wasn’t really on the list. You might want to modify the heading to save some folks from having a heart attack.

Jim Brock

Metamars: Re: Keeping the oil in the ground. Ever hear of present value? A dollar a hundred years from now is worth…well, nothing, today.


I find it “interesting” (and appalling) that top public financial officials from the states of New York and Connecticut are on the Board of Directors for Ceres:
Those people oversee many billions of dollars of public employee pension fund investments. Even if one believed (ha ha) that ‘green’ investments made financial sense for public pension funds, it is a fundamental conflict-of-interest for public officials to serve on such a Board while serving in govt.
Only naive or demented people could believe that there can never be divergence of interests between an organization like Ceres and the long-term financial interests of public employees and pensioners.
What if the best financial investments involve avoiding or betting against some of the Ceres partners??????


Perhaps we should all sign up as many real and fictitious entities as possible this evening, before they may correct this vast gaping hole in their operations….. It could be great to present the news media with a hilarious and/or scandalous list of enrolled companies….. Not that there are many real reporters who might take interest in this “green scandal”…..

Opra-tunety lost.

John F. Hultquist

ESSO Tiger</b)
1959 (ESSO) An advertising copywriter in Chicago comes up with the advertising slogan “Put a tiger in your tank.” Name not given at that time, and I did not find one.
Lots of images and usages. Here is one from almost 50 years ago.


In addition to CT and NY, there is the CEO of CalPERS (pension funds for California public employees), who chairs the Board of Directors for this farce:

“Anne Stausboll, Ceres Co-Chair
Anne Stausboll became Chief Executive Officer of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) in January 2009. She is the eighth CEO and first woman to head the Fund. Ms. Stausboll oversees 2,300 employees, a $332 million budget, and programs that include investments, health and retirement benefits administration. She served as CalPERS Chief Operating Investment Officer from 2004-2008. Ms. Stausboll serves as co-chair of the Ceres Board and was a member of the working group that drafted the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. She served on the group’s Governing Board from 2006 – 2009.”

Robert of Ottawa

Time to sell your Exxon shares – they’re onviously run bt nitwits.

John F. Hultquist

ESSO Tiger Sorry! (hangs head)

metamars says March 3, 2014 at 7:32 pm
The son of the late, great inventor Dr. Alvin Marks has personally communicated to me that Exxon Mobil (as well as the US government) worked to suppress his father’s lumeloid technology. I’ve also known, from 30 years ago, that US auto companies suppress gas saving technologies (long story, 2nd hand info)

100 MPG carburetor lore? Sorry, but carb technology was NEVER going to get you optimum gas mileage under varying conditions (including temperature, altitude changes), NEITHER WAS any other simple mechanical system that delivered fuel into the intake air stream .. it was not until port fuel injection tech came along that mileage and performance really took off. Remember, a constituent part of this is MEETING EPA emissions requirements.

I’ve also known, from 30 years ago, that US auto companies suppress gas saving technologies (long story, 2nd hand info).
Yeah. Some auto companies have fuel technology that could net them tens of billions of additional market share and monster profits, but they suppress it. Sure. Let’s go with that.

Juan Slayton
Old Huemul

I remember Herr Doktor Mann accusing skeptics of being ‘oil industry shills’ and ‘fossil fuel puppets”. Would that apply to promoters of the Climate Change declaration, signed by Big Oil companies? Or should oil firms be now regarded as converted to the true faith, and therefore ‘redeemed’ from previous sins?


To historians of the future, we bequeath for all practical purposes, an infinite amount of intellectual fodder.


@ p@ Dolan
Drink Murphy’s Irish Stout, it’s better than Guinness (owned by Heineken).

P@ Dolan

Good tip! I like Murphy’s. There are a number of others, as well, (Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, for example) that are terrific. But I practically grew up on Dublin Buttermilk
‘Tis a sad thing. My distant ancestor Niall would take 9 MORE hostages! I’ll simply live w/out… As we say in Surfer Japoanese, “Bummer desu, Dude!”

Interesting, perhaps minor, but more likely a dip into the mindset:
“The very foundation of our country is based on fighting for our freedoms and ensuring the health and prosperity of our state, our community, and our families.”
Yep – The State’s freedoms and Prosperity first, followed by the community, then families – oh, and don’t even bother with the freedom and prosperity of the individual. Notice how this is flipped upside down and backwards? But isn’t the whole scam about increasing state power and control by manipulating the fears of the voting individual thus transferring that power to the government self appointed elites while creating a money flow to sustain that power?
Yep – a telling Freudian slip there!

Those of us who work to deter big corporations from becoming handmaidens of the left may not recover from reading that story for some time.


Oh, that was hilarious!
The best laugh I had all day…
The CAGW disinformation religious cult is doing, as Tony the Tiger would say, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!!!!…


Don’t try to tell me to “save energy” then try to sell it to me at the same time. I am the CEO, I have a marketing division that promotes a product to be better than my competitors product, which by the way is exactly the same product under a different name. The product make your car go down the road, but please don’t use it, we need to save energy…save the planet!
P.S. I put green dye into it so it would be a “Green” product. Now you can feel good about your stop and go trip to work and back home. Don’t you love my product now? It’s the responsible thing to do. Save the children.


The Exxon (Esso) tiger doesn’t appear to have a name…. Tony was selling Frosted Flakes of course, which makes the whole story that much funnier.
BUT, beware how those slime bags might spin this…. as some kind of fraud.
I do see that the sponsors are a pretty narrow group. There are some big names in there, some of whom know better than to sign something so corny. There could be more sleight of hand beyond the underlying identity.


DocBud says:
March 3, 2014 at 8:47 pm
@ p@ Dolan
Drink Murphy’s Irish Stout, it’s better than Guinness (owned by Heineken).
Murphy’s is much better..in some respects. Yes…now I am getting thirsty! But put some green stickers on the label…seize the marketing opportunity to be planet friendly. Embrace the change…the climate change. And put a tiger in your tank; remember to change the fuel filter …frequently…as it clogs with tiger fur.

Janice Moore

Not a pretty sight, but, take heart, dear truth in science warriors. Look quickly enough when he reads any press releases about the above apparent deference to the Envirostalinists and you will see Tony the Tiger ( = Exxon) wink.
Exxon Mobil — STILL All About Petroleum — Yes!

“Words. Just words.”
And since they valiantly held out against ethanol gas (in my area, anyway) long after all the other brands caved (they’ve had to cave on that one too, for now):
A little P.R. shout-out to Conoco Phillips!

This doesn’t make any sense if you consider Exxon mobile just an oil company. But they’re also a natural gas company. And with solar and wind power needing peaking power plants when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, which is most of the time. Those peaking plants just happened to burn lots of natural gas.


Well then, cheers and beers to Conoco…..and then came the ethanol…that actually lowers your fuel mileage and eats non metallic seals…and why is my service light on?. what is next? Oh…I know…little Green RF chips that track the car’s movement so you pay by the mile (already do via fuel mileage). Another seize the opportunity moment! But wait…electric cars are not paying gas taxes…that simply is not fair…but neither are bicycles and pedestrians…we need RFchips in everything and everybody!!…and fairness if we are going to have Green cars. I mean …. new taxes and new ways to collect those Green taxes…
Must be the Murphy’s:)


What a shocker.
Not at all – Corporate America is, needless to say, part of the elite.
The elites favor the climate change crusade. They also favor, for example, gay marriage. Again, no surprise, the biggest transnational corporations have planted their flags for gay rights.
At some point, the climate skeptics will be forced to confront deeper issues in our culture. Such as: who decides who is or is not a member of the elite? And what disqualifies someone for membership?


I clicked on “www.climatedeclaration.us” and it’s dead now.

http://www.climatedeclaration.us could not be found. Please check the name and try again.