New FOIA emails show EPA in cahoots with enviro groups, giving them special access

From The Washington Free Beacon, Lachlan Markay. Press release follows.

Internal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emails show extensive collaboration between top agency officials and leading environmentalist groups, including overt efforts to coordinate messaging and pressure the fossil fuel industry.

The emails, obtained by the Energy and Environment Legal Institute (EELI) through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, could fuel an ongoing controversy over EPA policies that critics say are biased against traditional sources of energy.

Emails show EPA used official events to help environmentalist groups gather signatures for petitions on agency rulemaking, incorporated advance copies of letters drafted by those groups into official statements, and worked with environmentalists to publicly pressure executives of at least one energy company.

Nancy Grantham, director of public affairs for EPA Region 1, which covers New England, asked an organizer for the Sierra Club’s New Hampshire chapter to share the group’s agenda so EPA could adjust its messaging accordingly in an email dated March 12, 2012.

“If you could, it would great [sic] if you can send me an email describing what you would like to do in early April in NH–that way I can coordinate messaging with our air offices here and at HQ,” Grantham wrote.

Critics of the agency and its nonprofit allies were surprised by the cooperation.

“The level of coordination in these documents is shocking,” EELI said in a statement.


For Immediate Release:

January 14, 2014


Craig Richardson


Plans by EPA and Sierra Club to cripple coal industry exposed by FOIA Documents Obtained as a Result of E&E Legal FOIA Request

Washington, D.C. — A 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed by the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal), under its former name, the American Tradition Institute, has produced several hundred documents affirming the uncomfortably close working relationship between the current U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) and activist left-wing environmental groups in their effort to make abundant energy resources, particularly coal, much more scarce in America.

These records come in a series of productions in litigation spawned by two specific FOIA requests — a lawsuit filed after an EPA FOIA specialist admitted she and her colleague were instructed to do no work on the requests, as EELI counsel Chris Horner attested in a sworn affidavit. Mostly e-mails between EPA top officials and the Sierra Club, the records illustrate how certain EPA employees with backgrounds working for green pressure groups serve as liaisons to those groups in advancing a shared agenda. Other documents affirm the close advisory role the pressure groups play in key EPA actions, like EPA’s recently published New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for new coal-fired plants.

This collaboration takes place in many forms: emails providing, e.g., a list of coal plants the green groups insist any EPA standards block from coming or staying on-line, meetings at EPA and at the green groups’ offices where EPA comes to brief them, frequent conference calls, and at the Starbucks at Washington’s J.W. Marriott, across the street from EPA.

The latter is reminiscent of the Caribou Coffee revelations about this most transparent, White House, in history arranging off-site meetings with other lobbyists to avoid signing them in to the building (see, e.g., New York Times reportage of this subterfuge, here.)

The level of coordination in these documents is shocking, showing, for example, Sierra Club strategizing with EPA’s former green group activists, and other senior Obama appointees, about killing the coal and coal-fired electricity industries, even sharing a joke in one particular email saying EPA administrator Gina McCarthy had her “pants on fire” when assuring those parties they would remain viable under EPA’s regulations.

The e-mails show the central players to be two EPA officials who worked in the agency’s policy office at the time of the e-mails, Michael Goo (former legislative director of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) who left EPA for a senior Department of Energy post), Alex Baron, and EPA senior counsel Joe Goffman (a former EDF lawyer).  They all work closely with John Coequyt, who heads the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign.

In one e-mail Coequyt sent to Goo and Barron, he said,

“Attached is a list of plants that companies said were shelved because of uncertainty around GHG [greenhouse gas] regulations.  If a standard is set that these plants could meet, there is a small chance that they [sic] company could decide to revive the proposal.”

Coequyt is clearly signaling that that if the EPA sets achievable standards, proposed power plants on hold as the new standards are developed could ultimately be built, which is contrary to his group’s agenda.

Last week, the EPA finally released their New Source Performance Standards, four months after first announcing them.. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Energy (ACCCE), which plans to take the EPA to court over the new regulations, questioned what EPA was up to during those four months that it took the agency to post its NSPS.

Numerous other emails show close collaboration on EPA public hearings to generate support for the rule.

“ACCCE asks a very relevant question, if one that EPA’s own mail answers,” added Horner, the lawyer handling the lawsuit. “After reviewing the e-mails between one of the chief outside organizations in the war on coal, and their allies in the EPA, it’s clear that this process was one of trying to develop standards to kill the future of coal in America. And being less than honest about it, even according to their own allies in candid moments.”

Released documents as a result of E&E Legal’s FOIA request include:











The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) is a 501(c)(3) organization engaged in strategic litigation, policy research, and public education on important energy and environmental issues. Primarily through its petition litigation and transparency practice areas, E&E Legal seeks to correct onerous federal and state policies that hinder the economy, increase the cost of energy, eliminate jobs, and do little or nothing to improve the environment.



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Coal Gate!!

Peter Miller

Greenpeace rules!
As far as US climate policy is concerned, there can now be little doubt the ecoloons are running the asylum.

Ralph Short

The law that was passed is the “Freedom of information act”. Yet, under this administration, every time someone makes a request under that law they end up having to go to court to obtain the information. Does this make sense to anyone except to those who choose to violate the law.
It goes without saying it is no surprise this administration resists these citizens requests and then forces us taxpayers to contribute to their stonewalling efforts.


Wow. Think this will run and run – best get the ‘sticky’ tape out


The end justifies the Greens.

Tim Walker

Why am I not surprised and this was supposed to be the transparent administration? Why am I reminded of the wizard in the Wizard of Oz? “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” What is frustrating is how many are following that advice and ignoring the man behind the screen. At least this leader isn’t doing as bad of things as Adolf Hitler. Even if people are following him as blindly. Have we all become brainwashed robots?
On lighter news it has been another beautiful day.

Jeff L

The problem is the real big & true environmental problems have been addressed. When the EPA was formed there were real problems – like the Cuyahoga river catching fire. Now that those real problems are addressed, they have to come up with all sorts of pseudo-problems, like AGW, to justify their existence.
Alternate idea – lets downscale the EPA to a size proportional the real new environmental issues that need to be addressed – I am guessing that will be something like a 95% reduction.


It is a deeper relationship than these docs indicate. Out of court deals are struck. Apparently prior to filing law suits, that permit big green companies to later make faux suits agaisnt the collaborating EPA, with prearranged settlement terms. This permits imposing judgements instead of bothering with writing new laws or regs. And the judgements appear to offer fat ‘reimbursements’ of legal fees by the big green plaintiffs.

Bennett In Vermont

The best news since the Ship Of Fools! It’s time to take back our energy policy from these idiot

Box of Rocks

We [no] longer have a government that is by and for the people.
We have individuals who have abused their positions to usurp the will of the people.
The republic has been murdered.

Mike Maguire

Here are 2 sources of information regarding CO2 that completely contradict each other.
The first one is a study that finds this about carbon dioxide: ” they teased out the carbon dioxide fertilization effect from all other influences and calculated that this could account for an 11 percent increase in global foliage since 1982.”
The other states this:
Reducing Carbon Pollution From Power Plants
Moving Forward On the Climate Action Plan

Carbon pollution stays in the atmosphere and contributes to climate change, which is
one of the most significant public health challenges of our time.

Unchecked carbon pollution leads to long lasting changes in our climate, such as rising
global temperatures; rising sea level,changes in weather and precipitation patterns ; and changes in ecosystems, habitats and species diversity .

Public health risks include more heat waves and drought ; worsening smog (also called ground level ozone pollution)
increasing the intensity of extreme events, like hurricanes,
extreme precipitation and flooding ; and increasing the range of ticks and mosquitoes, which
can spread disease such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus

Our most vulnerable citizens, including children, older adults, people with heart or lung
disease and people living in poverty are most at risk from the impacts of climate change
Source number one used satellite observations of actual vegetation around the world over a 20 year period and looked at variations in foliage, while considering effects from other factors, to make its assessment.
How could source number 2, the EPA come to the conclusion that CO2 is pollution when it’s massively increasing crop yields and world food production. They must have some legit data to base this conclusion and the regulations on. Oh yeah, global climate models.
As Dr. Spencer has noted, global climate models are an EPIC failure but the EPA has its mission and has no intention of letting anything get in the way………..especially empirical data/facts, science, rationality, ethics or good judgement.

Box of Rocks

No JeffL the problem is that we people in our own government who abuse the government to further their own political agenda.


Private Wealth Council, Davos, Switzerland, founded 2004
People include:
Al Gore, Generation Investment Management, LLP, London,U.K.
Fritz Kaiser, Ex. Chair, & Kaiser Ritter Partner
Nicholas Parker, Toronto, Cleantech Network, LLC and former asset manager for Maurice Strong
One can just about go around in circles following major players in the Climate Change “Industry”.
Generation Investment Management, LLP
David Wayland Blood
Al Gore
L. John Doerr, lll

Justa Joe

What’s really farcical is when one of the “green” outfits sues the EPA so that the EPA is “forced” to do what the “greens” want by the courts while generating $millions for their mutual lawyer pals and/or spouses.

Joe Haberman

I agree with Jeff L. wholeheartedly. And to take his “alternate idea” one step further, we could use some of the money saved to restore the retirement pay we promised our veterans.


Eisenhower was right. Government can commit no greater crime than to work in secret with select groups to suborn the will and wishes of the people. Regardless of the case for or against anthropoheinous climate refudiation, this is wrong and all parties should agree it is wrong. The outcome does not justify the means.
If you like your dishonest government, you can keep your dishonest government.

Box of Rocks

Justa Joe says:
January 15, 2014 at 4:46 pm
What’s really farcical is when one of the “green” outfits sues the EPA so that the EPA is “forced” to do what the “greens” want by the courts while generating $millions for their mutual lawyer pals and/or spouses.
Sound like the greens are defrauding the american people.

Does Sen. Inhofe know about this? Wouldn’t this be against the law?


That FOIA disclosure is going to leave a major scar.
Now it’s time for prosecution to clean out the wound.

Gunga Din


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership (GPP) will host a webinar entitled “Gaining a Green Marketing Advantage: Data-Driven Insights into Today’s Green Consumer.” By understanding what today’s green consumers and potential employees care about and how they engage in sustainability decision-making, organizations can influence brand perception, impact sales and attract and retain top talent. Retail companies, green power suppliers and utilities, and any organization looking to reach environmentally-oriented consumers will benefit from this webinar.
The webinar will feature Suzanne Shelton, President & CEO of Shelton Group, a leading national marketing communications firm entirely focused in the energy and environment sectors. The company polls Americans on an ongoing basis to understand their drivers and obstacles to making more sustainable choices, and then uses those insights to help organizations define and leverage their sustainability or energy efficiency stories to gain a market advantage. Suzanne Shelton is a regular presenter at the Renewable Energy Markets conference – she’s a dynamic and insightful speaker.
Speakers include:
•Blaine Collison, Program Director, U.S. EPA’s Green Power Partnership
•Suzanne Shelton, President & CEO, Shelton Group

Txomin at 4:05 pm
The end justifies the Greens.


Nothing but comprehensive policing and public reporting of bureaucratic activities and a massive purge of these agencies will root out the absolutely catastrophic corruption we’re seeing.
And that certainly won’t happen under the crooks running this particular show, as this and the IRS whitewash show.
It’s the most transparently criminal administration in American history. They finally even beat out Wilson.

Chuck L

Mainstream media will ignore this, and this scandal like the others, will fade away despite this Administration’s wanton lawlessness. The House led by the less-than-useless Boener does not have the character, strength nor integrity to impeach this President who has abrogated his oath of office more times than can be counted

Box of Rocks

If by collusion the greens are defrauding the american tax payer with fraudulent pre-arranged out comes with friends in the EPA, does RICCO mean anything?

Box of Rocks

Sorry meant RICO
From Wikipedia –
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.

R. de Haan

That’s good news especially now this “special relationship” between EPA and the Environmentalist groups is so well documented.
We will use this information at the American version of the upcoming “Neurenburg Trials” which will take place before we hang the bastards (LOL)

Bob Diaz

I’m sure the major news media will be VERY silent about this.


i believe this first of two programs, which conflates carbon & carbon dioxide from start to finish, needs a thread of its own and maximum exposure:
on BBC’s CAGW Central these days: BUSINESS, i repeat, BUSINESS Daily – with Justin Rowlatt. excerpts below begin about half-way through, with Chris Mottershead, Vice Principal for Research, Kings College, London, oil man, former head of Energy Security at BP:
Rowlatt: can we successfully deal with climate change & CLOSE DOWN these OLD, DIRTY coal-fired power stations & find clean ways of producing energy?
Mottershead: yes, there are more than enough solutions available. we could make serious inroads if we chose to: energy efficiency, renewables, nuclear, & of course you can use carbon capture, put the carbon back underground in a safe way… Kyoto tried, not the way to do it. China/US responsible for 42% of emissions, simple process, the two should sit down, agree & the world would follow their leadership.
Rowlatt: it would be sensible, but there’s no sign of them wanting to do it, is there?
Mottershead:i think there’s LOT OF SIGNS IN CHINA. China is going to build out an energy infrastructure. the cost of building one that’s a LOWER-CARBON infrastructure is a MARGINAL increase on what they were going to do…
Rowlatt: additional cost on consumers, tough sell for politicians.
Mottershead: yes, but if we don’t price the carbon emissions, we won’t make the necessary changes.
Rowlatt: so, are democracies capable of getting to grip to the challenge? I spoke to another oil man, John Hofmeister, former chairman of Shell Oil Company until 2008. is the world ready to make the leap to a CARBON-FREE ECONOMY.
Hofmeister: we’re going to use hydrocarbons into the future as far as we can see.
Rowlatt: but if u look at the science, we’re going to suffer very serious climate effects, harder to for humans to live on the planet &, by the time people realise that, & they DEMAND CHANGE from their leaders, it will be too late.
Hofmeister: and i agree with u. concern for the environment is now 22 out of 25 among priorities for the US public.
Rowlatt: are you saying, this is a failure of democracy
Hofmeister: it’s not the form, it’s the performance of govt that matters. democracy’s performance is TERRIBLE. largely because money influences the democratic outcomes.
Rowlatt: inherently politicans think short-term.
Hofmeister: i use the expression “political-time” meaning the time between elections trumps energy times or environmental time, all the time, ABSENT A CRISIS THAT PUSHES THE POPULAR WILL to do something very differently.
Rowlatt: is your argument that, until the climate gets really bad, there’ll be no political leadership.
Hofmeister: most of us alive today will be dead, but our children will suffer – we will have placed on our children & grandchildren a burden we were not willing to bear…
if govt doesn’t lead, we will really COOK OURSELVES, ALMOST LITERALLY, before we deal with this issue. it’s sad, but it is the case today.
education matters, information matters, grassroot conversation matters, but even that is hard to do sometimes because you have “THE DENIERS” ((LAUGHTER) & the deniers make the case every time there is a snowstorm in the United States.
Rowlatt: i have to say, this analysis of yours is very depressing.
Hofmeister: life’s hard & choices have to be made. the more people are aware of…the better choices can be made. any responsible person, parent, owes it to be children, owes it to employees to say what they think.
22.20: R: if this week’s Element program has left you depressed, fear not. tune in next week, for PART TWO of CARBON, in which we explore the many amazing properties of CARBON MATERIAL, some of which could help us overcome our addiction to fossil fuels.
(this is a longer version than at iPlayer)
23 mins: 15 Jan: BBC Business Daily: Elemental Business – Carbon
with Justin Rowlatt
Wed, 15 Jan 14
Carbon, the fundamental building block of life, source of virtually all our energy and a source of incredible world-wide wealth; but what happens when we hit a carbon crunch?
15 Jan: BBC iPlayer Version 17 mins: Elemental Business – Carbon
In our series examining the world economy from the perspective of the chemical elements, we look at how the industrial revolution was really an energy revolution driven by carbon-based fossil fuels. Chemistry professor Andrea Sella of University College London and his geology colleague professor Mark Maslin explain the chemical wizardry that makes carbon the ultimate fuel. We hear from Dr Paul Warde an industrial historian at the University of East Anglia, about how the ‘C’ element has powered the longest and most sustained economic boom in the history of humanity. But how long can it last? Can we expect the mother of all crashes when the carbon crunch finally comes? Two former oil men, Chris Mottershead, former head of energy security at BP and now vice principal for research at King’s College in London and John Hofmeister, former president of Shell Oil, give us their perspectives on the whether the world is ready to tackle its addiction to fossil fuels, before the fuel runs out and in time to avert a looming climate change disaster.
Justin Rowlatt’s two guests above:
CAMAC ENERGY: John Hofmeister, Director
The former president of Shell Oil Company and veteran of multiple industries for over 35 years, Mr. Hofmeister has held key leadership positions at General Electric, Nortel and AlliedSignal (now Honeywell International).
He currently serves as Chairman of the National Urban League and is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee.
Upon retirement from Shell Oil, Mr. Hoifmeister founded the not-for-profit Citizens for Affordable Energy, a nationwide membership association, which promotes sound U.S. energy security solutions…
OVERVIEW: CAMAC Energy Inc. (NYSE MKT: CAK) operates as an independent oil and gas exploration and production company focused on energy resources in Africa. Its asset portfolio consists of 8 licenses covering an area of 41,000 square kilometers, including production and other projects offshore Nigeria, as well as exploration licenses offshore and onshore Kenya, and offshore Gambia. CAMAC Energy is headquartered in Houston, Texas.
Chris Mottershead: King’s College: Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation)
He joined King’s College London in 2009 after retiring from BP, where he worked for 30 years, most recently as their Global Advisor on Energy Security and Climate Change.
Prior to this he was Technology Vice President for the Global Gas, Power and Renewables businesses, and was also the technical manager for its North Sea exploration and production activities…
As well as his College accountabilities, he is a non-Executive Director of the Carbon Trust, Francis Crick Institute and Imanova, a Governor of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and a member of the Scientific Advisory Group of the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK as well as the Advisory Board of the National Center of Atmospheric Research in the US.


This collusion is why progressives always ASSUME their “enemies” are doing the same thing.
They assume everyone is as corrupt (for a cause of course) as they are.
It’s why they believe others can’t be trusted with guns, because they know THEY can’t be trusted.

Carbon Bigfoot name with held please ( J. M. Chenosky)

Do you know how the Chinese solved their drug problem in the 30s? Let’s pass on the Holder’s “justice system”.

The rot is deep in DC. But the revelation that there is no science in the EPA is not a surprise. That has been apparent since they decided CO2 was a pollutant.

Sweet Old Bob

Karma? Where are you! Karma?….

Is anyone Shocked? Well is anyone surprised then? or did you at least raise an eyebrow? Me neither.


EPA derives its big size bureaucracy and power from those groups so that is not a surprise.


Under the powers enumerated in Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, the federal government has absolutely no power or authority to implement environmental policy. Under the 9th and 10th Amendments, the individual States have the right to set pollution standards for their state.
If individual states set their own pollution standards, the people and corporations would vote with their feet and their dollars to determine what environmental policies meet their constituent’s needs. If pollution standards are too severe, the citizens may enjoy cleaner air/water but fewer industrial jobs, if pollution standards are too lax, they’ll live in a cesspool and no one in their right mind would live there.
The States are perfectly capable of determining and enforcing suitable environmental policies that meet the desires of their constituents and product liability/class action suits are capable of keep businesses in check that choose to act irresponsibly.
The EPA is obviously run by leftist eco-warriors that have no have no concept of cost/benefit analysis and has destroyed entire industries. The EPA ha made manufacturing in the US extremely difficult, time consuming, expensive and uncompetitive, and contributed to: the US losing 10’s of millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs, much higher costs of goods and lowered our standards of living.

Mr. Lion

Well of course they are. They all have the same terrible goal.
Next they’ll be telling us AlGore uses a lot of energy.

Dave in Canmore

There seems to be no repercussions for anything that happens in America.
Where is your justice department? Where is your opposition party? Where is your media?
My deepest condolences.

Theo Goodwin

Do not give up on the MSM before giving them a chance. Go to every news website and search on “epa foi” or something like that a few times over the next few days.


As usual nothing will come of this…. The ATI is wasting its time and money. The only thing is to boot him out next election and put a staunch ant AGW person in. This is doubtful too knowing the Republicans…It may take 50 years or more before changes occur…


These are only the communications where the EPA folks used their official e-mail addresses – we can only guess as to the content of the messages which were delivered via the alternate (i.e. illegal) e-mail accounts that are used to avoid compliance with legal requirements. Those might be a bit juicier…

Dave in Canmore,
Opposition party? Are you kidding me? The sheep do not need an opposition party.. The justice department and the media are in with the rest of the politicians here…Just wrote an article today about this very issue..Sad state I tell you..

Useful Idiot

There seems to be no repercussions for anything that happens in America.
Where is your justice department? Where is your opposition party? Where is your media?
My deepest condolences.

Well, for one thing, any politician that tries to attack the EPA will be seen as anti-environment and, thanks to 30 years of green-washing, that is political suicide. Hopefully the media can put their green-bias aside and just focus on the corruption.

OK, what to we do as voters to counteract this??? Write letters, emails? And to who?


Getting and dealing with the truth is hard. I saw this posted on a media climate news story by “alpha2actual” of disqus and liked it, since I am a fan of movies, if not always the messages conveyed. Maybe you will like it too. Kudos to alpha2:
“We live in a republic that has walls. And those walls have to be guarded by men with thermometers. Who’s gonna do it? You, TouristTurkey? You, Dr Mann? You, Dr Hansen? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for those Polar Bears and you curse the temperature takers. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. My existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves useless expenditure of national treasure and retards the genocidal effects of the policies you want to implement.
You don’t want the truth. Deep down, in places you don’t talk about when your are sleeping alone late at night after those Georgetown cocktail parties after chowing down on limp quiche and swilling a third rate California Chardonnay devoid of pretension, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like Little Ice Age, Medieval Warming Period, and The Pause …we use these words as the backbone to a life devoted to taking temperature. We don’t use terms like grant chasing, scientific tourism, transnational progressivism, or Crony Socialism. You use them as punch lines. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the electric blanket powered by the very electricity I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it. I’d prefer you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a thermometer and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to.”

This is nothing new. Back at the dawn of the solid-state electronics industry in the bay area, Ecoloon lawyers and the brand new EPA got a Court order to strangle the baby in its’ crib. The first commercial silicon wafer plant at Healdsburg could not be permitted if its’ NOx output exceeded the exhaust of 2-1970 cars on the street in front of the plant, by court order! Everyone at the EPA knew that the NOx exhaust from the crystal growing chambers could not be scrubbed to this level. The owners of the plant asked a self educated plumber G.P.Savko, that had solved several other problems in this new industry, if he could solve this problem. After a crash course in fume scrubbing he created a fume scrubber system that cleaned the exhaust to a NOx level less then 1 car, as tested by the EPA! and the plant was permitted, by court order.
Some International Oligarchs were not pleased. They had planned to make Singapore the heart of the new silicon industry. pg


“of the people, by the people, for the people, ” – whether the people like it or not.


Pay attention,,,,,,,
This is important stuff that directly impacts your future!
No matter who you are!


The who, where and when of government employee contacts and outsiders trying to influence events has to be identified first.
A federal grandjury could also be used.


J. Philip Peterson says:
January 15, 2014 at 7:14 pm
OK, what to we do as voters to counteract this??? Write letters, emails? And to who?
Just spread the word to anyone you can.
Put a link on your website ?, tell your friends, inform the voters ?
Let them read for themselves.

john robertson

Strangely enough, the same Greek civilization, that brought us the word Democracy also coined the descriptor; Kleptocracy.
What the bureaus are doing here is classic government by thieves.
They steal the authority of the people.they steal public wealth,they destroy private wealth to benefit their chosen few.