Oh the pain! #Kochmachine is in many American universities, including Penn State

While Dr. Michael Mann tries to paint being funded by the Koch Corporation as being equivalent to pure evil in his attempts to smear people like myself…


…it is enlightening to learn that his current employer, Penn State, gets funds from Koch, and so does where Dr. Mann did his thesis from, the University of Virginia. Those darn facts, they are stubborn things. See the list that follows.

Meanwhile…climate activist Brad Johnson who runs the overzealous “Forecast the Facts” hit squad is also trying to get Koch out of the PBS board and funding. Apparently Koch funds that WGBH “Nova” program, well known for being anti-science /sarc

We’re turning up the heat on Boston’s PBS affiliate to kick climate denier David Koch off the board.

I wonder if they got a license from PBS to use “Big Bird”?

Given the depth that Koch is invested in American education via the list that follows, it makes his quest seem even more irrational. The obvious next step is to have Dr. Mann and Mr. Johnson try to divest Penn State from Koch. I’m sure this will go over well.

Thanks to commenter “climatebeagle” for providing a link to this list which I’ve reproduced below.


Colleges and Universities with Programs Supported by the Charles Koch Foundation  

September 2013

Albany State University

Alma College

American University

Andrew College

Arizona State University

Assumption College

Augustana College

Azusa Pacific University

Ball State University

Barry College

Barton College

Baylor University

Beloit College

Benedictine College*

Berry College

Bethel College – Indiana Biola University

Birmingham-Southern College

Boise State University

Bridgewater State University

Brigham Young University

Brooklyn Law School

Brown University Buena Vista University

California State University – East Bay

California State University – Fresno

California State University – Northridge

California State University – San Bernardino

Campbell University

Carthage College

Catholic University of America

Cedarville University

Central Connecticut State University

Chapman University

Charleston Southern University

Chestnut Hill College

Christopher Newport University

City University of New York – Brooklyn College

Claremont McKenna College

Clemson University

Coastal Carolina University

Colgate University

College of Charleston

College of Coastal Georgia

College of New Jersey

College of the Holy Cross

College of William and Mary

Cornell College

Dartmouth College

Delta State University

Duke University

Duquesne University

Eastern University

Fayetteville State University

Florida A&M University

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida State University

Friends University*

Geneva College

George Fox University

George Mason University

George Washington University

Georgetown University

Georgia State University

Grossmont College

Grove City College

Hamilton College

Hampden-Sydney College

Hanover College

Harvard University

Hawaii Pacific University

High Point University

Hillsdale College

Hope College Houghton College

Houston Baptist University

Illinois State University

Indiana University

Indiana University – Bloomington

Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis

Iowa State University

Jacksonville State University

James Madison University

John Brown University

John Jay College of Criminal

Justice Johns Hopkins University

Johnson and Wales University – Charlotte Kansas State University*

Kennesaw State

University Kenyon College

King’s College – London La Sierra University

Lake Forest College

Lakeland College Lee University

Lindenwood University

Linfield College Lipscomb University

Long Island University

Loyola University – New Orleans

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

McGill University

McKendree University

Menlo College

Mercer University

Metropolitan State

University of Denver

Michigan State University

Middle Tennessee State University

Milligan College

Millikin University

Millsaps College

Mississippi State University

Montana State University – Bozeman

Morehead State University

Mount Holyoke College

Mount St. Mary’s University

Murray State University

National University

New York University

Newman University*

North Carolina State University

North Dakota State University

North Park University

Northern Illinois University

Northwest Nazarene University

Northwest University

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Northwestern University

Northwood University – Florida

Northwood University – Michigan

Northwood University – Texas

Nova Southeastern University

Ohio State University

Ohio University

Ohio University – Zanesville

Oklahoma State University

Patrick Henry College

Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University – Erie

Pepperdine University

Presbyterian College

Providence College

Radford University

Ramapo College Regent University

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Roanoke College

Robert Morris University

Rockford College

Rogers State University

Rollins College

Rutgers University

Rutgers University – Newark

Saginaw Valley State University

Saint Francis University

Salisbury University

Samford University

San Diego State University

San Jose State University

Sarah Lawrence College

Seton Hall University

Skidmore College

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

Southern Methodist University

Southern Utah University

Spelman College

St. Ambrose University

St. Bonaventure University

St. Cloud State University

St. Edwards University

St. John Fisher College

St. John’s University

St. Lawrence University

St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Vincent College

State University of New York – Plattsburgh

Stephen F. Austin State University

Stonehill College

Suffolk University Syracuse University

Texas A&M University

Texas State University – San Marcos

Texas Tech University

The Citadel

Transylvania University

Trinity College

Trinity University

Troy University

University of Akron

University of Alabama

University of Alaska – Fairbanks

University of Arizona

University of Arkansas – Little Rock

University of California – Los Angeles

University of California – Riverside

University of Central Arkansas

University of Central Florida

University of Colorado – Boulder

University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

University of Dallas

University of Dayton

University of Delaware

University of Florida

University of Georgia

University of Hawaii – Hilo

University of Houston

University of Kansas*

University of Kentucky

University of Louisville

University of Maine – Machias

University of Maine – Orono

University of Maryland – Baltimore

County University of Maryland – College Park

University of Memphis

University of Michigan

University of Mississippi

University of Missouri – Columbia

University of Nebraska – Omaha

University of Nevada – Las Vegas

University of Nevada – Reno

University of New Orleans

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina – Greensboro

University of North Carolina – Pembroke

University of Notre Dame

University of Oklahoma

University of Pennsylvania

University of Richmond

University of Rochester

University of San Diego

University of San Francisco

University of South Alabama

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

University of Texas – Arlington

University of Texas – San Antonio University of Tulsa

University of Virginia

University of Virginia’s College at Wise

University of Washington

University of Washington – Bothell

University of West Florida

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

University of Wisconsin – Madison Ursinus College

Utah State University

Villanova University

Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Wake Forest University

Washington and Lee University Washington College

Washington University – St. Louis

Webber International University

Wellesley College Wesleyan College

West Liberty State College

West Texas A&M University

West Virginia University

Western Carolina University

Western Kentucky University

Western Michigan University

Wheaton College

Wheeling Jesuit University

Wichita State University*

Winston-Salem State University

Wofford College


Source: http://www.kochfamilyfoundations.org/pdfs/CKFUniversityPrograms.pdf

Again for the record, I have never received a dime from Koch, never met them, never got a letter or email from them, and I doubt if they even know who I am. But, as I look at this list, maybe I should start asking? I’d be in good company.

Maybe the next time some wackadoodle activist cites #Kochmachine, you should simply ask them where they went to school or are at school.

Chances are, that school will be on this list, just like Mike Mann’s universities. Oh, the pain!



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It appears the Kochtapus has long and numerous tentacles.


Sorry, I just couldn’t stop 😉

Craig Moore

Big Bird???? Today is a special day for climate Grouches in the AGW boat. I commented this at Climate Etc.

Sesame Street magazine has named October 15 “National Grouch Day” in honor of the lovable green frown-faced puppet, reports E! News.
“A Grouch’s mission in life is to be as miserable and grouchy as possible, and pass that feeling on to everyone else,” a statement on Muppetedia explained. “Only then will a Grouch feel in touch with his or her world and be happy.”
The Muppet himself sings about his grumpy existence in the “Grouch Anthem,” explaining how grumps everywhere should stand up for their grouchly rights. He adds: “Don’t let the sunshine spoil your rain. Just stand up and complain.”

Anthony, you do good work!

Anthony writes, “Again for the record, I have never received a dime from Koch, never met them, never got a letter or email from them, and I doubt if they even know who I am. But, as I look at this list, maybe I should start asking?”
The Koch’s have been told so many times (incorrectly) that they fund skeptical bloggers they probably believe they do. I think I’ll set up a special sticky post at my blog just for Koch donations.

Interesting that University of Texas, Austin, is not on the Koch-funded list above. (my undergraduate alma mater). However, it is a bastion of AGW. It is also heavily funded by Big Oil. And, it is very slightly funded by me. (emphasis on “very”).
The U of Texas system receives substantial funds from oil that is produced in fields located in West Texas. The oil fields have helped fund the University for at least the past 50 years.


Dang! My school is on the list. Is no one safe? I’m with you in Koch brother solidarity, Mikey.
Hahahahahaha and ha!


I’m outraged that U of OR (alma mater of my brothers) & Oregon State (pf my parents) haven’t yet gotten on the Koch gravy train! Why should my taxes keep funding these CACA hotbeds when Big Oil can ease the burden?

Jarrett Jones

Mikey should tell Penn State that they must give back every dime they ever took from the Koch Foundation or he will resign forthwith. That is the only honorable thing to do in his position.


If Mann did not exist, we should have invented him!


Did “Forecast The Facts” pay PBS royalties to use Big Bird’s image? Inquiring minds wish to know. Lord knows if somebody on the science side used it to debunk AGW, these guys could be heard howling in the moon.

Mike Smith

Is Michael Mann really the best front man the Koch Brothers can buy?
Absolutely not, but (unlike Anthony) it seems he’s on the payroll anyway.

Tom J

A month or so ago, during a particularly unsettled time, I completely lost my cool with an old acquaintance and told them – twice in succession – to do something that’s physically impossible to do; as Clint Eastwood explained to an empty chair last year at the Republican National Convention.
To be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with myself that I had let my anger get the best of me to where I blasted out that confrontational, raging swear. I genuinely felt bad about having barked those two words out – and twice. So I sought the counsel of an older, more world traveled, and very much wiser, individual who I had known for a long time. After hearing my story this learned gentleman quickly counseled:
“They had it coming.”
I don’t know why, but the above story and response really seems to apply to Michael Mann.

Tim Walker

Those inconvenient real facts. They are just too available to us non-scientist types and to those scientists who want science to go back to working at learning all truths, not just the convenient ones.


If Michael Mann did not exist, no one could have invented him….. he’s just too pathetic and ridiculous.

John Cronan

“Penn State, also gets funds from Koch”
That could be construed as an admission that you do receive money from him.

I was referring to the context of the list but I see your point, I’ll make a change to the wording. Note what I say at the end of the list, which is the truth. – Anthony

Anthony: Earlier I wrote: I think I’ll set up a special sticky post at my blog just for Koch donations.
I’ll let you know how it works out.

Tim Groves

This is scandalous. Working at Mann’s Penn State salary comes out of funds contaminated by Koch Foundation money. Either the guy is a Koch puppet serving their covert agenda and his slurs against Anthony Watts are for camouflage purposes, or else he’s deeply ashamed of where his funding comes from and is hitting out at Anthony in an act of classic Freudian psychological projection.

Alan Robertson

Koch brothers, et al, could spend their entire fortunes on pure propaganda and the amount wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket compared to what world governments have been spending on climate propaganda.


Mike Smith: “Is Michael Mann really the best front man the Koch Brothers can buy?”
I’ll just quote the guy that posted for me.


Uh, what would one who suckles off the Koch teats be called?
Just wondering’.

James Allison

You couldn’t make Michael Mann up.


I see New Mexico State University nor University of New Mexico didn’t get on the Koch gravy train, either. Too bad. Lots of sun… great for solar panels and spaceports!

Bernd Palmer

In light of the above facts, Michael Mann’s twit is a genuine embarrassment for the directors of his universities. They should sack him …


so Koch is a right wing philanthropist. I wouldn’t imagine for one moment that he or his organisation funded any of Michael Mann’s research. I would have thought this is more about political idealism than anything else.


Georgia State, Spelman, Kennesaw State, Berry, Andrew, Mercer, University of Georgia – lots of Georgia colleges and universities are on the list, but my alma mater, and Judith Curry’s place of employment – Georgia Tech – is not on the list. Maybe Judy needs to post her request for funding as well.. Makes me wonder who at Ga Tech made the Koch brothers mad.


Wow, I have degrees from both the University of Delaware and the University of Rochester. Out of three degrees total (also Ga. Tech) I have 2/3’s “Koch” influence. So I’m confused, am I 2/3’s a skeptic or 2/3’s a denier, or 2/3’s a believer ???. Anyway, I have never gotten my check(s), and I would not recognize the Koch Brothers unless I ran them over by accident and checked their drivers license to help fill out the police report.
Cheers, Kevin.


Again, nobody answers the question,
Whats so bad about takng money from a Koch (or a Gore) to do a thing you intended to do from the start.
AFAIK Neither Koch (nor Gore) is a murderer.


KevinM: “Whats so bad about takng money from a Koch (or a Gore) to do a thing you intended to do from the start.”
The appearance of impropriety. Textbook example: The EPA is justly infamous for throwing empirical research in the round file if it failed to reach the conclusion they paid for.
In an ideal world, the research is well argued, logical, doesn’t introduce superfluities or dialogues to moral touchstones and desired policy goals. And most of all, is possible to replicate. After that, no one should care until it has been replicated ridiculously and survived. But if we wait that long, Siberia will burst into flames and melt Greenland.

Frank K.

It is always humorous to see cagw alarmists like Mann writhe in their hypocrisy…
Keep Tweeting for “the Cause”(tm) Mike…[heh!]

Brian H

Good move, Bob.


Love them facts, always popping up when least expected….


I hope the Koch children are of a similar mind with their fathers. I’d sure hate to see Michael Mann take a liking to the new KochMachine when it eventually replaces the classic KochMachine.


That is an hilarious fact! Talk about funny.

Chad Wozniak

UC Santa Barbara (BA, 1967); UC Santa Barbara, PhD (1970); MBA USC 1975. Not surprised to see USC absent from the list, but definitely surprised that super left-radical UCSB also isn’t there.
Anthony, did you tweet His Ugliness to inform him that he, and not you, is living on the Big Oil nickel?


No University of Illinois appearances….not surprising, considering how anti-business the faculty are. I see that the ultra-liberal University of Wisconsin system snagged some Koch-coin!
Really, this type of information is useless. The big petrochem companies often sponsor research at schools with good chem-eng programs like Penn State, Univ of Mich, UI Urbana etc. I have yet to see ANY school turn down funding because of moral or ethical problems, although disinvestment is something they do (famously for apartheid South Africa).
Hey Charles, throw some of that Koch coin my way!

TBear (Sydney)

The Bear has a theory about why Michael Mann makes so many stupid mistakes: he’s as dumb as a brick.


FWIW, I complained to Penn State about Professor Mann’s Tweeting …. here’s their response:
“Michael Mann’s work in the lab has little to do with his right as a citizen to express his opinion under the First Amendment. His expressions on Twitter are his own and while you may disagree with them, they are protected speech (unless the courts deem otherwise).
The topic of climate change is and has been one of great dissension and discussion. Dr. Mann himself has been the subject of many scathing attacks. We do not comment directly on the content of these attacks, except to say that we support his work as a researcher.
His Constitutionally protected comments on Twitter are his own — much like the comments you are able to send in this email.”
Also, FWIW, if I were to tweet such stuff on topics for which I am employed, I would be strongly disciplined or fired. Guess I should get a gig at Penn State!

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Mann reminds me of a second-rate gossipy drunk who sits in a club expounding loudly on his latest conspiracy theory…resting on laurels he may never have had….or in his present state, clinging, muttering, to a beat-up hockey stick.


Glad to be of assistance. 🙂
I am getting fed up of incorrect statements by AGWers (links to severe weather etc.), I think such statements need to be called out, maybe some grassroots/crowdsourced effort is needed. I’m trying to chase one down by Prof. Slingo, and Dr Mann’s claims today seemed interesting as well.
Dr. Mann would be wise to do more research before making such claims, the articles he linked to today when attacking Anthony did not seem to back up his tweets at all.


Observer, interesting, that’s not what’s Penn State’s policies say, specifically AD47 and HR64.
He has responsibilities as a Penn State professor even when speaking for himself.


The Koch Brothers should be made aware of this. A list that long is going to contain warmist universities. Maybe even all on the list are warmist (I’m beginning to doubt that there is such a thing as a university which hasn’t been infiltrated to push the warmist meme).
Well, if those warmist universities don’t want anything to do with the Koch Brothers, maybe they should withdraw their financial support and find something more useful to do with it. I would imagine that genuine science, research and other efforts to wind back alarmist hysteria could use a helping hand.
The Koch Brothers should be told that their current generosity is being thrown in their faces, their name is being constantly abused, and their donations thoroughly squandered. They should pull the plug.

Hmmm, interesting, I had noticed some time ago that North Carolina State University listed above, used John Cook’s Skeptical Science blog as an educational resource for students, the mind boggles at what they are turning out there,..the clones wars are coming…

I like how these people hide behind Sesame Street.
Republicans should take the CPB funding away from the lying leftist propaganda shows Frontline, PBS Newshour, bill moyers, charley rose, etc and direct it towards Sesame Street and double it and see what those liars then try to hide behind.

David Riser


Glen Horvat

‘Stand against climate denial…’ Really?! I am 97% sure everyone agrees there is a climate.
Perhaps Mr. Johnson should go to one of those schools Mr. Koch supports and take a freshman English course.


games4us5 on October 15, 2013 at 6:48 pm
I see New Mexico State University nor University of New Mexico didn’t get on the Koch gravy train, either. Too bad. Lots of sun… great for solar panels and spaceports!
Watch it there… I graduated from UNM with a BSME in 1985. The ME bldg was a study in energy conservation, from thermal storage to a rankin cycle generator. I was involved in a EPRI thermal storage research project with Professors Wilden and Truman that was quite successful. We were not focused on climate change, simply energy conservation in commercial buildings.
I am still doing that today…


TomRude says:
If Mann did not exist, we should have invented him!
Sorry, I don’t think anyone could remain sane long enough to do that.
The required hallucinogenic and mind altering substances would fry a normal persons mind long before they could even envisage anyone like him..

I heard the Koch brothers will match, dollar for dollar, any money donated to Anthony via the shameless donation plug. 🙂 Be sure to let Dr. Mann know that.

Alan Robertson

AndyG55 says:
October 15, 2013 at 9:47 pm
TomRude says:
If Mann did not exist, we should have invented him!
Sorry, I don’t think anyone could remain sane long enough to do that.
The required hallucinogenic and mind altering substances would fry a normal persons mind long before they could even envisage anyone like him..
Oh, I don’t know… a quart of tequila could set off a pretty good vision.