Climate Craziness of the Week: 'A great flood will punish the disbelievers'

Some days you just have to laugh.


The map, is quite something; perhaps it is the product of a bender or a psychotic episode of some sorts. Maybe its a lame attempt at satire, maybe the person actually believes what they wrote. It is hard to determine.

This person (“anonymous coward” per Slashdot) writes at a place called “Humanist Cafe”, which seems more anti-human than pro-human:

Jehovah God punishes only the deniers and saves the believers. Isn’t that the way these things go. Only this time, it’s science we’re talking about. When JG is done, the country will look something like this:

[Click to Enlarge]

us 06phy1

That’s the Lower 28 1/2. Isn’t it beautiful.

That’s the country if climate change affects only the states whose representatives in the House and the Senate deny global warming.

Now, some states get a little lucky – they are saved by rather hefty mountain ranges. A few progressive cities in denier states are saved too – like San Antonio and Austin. But, Red ‘Merica gets hit hard.


This reminds me of the sort of rants “Forecast the Facts” Brad Johnson has made about the states with conservative public representatives:

ThinkProgress discussion of the tornado outbreak

ThinkProgress discussion of the tornado outbreak


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Thank goodness that Las Vegas was spared! Gambling on the beach, baby!

Hmmm…what did parts of southern Canada and northern Mexico do to bring down the wrath of this demented person’s “Jehovah God”?

At a 2010 NSF workshop on Climate Change Education Goals Heidi Cullen gave a presentation on “What Should Our Leadership Focus on When It Comes to Educating the Public About Climate Change Using Mainstream Media?”
That would be the oh-so-compliant MSM being targeted at us the unwashed ignoramuses in need of enlightening. According to the lead-off paragraph in Cullen’s paper:
“Research by a relatively small group of people (the climate science community) stongly suggests that the choice to burn fossil fuels to power our modern economy is extremely harmful to our climate over the long-term. As a result of this ‘work’, the climate science community is now asking the public to reconsider our primary energy sources (coal, oil, and natural gas) and focus on retooling our energy infrastructure to focus on long-term sustainability. When stated this way, it is clear that climate change is as much a cultural and values issue, as it is a science and technology issue. We are indeed asking a lot of the American public. As a result, our challenge is to build a strong and clear case for action.”
By never again phrasing it that way as cultural and values-oriented and instead hyping all weather events. Which is what makes that original quote as to what is up so excellent.

Dr. John M. Ware

I love maps, and this one is fascinating–a true doozy. What I’d like to know is the cartographer’s postulated method or means of placing these areas under water. The Montanian Sea is over land much higher than my former home state of Indiana, which survives un-inundated. Death Valley is still dry, while Arkansas (complete with Ozarks) is very wet, indeed. Do we postulate simultaneous subsidence of certain areas and uplift of others? Also, what does the Cartog plan to do if results in coming elections change the supposed views of some of the states?

It’s not all bad. I’ll have a shorter drive from Dallas to get to the beach.

R. Shearer

At least Detroit survived!

TalentKeyHole Mole

Wishful thinking (non) insanity like Obama’s “Terror Event”.

Now let us draw a map that puts an ice cap on all states that wish to make heating more expensive for those on fixed incomes.
On the other hand, maybe it would be more fun to draw a map for a new Tolkien Trilogy.


Slashdot has become one big rats nest of the insane.


Who will be left to generate the wealth that is absorbed by all these welfare states?


Also, notice how they blame all this on the Tea Party? Last time I checked, the Tea Party isn’t a political party, and doesn’t have a majority in the House, Senate or the White House.


I guess I moved to the Appalachians just in time…phew!!


Washington, DC is saved

Does not follow geography of the region.


Go ahead, buddies, keep wishing me dead, let’s see how that works out for you.

John another

I posted this comment and another about the elevation of SF, NYC and DC but niether made it through the palace guard last night.
‘Little Rock at 335 ft and Miami at 6 ft are islands but St George, Utah at 2,860 ft is in the center of the ‘Gulf of Arizona’. Methinks this be bs’


And if you believe any of that nonsense, I’ll be happy to sell you some oceanfront property in Arizona! No, really!

Nearly 4 years ago an AGW proponent began her reply to me on an AGW-friendly site with this:
“I hope you drown yourself when the sea level increases.”
Apparently I may still need to to satisfy her desire for “social justice” since I live in one of the states that will be spared Gaia’s wrath. So much for “tolerance” and the wish to “coexist.”

Judy F.

YEAH! Ocean front property for me !! I must be really lucky. I don’t believe in CAGW but I will still have a beach view. Life is great.


Your poll is indeed an interesting question. For 2 decades now I’ve seen a lot of climate change / Global warming related stuff on German TV and many a state scientist interviewed and many a colorful graph; but never such a logarithmic relationship CO2 vs temperatures pictured.
(Yes I don’t own a TV for 14 years now but I do look at stuff on the Interwebs; it is more efficient)

R. Shearer

Modified with permission? Copywrite 2009 All rights reserved


In 1954 China had a very “Great flood” along Yanzi river for 3 month. It punished everyone.
at that time, the Atmosphere Co2 probably low. if it happened today, it would be big news for “Climate change”


WOW!!!! All that new water in the upper Midwest. And access to the gulf. I bet the fishing will be terrific.


It’s not the creator who is necessarily stupid. More likely the map reflects their view of those on their side who may view said map, and other creations like them. It tells us they tend to view themselves as elite, and far more intelligent than their followers. The bigger the whopper they can put over, the more it validates their perception of self as being far smarter than the masses. You see the same behavior in people like Gore and Clinton, who lie for fun and know they can get away with it.
Barry is another type of fish; he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And we see how the country suffers under his regime. NPD is very bad for everyone around people who have it. NPD types are far worse than ordinary sociopaths.


Detroit survived?? Too bad, perhaps. A lot of trouble could be avoided by drowning that puppy.

Bill in AZ

Gulf of AZ! I like it – how soon? Methinks my 5000 ft elevation property won’t be under water like it says, especially if Seattle is spared. But it oughtta be a much shorter trip for some good saltwater fishing.

Dizzy Ringo

And the Caribbean Islands are not underwater. How come?


I left two responses asking politely for the science processes and physics that the Humanist Café article was based on but they did not survive moderation. I am already dead to them I guess. 😉

Gunga Din

Is this “anonymous coward”’s name Lex Luther?
If he wants to invoke “Jehovah God” perhaps he should read what He said about rainbows.
PS Years my son bought me a coffee mug with a heat-sensitive map of the globe showing the globe being inundated the hotter the contents got. The US looked nothing like that even with the hottest coffee.

Gunga Din

PS Years my son bought me a coffee mug

TYPO: That should be “PS Years ago my son bought me a coffee mug


Surely the work of Hitler youth


Tomorrow I am going to buy me a big boat. I’ll be just a few miles from the Gulf of Arkansas. A boat, a mojito, and a fishing pole!! Life is good. It also looks like Cheyenne will be the new Miami.


Too bad the rest will perish of hunger since the productive states have been turned into seabed and the nutritional value of food stamps is near zero.

Last I heard from some AGW folks, they had admitted that cyclonic activities were unconnected to global warming. Apparently there now exists a schism in the bunch.

More evidence that the global warming alarmist crowd has taken over from the young-earth creationists. Faith and zealotry override any sense. The alarmists, as throughout history, are the true believers, immune from all fact and reality.
Twenty years from now the warming alarmists will be forgotten, but they will still be there, still preaching doom, even though the faithful will be few.

R. Shearer

And Al Gore said, “Tell a man a lie and he might believe and repeat it. Teach him Photoshop and he can make up all kinds of BS.”


The Gulf will extend into Tornado Alley. Do you know what this means? Sharknados will be comeing to a town near you!


I was going to make a comparison…something to the effect of the shoe on the other foot
…then I remembered Charlie Rangel beat me to it
So, my point would have been moot….they can say anything they want

David in Cal

Oh, come on. This is obviously a kind of joke.


WooHoo, on the beach in Cheyenne.


Humanist Café:
“Jehovah God punishes only the deniers and saves the believers. Isn’t that the way these things go. ”
Hmm. They just called Global Warming a religion.
I don’t think they’re smart enough to have noticed.


Our Progressive friends are getting impatient with our intransigence. Apparently there is a time limit on skepticism.


I’m a little disappointed that no one realized this is the 10-10 video without the explosions.

Michael Gersh

Before he posted this map, the cartographer tried to stop global warming by throwing a virgin into a volcano. The only virgin he could find was his live-in girlfriend. His attempt failed because she had had a boyfriend before him, but he couldn’t believe that, so he made his map.


The guy that drew that map is obviously geographically challenged and probably thinks Kevin Costern’s “Waterworld” was a documentary.

I’ve always pointed out the close similarity of the AGW crowd and fundamentalist religions.

Michael Jankowski

Miami survives as an island, lol.
Great “science.”

I find it funny and sad they use God’s name, Jehovah. This reminds me of a sermon I was taught about in my American Literature class, Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God. Jonathan Edwards, who wrote the sermon, kept proclaiming that Jehovah was just ready to punish sinners in a burning hell. One line of the sermon: “The misery you are exposed to is that which God will inflict to that end, that he might show what that wrath of Jehovah is. God hath had it on his heart to show to angels and men, both how excellent his love is, and also how terrible his wrath is.”
This is absolute craziness, a repeat of the so-called Great Awakening. And just like then, it shows little knowledge into the Bible actually says. To me, this is AGW mixing with fire-and-brimestone Christianity. I’m not sure this is climate craziness or religious craziness. I wish I knew who this anonymous person was. I can prove them wrong with both science and the Bible.


I think that maybe this is an adaptation of some of Edgar Cayce’s prophecies:


Believing in God gives people a warm feeling, but so does peeing in your pants. Both are equally effective as sources for solving the problems we face.