Never let a good crisis go to waste: tornado deaths blamed on lawmakers opposed to climate legislation

ThinkProgress discussion of the tornado outbreak – click image for the full article

Further Update:

Turns out I was hoping for too much.  Brad Johnson found at least three scientists eager to be quoted in his follow up article:  Kevin Trenberth, Michael Mann, and Gavin Schmidt.  The quotes from these top scientists are worth going over there and reading.  No additional comments are warranted.

Top Climate Scientist On The Monster Tornadoes: ‘It Is Irresponsible Not To Mention Climate Change’     

Update by Ryan Maue:

Under the title of “Tornado and global warming“, Brad Johnson disgustingly uses quotes by Dr. Kevin Trenberth, and grotesquely blames the recent tornado outbreak on (GOP) congressional delegations in states that opposed climate legislation.  I hope no scientist wants anything like this said on their behalf.

Update by Anthony:

4:45PM PST I have an updated article on this issue here:

9:30AM PST:

I was writing simultaneously with Ryan Maue and I couldn’t even come up with a title I was so disgusted. So I made the title “No title”. I’ve combined the articles. This is what I wrote:

This post has no title because the closest title I can think of is of the caliber of [expletive deleted]. The Center for American Progress and NCAR’s Dr. Keneth Trenbert invoke the thought of famous line from Joseph N. Welch “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

I wonder how long they had to search for this particular (uncredited) photograph, choosing the juxapostion of the Chevron sign with the tornado. For all I know, it may even be photoshopped. (update: After about 30 minutes of searching, I found the original here )

To say I’m disgusted, simply does not do justice to the feelings I have about this. The real test will be to see if CAP paid disinformer Joe Romm reposts this article from Brad Johnson on Climate Progress.

Here’s the proof that refutes the issue, and pigeonholes these clowns for what they are, which is nothing about science, but about hateful political cheapshots.

From the National Climatic Data center. Tornadoes of the intensity seen in Alabama this week (F3-F5) on the Fujita scale:

Source: National Climatic Data Center

They New York Times got into the act too. CCM Mike Smith of Meteorological Musings writes:

Leave it to the NY Times to Write an Inaccurate and Insensitive Article

I had planned on moving on to other topics today. There is little more to say about the tornadoes of the last three weeks until the investigations are completed. As I was going through my email this morning, a reader sent me a link to this article inThe New York Times

Predicting Tornadoes: It’s Still Guessing Game

Compared to the slime job by the Center for American Progress, it’s tame.

I urge readers to read this article below from Physorg and to use it and the graph above to refute comments in online forums.

“…it would be a mistake to blame climate change for a seeming increase in tornadoes”

Update: The graph that Joe Romm and Brad Johnson don’t want you to see: tornado deaths per million over the last century

Source: NOAA’s US Severe Weather Blog, SPC, Norman Oklahoma


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Mike Bromley the Kurd


John W.

I was surprised that Trenberth was familiar with the term “null hypothesis.” I guess his next step is learning what it means.

Eric N. WY

Stay classy, ThinkProgress

David, UK

“Climate Pollution Deniers” now is it? Jeez. I wonder if Johnson denies the fact that there has been no increase in extreme weather events in the industrial era. Actually, I don’t wonder at all.

Mike Bromley the Kurd

Climate pollution, all right. They have turned climate into a meaningless concept; an essential gas into a toxic substance, and fired-up a whole parade of cut-and-paste apes to spread the word. Lies. Blatant, unabashed, unashamed, lies.

Anything is possible

“Never hesitate to make political capital out of human suffering.”

John W.,
Trenberth is familiar with the climate null hypothesis, he just doesn’t like the fact that it falsifies the CAGW story he’s trying to sell. So now Trenberth wants to replace the null hypothesis with his own cherry-picked version. WUWT covered it here.
[And speaking of a crisis, oil was $33 a barrel, and gasoline was $1.87 a gallon when Obama took office.]

Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), also dismissed Thursday climate change as a factor in the deadly tornadoes: “Actually what we’re seeing is springtime,” he said.
“Many people think of Oklahoma as ‘Tornado Alley’ and forget that the southeast United States actually has a history of longer and more powerful tornadoes that stay on the ground longer.”

Roy UK

This is disgusting propaganda. They should be ashamed.
Who will be the first politician to call them out?
BTW Dr. Kenneth Trenbert. I think you put the Dr in by mistake as well.


Is there no depth to which these people won’t go? Disgusting is the only word.

Even more disgusting than the article itself are the gleeful schadenfreude comments about Southerners getting their come-uppance for being AGW heretics and religious nuts, and how these scoffers will now have to beg the same government they despise for aid. Truly surreal. Perhaps a few screen shots are in order in case these “disappear.”


Smokey says:
April 29, 2011 at 10:01 am
[And speaking of a crisis, oil was $33 a barrel, and gasoline was $1.87 a gallon when Obama took office.]
That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Happen to go to the market this AM, and a small can of the market’s brand of coffee was $3.49. Last week it was $2.99, a year ago it was $1.99 !
You increase energy prices, and you get rampant inflation soon enough.
We need action, and we need it soon. I feel very sorry for people on a fixed income.

“Tornado deaths blamed on lawmakers opposed to climate legislation Trenberth’s taxpayer-funded gravy train.”
There, fixed.

Bryan A

I have to ask,
The chart for Tornados ends at 2007. Where is the data for 2008, 2009, 2010, and to date 2011?
REPLY: NCDC has not updated the graph, of course now that we have a big year for tornadoes, they likely will – Anthony


The Marxist propagandists at stinkregress think that the prols will swallow their agitprop and they are correct. But only someone who is cognitively dysfunctional would buy such nonsense. So I guess the Marxist are counting on their subjects being cognitively dysfunctional.


When Topeka, Kansas was being founded, the settlers asked the local Indians where would be the best place to build a town. The Indians indicated an East-West Ridge which tornadoes approached from the North but would not cross. A town South of the ridge would be safe.
Safe was the case until, in 1966, when a F5 tornado formed ON the ridge and then dropped down and right through town. If you drive today up to the ridge top, it is easy to see the swath of new buildings extending through the city’s middle.


Here’s the actual warning from scientists…
AFP – “US meteorologists warned Thursday it would be a mistake to blame climate change for a seeming increase in tornadoes in the wake of deadly storms that have ripped through the US south.”
The warmist camp is now comprised of nothing more than sub-intellectual ideological bigots. Just remember folks, when they make comments like this it is for all the other sub-intellectual ideological bigots, not the literate.

We covered that story here long before it made it to France, scroll down the main page. – Anthony

P Walker

Typical of the contemptable garbage that the Center for American Progress spews . Let’s hope that their rubbish gets exposed as the loathsome mendacity it is .

Bernhard Winkler

How powerful these “deniers” of climate change are, they were able to conjur up these horriffic storms at a whim. sarc/

Gavin Schmidt of NASA has also calculated that Mother Nature is punishing Roy Spencer by a nearby tornado for his denialism, see
By the way, NASA has delayed today’s space shuttle launch because the GISS has told them that the heaters of power unit 1 could contribute to global warming – because they’re heaters, after all.

NBC’s Brian Williams:
Let’s be candid here. When you and I go home, you see friends and family, you get e-mail from people you know. People ask the same question: What’s going on here? Is this something we have done?
Yeah. You probably filed your income tax too late.

Peter Miller

I scare you with BS comments using bad science about a natural disaster.
You get scared, wring hands, and “say what can I do?”
I say, “this is really important, it needs to be studied further – I must have bigger grants, more staff and more status.”
You say, “that sounds reasonable, I want to help – let’s tell our political leaders, they have to do something – and do it now!”
I live very well indeed – after all, I am now very important and flushed with funding. You are worse off, because my BS has resulted in politicians following goofy, uneconomic energy policies.
If I feel your interest is waning, I invent new BS scare story, utilising bad science as before. I become even more important and more flushed with funding.
It’s a great system – please don’t knock it.


“The congressional delegations of these states__Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky__ overwhelmingly voted to reject the science…” of AGW.
The ugly voice of regional prejudice from the self-elected elite. Disgusting! Journalism at its most bigoted!

Andrew Harding

The warmists will say things like that because they are bigots of the worst kind. They belong in the 16th century persecuting “witches”.
I have seen the pictures on UK TV of the devastation these tornadoes caused and I feel so sorry for the victims. To make moronic statements by these people implying that the victims deserved their fate makes me think that maybe they are reincarnations of members of the Spanish Inquisition.


The energy fix (and not from the “gubmint”) is on its way:
Let’s just hope they can ramp it up ASAP! (But even so, don’t expect the number or severity of tornadoes to decline, even if we completely eliminate CO2 emissions some time in the future.)


Lifted from IOWA48
“Njörd, the Norse god of the wind, is actually to blame for these storms, and since Mr. Trenberth and Mr. Johnson are obviously religious Mythologists, it is blatantly blasphemous for them to attribute the cause to anyone or anything other than Njörd. You have to keep in mind that Anthropogenic Global Warming is a relatively new religion (actually a sub-sect of Mythology). While it is probably the most reliant upon blind faith of all the religions, you can expect some confusion among its followers as to which particular god is in charge of any given phenomenon, due to its newness and the lack of any discipline within this religion. It is somewhat ironic that adherents of the antithesis of this particular religion, Scientific Method-ists, are condemned to Hell by AGW believers. In Norse mythology (AGWists overriding true belief) hell was called Niflheim oe Hel, it was “world of the ice and that of the dead, which is also know as Hel.”

Chris D.

If the denier-haters were truly interested in saving lives lost due to disasters resulting from climate change, then their focus logically should be on adaptation vs pollution mitigation. Immediate results can be gained from adaptation (as advocated by Pielke, Sr.), whereas the CO2 train left the station well before anything could effectively be done about it. And consider that it will take great many years for carbon sinks to make a difference even if humanity ceases CO2 production altogether. So, the primary focus by denier-haters on mitigation diverts attention away from life-saving, adaptive actions that nearly everyone can agree on.
Neo says:
April 29, 2011 at 10:03 am
(snip – quoting Fugate)
“Many people think of Oklahoma as ‘Tornado Alley’ and forget that the southeast United States actually has a history of longer and more powerful tornadoes that stay on the ground longer.”
That’s an interesting point since in the area of the southeast I live in, only houses built on a slope can have basements due (I believe) to the clay content of the soil. I wonder if anyone has done a study to link numbers of deaths by region, while looking at availability of cellars/basements to hide in.


ew-3, you have it backwards. First comes the inflation (devaluation of the currency), then comes the price increases. Oil, which is denomenated in dollars merely is tracking the flood of currency this Administration (through the Federal Reserve system) has created. Same thing happened with Nixon in 1971-73. The politicians never learn. And the people naively blame the producers rather than the real culprits.

Tony Hall

It seems a large number of people in the USA are awake to the serious effect on their economy of the futile efforts to control the climate. In the UK we are still running headlong for the cliff edge!


How exactly does one go about ‘polluting the climate”?? For that matter how do you go about ‘polluting the weather’?? And these characters are intimating that the skeptics are anti-science?


Speaking of Joe Romm, one of his headlines today reads “2010 extreme weather cost lives, health, economy”. So I left a comment, it’s awaiting moderation. What are the odds?
Beefeater says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm
1932 extreme weather cost lives, health, economy
1965 extreme weather cost lives, health, economy
1974 extreme weather cost lives, health, economy
And so on and so forth. You could do a peer reviewed study. (That means you could look it up)

Is the global temp. anomaly even positive right now?

Andrew Harding

“Given that global warming is unequivocal,” climate scientist Kevin Trenberth cautioned the American Meteorological Society in January of this year, “the null hypothesis should be that all weather events are affected by global warming rather than the inane statements along the lines of ‘of course we cannot attribute any particular weather event to global warming.’”
Just to add a little bit more to the debate. The last two winters in the UK have been dire, especially the last one. As I understand it, this was due to a weak jetstream allowing cold air from the Arctic to move south. It is also my understanding that heat=energy which means that the jetstream should be stronger due to “global warming” therefore we should not have had these cold winters. The warmists did say in the 1990’s that snow would be very rare in the UK at the beginning of this century.
The mushroom policy is alive and well (kept in the dark and fed on s**t).

David Falkner

That these are people who should know better is what makes this really disgusting. In the area of Ohio I live in, people remember the ’78 outbreak very well. And look at how low the number for ’78 is. And we have much more rigorous detection technology and defining criteria for what is a tornado in our days. Shame on those who would use the deaths of other human beings as leverage in a pissing match.

No, it’s been negative since it fell at the end of Dec.

Aaron Wells

I guess it matters not to these people that the actual average temperature right now is about what it was in 1980?


Blaming the victims for acts of God (his wrath of course) is a well established premise in religious history, including recently, various well known American TV preachers. Now we seem to have entered the age of scientists as hatchet-men of the Gods. Be afraid; be very afraid – you have sinned and the God of Climate has come to mete out his punishment. God help us all.
So what would you call people like Trenbeth? “Evangelical scientists” is an insult to many well-meaning Christians.

David Falkner

Sorry, my point in the above post is that, despite improved detection capabilities, we do not have an uptick. And it is clear that a devastating tornado doesn’t have to happen in a ‘busy’ year.


Never forget that “Think Progress” and “Climate Progress” are organized and financed by the same people and are essentially the same organization.


Looking through those comments at thinkprogress, it seems like a good 70% of them are anonymous. I’m a little confused what kind of progress they are thinking about when their comment behavior reads like an echo chamber that Maximilien Robespierre would be proud to oversee. They express glee in death and destruction to those they do not agree with. That’s about as American as nazism, and no I don’t consider that hyperbole. These thinkprogress comments mock and laugh about how these “religious people” in the south are getting what they deserve for their “sin” against earth while completely missing the point that their comments confirm themselves as believers of an unproven apocalyptic religious cult complete with full definitions of sin and salvation. Worse yet this religion of theirs gets federal funding to continue to spout the nonsense of future calamity and the requirement that all people change their lives and remove their definition of “sin” from the earth. This is literally religion versus religion, only one side is mistakenly convinced they’re secular and have reason on their side.
Thinkprogress??? I think not. That domain should be stripped from them and replaced with TAXPAYERFUNDEDDOGMA.COM

Gary Pearse

I have been noting in past comments on cold, snow, floods, wildfires, etc. that most often an article will note that it is the worst whatever in 30 -40 years. Here is another one. My point in this and others is it would appear to be the first stages of a cooling period – not warming. We may see a return of stronger cyclone activity (like that of 40 years ago or so?) and other weather extremes. I think rebuttals should always look back at these cycles to show that we are cooling, not warming.
And yes, this is outrageously low behavior to be blaming victims of these storms for causing them. The Chevron sign is in color in a black and white photo (I know it gets dark in such a storm but you would see some color on the close up objects).

Think Progress is the leftist equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church.

What’s funny the Warmists want to tie this outbreak to an increase in a global average, even though the region of the globe the outbreak occurred in has been in a long term cooling trend according to NCDC:

John A

Here’s the image for March tornadoes from 1950 to date:

Jim G

What do you expect from the same bunch of lefties that immediately blames the GOP for trying to kill old folks and children when Ryan tries to cut ONE THIRD of just the INCREASE in the budget the democrats have created for the US in the last year? The communist strategy has always been to tell a lie enough until it becomes the truth and with a cooperative media it works well. Green on the outside is red on the inside.


I hate it when people use something like this to further their agenda. I live 1/4 mile for massive destruction from one of these, which follow the almost exact same tract in 1994.

Douglas DC

“Gary Pearse says:
April 29, 2011 at 11:06 am
I have been noting in past comments on cold, snow, floods, wildfires, etc. that most often an article will note that it is the worst whatever in 30 -40 years. Here is another one. My point in this and others is it would appear to be the first stages of a cooling period – not warming. We may see a return of stronger cyclone activity (like that of 40 years ago or so?) and other weather extremes. I think rebuttals should always look back at these cycles to show that we are cooling, not warming. ”
Exactly. We are heading into a cold period and the warmist predictors who call this
“Gaia’s ” Wrath, are going to look like fools..
Woke up to 1/2 in of snow on the yard this AM April 29th. we have had snow at least 20 days this month in La Grande Oregon, according to one local, whom I trust with his
weather expertise.-Ex USMC Weather/Recon guy…
He also thinks that we are in a Dalton, not Maunder type minimum…


Smokey wrote: “And speaking of a crisis, oil was $33 a barrel, and gasoline was $1.87 a gallon when Obama took office.”
I stubled over your assertion because I KNOW that I haven’t seen gas under $2 a gallon for better than 5 years, I think it has been north of $60/bbl since at least 2005. It was around $2.70/gal here in VT in Nov 2008. This page seems to back up my memory bank:
I admire the focus on honesty way too much to let ANY misinformation go unchallenged.
Thanks, and I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

Fred from Canuckistan

Here’s a lede for you
“No Lie to Great for Global Warming Believers”