Professor Murry Salby who is critical of AGW theory, is being disenfranchised, exiled, from academia in Australia

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People send me stuff.

Just last week we heard that Dr. Robert Carter had been blackballed at his own university where he served as department chair, and now we have this from Dr. Murray Salby, sent via email.

Between John Cook, Stephan Lewandowsky, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, plus Mike Marriot and his idiotic ideas, I’m beginning to think Australia is ground zero for AGW crackpottery.

This email’s accusations (if true I have independent confirmation now, title changed to reflect this – Anthony)  is quite something, it illustrates the disturbing lengths a university will go to suppress ideas they don’t agree with. So much for academic freedom at Macquarie University.

From: [redacted]

Sent: Monday, July 08, 2013 2:25 PM

To: [redacted]

Subject: From Murry Salby

Thanks for your interest in the research presented during my recent lecture tour in Europe.

Remarks from several make it clear that Macquarie University

is comfortable with openly disclosing the state of affairs,

if not distorting them to its convenience. So be it.

Macquarie’s liberal disclosure makes continued reticence unfeasible.

In response to queries is the following, a matter of record:

1. In 2008, I was recruited from the US by “Macquarie University”,

with appointment as Professor, under a national employment contract with

regulatory oversight, and with written agreement that Macquarie would provide

specified resources to enable me to rebuild my research program in Australia.

Included was technical support to convert several hundred thousand lines of computer code,

comprising numerical models and analyses (the tools of my research),

to enable those computer programs to operate in Australia.

2. With those contractual arrangements, I relocated to Australia.

Upon attempting to rebuild my research program, Macquarie advised that

the resources it had agreed to provide were unavailable. I was given an excuse for why.

Half a year later, I was given another excuse. Then another.

Requests to release the committed resources were ignored.

3. Three years passed before Macquarie produced even the first major component

of the resources it had agreed to provide. After five years of cat-and-mouse,

Macquarie has continued to withhold the resources that it had committed.

As a result, my computer models and analyses remain inoperative.

4. A bright student from Russia came to Macquarie to work with me.

Macquarie required her to abandon her PhD scholarship in Russia.

Her PhD research, approved by Macquarie, relied upon the same computer

models and analyses, which Macquarie agreed to have converted but did not.

5. To remedy the situation, I petitioned Macquarie through several avenues provided

in my contract. Like other contractual provisions, those requests were ignored.

The provisions then required the discrepancy to be forwarded to the Australian employment tribunal,

the government body with regulatory oversight.

The tribunal then informed me that Macquarie had not even registered my contract.

Regulatory oversight, a statutory protection that Macquarie advised would govern

my appointment, was thereby circumvented. Macquarie’s failure to register

rendered my contract under the national employment system null and void.

6. During the protracted delay of resources, I eventually undertook the production

of a new book – all I could do without the committed resources to rebuild my research program.

The endeavor compelled me to gain a better understanding of greenhouse gases

and how they evolve. Preliminary findings from this study are familiar to many.  Refer to the vodcast of July 24, 2012.

Insight from this research contradicts many of the reckless claims surrounding greenhouse gases.

More than a few originate from staff at Macquarie, which benefits from such claims.

7. The preliminary findings seeded a comprehensive study of greenhouse gases.

Despite adverse circumstances, the wider study was recently completed. It indicates:

(i) Modern changes of atmospheric CO2 and methane are (contrary to popular belief)

not unprecedented.

(ii) The same physical law that governs ancient changes of atmospheric CO2 and methane

also governs modern changes.

These new findings are entirely consistent with the preliminary findings,

which evaluated the increase of 20th century CO2 from changes in native emission.

8. Under the resources Macquarie had agreed to provide, arrangements were made

to present this new research at a scientific conference and in a lecture series at

research centers in Europe.

9. Forms for research travel that were lodged with Macquarie included a description

of the findings. Presentation of our research was then blocked by Macquarie.

The obstruction was imposed after arrangements had been made at several venues

(arranged then to conform to other restrictions imposed by Macquarie).

Macquarie’s intervention would have silenced the release of our research.

10. Following the obstruction of research communication, as well as my earlier efforts

to obtain compliance with my contract, Macquarie modified my professional duties.

My role was then reduced to that of a student teaching assistant: Marking student papers

for other staff – junior staff.

I objected, pursuant to my appointment and provisions of my contract.

11. In February 2013, Macquarie then accused me of “misconduct”,

cancelling my salary. It blocked access to my office, computer resources,

even to personal equipment I had transferred from the US.

My Russian student was prohibited from speaking with me.

She was isolated – left without competent supervision

and the resources necessary to complete her PhD investigation,

research that Macquarie approved when it lured her from Russia.

12. Obligations to present our new research on greenhouse gases (previously arranged),

had to be fulfilled at personal expense.

13. In April, The Australian (the national newspaper), published an article which

grounded reckless claims by the so-called Australian Climate Commission:  (Open access via Google News)

To promote the Climate Commission’s newest report is the latest sobering claim:

“one in two chance that by 2100 there’ll be no human beings left on this planet”

Two of the six-member Australian Climate Commission are Macquarie staff.

Included is its Chief Commissioner.

14. While I was in Europe presenting our new research on greenhouse gases,

Macquarie undertook its misconduct proceedings – with me in absentia.

Macquarie was well informed of the circumstances. It was more than informed.

15. Upon arriving at Paris airport for my return to Australia, I was advised that

my return ticket (among the resources Macquarie agreed to provide) had been cancelled.

The latest chapter in a pattern, this action left me stranded in Europe,

with no arrangements for lodging or return travel.

The ticket that had been cancelled was non-refundable.

16. The action ensured my absence during Macquarie’s misconduct proceedings.

17. When I eventually returned to Australia, I lodged a complaint with the

Australian employment tribunal, under statutes that prohibit retaliatory conduct.

18. In May 2013, while the matter was pending before the employment tribunal,

Macquarie terminated my appointment.

19. Like the Australian Climate Commission, Macquarie is a publically-funded enterprise.

It holds a responsibility to act in the interests of the public.

20. The recent events come with curious timing, disrupting publication of our research

on greenhouse gases. With correspondence, files, and computer equipment confiscated,

that research will now have to be pursued by Macquarie University’s “Climate Experts”.

Murry Salby


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Peter Wilson

How often do we hear the sarcastic comment that, if any sceptical scientist could actually come up with evidence that CAGW was wrong, he would be hailed as a hero and celebrated for saving humanity.
This is what actually happens.

Find a good contract lawyer, and sue them out of office. As individuals, and as a corporate body. This is disgraceful behaviour in a public body, and the fact they think that as it is possible to pull it off without repercussions is presumably because they are dealing with “foreigners” makes it all the more dispicable.


Wow. I’ve been following Salby’s work. I guess we know why he hasn’t made more progress- active institutional resistance. Hard to believe it’s this blatant. Will be interested in hearing how this unfolds.

Mike Bromley the Canucklehead

Holy Farck. This is the pinnacle of madness. “Do as we wish”. All of it executed in a slippery and cowardly…..and premeditated….fashion. Dr. Salby, you have all of our sympathy…and even more of our rage at the petty machine that you attempted to counter. I call Bullsh*t. Who else?

Alan the Brit

Thoroughly shameful conduct by a public taxpayer funded body!! Atrocious behaviour!! An d these people expect respect when they show none whatsoever?

Paul Callander

As an Australian I am ashamed but, unfortunately not surprised, by such conduct from one of our universities.


Typical university bad behavior. Happens because universities continue to be funded for bad behavior. Quit donating to their foundations!

michael hart

Between John Cook, Stephan Lewandowsky, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, plus Mike Marriot and his idiotic ideas, I’m beginning to think Australia is ground zero for AGW crackpottery.

It must be the heat. They’ve turned troppo.

Its a modern day version of Deutsche Physik – the lunatic parody of science set up in the 1930s by a country which couldn’t accept that the world’s greatest living physicist was a Jew. A systematic attempt to eliminate academic dissent, by removing academics whose views deviate from the accepted groupthink.

What has happened to Professor Salby is shocking! Absolutely he should sue, AND get it into the public eye. I hope the Professor not only contacts a good lawyer, but also newspapers, blogs, whatever and whoever will run with it.
What an appalling way for a university to act! I never thought I’d be ashamed to be Australian.

I too have posted this but after several hours of phone calls and many emails have been unable to confirm anything except that Salby is definitely not employed any longer at Macquarie University.
It is an extraordinary email. Scandalous if true.
I need confirmation. I have left many messages. If anyone has a phone number for Salby please contact me (joanneAT His uni phone rings out. No one has returned my emails.


The purpose of climate science is becoming quite evident, to extort money from the gullible public. Too many people enjoy the good life by keeping the general public in the dark.
If Eisenhower was around, an “I told you so” would be quite in order.

Very shoddy work by the university but not I fear an isolated incident with Prof Bob Carter also being effectively sacked by my home town university (James Cook University) dropping him for his stances on Climate Change. See
Pretty sad when you see this sort of stuff happening in Australia, I am ashamed as an Australian to see anyone being treated this badly by a university.


[fixed, thanks -mod]
This proves again beyond any doubt the totalitarian nature of these people. Shame, deep, deep shame… And of course, it is a fairly clear indication that Salby’s work is ready to blow up their carefully crafted lie.

Janice Moore

Dear Dr. Salby,
As Monk suggested above, hire an attorney and sue Macquarie.
You clearly have claims under: contract law (both using promissory estoppel — you reasonably relied on their promise and acted to your detriment — and strict breach of K provisions) and administrative law (clear violation of due process (no notice and no hearing (with you present!)) and possibly tort (interference with contract performance). Only someone well-versed in Australian law could know the likelihood of success (he or she will likely say, no matter what, “50-50,” lol). The attention and publicity your lawsuit (whatever its chance of success) would bring to the underlying scientific facts (AND the clearing of your reputation!) gives it value even if you are not “made whole” by any damage award (as if they could EVER fully compensate you for all the distress they have caused you (head shake)).
You deserve the financial support of everyone on the side of Truth in Science who can afford to do so. IS THERE A LEGAL DEFENSE FUND FOR MR. SALBY? There ought to be. If anyone has the ability to set one up and publicize it here and elsewhere, please help this fine science hero.
He deserves our wholehearted support!
I’ll be praying for you, Dr. Salby. Already started.
Keep looking up. GOOD is going to come out of this! Hang in there.
Grateful for all you have done for truth,

Professor Salby needs to get legal, first thing is to take out an injunction preventing the loss of his research and equipment. I hope he has a work permit and is registered as living there, if so, he should join up with his assistant and take legal remedy to its conclusion.


Not one bit surprised. The AGW driven climate change drum is beating continuously here in the “Lucky” country. Well, it has to, Rudd (Erless) wants to take an ETS to the election. In a recent poll, 65% of those interviewed believed emissions of CO2 were driving the climate to change in a bad way and we should “de-carbonise” our economy. It’s rather funny as I’d imagine most of those polled would have been contacted by mobile phone or online.

Berényi Péter

Heh, I thought Australia was a Constitutional State, with Rule of Law & all. Apparently not.


I have one theory as regards to Australia becoming ‘ground zero for AGW quackpottery’, that it’s a relatively small country that is also relatively rich, especially in mineral and energy resources, but also agriculture, and a large amount of taxpayers money made from these has been routinely diverted towards environmental agendas-particularly within academia-for many years (because these usually don’t make any money on their own), but which has resulted in a whole lot of opportunistic academics who don’t have to answer to reality, so they just get more and more out of touch and corrupt as time goes on. Australian greens get around 5-10% of the vote, but the proportion of academics and journalists who vote green is much higher. They have learned that there is good money to be made out of siphoning off other people’s hard earned money, such as the farming, mining and oil and gas industries.


Eric Worrall says: “Its a modern day version of Deutsche Physik – the lunatic parody of science set up in the 1930s by a country which couldn’t accept that the world’s greatest living physicist was a Jew. A systematic attempt to eliminate academic dissent, by removing academics whose views deviate from the accepted groupthink.”
It’s interesting and possibly instructive that the Nazi hierarchy, once their agenda had been achieved, kicked Herren Dr. Professor Stark and Lenard under the bus.

Janice Moore

@ All You Wonderful WUWT Australians —
Macquarie is not Australia. Hold your heads high, all you liberty-loving Aussies. Those of us on the side of truth can clearly see who the real Australians are. Envirostalinists have invaded every agency of every major country in the free world. They will not win.
Now, hum a few bars of “Waltzing Matilda,” think of all those Australian WWII heroes, and PERSEVERE. Truth WILL win.
It is only a matter of time.


This is one side of the story, it would be interesting to hear what Macquarie University has to say, although they probably have more restrictions on what they are allowed to say about their staff, or if there is any independent verification. If Murry’s version is even remotely correct this is likely to end up in court meaning more information should become public. In fact, it seems very strange that if he found out in 2008 that he didn’t have a proper contact and did not get resources to do any research, he still hung around for five years.
One thing to note is that according to Murry this conflict started immediately when he arrived back in 2008, and as far as I know he had said nothing controversial about AGW at that point, so whatever caused this, it’s doubtful it has got anything to do with his current eccentric views on the carbon cycle. Checking the history of the web page for the department staff I noticed that professor Rob Harcourt also just disappeared so there may have been some larger cutbacks.


Australian unis are just degree factories. Salby should be proud he’s offside with these sellouts at MQ


Hey, guy, what did you expect?
They would pay you for your denial?
For your denial tour Europe?
You are silly.
The only thing I do not understand – why they hired you at all.
Or you were not a denier at that time?
Of course, you got a tenured job and thought you be safe.
Now you know it better.
REPLY: so does Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet in Duesseldorf condone such use of their network to write such drivel, or are you “tenured” and thus above the law? – Anthony

Well, continue to believe in democratic institutions.
They will save everything and everybody, wouldn’t they?
Especially lawyers…


Amazing what can happen under the cover of Godwin’s Law! None dare call it you-know-what. (See what I mean?) C.S. Lewis wrote about an unholy alliance between the academy and government in his fabulous novel, That Hideous Strength. Dr. Salby’s story is strongly reminiscent of the evil machinations it describes. This kind of insitutional evil should become the nucleus of the next John Grisham blockbuster!
Kudos to Anthony for helping to expose the “deeds done in darkness”.

Yesir thats the way it is

NOT surprised. Macquarie University excluded me from my own invention, filed a provisonal patent application without informing, gave my inttelectual property to others to commercialise (+ a research grant) who seemingly only attempted too modify the invention for personal gain (and completely failed), Eventually denied any wrongdoing and returned the IP to me as that was all OK now and I should have nothing to complain about. This university has a lot to be ashamed about. I am sure there are many who have been treated just this way.

Whatever you do; preserve the original email thought to be fro Murry Salby; with all its headers. Message headers tell an important story. They contain important forensic information for further investigation.


This leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth. 5 years of this man’s life made a misery (not to menton that of his poor phd student) by deliberate obstruction and breaking of the law. Why did they take him on in the first place if they were so anti his views? It sounds as though it was a strategy evolved to silence dissent. I know we are mocked for conspiracy theories, but why would they lure Dr (Murry, by the way – typo in heading) Salby to Oz, then not come up with the funds for his research and not register his contract? From then on it seems downhill all the way. And five year’s of research lost, five year’s of this man’s life deliberately made unpleasant following a massive move and change of lifestyle embarked upon with enthusiasm. And, having been so systematically stymied, what chances has he now of re-employment in academia?
Sue the socks off them. It’s outrageous behaviour and should not go unpunished.

Murry Salby was apparently professor for five years. Does anyone know of any scientific papers that he wrote (published or not) in that time?
REPLY: Nick, sometimes I think your head is up your arse. This is one of those times. How could he publish in that sort of environment? – Anthony


I couldn’t resist having a vent at Macquarie University – pity I didn’t have the Chancellors address.
Childish I know, but made me feel better!;
Dear Lyn,
Is that man, Tim Flannery, who said people would leave Perth because they would run out of water, that our dams would never be full again, who caused hundred of millions of dollars of taxpayers money to be wasted on desalination plants, who warned of catastrophic sea level rise and then bought a water front home, who engineered the totally despicable treatment of a real climate scientist, Murry Salby, still working at Macquarie?
If so, shame on you all. I hope Murry Salby sues the pants of the university. As it is, Macquarie is a worldwide laughing stock.

It is a shame how Macquarie university did handle this case. One may have differences in opinion, as is often the case for academic topics, but the way they handled this is as unademic as possible: pure dictatorial, suppressing any disagreement with the so called “consensus”.
Not that I agree with point 7 of the long list, as the current increase is unprecedented in the past 800 kyears. Salby’s opinion on ice cores is based on a purely theoretical occurance of CO2 diffusion in ice cores which in reality doesn’t exist.

stan stendera

They are entering stage four, where they actively suppress dissenting views, However problematic it is for the hero Murry Salby , it is a plus for us dedicated anti warmists. People, the punters in OZ speak,, will see it for what it is. It’s not a very pleasant Is.


Nick Stokes says:
July 8, 2013 at 11:43 pm
“Murry Salby was apparently professor for five years. Does anyone know of any scientific papers that he wrote (published or not) in that time?”
Try reading… his whole research project was stoped by the move and then blocked from starting back up again. He states this in the letter. Then goes on to state he is writing and book…. reading its for kids.

Louis Hissink

AIg News is going to be interesting this quarter – and as I’m an alumni of Macquarie University, this is also their Rubicon.

Steve C

I don’t think “crackpottery” is quite the word for what Macquarie appear to be doing. Crackpottery means harmless eccentricity, and presents no threat to anyone, at least not knowingly. Macquarie, on the other hand, appear to be carrying out deliberate, targeted, vicious attacks on the academic freedom of Dr. Salby and his Russian student – possibly other individuals too, who knows?
We shouldn’t be so accommodating of this sort of behaviour on behalf of the Macquaries of the world. The cheap politicking of these intellectual dwarves should be blogged LOUDLY all over the net, and organisations supporting truth – Heartland, GWPF, whoever – need to swing in and offer full support for Dr. Salby in suing Macquarie for as many as possible of their uneducational activities. Drag them into the spotlight and shred them.


Irrespective of the science, this is a disgraceful way for a university to treat any academic, let alone a guest of the country. I sincerely hope that McQuarrie’s attempt to silence and exile Dr Salby will back-fire, and his ground breaking research gets the attention it deserves. Salby’s scientific approach and findings obviously scared the crap out of the alarmist establishment, such that they had to thwart him at every opportunity and prevent publication. I hope first that he can secure access to his data, and then find employment and a good base to continue his work and get it published. There must be some universities left where they still practice science with integrity and have a genuine ethical approach to their employees? Or as it seems the case with McQuarrie, have they all been taken over by dogmatic cult psyientists who can’t even contemplate the possibility that AGW is not a serious problem after all?


I sympathize, Murray. I do because I am familiar with situations such as these and, sadly, far worse. Mobbing in the workplace is common place in the academia and I have direct experience regarding universities in four continents. Sabotaging classes, using students as weapons, personal harassment, etc. There are those that recommend legal action and I too think it is the correct way to proceed. However, it demands a degree of self-sacrifice that few can muster. Don’t put yourself in that position unless you are confident you can go the distance. You’ve already paid for the mistake of accepting a fraudulent contract and have been made to waste years of precious research. Are you sure you can take more damage? The awful truth is that, even if you can find the actual person(s) behind this, they will hide behind the institution and nothing whatsoever will come to them, no matter what. Protected by that impregnability, they will be formidable enemies. Best of luck.


Nick, Anthony and temp, did any of you bother to actually check if Salby has published any articles? As a matter of fact he did publish some papers on the ozone layer such as
“Rebound of Antarctic ozone”, GRL, Volume 38, Issue 9, 16 May 2011
“Changes of the Antarctic ozone hole: Controlling mechanisms, seasonal predictability, and evolution”, JGR Volume 117, Issue D10, 27 May 2012.
REPLY: According to his summary at McQuarrie, his last publication was 2008.
That’s what I was basing it on. – Anthony

Another possibility is that rather than being obstructed for five years, he was played along.
@stan stendera, if this is stage four please don’t tell me what stage five is.

Indigo says:
July 8, 2013 at 11:47 pm
I couldn’t resist having a vent at Macquarie University – pity I didn’t have the Chancellors address…
I think your letter was brilliant, Indigo. Well done!

Berényi Péter says:
July 8, 2013 at 11:25 pm
Heh, I thought Australia was a Constitutional State, with Rule of Law & all. Apparently not.
Only a Part Constitution as such but we are supposed to have rule of law but again, Australia is a Marxist left wing totalitarian country after six years of Rudd – Gillard – Rudd. We were halfway Marxist even while Howard was Prime Minister but it has nearly gone all the way now. Universities are as Marxist as you can get, I bet they even put USSR Uni’s of the 80’s to shame. Government – Uni’s hand in hand leads to corruption and shenanigans like this story.
If anyone wants to review history they should look at the days of Rum Economy and Rum Rebellion of over 200 years ago. Nothing has changed.

Kevin Begaud

This outrage is being taken up at the highest political level here in Australia. An influential section of the media has also been informed. It is a blight on the proud history of Australian scientific integrity and, if all the facts are as stated, cannot be allowed to stand.

Nick Stokes

“Nick, sometimes I think your head is up your arse. This is one of those times. How could he publish in that sort of environment? – Anthony”
At least for the first three years, the complaint seems to be that the Uni didn’t provide technical assistance for “converting” (whatever that means) a program of some hundreds of thousands of lines to work in Australia. We don’t actually speak different computer languages here. But anyway, that should not leave him unable to write anything at all. He was on a full-time salary.
It’s actually a real question. One of my puzzles about the Salby theories, is that I’ve seen nothing recent from him in writing at all – not even a blog post. I’m always being told to listen to a podcast to a political group, or lately a DVD.


Macquarie Uni is not the only Australian research institution enveloped in scandal and and accused of dirty dealings:
CSIRO: the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is the national government body for scientific research in Australia.
CSIRO is supposed to be the leading research organization in Australia.
Analogous to, say, Riken [Japan], NRC [Canada], the National Laboratories [LBL, FNAL, . . .] and the NIH [USA], etc.
1/ Climate Change Censorship: Spash Scandal
[Most relevant to this blog. Also . . ]
2/ The treatment meted out to an eminent entomologist by the CSIRO
3/ CSIRO duped global drug firm with generic chemicals as ‘secret formula’
4/ Science second in toxic CSIRO work culture
[ I had once planned to retire to Australia based on my travel experienes, now several decades ago. However, seeing as how the country has changed, I think I’ll stay put or retire to elsewhere. ]

charles nelson

Australia has its own unique climatic cycles, (which have course have been noted for the two centuries since Anglo-Saxon settlement) but these cycles are slow and the recent long, dry period was played perfectly by the Warmists who could point to heatwaves, forest fires, and drought on a daily basis to reinforce their Scare Story.
Of course that cycle ended a couple of years back, the rivers are full and the area in drought is very much reduced, but you won’t hear much about that…yesterday Western Australia had its coldest spell in 50 years and today Tasmania recorded an ‘all time’ record of Minus 12 C….
but the state sponsored ABC will keep that pretty quiet.

sandy mcclintock

Please feel free to send messages to the Dean of Science
I have copied my email to him below for inspiration 😉
@Nick Stokes – Do you want 3 abstracts
BTW I have an original email from Salby if there are any forensic checks to be done.
Dear Sir
I would like you to be aware that a large number of my friends and colleagues are outraged by the way Murry Salby claims that he has been treated by the University. If his claims are true you should take action to remedy the situation without fear or favour.
Universities have to stand up against political bullying.
Even if you do not believe Prof Salby’s conclusions, there is no excuse for this sort of treatment.
I am reminded of how Galileo was treated by the Church
Dr (Redacted) B.A. M.Sc. Ph.D.


Seems like pretty normal academic behavior to me.
The most callow thugs in the world are the thugs that think they’re saving the world.


Look at this
Probably does not count in your rank of achievements.
Imagine yourself having received the described treatment…