Too funny! Even Joe Romm's bosses don't think climate is an issue worth mentioning for 2013


Romm must be fuming. After disappearing his formerly independent “Climate Progress” blog and merging it with the main Think Progress website, where he’s lucky to get a dozen comments a day. His parent organization, Think Progress, utterly fails to mention The Most Important Issue of All Time as a top issue for 2013. Oooh, that’s gotta hurt.

This morning, 31 December 2012, Think Progress provided 12 Progressive Resolutions for 2013. From better drug policy to immigration reform to enacting gun safety laws, many interesting (if not outright good) items in this list. Again, however, the telling thing is the absence of a critical set of issues.

Amid these 12, no (zero, nada, nilch) reference to climate change, the climate cliff, environment, clean energy, green jobs, energy efficiency, fossil fuel impacts on the political system, …

From Get Energy Smart NOW!  Stunning Think Progress Climate Silence

It is just one more indication that even the people pushing the issue don’t really much believe in it anymore, especially when we’ve had over a decade of no warming.

h/t to Tom Nelson

In related news, Bill McKibben has apparently gone insane with this latest statement:

‘Fossil-Fuel Companies Have Become Outlaws Against The Laws Of Physics’


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Jimmy Haigh

Happy New Year!

Bob Diaz

My computer model shows that increasing CO2 causes another Happy New Year. If trends continue, we’ll see this again next year!!! :-))

John V. Wright

Happy New Year, Anthony, to you and yours. And to the moderators and all the scientists and non-scientists whose honest contributions make this not just one of the must-read science blogs but one of the must-read BLOGS on the Internet.
Anthony, you have a massive following, as I am sure you know, in the UK. Just keep telling the truth, my friend, as you have done for so many years. The rest will follow.
God bless.


I read Climate Progress daily and I’m sure Joe is rip-$hit about this snub. It seemed as if he was really pushing hard all through the national elections with more than the usual amount of articles daily, so maybe they decided that it just isn’t working, who knows. Most of those that comment on their strictly modded articles are quite loony, IMO.
Btw, Joe Nova had a somewhat slightly related article recently titled “Sceptics Weather the Storm”.
Well worth a read.

Happy New year Anthony, moderator’s and contributors. it is enjoyable being a reader and very occasional commenter. Winning …

john robertson

Romms day is done, thats why he was trying to scare up some traffic a few days ago.
No traffic on his mutual admiration blog means no funding real soon.
So long Joe, don’t let the door hit you in the back of your oversized ego .
There’s a 2013 prediction for you. Along with the other useful ideologues being throw to the wolves as reality tightens in on the CAGW scam.


Happy New Year Everyone!!

John West

So, now they’re starting to push nuclear. Well, if all you nuclear phobics hadn’t blocked nuclear power growth last century the US might be producing most of its power CO2 emission free right now. How does it feel to have doomed the planet with your shortsighted handwringing? Just kidding. The good news is the planet isn’t doomed, but perhaps y’all could learn a lesson from this. Leave the big decisions to people who aren’t prone to panic. Just think if y’all would have left it up to us skeptics back in the 60’s and 70’s we’d be predominantly nuclear right now.


he’s lucky to get a dozen comments a day

Objectively speaking, I Wonder what the hit count stats are down at………..better email stats man Mike.

George McFly

the residents of my little town sure as hell released some CO2 last night……from their beer!
Happy New Year Anthony to you and your moderators and keep up the excellent work.

Chuck Nolan

Happy New Year to all.
cu nxt yr

Yes, in 2012 we survived the demise of the Mayan calendar, maybe in 2013 we might with a little lucky get to survive the demise of human caused global warming, all though given the present education level of the populace and media I do not think we will not be so lucky. Anthony and the rest of the contributors to WUWT, please keep up the good work and have a happy and prosperous new year and as an old Trekkie, I hope all of you live long and prosper. That is also true for the readers and commentators of the blog pro and con. Lastly I hope all of you have a good and prosperous new year and reflect for a moment on those who are still with us and remember those that have left us this year. Please remember life is what it is and it is all we have, with that in mind please remember it is up to us to make the most of it. Happy New Year!


I hope the warmists don’t just quietly fold their tents and steal away in the night. Is there no place for admission of their fabrication/self-delusion? If there’s no bang, then their whimpers should at least be recorded so that all their misuse of science is not repeated. This site is doing its part. When will the futility of hyping global warming over the past few decades become commonly recognized and commented on in the dinosaur media?

margaret berger

Happy New Year and thank you from the bottom of this reader’s heart. So good to have a sane, logical place to go.


Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
To All.

Gunga Din

So “Think Progress” has downgraded Romm’s “Climate Progress”?
Sounds like progress to me!

HNY all, from soggy, cold Texas this year!


Money talks, bullshit walks (into obscurity).

Eric Webb

Lol, this is too funny Anthony, possibly the best thing you could ask for, better than any data you could throw at them, their own admission that AGW is not a big issue, lol, priceless!!

Eric Webb

Also, Happy New Year Anthony to you, all the people who help to run this site, and all of the bloggers!!

Don Shaw

Happy New Year to you Anthony and yours. Thanks for all you and your cadre do for the cause of sanity in the war against those who want to control virtually everything in our life.
I am so glad that I found your site.


I know it is Think Progresses phrasing not Anthony’s, but I have to say that restrictions on gun ownership and sales of ammunition which is what is actually described in the text of their article is not equal to gun safety.


That bit of CAGW preaching by McKibben on the WSJ letters page is nicely countered on the same page by two concise and logical letters from Richard J. McDonald, Ph.D. and Paul Quigg.
And the good thing is McKibben connects directly to the very mathematically practical article by Robert Bryce. It would be difficult to read that and not see the problems with the planned “solutions”.


Learned a whole new phrase over there: “unchecked climate disruption” I thought that was what you got at the finale of NASCAR-Daytona fireworks! Saw that in July; a real show!
Happy New Year, y’all! Yep, East Texas cold & rainy tonight! Love it!

F. Ross

Happy New Year Anthony with many thanks.
Wifey & I will probably open a bottel of bubbly in a couple of hours just to add a little more CO2 to the atmoshphere. Whether or not the CO2 will warm the room is questionable, but the “spirits” will certainly warm one’s spirits. Lechyd da!
With hopes for better political leadership next year,

The warm is turning.


Happy New Year to all! Aud Lang Syne.


Romm’s not just fuming, he’s smoking.
As to admission of their fabrication/self-delusion? Dream on.
Happy New Year yo’all… cold and soggy it is here too.

Ian H

I have some CO2 trapped in a bottle which I’m about to pull the cork on. Happy New year all.


4thtech – have you not heard you are in a heat wave and drought please stop the propaganda.
Sarc off\
Happy New Years


Re: In related news, Bill McKibben has apparently gone insane with this latest statement:
“Mr. Bryce is entirely correct that it will be hard to move away from fossil fuels, an enormous engineering challenge. But the Germans are demonstrating it can be done, ….”
Entirely predictable and mendacious reporting. The Germans have belatedly realised that ‘Renewable’ energy production is intermittent and therefore unreliable. They, unlike the UK, are building 23 new coal-fired power stations to ensure that the lights don’t go out but more importantly to ensure that their industry remains competitive.
The real inconvenient truth!
A very Happy New Year to one and all

Latimer Alder

Who is Joe Romm?
Didn’t there used to be a guy by that name who worked himself into a frenzy about something or other?
My grandparents told me about him……..


Romm must be going apoplectic over this “oversight”, he, he.
I think 2012 became CAGW’s Waterloo and it’s all downhill from here.
2013 looks to be another La Niña year, which will make 17-18 yrs of no warming.
2013 will also mark the year that SC24 peaks and then starts its slide SC25, which will become the lowest SC since 1715.
The PDO also started its 30-yr cool phase in 2008, so cooling Pacific Ocean temps will further push global temps down.
It would be great if Climategate 3.0 e-mails could be released a few weeks prior to AR5’s release.
2013 should be interesting.
Happy New Year!!


A new year, let’s make this one count!

Nothing but bad news for Joe and the Warmistas, so it’s a Happy New Year for everyone else.


Happy New Year, Anthony!
Am I right to think that the Best Science Blog has seen over a third as many people in the past year, than it got in the first 5? If your viewers keep expanding at that rate, romm’s little blip of a blog won’t even show on the charts!


‘they spend hundreds of millions of dollars daily looking for more. If their business plan is carried out, the planet tanks.’
If they where actually doing that they make no money and it all they supposed to care about .
‘Mr. Bryce is entirely correct that it will be hard to move away from fossil fuels, an enormous engineering challenge. But the Germans are demonstrating it can be done,’
By building more COAL fired power plants because they shut down nuclear and renewable has failed to work.
Its pure good old fashion gibberish from McKibben and still no idea what the ‘mathematical logic’ the madness to supposed to based on actual is .

Happy new year, Anthony, to you and all your team. All I can say is keep up the good work. Mr. McKibben’s latest “headline’ just shows how desperate these crooks have become …
I trust that 2013 will bring, as Shakespeare would say, a further pox on all their houses.


Happy New Year everyone, Καλή Χρονιά.
May this be the year we’ve all been waiting for.

Jim Barker

Happy New Year!


McKibben says about the transition away from fossil fuels:
“Mr. Bryce is entirely correct that it will be hard to move away from fossil fuels, an enormous engineering challenge. But the Germans are demonstrating it can be done,”
This is a fallacy. Ignoring exploding electricity costs here in Germany, it has to be pointed out that electricity is only one seventh of our primary energy consumption. Furthermore, a lot of the renewable energy (maybe half of it) is old large hydro with no prospects of increasing very much in the future.
Most fossil fuels are used for heating and transportation. Wind and solar do little in that market.
After all the number crunching, you find out that new renewable – the subsidized ones – wind, solar, biomass, micro scale hydro (fish shredders in rivers) – contribute 1.5 % to our primary energy consumption.
The Germans are therefore demonstrating it can’t be done would therefore be a more accurate statement.

lurker passing through, laughing

May 2013 be a great year for us all. May truth continue to win over hysterical confabulation.
Thanks to Anthony Watts for this site. May 2013 be his best year yet: May prosperity, health and success come to him and his family. May WUWT continue its good work.
McKibben and his thought-free ranting deserves a column of its own.

Gail Combs

Henry says:
December 31, 2012 at 7:17 pm
I read Climate Progress daily and I’m sure Joe is rip-$hit about this snub. It seemed as if he was really pushing hard all through the national elections with more than the usual amount of articles daily, so maybe they decided that it just isn’t working, who knows….
My take is the big money is moving to the next big bubble that has been prepped. The final law was put in place December 2010 and goes into effect this year. Organized screaming got a minor reprieve. Rosa Delauro’s toxic law was watered down and the killer clause removed

“in any action to enforce the requirements of the food safety law, the connection with interstate commerce required for jurisdiction SHALL BE PRESUMED TO EXIST.”

The inclusion of The Commerce Clause allows the US government to interfere within a state.

Trojan Horse Law: The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 by Hans Bader, Counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington.
…Ignorance about the law’s broad reach (and how it will be construed by the courts) has thwarted opposition to the bill, which will likely pass Congress. For example, a newspaper claims the bill “doesn’t regulate home gardens.” The newspaper probably assumed that was true because the bill, like most federal laws, only purports to reach activities that affect “interstate commerce.” ….
But lawyers familiar with our capricious legal system know better. The Supreme Court ruled in Wickard v. Filburn (1942) that even home gardens (in that case, a farmer’s growing wheat for his own consumption) are subject to federal laws that regulate interstate commerce. Economists and scholars have criticized this decision, but it continues to be cited and followed in Supreme Court rulings, such as those applying federal anti-drug laws to consumption of even home-grown medical marijuana. Indeed, many court decisions allow Congress to define as “interstate commerce” even non-commercial conduct that doesn’t cross state lines — something directly at odds with Rep. DeLauro’s claims.

The after the fact addition of the Commerce Clause to the Animal Welfare Act is what caught the Dollarite’s by surprise and resulted in the USDA threatening up to $3.9 million in fines for selling bunnies within state.
The warning signs are already out.
Being Like Soros in Buying Farmland Reaps Annual Gains of 16%
[US] Farmland reaps high investment returns
Credit Suisse: The Hunt for Land Has Already Started
The more ominous are these:
USDA Launches Database for Public to Sign-up and Show their People’s Gardens on Interactive Map; Promotes Access to Healthy Food, Sustainable Practices.
Utah Garden Challenge Actually Government Registration In Disguise
With a ‘fiscal cliff’ facing the White House why is one of his cabinet czars wasting money on registering home gardens?
The push for a complete USDA file on EVERY person growing food or owning horses and livestock started in 2007, three years and one administration before the Food Safety Modernization Act and a just before the push for ‘Animal Traceability’ examples link and link. I talked to one of the USDA drones and she and the other office workers were completely bewildered by the hostility of the people they talked to in Ag census follow-up calls.
The Ag census form is several pages long, very intrusive, very complete and at the time the information was available to anyone who asked for it. Sort of like the census done in Germany in the thirties. …Role of IBM and Ford Compared
The take home from this is the Commerce Clause can be used as an excuse by the US government to control any and all aspects of an American’s life even though it has absolutely nothing to do with selling a product over state lines.

Erik Christensen

from the Bill McKibben link:
“….. away from fossil fuels, an enormous engineering challenge. But the Germans are demonstrating it can be done…”
Was?? – hast die Springenwerk des Bill McKibben’s kaput gesschnappen?
German Energy Agency Chief ‘We’ll Need Conventional Power Plants until 2050’
SPIEGEL ONLINE – November 15, 2012
Germans Grow Wary of Switch to Renewables
SPIEGEL ONLINE – October 15, 2012
German Energy Plan Plagued by Lack of Progress
SPIEGEL ONLINE – October 10, 2012
A New Role for Coal in German Energy Revolution
SPIEGEL ONLINE – September 07, 2012
A Plea for a New Climate Strategy
Europe Shouldn’t Try So Hard to Save the Planet

james griffin

Lets us toast CO2 the giver of green life to this planet.

Understanding the almost total lack of coherent logic amongst those desperately searching for something, anything, that will frighten the public requires the services of a good psychotherapist (none exist). They don’t search for truth – they manufacture their own version, and it is
totally at odds with both logic and the scientific method. We can only conclude that they are driven by personal motivations that have nothing to do with reality, but much to do with their Jesus complex, although no one would confuse their ethics with those of the founder of Christianity.
Rather than engage in scientifically meaningful discourse, they produce ad hominem arguments
and generally silly and transparent slanderous statements. I lump them with JFK assassination
conspiracy boneheads – lots of sensational claims, backed up by ridiculously inane arguments.
These are scientifically illiterate folks who want to be noticed. How they do so doesn’t really matter. If climate change weren’t around, they would search for another vehicle to highlight their
pristine “goodness.” In other words, they are uninteresting, self-centered bores.


Nother Happy New Year from Texas. Rained like H*ll last night just in time to ring in the New Year. Anthony…good onyer.

margaret berger

I know I state the obvious when I say that Romm and probably McKibben are true believers. They make the best tools. They are also the first to be dumped when the jig is up. When dumped if they have an “ah ha” moment they could be dangerous and not to the skeptics.

John Silver

So why do you keep feeding this troll?
And Happy New Year to everybody, except Joe Romm.