Too Funny! I send Michael Mann a free WUWT calendar as a Christmas gift, and he goes full conspiracy theory

Some days, you just have to laugh. As WUWT readers know, we’ve had the Josh 2013 Skeptic Calendar done independently in the UK via Bishop Hill, and of course we gauged interest here at WUWT. Josh sent over the artwork via email which I turned into the USA version. (Note: Dr. Mann probably doesn’t realize that Josh is a professional illustrator in the UK who gives his climate caricature services to skeptics free each week, just for fun.) Last week I sent out a few free copies to some folks that I thought could really use some Christmas cheer: Dr. Mike Mann, Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. Peter Gleick, and Dana Nuccitelli.

Never beyond my wildest dreams did I think it would turn into a #Kochmachine conspiracy theory issue. But then again, there’s this strange pervading idea that skeptics are well funded and well organized.  Here’s what Dr. Mann Tweeted today:


If four people is “widely distributed” well then I guess we all need to revise our world view.

It gets even funnier. Here is what he posted on Facebook:



The return label says COSTCO Photo Center, not Heartland, not Koch Brothers World Headquarters, and not “Skeptic Lair”. I guess Dr. Mann really is out of touch with the common man, because all he had to do was visit COSTCO photo center to see for himself that ANYONE can create and order calendars, and have them sent to friends or family, just like I did. No Koch Brothers credit card needed.


It is really easy. All you have to do is upload JPEG images (Josh’s artwork emailed to me) and use the calendar creator wizard.


Here’s what it looks like after completion in the COSTCO photo center website:


And in answer to the question of:

“Who paid for production and shipping costs for this flashy (apparently widely distributed) Anthony Watts WUWT climate change denial calendar?”

The answer is, me. I used my personal credit card, here’s the screen cap of the order to Dr. Mann. I’ve blurred out his address as a courtesy to him:


See the “did you know” sidebar item that allows you to send orders from COSTCO.

So, I spent a whopping $15.84 to send this, and about the same for the other three. Given the reaction, I’d say my plan to spread a little good humor just didn’t work on the humorless.

Merry Christmas anyway Dr. Mann, and to you too Gavin, Peter, and Dana. (Of course none of this would be an issue if the world had just ended yesterday like it was supposed to, but I’m an optimist).

If you want a calendar, you can get one here. For the USA edition, Josh and I split the meager profit, the Koch Brothers get nothing. If you are in the UK/Europe, you can get one at Bishop Hill’s place. Or at

P.S. Oh, I should mention, I gave one to Steve McIntyre too. Here’s (Right to Left) Steve, Mosher, Charles the Moderator, and I at AGU in San Francisco at a private dinner at COCO500 (Steve and I split the check). Note the Josh calendar on the table:


UPDATE: 9AM PST 11/23 It seems Dr. Mann’s ploy has backfired. This article is now #1 on WordPress worldwide. See the screencap from the WordPress dashboard:



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Seems like Mikey doesn’t understand Christmas.
Maybe he is the original Scrooge reincarnated?


Oh jeez, these folks are beyond caricatures…

I think I’ll save that picture to show my grandkids. I wonder what stories I’ll tell them to accompany it?


Not in your wildest dreams Anthony could you make up this kind of reaction.
It was very nice of you to spread Christmas Cheer to Dr. Mann, etc. I hope they have the calanders hung up in a very conspicous place.

Gunga Din

A little prick by a gift starts a hemorage. I guess Mann does have thin skin. I wonder what he’ll sue you for?

As a Nobel Prize recipient, why wouldn’t people be breaking into their piggy banks to buy him lavish gifts? No mystery here.


As to your photo: People Never seem to look like one thinks they might 😛
As to mikey- ‘He won’t like it! He hates Everything!’
…emphasis on Hates.

Looks like you got your $15.84 of pleasure from that particular calendar. I think your next move is to send Mike a bill. Hmm, that might be illegal, at least in his eyes. Perhaps if you add a VIP discount of $15.84 so the total comes to $0.00. I think rubbing virtual salt in a virtual wound can’t be much more than a virtuous offense. Include an order form for more.

The well fun-ded Anthony Watts!

Chris B

Deception breeds paranoia. The poor Mann is losing it.


Maybe we should call him Mickey and depict him with guess what kind of ears…

Chris B

I hope you autographed the calendar. It will be worth a lot someday.

Actually, no I couldn’t. It was drop shipped from COSTCO photo Center. – Anthony

Michael Jankowski

I wonder if Koch pops in my head when he gets a widely-distributed family Christmas photo from a relative or friend. Or maybe he’s just never gotten one?

Michael Jankowski

HIS head, not MY head, lol


Send Mann and invoice and see what happens. Offer him a lot discount. Ask him for a mailing list.
There is more fun to be had from this.

D Böehm

Pure projection on Mann’s part, since he has his own benefactors funding his lawsuits.

Gary Pate

At least his delusion is “well funded”

Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:


What’s that about never look a gift horse in the mouth?
Or in Manniacal’s case; who must never receive unexpected gifts, always scream “conspiracy!” when a gift arrives…

Baa Humbug

The two Costco pics look the same. Am I not seeing something?
REPLY: REFRESH your browser – A


Next year maybe Kenji of the UCS should send out a few to some of the climate kittens.

Must be all that big oil money that you’re getting.

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun
By the men who moil for gold;
The Arctic trails have their secret tales
That would make your blood run cold;
The Northern Lights have seen queer sights,
But the queerest they ever did see
Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge…”
I had intended to take Robert Services poem and recast it or more a part of it, into some satirical comment. I know how Dr. Mann loves satire. He must he opens himself up to it so often. I have had too much joy reading Service over the years to do that. WUWT’s readers, are truly eclectic and clever enough to do that for themselves and they do not need my attempts, so the concept is my seasonal present to all of you. Enjoy the moment.


Mann is obviously one of those idiots who thinks government funding somehow means that a pursuit is pure and untainted, and everything else is questionable.


seasons greetings to anthony & family, mods, guest writers, commenters.
anthony, send the following to MM – it’s sure to blow another fuse:
23 Dec: Saudi Gazette: Syed Rashid Husain: World on brink of losing battle vs. global warming
And with coal back on the global energy circuit, it is now set to surpass oil as the world’s top fuel within a decade, driven by growth in emerging market. China and others including India are already on the list, as the major consumers. Now energy-starved Pakistan, also seems evaluating seriously to exploit its huge Thar coal reserves to generate power and meet the burgeoning need of a rapidly growing population. The deposits – 6th largest in the world – were discovered in 1991 by Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) and the United State Agency for International Development…
And the allure to use coal now is so tempting that even Europe is finding it hard to cut its use despite pollution concerns, the International Energy Agency now says in its recent Medium-Term Coal Market Report. As per the report, global coal demand will rise 2.6 percent annually over the next six years and challenge oil as the top energy source…
***A number of European countries have seen their use of coal for electricity consumption jump at the beginning of this year, including by 65 percent in Spain, 35 percent in Britain and 8 per cent in Germany…
“Thanks to abundant supplies and insatiable demand for power from emerging markets, coal met nearly half of the rise in global energy demand during the first decade of the 21st century,” said Maria van der Hoeven, the Executive Director of the Paris-based International Energy Agency.
Economic growth is expected to push up further coal’s share of the global energy mix, “and if no changes are made to current policies, coal will catch oil within a decade,” she said in a statement.
The latest IEA projections see coal consumption nearly catching oil consumption in four years time, rising to 4.32 billion tons of oil equivalent in 2017 against 4.4 billion tons for oil…


From his frothing and foaming reaction I think you definitely got $16 pleasure out of that gift. 😀 Oh Mickey Mickey.


Is Mann really such a Stooge?

Ken in Beaverton, OR

An answer to Ina Warren from Mann’s response to your calendar.
“Put one in the time capsule. Anyone surviving the next century will need to see who sealed the fate on civilization.”
Maybe Ina will look like the fool when the warmist’s predictions don’t pan out in the next century!

Peter S

In this particular Nativity scene MM seems to have grabbed the role starring as an Ass.
Still this does make some sort of twisted sense, and, if you think about it, completely in character for MM and the team.
MM gets a calendar, and comments about it by email to some close friends. Hey presto, Gavin Schmidt, Peter Gleick, and Dana Nuccitelli all reply – “We got one too.”
Being a good, nay great, Climatologist, Mann jumps to the only possible conclusion- it is an unmistakeable and sinister trend in the data.
Well done Anthony. Great site. Sending the Calendar was pure gold.
Merry Christmas everyone.


Actually….funny is not the word….paranoid schizoid is the word you are looking for. [snip – a bit over the top – Anthony]

Rick Bradford

They used to say about the Soviet leaders that they got confused and suspicious when anybody was nice to them. Mann seems to share a similar bunker mentality.

Lil Fella from OZ

Ripper! Somethings you just can’t script. Obviously it would be impossible for Mann to have a cheery Christmas.


In the spirit of the season, I’ll resist (Mann), and send best wishes to the mugs in the portrait.


The bile,the venting,the rage and the tweets.
I suppose a simple `Thank you` or a witty `touche` would have been completely beyond him.
Is there a secret Groanpeace funded medical facility where these predictable,tedious,irredeemably unfunny berks have their sense of humour surgically removed?


Dennis Nikols says:
December 22, 2012 at 6:40 pm
. … WUWT’s readers, are truly eclectic and cleaver enough to do that for themselves and they do not need my attempts, so the concept is my seasonal present to all of you. Enjoy the moment.
Now I’m worried.
Can I recharge my eclectic cleaver from a windmill where the sun don’t shine?
Wit will I do if my eclectic cleaver isn’t sharpened?
Can an eclectic cleaver cut Y’mall pine trees, or only a select few of them?
REPLY: Note I fixed the spelling error in the original comment – Anthony

The title next year should be: The (widely distributed) WUWT 2014 Skeptic Calendar.


Flashy? Widely distributed? LOL.
Mann: “We know Anthony Watts received $44K/yr from Koch-funded #Heartland Institute ( Question is: Who paid for production and shipping costs for this flashy (apparently widely distributed) Anthony Watts WUWT climate change denial calendar?”
Hey, Mann, man up for once and enjoy the humor and Christmas spirit.

Transport by Zeppelin

Michael Mann’s Christmases are now less joyful than at any other time in the last 2,000 years, according to Christmas tree ring data.


Spreading the truth with humor month-by-month via Costco! It doesn’t get any better than this! Thank you Anthony and a Most Merry Christmas to you!


I hope he received it on Dec 21, 2012.

$9.99 + S&H well spent!
(What is that old saying: “Pay them out enough rope and they will … themselves.“)


pat says: December 22, 2012 at 6:41 pm
Interesting. This gives some insight into the global warming circus. Big Coal surplants Big Oil and so Big Arab joins the global warmers. Big Chuckle.

john robertson

See it works, kind words and gestures to the Mann, yield great results.
Merry Christmas

What happened to “omanuel” who used to be one of the first to comment on every issue.
I hope he is OK.
REPLY: AFAIK He’s fine, but I had to give him the boot because he was thread bombing his iron sun theory on most every thread. He posts at Judith Curry’s place now. – Anthony


Ha ha! Brilliant that you sent him one! Even more brilliant he reacted!
In MasterCard terminology:
Personalized Calendar? $9.99
Shipping and handling $4.95
Mann’s over the top humorless response? Priceless!!!

Hey Anthony,
I’ll give you $25 for my very own copy. 365 laughs. Pretty cheap.

I wonder if you could get student book store at his university to pick up the calender.
That would be a hoot.


I just donated $15.84. Hope that clears up who is funding this. 😉

Brian R

Mann doesn’t seem to realize that some people actually work for a living. Thus they are able to use their own funds to send presents to others.

Look, if Mike can deduce the earth’s temperature record from a few dodgy tree rings, I’m certain he can extrapolate an entire universe of conspiracy from the receipt of a simple calendar!
Why go to all the trouble of getting evidence when your ‘hunch’ is so reliable?