Friday Funny – modeling double feature

Josh of writes:

There is a wonderful George Monbiot article here…

…on how the Daily Mail hired ‘Positive Weather Solutions’, a bunch of models,  to do their weather forecasting for them… very funny.

But it is the kind of Climate Modelling that I think we can all approve of …

It seems the hotties didn’t help, PWS skidded off the runway:

And while we are talking about global hotties (with apologies to The Daily Bayonet) let’s all remember Trenberth’s missing heat:

See the Gavin homepathy comment here

20 thoughts on “Friday Funny – modeling double feature

  1. I see that this is an anomalous test tube. Must have found it sitting next to an air-conditioning exit vent.

  2. D Nash says:
    January 27, 2012 at 8:35 am
    If you pour that into Dumbledore’s pensieve can you see past temperatures?
    Not really. They get distorted to appear lower then they actually were 🙁

  3. PWS: pwned!
    The firm was a hoax from the get-go. As soon as George asked for specifics, the “owner” closed and disappeared it. Good one!

  4. Its funny that Moonbat attacks the Daily Mail for using shoddy, bankrupt organisations that may or may not exist (or its staff might not exist). Even funnier when you look at the paper today to see its quoting the Met Office for its latest weather forecast (snow and cold temps for the next month).
    Clearly Moonbat thinks the Met Office is full of people that might not exist! 🙂

  5. Great cartoons! I now know why the AGW models are all wrong. The warmists only have four fingers on each hand, Could that have something to do with the missing heat?

  6. Well I guess Trenberth’s missing finger will be less alarming for the world than his missing heat. (By the way, I found it under the floor of the ocean – seriously – see my post on that thread.)
    Anyone interested in helping me on Australia’s forum “The Conversation” on threads like these where I expect about 99% warmist responses …

  7. This Climate Model could give us some very important information; for example, I was wondering if it is warmer or cooler under those clouds.

  8. Well BrianH, there’s latitude, and then there’s longitude, and there’s albedo…don’t expect too much of yourself at first, though. Zeke

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