NASA's James Hansen arrested yet again

Photo courtesy of flickr, stream Link

Excerpt from Bloomberg:

James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, was arrested outside the White House as he joined protesters in urging President Barack Obama to reject TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s $7 billion pipeline. Before he was taken into custody today, Hansen took a megaphone and implored Obama to act “for the sake of your children and grandchildren.”

In the following video, Dr. Hansen is plain spoken, coherent, and obviously quite convincing. His manner of delivery and calmness is actually something that Al Gore could learn from. Also, why isn’t Al Gore showing solidarity with these protestors?

“If Obama chooses the dirty needle it will confirm that the president was just green-washing all along,” Hansen, 70, who took a vacation day from his job at the New York based institute to participate in the protest, said in an e-mailed statement.

I wonder if NASA has a three strikes policy, this is arrest #3 from Dr. Hansen.


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He should be fired.


Private industry has a code of conduct that people can be terminated for, it is about time we start applying that to our public servants as well. No public employee should be allowed to practice illeagal civil disobedience and still keep their public sector job, period.


This Hansen guy is a loon

Lew Skannen

Apart from anything else it is clear that the US needs to enforce some kind of standard on its employees. I really can’t imagine that someone as loopy as this guy is of any use in his job even on the odd occasion when he actually makes it into the office.

Photo courtesy of flickr, stream Link
Also, “Hey Obama be our Tarzan”? what the hell !

mark wagner

Does he still draw his gub’mint paycheck while he’s in jail?
Just askin’.


That man is chuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Same copyright…

Tim Clark

Large crowd. /sarc.
The lamestream media will say it was in the thousands.


Once again I ask:
If someone is willing to break the law in order to ‘save the planet’, why wouldn’t he also be willing to fudge the data?

John B (UK)

Retirement beckons, surely………..

Chris Johnson

Well, here’s a video of the event and the reaction from the impressive crowd of protesters:
And here’s a closer still:
[? there’s like 15 people “protesting”. holy crap, this has to lead all 3-nightly news broadcasts]

Duke C.

Does Hansen get his paycheck from NASA docked when he demonstrates on a weekday during business hours? Who should the complaint be addressed to?

Any one notice the hypocrisy on display in that one single photo….I speak of all the plastic one time use water bottles that litter the ground. That plastic was created by oil and will be around for 100 years. All 5 do not seem to have a owner and will not be recycles but tossed out with normal trash when the park service has to clean up the mess this protest will leave.

Read the story! Hansen took a “vacation day” — which will likely turn into a week or so.


Somebody needs to tell those protesters that bottled water is bad for the environment.

What’s the retirement age in the USA?
It has just been raised to 67 here in the UK.

I would be fired for this kind of behaviour. I’m sick to death of those in government positions being shielded from the ethics requirements of the rest of society.


So right he was arrested, wearing brown shoes with a dark suit, the man has no sense of style or taste whatever. The Fashionista Police were only doing their duty.
And as for the hat? Words fail me.

UK civil servants have a choice: give up politics to do with your job or give up your job.
Likewise judges … they cannot have a public opinion about cases, they loose their right to free speech in order to protect the public right to justice.
It’s just part of the job, and likewise real Scientists have the same choice: throw away any pretence of being impartial and leave your job to be an activist, or give up activism and do your jobs as impartially as you can.
As such Hansen is utterly corrupt. He wants to be treated as an impartial judge of the facts, whilst simultaneously being an overt partial activist.

Eric Anderson

I presume the folks are applauding because he’s finally being hauled off . . .


You know……
I’ll give the man credit….he does walk the walk
But anyone that thinks he separates that from his science believes in…..

The whole thing looked very strange to me. James hansen obviously volunteered to be arrested, meekly walked to the officer and put his hands behind his back ready to be cuffed. Blatant staging if you ask me.


Yeah, and then he goes back to work as a professional scientist only interested in where the evidence takes him………sure.

The thing I like about Hansen is that he believes in what he is doing. What is so awful about him is that he even understands that ‘renewable’ energy doesn’t work, knows that nuclear is being blocked by the green’s and still wants us to shut down our sources of energy. He is decidedly anti-progress, anti-capitalist and doesn’t consider the poverty and starvation which would result to be any problem at all.
He does believe in himself though. I just which taxpayers weren’t forced to fund his sorry butt.


Did Hansen take a sick day today, or did he use some of his vacation time to do this?


He really is making a laughing stock of NASA. A complete embarrassment me thinks…………

Tom in Florida

Ryan Maue says:
August 29, 2011 at 2:32 pm
Love the use of children with the childlike script on the sign. But where are the brown shirts and arm bands?


If Hansen is a public employee it shouldn’t be too hard for some moderately intrepid journalistic investigator to get his work performance standards, along with the general standards set forth by his employing agency.
Where Hansen isn’t a member of the Scientists Fudging Data Union, and there are likely standards prohibiting acts of “moral turpitude” or continued intentional acts of illegal activities….Hansen could find himself subject to termination.
If someone complained, that is.
He should at least be back at his desk fudging data. For the good of our grandchildren.


… The “dirty needle” reference? So now we’re drug abusers too?
Won’t be long before they’re trying to round us up and burn us as witches.


I hope someone remembered to cancel their early bird reservations at IHOP……………….

tom s

Ok, let me get this straight; Hansen is an activist about the thing he is supposed to be unbiasly studying? Am I reading the Onion here? This is sickening!

Rational Debate

It seems to me that it’s well past time to get livid with our government allowing someone who behaves this way to retain a very high paid government position – and to profit mightily by trading on the very reputation of the taxpayer paid government position. IIRC, Bush was vilified in the press for trying to limit some of these sorts of unethical activities. Note, I could care less WHICH president it iis, I think that this should have been stopped long long ago.
Lawsuit Seeks Ethics Filings of NASA’s Global Warming Activist, James Hansen
by Christopher C. Horner
This week I filed a lawsuit against the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), in federal district court in the District of Columbia on behalf of The American Tradition Institute’s Environmental Law Center. On the heels of obtaining a court order last month compelling the University of Virginia to produce the long-sought ‘Hockey Stick’-related records, ATI’s transparency project now seeks to force NASA to release ethics records for taxpayer-funded global warming activist Dr. James Hansen, specifically those pertaining to his outside employment, revenue generation, and advocacy activities.
What we are trying to determine is whether NASA approved Hansen’s widespread, well-documented, high-profile and, it turns out, extremely lucrative “outside employment and other activities”, permission for which must be obtained in writing, in advance. Public financial disclosures and other documents reveal that he has received at least $1.2 million in the past four years, more than doubling his taxpayer-financed salary. [emphasis added] …..
…That is, although we removed from the final version a reminder of Hansen’s escalation to knee-jerk invocation of Nazi analogies, this remains a key point about this gusher of outside income. All of which comes on top of — and, more troubling, is all “related to” and is sometimes even according to his benefactors expressly for — his taxpayer-funded employment. (continued online)

What a pinhead!

Stas Peterson

Dr James Hansen has been passing himself off as a climatologist. He is no such thing, as he is an astrophysicist by training and knows next to nothing about the atmosphere or meteorology. His duties include maintaining the costly database of historical weather reports. He has no training in such undertakings, and the internal email documents reveal that the librarian function has been badly mishandled jeopardizing the faith in the accuracy of the historical records entrusted to his care. The evidence is thatthe records have been changed and “adjusted” repeatedly, but with no track of changes made.
Meanwhile he has paid NASA employees to do nothing but act as his publicity flacks, one such being Gavin Schmidt who is being indicted for taking government salaries and not working.


hanson probably earns 8 hours annual leave per pay period and 4 hours sick leave per pay period. (2 week pay period). he can save up and carry from one year to the next 160 hours of al and accumulate as much as 320 hours of annual leave, vacation time, but he has to use 160 of the 320 before the end of the last pay period of the year which is usually the first saturday night at midnight.
he can save up sick leave for his entire career in federal service.
if he applied for annual leave beforehand and has sufficient leave “on the books” to cover it he can sit out a jail term on vacation time.
however he cannot use sick leave for jail time.
however the security department at nasa can declare him a security risk and not allow him to come to work. if he cannot get to the work place then he cannot perform work and then he can be terminated for “abandoning the job”.
if he is a GS 15 or above they can simply tell him he is fired for moral turpitude as he is then not subject to mspb protections.

Amino Acids in Meteorites

Can someone help the guy pick hats?! For gods sake already!


So whats with all the plastic water bottles. Don’t these idiots know that the plastic comes from oil? And that for every litre of water in the bottle about 2 more are used during manufacture of said bottle?
Seems like ignorance and hypocrisy rule the day in protest-land.


He is getting way out there, even for NASA (the final frontier).
How bad can it be? 2001 came and went, and he wasn’t selected by the obelisk.


I actually don’t give a damm what he does in protests etc What really worries me that is the USA goverment allows/employs someone with such an obvious bias to be in control of global temperature data. He should be fired immediately.


I live in DC metro.
I don’t think there is one single federal employee who has been allowed to flaunt three misdemeanor arrests.
He should be fired post haste.

John W

Throw away the key!

Tom_R says:
Once again I ask:
If someone is willing to break the law in order to ‘save the planet’, why wouldn’t he also be willing to fudge the data?

That’s a good one for the true believers to chew on! Wonder why none have answered.


pk says at 4:24 pm: “if [hansen] is a GS 15 or above they can simply tell him he is fired for moral turpitude as he is then not subject to mspb protections.”
Hansen is ES 00 and made $158,832 in FY 2010. Gavin Schmidt is GS 15 and made $136,791 in FY 2010.

Bill Illis

At least he believes in his own forecasts.
Noone else should, however, given they are off by 100% to date.

Andrew Harding

James Hansen, Jim Henson; both = Muppets

Bruce Cobb

“Canadian tar sand is seen as a horribly inefficient form of hydrocarbon energy due to the separation process, which requires more energy than the finished product puts out.”
Big, juicy Red Herring there. Since when do Greenies care about efficiency? Besides, if it took more energy to get and process the oil than the oil delivers, why would they even bother? They’d lose money instead of making it.
Three strikes and you’re out, Hansen. Go home to your children and grandchildren you claim to be so “concerned” about. You are a disgrace to your profession.

tom T

How can anyone who works for the government keep their job after being arrested?

tom T

I thought that The Hatch act prohibited political activities by Government employees.

James Allison

People who wear dark suits and brown shoes should be avoided.

Andrew Harding

Charcoal suit, blue shirt, brown belt, brown shoes, brown tie, the science, the hat.
It says it all.