Yeah, that's gonna work

By Bruno Waterfield, Brussels 4:16PM BST 28 Mar 2011

The European Commission on Monday unveiled a “single European transport area” aimed at enforcing “a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers” by 2050.

The plan also envisages an end to cheap holiday flights from Britain to southern Europe with a target that over 50 per cent of all journeys above 186 miles should be by rail.

Top of the EU’s list to cut climate change emissions is a target of “zero” for the number of petrol and diesel-driven cars and lorries in the EU’s future cities.

Siim Kallas, the EU transport commission, insisted that Brussels directives and new taxation of fuel would be used to force people out of their cars and onto “alternative” means of transport.

“That means no more conventionally fuelled cars in our city centres,” he said. “Action will follow, legislation, real action to change behaviour.”

The Association of British Drivers rejected the proposal to ban cars as economically disastrous and as a “crazy” restriction on mobility.


Gee, ya think? And the greens/labor wonder why they just got booted out of power in Australia and why the American public no longer gives a rodents posterior about global warming.

I think it will the EU that’s banned by 2050, not the automobile. Why? The automobile actually provides a useful function for people.


Here’s the plan:

A new European transport plan aims to increase mobility and further integrate the EU’s transport networks – while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the bloc’s dependence on imported oil.

Measures to encourage major infrastructure investments, change the way freight moves and people travel would boost economic competitiveness and create jobs.

The plan – with goals to be met by 2050 – focuses on travel within cities and between cities, and on long distance journeys. It includes calls for:

  • cities to completely phase out petrol cars
  • shifting to rail or water 50% of all passenger and freight road transport currently making intercity journeys of more than 300km
  • airlines to increase their use of sustainable low-carbon fuels to 40%
  • shipping to cut 40% off its carbon emissions.


UPDATE: Per my comment above:

I think it will the EU that’s banned by 2050, not the automobile. Why? The automobile actually provides a useful function for people.

It seems to mirror the thinking of many:

A MASSIVE wave of public support was last night surging behind the Daily Express’s crusade to liberate Britain from the stranglehold of Brussels.

An exclusive poll conducted on the first day of our crusade showed an astonishing 99 per cent of people agree we should quit the European Union.

In an indication of the strength of public feeling on the issue, the poll saw the biggest ever response to a Daily Express phone survey, with tens of thousands of people swamping our switchboards.

Read more and sign the petition:

h/t to Fred Berple for the update


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Oakden Wolf

“To dream, the impossible dream…”


I don’t think this is going to work so well. And were are they going to get all of those horses that they will need? That and the cities are bigger than can easily be supported by horse transport.

Behold the many villages and towns being constructed as we speak.
We will call them the Потёмкинские деревни.
Sincerely, Grigory Potemkin.


Killing the economy is what the greens are really good at…


Ah, I’m so excited to see next year’s electric car models, especially the ones powered by rainbows and unicorns.
Seriously, the mere thought that ANYONE in this world thinks that this sounds like a good idea is frightening. Next up: banning breathing in public places!

ann r

Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, and other posh stores will have to move out to the suburbs. I can’t imaging wealthy elderly Ladies riding public transport and walking to Harrods. And how will they get their packages home? Not going to be good for downtown business. Maybe horse drawn carriages? And how about the sick getting to their docs? Musicians? How about catching public transport with a ‘cello or a bass viol and a case of music? Maybe that will be enough to start the revolt against the EU!

Lew Skannen

“I think it will the EU that’s banned by 2050…”
One of my greatest wishes.

John Tofflemire

“Backwards to the future . . .”


Arabian horses instead of Arabian oil.
After a few years they could even bring back the plague, well manured streets and cold, cold winters. It’ll be just like a Dickens novel, like living in a Christmas card.
The old hand-pump fire trucks, the whiskey wagons, the street corner bobbies walking around armed with whistles, steam engines to Southampton to catch the liner over to the Americas.
Feed the birds, tupence a bag…
It will be wonderful


So if you want to get from point A to point B, the government has to allow it or you have to walk. No going where you want, when you want. You go where the train goes, when the train goes. So once a train departs City A, it is now a “route assisted target” and you know exactly where each individual who got on the train is. No buzzing off for an unaccounted for side trip.
My guess is what they really mean is that the “masses” will not be allowed to have cars. The ruling elite will likely keep theirs. I doubt you would see anyone “important” milling around rubbing elbows with the riffraff.

Time to get a patent on Mr. Fusion and a slick looking hover board for off duty play time?


Currently the way our Glorious Leaders are attempting to enact these ludicrous EU Targets is by stealth, via the local Town Hall who have powers to raise and implement local town and city “congestion” charges, e.g. London City , Durham, Oxford. But there are gleams of sense in all the for of EU madness where the majority of UK Councils are putting said “rules” to the people in referenda and are getting a resounding “NO!” back from the populace.
Democracy in action. Australian Labor seeing it in Real Time. ;->
who’s next…..?

All those objecting to the proposed High Speed 2 rail link between London and Birmingham have just lost the battle before the hearings even start. I wonder if they know that the result has already been mandated by the Eurocrats.
Finally, a stupid rule that will affect the average-man-in-the-street and hopefully mobilize the population to see this sham for what it is.

Lawrie Ayres

And where pray tell will the funds for the additional infratructure come from? After we spend it on useless windmills and other equally useless power sources and people are unemployed because all the jobs have gone to Chindia what will be left? A Europe and Gillard’s Australia will be using hose and carts just like the old days. Can we put the pollies who led us to this in the stocks just like the old days too?

Rick Bradford

Where do these people get off from constantly telling other people what to do?

Mikael Ros

A prerelease of a April Fool’s prank?

Daryl M

First we have the UK declaring to the citizens that they should not assume that power will always be available in the future.
Then we have Germany’s knee-jerk reaction to the accident in Fukushima, declaring that they will dismantle their nuclear power plants, leaving everyone to rely upon wind and solar power, like the Brits.
Now we have this declaration from from the EU. I’m sure all of the lazy overpaid bureaucrats will continue flying first class, staying at 5 star hotels and enjoying fine food and premier cru bordeaux, but all of the regular people can take the train.
This will be a good test for the people of Europe. Are you sheep or men? If you’re men, then throw these lunatics out of office now before they ruin your lives.

Brian H

“Whom the gods would destroy …”

This kind of madness was well depicted in Paul Tabori’s book of the 50s, “The Natural Science of Stupidity”, were he tells about sheer idiots in the British and American bureaucracies, as the war amputee that in 1943 was allowed an extra ration of soap in London –but had to check every week with the official for showing he had’nt grow a leg!
Or the guy who worked in the Ministry of Defense and asked for extra gasoline coupons because the train to London passing by his city near London would arrive too late for him to punch his card on time at the job. He was given just half the coupons asked with the final ruling: “You will come to London in your car, but you must return home by train.”


The EU does not have the power to enforce unpopular laws in practice. To pass the laws the officials, national governments, and the directly elected MEP have to support it. Then in practice the people or elected national governments can just not execute it in practice. The EU is just too close to various countries seeding from the union for it be heavy handed. For example the UK has increasing strong border controls – see Eborders, and various countries has retained visa/work permit requirements for some other EU countries’s nationals. If you want to see athe EU fudging to avoid confrontation look at personnally importing cigarettes in to the UK for your own use.


How about a “high speed rail” system that uses individual vehicles rather than long trains of cars? You have one track in one direction, one track in the other direction. You want to go somewhere, you go to the station, hop into the next available “pod” on the track in the direction in which you want to go, and it takes off down the rails at 200+ MPH. Want to get off at the next station? Push a button and off you go to the station siding and the car waits for someone else needing a ride down the line. Instead of having these large trains, have “caravans” of individual vehicles, electric powered of course, but with individuals themselves deciding where they will stop or if they will take a branch off the track to get onto a different track. People can then go where they please, when they please and you only have as many pods on the road as needed to actually move people around. No hauling of mostly empty cars around all day.


Actually, the vision of only electric cars in inner cities doesn’t disturb me that much (Americans should remember that there are no European cities that are anything like LA ;)). I’m much more worried about “low-carbon sustainable fuels in aviation” which I guess means that they’re going to force airlines to burn more food…

Brian Johnson uk

The EU has pEUtrid ideas. The UK must ignore any EU directive [France and Germany have been for years] and disengage from the EU as soon as David Cameron has the guts to allow us a referendum on the subject.


Ok, petrol and diesel is bad, so lets have cars that get their energy from the power grid. Brilliant idea, however despite the well known foibles of the electric car there’s a huge problem here.
Coal, Gas and Nuclear is apparently bad too. Where are we supposed to get all this energy to run these cars as well as the rest of the country runs on? Power need will be greater in 40 years. Do they really think they can supply enough electricity for everything from bloody wind power?
I suspect this is their way of making sure energy is a lot more expensive than it need be. All them rich Al Gore and EU beurocrat types will be able to afford it, but what about the common man?
They keep going on about our children and granchildren lives in their AGW propaganda, but it looks like they’re the ones threatning next generations’ futures.

john edmondson

This is normal fare from our rulers in the EU. Worse is to come.
If we had a vote on this (which won’t happen) the vast majority of UK citizens would vote leave the EU immediately.
We don’t need their single currency or their overbearing, undemocratic political institutions.
We want to return to the days when we use to trade mostly with the English speaking world, with which we have far more in common.


I wonder how long it will take all those 20-something activists to work out that it is their generation they are shafting – it is them who will have to walk to the city or queue interminably if they’re lucky enough to live near a rail link when they are 50-something years old. Those of us closer to 50 now won’t want to drive our car into the city by 2050.


This kind of idiot thinking is just the leg-up America needs to scoot ahead of the global pack. I can see hordes of flat-footed Brits late to work, massaging bunions and reaching for the Ben-Gay after hiking half way across London to get to work at the local government office while the Yanks, seizing the opportunity, dance past this nonsense and grab the ring. How do we get Oz to buy into this kind of stupid without tipping our hand? We should probably also hang up a sign: “Brits and other Euro thinking losers need not apply”.
The motto, as always: ‘We’re the government – we’re here to help!
I wonder if I’ll live long enough to witness an EU declaration of independence and a grass roots recovery of their lost liberty. I hope the Chinese are benevolent overlords and tolerant of Sharia law else there will never be peace. Remember when the biggest problem they faced was just a thousand year Reich? Life seemed so simple, then. Now it seems almost preferable.

Patrick Davis

This being forced upon the UK by their EU masters, I don’t think the UK public will have any of it. But what it does remind me of years ago, in the 80’s, a great British TV show call “Not the 9 O’Clock News” was on once a week. There was a skit where an announcer made a comment about the area of rainforrst burnt in the Amazon every year was the size of Belgium, to which the reply was “Why don’t we just burn Belgium?”
Actually I lived and schooled in Belgium, it was fine apart from the EU.


Yup, meet Siim Kallas, hero of the Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the great Soviet Estonian Socialist Finance Ministry in the glory days of the ’70’s and NOW, WAIT FOR IT, in charge of the EU’s transport system. No, really, you can’t make this up. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. THEY’RE ACTUALLY PROUD OF IT AND BOASTING OF IT ON THEIR WEBSITE’S AND THEIR RESUMES.
EUSSR is no longer a term of abuse, it’s a badge of honor to be worn with PRIDE.


Everyone, here’s the new vehicles, please chose a model you like:


America has already seen this future. Nobody in their right mind works in downtown Houston or downtown Los Angeles. It’s all about satellite office districts and shopping centers. A few US cities have the confined geography necessary to funnel rail traffic to points of interest, but not many. London is already distributed despite the handy rail systems. Paris is growing away from city center with La Defense and the move of the newer museums to the suburbs. In many cases, the best place to be is near the airports.
This is likely the biggest boon to the law of unintended consequences ever conceived by any politician. Ban away. Be prepared for the rail systems to fall into disrepair for lack of riders.

Nigel Brereton

I suggest that this idea needs a pilot study to thrash out the detail prior to implementation. How about Brussels take the lead to ban all carbon sourced forms of transport by 2020, no chauferred limousines, no short haul flights and all EU ministers to have reduced their personal carbon budget by 60%. That is if they would like to lead by example!

Don K

If one believes the folks that hang out at the Oildrum ( ), no government intervention will be needed. Very high petroleum costs caused by running out of cheap oil will do all the things the EU desires and more. While I think TOD is a bit single minded and often premature, I expect they are basically correct on this. (They have outstanding technical articles on various aspects of energy production and use BTW)

Cities to phase out petrol cars. Problem is that when you make it impossible for the productive people to get to and from their jobs, customers, suppliers, entertainment, restaurants… They (and the tourists too) just go somewhere else. Pretty soon all you’ve got left is a city emptied of productive people and businesses and “urban decay” left behind. Let the hand wringing begin. How can we solve urban decay and renew our failed cities? I know! Relax tax laws, allows cars back in, attract some businesses to build here and bring jobs with them…
And can someone tell me what kind of jet fuel is “low carbon”? and renewable to boot?

As far as we Brits are concerned, we, the people of Britain have never signed up for this quango, and so the EU is an unconstitutional and therefore illegal union.
So no British Jury will ever convict under these stupid rules.
Which is why the EU’s next target for “reform” is to “harmonise” courts across Europe doing away with what I think it was Jefferson said: “I think of no other institution other than a jury by which a government can be held to its constitution”. (From memory)

David Cameron keeps telling us he has his reasons for keeping the UK in the EU so he isn’t going to give us the chance to decide the issue for ourselves. When I see proposals like this I have to question not only his competence as a Prime Minister but also his sanity.


Yeah, no more lorries in out cities.
No more food suppliers in cities, no more DHL, UPS and other suppliers in the cities.
I gonna love that thoughts, when EU ar*es cry for their daily breakfast eggs, while there is none available.
EU is clearly devil’s work and absolutely hyperfluid.
The EU should be disbanded… NOW.

Pete Olson

Gotta love these pointy-headed bureaucratic nincompoops: enthralled with their own superior intelligence. The brainiacs in Berkeley concocted a traffic management scheme decades ago that blocks most streets in an attempt to funnel all traffic to major thoroughfares; what they created are huge labyrinths that force angry motorists to wander all over town trying to find the way out – oh bytheway…wasting time, money, serenity – and FUEL, thereby causing MORE pollution than necessary. This type of thinker finds the reliable laws of unintended consequences to be ever beyond their grasps.

Ken Hall

“John Tofflemire says:
March 28, 2011 at 10:47 pm
“Backwards to the future . . .”
I wish. Backwards to a time when progress was not a dirty word, when we had supersonic passenger jets, fewer restrictive laws and lower overall taxes? Hell yeah!
I guess now we are going future to the backwards!


Russell says:
March 28, 2011 at 11:43 pm
I wonder how long it will take all those 20-something activists to work out that it is their generation they are shafting

20-something? Isn’t it rather 60-something? I.e. all those “68-ers” whose value set and political attitudes are still deeply rooted in the Malthusian miserable world view of the early seventies? As more of a “gen x” I used to admire them and share their views – but fortunately I didn’t share their complete inability to change.

Brian Johnson uk

Why does Brussels have some of the finest restaurants in the world? Because we pay for our Euro MPs to dine in utter luxury while they work out how to claim expenses for their ‘work’ they do on our behalf!


Oakden Wolf says:
March 28, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Chris Smith

Commie scumbags. Vote UKIP. Watch Nigel Farage on youtube as he demolishes the commie scumbags.

Darkinbad the Brightdayler

I did hear that traffic in London moved faster when it was horsedrawn at the turn of the last century but one so there is a sense that the wheel has turned a full circle.
However, the emissions from horse digestion, faeces as well as the coal fired heating systems can’t have been markedly different in terms of contribution to climate change to what they are today.
Even when you add it all up, I think more hot air comes from Brussels…….

Ken Hall

I suspect that I may be preaching to the converted here, but if you live in the UK, then please sign the pledge to only vote for a candidate which promises to grant a referendum on EU membership.
This is the only way we can peaceably extract ourselves from this EU climate fascism. We have up to four years to recruit as many people as possible to this cause. The cause being democratic accountability and self-determination. Please tell your friends and family about this too.


More bitterly ironic than you know. Dear old Siim Kallas, new hero of the EUSSR, was President of the Estonian Cyclists Union for nearly a decade in the Nineties and Noughties.
No wonder we Brits are emigrating in droves.


Maybe the politicians can show us how it will be done, let them park their cars at the city limits and catch public transport to the House of Parliament or whatever you have in your city. The local council could do the same thing. In Brisbane Australia our Mayor introduced a bike hire scheme that no one uses, I suggested the council workers had to use it for a week to get to work. That will show them for backing Campbell Newman who is now trying to run Queensland.


I guess these predictions will be trotted out as support on the precautionary principle

Baa Humbug

Roger: “OK lets go to Bill in the Rabobank Chopper for a traffic report.”
Bill: “All roads leading into London are clear at the moment, there is only some pushbikes slowly making their way in. Public transport is at a standstill but Roads Management Authority said they will be up and running as soon as the wind starts blowing. This has been another traffic report thanks to Rabobank, your green bank with the cheapest electricity loans in the market.”
Roger: “And here is Jenny with the weather report. Jenny can we expect the wind to pick up so the windmills can start cranking up the power supply?”
Jenny: “Thanks Mike, well the Met Office says there is a 30% chance that the wind will pick up, a 30% chance that it will die down further still and a 40% chance of the status quo for much of the day.”
Roger: “Thanks Jenny. On the economic front, the Chancellor of the Exchequer said today that the british Economy had taken a further hit with growth expected to shrink by a further 1.5% for the quarter and unemployment up to 19%. He said though the tiger economies of China and India were doing very very well, Britain is unable to trade with these monster economies because we have nothing to sell them and no money to buy anything from them.”
“On a bright note, the endangered yellow bellied three toed mouse, a creature about the size of a penny, has been saved with the announcement that the 5 billion euro gas fired power plant has been axed by the developers Xiang Zi Power. Minister for the environment Redman Myass said this was a wonderful example of Britain leading the world in environmental management. “This has been a win for everybody” said Myass.”

Mr Green Genes

Not for nothing is the EU becoming known as the Fourth Reich.
Oh, and Brian Johnson uk (The UK must … disengage from the EU as soon as David Cameron has the guts to allow us a referendum on the subject), that’ll be no time soon then. The moron is as closely wedded to the concept of EU superiority over every aspect of British life as any EU Commissioner. With every major party firmly captivated by the EU (and CAGW) we have little choice over most aspects of our lives nowadays.